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AhoCorasick80.0Aho-Corasick string matching algorithm (bsd3, library, text)SergeyLymar
AttoJson (deprecated in favor of aeson)160.0Simple lightweight JSON parser, generator & manipulator based on ByteString (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)HiromiIshii
BluePrintCSS (deprecated)60.0Html document layout library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, web)SergeyMironov
Bookshelf190.0A simple document organizer with some wiki functionality (gpl, program, text)EmilAxelsson
Bravo40.0Static text template generation library (bsd3, library, text)MatthiasReisner
Cassava352.0A CSV parsing and encoding library (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)fozworth
CirruParser (deprecated in favor of cirru-parser)50.0Cirru Parser in Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, text)jiyinyiyong
Condor50.0Information retrieval library (bsd3, library, program, search, text)klangner
Encode190.0Encoding character data (codec, gpl, library, program, text)OtakarSmrz
Flippi40.0Wiki (bsd3, program, text)AudreyTang, GwernBranwen
FontyFruity552.25A true type file format loader (bsd3, font, graphics, library, text)VincentBerthoux
GGg30.0GGg cipher (mit, program, text)xnil
GenericPretty510.0A generic, derivable, haskell pretty printer. (bsd3, generics, library, pretty-printer, text)RazvanRanca
GoogleCodeJam160.0A monad for flexible parsing of Google Code Jam input files with automatic parallelization. (library, mit, text)johannesgerer
HMarkov180.0Markov-generated sequences (bsd3, library, text)swizzard
HPath40.0Extract Haskell declarations by name. (bsd3, library, program, source-tools, text)JasonDusek
HPhone (deprecated)70.0Phone number parser and validator - This is now DEPRECATED! (deprecated, library, text)vijayanant, raghuugare
HSmarty110.0Small template engine (bsd3, library, text)AlexanderThiemann
HStringTemplate1592.0StringTemplate implementation in Haskell. (bsd3, library, text)SterlingClover
HStringTemplateHelpers130.0Convenience functions and instances for HStringTemplate (gpl, library, text)ThomasHartman
HaTeX-meta (deprecated)60.0This package is deprecated. From version 3, HaTeX does not need this anymore. (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)DanielDiaz
HaTeX-qq100.0Quasiquoters for HaTeX (bsd3, library, text)HiromiIshii
HaXml3070.0Utilities for manipulating XML documents (lgpl, library, program, text, xml)MalcolmWallace
HandsomeSoup1460.0Work with HTML more easily in HXT (bsd3, library, text)AdityaBhargava
Hayoo20.0The Hayoo! search engine for Haskell API search on hackage (data, mit, program, text)UweSchmidt
Holumbus-Searchengine70.0A search and indexing engine. (data, library, mit, text)UweSchmidt
HsHyperEstraier150.0HyperEstraier binding for Haskell (library, public-domain, text)MasatakeDaimon
HsSyck380.0Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper (library, mit, pugs, text)AudreyTang, GwernBranwen, OliverCharles
Interpolation280.0Multiline strings, interpolation and templating. (data, library, text)VilleTirronen
Interpolation-maxs50.0Multiline strings, interpolation and templating. (data, library, text)MaxwellSwadling
JSONParser140.0Parse JSON (bsd3, library, text)AlanHawkins
JSONb130.0JSON parser that uses byte strings. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
JustParse80.0A simple and comprehensive Haskell parsing library (library, public-domain, text)grantslatton
Konf20.0A configuration language and a parser. (library, text)GoktugKayaalp
MoeDict110.0Utilities working with JSON dataset (library, public-domain, text)AudreyTang
MorseCode120.0Morse code (gpl, library, text)AndyStewart
NameGenerator30.0A name generator written in Haskell (gpl, library, text)pommicket
NaturalSort (deprecated)60.0Natural sorting for strings (bsd3, deprecated, text)JoachimFasting
PCLT (deprecated)70.0Extension to Show: templating, catalogizing, languages, parameters, etc. (deprecated, lgpl, library, text)AndreySisoyev
PPrinter50.0A generic derivable Haskell pretty printer (bsd3, generics, library, pretty-printer, text)iamzhenyi
PageIO50.0Page-oriented extraction and composition library (bsd3, library, program, text)AudreyTang
QuasiText170.0A QuasiQuoter for Text. (bsd3, library, text)MikeLedger
Quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)90.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)ssadler
R-pandoc60.0A pandoc filter to express R plots inside markdown (bsd3, library, program, text)CorentinDupont
RJson180.0A reflective JSON serializer/parser. (bsd3, library, text)AlexDrummond
ShowF70.0Show for * -> * (bsd3, library, text)ConalElliott
SimpleTableGenerator100.0Simple table generator (gpl, library, text)klntsky
Snusmumrik (deprecated)10.0E-library directory based on FUSE virtual file system. (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)SergeyAstanin
Sonnex60.0Sonnex is an alternative to Soundex for french language (gpl, library, natural-language-processing, text)zigazou
Spintax210.0Random text generation based on spintax (bsd3, library, text)MichelBoucey
SpreadsheetML80.0Write support for Excel's SpreadsheetML format (bsd3, library, text)JasonDagit
StrappedTemplates60.0General purpose templates in haskell (bsd3, library, text)hansonkd
StringUtils180.0String manipulation utilities (lgpl, library, text)CIX_68
Tablify90.0Tool to render CSV into tables of various formats (bsd3, program, text)DanielLyons
URLb90.0DEPRECATED A simple, liberal URL parser. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
UTFTConverter90.0Processing popular picture formats into .c or .raw format in RGB565 (graphics, library, mit, program, text)cirquit
WordNet120.0Haskell interface to the WordNet database (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, text)JoelTaylor, MaxRabkin
WordNet-ghc7480.0Haskell interface to the WordNet database (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, text)JoelTaylor
Wordlint110.0Plaintext prose redundancy linter. (library, program, text)bgbgbg
XSaiga122.0An implementation of a polynomial-time top-down parser suitable for NLP (attribute-grammars, bsd3, library, memoization, natural-language-processing, parsercombinators, parsing, program, text)InBetweenNames
YamlReference340.0YAML reference implementation (lgpl, library, program, text)OrenBenKiki
Yocto (deprecated in favor of yocto)60.0A Minimal JSON Parser & Printer for Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, text)ajg
Zwaluw70.0Combinators for bidirectional URL routing (bsd3, library, text)MartijnVanSteenbergen
abnf150.0Parse ABNF and generate parsers for the specified document (bsd2, library, text)Xandaros
acme-left-pad30.0free your haskell from the tyranny of npm! (agpl, library, text)JoeQuinn
aeson134562.75Fast JSON parsing and encoding (bsd3, json, library, text, web)AdamBergmark, BasVanDijk, BryanOSullivan, HerbertValerioRiedel
aeson-better-errors790.0Better error messages when decoding JSON values. (json, library, mit, text, web)hdgarrood
aeson-filthy120.0Several newtypes and combinators for dealing with less-than-cleanly JSON input. (bsd3, json, library, text, web)AlecHeller
aeson-flatten120.0JSON flatten for Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)JiriMarsicek
aeson-generic-compat90.0Compatible generic class names of Aeson (bsd3, library, text)KeiHibino
aeson-native (deprecated in favor of aeson)40.0Fast JSON parsing and encoding (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)MichaelSnoyman
aeson-parsec-picky110.0Alternative JSON parser based on Parsec and Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text)MatejKollar
aeson-prefix120.0Hiearchical prefixing for aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)JiriMarsicek
aeson-pretty26250.0JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool. (bsd3, json, library, pretty-printer, text, web)FalkoPeters
aeson-quick60.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (benchmark, bsd3, json, library, text, web)ssadler
aeson-toolkit50.0A generalization of Aeson over Failure (json, library, mit, text, web)SimonHengel
align-text30.0A simple unix filter to align text on specified substrings (mit, program, text)DanielChoi
animalcase100.0Convert camelCase to snake_case and vice versa (library, mit, text)ibotty
annotated-wl-pprint6400.0The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer, with annotation support (bsd3, library, text)dchristiansen
ansi-pretty150.0AnsiPretty for ansi-wl-pprint (bsd3, library, text, user-interfaces)phadej
ansi-wl-pprint84132.5The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output (bsd3, library, text, user-interfaces)EdwardKmett, MaxBolingbroke, quchen
api-opentheory-unicode50.0OpenTheory unicode character API (library, mit, text)JoeHurd
arff60.0Generate Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF) files (bsd3, data, library, text)StefanKersten
arpa20.0Library for reading ARPA n-gram models (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, nlp, program, text)StefanFischer
arx200.0Archive execution tool. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
ascetic70.0Generic markup builder. (library, mit, text)AndreiLapets
ascii-flatten20.0Flattens European non-ASCII characaters into ASCII (library, mit, program, text)DanielChoi
asciidiagram242.0Pretty rendering of Ascii diagram into svg or png. (bsd3, diagram, library, program, text)VincentBerthoux
aspell-pipe210.0Pipe-based interface to the Aspell program (bsd3, library, text)JonathanDaugherty
atto-lisp1160.0Efficient parsing and serialisation of S-Expressions. (bsd3, data, library, text)ThomasSchilling
attoparsec124972.5Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text (benchmark, bsd3, library, parsing, text)BasVanDijk, BenGamari, BryanOSullivan
attoparsec-arff60.0An ARFF file parser using Attoparsec (ai, data, gpl, library, text)PaulWilson
attoparsec-csv130.0A parser for CSV files that uses Attoparsec (library, text)RobinBateBoerop
attoparsec-enumerator (deprecated)1160.0Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)JohnMillikin
attoparsec-expr480.0Port of parsec's expression parser to attoparsec. (bsd3, library, parsing, text)AdamBergmark, SebastiaanVisser
attoparsec-text (deprecated in favor of attoparsec)110.0(deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)BryanOSullivan, FelipeLessa
attoparsec-text-enumerator30.0(deprecated) (enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)FelipeLessa
augur50.0Renaming media collections in a breeze. (bsd3, program, text)DavidHimmelstrup
authoring90.0A library for writing papers (bsd3, library, text)TakayukiMuranushi
beautifHOL40.0A pretty-printer for higher-order logic (gpl, program, text)LeePike
bencode1622.0Parser and printer for bencoded data. (bsd3, library, text)DavidHimmelstrup, ChristopherReichert
betacode20.0A codec for beta code ( (apache, library, text)EricRochester
bibdb90.0A database based bibliography manager for BibTeX (mit, program, text)cacay
bibtex330.0Parse, format and processing BibTeX files (bsd3, library, text)HenningThielemann
blaze-from-html210.0Tool to convert HTML to BlazeHtml code. (bsd3, program, text)JasperVanDerJeugt
blaze-html73212.25A blazingly fast HTML combinator library for Haskell (bsd3, library, text)JasperVanDerJeugt, SimonMeier
blaze-html-hexpat30.0A hexpat backend for blaze-html. (bsd3, library, text)JasperVanDerJeugt
blaze-html-truncate120.0A truncator for blaze-html (bsd3, library, text)MarcelRuegenberg
blaze-json50.0tiny library for encoding json (json, library, mit, text)HirotomoMoriwaki
blaze-markup71920.0A blazingly fast markup combinator library for Haskell (bsd3, library, text)DeepakJois, JasperVanDerJeugt
blaze-textual4780.0Fast rendering of common datatypes (bsd3, library, text)BryanOSullivan
blaze-textual-native (deprecated in favor of blaze-textual)30.0Fast rendering of common datatypes (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
blazeT140.0A true monad (transformer) version of the blaze-markup and blaze-html libraries (data, library, mit, text, web)johannesgerer
boomerang450.0Library for invertible parsing and printing (bsd3, library, parsing, text)DagOdenhall, JeremyShaw
boxes9660.02D text pretty-printing library (bsd3, library, text)BrentYorgey, dfeuer
bytestring-nums400.0Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
bytestring-short120.0Backport copy of ShortByteString (bsd3, library, text)KeiHibino
bytestring-show1530.0Efficient conversion of values into readable byte strings. (bsd3, library, text)DanDoel
bytestring-strict-builder2010.0An efficient strict bytestring builder (benchmark, builders, bytestring, library, mit, serialization, text)NikitaVolkov
bytestringparser80.0Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy (bsd3, library, parsing, text)BryanOSullivan
bytestringparser-temporary130.0Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy (bsd3, library, parsing, text)JasonDusek
bytestringreadp70.0A ReadP style parser library for ByteString (bsd3, library, text)GracjanPolak
case-conversion140.0Convert between different cases (bsd3, library, program, text)AlanHawkins
case-insensitive73190.0Case insensitive string comparison (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, text)BasVanDijk
case-insensitive-match90.0A simplified, faster way to do case-insensitive matching. (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, text)mikehat
cased40.0Track string casing in its type (library, mit, text)WilliamCasarin
cases180.0A converter for spinal, snake and camel cases (benchmark, library, mit, text)NikitaVolkov
casing180.0Convert between various source code casing conventions (library, mit, text)TobiasDammers
cassava8552.5A CSV parsing and encoding library (bsd3, csv, library, text, web)HerbertValerioRiedel, JohanTibell
cassava-embed401.25CSV-file embedding library (bsd3, csv, library, text)typeable
cassava-megaparsec100.0Megaparsec parser of CSV files that plays nicely with Cassava (csv, library, mit, parsing, text, web)jsl, stackbuilders, mrkkrp
cassava-streams70.0io-streams interface for the cassava CSV library. (bsd3, csv, data, io-streams, library, text)PeterJones
cassette40.0A combinator library for simultaneously defining parsers and pretty printers. (bsd3, library, parsing, text)MathieuBoespflug
category-printf130.0Highbrow approach to type-safe printf format specifications. (bsd3, library, text)CaleGibbard
cedict60.0Convenient Chinese phrase & character lookup. (gpl, library, program, text)JasonDusek
celtchar80.0A tool to build a novel (library, mit, program, text)lethom
cereal-enumerator60.0Deserialize things with cereal and enumerator (library, public-domain, text)PatrickPalka
change-monger80.0Parse VCS changelogs into ChangeLogs (bsd3, development, library, program, text)GwernBranwen
charsetdetect130.0Character set detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector (lgpl, library, text)MaxBolingbroke
charsetdetect-ae560.0Character set detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector (lgpl, library, text)Artyom
chatty340.0Some monad transformers and typeclasses for abstraction of global dependencies. (agpl, library, text)implementation
chatty-text70.0Provides some classes and types for dealing with text, using the fundaments of Chatty. (agpl, library, text)implementation
cheapskate5750.0Experimental markdown processor. (bsd3, library, program, text)JohnMacFarlane
cheapskate-highlight90.0Code highlighting for cheapskate (bsd3, library, text)Artyom
chronologique120.0Time to manipulate time (bsd3, library, text)AndrewCowie
chunks50.0Simple template library with static safety (lgpl, library, text)MatthewSackman
cirru-parser50.0Cirru Parser in Haskell (library, mit, text)jiyinyiyong
citation-resolve220.0convert document IDs such as DOI, ISBN, arXiv ID to bibliographic reference. (bsd3, library, text)TakayukiMuranushi
citeproc-hs410.0A Citation Style Language implementation in Haskell (bsd3, library, text)AndreaRossato
citeproc-hs-pandoc-filter20.0A Pandoc filter for processing bibliographic references with citeproc-hs (gpl, program, text)AndreaRossato
cjk80.0Data about Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters and languages (bsd3, library, text)MaxBolingbroke
cld250.0Haskell bindings to Google's Compact Language Detector 2 (apache, library, text)dfranke
cless40.0Colorized LESS (mit, program, text)HideyukiTanaka
clevercss130.0A CSS preprocessor (bsd3, library, program, text)GeorgBrandl
clippings60.0A parser/generator for Kindle-format clipping files (`My Clippings.txt`), (library, mit, program, text)vi
clogparse70.0Parse IRC logs such as the #haskell logs on (bsd3, irc, language, library, text)KeeganMcAllister
cmark14142.0Fast, accurate CommonMark (Markdown) parser and renderer (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
cmark-gfm1470.0Fast, accurate GitHub Flavored Markdown parser and renderer (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)kivikakk
cmark-highlight110.0Code highlighting for cmark (bsd3, library, text)Artyom
cmark-patterns130.0Pattern synonyms for cmark (bsd3, library, parsing, text)Artyom
cmark-sections190.0Represent cmark-parsed Markdown as a tree of sections (bsd3, library, text)Artyom
colorful-monoids160.0Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences. (library, mit, monad, text, user-interfaces)minad
comark380.0Commonmark processing in pure haskell. (bsd3, library, program, text)zudov
comark-html370.0Commonmark (markdown) to HTML renderer. (bsd3, library, text)zudov
comark-parser370.0Parser for Commonmark (markdown) (bsd3, library, text)zudov
comark-syntax440.0Definitions of AST that represents a Commonmark (markdown) document. (bsd3, library, text)zudov
comma150.0CSV Parser & Producer (library, text)lovasko
commander10.0pattern matching against string based commands (bsd3, library, program, text)jsdw
condor (deprecated)20.0Information retrieval library (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, search, text)klangner
conduit-iconv200.0Conduit for character encoding conversion. (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, library, text)slomo
conduit-parse190.0Parsing framework based on conduit. (conduit, library, public-domain, text)koral
console-style (deprecated in favor of colorful-monoids)130.0Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences. (deprecated, library, mit, monad, text, user-interfaces)minad
container30.0Containers abstraction and utilities. (apache, library, text)danilo2
countable-inflections120.0Countable Text Inflections (library, mit, text)tippenein
crc16-table100.0Compute CRC16 checksums using a lookup table. (bsd3, library, text)KeeganMcAllister
cron360.0Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (benchmark, library, mit, parsing, system, text)MichaelXavier
cron-compat (deprecated in favor of cron)20.0Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (deprecated, library, mit, parsing, system, text)andrewthad
csv1672.0CSV loader and dumper (library, mit, text)JaapWeel
csv-conduit1880.0A flexible, fast, conduit-based CSV parser library for Haskell. (bsd3, conduit, csv, data, library, text)MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
csv-nptools50.0A collection of CSV tools (development, gpl, program, text, utils)NicolasPouillard
csv-to-qif90.0A small program that will read csv files and create qif files (bsd3, console, program, text)palo
ctemplate (deprecated)70.0Binding to the Google ctemplate library (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)AdamLangley
ctkl20.0packaging of Manuel Chakravarty's CTK Light for Hackage (bsd3, library, text)MarkWotton
ctpl20.0A programming language for text modification. (gpl, library, program, text)implementation
data-base10.0Utilities for accessing and comparing types based on so called bases - representations with limited polymorphism. (apache, library, text)danilo2
data-construction20.0Data construction abstractions including Constructor, Destructor, Maker, Destroyer, Producer and Consumer. (apache, library, text)danilo2
data-layer40.0Data layering utilities. Layer is a data-type which wrapps other one, but keeping additional information. If you want to access content of simple newtype object, use Lens.Wrapper instead. (apache, library, text)danilo2
data-object-json (deprecated in favor of aeson)160.0Serialize JSON data to/from Haskell using the data-object library. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
data-pprint520.0Prettyprint and compare Data values (bsd3, library, testing, text)PeterDivianszky, lspitzner, GaborPali
data-repr20.0Alternative to Show data printing utility. (apache, library, text)danilo2
data-result20.0Data types for returning results distinguishable by types. (apache, library, text)danilo2
data-rtuple10.0Recursive tuple data structure. It is very usefull when implementing some lo-level operations, allowing to traverse different elements using Haskell's type classes. (apache, library, text)danilo2
data-textual2030.0Human-friendly textual representations. (bsd3, data, library, text)MikhailVorozhtsov
deburr192.0Convert Unicode characters with burrs to their ASCII counterparts. (library, mit, text)princess
decode-utf850.0Decode a UTF-8 byte stream on standard input (mit, program, text)JoeHurd
derp-lib30.0combinators based on parsing with derivatives (derp) package (bsd3, library, text)KiYungAhn
detrospector70.0Markov chain text generator (bsd3, natural-language-processing, program, text)KeeganMcAllister
diagrams-pandoc40.0A Pandoc filter to express diagrams inline using the Haskell EDSL _Diagrams_ (bsd3, library, program, text)bergey
dice2tex120.0Convert a Diceware wordlist into a printer-ready LaTeX file. (gpl, program, text)mgmillani
dictionaries210.0Tools to handle StarDict dictionaries. (bsd3, library, program, text)zohl
directory-listing-webpage-parser170.0directory listing webpage parser (bsd3, library, text)sifmelcara
discount90.0Haskell bindings to the discount Markdown library. (library, mit, text)PatrickHurst
display400.0Display things for humans to read (bsd3, library, text)ChrisDone
doctemplates12322.0Pandoc-style document templates (bsd3, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
domplate20.0A simple templating library using HTML5 as its template language. (bsd3, library, text, web)AntonEkblad
dotgen560.0A simple interface for building .dot graph files. (bsd3, library, text)AndyGill, ryanglscott
double-conversion22200.0Fast conversion between double precision floating point and text (bsd3, library, text)BryanOSullivan
dtd (deprecated)120.0Parse and render DTD files (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
dtd-text60.0Parse and render XML DTDs (bsd3, data, library, parsing, text, xml)YitzGale, M15K
dtd-types90.0Basic types for representing XML DTDs (bsd3, library, text, xml)YitzGale, M15K
dynamic-pp70.0A pretty-print library that employs a dynamic programming algorithm for optimal rendering. (bsd3, library, text)emc2
easyjson20.0Haskell JSON library with an emphasis on simplicity, minimal dependencies, and ease of use. (library, mit, text)thinkpad20
ebnf-bff40.0Parser combinators & EBNF, BFFs! (ebnf, library, metalanguage, mit, parsing, program, text)Lokidottir
ede330.0Templating language with similar syntax and features to Liquid or Jinja2. (library, template, text, web)BrendanHay
editor-open130.0Open the user's $VISUAL or $EDITOR for text input. (apache, library, program, text)pharpend
ehaskell90.0like eruby, ehaskell is embedded haskell. (gpl, program, text)YoshikuniJujo
ehs40.0Embedded haskell template using quasiquotes. (language, library, mit, template, text)minpou
email-validate3842.25Email address validation (bsd3, library, text)DonaldStewart, GeorgePollard
emailaddress160.0Wrapper around email-validate library adding instances for common type classes. (bsd3, library, text)cdepillabout
encode-string110.0Safe string conversion and encoding (data, library, mit, string, text)minad
epub (deprecated in favor of epub-metadata)100.0EPUB E-Book construction support library (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)RadoslavDorcik
epub-metadata300.0Library for parsing epub document metadata (bsd3, codec, library, program, text)DinoMorelli
eros220.0A text censorship library. (bsd3, library, text)pharpend
eros-client40.0DEPRECATED in favor of eros-http (bsd3, program, text)pharpend
eros-http50.0JSON HTTP interface to Eros. (bsd3, program, text)pharpend
ert50.0Easy Runtime Templates (gpl, library, program, text)kayo
escape-artist82.0ANSI Escape Sequence Text Decoration Made Easy (bsd3, library, text)ryan_daniels
expand30.0Extensible Pandoc (lgpl, library, text)MarcosViera
expat-enumerator (deprecated)50.0Enumerator-based API for Expat (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)JohnMillikin
expression-parser50.0Generalization of parsec's expression parser. (bsd3, library, parsing, text)SebastiaanVisser
fastedit20.0find nearest neighbours by edit-distance (library, mit, text)MarkWotton
fay-text180.0Fay Text type represented as JavaScript strings (data, fay, library, mit, text)AdamBergmark
feed2602.0Interfacing with RSS (v 0.9x, 2.x, 1.0) + Atom feeds. (bsd3, library, text)AdamBergmark, DmitryDzhus, DonaldStewart, IavorDiatchki, SigbjornFinne
feed-cli40.0A simple command line interface for creating and updating feeds like RSS (bsd3, program, text, web)IsaacJones
feed-crawl60.0Utility for fetching feeds with redirect info and HTML link detection (library, mit, text)DanielChoi
fillit120.0Flexible string substitution (bsd3, library, text)ishiy
final-pretty-printer280.0Extensible pretty printing with semantic annotations and proportional fonts (library, mit, text)DavidDarais, dchristiansen
fix-symbols-gitit40.0Gitit plugin: Turn some Haskell symbols into pretty math symbols. (bsd3, library, text)ConalElliott
fixedwidth-hs110.0Quick parsing of fixed-width data formats. (library, mit, program, text)MichaelOChurch
fixhs70.0FIX (co)parser (lgpl, library, parsing, program, protocol, text)ArvinMoezzi
flamethrower140.0A template engine for HTML (html, library, mit, text, web)charmander
flat-tex70.0flatten a latex multi-file latex document (gpl, program, text)JohannesWaldmann
floatshow230.0Alternative faster String representations for Double and Float, String representations for more general numeric types. (bsd3, library, text)DanielFischer
fmt2890.0A new formatting library (bsd3, library, text)Artyom
folgerhs150.0Toolset for Folger Shakespeare Library's XML annotated plays (gpl, library, program, text)unaizalakain
forger (deprecated)20.0Library for generating fake placeholder data (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)StefanFischer
format10.0Rendering from and scanning to format strings (library, mit, text)ScottLawrence
formattable20.0Business-quality formatting of numbers, dates, and other things (bsd3, library, text)DougBeardsley
formatting10802.0Combinator-based type-safe formatting (like printf() or FORMAT) (bsd3, library, text)ChrisDone
formlets (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors)270.0Formlets implemented in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)ChrisEidhof, DougBeardsley
formlets-hsp (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors-hsp)20.0HSP support for Formlets (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)JeremyShaw
frisby460.0Linear time composable parser for PEG grammars (bsd3, library, text)BenGamari, ChrisDone
frquotes60.0Lexical extension for Quasi-Quotations using French-Quotes (bsd3, library, program, text)NicolasPouillard
full-text-search210.0In-memory full text search engine (bsd3, data, library, search, text)DuncanCoutts, MikolajKonarski
functor-utils30.0Collection of functor utilities, providing handy operators, like generalization of (.). (apache, library, text)danilo2
funnyprint110.0funnyPrint function to colorize GHCi output. (benchmark, library, mit, text)netsu
fuzzy40.0Filters a list based on a fuzzy string search. (library, mit, text)cattheory
generic-pretty20.0Pretty printing for Generic value (library, mit, text)HideyukiTanaka
gentlemark20.0Gentle markup language (bsd3, library, text, web)AndriyPolishchuk
ginger1080.0An implementation of the Jinja2 template language in Haskell (library, mit, program, text)TobiasDammers
glabrous280.0A template DSL library (bsd3, library, text, web)MichelBoucey
glaze190.0Framework for rendering things with metadata/headers and values (bsd3, library, text)louispan
glider-nlp110.0Natural Language Processing library (bsd3, library, nlp, text)klangner
gnuidn560.0Bindings for GNU IDN (codec, gpl, library, text)JohnMillikin
google-search140.0EDSL for Google and GMail search expressions (bsd3, language, library, text, web)LiyangHu
googlepolyline42.0Google Polyline Encoder/Decoder (data, library, mit, text)lorne
grammatical-parsers340.0parsers that can combine into grammars (bsd3, library, program, text)MarioBlazevic
graphtype80.0A simple tool to illustrate dependencies between Haskell types (bsd3, program, text)DmitryAstapov, MaxDesyatov
groom320.0Pretty printing for well-behaved Show instances. (bsd3, library, program, text)EdwardYang
hack-contrib-press30.0Hack helper that renders Press templates (gpl, library, text, web)BrandonBickford
haiji120.0A typed template engine, subset of jinja2 (bsd3, library, text)NoriyukiOhkawa
hako30.0A mako-like quasi-quoter template library (bsd3, library, text)TobiasDammers
halipeto (deprecated)70.0Haskell Static Web Page Generator (deprecated, gpl, library, text)PeterSimons
haphviz200.0Graphviz code generation with Haskell (library, mit, text)Norfair
haskell-conll140.0Core Types for NLP (bsd3, library, text)MichalGajda, sigrlami
haskell-gettext142.0GetText runtime library implementation in pure Haskell (bsd3, library, program, text)IlyaPortnov
hasmin530.0CSS Minifier (bsd3, library, program, text)contivero
hastache (deprecated in favor of mustache)3660.0Haskell implementation of Mustache templates (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)DaniilFrumin, SergeyLymar
hastache-aeson60.0render hastache templates using aeson values (bsd3, library, text)VladimirKirillov
hdiscount10.0Haskell bindings to the Discount markdown library (bsd3, library, text)JamieTurner
hello420.0Hello World, an example package (bsd3, console, program, text)SimonMarlow
heredoc2762.0multi-line string / here document using QuasiQuotes (library, public-domain, text)JamesFisher
heredocs160.0heredocument (bsd3, library, text)KatsutoshiItoh
hexdump50.0A library for forming hexdumps. (library, public-domain, text)TimNewsham
hformat3020.0Simple Haskell formatting (bsd3, library, text)AlexandrRuchkin
hgeos210.0Simple Haskell bindings to GEOS C API (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, text)rcook
hgettext490.0Bindings to libintl.h (gettext, bindtextdomain) (bsd3, library, program, text)VasylPasternak
highjson190.0Spec based JSON parsing/serialisation (benchmark, json, library, mit, text, web)AlexanderThiemann
highjson-swagger130.0Derive swagger instances from highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)AlexanderThiemann
highjson-th120.0Template Haskell helpers for highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)AlexanderThiemann
highlight140.0Command line tool for highlighting parts of files matching a regex. (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, text)cdepillabout
highlighter90.0source code highlighting (bsd3, library, text)AlexSuraci, GuillaumeHoffmann
highlighter270.0source code highlighting (bsd3, library, text)chemist
highlighting-kate (deprecated in favor of skylighting)4480.0Syntax highlighting (deprecated, gpl, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
hjpath80.0XPath-like syntax for querying JSON (bsd3, library, text)JaroslavGridin
hjson160.0JSON parsing library (bsd3, library, text)JaroslavGridin
hjson-query70.0library for querying from JSON (bsd3, library, text)YuriyIskra
hlatex80.0A library to build valid LaTeX files (bsd3, library, text)NicolasPouillard
hmark20.0A tool and library for Markov chains based text generation. (bsd3, library, program, text)JaroslavGridin
hoodle-builder250.0text builder for hoodle file format (bsd3, library, text)IanWooKim
hoodle-parser260.0Hoodle file parser (bsd3, library, text)IanWooKim
hprotoc880.0Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications (bsd3, library, program, text)ChrisKuklewicz, DavidFeng, k_bx
hprotoc-fork20.0Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications (bsd3, library, program, text)StefanWehr
hpygments60.0Highlight source code using Pygments (library, mit, text)DavidLazar, yamadapc
hpyrg50.0pyrg utility done right (mit, program, text)MatveyAksenov
hs-bibutils4380.0Haskell bindings to bibutils, the bibliography conversion utilities. (gpl, library, text)AndreaRossato, wilx
hs-vcard60.0Implements the RFC 2426 vCard 3.0 spec (bsd3, library, text)MichaelSchade
hsass320.0Integrating Sass into Haskell applications. (library, mit, text)jakubfijalkowski
hstidy80.0Takes haskell source on stdin, parses it, then prettyprints it to stdout. (bsd3, program, text)MattMorrow
html-conduit1280.0Parse HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes. (conduit, library, mit, text, web)MichaelSnoyman
html-email-validate60.0Validating an email address against HTML standard (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)zudov
html-minimalist130.0Minimalist haskell html library (gpl, library, text)RohanDrape
html-parse170.0A high-performance HTML tokenizer (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)BenGamari
html-rules20.0Perform traversals of HTML structures using sets of rules. (bsd3, html, library, text, transformation, web)KyleCarter
html-truncate50.0A HTML truncator (bsd3, library, text)MarcelRuegenberg
html2hamlet40.0HTML to Hamlet converter (bsd3, program, text)HideyukiTanaka
html5-entity150.0A library for looking up and validating HTML5 entities. (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)zudov
htoml1410.0Parser for TOML files (benchmark, bsd3, configuration, data, json, language, library, parser, text)cies
htoml-megaparsec3170.0Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, language, library, text, toml)vmchale
human-parse140.0A lawless typeclass for parsing text entered by humans. (apache, library, text)chris_martin
human-text160.0A lawless typeclass for converting values to human-friendly text. (apache, library, text)chris_martin
hunt-searchengine20.0A search and indexing engine. (data, library, mit, text)alexbiehl
hunt-server40.0A search and indexing engine server. (data, mit, program, text)alexbiehl
hxt-charproperties18600.0Character properties and classes for XML and Unicode (library, mit, text)UweSchmidt
hxt-regex-xmlschema17430.0A regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions (benchmark, library, mit, text)UweSchmidt
hxt-unicode17770.0Unicode en-/decoding functions for utf8, iso-latin-* and other encodings (library, mit, text)UweSchmidt
hyphenate70.0Text hyphenation algorithm (bsd3, library, text)RohanDrape
hyphenation1162.0Configurable Knuth-Liang hyphenation (bsd3, library, text)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
hzenhan110.0Zenhan library for Haskell (bsd3, library, text)karky7
i18n170.0Internationalization for Haskell (bsd3, library, text)EugeneGrigoriev, filib
iCalendar160.0iCalendar data types, parser, and printer. (bsd3, library, text)ChristianRoedliAmble, ClintAdams, EelcoLempsink
iconv480.0String encoding conversion (bsd3, library, text)DuncanCoutts, IanLynagh
idiii180.0ID3v2 (tagging standard for MP3 files) library (bsd3, library, program, sound, text)AlexeyAlekhin, BartonMassey, ChrisWagner
idna300.0Implements IDNA (RFC 3490). (bsd3, data, library, rfc, text)GeorgePollard
illuminate60.0A fast syntax highlighting library built with alex. (bsd3, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
imbib20.0Minimalistic reference manager. (gpl, program, text)JeanPhilippeBernardy
imparse30.0Multi-platform parser analyzer and generator. (gpl, library, program, text)AndreiLapets
indentparser50.0A parser for indentation based structures (library, public-domain, text)PiyushKurur
indents2170.0indentation sensitive parser-combinators for parsec (bsd3, library, parsing, text)JasperVanDerJeugt, SamAnklesaria
inflections1082.0Inflections library for Haskell (library, mit, text)jsl, stackbuilders, sestrella, mrkkrp, camm
inject60.0A minimalistic template engine (library, mit, program, text)SimonHengel
inserts40.0Stupid simple bytestring templates. (library, mit, text)JosephAbrahamson
interpolate522.0String interpolation done right (data, library, mit, text)SimonHengel
invertible-syntax90.0Invertible syntax descriptions for both parsing and pretty printing. (bsd3, library, text)TillmannRendel
ipprint680.0Tiny helper for pretty-printing values in ghci console (bsd3, library, text)GlebAlexeyev, SpencerJanssen
iptables-helpers60.0iptables rules parser/printer library (bsd3, library, program, text)EvgenyTarasov
irc-colors60.0Colourize your IRC strings (bsd3, irc, library, text)EdwardTjornhammar
json-b60.0JSON parser that uses byte strings. (bsd3, library, program, text)JasonDusek
json-litobj10.0Extends Text.JSON to handle literal JS objects. (bsd3, library, text)jonkoc
json-stream470.0Incremental applicative JSON parser (bsd3, json, library, text)ondrap
json-tools210.0A collection of JSON tools (bsd3, json, program, text, tools, utils)NicolasPouillard
json-types60.0Basic types for representing JSON (json, library, mit, text)JohnMillikin
json2150.0Library provides support for JSON. (bsd3, data, json, library, text)YuriyIskra
json2-types60.0Defined JSON data types and function for renders JSON to string. (bsd3, data, json, library, text)YuriyIskra
jsonresume50.0Parser and datatypes for the JSON Resume format (bsd3, library, text)DanielWright
jsonschema-gen222.0JSON Schema generator from Algebraic data type (bsd3, data, json, library, text)yuga
jsonsql30.0Interpolate JSON object values into SQL strings (mit, program, text)DanielChoi
jsontsv210.0JSON to TSV transformer (mit, program, text)DanielChoi
jsonxlsx60.0json to xlsx converter (mit, program, text)mackeyrms
jspath10.0Extract substructures from JSON by following a path. (bsd3, library, text)KeeganMcAllister
karver110.0A simple template engine, inspired by jinja2 (bsd3, library, text)JeremyHull
katip1370.0A structured logging framework. (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)MichaelXavier
kcd90.0Kayak .kcd parsing library. (library, mit, text)marcelbuesing
kickass-torrents-dump-parser20.0Parses torrent dumps (library, mit, text)MichaelXavier
koellner-phonetic60.0"map German words to code representing pronunciation" (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, text)MarcWeber
l10n110.0Enables providing localization as typeclass instances in separate files. (bsd3, library, text)louispan
lambda-options220.0A modern command-line parser for Haskell. (library, text)ThomasEding
lambdatex160.0Type-Safe LaTeX EDSL (gpl, library, text)Norfair
latex130.0Parse, format and process LaTeX files (bsd3, library, text)HenningThielemann
latex-function-tables40.0Function table specifications in latex (bsd3, library, program, text)SimonHudon
layout70.0Turn values into pretty text or markup (bsd3, library, pretty-printer, text, typography)RobertHensing
layout-bootstrap (deprecated)90.0Template and widgets for Bootstrap2 to use with Text.Blaze.Html5 (deprecated, library, mit, text)AlexanderBondarenko
lazy-csv140.0Efficient lazy parsers for CSV (comma-separated values). (bsd3, library, program, text)MalcolmWallace
ldapply50.0LDIF idempotent apply tool (mit, network, program, text)ip1981
ldif160.0The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) tools (bsd3, library, text)RadoslavDorcik
leetify20.0Leetify text (bsd3, program, text)DimitriSabadie
lens-regex40.0Lens powered regular expression (bsd3, library, text)TakahiroHimura
lens-text-encoding20.0Isomorphisms and prisms for text <=> bytestring conversions (library, mit, text)IanDuncan
lens-utils20.0Collection of missing lens utilities. (apache, library, text)danilo2
liboleg230.0An evolving collection of Oleg Kiselyov's Haskell modules (bsd3, library, text)DonaldStewart, shergill
libxml-enumerator (deprecated)90.0Enumerator-based API for libXML's SAX interface (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)JohnMillikin
libxml-sax1290.0Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface (foreign, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)JohnMillikin
libxslt10.0Binding to libxslt (bsd3, foreign-binding, library, text, xml)
ligature20.0Expand ligatures in unicode text (library, mit, text)JosefSvenningsson
line-break130.0Convert newlines in text (gpl, program, text)AlanHawkins
line2pdf240.0Simple command-line utility to convert text into PDF (bsd3, library, program, text)AudreyTang
linebreak120.0breaks strings to fit width (bsd3, library, text)fffaaa
linguistic-ordinals140.0Express Integral types as linguistic ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) (bsd3, library, text)ElliotRobinson
lipsum-gen40.0Generators for random sequences of English-like nonsense text. (bsd3, library, testing, text)evilcandybag
llvm-pretty240.0A pretty printing library inspired by the llvm binding. (bsd3, library, text)EricMertens, TrevorElliott
llvm-pretty-bc-parser250.0LLVM bitcode parsing library (bsd3, library, program, text)EricMertens, TrevorElliott
log2json20.0Turn log file records into JSON. (gpl, json, library, logging, program, text, tools, utils)HaroldLee
logger-thread110.0Run FastLogger in a thread and direct all queued messages to it. (bsd3, library, program, text)joe9
logplex-parse30.0Parse Heroku application/logplex documents (library, mit, text)keith_duncan
lorem20.0Library for generating filler text (bsd3, library, program, text)StefanFischer
ltext280.0Parameterized file evaluator (bsd3, filesystem, library, program, text, tools, utils)athanclark
luthor80.0Tools for lexing and utilizing lexemes that integrate with Parsec. (bsd3, language, library, text)ZankokuOkuno
maccatcher350.0Obtain the host MAC address on *NIX and Windows. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
magic1840.0Interface to C file/magic library (bsd3, library, text)JohnGoerzen
mainland-pretty760.0Pretty printing designed for printing source code. (bsd3, library, text)GeoffreyMainland
markdown-pap190.0markdown parser with papillon (bsd3, library, text)YoshikuniJujo
markdown2svg290.0markdown to svg converter (bsd3, program, text)YoshikuniJujo
marked-pretty60.0Pretty-printing library, with scoping, based on pretty. (bsd3, library, text)AndyGill, ryanglscott
markup-preview110.0A simple markup document preview (markdown, textile, reStructuredText) (gpl, program, text)MariusGhita
marvin-interpolate250.0Compile time string interpolation a la Scala and CoffeeScript (bsd3, library, text)justus
marxup130.0Markup language preprocessor for Haskell (gpl, library, program, text)JeanPhilippeBernardy
mbox332.0Read and write standard mailbox files. (bsd3, data, library, system, text)GershomBazerman
mcm112.0Manages the contents of files and directories (gpl, language, program, system, text)AnthonyDoggett
mdcat50.0Markdown viewer in your terminal (library, mit, program, text)bobfang1992
mediawiki2latex170.0Convert MediaWiki text to LaTeX (gpl, program, text)dhun
metadata190.0metadata library for semantic web (bsd3, data, library, text, web)KatsutoshiItoh
microstache4752.25Mustache templates for Haskell (bsd3, library, text)phadej
mime-directory120.0A library for parsing/printing the text/directory mime type. (lgpl, library, text)MathieuBoespflug
monoid-subclasses1512.0Subclasses of Monoid (algebra, bsd3, data, library, text)MarioBlazevic
mpppc60.0Multi-dimensional parametric pretty-printer with color (gpl, library, text)DarinMorrison
mpretty10.0a monadic, extensible pretty printing library (bsd3, library, text)DavidDarais
multifile200.0create many files from one (bsd3, program, text)AlanHawkins
musicxml40.0MusicXML format encoded as Haskell type and functions of reading and writting. (bsd3, library, music, text, xml)SamuelSilva
mustache-haskell80.0Straight implementation of mustache templates (library, mit, program, text)DanielChoi
namelist20.0fortran90 namelist parser/pretty printer (library, mit, text)HirotomoMoriwaki
nanoparsec30.0An implementation of attoparsec-like parser around list-like (bsd3, library, text)MaciejPiechotka
naturalcomp80.0Natural-order string comparison (bsd3, library, text)HironaoKomatsu
neat50.0A Fast Retargetable Template Engine (library, mit, program, text)ajg
nicify120.0Pretty print the standard output of default `Show` instances. (mit, program, text, tools, utilities)JulianFleischer
nicify-lib70.0Pretty print the standard output of default `Show` instances. (library, mit, text, tools, utilities)JulianFleischer
nme70.0Bindings to the Nyctergatis Markup Engine (library, text)StephenWeber
nmis-parser120.0NMIS file parser (bsd3, library, parsers, text)v0d1ch
noise20.0A friendly language for graphic design (library, mit, program, text)TomBrow
normalization-insensitive170.0Normalization insensitive string comparison (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, text, unicode)harendra, ppelleti
nptools120.0A collection of random tools (bsd3, development, program, system, text, utils)NicolasPouillard
number-show110.0Flexible and accurate (for a given precision) numerical->string conversion (gpl, library, text)leftaroundabout
numerals220.0Convert numbers to number words (benchmark, bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, numerical, text)RoelVanDijk
numerals-base (deprecated in favor of numerals)30.0Convert numbers to number words (bsd3, deprecated, library, natural-language-processing, numerical, text)RoelVanDijk
omaketex30.0A simple tool to generate OMakefile for latex files. (bsd3, program, text)HiromiIshii
onama80.0HTML-parsing primitives for Parsec. (bsd3, library, text)williamyaoh
open-pandoc (deprecated in favor of pandoc)60.0Conversion between markup formats (deprecated, gpl, text)PeterSimons
opentheory-char (deprecated in favor of opentheory-unicode)40.0Unicode characters (deprecated, library, mit, program, text)JoeHurd
opentheory-unicode80.0Unicode characters (library, mit, text)JoeHurd
opml70.0Representing and handling OPML subscription information. (bsd3, library, text, web)DonaldStewart
opml-conduit270.0Streaming parser/renderer for the OPML 2.0 format. (conduit, library, public-domain, text, xml)koral
oso2pdf60.0Better conversion of Oxford Scholarship Online material to PDF (gpl, program, text)spwhitton
ot70.0Real-time collaborative editing with Operational Transformation (library, mit, text)TimBaumann
ottparse-pretty190.0Pretty-printer for Ott parse trees (bsd3, program, text)BrentYorgey
pager70.0Open up a pager, like 'less' or 'more' (bsd2, data, library, program, system, text)pharpend
paint120.0Colorization of text for command-line output (library, text)lovasko
pandoc32942.75Conversion between markup formats (gpl, library, program, text)JohnMacFarlane
pandoc-citeproc5762.0Supports using pandoc with citeproc (bsd3, library, program, text)JohnMacFarlane
pandoc-citeproc-preamble380.0Insert a preamble before pandoc-citeproc's bibliography (gpl, program, text)spwhitton
pandoc-crossref2300.0Pandoc filter for cross-references (gpl, library, program, text)lierdakil
pandoc-csv2table260.0Convert CSV to Pandoc Table Markdown (library, mit, program, text)baig
pandoc-filter-graphviz100.0A Pandoc filter to use graphviz (bsd3, program, text)jpierre03
pandoc-include410.0Include other Markdown files (library, mit, program, text)steindani
pandoc-japanese-filters40.0Japanese-specific markup filters for pandoc. (gpl, program, text)HiromiIshii
pandoc-lens230.0Lenses for Pandoc documents (bsd3, library, text)BenGamari
pandoc-placetable130.0Pandoc filter to include CSV files (gpl, program, text)mb21
pandoc-plantuml-diagrams110.0Render and insert PlantUML diagrams with Pandoc (library, mit, program, text)thriqon
pandoc-stylefrommeta110.0Pandoc filter to customize links, images and paragraphs (bsd3, program, text)lyokha
pandoc-types16992.25Types for representing a structured document (bsd3, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
pandoc-vimhl110.0Pandoc filter for native Vim code highlighting (bsd3, program, text)lyokha
panhandle340.0Pandoc filter to unwrap nested blocks (library, program, public-domain, text)chriswarbo
panpipe250.0Pandoc filter to execute code blocks (library, program, public-domain, text)chriswarbo
pappy80.0Packrat parsing; linear-time parsers for grammars in TDPL. (bsd3, program, text)ChrisDone
para70.0Text paragraph formatting (bsd3, library, text)KevinQuick
parcom-lib180.0A simple parser-combinator library, a bit like Parsec but without the frills (bsd3, library, text)TobiasDammers
parsec-free160.0Parsec API encoded as a deeply-embedded DSL, for debugging and analysis (library, mit, text)JohnWiegley
parsec-parsers (deprecated in favor of parsers)70.0Parsing instances for Parsec (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)DagOdenhall, EdwardKmett
parsec-pratt90.0Pratt Parser combinator for Parsec (library, mit, program, text)jh3141
parseerror-eq30.0Adds and Eq instance for Parsec's ParseError if needed (library, mit, text)jsl, sestrella
parsers8212.25Parsing combinators (bsd3, library, parsing, text)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
patat350.0Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc (gpl, program, text)JasperVanDerJeugt
path-text-utf8520.0Read and write UTF-8 text files (apache, filesystem, library, text)
patience290.0Patience diff and longest increasing subsequence (algorithms, bsd3, library, text)KeeganMcAllister
pattern-arrows1022.0Arrows for Pretty Printing (combinators, library, mit, pretty-printer, text)PhilFreeman
pcre-less (deprecated)110.0Nicer interface to regex-pcre. (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)
pcre-light4340.0Portable regex library for Perl 5 compatible regular expressions (bsd3, library, text)DanielDiaz, DonaldStewart
pcre-light-extra10.0pcre-light extra functionality (bsd3, library, text)SteffenSiering
pcre-utils380.0Perl-like substitute and split for PCRE regexps. (bsd3, library, text)SimonMarechal
pdf2line60.0Simple command-line utility to convert PDF into text (gpl, program, text)AudreyTang
pdfinfo180.0Wrapper around the pdfinfo command. (bsd3, library, text)ChrisDone
period180.0Parse and format date periods, collapse and expand their text representations. (bsd3, library, program, text)alkar
phaser180.0Incremental multiple pass parser library. (bsd3, library, text)quick_dudley
phonetic-code90.0Phonetic codes: Soundex and Phonix (bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, text)BartonMassey
picoparsec92.0Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text (benchmark, bsd3, library, parsing, text)MarioBlazevic
pipeclip60.0Open your editor, pipe the output to the system clipboard (bsd2, program, system, text)pharpend
pipes-key-value-csv130.0Streaming processing of CSV files preceded by key-value pairs. (bsd3, csv, library, pipes, text)mjmrotek
pipes-text840.0properly streaming text (bsd3, library, pipes, text)MichaelThompson
plat80.0Simple templating library (bsd3, library, template, text, web)MiguelMitrofanov
playlists160.0Library and executable for working with playlist files. (bsd3, library, program, text)PeterJones
playlists-http80.0Library to glue together playlists and http-client (bsd3, library, text)PeterJones
polyparse50320.0A variety of alternative parser combinator libraries. (lgpl, library, parsing, text)MalcolmWallace
portable-lines60.0Alternative 'lines' implementation that understands CR-LF and CR (bsd3, library, text)JoeyAdams
pptable120.0Pretty Print containers in a tabular format (library, mit, text)gdevanla
pragmatic-show1240.0Alternative Show class that gives shorter view if possible. (gpl, library, text)leftaroundabout
press100.0Text template library targeted at the web / HTML generation (gpl, library, text, web)BrandonBickford
prettify70.0Haskell2010 structured text formatting (bsd3, library, text)HansHoglund
pretty13972.0Pretty-printing library (bsd3, library, text)DavidTerei, IanLynagh
pretty-class (deprecated in favor of prettyclass, pretty)70.0Pretty printing class similar to Show. (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)DavidFox
pretty-compact190.0Pretty-printing library (benchmark, gpl, library, text)JeanPhilippeBernardy
pretty-display240.0Typeclass for human-readable display (bsd3, library, program, text)jsermeno
pretty-ncols100.0A implementation of multi-column layout w/ Text.PrettyPrint (bsd3, library, text)JoeFredette
pretty-show21362.0Tools for working with derived `Show` instances and generic inspection of values. (library, mit, program, text)IavorDiatchki
pretty-simple472.0pretty printer for data types with a 'Show' instance. (bsd3, library, text)cdepillabout
pretty-types192.0A small pretty printing DSL for complex types. (bsd3, library, text)SvenHeyll
prettyclass2590.0Pretty printing class similar to Show. (bsd3, library, text)LennartAugustsson
prettyprinter1542.25A modern, easy to use, well-documented, extensible prettyprinter. (benchmark, bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
prettyprinter-ansi-terminal240.0ANSI terminal backend for the »prettyprinter« package. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
prettyprinter-compat-annotated-wl-pprint110.0Prettyprinter compatibility module for previous users of the annotated-wl-pprint package. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
prettyprinter-compat-ansi-wl-pprint150.0Drop-in compatibility package to migrate from »ansi-wl-pprint« to »prettyprinter«. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
prettyprinter-compat-wl-pprint120.0Prettyprinter compatibility module for previous users of the wl-pprint package. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
prettyprinter-convert-ansi-wl-pprint80.0Converter from »ansi-wl-pprint« documents to »prettyprinter«-based ones. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
printf-mauke200.0A Perl printf like formatter. (bsd3, library, text)LukasMai
printf-safe100.0Type safe interface for Text.Printf (bsd3, library, text)kcsongor
protocol-buffers1132.0Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz, k_bx
protocol-buffers-descriptor1020.0Text.DescriptorProto.Options and code generated from the Google Protocol Buffer specification (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz, k_bx
protocol-buffers-descriptor-fork10.0Text.DescriptorProto.Options and code generated from the Google Protocol Buffer specification (bsd3, library, text)StefanWehr
protocol-buffers-fork80.0Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications (bsd3, library, text)StefanWehr
pugixml140.0pugixml binding. (library, mit, text, xml)NeilMitchell, HirotomoMoriwaki
pugs-HsSyck60.0Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper (library, text)GwernBranwen
pugs-hsregex20.0Haskell PCRE binding (bsd3, library, text)GwernBranwen
punkt100.0Multilingual unsupervised sentence tokenization with Punkt. (library, mit, natural-language-processing, text)bryant
punycode330.0Encode unicode strings to ascii forms according to RFC 3492 (bsd3, library, text, web)JonKristensen, MylesMaxfield
quickcheck-text8850.0Alternative arbitrary instance for Text (library, mit, text)fractalcat
quickcheck-unicode340.0Generator and shrink functions for testing Unicode-related software. (bsd2, library, testing, text)BryanOSullivan
quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)140.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)ssadler
rainbox260.0Two-dimensional box pretty printing, with colors (bsd3, library, text)OmariNorman
rating-systems80.0Implementations of several rating systems: Elo, Glicko, etc (bsd3, library, text)DougBeardsley
raw-strings-qq2360.0Raw string literals for Haskell. (bsd3, library, text)MikhailGlushenkov
rawstring-qm160.0Simple raw string quotation and dictionary interpolation (bsd3, library, text)tolysz
razom-text-util60.0Common text/parsing tools for Razom language packages. (library, public-domain, text)akrasner
read-bounded130.0Class for reading bounded values (bsd3, library, text)ThomasEding
readable7282.0Reading from Text and ByteString (bsd3, library, text)DougBeardsley
regex660.0Toolkit for regex-base (bsd3, library, text)ChrisDornan
regex-applicative2472.25Regex-based parsing with applicative interface (library, mit, text)RomanCheplyaka
regex-applicative-text1290.0regex-applicative on text (bsd3, library, text)phadej
regex-base87782.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz, DonaldStewart
regex-compat9390.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-compat-tdfa2210.0Unicode Support version of Text.Regex, using regex-tdfa (bsd3, library, text)KidoTakahiro
regex-deriv80.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex. Implementing regular expression matching using Brzozowski's Deriviatives (bsd3, library, text)KennyLu
regex-dfa70.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-examples390.0Tutorial, tests and example programs for regex (bsd3, program, text)ChrisDornan
regex-genex160.0From a regex, generate all possible strings it can match (library, program, regex, text)AudreyTang
regex-parsec60.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-pcre1842.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-pcre-builtin18610.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)AudreyTang, JeffShaw, TimothyHobbs
regex-pcre-text150.0Text-based PCRE API for regex-base (bsd3, library, text)ChrisDornan
regex-pderiv150.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex. Implementing regular expression matching using Antimirov's partial derivatives. (bsd3, library, text)KennyLu
regex-posix26580.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz, DonaldStewart, DuncanCoutts
regex-posix-unittest100.0Unit tests for the plaform's Posix regex library (bsd3, program, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-tdfa62582.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)AudreyTang, ChrisKuklewicz, Artyom
regex-tdfa-pipes10.0Parse with regular expressions on Producers. (bsd3, library, text)erisco
regex-tdfa-quasiquoter110.0Quasi-quoter for TDFA (extended POSIX) regular expressions. (bsd3, library, text)erisco
regex-tdfa-rc (deprecated in favor of regex-tdfa)160.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)RomanCheplyaka
regex-tdfa-text16820.0Text interface for regex-tdfa (bsd3, library, text)KidoTakahiro
regex-tdfa-unittest60.0Unit tests for the regex-tdfa (bsd3, program, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-tdfa-utf820.0This combines regex-tdfa with utf8-string to allow searching over UTF8 encoded lazy bytestrings. (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-tre70.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, library, text)ChrisKuklewicz
regex-with-pcre370.0Toolkit for regex-base (bsd3, library, text)ChrisDornan
regex-xmlschema90.0A regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions (bsd3, library, text)UweSchmidt
regexchar210.0A POSIX, extended regex-engine. (gpl, library, program, regex, text)AlistairWard
regexpr330.0regular expression like Perl/Ruby in Haskell (lgpl, library, text)YoshikuniJujo
regexpr-symbolic50.0Regular expressions via symbolic manipulation (bsd3, library, text)MartinSulzmann
regexqq140.0A quasiquoter for PCRE regexes. (bsd3, library, text)MattMorrow
relit80.0Literal for regular expression (bsd3, library, text)KazuYamamoto
repr180.0Render overloaded expressions to their textual representation. (bsd3, library, numeric, text)BasVanDijk
repr-tree-syb100.0Tree representation and pretty-printing of data structures based on SYB (debug, library, mit, pretty-printer, text, tree)NikitaVolkov
reprinter90.0Scrap Your Reprinter (apache, library, text)DominicOrchard
rfc50513430.0Simple unicode collation as per RFC5051. (bsd3, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
richreports40.0Integrated pretty-printing and error/static analysis reporting. (library, mit, text)AndreiLapets
roundtrip160.0Bidirectional (de-)serialization (bsd3, library, text)StefanWehr
roundtrip-string80.0Bidirectional (de-)serialization (bsd3, library, text)StefanWehr
roundtrip-xml80.0Bidirectional (de-)serialization for XML. (bsd3, library, text)StefanWehr
rowrecord90.0Build records from lists of strings, as from CSV files. (bsd3, data, library, text)KeeganMcAllister
safe-printf10.0Well-typed, flexible and variadic printf for Haskell (bsd3, library, text)HiromiIshii
say980.0Initial project template from stack (benchmark, library, mit, text)MichaelSnoyman
scholdoc90.0Converts ScholarlyMarkdown documents to HTML5/LaTeX/Docx format (benchmark, gpl, library, program, text)timtylin
scholdoc-citeproc10.0Scholdoc fork of pandoc-citeproc (bsd3, library, program, text)timtylin
scholdoc-texmath40.0Scholdoc fork of texmath (gpl, library, text)timtylin
scholdoc-types30.0Scholdoc fork of pandoc-types (gpl, library, text)timtylin
sci-ratio120.0Rational numbers in scientific notation. (library, mit, text)Rufflewind
sdf2p1-parser70.0A parser for SDF version 2.1 using Parsec (library, mit, text)kojung
servant-checked-exceptions550.0Checked exceptions for Servant APIs. (bsd3, library, text)cdepillabout
servant-rawm970.0Embed a raw 'Application' in a Servant API (bsd3, library, text)cdepillabout
servant-static-th520.0Embed a directory of static files in your Servant server (bsd3, library, text)arowM, cdepillabout
sext160.0Lists, Texts, ByteStrings and Vectors with type-encoded length (bsd3, data, library, text, type-system)DmitryDzhus
shell-escape130.0Shell escaping library. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
shortcut-links140.0Link shortcuts for use in text markup (bsd3, library, text, web)Artyom
show-prettyprint200.0Robust prettyprinter for output of auto-generated Show instances (bsd3, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
simple-config140.0Simple config file parser generator (bsd3, library, text)YusukeNomura
simple-tabular10.0Simple tabular-text formatter (library, mit, text)BartonMassey
simple-text-format130.0Simple text based format strings with named identifiers. (bsd3, development, library, text)justus
skylighting15040.0syntax highlighting library (gpl, text)JohnMacFarlane
skypelogexport30.0Export Skype chat logs to text files (bsd3, program, text)EugenyDzhurinsky
smallcaps250.0Flatten camel case text in LaTeX files (bsd3, latex, library, program, text)StefanBerthold
snippet-extractor60.0Extracts labeled snippets of code to files. (bsd3, program, text)JasonDagit
snowball200.0Bindings to the Snowball library. (benchmark, bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, text)DagOdenhall
sort110.0A Haskell sorting toolkit (bsd3, library, text)ChrisDornan
spelling-suggest80.0Spelling suggestion tool with library and command-line interfaces. (bsd3, console, library, program, text)BartonMassey, GregWeber
sphinx370.0Haskell bindings to the Sphinx full-text searching daemon. (bsd3, database, library, search, text)ChrisEidhof, GregWeber, paulrouse
sphinx-cli70.0Sphinx CLI and demo of Haskell Sphinx library (bsd3, database, program, search, text)EelcoLempsink
sphinxesc130.0Transform queries for sphinx input (library, mit, program, text)mackeyrms
splitter10.0Use numerical ranges to split out certain lines from a file. (mit, program, text)RobertMassaioli
spreadsheet290.0Read and write spreadsheets from and to CSV files in a lazy way (bsd3, data, library, text)HenningThielemann
sssp50.0HTTP proxy for S3. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
ssv110.0Comma-separated-value (CSV) read, show and write routines (library, mit, program, text)BartonMassey
stache1222.0Mustache templates for Haskell (bsd3, library, text)jsl, stackbuilders, mrkkrp
stemmer (deprecated in favor of snowball)150.0Haskell bindings to the Snowball stemming library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, natural-language-processing, text)BenGamari, EelcoLempsink
str10.0A type class to abstract between many different string types. (library, mit, text)thinkpad20
string-class120.0String class library (bsd3, data, library, text)ByronJohnson, k_bx
string-conv322.0Standardized conversion between string types (bsd3, data, library, string, text)DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
string-convert160.0Universal string conversions (bsd3, library, text)TobiasDammers
string-random132.0A library for generating random string from a regular experession (bsd3, library, text)hiratara
string-transform320.0simple and easy haskell string transform wrapper (library, mit, text)ncaq
stringable (deprecated)1360.0A Stringable type class, in the spirit of Foldable and Traversable (bytestring, data, deprecated, library, mit, text)JohnWiegley, KetilMalde
stringlike20.0Transformations to several string-like types (library, mit, text)FedorGogolev
strings190.0Functions for working with strings, including Text, ByteString, etc. (library, mit, string, text, utility)JulianFleischer
stringsearch25242.25Fast searching, splitting and replacing of ByteStrings (bsd3, library, search, text)BryanOSullivan, DanielFischer
submark450.0Extract a part from CommonMark/Markdown docs (gpl, library, program, text)hongminhee
subtitleParser180.0A parser for .srt and .sub files (bsd3, library, parsing, text)RubenAstudillo
sundown280.0Bindings to the sundown markdown library (foreign-binding, library, public-domain, text)FrancescoMazzoli
sxml120.0A SXML-parser (library, public-domain, text, xml)LoicArjanen
symantic-document120.0Document symantics. (gpl, library, text)julm
tabl3970.0Table layout (library, text)lovasko
table20.0Simple tool to generate tables from DSV input (mit, program, text)DanielChoi
table-layout170.0Layout text as grid or table. (bsd3, library, program, text)muesli4
tablize70.0Pretty-printing of CSV files (program, text)lovasko
tabular630.0Two-dimensional data tables with rendering functions (bsd3, library, text)EricKow, PeterSimons
taggy140.0Efficient and simple HTML/XML parsing library (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, text, web)AlpMestanogullari, vi
taggy-lens80.0Lenses for the taggy html/xml parser (bsd3, library, text, web)AlpMestanogullari, vi
tagsoup-selection40.0Selecting subtrees from TagSoup's TagTrees using CSS selectors (bsd3, library, text)siracusa
tamper290.0Blaze-style HTML templates as a Monad Transformer. (bsd3, library, text)TobiasDammers
tdoc280.0TDoc is a typed document builder with support for (X)HTML (bsd3, library, text, web)NicolasPouillard
template420.0Simple string substitution (bsd3, library, text)JohanTibell
template-yj30.0Process template file (bsd3, library, text)YoshikuniJujo
templater80.0Simple string templater (library, mit, text)geraud
termbox-bindings60.0Bindings to the Termbox library (bsd3, library, program, text)lcfrs
tex2txt30.0LaTeX to plain-text conversion (gpl, library, program, text)vdaudaravicius
texmath17620.0Conversion between formats used to represent mathematics. (gpl, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
text196582.75An efficient packed Unicode text type. (bsd2, data, library, text)BryanOSullivan
text-all232.0Everything Data.Text related in one package (bsd3, library, text)Artyom
text-and-plots50.0EDSL to create HTML documents with plots based on the C3.js library. (library, mit, text)andersjel
text-builder140.0An efficient strict text builder (benchmark, library, mit, text)NikitaVolkov
text-cp437170.0Conversion of Text to and from CP437 (bsd3, library, text)clord
text-format20780.0Text formatting (bsd3, library, text)BryanOSullivan
text-format-heavy1042.0Full-weight string formatting library, analog of Python's string.format (bsd3, library, text)IlyaPortnov
text-format-simple90.0Simple text formatting library. (bsd3, library, text)DmitryBespalov
text-generic-pretty70.0A generic, derivable, haskell pretty printer. (bsd3, generics, library, pretty-printer, text)joe9
text-icu8222.0Bindings to the ICU library (bsd3, data, library, text)BryanOSullivan
text-icu-normalized120.0Dealing with Strict Text in NFC normalization. (data, gpl, library, text)misandrist
text-icu-translit140.0ICU transliteration (bsd3, library, text)AntonNikishaev
text-latin12070.0Latin-1 (including ASCII) utility functions (bsd3, library, text)MikhailVorozhtsov
text-ldap150.0Parser and Printer for LDAP text data stream (bsd3, library, program, text)KeiHibino
text-lips120.0Monadic parsing combinator library with attention to locations (bsd3, library, parsing, text)MikhailVorozhtsov
text-loc100.0Line-column locations within a text. (bsd3, library, text)MikhailVorozhtsov
text-locale-encoding70.0Encode and decode Text to/from ByteString using TextEncoding (bsd3, codec, data, library, text)MikhailKuddah
text-manipulate160.0Case conversion, word boundary manipulation, and textual subjugation. (benchmark, data, library, text)BrendanHay
text-markup80.0A data structure for mapping metadata to text subsequences (bsd3, library, text)JonathanDaugherty
text-metrics1490.0Calculate various string metrics efficiently (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, library, text)mrkkrp
text-position70.0Handling positions in text and position-tagging it. (data, library, public-domain, text)akrasner
text-printer2100.0Abstract interface for text builders/printers. (bsd3, library, text)MikhailVorozhtsov
text-regex-replace90.0Easy replacement when using text-icu regexes. (apache, data, library, text)EricRochester
text-region2230.0Marking text regions (bsd3, library, text)AlexandrRuchkin
text-render160.0A type class for rendering objects as text, pretty-printing, etc. (library, mit, text)thinkpad20
text-show1812.0Efficient conversion of values into Text (bsd3, library, text)ryanglscott
text-show-instances380.0Additional instances for text-show (bsd3, library, text)ryanglscott
text-stream-decode (deprecated in favor of streaming-commons)130.0Streaming decoding functions for UTF encodings. (deprecated) (benchmark, data, deprecated, library, mit, text)MichaelSnoyman
text-xml-qq70.0Quasiquoter for xml. XML DSL in Haskell. (bsd3, library, text)OscarFinnsson
text-zipper3890.0A text editor zipper library (bsd3, library, text)JonathanDaugherty
text-zipper-monad30.0Monadic interface to the text-zipper package (bsd3, library, text)kseo
textual (deprecated in favor of string-conversions, string-convert)20.0Textual type class for data that represent text (deprecated, library, mit, text)marcosdumay
th-printf130.0Compile-time printf (library, mit, text)JoelTaylor
thimk (deprecated in favor of spelling-suggest)60.0Command-line spelling word suggestion tool (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program, text)BartonMassey
timeprint50.0Prints timestamps after each line evaluated (bsd3, library, text)leftparen
timerep500.0Parse and display time according to some RFCs (RFC3339, RFC2822, RFC822) (bsd3, library, parser, text, time, web)HugoGomes, koral
tinytemplate72.0A tiny text templating library (library, mit, text)PhilFreeman, karchie
titlecase210.0Convert English Words to Title Case (bsd3, library, program, text)PeterSimons, NikitaKaretnikov
tn120.0A simple daily journal program (data, library, program, text, utility)pharpend
transf150.0Text transformer and interpreter. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program, text)HansHoglund
translate70.0Haskell binding to Google's AJAX Language API for Translation and Detection (bsd3, library, text)JinjingWang
trasa-reflex60.0Reactive Type Safe Routing (library, mit, text)mckeankylej
trifecta5972.0A modern parser combinator library with convenient diagnostics (bsd3, diagnostics, library, logging, parsing, pretty-printer, text)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, quchen, ryanglscott
tsv2csv130.0Convert tsv to csv (bsd3, library, program, text)mackeyrms
tsvsql40.0Template tsv into SQL (mit, program, text)DanielChoi
tw90.0Trailing Whitespace (bsd3, program, text)lovasko
twiml130.0TwiML library for Haskell (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)andrus
twine70.0very simple template language (bsd3, library, text)JamesSanders
txt2rtf80.0Filter to convert plain text files to RTF (gpl, program, text)JohnGoerzen
txtblk40.0Deprecated in favor of eros. (bsd3, library, text)pharpend
type-cache10.0Utilities for caching type families results. Sometimes complex type families take long time to compile, so it is proficient to cache them and use the final result without the need of re-computation. (apache, library, text)danilo2
typelevel40.0Useful type level operations (type families and related operators). (apache, library, text)danilo2
tyro160.0Type derived JSON parsing using Aeson (bsd3, json, library, text, web)rlupton20
uhexdump70.0hex dumper for UTF-8 text (bsd3, program, text)EricKow
unicode70.0Construct and transform unicode characters (bsd3, library, text)HenningThielemann
unicode-names40.0Unicode 3.2.0 character names (bsd3, library, text)AshleyYakeley
unicode-normalization10.0Unicode normalization using the ICU library (bsd3, library, text)ReinierLamers
unicode-properties70.0Unicode 3.2.0 character properties (bsd3, library, text)AshleyYakeley
unicode-show230.0print and show in unicode (bsd3, library, text)TakayukiMuranushi
unicode-transforms1660.0Unicode normalization (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, text, unicode)harendra
unicoder120.0Make writing in unicode easy. (bsd3, library, program, text)ZankokuOkuno
unidecode160.0Haskell binding of Unidecode (bsd3, library, text)MarkWotton
units-parser180.0A parser for units of measure (bsd3, library, text)AdamGundry, RichardEisenberg
unscramble70.0Solve Boggle-like word games (mit, program, text)JoelTaylor
upskirt (deprecated in favor of sundown)110.0Binding to upskirt (deprecated, foreign-binding, library, public-domain, text)FrancescoMazzoli
uri960.0Library for working with URIs (bsd3, library, text)JaroslavGridin
uri-conduit (deprecated)160.0Read and write URIs (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
uri-enumerator (deprecated in favor of uri-conduit)30.0Read and write URIs (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
uri-enumerator-file (deprecated in favor of uri-conduit)40.0uri-enumerator backend for the file scheme (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
urldecode80.0Decode percent-encoded strings. (bsd3, program, text)BenedictEastaugh
uu-interleaved570.0Providing an interleaving combinator for use with applicative/alternative style implementations. (applicative, control, library, mit, parsing, text)DoaitseSwierstra
uu-parsinglib1150.0Fast, online, error-correcting, monadic, applicative, merging, permuting, interleaving, idiomatic parser combinators. (library, mit, parsercombinators, parsing, text)DoaitseSwierstra
uu-tc180.0Haskell 98 parser combintors for INFOB3TC at Utrecht University (bsd3, library, parsing, text)JurrienStutterheim, joaopizani
vcard110.0A library for parsing/printing vCards from/to various formats. (lgpl, library, text)MathieuBoespflug
verbalexpressions30.0Regular expressions made easy (library, mit, text)klrr
vorbiscomment70.0Reading of Vorbis comments from Ogg Vorbis files (library, mit, sound, text)ChrisWagner
wavesurfer110.0Parse WaveSurfer files (bsd3, data, library, sound, text)StefanKersten
wcwidth100.0Native wcwidth. (bsd3, library, text)JasonDusek
weighted-regexp130.0Weighted Regular Expression Matcher (bsd3, library, parsing, text)SebastianFischer
whiskers50.0Mustache templates with Template Haskell. (bsd3, library, text)peter
wikipedia4epub130.0Wikipedia EPUB E-Book construction from Firefox history. (bsd3, library, program, text)RadoslavDorcik
wl-pprint2280.0The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer (bsd3, library, text)NoamLewis, OtakarSmrz, StefanORear
wl-pprint-annotated2470.0Wadler/Leijen pretty printer with annotations and slightly modernized API (bsd3, library, text)minad
wl-pprint-ansiterm30.0ANSI Terminal support with wl-pprint-extras (bsd3, library, system, text)seagull
wl-pprint-console180.0Wadler/Leijen pretty printer supporting colorful console output. (library, mit, text)minad
wl-pprint-extras940.0A free monad based on the Wadler/Leijen pretty printer (bsd3, control, library, monads, text)EdwardKmett, NathanielFilardo
wl-pprint-terminfo1050.0A color pretty printer with terminfo support (bsd3, control, library, monads, text)EdwardKmett, NathanielFilardo
wl-pprint-text14630.0A Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for Text values (bsd3, library, text)IvanMiljenovic
word-wrap2980.0A library for word-wrapping (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)JonathanDaugherty
wybor60.0Console line fuzzy search (bsd2, library, text)MatveyAksenov
xformat150.0Extensible, type-safe formatting with scanf- and printf-like functions (bsd3, generics, library, text)SeanLeather
xhaskell-library (deprecated in favor of regex-pderiv)60.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)KennyLu
xhtml-combinators110.0Fast and easy to use XHTML combinators. (bsd3, library, text, web)AlasdairArmstrong
xkbcommon100.0Haskell bindings for libxkbcommon (benchmark, library, mit, text)AukeBooij
xlsx-tabular220.0Xlsx table cell value extraction utility (bsd3, codec, library, text)KazuoKoga
xml39542.0A simple XML library. (bsd3, library, text, xml)DonaldStewart, IavorDiatchki
xml-catalog (deprecated)130.0Parse XML catalog files (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
xml-conduit-parse220.0Streaming XML parser based on conduits. (conduit, library, text, xml)koral
xml-conduit-writer450.0Warm and fuzzy creation of XML documents. (library, mit, text)AlexanderBondarenko
xml-hamlet2080.0Hamlet-style quasiquoter for XML content (bsd3, library, text)MichaelSnoyman
xml-helpers80.0Some useful helper functions for the xml library. (bsd3, library, text, xml)AdamWick
xml-html-qq130.0Quasi-quoters for XML and HTML Documents (bsd3, library, text)cdepillabout
xml-indexed-cursor160.0Indexed XML cursors similar to 'Text.XML.Cursor' from xml-conduit (bsd3, library, text)cdepillabout
xml-monad60.0Monadic extensions to the xml package. (bsd3, library, text, xml)AristidBreitkreuz
xml-prettify60.0Pretty print XML. (bsd3, library, program, text)DavidRosenberg
xml-tydom-conduit60.0Typed XML encoding for an xml-conduit backend. (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)lancelet
xml-tydom-core110.0Typed XML encoding (core library). (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)lancelet
xml-types21430.0Basic types for representing XML (library, mit, text, xml)JohnMillikin
xml2json40.0translate xml to json (bsd3, library, program, text)YiHuang
xmlgen1410.0Fast XML generation library (benchmark, bsd3, library, text, xml)StefanWehr
xmlhtml3280.0XML parser and renderer with HTML 5 quirks mode (bsd3, library, text, xml)ChrisSmith, DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins, JasperVanDerJeugt
xournal-builder60.0text builder for xournal file format (bsd3, library, text)IanWooKim
xournal-parser290.0Xournal file parser (bsd3, library, text)IanWooKim
xpathdsv40.0Command line tool to extract DSV data from HTML and XML with XPATH expressions (bsd3, program, text)DanielChoi
yajl-enumerator (deprecated)110.0Enumerator-based interface to YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, json, library, parsing, text)JohnMillikin
yaml-combinators190.0YAML parsing combinators for improved validation and error reporting (library, mit, text)RomanCheplyaka
yate512.0Yet Another Template Engine (bsd3, library, text)thoferon
yeganesh710.0small dmenu wrapper (bsd3, program, text)DanielWagner
yocto120.0A Minimal JSON Parser & Printer for Haskell (library, mit, text)ajg
yst2110.0Builds a static website from templates and data in YAML or CSV files. (gpl, program, text)JohnMacFarlane
yuuko80.0A transcendental HTML parser gently wrapping the HXT library (bsd3, library, program, text)JinjingWang
zampolit50.0A tool for checking how much work is done on group projects. (bsd3, program, text)BrianSniffen
zenc110.0GHC style name Z-encoding and Z-decoding (bsd3, library, text)JasonDagit