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AlgorithmW110.0Example implementation of Algorithm W for Hindley-Milner type inference. (bsd3, development, program)MartinGrabmueller
AndroidViewHierarchyImporter50.0Android view hierarchy importer (bsd3, development, program)alpheccar
AspectAG510.0Attribute Grammars in the form of an EDSL (development, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
Aurochs30.0Yet another parser generator for C/C++ (bsd3, development, program)XinyuJiang
BNFC520.0A compiler front-end generator. (development, gpl, library, program)AndreasAbel, GregoireDetrez, MarkusForsberg, ThomasHallgren
BNFC-meta1640.0Deriving Parsers and Quasi-Quoters from BNF Grammars (development, gpl, library)JeanPhilippeBernardy, JonasDuregard
BigPixel100.0Image editor for pixel art (bsd3, development, program)ManuelChakravarty
BirdPP70.0A preprocessor for Bird-style Literate Haskell comments with Haddock markup. (development, gpl, program)SeanMcLaughlin
CCA210.0preprocessor and library for Causal Commutative Arrows (CCA) (bsd3, development, library, program)PaulLiu
Coadjute (deprecated)70.0A generic build tool (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)MattiNiemenmaa
Commando40.0Watch some files; Rerun a command (development, library, mit, program)LyndonMaydwell
Contract40.0Practical typed lazy contracts. (bsd3, development, library)OlafChitil
DPM70.0Darcs Patch Manager (development, gpl, library, program)StefanWehr
DataTreeView50.0A GTK widget for displaying arbitrary Data.Data.Data instances (bsd3, debug, development, gui, library)DanielSchuessler
GuiHaskell50.0A graphical REPL and development environment for Haskell (bsd3, development, program)NeilMitchell
HListPP30.0A preprocessor for HList labelable labels (bsd3, development, program)AdamVogt
HaRe530.0the Haskell Refactorer. (bsd3, development, refactoring)AlanZimmerman, ChrisBrown
Hs2lib170.0A Library and Preprocessor that makes it easier to create shared libs from Haskell programs. (bsd3, development, library, program)TamarChristina
HsSVN350.0Partial Subversion (SVN) binding for Haskell (development, library, public-domain, system)MasatakeDaimon
ImperativeHaskell182.0A library for writing Imperative style haskell. (control, development, embedded, gpl, language, library)MatthewMirman
Lambdajudge82.0A library to easily host Haskell based programming competitions (development, library, mit)ankitku
Lastik (deprecated)230.0A library for compiling programs in a variety of languages (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)TonyMorris
LazyVault40.0A simple sandboxing tool for Haskell packages. (development, gpl, program)KevinVanRooijen
MASMGen72.0Generate MASM code from haskell (development, lgpl, library)petercommand
MetaObject180.0A meta-object system for Haskell based on Perl 6 (bsd3, development, library, pugs)AudreyTang
MissingK1120.0Useful types and definitions missing from other libraries (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
NoSlow90.0Microbenchmarks for various array libraries (bsd3, development, profiling, program)RomanLeshchinskiy
NoTrace252.0Remove all the functions come from Debug.Trace after debugging (development, library, mit)CindyLinz
OrPatterns30.0A quasiquoter for or-patterns (bsd3, development, library)AdamVogt
PartialTypeSignatures40.0emulate partial type signatures with template haskell (bsd3, development, library)AdamVogt
QuickAnnotate80.0Annotation Framework (bsd3, development, library, program)ShayanNajd
ReviewBoard100.0Haskell bindings to ReviewBoard (bsd3, development, library, program)AdamSmyczek
Rlang-QQ (deprecated in favor of inline-r)160.0quasiquoter for inline-R code (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)AdamVogt
SourceGraph350.0Static code analysis using graph-theoretic techniques. (development, gpl, program)IvanMiljenovic
SyntaxMacros (deprecated in favor of murder)80.0Syntax Macros in the form of an EDSL (deprecated, development, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
TraceUtils80.0Functions that should have been in Debug.Trace (bsd3, development, library)EyalLotem
TransformersStepByStep50.0Tutorial on monad transformers. (bsd3, development, program)MartinGrabmueller
UtilityTM100.0Utility functions that are missing from the standard library (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
accuerr70.0Data type like Either but with accumulating error type (bsd3, development, library)OmariNorman
addLicenseInfo60.0Adds license info to the top of a file. (bsd3, development, program)JoeFredette
ag-pictgen30.0Attribute Grammar picture generation (bsd3, development, program)AtzeDijkstra
air210.0air (bsd3, development, library)JinjingWang
air-extra130.0air-extra (bsd3, development, library)JinjingWang
air-spec30.0air spec helper (bsd3, development, library)JinjingWang
air-th50.0air (bsd3, development, library)JinjingWang
alex4480.0Alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell (bsd3, development, program)SimonMarlow
alex-meta190.0Quasi-quoter for Alex lexers (bsd3, development, library)JonasDuregard
alex-tools220.0A set of functions for a common use case of Alex. (development, library)IavorDiatchki, TrevorElliott
anansi370.0Simple literate programming preprocessor (development, gpl, library, program)JohnMillikin
anansi-hscolour50.0Colorized looms for Anansi (development, gpl, library)JohnMillikin
anansi-pandoc50.0Looms which use Pandoc to parse and produce a variety of formats. (development, gpl, library)JohnMillikin
anatomy40.0Anatomy: Atomo documentation system (bsd3, development, library, program)AlexSuraci
apply-refact370.0Perform refactorings specified by the refact library. (bsd3, development, library, program)mpickering
argon110.0Measure your code's complexity (development, static-analysis)rubik
arrowp50.0preprocessor translating arrow notation into Haskell 98 (development, gpl, program)RossPaterson
arrowp-qq870.0A preprocessor and quasiquoter for translating arrow notation (development, gpl, library, program)PepeIborra
assembler20.0Haskell Assembler (bsd3, development, library, program)JeffDouglas
avr-shake110.0AVR Crosspack actions for shake build systems. (development, library, public-domain)JamesCook
azurify130.0A simple library for accessing Azure blob storage (bsd3, development, library)ArnoVanLumig, GregWeber, SeanLeather
b9832.0A tool and library for building virtual machine images. (development, library, mit, program)SvenHeyll
bake160.0Continuous integration system (bsd3, development, library, program)NeilMitchell
base-feature-macros80.0Semantic CPP feature macros for base (bsd3, development, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
base-noprelude242.0"base" package sans "Prelude" module (bsd3, development, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
basic-lens260.0Basic lens type and functions (bsd3, development, library)ChrisDone
bf-cata50.0 (development, lgpl, library)ArieMiddelkoop
bindings-bfd120.0Bindings for libbfd, a library of the GNU `binutils' (development, ffi, lgpl, library)MichaelNelson
bliplib50.0Support code for Blip. (bsd3, development, library)BerniePope
borel20.0Metering System for OpenStack metrics provided by Vaultaire. (bsd3, development, library)fractalcat
botpp50.0Build tool for Lambdabot (development, gpl, library, program, web)GwernBranwen
bson-lens60.0BSON lenses (development, library, mit)WilliamCasarin
bug200.0Better alternatives to the "error" function (development, error-handling, library, mit)HerbertValerioRiedel, NikitaVolkov
buildbox510.0Rehackable components for writing buildbots and test harnesses. (bsd3, development, library, testing)BenLippmeier
buildbox-tools150.0Tools for working with buildbox benchmark result files. (bsd3, development, program, testing)BenLippmeier
buildwrapper620.0A library and an executable that provide an easy API for a Haskell IDE (bsd3, development, library, program)JeanPhilippeMoresmau
bumper160.0Automatically bump package versions, also transitively. (bsd3, development, program)AdamBergmark, BramSchuur, ErikHesselink
c2hs2190.0C->Haskell FFI tool that gives some cross-language type safety (development, gpl, program)DuncanCoutts, IanRoss, deech
c2hs-extra40.0Convenient marshallers for complicate C types. (development, foreign, library, mit)sighingnow
c2hsc160.0Convert C API header files to .hsc and .hsc.helper.c files (bsd3, development, program)JohnWiegley
cabal (deprecated in favor of Cabal)60.0placeholder for Cabal package, you want the upper case Cabal (bsd2, deprecated, development, library)CarterSchonwald, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel
cabal-bounds630.0A command line program for managing the bounds/versions of the dependencies in a cabal file. (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)DanielTrstenjak
cabal-cargs470.0A command line program for extracting compiler arguments from a cabal file. (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)DanielTrstenjak
cabal-constraints10.0Repeatable builds for cabalized Haskell projects. (development, distribution, mit, program)BenArmston
cabal-dev (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)350.0Manage sandboxed Haskell build environments (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)JonathanDaugherty, JoshHoyt, RoganCreswick
cabal-file-th100.0Template Haskell expressions for reading fields from a project's cabal file. (bsd3, development, library)NickPartridge, SimonMichael
cabal-ghc-dynflags20.0Conveniently configure GHC's dynamic flags for use with Cabal projects (bsd3, development, library)BenGamari
cabal-ghci (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)90.0Set up ghci with options taken from a .cabal file (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)EtienneLaurin
cabal-graphdeps60.0Generate graphs of install-time Cabal dependencies (development, mit, program)JohnMillikin
cabal-info40.0Read information from cabal files (development, library, mit, program)barrucadu
cabal-lenses180.0Lenses and traversals for the Cabal library. (bsd3, development, library, utils)DanielTrstenjak
cabal-meta190.0build multiple packages at once (bsd3, development, library, program)GregWeber
cabal-mon40.0A monitor for cabal builds (development, mit, program)IavorDiatchki
cabal-plan110.0Library and utiltity for processing cabal's plan.json file (development, gpl, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
cabal-scripts40.0Shell scripts for support of Cabal maintenance (bsd3, development, library)HenningThielemann
cabal-sign90.0Sign and verify Cabal packages. (bsd3, development, program)ChrisDone
cabal2ghci50.0A tool to generate .ghci file from .cabal (bsd3, development, program)HiromiIshii
cabalQuery40.0A simple tool to query cabal files. (bsd3, development, library, program)RoganCreswick
cached-io70.0A simple library to cache a single IO action with timeout (apache, development, library, program)pjrt, taphu, potomak, glasserc, mhova
cairo-appbase70.0A template for building new GUI applications using GTK and Cairo. (bsd3, development, program)ConradParker
cake130.0A build-system library and driver (development, gpl, library, program)JeanPhilippeBernardy
cake3120.0Third cake the Makefile EDSL (bsd3, development, library, program)SergeyMironov
canteven-listen-http180.0data types to describe HTTP services (apache, development, library)pjrt, taphu, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-log100.0A canteven way of setting up logging for your program. (apache, development, library)pjrt, taphu, potomak, glasserc, mhova
castle40.0A tool to manage shared cabal-install sandboxes. (apache, development, program)EricRochester
catamorphism70.0A package exposing a helper function for generating catamorphisms. (bsd3, development, library)frerich
ceilometer-common30.0Common Haskell types and encoding for OpenStack Ceilometer (bsd3, development, library)fractalcat
cerberus (deprecated)20.0Protect and control API access with cerberus (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)yogsototh
cgen100.0generates Haskell bindings and C wrappers for C++ libraries (bsd3, development, library, program)AnttiSalonen
change-monger30.0Parse VCS changelogs into ChangeLogs (bsd3, development, library, program, text)GwernBranwen
checkmate730.0Generate checklists relevant to a given patch (development, gpl, library, program)
clone-all40.0Clone all github repositories from a given user (development, mit, program)NoonSilk
codex540.0A ctags file generator for cabal project dependencies. (apache, development, library, program)bitemyapp, aloiscochard
colorize-haskell70.0Highligt Haskell source (bsd3, development, library, program)IavorDiatchki
compiler-warnings50.0Parser for common compiler warning formats (bsd2, development, library)DmitryIvanov
cookbook320.0Tiered general-purpose libraries with domain-specific applications. (bsd3, development, library)NatePisarski
coordinate300.0A representation of latitude and longitude (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
court40.0Simple and flexible CI system (bsd3, development, program)thoferon
cpphs14360.0A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor. (development, lgpl, library, program)MalcolmWallace
criterion3332.25Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis (benchmarking, bsd3, development, library, performance, program, testing)BryanOSullivan, RyanNewton, ryanglscott
criterion-to-html60.0Convert criterion output to HTML reports (bsd3, development, program)JasperVanDerJeugt
crunghc40.0A runghc replacement with transparent caching (development, program, public-domain)AkioTakano
csv-nptools60.0A collection of CSV tools (development, gpl, program, text, utils)NicolasPouillard
darcs1100.0a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system (development, gpl, library)EricKow, FlorentBecker, GaneshSittampalam, GuillaumeHoffmann, JasonDagit, PetrRockai, ReinierLamers
darcs-beta380.0a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system (development, gpl)FlorentBecker, GaneshSittampalam, GuillaumeHoffmann, PetrRockai, ReinierLamers
darcs-cabalized (deprecated in favor of darcs)80.0David's Advanced Version Control System (deprecated, development, gpl, program)GwernBranwen
darcs-fastconvert90.0Import/export git fast-import streams to/from darcs. (bsd3, development, program)PetrRockai
darcs-scripts30.0Shell scripts for support of darcs workflow (bsd3, development, library)HenningThielemann
darcs2dot (deprecated in favor of darcs)20.0Outputs dependencies of darcs patches in dot format. (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)SoenkeHahn
darcsden100.0Darcs repository UI and hosting/collaboration app ( branch). (development, distribution, gpl, program, web)AlexSuraci, SimonMichael
data-structure-inferrer20.0Program that infers the fastest data structure available for your program (development, mit, program)AleksanderBalicki
data-util70.0utilities for handle data (bsd3, data, development, library, utils)KatsutoshiItoh
dbus-th-introspection10.0Generate bindings for DBus calls by using DBus introspection and dbus-th (bsd3, development, library, program)IlyaPortnov
dead-code-detection140.0detect dead code in haskell projects (bsd3, development, program)SoenkeHahn
delimiter-separated30.0Library for dealing with tab and/or comma (or other) separated files (bsd3, development, library)AtzeDijkstra
derive1332.0A program and library to derive instances for data types (bsd3, development, library, program)AustinSeipp, NeilMitchell, StefanORear
derive-gadt40.0Instance deriving for (a subset of) GADTs. (bsd3, development, language, library, program)MattMorrow
derive-topdown30.0This library will help you generate Haskell empty Generic instances and deriving type instances from the top automatically to the bottom for composited data types. (development, library, mit)songzh
dhall-check80.0Check all dhall files in a project (bsd3, development, program)anfelor
dib70.0A simple, forward build system. (development, library, mit, program)blajzer
dictionary-sharing30.0Sharing/memoization of class members (bsd3, development, library)JonasDuregard
diet20.0Discrete Interval Encoding Tree (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
difftodo50.0Generate todo lists from source code (apache, development, library, program)jml
disassembler100.0Disassembler for X86 & AMD64 machine code (bsd3, development, disassembler, library)DirkKleeblatt, MartinGrabmueller
dockercook110.0A build tool for multiple docker image layers (development, library, mit, program)AlexanderThiemann
docvim150.0Documentation generator for Vim plug-ins (development, library, mit, program)wincent
dump142.0Dumps the names and values of expressions to ease debugging. (development, library, mit, quasiquotes)Wizek
dump-core170.0A plug-in for rendering GHC core (development, library)IavorDiatchki
dwarfadt80.0High-level wrapper around the dwarf library (bsd3, development, library, program)EyalLotem
dyre500.0Dynamic reconfiguration in Haskell (bsd3, configuration, development, library)WillDonnelly
edentv60.0A Tool to Visualize Parallel Functional Program Executions (development, eden, gpl, profiling, program, trace)MischaDieterle, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
elm-init212.0Set up basic structure for an elm project (development, mit, program)justus
erd110.0An entity-relationship diagram generator from a plain text description. (database, development, program, public-domain)burntsushi
error-analyze20.0Parse ghc and cabal error messages and give their causes for easier resolution (bsd3, development, ghc, library)JeanPhilippeMoresmau
error-location (deprecated in favor of file-location)220.0error functions that show file location information (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)GregWeber
error-message80.0Composable error messages. (bsd3, development, error-handling, library)GregoryCrosswhite
extra15932.0Extra functions I use. (bsd3, development, library)NeilMitchell
extract-dependencies60.0Given a hackage package outputs the list of its dependencies. (development, library, mit, program)yamadapc
extractelf10.0Extract an ELF's metadata and sections into files (bsd3, development, program)EyalLotem
fail21242.0Forward-compatible MonadFail class (bsd3, development, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
fast-tags270.0Fast incremental vi and emacs tags. (bsd3, development, haskell, library, program)EvanLaforge
fathead-util20.0Utilities for working with DuckDuckHack's FatHead Instant Answers (development, gpl, library)GuiltyDolphin
fay1030.0A compiler for Fay, a Haskell subset that compiles to JavaScript. (bsd3, development, fay, library, program, web)AdamBergmark, ChrisDone
fay-base340.0The base package for Fay. (bsd3, development, fay, library)AdamBergmark, ChrisDone
file-location370.0common functions that show file location information (bsd3, development, library)GregWeber
file-modules110.0Takes a Haskell source-code file and outputs its modules. (development, library, mit, program)yamadapc
filepath-io-access10.0IO Access for filepath (development, gpl, library)bheklilr
firstify30.0Defunctionalisation for Yhc Core (bsd3, development, library, program)NeilMitchell
flamingra60.0FlameGraphs of profiling (bsd3, development, library, program)AntonNikishaev
flexible-unlit30.0A configurable reimplementation of unlit (bsd3, development, library, program)StijnVanDrongelen
flo40.0Generate flow charts from your code base. (bsd3, development, library, program)ChrisDone
foreign-store132.0Store a stable pointer in a foreign context to be retrieved later. (bsd3, development, library)ChrisDone, esz
fpco-api210.0Simple interface to the FP Complete IDE API. (bsd3, development, library)ChrisDone, MichaelSnoyman
fresco-binding440.0Fresco binding for Haskell (development, ffi, interfaces, library)PeterAlthainz
fugue30.0A recapitulated prelude with minimal dependencies and profligate exports. (bsd3, development, library)AlecHeller
geodetic110.0Geodetic calculations (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
ghc72.0The GHC API (bsd3, development, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
ghc-core430.0Display GHC's core and assembly output in a pager (bsd3, development, program)DonaldStewart, ShachafBenKiki
ghc-core-html60.0Core to HTML display (bsd3, development, program)VincentHanquez
ghc-datasize70.0Determine the size of data structures in GHC's memory (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library)DennisFelsing
ghc-dump-tree50.0Dump GHC's parsed, renamed, and type checked ASTs (bsd3, development, library, program)EdskoDeVries
ghc-events420.0Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)DuncanCoutts, MikolajKonarski, MitsutoshiAoe, SimonMarlow
ghc-events-analyze92.0Analyze and visualize event logs (bsd3, development, profiling, program, trace)EdskoDeVries
ghc-events-parallel60.0Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from parallel GHC (bsd3, debug, development, eden, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)MischaDieterle, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
ghc-exactprint582.5ExactPrint for GHC (bsd3, development)AlanZimmerman, mpickering
ghc-gc-tune90.0Graph performance of Haskell programs with different GC flags (bsd3, development, program)DonaldStewart
ghc-generic-instances20.0Derived instances of GHC.Generic of the GHC AST (development, library, public-domain)AlanZimmerman
ghc-imported-from250.0Find the Haddock documentation for a symbol. (bsd3, development, library, program)CarloHamalainen
ghc-make70.0Accelerated version of ghc --make (bsd3, development, program)NeilMitchell
ghc-man-completion30.0Generate a bash completion from the GHC manpage (bsd3, development, ghc, program, system, tools)JoeQuinn
ghc-mod3732.5Happy Haskell Hacking (agpl, benchmark, development, ghc, library, program)KazuYamamoto, DanielG
ghc-mtl260.0An mtl compatible version of the Ghc-Api monads and monad-transformers. (bsd3, development, library)DanielGorin
ghc-parmake120.0A parallel wrapper for 'ghc --make'. (bsd3, development, library, program)MikhailGlushenkov
ghc-paths6860.0Knowledge of GHC's installation directories (bsd3, development, library)SimonMarlow
ghc-pkg-autofix120.0Simple utility to fix BROKEN package dependencies for cabal-install. (bsd3, development, program)HiromiIshii
ghc-pkg-lib260.0Provide library support for ghc-pkg information (bsd3, development, library)JeanPhilippeMoresmau
ghc-prof310.0Library for parsing GHC time and allocation profiling reports (bsd3, development, library)MitsutoshiAoe
ghc-simple150.0Simplified interface to the GHC API. (development, library, mit)AntonEkblad
ghc-syb160.0Data and Typeable instances for the GHC API. (bsd3, development, library)ThomasSchilling, DanielG
ghc-syb-utils3581.5Scrap Your Boilerplate utilities for the GHC API. (bsd3, development, library)ThomasSchilling, DanielG
ghc-time-alloc-prof (deprecated in favor of ghc-prof)60.0Library for parsing GHC time and allocation profiling reports (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)MitsutoshiAoe
ghc-usage40.0Print minimal export lists (bsd3, development, library, program)EdwardYang
ghc-vis352.0Live visualization of data structures in GHCi (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library)DennisFelsing
ghci-history-parser40.0parse output of ghci ":history" command (debug, development, ghc, library, public-domain)phlummox
ghci-ng90.0Next generation GHCi (bsd3, development, program)ChrisDone, HerbertValerioRiedel
ghci-pretty190.0colored pretty-printing within ghci (development, library, mit)larsk
ghcid482.5GHCi based bare bones IDE (bsd3, development, library, program)NeilMitchell
ghczdecode50.0Decode Z-encoded strings from GHC (bsd3, development, program)EyalLotem
ght70.0Trivial routines for inspecting git repositories (development, gpl, library, program)ConradParker
giak40.0Fuzzy finder for cabal executables (development, mit, program)nmattia
gipeda250.0Git Performance Dashboard (development, mit, program)JoachimBreitner
git62.0Git operations in haskell (bsd3, development, library)VincentHanquez
git-all80.0Determine which Git repositories need actions to be taken (bsd3, development, program)JohnWiegley
git-checklist20.0Maintain per-branch checklists in Git (desktop, development, gpl, program)dougalstanton
git-fmt270.0Custom git command for formatting code. (bsd3, development, program)hjwylde
git-gpush100.0More intelligent push-to-GitHub utility. (bsd3, development, program)JohnWiegley
git-jump60.0Move a git branch (bsd3, development, program)EyalLotem
git-mediate110.0Remove trivial conflict markers in a git repository (development, gpl, program)EyalLotem
git-monitor240.0Passively snapshots working tree changes efficiently. (bsd3, development, program)JohnWiegley
git-sanity40.0A sanity checker for your git history. (apache, development, library, program)aloiscochard
git-vogue500.0A framework for pre-commit checks. (bsd3, development, library, program)ChristianMarie, oswynb
gitHUD150.0More efficient replacement to the great git-radar (bsd3, development, library, program)gbataille
github-tools70.0Various Github helper utilities. (agpl, development, program)iphydf
gitignore60.0Apply GitHub .gitignore templates to already existing repositories. (bsd3, development, program)RickyElrod
gitrev7262.25Compile git revision info into Haskell projects (bsd3, development, library)AdamFoltzer
graph-visit50.0Graph walk abstraction (bsd3, development, library)AtzeDijkstra
graphmod332.0Present the module dependencies of a program as a "dot" graph. (bsd3, development, program)IavorDiatchki
grasp20.0GRASP implementation for the AMMM project. (bsd3, development, library, program)janmasrovira
greencard-lib30.0A foreign function interface pre-processor library for Haskell (bsd3, development, library)GwernBranwen
grm30.0grm grammar converter (bsd3, development, library, program)BrettLetner
gtk2hs-buildtools2560.0Tools to build the Gtk2Hs suite of User Interface libraries. (development, gpl, library, program)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
guess-combinator20.0Generate simple combinators given their type (bsd3, development, library)EtienneLaurin
hCM40.0Conceptual modelling support for Haskell (data-structures, development, library, mit, model, program)MarekSuchanek
hackage-proxy (deprecated)70.0Provide a proxy for Hackage which modifies responses in some way. (deprecated) (deprecated, development, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman
hackmanager30.0Generate useful files for Haskell projects (bsd3, development, library, program)AlexanderThiemann
haddock-leksah (deprecated in favor of haddock)50.0A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)JuergenNicklischFranken
hake420.0make tool. ruby : rake = haskell : hake (development, gpl, library, program)YoshikuniJujo
halberd150.0A tool to generate missing import statements for Haskell modules. (bsd3, development, library, program)ErikHesselink
halive200.0A live recompiler (bsd2, development, library, program)lukexi
haltavista50.0looks for functions given a set of example input/outputs (development, gpl, program)PaulBrauner
hannahci30.0Simple Continuous Integration/Deployment System (agpl, development, program)Elzair
happraise30.0A small program for counting the comments in haskell source (bsd3, development, program)AllanClark
happy10540.0Happy is a parser generator for Haskell (bsd2, development, program)IavorDiatchki, SimonMarlow
happy-meta190.0Quasi-quoter for Happy parsers (bsd3, development, library)JonasDuregard
happybara10.0Acceptance test framework for web applications (development, library, mit)cstrahan
happybara-webkit10.0WebKit Happybara driver (development, library, mit)cstrahan
happybara-webkit-server10.0WebKit Server binary for Happybara (taken from capybara-webkit) (development, library, mit)cstrahan
harmony62.0A web service specification compiler that generates implementation and tests. (development, gpl, library, program)SantiMunin
haskdogs470.0Generate tags file for Haskell project and its nearest deps (bsd3, development, program)SergeyMironov
haskell-docs260.0A program to find and display the docs and type of a name (bsd3, development, library, program)AnthonyCowley, ChrisDone, IvanMiljenovic
haskell-formatter40.0Haskell source code formatter (development, gpl, library, program)evolutics
haskell-gi1000.0Generate Haskell bindings for GObject Introspection capable libraries (development, lgpl, library, program)inaki
haskell-gi-base1130.0Foundation for libraries generated by haskell-gi (development, lgpl, library)inaki
haskell-import-graph180.0create haskell import graph for graphviz (development, library, mit, program)ncaq
haskell-lsp50.0Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol (development, library, mit, program)AlanZimmerman, wz1000
haskell-src-exts-simple140.0A simplified view on the haskell-src-exts AST (development, library, mit)BertramFelgenhauer
haskell-token-utils60.0Utilities to tie up tokens to an AST (development, library, public-domain)AlanZimmerman
haskellscript80.0Command line tool for running Haskell scripts with a hashbang. (bsd3, development, program)seanparsons
hasktags640.0Produces ctags "tags" and etags "TAGS" files for Haskell programs (bsd3, development, library, program)IanLynagh, MarcWeber, jhenahan
hat190.0The Haskell tracer, generating and viewing Haskell execution traces (development, library, program)OlafChitil
hayoo-cli70.0Hayoo CLI (development, mit, program)Gonzih
hbb50.0Haskell Busy Bee, a backend for text editors. (development, lgpl, program)wolfch
hdevtools522.5Persistent GHC powered background server for FAST haskell development tools (development, mit, program)BitConnor, SchellScivally, ranjitjhala, ch1bo
hdirect30.0An IDL compiler for Haskell (bsd3, development, library, program)DonaldStewart
hdocs820.0Haskell docs tool (bsd3, development, library, program)AlexandrRuchkin
headergen50.0Creates a header for a haskell source file. (development, mit, program)bash0r
hein60.0An extensible build helper for haskell, in the vein of leiningen. (apache, development, program)khanage
help-esb70.0A Haskell client for the team's ESB. (development, library, mit)suitupalex
hesh90.0the Haskell Extensible Shell: Haskell for Bash-style scripts (development, library, mit, program)ChrisForno
hfd20.0Flash debugger (bsd3, development, program)YurasShumovich
hgdbmi40.0GDB Machine Interface: program-driven control of GDB (bsd3, development, library)AlexanderBernauer, EvanMartin
hgrev222.0Compile Mercurial (hg) version info into Haskell code (development, library, mit)LukeHoersten
highWaterMark (deprecated)50.0Memory usage statistics (deprecated, development, gpl, program)GwernBranwen
hindent1090.0Extensible Haskell pretty printer (benchmark, bsd3, development, library, program)ChrisDone, gibiansky, sighingnow
hit270.0Git operations in haskell (bsd3, development, library)VincentHanquez
hit-graph30.0Use graph algorithms to access and manipulate Git repos (development, git, graphs, library, public-domain)akrasner
hlint6482.5Source code suggestions (bsd3, development, library, program)NeilMitchell
hmk240.0A make alternative based on Plan9's mk. (control, development, distribution, gpl, library, program)MathieuBoespflug
hmumps50.0Interpreter for the MUMPS langugae (development, gpl, program)AntoineLatter
holy-project92.0Start your Haskell project with cabal, git and tests. (development, library, mit, program)yogsototh
homoiconic60.0Constructs FAlgebras from typeclasses, making Haskell functions homoiconic (bsd3, development, library)MikeIzbicki
hoobuddy30.0Simple tool for fetching and merging hoogle data (development, mit, program)gilligan
hoogle1950.0Haskell API Search (bsd3, development, library, program)NeilMitchell
hothasktags250.0Generates ctags for Haskell, incorporating import lists and qualified imports (bsd3, development, program)JohnLato, LukePalmer
houseman30.0A Haskell implementation of Foreman (development, library, mit, program)DaisukeFujimura
hp2any-core90.0Heap profiling helper library (bsd3, development, library, profiling, utils)GergelyPatai
hp2any-graph110.0Real-time heap graphing utility and profile stream server with a reusable graphing module. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)GergelyPatai
hp2any-manager130.0A utility to visualise and compare heap profiles. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, utils)GergelyPatai
hp2pretty310.0generate pretty graphs from heap profiles (bsd3, development, program)ClaudeHeilandAllen
hpack1042.0An alternative format for Haskell packages (development, library, mit, program)SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, TomasJanousek
hpack-convert170.0Convert Cabal manifests into hpack's package.yamls (development, library, mit, program)yamadapc
hpaco140.0Modular template compiler (bsd3, development, program)TobiasDammers
hpaco-lib180.0Modular template compiler library (bsd3, development, library)TobiasDammers
hpage1090.0A scrapbook for Haskell developers (bsd3, development, editor, ide, program)FernandoBenavides
hpp160.0A Haskell pre-processor (bsd3, development, library, program)AnthonyCowley
hs-di60.0Dependency Injection library for Haskell (bsd3, control, dependency-injection, development, library, program, template-haskell, testing)Wizek
hs-pkg-config50.0Create pkg-config configuration files (bsd3, data, development, library)PeterTrsko
hsb2hs200.0Preprocesses a file, adding blobs from files as string literals. (bsd3, development, program)JohnMacFarlane
hsbencher290.0Launch and gather data from Haskell and non-Haskell benchmarks. (bsd3, development, library)JoelSvensson, RyanNewton
hsc2hs1070.0A preprocessor that helps with writing Haskell bindings to C code (bsd3, development, program)BenGamari, HerbertValerioRiedel
hscaffold100.0Very simple file/directory structure scaffolding writer monad EDSL (development, library, mit, program)yamadapc
hscurses-fish-ex60.0hscurses swimming fish example (bsd3, console, development, education, help, program, user-interfaces)DinoMorelli
hsdev1260.0Haskell development library (bsd3, development, library, program)AlexandrRuchkin
hsenv30.0Virtual Haskell Environment builder (bsd3, development, program)TaylorHedberg
hsfcsh20.0Incremental builder for flash (bsd3, development, program)YurasShumovich
hsfilt20.0Z-decoder. (development, mit, program)OmerAgacan
hsimport510.0A command line program for extending the import list of a Haskell source file. (bsd3, development, library, program, utils)DanielTrstenjak
hslinks50.0Resolves links to Haskell identifiers. (bsd3, development, program)HansHoglund
hspec-setup100.0Add an hspec test-suite in one command (development, library, mit, program)yamadapc
hssourceinfo20.0get haskell source code info (bsd3, development, program)YoshikuniJujo
hstyle60.0Checks Haskell source code for style compliance. (bsd3, development, program)DougBeardsley, JasperVanDerJeugt
hsubconvert20.0One-time, faithful conversion of Subversion repositories to Git (bsd3, development, program)JohnWiegley
htags50.0A Haskell98 parsing tags program similar to ctags. (bsd3, development, program, source-tools, utils)DavidSankel
hub80.0For multiplexing GHC installations and providing development sandboxes (bsd3, development, distribution, program)ChrisDornan
hugs2yc40.0Hugs Front-end to Yhc Core. (bsd3, development, library)DmitryGolubovsky
ide-backend190.0An IDE backend library (development, library, mit, program)MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
ide-backend-common120.0Shared library used be ide-backend and ide-backend-server (development, library, mit)MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
ide-backend-rts (deprecated in favor of ide-backend-server)40.0RTS for the IDE backend (deprecated, development, library, mit)MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
ide-backend-server40.0An IDE backend server (development, mit, program)MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
idringen90.0A project manage tool for Idris. (bsd3, development, library, program)zjhsdtc
ihaskell532.0A Haskell backend kernel for the IPython project. (development, library, mit, program)gibiansky
ihaskell-aeson30.0IHaskell display instances for Aeson (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-basic30.0IHaskell display instances for basic types (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-blaze30.0IHaskell display instances for blaze-html types (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-charts60.0IHaskell display instances for charts types (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-diagrams60.0IHaskell display instances for diagram types (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-display20.0IHaskell display instances for basic types (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-hatex20.0IHaskell display instances for hatex (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-inline-r20.0Embed R quasiquotes and plots in IHaskell notebooks. (bsd3, development, library)MathieuBoespflug
ihaskell-juicypixels30.0IHaskell - IHaskellDisplay instances of the image types of the JuicyPixels package. (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-magic40.0IHaskell display instances for bytestrings (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-parsec50.0IHaskell display instances for Parsec (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-plot20.0IHaskell display instance for Plot (from plot package) (development, library, mit)gibiansky
ihaskell-rlangqq50.0a rDisp quasiquote to show plots from Rlang-QQ in IHaskell (bsd3, development, library)gibiansky
imports72.0Generate code for importing directories automatically (development, library, mit)CindyLinz
include-file80.0Inclusion of files in executables at compile-time. (benchmark, bsd3, development, library)DanielDiaz
infer-upstream20.0Find the repository from where a given repo was forked (development, mit, program)NoonSilk
interlude70.0Replaces some Prelude functions for enhanced error reporting (development, gpl, library)GwernBranwen, KetilMalde
intero800.0Complete interactive development program for Haskell (bsd3, development, program)AnthonyCowley, ChrisDone
ip2location30.0IP2Location Haskell package for IP geolocation. (development, lgpl, library)ip2location
ipatch30.0interactive patch editor (development, gpl, program)JoachimBreitner
ipython-kernel280.0A library for creating kernels for IPython frontends (development, library, mit)gibiansky
iridium100.0Automated Local Cabal Package Testing and Uploading (bsd3, development, library, program)lspitzner
itanium-abi30.0An implementation of name mangling/demangling for the Itanium ABI (bsd3, development, library)TristanRavitch
ja-base-extra30.0Extra functions I require in base (bsd3, development, library)justus
jarfind110.0Tool for searching java classes, members and fields in classfiles and JAR archives (development, gpl, language, library, program, utils)EugeneKirpichov
java-character70.0Functions to simulate Java's Character class. (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
javasf10.0A utility to print the SourceFile attribute of one or more Java class files. (bsd3, development, program)TonyMorris
javav30.0A utility to print the target version of Java class files. (bsd3, development, program)TonyMorris
jbi140.0Just Build It - a "do what I mean" abstraction for Haskell build tools (development, library, mit, program)IvanMiljenovic
jenga50.0Generate a cabal freeze file from a stack.yaml (bsd2, development, library, program)ErikDeCastroLopo
jupyter40.0A library for creating and using Jupyter kernels. (development, library, mit, program)gibiansky
kansas-lava-shake70.0Shake rules for building Kansas Lava projects (bsd3, development, library)GergoErdi
kdesrc-build-extra40.0Build profiles for kdesrc-build (development, gpl, program)ivan
keera-hails-i18n20.0Rapid Gtk Application Development - I18N (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-controller1120.0Haskell on Gtk rails - Gtk-based controller for MVC applications (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-environment-gtk1080.0Haskell on Gtk rails - Gtk-based global environment for MVC applications (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-model-lightmodel20.0Rapid Gtk Application Development - Reactive Protected Light Models (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-model-protectedmodel1090.0Rapid Gtk Application Development - Protected Reactive Models (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-solutions-config20.0Haskell on Gtk rails - Easy handling of configuration files (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-solutions-gtk1100.0Haskell on Gtk rails - Common solutions to recurrent problems in Gtk applications (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-view1120.0Haskell on Gtk rails - Generic View for MVC applications (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-mvc-view-gtk1050.0Haskell on Gtk rails - Gtk-based View for MVC applications (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactive-fs30.0Haskell on Rails - Files as Reactive Values (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactive-gtk1100.0Haskell on Gtk rails - Reactive Fields for Gtk widgets (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactive-network20.0Haskell on Rails - Sockets as Reactive Values (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactive-polling970.0Haskell on Rails - Polling based Readable RVs (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactive-wx20.0Haskell on Rails - Reactive Fields for WX widgets (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactive-yampa30.0Haskell on Rails - FRP Yampa Signal Functions as RVs (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactivelenses40.0Reactive Haskell on Rails - Lenses applied to Reactive Values (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keera-hails-reactivevalues1211.5Haskell on Rails - Reactive Values (bsd3, development, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
keiretsu20.0Multi-process orchestration for development and integration testing (development, program, testing)BrendanHay
kit610.0A dependency manager for Xcode (Objective-C) projects (bsd3, development, program)NickPartridge
labels310.0Anonymous records via named tuples (bsd3, development, library)ChrisDone
lambdabot380.0Lambdabot is a development tool and advanced IRC bot (development, gpl, program, web)BertramFelgenhauer, DmitryMalikov, GwernBranwen, IsaacJones, JamesCook
lambdabot-core160.0Lambdabot core functionality (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-haskell-plugins180.0Lambdabot Haskell plugins (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-irc-plugins150.0IRC plugins for lambdabot. (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-misc-plugins110.0Lambdabot miscellaneous plugins (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-novelty-plugins190.0Novelty plugins for Lambdabot (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-reference-plugins190.0Lambdabot reference plugins. (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-social-plugins130.0Social plugins for Lambdabot (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-trusted160.0Lambdabot trusted code. (development, gpl, library, web)BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook
lambdabot-utils (deprecated in favor of lambdabot)70.0Utility libraries for the advanced IRC bot, Lambdabot (deprecated, development, gpl, library, web)GwernBranwen, JanStolarek
lambdiff10.0Diff Viewer (bsd3, development, program)JamieTurner
language-dockerfile170.0Dockerfile linter, parser, pretty-printer and embedded DSL (development, gpl, library)yamadapc
leksah1150.0Haskell IDE written in Haskell (development, editor, gpl, ide, library, program)HamishMackenzie, JuergenNicklischFranken
lentil632.0frugal issue tracker (development, gpl, program)fffaaa, lwm
lhs2TeX-hl260.0Literate highlighter preprocessor for lhs2tex (development, language, mit, program)AlessandroVermeulen
lhs2html90.0Compile lhs in bird style to md, html, hs. (development, program, public-domain)JulianFleischer
lhs2tex840.0Preprocessor for typesetting Haskell sources with LaTeX (development, gpl, language, program)AndresLoeh
libgit80.0Simple Git Wrapper (bsd3, development, library)VincentHanquez
libhbb100.0Backend for text editors to provide better Haskell editing support. (development, lgpl, library, program)wolfch
linearscan240.0Linear scan register allocator, formally verified in Coq (bsd3, development, library)JohnWiegley
linearscan-hoopl200.0Makes it easy to use the linearscan register allocator with Hoopl (bsd3, development, library)JohnWiegley
linux-perf10.0Read files generated by perf on Linux (bsd3, debug, development, ghc, library, profiling, program, trace)MikolajKonarski
liquidhaskell-cabal30.0Liquid Haskell integration for Cabal and stack (bsd3, development, library)MichaelSmith
liquidhaskell-cabal-demo10.0Demo of Liquid Haskell integration for Cabal and stack (bsd3, development, library, program)MichaelSmith
lit100.0A simple tool for literate programming (development, gpl, program)cdosborn
llvm-analysis30.0A Haskell library for analyzing LLVM bitcode (bsd3, development, library)TristanRavitch
llvm-tools60.0Useful tools built on llvm-analysis (bsd3, development, library, program)TristanRavitch
located-base140.0Location-aware variants of partial functions (benchmark, bsd3, development, library)EricSeidel
loch40.0Support for precise error locations in source files (bsd3, development, library, program)DonaldStewart
loch-th420.0Support for precise error locations in source files (Template Haskell version) (bsd3, development, library)TomasJanousek
logict-state60.0Library for logic programming based on haskell package logict (bsd3, development, library)AtzeDijkstra
lushtags30.0Create ctags compatible tags files for Haskell programs (development, mit, program)BitConnor
macosx-make-standalone20.0Make a macosx app standalone deployable (bsd3, development, program)AtzeDijkstra
make-package50.0Make a cabalized package (bsd3, development, program, utils)PhilippBalzarek
makedo20.0Helper for writing redo scripts in Haskell (bsd3, development, library)EricKow
markdown-unlit190.0Literate Haskell support for Markdown (development, library, mit, program)SimonHengel
marmalade-upload100.0Upload packages to Marmalade (development, library, mit, program)lunaryorn
marvin390.0A framework for modular, portable chat bots. (bsd3, development, library, program)justus
maybench180.0Automated benchmarking tool (bsd3, development, library, program)EricKow
microbench40.0Microbenchmark Haskell code (bsd3, development, library)EvanMartin
module-management260.0Clean up module imports, split and merge modules (bsd3, development, editor, haskell, ide, library, program, refactoring)DavidFox
monad-log50.0A simple and fast logging monad (development, library, mit)winterland
monadtransform30.0A type-class for transforming monads (homomorphism) in a transformer (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
mps (deprecated in favor of air)560.0simply oo (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)JinjingWang
mueval700.0Safely evaluate pure Haskell expressions (bsd3, development, language, library, program)ChrisDone, GwernBranwen
multi-cabal10.0A tool supporting multi cabal project builds. (development, library, mit, program)bash0r
murder80.0MUtually Recursive Definitions Explicitly Represented (development, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
mustache880.0A mustache template parser library. (bsd3, development, library, program)justus
names-th110.0Manipulate name strings for TH (bsd3, development, library)KeiHibino
neil140.0General tools for Neil (bsd3, development, program)NeilMitchell
nm20.0Network Manager, binding to libnm-glib. (bsd3, development, library, program)ChrisDone
nofib-analyse50.0Parse and compare nofib runs (bsd3, development, program)JoachimBreitner
nofib-analyze (deprecated in favor of nofib-analyse)10.0Parse and compare nofib runs (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)JoachimBreitner
normalize-imports30.0Sort and align Haskell import statements (bsd3, development, program)qoelet
nptools190.0A collection of random tools (bsd3, development, program, system, text, utils)NicolasPouillard
nsis160.0DSL for producing Windows Installer using NSIS. (bsd3, development, library)NeilMitchell
nyan50.0Bored? Nyan cat! (bsd3, development, program)ChrisDone
old-version80.0Basic versioning library. (development, library)chrisdotcode
omnifmt70.0A pretty-printer wrapper to faciliate ease of formatting during development. (bsd3, development, library, program)hjwylde
open-haddock20.0Open haddock HTML documentation (development, gpl, program)jml
optional20.0Using type-classes for optional function arguments (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
optparse-text100.0Data.Text helpers for optparse-applicative (bsd3, development, library)passy
organize-imports60.0Organize scala imports (development, gpl, program)lcycon
package-o-tron20.0Utilities for working with cabal packages and your package database (bsd3, development, library, program)JakeWheat
package-vt20.0Haskell Package Versioning Tool (bsd3, development, program)KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
pandoc-unlit (deprecated in favor of markdown-unlit)20.0Literate Haskell support for GitHub's Markdown flavor (deprecated, development, mit, program)SimonHengel
parser-helper10.0Prints Haskell parse trees in JSON. (apache, development, program)carymrobbins
pcap-conduit20.0Conduit <-> libpcap (bsd3, development, library, network)AustinSeipp
pdynload70.0pdynload is polymorphic dynamic linking library. (development, gpl, library, other)AndyStewart
phoityne (deprecated in favor of phoityne-vscode)110.0Deprecated - ghci debug viewer with simple editor. (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)phoityne_hs
phoityne-vscode430.0ghci debug viewer on Visual Studio Code (bsd3, development, program)phoityne_hs
pinch260.0An alternative implementation of Thrift for Haskell. (bsd3, development, library)BenGamari, abhinav
pinchot190.0Write grammars, not parsers (bsd3, development, library)OmariNorman
pisigma110.0A dependently typed core language (bsd3, dependent-types, development, language, library, program)AndresLoeh, DarinMorrison
pkggraph40.0Package dependency graph for installed packages (bsd3, development, program)RobinGreen
placeholders352.25Placeholders for use while developing Haskell code (bsd3, development, library)AndreasHammar
pointful170.0Pointful refactoring tool (bsd3, development, library, program)MikhailGlushenkov
porter20.0Implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm (bsd3, development, library)MarkWotton
present200.0Make presentations for data types. (bsd3, development, library)ChrisDone, sjakobi
prof2dot40.0Convert GHC profiles into GraphViz's dot format (bsd3, development, program)GregoryWright
prof2pretty20.0generate pretty source from time/allocation profiles (bsd3, development, profiling, program)ClaudeHeilandAllen
profiterole50.0Restructure GHC profile reports (bsd3, development, program)NeilMitchell
profiteur332.0Treemap visualiser for GHC prof files (bsd3, development, program)JasperVanDerJeugt
progression130.0Automates the recording and graphing of criterion benchmarks (bsd3, development, library)KidoTakahiro, NeilBrown
project-template730.0Specify Haskell project templates and generate files (bsd3, development, library)MichaelSnoyman
prototype150.0prototype-based programming on Haskell (bsd3, development, library)YoshikuniJujo
psc-ide (deprecated in favor of purescript)72.0Language support for the PureScript programming language (deprecated, development, library, mit, program, purescript)kritzcreek
pseudomacros60.0cpp-style built-in macros using Template Haskell (bsd3, development, library, template-haskell)LukasMai
pure-io92.0Pure IO monad. (bsd3, development, education, library)ChrisDone
purescript-bundle-fast40.0A fast alternative to Purescript's `psc-bundle` to be used during development (development, mit, program)BitConnor
pushme100.0Tool to synchronize directories with rsync, zfs or git-annex (bsd3, development, program)JohnWiegley
python-pickle60.0Serialization/deserialization using Python Pickle format. (bsd3, development, library, program)VoMinhThu
quickbench40.0quick & easy benchmarking of command-line programs (development, gpl, library, program)SimonMichael
quickterm112.0An interface for describing and executing terminal applications (development, gpl, library, program)sgschlesinger
radian90.0Isomorphisms for measurements that use radians. (bsd3, development, library)TonyMorris
random-derive10.0A Template Haskell helper for deriving Random instances (bsd3, development, library)frerich
rapid70.0Rapid prototyping with GHCi: hot reloading of running components and reload-surviving values (bsd3, development, library)esz
rapid-term90.0External terminal support for rapid (bsd3, development, library)esz
reactive-banana-gi-gtk60.0Simple reactive programming with GTK GObject Introspection (development, library, public-domain)miscyb
readme-lhs20.0See readme.lhs (bsd3, development, library, program)tonyday567
refact6150.0Specify refactorings to perform with apply-refact (bsd3, development, library)mpickering
rehoo (deprecated in favor of hoogle)90.0Rebuild default.hoo from many .hoo files in the current directory (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)JohnWiegley
repl40.0IRC friendly REPL library. (development, library, mit)MikeLedger
resolve-trivial-conflicts (deprecated in favor of git-mediate)200.0Remove trivial conflict markers in a git repository (deprecated, development, gpl, program)EyalLotem
resource-embed20.0Embed data files via C and FFI. (development, mit, program)TobiasDammers
restyle30.0Convert between camel case and separated words style. (development, library, mit, program)DanielFischer
robin30.0A build daemon for Haskell development (development, gpl, program)KarlVoelker
ruler30.0Ruler tool for UHC (bsd3, development, program)AtzeDijkstra, JeroenBransen
ruler-core20.0 (development, lgpl, program)ArieMiddelkoop
sandman80.0Manages Cabal sandboxes to avoid rebuilding packages. (development, mit, program)abhinav
sarsi90.0A universal quickfix toolkit and his protocol. (apache, development, library, program)aloiscochard
scan260.0lexical style suggestions for source code (bsd3, development, program)ChristianMaeder
schedevr90.0Marge schedules and show EVR (bsd3, development, program)YoshikuniJujo
scion70.0Haskell IDE library (bsd3, development, library)ThomasSchilling
scion-browser570.0Command-line interface for browsing and searching packages documentation (bsd3, development, library, program)AlejandroSerrano, JeanPhilippeMoresmau
scons2dot20.0Generates graphviz file of scons dependency information (development, gpl, program)LeandroPenz
scope80.0An interactive renderer for plotting time-series data (bsd3, development, library)ConradParker
scope-cairo30.0An interactive renderer for plotting time-series data (bsd3, development, library, program)ConradParker
scotty-fay60.0Fay integration for Scotty. (development, fay, library, mit, web)hdgarrood
semdoc70.0Evaluate code snippets in Literate Haskell. (agpl, development, library, program)iphydf
sensei40.0Automatically run Hspec tests on file modifications (development, mit, program)SimonHengel
sequent-core80.0Alternative Core language for GHC plugins (bsd3, development, library)pdownen, lukemaurer
sexp-show (deprecated)30.0Produce a s-expression representation of Show values. (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)
shake2612.5Build system library, like Make, but more accurate dependencies. (bsd3, development, library, program, shake)NeilMitchell
shake-cabal-build20.0Utility for building Shake build systems using Cabal sandboxes (apache, development, program)StefanKersten
shake-language-c240.0Utilities for cross-compiling with Shake (apache, development, library)StefanKersten
shake-minify50.0Shake Minify Rules (bsd3, development, library, shake, web)LukeHoersten
shake-pack60.0Shake File Pack Rule (bsd3, development, library, shake)LukeHoersten
shake-persist10.0Shake build system on-disk caching (development, gpl, library, program)KAction
shaker230.0simple and interactive command-line build tool (bsd3, development, library, program)AnthoninBonnefoy
shakers720.0Shake helpers. (development, library, mit, program)markfine
shellish130.0shell-/perl- like (systems) programming in Haskell (bsd3, development, library)PetrRockai
shelly2432.5shell-like (systems) programming in Haskell (bsd3, development, library)GregWeber, JohnWiegley, MichaelSnoyman
shelly-extra130.0shelly features that require extra dependencies (bsd3, development, library)GregWeber
shuffle120.0Shuffle tool for UHC (bsd3, development, library, program)AtzeDijkstra, JeroenBransen
simple-get-opt30.0A simple library for processing command-line options. (bsd3, development, library)IavorDiatchki
simple-text-format40.0Simple text based format strings with named identifiers. (bsd3, development, library, text)justus
sizes240.0Recursively show space (size and i-nodes) used in subdirectories (bsd3, development, program)JohnWiegley
skeletons40.0Manage project skeletons (development, mit, program)WilliamCasarin
slice-cpp-gen70.0Generate C++ skeletons from slice files (bsd3, development, program)PaulKoerbitz
smartconstructor20.0A package exposing a helper function for generating smart constructors. (bsd3, development, library)frerich
snipcheck80.0Markdown tester (development, library, mit)nmattia
sourcemap400.0Implementation of source maps as proposed by Google and Mozilla. (benchmark, bsd3, development, library)ChrisDone
sparsebit80.0Sparse bitmaps for pattern match coverage (bsd3, data-structures, development, library)KiYungAhn
spy140.0A compact file system watcher for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows (bsd3, development, program)StefanSaasen
stack1162.25The Haskell Tool Stack (bsd3, development, library, program)ChrisDone, DanBurton, MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman, borsboom, fpcomplete
stack-bump20.0Dead simple version bumping for hpack packages (development, mit, program)yamadapc
stack-run222.0An equivalent to cabal run for stack. (development, mit, program)yamadapc
stack-run-auto90.0Initial project template from stack (development, library, mit, program)yamadapc
stackage240.0Dummy package forcing installation of other Stackage packages (development, library, mit)ChrisDone, DanBurton, MichaelSnoyman
stackage-cabal (deprecated in favor of stack)30.0A CLI executable for cabal-based stackage commands (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)DanBurton
stackage-cli (deprecated in favor of stack)120.0A CLI library for stackage commands (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)ChrisDone, DanBurton, MichaelSnoyman
stackage-sandbox (deprecated in favor of stack)90.0Work with shared stackage sandboxes (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)ChrisDone, DanBurton, MichaelSnoyman, borsboom
stackage-setup (deprecated in favor of stack)60.0An executable for downloading a Haskell setup (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)DanBurton
standalone-derive-topdown12.0This package will derive class instance along the data type declaration tree. (development, library, mit)songzh
staversion240.0What version is the package X in stackage lts-Y.ZZ? (bsd3, development, library, program)debugito
steeloverseer202.25A file watcher and development tool. (bsd3, development, library, program)SchellScivally
stepwise80.0 (development, lgpl, library)ArieMiddelkoop
stgi30.0Educational implementation of the STG (Spineless Tagless G-machine) (bsd3, development, library, program)quchen
structured-haskell-mode330.0Structured editing Emacs mode for Haskell (bsd3, development, program)ChrisDone, IvanMiljenovic
styx110.0A generator of nix files (development, gpl, program)JeanPhilippeBernardy
symon40.0Minimal implementation(s) of the classic electronic memory game. (development, gpl, program)SimonMichael
testloop50.0Quick feedback loop for test suites (development, library, mit, testing)RomanGonzalez
th-abstraction19412.0Nicer interface for reified information about data types (development, library)EricMertens, ryanglscott
th-fold30.0TH fold generator (development, library, public-domain)JamesCook
th-inline-io-action50.0Simple inline IO action into compiled code using TH (bsd3, development, library)tolysz
themplate70.0Project templating tool (application, bsd3, console, development, program, template)BennoFuenfstueck
threadscope542.25A graphical tool for profiling parallel Haskell programs. (bsd3, development, profiling, program, trace)DuncanCoutts, MikolajKonarski, MitsutoshiAoe, SatnamSingh, SimonMarlow, SpencerJanssen
time-io-access20.0IO Access for time (development, gpl, library)bheklilr
timelens60.0Lenses for the time package (bsd3, development, library)OmariNorman
timeless (deprecated)200.0An Arrow based Functional Reactive Programming library (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)carldong
tkyprof290.0A web-based visualizer for GHC Profiling Reports (bsd3, development)MitsutoshiAoe
tracetree60.0Visualize Haskell data structures as edge-labeled trees (bsd3, development, library)EdskoDeVries
tracy80.0Convenience wrappers for non-intrusive debug tracing (development, library, mit)dredozubov
travis-meta-yaml30.0.travis.yml preprocessor (bsd3, development, library, program)phadej
travis-pogodi50.0A better travis_wait (bsd3, development, library, program, web)dbushev
trawl10.0A tool for finding haddocks (bsd3, development, program)bmjames
trurl160.0Haskell template code generator (bsd3, development, library, program)dbushenko
typalyze90.0Analyzes Haskell source files for easy reference (bsd3, development, program)MatthewDanish
type-prelude20.0Partial port of prelude to the type level. Requires GHC 7.6.1. (bsd3, development, library)EtienneLaurin
typeof80.0Small script for inferring types (bsd3, development, program)DonaldStewart, KangyuanNiu
uhc-light240.0Part of UHC packaged as cabal/hackage installable library (bsd3, development, library, program)AtzeDijkstra
uhc-util330.0UHC utilities (bsd3, development, library)AtzeDijkstra, JeroenBransen
ui-command110.0A framework for friendly commandline programs (bsd3, development, library, program)ConradParker
urembed20.0Ur/Web static content generator (bsd3, development, program, ur-web)SergeyMironov
urxml10.0XML parser-printer supporting Ur/Web syntax extensions (development, program, public-domain, ur-web)SergeyMironov
uuagc1190.0Attribute Grammar System of Universiteit Utrecht (bsd3, development, library, program)ArieMiddelkoop, DoaitseSwierstra, JeroenBransen
uuagc-bootstrap290.0Attribute Grammar System of Universiteit Utrecht (bsd3, development, library, program)ArieMiddelkoop, JeroenBransen
uuagc-cabal380.0Cabal plugin for the Universiteit Utrecht Attribute Grammar System (bsd3, development, library)ArieMiddelkoop, JeroenBransen
uuagd50.0A debugger for the UUAG system. (development, library, program)MatthijsSteen
vacuum-cairo160.0Visualize live Haskell data structures using vacuum, graphviz and cairo (bsd3, development, library)DonaldStewart
vacuum-opengl80.0Visualize live Haskell data structures using vacuum, graphviz and OpenGL. (development, library, program, public-domain)BalazsKomuves
vacuum-ubigraph160.0Visualize Haskell data structures using vacuum and Ubigraph (bsd3, development, library)GlebAlexeyev
vado440.0Runs commands on remote machines using ssh (development, library, mit, program)HamishMackenzie
vampire40.0Analyze and visualize expression trees. (development, gpl, library, program)benzrf
vcsgui420.0GUI library for source code management systems (development, gpl, library, program)HamishMackenzie, StephanFortelny
vcswrapper450.0Wrapper for source code management systems (development, gpl, library, program)HamishMackenzie, StephanFortelny
viewprof270.0Text-based interactive GHC .prof viewer (bsd3, development, program)MitsutoshiAoe
virthualenv50.0Virtual Haskell Environment builder (bsd3, development, program)BartoszCwiklowski
visual-graphrewrite80.0Visualize the graph-rewrite steps of a Haskell program (bsd3, development, library, program)ZsoltDollenstein
visual-prof92.0Create a visual profile of a program's source code (bsd3, development, program)DanielVelkov
visualize-cbn130.0Visualize CBN reduction (bsd3, development, program)EdskoDeVries
wai-make-assets30.0Compiling and serving assets (bsd3, development, library, program)SoenkeHahn
watchit30.0File change watching utility (bsd3, development, library, program)tanimoto
weeder232.25Detect dead code (bsd3, development, program)NeilMitchell
workflow-types50.0Automate keyboard\/mouse\/clipboard\/application interaction. (bsd3, development, library, program)sboo
workflow-windows30.0Automate keyboard/mouse/clipboard/application interaction. (bsd3, development, program)sboo
wxhnotepad60.0An example of how to implement a basic notepad with wxHaskell (bsd3, development, editor, education, ide, program)FernandoBenavides
ycextra20.0Additional utilities to work with Yhc Core. (bsd3, development, library)DmitryGolubovsky
yesod-fast-devel60.0Fast live-reloading for yesod applications. (bsd3, development, program)yamadapc
yhccore50.0Yhc's Internal Core language. (bsd3, development, library)DmitryGolubovsky, NeilMitchell
yi-contrib (deprecated in favor of yi-fuzzy-open, yi-snippet)150.0Add-ons to Yi, the Haskell-Scriptable Editor (deprecated, development, editor, gpl, library)CoreyOConnor, DmitryIvanov, JeffWheeler, MateuszKowalczyk
zoom-cache280.0A streamable, seekable, zoomable cache file format (bsd3, development, library, program)ConradParker