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alerta20.01Bindings to the alerta REST API (api, bsd3, library, monitoring, web)2017-11-
dbmonitor20.00Data consistency alerting for PostgreSQL (bsd3, database, library, monitoring, program)2022-07-190.1.0viviag
hriemann50.00A Riemann Client for Haskell (library, mit, monitoring, program)2020-12-
hs-opentelemetry-api560.017OpenTelemetry API for use by libraries for direct instrumentation or wrapper packages. (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, observability, opentelemetry, telemetry)2023-08-310.1.0.0IanDuncan
hs-opentelemetry-exporter-otlp380.01OpenTelemetry exporter supporting the standard OTLP protocol (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, observability, opentelemetry, telemetry)2023-08-310.0.1.5IanDuncan
hs-opentelemetry-sdk470.02OpenTelemetry SDK for use in applications. (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, observability, opentelemetry, telemetry)2023-08-310.0.3.6IanDuncan
instana-haskell-trace-sdk142.00SDK for adding custom Instana tracing support to Haskell applications. (library, mit, monitoring, program)2023-05-
metricsd-client00.01Client for the metrics aggregator Metricsd (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, network)2014-01-020.1JanVornberger
nagios-check80.02Package for writing monitoring plugins (library, metrics, mit, monitoring, system)2015-09-010.3.2fractalcat
network-metrics40.01Send metrics to Ganglia, Graphite, and statsd. (library, metrics, monitoring)2014-08-060.4BrendanHay, KimAltintop
pagerduty220.01Client library for PagerDuty Integration and REST APIs. (library, monitoring, network, pagerduty)2016-09-180.0.8BrendanHay
prometheus1832.05Prometheus Haskell Client (bsd3, library, metrics, monitoring, system, web)2023-07-262.2.4wraithm, LukeHoersten
statgrab90.01Collect system level metrics and statistics (ffi, library, monitoring, system)2014-11-040.1.3BrendanHay