imj-game-hamazed: A game with flying numbers and 8-bit color animations.

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You fly a ship through numbers, the goal is to shoot the numbers whose sum will be equal to the level's target.

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Dependenciesbase (>=4.8 && <4.11), containers (>=, imj-animation (==0.1.*), imj-base (==0.1.*), imj-game-hamazed, imj-prelude (==0.1.*), matrix (>=, mtl (>=2.2.1 && <2.3), terminal-size (>= && <0.3.3), text (==1.2.*), vector (>= && <0.12.1) [details]
Copyright2017 - 2018 Olivier Sohn
AuthorOlivier Sohn
CategoryAnimation, Game, Graphics, Education, Application
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What is it?

It's a terminal ascii game where you fly a ship through numbers. The goal is to shoot the numbers whose sum will be equal to the level's target. It's easy at the beginning, but higher levels have more and more numbers, and less and less space to navigate through them! The last level is level 12: I never reached it, but I hope somebody will :).


No walls, square world


Random walls, rectangular world



The game can be configured in "world shape" (square, rectangle) and "kind of walls" (none, deterministic, random).

Configuration snapshot

You can define your own keyboard mapping by modifying the 'eventFromKey' function defined here, the default mapping being:

Supported Platforms / Terminals:

|OS |Support| |---------|-------| |OS X |Yes | |Linux |Yes | |Windows |No (see this) |

Your terminal window should have a dimension of at least {height = 42, width = 146}. If it is too small, the program will fail with the following error message:

From game thread:

Minimum terminal size : Window {height = 42, width = 146}.
Current terminal size : Window {height = 22, width = 165}.
The current terminal size doesn't match the minimum size,
please adjust your terminal size and restart the executable.

Version history


You can build and run using stack:

stack build --pedantic && stack exec hamazed-exe


Delta rendering

The initial idea for delta rendering is based on code written by Rafael Ibraim