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Allure632.0Near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad game (agpl, game, program, roguelike)MikolajKonarski
Blogdown120.0A markdown-like markup language designed for blog posts (agpl, benchmark, library, program, web)alexbecker
DigitalOcean30.0A client library for the DigitalOcean API (agpl, library, network)lclarkmichalek
acme-left-pad30.0free your haskell from the tyranny of npm! (agpl, library, text)JoeQuinn
antagonist230.0A web interface to Antisplice dungeons. (agpl, library, program, web)implementation
anticiv40.0This is an IRC bot for Mafia and Resistance. (agpl, library, network, program)implementation
antisplice230.0An engine for text-based dungeons. (agpl, game, library)implementation
blubber-server10.0The blubber server, serves blubber clients. (agpl, game, library, program)alexander
brittany440.0Haskell source code formatter (agpl, language, library)lspitzner
cabal-helper9020.0Simple interface to some of Cabal's configuration state used by ghc-mod (agpl, distribution, library, program)DanielG
chatty370.0Some monad transformers and typeclasses for abstraction of global dependencies. (agpl, library, text)implementation
chatty-text70.0Provides some classes and types for dealing with text, using the fundaments of Chatty. (agpl, library, text)implementation
chatty-utils170.0Some utilities every serious chatty-based application may need. (agpl, data, library)implementation
cielo80.0Cielo API v3 Bindings for Haskell (agpl, library, web)yamadapc
configifier120.0parser for config files, shell variables, command line args. (agpl, configuration, data, library)MatthiasFischmann
cryptsy-api (deprecated)60.0Bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency exchange API. (agpl, deprecated, library, web)
debug-me110.0secure remote debugging (agpl, program, utility)JoeyHess
diff-parse90.0A parser for diff file formats (agpl, library, parsing)mulby, vengefulpickle
fca30.0Algo for Formal Concept Analysis (agpl, data, library)Rpr
feed-translator40.0Translate syndication feeds (agpl, program, web)hongminhee
ghc-mod9382.5Happy Haskell Hacking (agpl, benchmark, development, ghc, library, program)KazuYamamoto, DanielG
github-tools140.0Various Github helper utilities. (agpl, development, program)iphydf
gloss-sodium10.0A Sodium interface to the Gloss drawing package. (agpl, graphics, library)Twey
goatee280.0A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - library. (agpl, game, library)khumba
goatee-gtk700.0A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - GTK+ UI. (agpl, game, library, program)khumba
haeredes180.0Confirm delegation of NS and MX records. (agpl, dns, program, utils)MichaelOrlitzky
hahp80.0Analytic Hierarchy Process (agpl, library, math, program)taeradan, jpierre03
hannahci40.0Simple Continuous Integration/Deployment System (agpl, development, program)Elzair
hath342.0Hath manipulates network blocks in CIDR notation. (agpl, program, utils)MichaelOrlitzky
hoppy-docs130.0C++ FFI generator - Documentation (agpl, foreign, library)khumba
hoppy-generator220.0C++ FFI generator - Code generator (agpl, foreign, library)khumba
hstox10.0A Tox protocol implementation in Haskell (agpl, library, network)iphydf
implicit310.0Math-inspired programmatic 2&3D CAD: CSG, bevels, and shells; gcode export.. (agpl, benchmark, graphics, library, program)ChristopherOlah, mmachenry, Juri_
informative160.0A yesod subsite serving a wiki. (agpl, library, program, web)implementation
instapaper-sender170.0Basic HTTP gateway to save articles to Instapaper (agpl, program, web)MichaelSmith
keysafe210.0back up a secret key securely to the cloud (agpl, program, utility)JoeyHess
khph40.0Command-line file tagging and organization tool (agpl, program, system)khumba
lp-diagrams130.0An EDSL for diagrams based based on linear constraints (agpl, graphics, library)JeanPhilippeBernardy
nicovideo-translator120.0Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) Comment Translator (agpl, library, program, translation)hongminhee
persona80.0Persona (BrowserID) library (agpl, library, web)frasertweedale
persona-idp40.0Persona (BrowserID) Identity Provider (agpl, program, web)frasertweedale
pg-harness50.0REST service and library for creating/consuming temporary PostgreSQL databases (agpl, database-testing-web, library, program)BardurArantsson
pg-harness-server40.0REST service for creating temporary PostgreSQL databases (agpl, database-testing-web, program)BardurArantsson
quenya-verb10.0Quenya verb conjugator (agpl, language, library, program)kaashif
react-tutorial-haskell-server20.0react-tutorial web server (agpl, program, web)alexander
schema90.0Encoding-independent schemas for Haskell data types. (agpl, data, library)iphydf
semdoc70.0Evaluate code snippets in Literate Haskell. (agpl, development, library, program)iphydf
singnal150.0Singnal (agpl, concurrency, library)Zaoqi
stratum-tool60.0Client for Stratum protocol (agpl, program, utils)JoelLehtonen
tempus-fugit62.0Programmers' time tracker (agpl, library, program, utils)kadoban
thentos-cookie-session50.0All-in-one session handling for servant-based frontends (agpl, authentication, library, web)MatthiasFischmann
toxcore20.0Haskell bindings to the C reference implementation of Tox (agpl, library, network)iphydf
unbreak30.0Secure and resilient remote file storage utility (agpl, library, network, program)kinoru
wai-static-cache60.0A simple cache for serving static files in a WAI middleware (agpl, library, web)HugoGomes
y0l0bot20.0#plaimi's all-encompassing bot (agpl, irc, program)alexander