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dobutokO-poetry11160.0Helps to order the 7 or less Ukrainian words to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (Ukrainian, game, heuristics, language, library, mit, music, phonetic-languages, poetry, program, uniqueness)2020-09-07OleksandrZhabenko
dobutokO-poetry-general-languages150.0Helps to order the 7 or less words to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (game, language, library, mit, uniqueness, uniquenessPeriods)2020-08-18OleksandrZhabenko
uniqueness-periods-vector2220.0Generalization of the uniqueness-periods and uniqueness-periods-general packages functionality. (game, language, library, math, mit, uniqueness)2020-09-09OleksandrZhabenko
uniqueness-periods-vector-common1960.0Generalization of the dobutokO-poetry-general package functionality (game, language, library, math, mit, uniqueness)2020-09-12OleksandrZhabenko
uniqueness-periods-vector-general7240.0Generalization of the functionality of the dobutokO-poetry-general-languages package (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, uniqueness)2020-09-13OleksandrZhabenko