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Last U/L
clogparse100.0Parse IRC logs such as the #haskell logs on (bsd3, irc, language, library, text)2010-10-02KeeganMcAllister
funbot140.0IRC bot for fun, learning, creativity and collaboration. (irc, network, program, public-domain)2016-01-27akrasner
irc-bytestring70.0serialization and parsing of IRC messages (bsd3, irc, library, network)2013-03-07AdamCurtis
irc-colors60.0Colourize your IRC strings (bsd3, irc, library, text)2015-04-13EdwardTjornhammar
irc-fun-bot160.0Library for writing fun IRC bots. (irc, library, network, public-domain)2016-01-27akrasner
irc-fun-client220.0Another library for writing IRC clients. (irc, library, network, public-domain)2016-01-27akrasner
irc-fun-messages170.0Types and functions for working with the IRC protocol. (data, irc, library, network, public-domain)2016-09-05akrasner
irc-fun-types80.0Common types for IRC related packages (data, irc, library, network, public-domain)2016-09-05akrasner
manatee-ircclient210.0IRC client extension for Manatee. (gpl, irc, irc-client, library, manatee, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
rss2irc480.0watches an RSS/Atom feed and writes it to an IRC channel (bsd3, irc, program)2018-06-29DonaldStewart, SimonMichael
simpleirc170.0Simple IRC Library (bsd3, irc, library, network)2015-07-29DominikPicheta
y0l0bot90.0#plaimi's all-encompassing bot (agpl, irc, program)2015-02-13alexander