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bench-graph (deprecated in favor of bench-show)260.00Plot and compare benchmarks (benchmarking, bsd3, deprecated, library, performance)2018-09-220.1.4harendra
bench-show222.01Show, plot and compare benchmark results (benchmarking, bsd3, library, performance, program)2022-02-020.3.2harendra, adithyaov
chronos-bench170.00Benchmarking tool with focus on comparing results. (benchmarking, bsd3, development, library, performance, program, testing)2019-03-
criterion3112.7528Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis (benchmarking, bsd3, development, library, performance, program, testing)2023-08-, RyanNewton, ryanglscott
criterion-measurement1590.05Criterion measurement functionality and associated types (benchmarking, bsd3, development, library, performance, testing)2023-02-
gauge612.52small framework for performance measurement and analysis (benchmarking, bsd3, development, performance, testing)2019-09-080.2.5VincentHanquez
hashtable-benchmark240.01Benchmark of hash table implementations (benchmarking, bsd3, performance, program)2017-01-180.1.1HongchangWu
perf312.01Low-level run time measurement. (bsd3, library, performance, program)2023-12-
perf-analysis (deprecated in favor of perf)50.00analysis example using perf (bsd3, deprecated, library, performance, program)2020-05-210.3.0tonyday567
tasty-bench1212.02Featherlight benchmark framework (benchmarking, development, library, mit, performance, testing)2023-09-100.3.5Bodigrim
tasty-papi130.00Bencmarking using instruction counting (benchmarking, bsd3, development, performance, testing)2024-01-