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HPath180.0Extract Haskell declarations by name. (bsd3, library, program, source-tools, text)JasonDusek
djinn370.0Generate Haskell code from a type (bsd3, program, source-tools)LennartAugustsson
ftshell130.0Shell interface to the FreeTheorems library. (language, program, public-domain, source-tools)JanisVoigtlaender, JoachimBreitner, MatthiasBartsch
hscope170.0cscope like browser for Haskell code (bsd3, program, source-tools)BorisSukholitko
htags70.0A Haskell98 parsing tags program similar to ctags. (bsd3, development, program, source-tools, utils)DavidSankel
interpol70.0GHC preprocessor and library to enable variable interpolation in strings (gpl, language, library, program, source-tools)AlexandruScvortov
ixdopp80.0A preprocessor for expanding "ixdo" notation for indexed monads (bsd3, language, program, source-tools)JesseTov
preprocessor-tools1110.0A framework for extending Haskell's syntax via quick-and-dirty preprocessors (bsd3, code-generation, language, library, source-tools)JesseTov
sugarhaskell30.0Library-based syntactic extensibility for Haskell (code-generation, gpl, language, program, source-tools)SebastianErdweg