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clash-shake280.00Shake rules for building Clash programs (hardware, library, mit, shake)2022-11-250.3.2GergoErdi
shake5432.563Build system library, like Make, but more accurate dependencies. (bsd3, development, library, program, shake)2024-01-140.19.8NeilMitchell
shake-ats1390.01Utilities for building ATS projects with shake (ats, bsd3, build, development, library, shake)2020-07-
shake-bindist80.00Rules for binary distributions (archive, bsd3, compression, library, shake)2020-04-
shake-ext1690.02Helper functions for linting with shake (bsd3, development, library, shake)2019-11-
shake-futhark242.00Dependency tracking for Futhark (bsd3, build, development, futhark, library, shake)2024-01-
shake-google-closure-compiler90.01Shake rules for the Google closure compiler (bsd3, development, library, shake)2018-07-
shake-minify140.01Shake Minify Rules (bsd3, development, library, shake, web)2015-08-040.1.4LukeHoersten
shake-minify-css42.00Shake rules for CSS (bsd3, development, library, shake)2019-08-
shake-pack112.01Shake File Pack Rule (bsd3, development, library, shake)2016-10-140.2.0LukeHoersten
shake-path80.01path alternatives to shake functions (development, library, mit, shake)2018-01-
shake-plus772.02Re-export of Shake using well-typed paths and ReaderT. (development, library, mit, shake)2021-07-
shake-plus-extended270.01Experimental extensions to shake-plus (development, library, mit, shake)2020-09-