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chaselev-deque250.0Chase & Lev work-stealing lock-free double-ended queues (deques). (bsd3, concurrent, data, library)2015-03-08BrandonSimmons, RyanNewton, peter_fogg
concurrent-split230.0MVars and Channels with distinguished input and output side (bsd3, concurrent, library)2018-10-22HenningThielemann
forkable-monad282.0An implementation of forkIO for monad stacks. (bsd3, concurrent, library)2018-06-19DavidAnderson, mpahrens
lockfree-queue840.0Michael and Scott lock-free queues. (bsd3, concurrent, data, library)2022-08-26RyanNewton, ryanglscott, peter_fogg
net-concurrent70.0Concurrent over the network execution library (bsd3, concurrent, distributed-computing, library, network)2010-05-05PaulSonkoly
par-traverse40.0Traverse a directory in parallel (bsd3, concurrent, directory, library, parallel, system)2020-04-24vmchale
promises242.0Lazy demand-driven promises (bsd3, concurrent, lazy, library)2016-01-17EdwardKmett, phadej, ryanglscott
sirkel20.0Sirkel, a Chord DHT (bsd3, concurrency, concurrent, data-structures, database, distributed-computing, library)2011-09-16MortenLysgaard
slave-thread552.0A fundamental solution to ghost threads and silent exceptions (concurrency, concurrent, error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, mit)2022-11-19NikitaVolkov
spawn70.0Tiny library for concurrent computations (bsd3, concurrency, concurrent, control, library)2011-10-09KeeganMcAllister
stm-split180.0TMVars, TVars and TChans with distinguished input and output side (bsd3, concurrent, library)2018-09-22HenningThielemann
threaded00.0Manage concurrently operating threads without having to spark them (bsd3, concurrent, library)2020-01-13athanclark
throttled-io-loop40.0Loop over an action but throttle it to a certain rate (bsd3, concurrent, library)2016-06-04RobertFischer