yi-0.8.1: The Haskell-Scriptable Editor

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Facade of the Yi library, for use by confguration file. Just re-exports a bunch of modules.

You should therefore: import Yi in your ~.configyi/ scripts



newtype Proto a Source

A prototype. Typically the parameter will be a record type. Fields can be defined in terms of others fields, with the idea that some of these definitons can be overridden.


data O = O {f1, f2, f3 :: Int}
    deriving Show
o1 = Proto $ \self -> O
   f1 = 1,
   f2 = f1 self + 1,  -- 'f1 self' refers to the overriden definition of f1
   f3 = f1 self + 2

Calling extractValue o1 would then produce O {f1 = 1, f2 = 2, f3 = 3}.




fromProto :: a -> a

extractValue :: Proto t -> t Source

Get the value of a prototype. This can return bottom in case some fields are recursively defined in terms of each other.

override :: Proto a -> (a -> a -> a) -> Proto a Source

Override a prototype. Fields can be defined in terms of their definition in the base prototype.


o2 = o1 `override` \super self -> super
   f1 = f1 super + 10,
   f3 = f3 super + 1

(.->) :: forall t a. Proto t -> (t -> a) -> a Source

Field access

module Yi.Boot

module Yi.Config

module Yi.Core

module Yi.Dired

module Yi.Eval

module Yi.File

module Yi.Search

module Yi.Style

module Yi.Misc