hsdev- Haskell development library and tool with support of autocompletion, symbol info, go to declaration, find references etc.

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export :: Export -> Text Source

Get name of export

passImportList :: ImportList -> Text -> Bool Source

Check whether name pass import list

importNames :: Import -> [Text] Source

Get import module names - full and synonym

import_ :: Text -> Import Source

Simple import

moduleLocals :: Module -> Module Source

Bring locals to top

setDefinedIn :: Module -> Module Source

Set all declaration definedIn to this module

dropExternals :: Module -> Module Source

Drop all declarations, that not defined in this module

moduleLocalDeclarations :: Module -> [Declaration] Source

Get declarations with locals

moduleModuleDeclarations :: Module -> [ModuleDeclaration] Source

Get list of declarations as ModuleDeclaration

scopes :: Declaration -> [Maybe Text] Source

Get scopes of Declaration, where Nothing is global scope

mergeExported :: [ModuleDeclaration] -> [ExportedDeclaration] Source

Merge ModuleDeclaration into ExportedDeclaration


importQualifier :: Maybe Text -> Import -> Bool Source

Imported module can be accessed via qualifier


locateProject :: FilePath -> IO (Maybe Project) Source

Find project file is related to

searchProject :: FilePath -> IO (Maybe Project) Source

Search project up

locateSourceDir :: FilePath -> IO (Maybe (Extensions FilePath)) Source

Locate source dir of file

moduleOpts :: [ModulePackage] -> Module -> [String] Source

Options for GHC of module and project


addDeclaration :: Declaration -> Module -> Module Source

Add declaration to module


unalias :: Module -> Text -> [Text] Source

Unalias import name