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Rev Deps
Last U/L
Last Version
ABList180.01An alternating list of two types (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-230.0.3DylanJust
AC-Angle140.05Angles in degrees and radians. (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)2010-07-231.0AndrewCoppin
AC-Boolean150.01Handle Boolean values generatically. (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)2010-11-091.1.0AndrewCoppin
AC-Colour360.01Efficient RGB colour types. (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)2014-01-121.1.6AndrewCoppin
AC-HalfInteger150.01Efficient half-integer type. (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)2009-08-121.2.1AndrewCoppin
AC-Terminal90.01Trivial wrapper over ansi-terminal. (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)2010-10-281.0AndrewCoppin
AC-VanillaArray110.01Immutable arrays with plain integer indicies. (bsd3, data, library)2010-01-171.1.2AndrewCoppin
AC-Vector532.08Efficient geometric vectors and transformations. (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)2024-03-172.4.0AndrewCoppin, JanRochel
AC-Vector-Fancy280.01Fancy type-system stuff for AC-Vector (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)2010-08-152.4.0AndrewCoppin
AERN-Basics (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)150.04foundational type classes for approximating exact real numbers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, program)2011-05-112011.1.0.1MichalKonecny
AERN-Real (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)900.06arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2011-05-112011.1.0.1MichalKonecny
AERN-Real-Double (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)200.01arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, program)2011-05-112011.1.0.2MichalKonecny
AERN-Real-Interval (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)130.02arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2011-05-112011.1.0.1MichalKonecny
AERN-RnToRm (deprecated)680.03polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) approximating exact real functions (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2009-07-
AERN-RnToRm-Plot (deprecated)400.01GL plotting of polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2009-08-
ANum340.02Num instance for Applicatives provided via the ANum newtype (bsd3, data, library)2018-02-
AesonBson290.01Mapping between Aeson's JSON and Bson objects. (data, library)2022-05-060.4.1AndrasSlemmer, NiklasHambuechen
ArrayRef170.01Unboxed references, dynamic arrays and more (bsd3, data, library)2009-06-
AttoBencode210.01Fast Bencode encoding and parsing library (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-
BiobaseENA50.02European Nucleotide Archive data (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-
Boolean952.021Generalized booleans and numbers (bsd3, data, library)2017-02-190.2.4ConalElliott
C-structs132.00C-Structs implementation for Haskell (c, data, foreign, library, mit, structures)2022-09-300.2.0.3SimonPlakolb
CBOR70.01Encode/Decode values to/from CBOR (data, lgpl, library)2014-07-
CLASE130.01Cursor Library for A Structured Editor (bsd3, data, library)2009-02-112009.2.11TristanAllwood
CLI40.01CLI tools (bsd3, data, library)2015-03-
COrdering70.03An algebraic data type similar to Prelude Ordering. (bsd3, data, library)2008-07-232.3AdrianHey
CTRex70.02Open records using closed type families. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2014-11-130.6AtzeVanDerPloeg
Cardinality90.01Measure container capacity. Use it to safely change container. (data, library)2010-01-200.2AndreySisoyev
Checked60.01Inbuilt checking for ultra reliable computing (bsd3, data, library)2012-11-
ClassyPrelude60.01Prelude replacement using classes instead of concrete types where reasonable (bsd3, control, data, library)2010-05-310.1SveinOveAas
ConsStream70.01Trivial re-export of Wouter Swierstra's Stream package, avoiding module name clash. (bsd3, data, library)2012-04-160.1ConalElliott
DPutils200.011utilities for DP (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-
Data-Angle70.01Geometric angles (bsd3, data, library, math)2017-03-260.9deadmanswitch
Data-Hash-Consistent80.01Provide a simple consistent hashing mechanism (bsd3, data, library)2012-11-200.1.1BradClawsie
Data-Rope (deprecated in favor of data-rope)70.01Ropes, an alternative to (Byte)Strings. (data, deprecated, library)2010-05-290.2PierreEtienneMeunier
DataIndex120.00A package for adding index column to data files (data, library, mit, program)2016-10-090.1.1steven_yhw
DataVersion50.00Type safe data migrations (data, library, mit)2022-11-300.1.0.1agentultra
Digit (deprecated in favor of digit)130.01A data-type representing digits 0-9 (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-09-060.0.3TonyMorris
DimensionalHash180.01An n-dimensional hash using Morton numbers. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library)2011-05-
Dish160.01Hash modules (currently Murmur3) (bsd3, data, library, program)2017-11-
DistanceUnits90.01A comprehensive distance library (bsd3, data, library)2013-08-
DynamicTimeWarp60.01Dynamic time warping of sequences. (data, lgpl, library, program)2015-02-
EnumContainers40.01Simple Enum-class-based int containers (bsd3, data, library)2010-11-220.1EyalLotem
EstProgress70.01Methods for estimating the progress of functions (bsd3, data, library)2015-08-
EuroIT70.01Library for using euro currency, italian language (bsd3, data, library)2010-07-052010.2.5PaoloVeronelli
Fin (deprecated)370.03Finite totally-ordered sets (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-02-
FiniteCategories360.01Finite categories and usual categorical constructions on them. (data, gpl, library, maths)2024-05-310.6.5.1gsabbagh
FiniteCategoriesGraphViz50.00Transform objects of the package FiniteCategories into graphs using GraphViz. (data, gpl, library, maths)2023-10-
FiniteMap (deprecated in favor of containers)60.02A finite map implementation, derived from the paper: Efficient sets: a balancing act, S. Adams, Journal of functional programming 3(4) Oct 1993, pp553-562 (bsd4, data, deprecated, library)2007-03-060.1PepeIborra
FixedPoint-simple270.01Fixed point, large word, and large int numerical representations (types and common class instances) (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-240.6.1ThomasDuBuisson
Focus100.01Tools for focusing in on locations within numbers (data, library, mit)2011-12-240.1.2NateSoares
Foster100.01Utilities to generate and solve puzzles (data, mit, program)2015-01-191.1.2Jefffrey
Frames952.012Data frames for working with tabular data files (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-
Frames-beam110.01A library for accessing Postgres tables as in-memory data structures. (bsd3, data, data-science, database, library)2018-09-
Frames-dsv80.01Alternative CSV parser for the Frames package (bsd3, data, library)2020-01-130.1.2AnthonyCowley
Frames-map-reduce150.00Frames wrapper for map-reduce-folds and some extra folds helpers. (bsd3, data, library)2023-05-
Frames-streamly230.00A streamly layer for Frames I/O (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-05-
HExcel62.250Create Excel files with Haskell (Excel, bsd3, data, library, spreadsheet, text)2020-03-
HFrequencyQueue60.01A Queue with a random (weighted) pick function (data, gpl, library)2015-08-
HList792.025Heterogeneous lists (data, library, mit)2023-09-, GwernBranwen
HMap940.01Fast heterogeneous maps and unconstrained typeable-like functionality. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2018-04-171.3.0AtzeVanDerPloeg
HSet120.01Faux heterogeneous sets (bsd3, data, library)2023-09-280.0.2athanclark
HaLeX200.01HaLeX enables modelling, manipulation and visualization of regular languages (data, library, program, public-domain)2017-02-101.2.6GwernBranwen, joaoSaraiva
HappyTree80.01Type Safe and End to End Decision Tree (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-080.2018.1.8MarisaVeryMoe
HasCacBDD140.02Haskell bindings for CacBDD (data, gpl, library)2023-11-
Hayoo92.01The Hayoo! search engine for Haskell API search on hackage (data, mit, program, text)2012-03-011.2.3UweSchmidt
HiggsSet (deprecated)50.01A multi-index set with advanced query capabilites (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-02-040.1.1LarsPetersen
Holumbus-Searchengine100.01A search and indexing engine. (data, library, mit, text)2012-03-011.2.3UweSchmidt
HsJudy80.01Judy bindings, and some nice APIs (bsd3, data, library)2008-03-070.2GwernBranwen
HulkImport100.00Easily bulk import CSV data to SQL Server (bsd3, data, library, program)2015-11-
IDynamic40.01Indexable, serializable form of Data.Dynamic (bsd3, data, library)2009-10-160.1AlbertoCorona
IORefCAS (deprecated in favor of atomic-primops)150.03Atomic compare and swap for IORefs and STRefs. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2013-05-
IndexedList50.02Length- and element-indexed lists sitting somewhere between homogeneous and fully heterogeneous. (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-
InternedData60.01Data interning (with compact regions where possible) (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, natural-language-processing)2019-10-
Interpolation370.02Multiline strings, interpolation and templating. (data, library, text)2012-10-050.3.0VilleTirronen
Interpolation-maxs50.01Multiline strings, interpolation and templating. (data, library, text)2014-03-140.3.0MaxwellSwadling
IntervalMap1002.06Containers for intervals, with efficient search. (bsd3, data, library)2023-06-
IsNull70.01A typeclass to determine if a given value is null. (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-
Jdh60.01A Json implementation for Haskell, with JavaScript Values and Encoding/Decoding (data, library, mit)2017-02-
JuPyTer-notebook50.00JuPyTer notebook parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2017-11-
LTree150.01Tree with only leaves carrying the data. (data, library, public-domain)2011-09-210.1RahulGopinath
Limit30.01Wrapper for data that can be unbounded (data, library, mit)2011-12-241.0NateSoares
ListZipper210.06Simple zipper for lists (bsd3, data, library)2011-10-311.2.0.2RyanIngram
MSQueue50.01Michael-Scott queue. (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-310.0.1julek
Map (deprecated)330.01Class of key-value maps (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-09-
Mapping100.01Mapping (agpl, data, library)2018-02-
Measure60.01A library for units of measurement (bsd3, data, library)2009-11-110.0.2TonyMorris
Mecha51.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
Mechs61.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
MemoTrie2312.2528Trie-based memo functions (bsd3, data, library)2023-07-150.6.11ConalElliott
MyPrimes40.00Generate all primes (data, library, mit, program)2015-08-
NMap40.01A transparent nested Map structure (data, library)2016-12-020.12ACastello
NanoID560.00NanoID generator (bsd3, data, library, program)2024-06-
NestedFunctor50.02Nested composition of functors with a type index tracking nesting. (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-
NewBinary80.03A binary I/O library (data, library)2009-10-160.2.1JeremyShaw
NineP190.029P2000 in pure Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2013-09-, SergeyAlirzaev
NonEmpty50.01Library providing a non-empty list datatype, and total functions operating on it (bsd3, data, library)2009-03-190.1RobinGreen
NonEmptyList (deprecated in favor of semigroups)200.01A list with a length of at least one. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-08-280.0.9TonyMorris
NumInstances690.010Instances of numeric classes for functions and tuples (bsd3, data, library)2014-09-261.4ConalElliott
NumLazyByteString (deprecated)70.01Num, Enum, Eq, Integral, Ord, Real, and Show instances for Lazy ByteStrings (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-04-
Object40.01Object oriented programming for haskell using multiparameter typeclasses. (apache, control, data, library)2014-05-151.0yokto
ObjectName1010.03Explicitly handled object names (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-
Octree400.02Simple unbalanced Octree for storing data about 3D points (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-
OddWord502.253Provides a wrapper for deriving word types with fewer bits. (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-
Omega230.01Integer sets and relations using Presburger arithmetic (bsd3, data, library)2014-05-031.0.3ChristopherRodrigues
OneTuple4140.020Singleton Tuple (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-120.4.2JohnDorsey, phadej
Only1640.014The 1-tuple type or single-value "collection" (bsd3, data, library)2017-06-120.1HerbertValerioRiedel
OpenAFP300.01IBM AFP document format parser and generator (data, library, public-domain)2017-04-041.4.3AudreyTang
OpenAFP-Utils320.01Assorted utilities to work with AFP data streams (data, program, public-domain)2013-11-301.4.1.3AudreyTang
OptDir340.03The OptDir type for representing optimization directions. (bsd3, data, library, optimisation, optimization)2024-03-200.1.0MasahiroSakai
OrderedBits240.04Efficient ordered (by popcount) enumeration of bits (bsd3, data, library)2019-06-
PUH-Project70.01This is a package which includes Assignments, Email, User and Reviews modules for Programming in Haskell course. (bsd3, data, library)2016-01-
PathTree50.01A tree used to merge and maintain paths (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-
Peano130.02simple Peano numbers (bsd3, data, library)2012-03-080.0.4AndrasSlemmer, FrancescoMazzoli
PeanoWitnesses50.03GADT type witnesses for Peano-style natural numbers. (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-
PerfectHash (deprecated in favor of perfecthash)150.01A perfect hashing library for mapping bytestrings to values. (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2016-04-290.1.5MarkWotton
Persistence270.01A versatile library for topological data analysis. (bsd3, data, library, math)2019-08-192.0.3Ebanflo
Piso70.02Partial isomorphisms (bsd3, data, library)2017-05-090.2MartijnVanSteenbergen
PrimitiveArray662.028Efficient multidimensional arrays (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-
PrimitiveArray-Pretty60.03Pretty-printing for primitive arrays (bsd3, data, library)2017-03-
QLearn32.01A library for fast, easy-to-use Q-learning. (data, library, mit)2016-05-
QuadEdge50.01QuadEdge structure for representing triangulations (bsd3, data, library)2010-06-260.2NealAlexander
QuadTree80.01QuadTree library for Haskell, with lens support. (bsd3, data, game, library)2015-08-090.11.0Kron
RFC1751 (deprecated in favor of rfc1751)180.01RFC-1751 library for Haskell (data, deprecated, library, public-domain)2018-08-131.0.0jprupp
RLP100.00RLP serialization as defined in Ethereum Yellow Paper (data, lgpl, library, parsing)2018-12-101.1.0jasagredo
Range40.01Data structure for managing ranges (bsd3, data, library)2013-04-
Ranged-sets332.253Ranged sets for Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-110.4.0PaulJohnson
Ref50.01Generic Mutable Ref Abstraction Layer (bsd3, data, library)2013-03-
RefSerialize480.04Write to and read from ByteStrings maintaining internal memory references (bsd3, data, database, library, parsing)2017-02-060.4.0AlbertoCorona
SG40.03Small geometry library for dealing with vectors and collision detection (bsd3, data, library, math)2009-03-171.0NeilBrown
SGplus40.01(updated) Small geometry library for dealing with vectors and collision detection (bsd3, data, library, math)2016-09-011.1donomii
SciBaseTypes130.02Base types and classes for statistics, sciences and humanities (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-
SegmentTree130.01Data structure for querying the set (or count) of intervals covering given point (bsd3, data, library)2012-10-290.3AlexandruScvortov, DmitryAstapov
Semigroup160.03A semigroup (bsd3, data, library)2011-04-130.0.7TonyMorris
Set80.00See README for more info (data, library, mpl)2019-12-
ShortestPathProblems40.02grammars for TSP and SHP (bsd3, data, library)2017-03-
SizeCompare70.01Fast size comparison for standard containers. (data, library)2010-03-020.1BramSchuur
SpinCounter40.01Lock free Spin Counter (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-240.0.1julek
StateVar2270.029State variables (bsd3, data, library)2021-07-251.2.2EdwardKmett, SvenPanne, phadej, ryanglscott
StateVar-transformer80.02State variables (bsd3, data, library)2014-03-
Strafunski-ATermLib100.01An abstract data type designed for the exchange of tree-like data structures (bsd3, data, library)2013-05-
Stream1550.013A library for manipulating infinite lists. (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-
SuffixStructures40.00Suffix array construction (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program)2015-05-
TCache820.06A Transactional cache with user-defined persistence (bsd3, data, database, library)2023-02-120.13.3AlbertoCorona
Tainted130.01Tainted type, and associated operations (bsd3, control, data, library, monads, trans)2015-05-
Tape40.02Bidirectionally infinite streams, akin to the tape of a Turing machine. (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-
Tensor210.05Tensor data types (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-
Transhare100.01A library to apply transformation to containers so as to maximize sharing of unchanged subcomponents. (bsd3, data, library)2011-06-190.9ChrisKuklewicz
TreeCounter60.01Wait-free Tree Counter (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-240.0.2julek
Treiber90.01Lock free Treiber stack (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-310.0.4julek
TypeNat210.02Some Nat-indexed types for GHC (data, library, mit)2022-05-
Unique1692.07It provides the functionality like unix "uniq" utility (bsd3, data, library)2021-09-300.4.7.9kapral
Validation (deprecated in favor of validation)90.01A data-type like Either but with an accumulating Applicative (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-08-140.2.0TonyMorris
Vec340.015Fixed-length lists and low-dimensional linear algebra. (bsd3, data, library, math)2014-08-061.0.5ScottDillard
Vec-Boolean170.02Provides Boolean instances for the Vec package (bsd3, data, library, math)2012-08-051.0.6TobiasBexelius
VecN80.01a simple peano-indexed vector type (bsd3, data, library)2012-03-030.0.2AndrasSlemmer
WAVE180.05WAVE audio file IO library (bsd3, data, library, program, sound)2020-04-020.1.6BartonMassey
WMSigner40.01WebMoney authentication module (cryptography, data, library, mit)2014-11-
WeakSets470.02Simple set types. Useful to create sets of arbitrary types and nested sets. (data, lgpl, library)2023-11-
XML50.01Extensible Markup Language (bsd3, data, library)2018-08-
Z-Botan252.00Crypto for Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-
Z-Data1232.55Array, vector and text (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-, lyndward
Z-IO742.04Simple and high performance IO toolkit for Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2022-11-, lyndward
Z-MessagePack130.00MessagePack (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-, lyndward
Z-YAML170.00YAML tools (bsd3, data, library)2023-07-, lyndward
ZipFold110.01Zipping folds (bsd3, data, library)2009-07-120.1.4ConalElliott
abcBridge180.01Bindings for ABC, A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification (bsd3, data, library)2015-12-120.15AaronTomb, KevinQuick, RobertDockins, galoisinc
abeson70.01interconversion between aeson and bson. (data, library, mit)2014-09-
abides50.01Simple boolean tests to see if a value abides by certain properties (bsd3, data, library, testing)2019-09-230.0.1athanclark
ac-machine100.02Aho-Corasick string matching algorithm in Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2013-09-300.2.0.5YutaTaniguchi
ac-machine-conduit50.01Drive Aho-Corasick machines in Conduit pipelines (bsd3, data, library)2013-09-300.1.0.0YutaTaniguchi
accelerate702.544An embedded language for accelerated array processing (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-, TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-bignum80.01Fixed-length large integer arithmetic for Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-cuda (deprecated in favor of accelerate-llvm-ptx)340.08Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, deprecated, library, parallelism)2017-03-310.17.0.0ManuelChakravarty, TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-io310.05Convert between Accelerate arrays and raw pointers (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-, TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-io-JuicyPixels30.00Convert between Accelerate arrays and JuicyPixels images (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-array40.00Convert between Accelerate and array (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-bmp50.00Convert between Accelerate arrays and BMP images (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-bytestring70.03Convert between Accelerate and ByteString (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-cereal40.00Binary serialisation of Accelerate arrays using cereal (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-repa50.00Convert between Accelerate and Repa arrays (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-io-serialise60.00Binary serialisation of Accelerate arrays using serialise (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2021-01-
accelerate-io-vector40.01Convert between Accelerate and vector (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
accelerate-llvm220.06Accelerate backend component generating LLVM IR (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-
accelerate-llvm-native210.05Accelerate backend for multicore CPUs (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-
accelerate-llvm-ptx252.05Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs (accelerate, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)2020-08-
accelerate-random (deprecated in favor of mwc-random-accelerate)40.01Generate Accelerate arrays filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-10-
access-token-provider50.01Provides Access Token for Services (bsd3, data, library)2018-05-
active1820.03Abstractions for animation (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-150.2.1BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
adaptive-containers120.01Self optimizing container types (bsd3, data, library)2009-04-110.3DonaldStewart
adaptive-tuple90.01Self-optimizing tuple types (bsd3, data, library)2010-03-160.2.0JohnLato
adhoc-fixtures50.01Manage fine grained fixtures (data, library)2022-12-310.1.0.1gdifolco
adhoc-fixtures-hspec50.00Manage fine grained fixtures (data, library)2022-12-310.1.0.1gdifolco
aeson-applicative50.01make To/From JSOn instances from an applicative description (data, library, mit)2015-06-
aeson-bson70.01Mapping between Aeson's JSON and Bson objects. (data, library)2013-05-240.3.0AlfredoDiNapoli
aeson-casing650.039Tools to change the formatting of field names in Aeson instances. (data, library, mit)2019-03-
aeson-dependent-sum60.00JSON encoding/decoding for dependent-sum (data, dependent-types, gpl, json, library)2022-08-
aeson-extra900.011Extra goodies for aeson (aeson, bsd3, data, library)2023-07-
aeson-helper70.02Aeson helper func (aeson, bsd3, data, library)2022-04-
aeson-injector572.07Injecting fields into aeson values (data, json, library, mit, web)2023-11-
aeson-iproute210.02Aeson instances for iproute types (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-080.3.0sickmind, MaxGabriel
aeson-lens300.05Lens of Aeson (bsd3, data, library)2013-02-
aeson-optics620.04Law-abiding optics for aeson (data, json, library, mit, optics)2023-06-271.2.1phadej
aeson-options (deprecated)60.03Options to derive FromJSON/ToJSON instances (data, deprecated, json, library, mit)2018-10-010.1.0serokell
aeson-possible210.00Possible values for aeson (bsd3, data, json, library, web)2024-06-
aeson-schema390.01Haskell JSON schema validator and parser generator (data, library, mit)2020-04-, TimBaumann, ChristianMarie, ocramz
aeson-t110.01Transform JSON (data, library, mit)2015-04-280.0.5begriffs
aeson-utils160.04Utilities for working with Aeson. (bsd3, data, library)2015-05-, ErikHesselink
aeson-value-parser1210.02API for parsing "aeson" JSON tree into Haskell types (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2023-12-
aeson-via130.00Wrappers to derive-via Aeson ToJSON/FromJSON typeclasses (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-090.2.2ejconlon
aeson-with210.01withXField combinators for aeson (aeson, data, library, mit)2020-08-
aeson-yak230.01Handle JSON that may or may not be a list, or exist (data, library, mit)2017-12-
affinely-extended140.01 (data, library, mit)2017-04-
afis110.01Anti-forensic Information Splitter (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2013-10-280.1.2VincentHanquez
agreeing120.00Idiomatic data structure for agreement (bsd3, data, library)2023-11-
aig160.02And-inverter graphs in Haskell. (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-120.2.6AaronTomb, KevinQuick, RobertDockins, galoisinc
aip140.00Aeronautical Information Package (AIP) (aviation, bsd3, data, library, program)2019-03-040.1.3qfpl
aip-version320.00Version of AIP documents (aviation, bsd3, data, program)2024-06-
alfred-margaret190.01Fast Aho-Corasick string searching (bsd3, data, library, program, text)2022-08-312.1.0.0fatho, rkrzr
algebraic-classes490.02Conversions between algebraic classes and F-algebras. (bsd3, data, generics, library, math)2020-01-060.9.4SjoerdVisscher
algo-s30.00An implementation of Knuth's algorithm S. (apache, data, library, program)2016-08-
align120.01Sequence alignment algorithms. (bsd3, data, library)2015-07-
align-affine30.00Sequence alignment with an affine gap penalty model (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-
alignment120.00Zip-alignment (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-
alist240.00lists with O(1) append (bsd3, data, library)2019-08-
alphachar130.02A character between a-z (bsd3, data, library)2023-11-090.0.5TonyMorris, qfpl
alpino-tools (deprecated)130.01Alpino data manipulation tools (data, deprecated, library, natural-language-processing, program)2012-04-070.2.0DanielDeKok
altcomposition80.01Alternative combinators for unorthodox function composition (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-
alternative-io (deprecated in favor of io-choice)60.02IO as Alternative instance (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-04-230.0.1KazuYamamoto
always40.00provides a typeclass that is always satisfied (bsd3, data, library)2021-01-130.1chessai
ann30.00Informative annotations which don't change equality (bsd3, data, library)2022-06-281.0.0aspiwack
annotated-fix30.00A fixpoint of a functor that can be annotated (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-
anonymous-sums110.03Anonymous sum types (bsd3, data, library)2016-12-
anonymous-sums-tests30.01QuickCheck functions to accompany the anonymous-sums package (bsd3, data, library)2014-07-300.4.0.0OmariNorman
apache-md5172.01Apache specific MD5 digest algorighm. (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2015-06-
apart80.00Get all your structure and rip it apart. (bsd3, control, data, library, program)2018-09-280.1.3iokasimovmt
apecs1142.255Fast Entity-Component-System library for game programming (bsd3, control, data, game, library)2024-03-200.9.6AlexanderBondarenko, jship, jonascarpay
apecs-stm180.00STM stores for apecs (bsd3, control, data, game, library)2023-11-090.2AlexanderBondarenko, jship, jonascarpay
app-lens110.01applicative (functional) bidirectional programming beyond composition chains (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2016-09-
appc110.01app container types and tools (data, library, mit, program)2015-04-100.0.6wereHamster
applicable110.00A class for things that can be applied (data, library, mit)2022-07-
applicative-numbers310.06Applicative-based numeric instances (bsd3, data, library, numerical)2014-04-090.1.3ConalElliott
apply-merge100.00Lift a binary, non-decreasing function onto ordered lists and order the output (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
approximate-equality150.01Newtype wrappers for approximate equality (bsd3, data, library)2014-08-, GregoryCrosswhite
arbor-lru-cache111.251LRU cache based on STM (concurrency, data, library, mit)2019-10-, arbornetworks
arff80.01Generate Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF) files (bsd3, data, library, text)2008-11-180.1.0StefanKersten
arith-encode (deprecated in favor of cantor-pairing, finitary, smallcheck)200.02A practical arithmetic encoding (aka Godel numbering) library. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, serialization, test, testing)2020-02-091.0.2emc2, Bodigrim
armor120.01Prevent serialization backwards compatibility problems using golden tests (bsd3, data, library, testing)2021-05-
array-builder200.04Builders for arrays (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
array-chunks200.06Lists of chunks (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
array-list72.00IsList instances of Array for OverloadedLists extension (array, data, library, list, mit)2020-06-
array-primops100.01Extra foreign primops for primitive arrays (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-
array-utils (deprecated)100.01Primitive functions for updating many elements in mutable arrays at once (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2011-01-290.3AlexMason
arraylist40.01Memory-efficient ArrayList implementation (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
ascii1442.012The ASCII character set and encoding (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-case310.05ASCII letter case (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-caseless120.03ASCII character without an upper/lower case distinction (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-char390.09A Char type representing an ASCII character (apache, data, library, text)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-group380.01ASCII character groups (apache, data, library, text)2023-12-311.0.0.17chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
ascii-numbers190.01ASCII representations of numbers (apache, data, library, numeric, text)2023-06-
ascii-predicates380.01Various categorizations of ASCII characters (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-superset710.04Representing ASCII with refined supersets (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-table120.01ASCII table (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-
ascii-th500.01Template Haskell support for ASCII (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-vector-avc30.01Process Ascii Vectors for Advantest 93k (data, gpl, library, program)2014-10-
ascii85-conduit40.01Conduit for encoding ByteString into Ascii85 (bsd3, conduit, data, library)2014-01-
asn30.01asn type and encoding/decoding (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-
asn1-ber-syntax50.00ASN.1 BER Encode and Decode (bsd3, data, library)2023-04-
asn1-data (deprecated in favor of asn1-encoding)560.09ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-09-070.7.2VincentHanquez
asn1-encoding1801.7539ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-290.9.6VincentHanquez
asn1-parse1880.08Simple monadic parser for ASN1 stream types. (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-290.9.5VincentHanquez
asn1-types1930.037ASN.1 types (bsd3, data, library)2020-03-240.3.4VincentHanquez
assoc3710.010swap and assoc: Symmetric and Semigroupy Bifunctors (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-121.1.1phadej
assoc-list102.01Association lists (lists of tuples) (data, library, mit)2021-08-, Monoid_Mary
assoc-listlike90.01Association lists (list-like collections of tuples) (data, library, mit)2021-08-, Monoid_Mary
ast-path70.00vocabulary representation for predicting program properties (bsd3, data, library, natural-language-processing)2019-06-170.2.0ijaketak
astar400.03General A* search algorithm. (bsd3, data, library)2016-03-, JohannesWeiss
aterm140.02serialisation for Haskell values with sharing support (data, gpl, library, parsing)2020-10-
atlassian-connect-descriptor600.02Code that helps you create a valid Atlassian Connect Descriptor. (apache, data, library)2023-08-, eero, AshleyValent
atomic-counter210.01Mutable counters that can be modified with atomic operatinos (apache, concurrency, data, data-structures, library)2023-06-
atomic-primops4072.030A safe approach to CAS and other atomic ops in Haskell. (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-200.8.8BrandonSimmons, GregoryCollins, RyanNewton, ryanglscott, peter_fogg, chchen
atomic-primops-foreign80.01An atomic counter implemented using the FFI. (bsd3, data, library)2014-08-180.6.2RyanNewton
attempt (deprecated in favor of exceptions)290.016Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure, library)2014-03-
atto-lisp220.07Efficient parsing and serialisation of S-Expressions. (bsd3, data, library, text)2018-09-
attoparsec-arff70.01An ARFF file parser using Attoparsec (ai, data, gpl, library, text)2012-02-090.0PaulWilson
attoparsec-binary310.012Binary processing extensions to Attoparsec. (bsd3, data, library)2012-09-220.2AndrewDrake
attoparsec-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)470.034Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit, parsing)2014-04-021.1.0MichaelSnoyman
attoparsec-iteratee160.05An adapter to convert attoparsec Parsers into blazing-fast Iteratees (bsd3, data, library)2011-11-280.4.0GregoryCollins, JohnLato
attoparsec-varword80.01Variable-length integer decoding for Attoparsec (data, lgpl, library)2018-05-
attosplit60.01Split a lazy bytestring at boundaries defined by an attoparsec parser (bsd3, data, library)2011-12-
audiovisual50.02A battery-included audiovisual framework (bsd3, data, library, records)2015-03-210.0FumiakiKinoshita
auto-lift-classes80.00Deriving (Show|Read)(1|2) (bsd3, data, library, reflection)2023-12-081.1viercc
automata30.00automata (bsd3, data, library, math)2019-01-
avl-static40.01A compile-time balanced AVL tree. (bsd3, data, library)2014-01-
avro1242.2511Avro serialization support for Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2022-10-, alexeyraga, haskellworks
avro-piper80.00Tool for decoding avro (bsd3, data, library, program)2020-01-131.0.3newhoggy, haskellworks
b-tree120.01Immutable disk-based B* trees (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-040.1.4BenGamari
bank-holidays-england460.01Calculation of bank holidays in England and Wales (bsd3, data, library)2023-02-, dten
barbies-th580.02Create strippable HKD via TH (bsd3, data, data-structures, generics, library)2023-12-120.1.11FumiakiKinoshita
base16912.08Fast RFC 4648-compliant Base16 encoding (bsd3, data, library)2023-06-221.0topos
base16-bytestring2332.0170RFC 4648-compliant Base16 encodings for ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library)2021-10-, HerbertValerioRiedel, MikhailGlushenkov, topos
base16-lens180.00Optics for the Base16 library (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-
base32622.05Fast RFC 4648-compliant Base32 encoding (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-190.4topos
base32-bytestring130.02Fast base32 and base32hex codec for ByteStrings (bsd3, codec, data, library)2013-12-
base32-lens100.00Optics for the Base32 library (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-
base32-z-bytestring30.01Fast z-base32 and z-base32hex codec for ByteStrings (bsd3, codec, data, library)2019-04-, RenzoCarbonara
base32string170.01Fast and safe representation of a Base-32 string (data, library, mit)2015-05-270.9.1solatis
base58-bytestring1030.011Implementation of BASE58 transcoding for ByteStrings (bytestrings, data, library, public-domain)2015-01-300.1.0AlekseyUymanov
base58string140.04Fast and safe representation of a Base-58 string (data, library, mit)2015-05-100.10.0solatis
base62160.00Base62 encoding and decoding (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
base642240.028A modern Base64 library (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-111.0topos, SofiaMA
base64-bytes110.00Base64 encoding of byte sequences (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
base64-bytestring2552.25366Fast base64 encoding and decoding for ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library)2021-08-, HerbertValerioRiedel, MikhailGlushenkov, topos
base64-bytestring-type1030.05A newtype around ByteString, for base64 encoding (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-271.0.1ErikDeCastroLopo, phadej
base64-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-combinators)110.03Base64-encode and decode streams of bytes. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)2014-03-
base64-lens210.00Optics for the Base64 library (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-220.3.1topos
baserock-schema210.00Baserock Definitions Schema (bsd3, data, library, program)2018-07-
basics40.00Modules for primitive types (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-
batch120.01Simplify queuing up data and processing it in batch. (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
bcp47190.02Language tags as specified by BCP 47 (data, data-structures, library, mit)2022-03-300.2.0.6PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, chris_martin, FreckleEngineering
bcrypt440.010Haskell bindings to the bcrypt password hash (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2017-12-310.0.11AndrewMiller
bdelta (deprecated in favor of bytestring-delta)110.01Simple, fast binary diff/patch (data, deprecated, library, mit)2012-02-
beamable130.02Generic serializer/deserializer with compact representation (bsd3, data, library, serialization)2014-06-, MichaelBaikov
bencoding482.05A library for encoding and decoding of BEncode data. (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-, SergeyVinokurov
bencoding-lens50.00Lenses for bencoded data. (bsd3, data, library)2022-03-
bert320.04BERT implementation (bsd3, data, library)2016-04-, RomanCheplyaka, manzyuk
between250.03Function combinator "between" and derived combinators (bsd3, data, library)2016-01-
bff140.01Bidirectionalization for Free! (POPL'09) (data, library, public-domain)2011-03-, JanisVoigtlaender, JoachimBreitner
bff-mono140.01"Bidirectionalization for Free" for Monomorphic Transformations (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2014-08-140.2.3kztk
bidispec60.03Specification of generators and parsers (data, library)2010-10-050.1.3DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
bidispec-extras40.01Extra helper functions for bidirectional specifications (data, library)2010-10-050.1StefanWehr
bifunctor-classes-compat140.08Compatibility package for the Bifunctor, Bifoldable, and Bitraversable classes (bsd3, data, functors, library)2023-01-290.1ryanglscott
bifunctors6122.5232Bifunctors (bsd3, data, functors, library)2024-03-195.6.2EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
bimap2110.045Bidirectional mapping between two key types (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-150.5.0StuartCook, joel_williamson
bimap-server130.01Two-column database server. (bsd3, data, library)2015-07-
bimaps230.07bijections with multiple implementations. (bsd3, data, library)2017-03-
bin2310.05Bin: binary natural numbers. (data, dependent-types, gpl, library, math, singletons)2024-06-080.1.4phadej
binary4430.01101Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2024-04-, DonaldStewart, IanLynagh, LennartKolmodin
binary-bits140.010Bit parsing/writing on top of binary. (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2015-01-090.5LennartKolmodin
binary-communicator120.01Flexible way to ease transmission of binary data. (bsd3, data, library)2015-09-, YvesPares
binary-derive70.01Automatic deriving of Binary using GHC.Generics (data, gpl, library)2011-11-050.1.0JaredHance
binary-enum100.01Simple wrappers around enum types (bsd3, data, library)2016-01-
binary-ext220.01An alternate with strong-typed errors for `Data.Binary.Get` monad from `binary` package. (data, library, parsing)2018-06-012.0.4warlock
binary-generic120.01Generic binary serialisation using binary and syb. (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2012-08-070.2.1LarsPetersen
binary-generic-combinators160.00Combinators and utilities to make Generic-based deriving of Binary easier and more expressive (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2021-12-
binary-ieee754130.03Backport ieee754 float double combinators to older binary (bsd3, data, library)2016-10-
binary-indexed-tree60.01Binary Indexed Trees (a.k.a. Fenwick Trees). (data, library)2012-10-100.1MaxwellSayles
binary-io242.00Read and write values of types that implement Binary (bsd3, data, io, library, parsing)2021-11-160.6.2vapourismo
binary-list660.02Lists of length a power of two. (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-
binary-orphans3170.011Compatibility package for binary; provides instances (binary, bsd3, compatibility, data, library, parsing)2024-05-171.0.5phadej
binary-parsers180.03Extends binary with parsec/attoparsec style parsing combinators. (bsd3, data, library)2019-06-
binary-protocol50.01Monad to ease implementing a binary network protocol. (bsd3, data, library)2009-09-041.0GregoryCrosswhite
binary-protocol-zmq80.01Monad to ease implementing a binary network protocol over ZeroMQ (bsd3, data, library, network)2010-08-020.2NicolasTrangez
binary-shared190.03Sharing for the binary package (data, library)2013-05-040.8.3HamishMackenzie, JuergenNicklischFranken
binary-state110.03Simple wrapper around Data.Binary, which adds StateT to Get/Put monads. (bsd3, data, library)2011-09-300.1.1IlyaPortnov
binary-store (deprecated)50.01Format to store data using the binary transform. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-01-
binary-streams90.01data serialization/deserialization io-streams library (bsd3, data, io-streams, library)2015-05-, petterb
binary-strict590.011Binary deserialisation using strict ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2020-04-, DominicSteinitz
binary-tagged430.03Tagged binary serialisation. (bsd3, data, library)2021-10-090.3.1phadej
binary-typed (deprecated)210.01Type-safe binary serialization (bsd2, data, deprecated, library, serialization)2015-12-191.0quchen
binary-varint50.02VarInt encoding/decoding via Data.Binary (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-, jkarni
binarydefer180.01Binary serialization with deferred loading (bsd3, data, library)2014-03-131.2.2NeilMitchell
bind-marshal60.01Data marshaling library that uses type level equations to optimize buffering. (bsd3, data, library)2011-10-300.1CoreyOConnor
binder110.00Variable binding for abstract syntax tree (data, library, mit)2023-10-090.3ijaketak
bindynamic70.01A variation of Data.Dynamic.Dynamic with a Binary instance (data, gpl, library)2018-03-
bini172.01A collection of various methods for reading and writing bini files. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-01-220.1.5TWeise
binrep190.01Encode precise binary representations directly in types (data, generics, library, mit, serialization)2024-04-130.8.0raehik
bit-protocol202.01Encode binary protocols with some odd bit numbers into a bytestring (bits, bsd3, bytes, data, library, parsing, protocols)2018-07-300.2.3.0k_bx
bit-vector90.01Simple bit vectors for Haskell (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library)2015-03-240.2.0AdamFoltzer
bitarray310.02Mutable and immutable bit arrays (bsd3, data, library)2014-08-
bitfield60.00Generic and easy to use haskell bitfields (bit, data, library, mit)2023-01-
bitmap160.012A library for handling and manipulating bitmaps (rectangular pixel arrays). (bsd3, data, graphics, library)2012-02-130.0.2BalazsKomuves
bitmap-opengl130.06OpenGL support for Data.Bitmap. (bsd3, data, graphics, library)2014-03-
bitmaps70.01Bitmap library (bsd3, codec, data, graphics, library)2014-11-300.2.6.3ByronJohnson
bits382.012Various bit twiddling and bitwise serialization primitives (bsd3, data, library, serialization)2021-11-070.6EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
bits-atomic110.07Atomic bit operations on memory locations for low-level synchronization (bsd3, concurrency, data, foreign, library)2010-09-050.1.3GabrielWicke
bits-bytestring110.02Bits instance for bytestrings. (bsd3, data, library)2016-03-
bits-bytestring-lazy70.01Bits instance for lazy bytestrings. (bsd3, data, library)2016-09-
bits-conduit60.01Bitstream support for Conduit (bsd3, conduit, data, library)2012-06-
bits-extra360.09Useful bitwise operations (bit, bsd3, data, library)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
bits-extras120.04Efficient high-level bit operations not found in Data.Bits (bsd3, data, library)2010-09-200.1.3GabrielWicke
bitstream210.02Fast, packed, strict and lazy bit streams with stream fusion (data, library, public-domain)2020-09-
bitstring70.02Lazy bit strings (bsd3, data, library)2010-08-010.0.0BalazsKomuves
bitvec2872.2515Space-efficient bit vectors (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library, public-domain)2023-08-, Bodigrim
bitwise500.06fast multi-dimensional unboxed bit packed Bool arrays (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2018-04-
bitwise-enum320.00Bitwise operations on bounded enumerations (bsd3, data, data-structures, foreign, library)2023-07-301.0.1.2jnbooth
blaze-builder3150.0284Efficient buffered output. (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-, JasperVanDerJeugt, LeonSmith, SimonMeier
blaze-builder-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)360.016Convert streams of builders to streams of bytestrings. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)2014-04-021.1.0MichaelSnoyman
blaze-builder-enumerator250.013Enumeratees for the incremental conversion of builders to bytestrings. (bsd3, data, enumerator, library)2015-04-, SimonHengel, SimonMeier, ThomasSutton
blazeT170.01A true monad (transformer) version of the blaze-markup and blaze-html libraries (data, library, mit, text, web)2023-09-110.0.6alaminium, johannesgerer
bloomfilter1050.03Pure and impure Bloom Filter implementations. (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-, JoeyHess
bloomfilter-redis142.01Distributed bloom filters on Redis (using the Hedis client). (bsd3, data, library)2019-06-
boltzmann-samplers130.03Uniform random generators (data, generic, library, mit, random)2018-04-
bond-haskell240.01Runtime support for BOND serialization (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2016-11-
bool-extras140.03A fold function for Bool (bsd3, data, library)2014-04-040.4.0TomLokhorst
boolean-list100.02convert numbers to binary coded lists (data, gpl, library)2017-10-
boolean-normal-forms90.01Boolean normal form: NNF, DNF & CNF (data, library, mit)2019-12-
boombox40.01Chronokinetic stream sources and incremental consumers (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-080.0FumiakiKinoshita
boring3360.09Boring and Absurd types (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-170.2.2phadej
both150.01Like Maybe, but with a different Monoid instance. (data, library, mit)2021-08-
bounded-array40.01Arrays with a value for every index (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
bounded-queue90.00A strict, immutable, thread-safe, single-ended, bounded queue. (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-061.0.0fosskers
boundingboxes230.05A generic boundingbox for an arbitrary vector (bsd3, data, library)2015-03-140.2.3FumiakiKinoshita
browscap50.01A reader and interface for the Browser Capabilities Project data files. (bsd3, data, library, web)2017-04-300davean
bsb-http-chunked1570.01Chunked HTTP transfer encoding for bytestring builders (bsd3, data, library, network)2018-09-
bson780.021BSON documents are JSON-like objects with a standard binary encoding. (apache, data, library)2020-03-, GregWeber, MaximMitroshin, TonyHannan, VictorDenisov
bson-generic180.01Generic functionality for BSON (bsd3, data, library)2020-08-080.0.9PetrPilar
bson-generics (deprecated in favor of bson-generic)30.01Generics functionality for BSON (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-260.0.1PetrPilar
bson-mapping260.01Mapping between BSON and algebraic data types. (data, library)2017-03-, ak3n
bspack140.01A simple and fast bytestring packer (bsd3, data, library)2014-12-020.0.4nicolasdp
btree120.01B-Tree on Unmanaged Heap (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-090.4.0andrewthad, chessai
buffer60.02Simple mutable low-level buffer for IO (data, library, mit)2017-11-010.5.3NikitaVolkov
buffer-builder620.05Library for efficiently building up buffers, one piece at a time (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-, afriesen
buffer-builder-aeson170.01Serialize Aeson values with Data.BufferBuilder (data, library, mit)2022-05-, afriesen
buildable90.01Typeclass for builders of linear data structures (data, library, mit)2015-03-
builder60.00bounded ByteArray builder type (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-130.2chessai
bv370.06Bit-vector arithmetic library (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library)2018-03-110.5IagoAbal
bv-embed80.00Define embeddings of small bit vectors into larger ones (bsd3, data, library)2019-01-270.1.0benselfridge
bv-little312.03Efficient little-endian bit vector library (bit-vectors, bsd3, data, library)2023-10-031.3.2recursion_ninja
by-other-names110.00Give aliases to record fields. (bsd3, data, library)2022-12-
byte-containers50.01Sets and maps with 8-bit words for keys (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-310.1.0.1l3c_amartin
byte-order330.07Portable big-endian and little-endian conversions (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
byteable850.075Type class for sequence of bytes (bsd3, data, library)2013-06-280.1.1VincentHanquez
bytebuild840.020Build byte arrays (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
bytehash270.01Universal hashing of bytes (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
bytelog90.00Fast logging (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
bytes2592.026Sharing code for serialization between binary and cereal (bsd3, data, library, serialization)2023-08-060.17.3EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
bytes-metrics30.00Calculate string metrics on Bytes efficiently (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-300.1.0.0l3c_amartin
bytes-patterns30.00Template haskell macro for casing on Bytes (data, library, mit)2024-02-
byteset170.01Set of bytes. (bsd3, data, library)2023-09-
byteslice1040.033Slicing managed and unmanaged memory (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
bytesmith730.014Nonresumable byte parser (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
bytestring4672.755953Fast, compact, strict and lazy byte strings with a list interface (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, DonaldStewart, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, SylvainHenry, Bodigrim, sjakobi, chessai, clyring
bytestring-aeson-orphans60.00Aeson instances for ByteString, using base 64 encoding (bsd3, data, library)2023-05-
bytestring-arbitrary212.03Arbitrary instances for ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library)2019-06-040.1.3tsuraan
bytestring-builder1560.046The new bytestring builder, packaged outside of GHC (bsd3, data, library)2018-09-, ryanglscott
bytestring-builder-varword50.01Variable-length integer encoding (data, lgpl, library)2018-05-
bytestring-class (deprecated)70.09Classes for automatic conversion to and from strict and lazy bytestrings. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-03-
bytestring-conversion411.2519Type-classes to convert values to and from ByteString. (data, library, mpl)2022-05-150.3.2ToralfWittner, romanb
bytestring-csv90.03Parse CSV formatted data efficiently (bsd3, data, library)2008-07-210.1.2DonaldStewart
bytestring-delta110.01Simple, fast binary diff/patch (data, library, mit)2012-02-
bytestring-encoding230.05ByteString ↔ Text converter based on GHC.IO.Encoding (bsd3, data, library, text)2022-01-
bytestring-from (deprecated in favor of bytestring-conversion)130.03A type-class to convert values from ByteString. (data, deprecated, library)2014-05-230.3ToralfWittner
bytestring-lexing1390.042Efficiently parse and produce common integral and fractional numbers. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-, WrenThornton, WrenRomano
bytestring-plain80.01Plain byte strings ('ForeignPtr'-less 'ByteString's) (bsd3, data, library)2015-09-
bytestring-read130.02fast ByteString to number converting library (data, library, mit)2015-06-150.3.1HirotomoMoriwaki
bytestring-substring40.00break bytestrings up into substrings (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2019-04-250.1chessai
bytestring-time (deprecated in favor of text-time)30.02Library for Time parsing from ByteString (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-12-130.1.0klangner
bytestring-trie712.524An efficient finite map from bytestrings to values. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2024-04-, WrenRomano
bytestring-typenats40.01Bytestrings with typenat lengths (bsd3, data, library)2017-01-261.0.0tsuraan
bytetrie50.00Tries with Bytes as keys. (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-310.1.0.1l3c_amartin
bytezap230.01Bytestring builder with zero intermediate allocation (data, generics, library, mit, serialization)2024-07-151.3.1raehik
ca-patterns60.00Manipulate patterns in cellular automata, create and parse RLE files (data, library, mit, parsing, text)2022-04-
ca-province-codes90.01ISO 3166-2:CA Province Codes and Names (bsd3, data, library)2019-01-
cache552.05An in-memory key/value store with expiration support (bsd3, cache, data, library)2019-12-
cached-traversable80.01Transparent, persistent caching of lazy, traversable structures (bsd3, data, library)2014-10-
caching (deprecated)30.00Cache combinators. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-09-050davean
caching-vault60.00A vault-style cache implementation (bsd3, data, library)2021-01-
caerbannog242.01That rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2022-08-
call-stack2100.028Use GHC call-stacks in a backward compatible way (data, library, mit)2021-05-150.4.0SimonHengel
cantor-pairing200.00Convert data to and from a natural number representation (data, library, mit)2022-05-
capnp670.00Cap'n Proto for Haskell (capnproto, data, library, mit, network, program, rpc, serialization)2023-06-
capped-list (deprecated in favor of enumerator)70.01A list-like type for lazy sequences, with a user-defined termination value. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-01-091.2JohnMillikin
carray520.014A C-compatible array library. (bsd3, data, library)2017-07-, JedBrown
case-insensitive2610.0357Case insensitive string comparison (bsd3, data, library, text)2019-05-, SimonHengel
cassava-conduit750.01Conduit interface for cassava package (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-020.6.6domdere
cassava-generic70.00Cassave instances for functor-like datatypes like `Either String a`. (bsd3, data, library)2020-07-300.1.0.1MichalGajda
cassava-streams250.01io-streams interface for the cassava CSV library. (bsd3, csv, data, io-streams, library, text)2020-10-
castagnoli90.00Portable CRC-32C (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
categorical-algebra40.01Categorical Monoids and Semirings (bsd3, data, library)2012-03-
ccast (deprecated)100.01typesafe c-style casts; useful for FFI (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-05-
cdar-mBound250.01Exact real arithmetic using Centred Dyadic Approximations (bsd3, data, library, program)2021-06-
cereal3082.25451A binary serialization library (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2022-08-, ThomasDuBuisson, TrevorElliott
cereal-derive60.01Automatic deriving of Serialize using GHC.Generics (data, gpl, library)2011-11-060.1.1JaredHance
cereal-ieee754 (deprecated in favor of cereal)40.01Floating point support for the 'cereal' serialization library (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, parsing)2011-08-310.1JacobStanley
cereal-io-streams50.01io-streams support for the cereal binary serialization library (bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)2016-07-
cereal-streams (deprecated in favor of wire-streams)40.01Use cereal to encode/decode io-streams. (bsd3, data, deprecated, io-streams, library, parsing)2016-07-
cereal-text310.018Data.Text instances for the cereal serialization library (apache, data, library)2016-06-
cereal-time120.01Serialize instances for types from `time` package. (bsd3, data, library)2017-11-
cereal-vector500.017Serialize instances for Data.Vector types. (bsd3, data, library)2014-02-
certificate (deprecated in favor of x509)870.021Certificates and Key Reader/Writer (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2013-10-071.3.9VincentHanquez
chain-codes100.01Library decoding chain codes from images (data, gpl, library)2014-03-
chainweb-mining-client80.00Mining Client for Kadena Chainweb (bsd3, data, mathematics, program)2022-11-230.5larsk
character-ps1460.00Pattern synonyms for ASCII characters for Word8, Word16 etc (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-220.1phadej
charset2480.016Fast unicode character sets based on complemented PATRICIA tries (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-060.3.10EdwardKmett, phadej, ryanglscott
chaselev-deque330.04Chase & Lev work-stealing lock-free double-ended queues (deques). (bsd3, concurrent, data, library)2015-03-, RyanNewton, peter_fogg
chatty-utils330.07Some utilities every serious chatty-based application may need. (agpl, data, library)2021-01-
checked60.01Bounds-checking integer types. (bsd3, data, library)2010-09-
chimera810.02Lazy infinite streams with O(1) indexing and applications for memoization (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-
choice910.03A solution to boolean blindness. (data, library, public-domain)2024-06-
chronos842.023A high-performance time library (bsd3, data, development, library, parsing, time)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
chunked-data550.012Typeclasses for dealing with various chunked data representations (data, library, mit)2018-01-150.3.1MichaelSnoyman
church-maybe40.01Church encoded Maybe (bsd3, data, library)2018-08-
church-pair100.01Church encoded pair (bsd3, data, library)2017-07-
churros240.00Channel/Arrow based streaming computation library. (control, data, library, mit)2022-10-
cimple500.02Simple C-like programming language (data, gpl, library, program)2024-03-070.0.21iphydf
ciphersaber2130.01Implementation of CipherSaber2 RC4 cryptography. (data, library, mit, program)2015-12-
circular-enum42.00Make bounded enum types circular (data, library, mit)2023-05-310.1.0.0memowe
classify270.01Library for classification of media files. (data, library, public-domain)2013-11-062013.11.6.1DavidHimmelstrup
classyplate210.04Fuseable type-class based generics (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-
clean-unions (deprecated in favor of extensible)130.05Open unions without need for Typeable (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-10-130.1.1FumiakiKinoshita
clist (deprecated in favor of Fin)160.02Counted list (data, deprecated, library)2020-02-
closed192.251Integers bounded by a closed interval (data, library, mit)2022-03-310.2.0.2PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, chris_martin, FreckleEngineering
cmf30.00(C)oncurrent (M)onoidal (F)olds (data, library, mit)2019-11-230.1chessai
cmph60.01low level interface to CMPH (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2016-04-300.0.1MarkWotton
code-builder60.02Simple system for generating code. (bsd3, data, library)2014-05-260.1.3AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
codec102.01Simple bidirectional serialization (bsd3, data, library)2017-04-210.2.1PatrickChilton
codec-libevent (deprecated)90.02Cross-platform structure serialisation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, parsing, program)2008-01-270.1.2AdamLangley
codet200.02CodeT (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
codet-plugin190.00GHC type-checker plugin for solving LiftT instances from codet (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
coerce-util (deprecated in favor of coercible-utils)70.02utils for Data.Coerce (data, deprecated, library, mit)2018-04-
coercible-subtypes160.00Coercible but only in one direction (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-
coercion-extras60.01Extra utilities for manipulating nominal and representational coercions (bsd3, data, library)2019-08-
cofunctor (deprecated in favor of contravariant)80.02DEPRECATED: use the "contravariant" package (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-09-
collection-json280.01Collection+JSON—Hypermedia Type Tools (data, library, mit)2019-02-
colors220.04A type for colors (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-
colour2592.0126A model for human colour/color perception (data, graphics, library, mit)2021-06-242.3.6RussellOConnor
colour-accelerate140.01Working with colours in Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, graphics, library)2020-08-
colour-space260.01Instances of the manifold-classes for colour types (data, gpl, graphics, library, maths)2023-07-
combobuffer60.01Various buffer implementations (bsd3, data, library)2014-05-190.2JohnLato
comfort-graph330.01Graph structure with type parameters for nodes and edges (bsd3, data, library)2023-09-290.0.4HenningThielemann
comic80.01A format for describing comics. (bsd3, data, library)2019-04-300.0.1davean
commutative220.01Commutative binary operations. (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-200.0.2athanclark
commutative-semigroups2460.07Commutative semigroups (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2024-05-, MarioBlazevic, RyanTrinkle, abrar
compact442.09Non-GC'd, contiguous storage for immutable data structures (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-, EdwardYang
compact-list40.01An append only list in a compact region (bsd3, data, library)2018-09-060.1.0harendra
compact-map50.01Compact Data.Map implementation using Data.Binary (bsd3, data, library)2008-11-092008.11.9DavidHimmelstrup
compact-mutable-vector40.00Mutable vector with different GC characteristics (bsd3, data, library)2019-02-
compact-sequences92.00Stacks, queues, and deques with compact representations. (bsd3, data, library)2020-09-
compact-string (deprecated in favor of text)40.02Fast, packed and strict strings with Unicode support, based on bytestrings. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2008-11-270.3.1TwanVanLaarhoven
compact-string-fix50.07Same as compact-string except with a small fix so it builds on ghc-6.12 (bsd3, data, library)2011-08-190.3.2TonyHannan
compact-word-vectors130.02Small vectors of small integers stored very compactly. (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-
compactmap300.01A read-only memory-efficient key-value store. (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
compose-ltr242.01More intuitive, left-to-right function composition. (data, library, mit)2017-11-210.2.4Wizek
composite-dhall170.00Dhall instances for composite records. (composite, data, dhall, library, mit)2022-09-
composite-lens-extra90.00Extra lens functions for composite. (composite, data, lens, library, mit)2022-09-
composite-xml30.00RecXML Type (composite, data, library, mit, xml)2022-07-
composition700.033Combinators for unorthodox function composition (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-
composition-extra440.012Combinators for unorthodox structure composition (bsd3, data, library)2023-11-222.1.0athanclark
composition-prelude2212.032Higher-order function combinators (bsd3, control, data, library)2020-11-
composition-tree200.01Composition trees for arbitrary monoids. (bsd3, data, library)2018-05-
compositional-data (deprecated)51.250Compositional Data Types (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-12-
compound-types242.01Sum and Product types and such (data, library, mit, type-system, types)2020-04-
compressed312.01Compressed containers and reducers (bsd3, compression, data, library, mapreduce)2018-01-083.11EdwardKmett
comptrans120.01Automatically converting ASTs into compositional data types (bsd3, data, generics, library)2015-04-
conala-dataset30.00bindings to the CoNaLa dataset (ai, bsd3, data, library, machine-learning, nlp)2022-05-
concise820.02Utilities for Control.Lens.Cons (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2018-02-
concrete-haskell350.00Library for the Concrete data format. (data, library, program)2017-12-
concrete-haskell-autogen70.01Automatically generated Thrift definitions for the Concrete data format. (data, library)2017-09-
concrete-typerep80.03Binary and Hashable instances for TypeRep (bsd3, data, library)2013-01-
concurrent-batch70.01Concurrent batching queue based on STM with timeout. (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-
concurrent-buffer40.01Concurrent expanding buffer (data, library, mit)2017-10-260.1NikitaVolkov
concurrent-resource-map130.01Concurrent resource map (bsd3, data, library)2020-03-
condorcet40.01Library for Condorcet voting (bsd3, data, library)2008-02-260.0.1GwernBranwen
conduit6832.25586Streaming data processing library. (conduit, data, library, mit)2023-05-221.3.5MichaelSnoyman
conduit-combinators1580.061DEPRECATED Functionality merged into the conduit package itself (conduit, data, library, mit)2018-02-011.3.0MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
conduit-concurrent-map232.04Concurrent, order-preserving mapping Conduit (conduit, data, library, mit)2022-05-270.1.3NiklasHambuechen
conduit-extra3460.0210Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries. (conduit, data, library, mit)2022-05-101.3.6MichaelSnoyman
conduit-resumablesink100.01Allows conduit to resume sinks to feed multiple sources into it. (bsd3, conduit, data, library)2017-11-010.2AndrewMiller
conduit-throttle140.01Throttle Conduit Producers (bsd3, data, library)2017-12-
conduit-tokenize-attoparsec (deprecated)30.00Conduits for tokenizing streams. (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library, program)2016-01-310.1.0.0newhoggy, haskellworks
conffmt40.01A .conf file formatter (data, mit, program)2016-08-310.2.3.0yamadapc
confide110.01derive typeclass instances for decoding types from HOCON conf (bsd3, data, library)2018-03-
config-manager170.01Configuration management (configuration, data, gpl, library)2016-08-
configifier200.01parser for config files, shell variables, command line args. (agpl, configuration, data, library)2016-07-050.1.1MatthiasFischmann
configuration60.01Simple data type for application configuration. (bsd3, data, library)2012-12-070.1.1HiromiIshii
configurator461.7550Configuration management (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2014-07-
configurator-export120.01Pretty printer and exporter for configurations from the "configurator" library. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-05-
configurator-ng81.251The next generation of configuration management (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-10-310.0.0.1LeonSmith
configurator-pg802.01Reduced parser for configurator-ng config files (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2024-03-070.2.10vollmert, steve_chavez, LaurenceIsla
congruence-relation30.01Decidable congruence relations for Haskell: up to you whether this is a joke (data, library, mit)2014-12-
connection-pool230.01Connection pool built on top of resource-pool and streaming-commons. (bsd3, data, library, network)2018-03-030.2.2PeterTrsko
constaparser120.01Parse ByteStrings of a prescribed length. (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-
constrained70.01Generalization of standard Functor, Foldable, and Traversable classes (bsd2, data, library)2019-10-270.1SergeyVinokurov
constrained-dynamic100.01Dynamic typing with retained constraints (data, library, mit)2016-08-
constrained-platform-instances60.00Instances of standard platform types for 'constrained' package. (bsd2, data, library)2019-10-270.1SergeyVinokurov
constraint-tuples160.00Partially applicable constraint tuples (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-030.2ryanglscott
construct270.00Haskell version of the Construct library for easy specification of file formats (bsd3, data, library, parsing, serialization)2023-12-
container270.03Containers abstraction and utilities. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.6danilo2, iamrecursion
containers-accelerate30.00Hashing-based container types (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
containers-deepseq (deprecated in favor of containers)100.01Provide orphan NFData instances for containers as needed. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-
containers-verified50.01Formally verified drop-in replacement of containers (data, library, mit)2018-06-
context370.04Thread-indexed, nested contexts (data, library, mit)2024-03-
context-resource160.00Thread-safe, pool-compatible resource provider (data, library, mit)2023-09-
context-stack60.01An abstraction of a stack and stack-based monadic context. (data, library, mit)2014-08-
contiguous870.017Unified interface for primitive arrays (array, bsd3, data, library, primitive)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
contiguous-checked70.03contiguous with bounds checks (bsd3, data, library)2019-01-
contiguous-fft120.01dft of contiguous memory structures (bsd3, data, library)2019-02-
contravariant2762.5176Contravariant functors (bsd3, control, data, library)2021-07-271.5.5EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
control-monad-attempt (deprecated)130.03Monad transformer for attempt. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure, library)2012-01-, NicolasPouillard
conversion180.09Universal converter between values of different types (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2016-04-121.2.1NikitaVolkov
conversion-bytestring170.01"Conversion" instances for the "bytestring" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2022-05-
conversion-case-insensitive70.02"Conversion" instances for the "case-insensitive" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2015-04-
conversion-text210.04"Conversion" instances for the "text" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2022-05-
convert160.04Safe and unsafe data conversion utilities with strong type-level operation. checking. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.5.1danilo2, iamrecursion
convertible772.067Typeclasses and instances for converting between types (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-, JohnGoerzen, NicolasWu, rsoeldner, janus
convertible-ascii60.01convertible instances for ascii (data, failure, library, public-domain)2011-12-
convertible-text (deprecated)460.08Typeclasses and instances for converting between types (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure)2012-01-
coroutine-iteratee (deprecated)70.01Bridge between the monad-coroutine and iteratee packages. (concurrency, data, deprecated, library)2011-12-310.1.1MarioBlazevic
count80.01Bijective mappings between values and possibly infinite prefixes of [0..] (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-100.0.1Maxdamantus
countable200.02Countable, Searchable, Finite, Empty classes (bsd3, data, library)2022-04-291.2AshleyYakeley
counter92.01An object frequency counter. (data, library, mit)2017-09-
country-codes180.03ISO 3166 country codes and i18n names. (bsd3, data, library)2019-02-120.1.4FelipeLessa, JeanPhilippeMoresmau
coya90.00Coya monoids (bsd3, data, library, math)2020-07-
cpio-conduit70.03Conduit-based CPIO (apache, data, library)2015-08-040.7.0DanAloni
cpu392.026Cpu information and properties helpers. (bsd3, data, library)2013-11-120.1.2VincentHanquez
cqrs290.02Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (data, library, mit)2015-09-170.9.1BardurArantsson
cqrs-core30.03Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-memory50.00Memory backend for the cqrs package. (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-postgresql50.01PostgreSQL backend for the cqrs package. (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-sqlite3120.01SQLite3 backend for the cqrs package. (data, library, mit)2013-03-100.9.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-test50.01Command-Query Responsibility Segregation Test Support (data, library, mit)2013-03-100.9.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-testkit40.01Command-Query Responsibility Segregation Test Support (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-types100.05Command-Query Responsibility Segregation. Modules for the basic types. (data, library, mit)2015-09-170.9.1BardurArantsson
critbit140.02Crit-bit maps and sets (bsd3, data, library)2014-07-
crjdt-haskell100.01A Conflict-Free Replicated JSON Datatype for Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2017-05-280.3.0amarpotghan
crypt-sha51290.01Pure Haskell implelementation for GNU SHA512 crypt algorithm (bsd3, data, library)2017-07-020phadej
crypto-api1922.2580A generic interface for cryptographic operations (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2018-01-050.13.3ThomasDuBuisson, haskell_github_trust
crypto-api-tests490.01A test framework and KATs for cryptographic operations. (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2014-01-080.3ThomasDuBuisson
cryptohash1431.25156collection of crypto hashes, fast, pure and practical (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2016-03-250.11.9VincentHanquez
cryptohash-md51400.019Fast, pure and practical MD5 implementation (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2021-10-, phadej
cryptohash-sha11600.022Fast, pure and practical SHA-1 implementation (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2021-11-, phadej
cryptohash-sha2561792.2544Fast, pure and practical SHA-256 implementation (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2021-10-, HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej
cryptohash-sha512180.08Fast, pure and practical SHA-512 implementation (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2023-02-, phadej
crypton-x5092690.020X509 reader and writer (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-301.7.7KazuYamamoto
crypton-x509-store1330.09X.509 collection accessing and storing methods (bsd3, data, library)2023-06-061.6.9KazuYamamoto
crypton-x509-system1410.08Handle per-operating-system X.509 accessors and storage (bsd3, data, library)2023-06-061.6.7KazuYamamoto
crypton-x509-validation1480.09X.509 Certificate and CRL validation (bsd3, data, library)2023-06-061.6.12KazuYamamoto
css-syntax250.08High-performance CSS tokenizer and serializer. (data, library, mit)2024-05-, alcinnz
csv-conduit650.05A flexible, fast, conduit-based CSV parser library for Haskell. (bsd3, conduit, csv, data, library, text)2021-07-, OzgunAtaman
csv-enumerator230.02A flexible, fast, enumerator-based CSV parser library for Haskell. (bsd3, data, library)2013-01-
csv-sip30.00extracts data from a CSV file (data, gpl, library)2022-04-240.1.0jlamothe
csv-table80.01Scripts for manipulating tables stored as CSV files (data, library, mit)2016-04-
cuckoo200.00Haskell Implementation of Cuckoo Filters (bsd3, data, library)2021-10-210.3.1larsk
cuckoo-filter140.00Pure and impure Cuckoo Filter (data, library, mit, program)2018-12-
cudd190.02Bindings to the CUDD binary decision diagrams library (bsd3, data, library)2017-01-
currencies170.01Currencies representation, pretty printing and conversion (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-, DanielCampoverde
currency130.02Types representing standard and non-standard currencies (data, library)2013-09-
currency-codes240.03ISO-4217 Currency Codes (data, library, mit)2018-03-
currency-convert92.01Typesafe currency conversion (bsd3, data, library)2016-08-
curry60.01Curry types (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
cve80.01simple and efficient cve datatype (bsd3, data, library)2018-03-
cvss90.00Common Vulnerability Scoring System. (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-300.1frasertweedale
cybus70.00multi-dimensional arrays (bsd3, containers, data, library, program)2022-04-
czipwith300.03CZipWith class and deriving via TH (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-, fozworth, dukerutledge
d10412.02Digits 0-9 (data, library, mit)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
dahdit190.02Binary parsing and serialization with integrated size (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-290.5.1ejconlon
data-accessor1730.062Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-, LukePalmer
data-accessor-monadLib60.01Accessor functions for monadLib's monads (data, library, monads)2009-02-110.0.1RussellOConnor
data-accessor-monads-fd140.02Use Accessor to access state in monads-fd State monad class (bsd3, data, library)2011-02-
data-accessor-monads-tf140.01Use Accessor to access state in monads-tf State monad type family (bsd3, data, library)2012-04-
data-accessor-mtl250.04Use Accessor to access state in mtl State monad class (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-
data-accessor-template610.09Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records (bsd3, data, library)2018-08-310.2.1.16HenningThielemann, LukePalmer
data-accessor-transformers1320.011Use Accessor to access state in transformers State monad (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-
data-as80.00Simple extensible sum (data, library, mit)2020-11-
data-ascii (deprecated in favor of ascii)130.01Type-safe, bytestring-based ASCII values (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2021-02-, Monoid_Mary
data-binary-ieee754 (deprecated in favor of binary, cereal)1160.065Parser/Serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values (data, deprecated, library, mit)2013-07-070.4.4JohnMillikin
data-bword640.03Extra operations on binary words of fixed length (bsd3, data, library)2022-08-
data-carousel60.02A rotating sequence data structure (data, library, mit)2014-11-
data-cell100.04Generic cellular data representation library (bsd3, data, library)2015-07-
data-check (deprecated)60.01Library for checking and normalization of data (e.g. from web forms) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, web)2017-05-210.1.1mrkkrp
data-checked530.02Type-indexed runtime-checked properties (bsd3, data, library)2014-02-090.3MikhailVorozhtsov
data-combinator-gen110.00Generate a special combinator from any data type. (data, library, mit)2019-05-
data-compat120.00Define Backwards Compatibility Schemes for Arbitrary Data (data, library, mit)2022-09-
data-constructors70.02Generically compare data by their constructors (bsd3, data, library)2017-09-
data-cycle80.01a cyclic doubly linked list (bsd3, data, library)2012-03-100.1.2TobiasBrandt
data-default1992.5790A class for types with a default value (bsd3, data, library)2016-06-
data-default-class1780.0317A class for types with a default value (bsd3, data, library)2016-06-
data-default-extra90.02A class for types with a default value. (bsd3, data, library)2017-01-050.1.0PeterTrsko
data-default-generics80.01A class for types with a default value (bsd3, data, library)2014-02-200.3jcristovao
data-default-instances-base360.011Default instances for types in base (bsd3, data, library)2016-06-
data-default-instances-bytestring130.01Default instances for (lazy and strict) ByteString, Builder and ShortByteString. (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-070.0.1PeterTrsko
data-default-instances-case-insensitive110.01Default instance for CI type from case-insensitive package. (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-070.0.1PeterTrsko
data-default-instances-containers1660.04Default instances for types in containers (bsd3, data, library)2013-04-020.0.1LukasMai
data-default-instances-dlist1580.04Default instances for types in dlist (bsd3, data, library)2013-04-020.0.1LukasMai
data-default-instances-new-base150.01Default instances for types in newer versions of base package. (bsd3, data, library)2017-01-050.0.2PeterTrsko
data-default-instances-old-locale1650.04Default instances for types in old-locale (bsd3, data, library)2013-04-030.0.1LukasMai
data-default-instances-text90.01Default instances for (lazy and strict) Text and Text Builder. (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-070.0.1PeterTrsko
data-default-instances-unordered-containers130.01Default instances for unordered-containers. (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-070.0.1PeterTrsko
data-default-instances-vector110.02Default instances for types defined in vector package (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-070.0.1PeterTrsko
data-dispersal90.01Space-efficient and privacy-preserving data dispersal algorithms. (cryptography, data, lgpl, library)2014-10-
data-diverse960.06Extensible records and polymorphic variants. (bsd3, data, library, records)2023-05-
data-diverse-lens500.03Isos & Lens for Data.Diverse.Many and Prisms for Data.Diverse.Which (bsd3, data, library, records)2018-06-304.3.0.0louispan
data-dword920.014Stick two binary words together to get a bigger one (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-
data-easy110.02Consistent set of utility functions for Maybe, Either, List and Monoids. (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-260.7.0jcristovao
data-elevator50.01Coerce between unlifted boxed and lifted types. (data, library, mit)2022-11-
data-elf80.01Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) data structures. (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-230.2MikhailVorozhtsov
data-embed30.01Embed files and other binary blobs inside executables without Template Haskell. (data, library, mit, program)2016-01-
data-endian530.06Endian-sensitive data (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-070.1.1MikhailVorozhtsov
data-extend-generic100.01Extend Haskell data or newtype like in OOP languages (bsd3, data, library)2015-12-
data-filepath140.01A type safe file path data structure (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-, domdere
data-filter80.01Utilities for filtering (bsd2, data, library)2018-05-
data-fin120.01Finite totally ordered sets (bsd3, data, library)2014-08-
data-fin-simple60.01Simple integral finite set (bsd3, data, library)2015-06-
data-fix4642.2532Fixpoint data types (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-040.3.4AntonKholomiov, gelisam, phadej
data-fix-cse140.03Common subexpression elimination for the fixploint types. (bsd3, data, library)2020-08-020.0.3AntonKholomiov
data-flags230.08A package for working with bit masks and flags in general. (bsd3, data, library)2017-07-
data-flagset50.01An efficient data type for sets of flags (data, library, mit)2015-07-
data-foldapp110.01Fold function applications. Framework for variadic functions. (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
data-forced70.00Specify that lifted values were forced to WHNF or NF. (data, library, mit)2023-04-
data-function-meld100.01Map the arguments and return value of functions. (bsd3, data, library)2016-05-
data-function-tacit60.01Write functions in tacit (pointless) style using Applicative and De Bruijn index notation. (bsd3, data, library)2016-06-
data-has432.08Simple extensible product (bsd3, data, library)2020-12-
data-hash960.09Combinators for building fast hashing functions. (bsd3, data, library)2015-05-
data-index70.01Extending the concept of indices for lists and other containers (bsd3, data, library)2018-05-
data-interval630.06Interval datatype, interval arithmetic and interval-based containers (bsd3, data, library, math)2023-12-212.1.2MasahiroSakai, Bodigrim
data-inttrie580.03A simple lazy, infinite trie from integers (bsd3, data, library)2018-03-310.1.4LukePalmer, ThomasDuBuisson
data-ivar100.03Write-once variables with concurrency support (bsd3, concurrency, data, library)2008-10-200.30GregoryCrosswhite, LukePalmer
data-json-token (deprecated)80.00Json Token datatype (bsd3, data, deprecated, json, library, program)2016-02-, haskellworks
data-kiln40.01Sculpt mutable recursive data with reference equality; bake it using a data kiln into an immutable lazy structure (bsd3, data, library)2014-12-
data-layout60.01Read/write arbitrary binary layouts to a "Data.Vector.Storable". (bsd3, data, library)2013-10-
data-lens-light440.010Simple lenses, minimum dependencies (data, lenses, library, mit)2023-08-, srk
data-lens-template400.021Utilities for Data.Lens (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-172.2EdwardKmett, JoelBurget, RussellOConnor
data-list-sequences100.01Utilities for working with sequences within lists. (data, gpl, library)2011-08-130.1JonasKramer
data-list-zigzag120.01A list but with a balanced enumeration of Cartesian product. (bsd3, data, library)2018-02-
data-map-multikey90.01Data.Map with multiple, unique keys (data, library, mit)2015-05-
data-memocombinators462.018Combinators for building memo tables. (bsd3, data, library)2013-12-140.5.1DmitryMalikov, LukePalmer, ThomasDuBuisson
data-msgpack (deprecated in favor of msgpack-binary)382.011A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2020-02-290.0.13iphydf
data-msgpack-types (deprecated in favor of msgpack-types)170.04A Haskell implementation of MessagePack. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-02-290.0.3iphydf
data-nat90.01data Nat = Zero | Succ Nat (bsd3, data, library, math)2012-09-230.1.2GaborLehel
data-object (deprecated in favor of aeson)340.016Represent hierachichal structures, called objects in JSON. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-
data-or150.02A data type for non-exclusive disjunction. (bsd3, data, library)2021-10-, WrenRomano
data-ordlist702.2522Set and bag operations on ordered lists (bsd3, data, library, list)2014-11-
data-partition140.02A pure disjoint set (union find) data structure (bsd3, data, library)2015-04-
data-pdf-fieldreader60.00Read PDF form fields (data, library, mit, program)2021-08-
data-quotientref30.01Reference cells that need two independent indices to be accessed. (bsd3, data, library)2008-10-200.1LukePalmer
data-ref380.03Unify STRef and IORef in plain Haskell 98 (bsd3, data, library)2023-02-150.1HenningThielemann
data-reify470.013Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph. (bsd3, data, language, library, parsing, reflection)2020-10-120.6.3AndyGill, ryanglscott
data-reify-cse70.01Common Sub-Expression Elimination for graphs generated by Data.Reify. (bsd3, data, language, library)2013-05-080.0.3SebastiaanVisser
data-rev60.01A typeclass for reversing order of contents. (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-
data-rope40.01Ropes, an alternative to (Byte)Strings. (data, library)2011-02-110.3PierreEtienneMeunier
data-serializer660.03Common API for serialization libraries (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-040.3.5MikhailVorozhtsov
data-spacepart (deprecated in favor of spacepart)90.01Deprecated. Now called "spacepart". Space partitioning data structures. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-02-1620090215.0CoreyOConnor
data-standards90.01A collection of standards representable by simple data types. (data, library, mpl)2018-07-
data-store150.01Type safe, in-memory dictionary with multidimensional keys. (bsd3, data, library)2013-08-
data-sword140.02Shorter binary words (bsd3, data, library)2022-09-
data-tensor70.01Tensor and Group typeclasses (data, library, mit)2015-06-
data-textual620.06Human-friendly textual representations. (bsd3, data, library, text)2019-11-
data-timeout140.0164-bit timeouts of nanosecond precision (bsd3, concurrency, data, library)2018-10-220.3.1MikhailVorozhtsov
data-transform130.01Functions to transform data structures. (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-
data-treify130.03Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph. (bsd3, data, language, library, parsing, reflection-)2014-03-180.3.4ConalElliott
data-type80.04Basic type wrangling types and classes (bsd3, data, library, type-system)2011-09-230.1.0IainAlexander
data-util140.01utilities for handle data (bsd3, data, development, library, utils)2015-09-080.5KatsutoshiItoh
data-validation162.00A library for creating type safe validations. (apache, data, library)2021-02-, sambolias, DevinLyons
data-variant180.02A variant data type, useful for modeling dynamically-typed programming languages (bsd3, data, library)2014-07-310.28.0.5TobiasDammers
data-vector-growable80.00Dynamic growable resizable mutable generic vector (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2020-12-240.0.1FumiakiKinoshita
datasets392.01Classical data sets for statistics and machine learning (data, data-mining, library, machine-learning, mit, statistics)2019-02-120.4.0glutamate, ocramz, stites
date-conversions80.01Date conversions (data, date, library, mit)2018-02-
dates370.07Small library for parsing different dates formats. (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-
datetime220.010Utilities to make Data.Time.* easier to use (data, library)2015-07-200.3.1EricSessoms, EugenyDzhurinsky, jsl, stackbuilders
datetime-sb100.01Utilities to make Data.Time.* easier to use. (data, library)2015-05-280.2.4jsl
dawg300.09Directed acyclic word graphs (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2013-07-220.11JakubWaszczuk
dawg-ord292.01Directed acyclic word graphs (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2020-09-
ddate30.01Discordian Date Types for Haskell (data, gpl, library)2016-06-300.1.0.0hellerve
dec2890.04Decidable propositions. (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library)2024-05-170.0.6phadej
decision-diagrams90.00Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) and Zero-suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams (ZDD) (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, logic)2021-11-
deep-map130.00Deeply-nested, multiple key type maps. (bsd3, data, library, statistics)2024-02-
defun30.00Defunctionalization helpers (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-120.1phadej
defun-bool30.00Defunctionalization helpers: booleans (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-100.1phadej
defun-core80.00Defunctionalization helpers: core definitions (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-100.1phadej
defun-sop30.00Defunctionalization helpers: lists (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-100.1phadej
deiko-config90.02Small and typesafe configuration library. (bsd3, data, library)2017-11-
delimited-text260.03Parse character delimited textual data (bsd3, data, library)2011-03-230.3.0DonaldStewart, StefanKersten
delta170.00A library for detecting file changes (data, lgpl, library, program)2015-07-
dense100.01Mutable and immutable dense multidimensional arrays (bsd3, data, library)2020-11-
dense-int-set70.01Dense int-set (data, library, mit)2018-10-080.3NikitaVolkov
dependent-hashmap150.01Dependent hash maps (bsd3, data, library)2020-03-
dependent-map1672.537Dependent finite maps (partial dependent products) (data, dependent-types, library)2020-03-, JamesCook, RyanTrinkle, abrar, 3noch
dependent-monoidal-map180.02Dependent map that uses semigroup mappend (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-, RyanTrinkle, abrar
dependent-state60.01Control structure similar to Control.Monad.State, allowing multiple nested states, distinguishable by provided phantom types. (apache, data, library)2016-01-301.0.1danilo2, iamrecursion
dependent-sum2692.2559Dependent sum type (data, dependent-types, library, public-domain)2022-12-, JamesCook, JohnEricson, RyanTrinkle, abrar, 3noch, DanBornside
depq202.01Double-ended priority queues (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-structures, library)2021-04-120.4.2ocramz
deque1882.08Double-ended queues (data, library, mit)2023-11-
derive-IG50.01Macro to derive instances for Instant-Generics using Template Haskell (bsd3, data, generics, library)2010-09-060.1.1HiromiIshii
derive-enumerable90.01Generic instances for enumerating complex data types (data, generics, gpl, library)2022-11-180.2.0mgoszcz2, theunixman
derive-lifted-instances230.01Derive class instances though various kinds of lifting (apache, data, development, generics, library)2020-10-030.2.2SjoerdVisscher
derive-prim70.00Derive Prim and PrimUnaligned (data, development, generics, gpl, library)2024-05-
derive-trie100.02Automatic derivation of Trie implementations. (bsd3, data, library)2012-02-080.2.1AndreasBaldeau
deriveJsonNoPrefix120.01Derive ToJSON/FromJSON instances in a more prefix-friendly manner. (apache, data, library)2018-07-
describe440.00Combinators for describing binary data structures (bsd3, data, library)2020-02-
descrilo240.01Loads a list of items with fields (configuration, data, gpl, library, parser)2018-11-
detour-via-sci100.02JSON and CSV encoding for rationals as decimal point numbers. (csv, data, json, library, math, mpl, numeric)2018-06-221.0.0philderbeast
detour-via-uom30.01JSON and CSV encoding for quantities. (csv, data, json, library, math, mpl, numeric, physics)2018-06-221.0.0philderbeast
dgim70.01Implementation of DGIM algorithm (algorithms, data, library, mit)2015-04-040.0.3musically_ut
dhall-secret90.00Encrypt Decrypt Dhall expressions (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-03-100.5.53oyanglulu
dice-entropy-conduit160.02Cryptographically secure n-sided dice via rejection sampling (cryptography, data, lgpl, library)2020-05-
dicom100.01A library for reading and writing DICOM files in the Explicit VR Little Endian transfer syntax. (data, gpl, library, medical)2015-12-, karchie
diff-loc80.00Map file locations across diffs (data, library, mit)2022-12-
diff3280.01Perform a 3-way difference of documents (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-300.3.1OliverCharles
diffmap (deprecated in favor of patience)40.01diff on maps (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-06-
digit682.012A data-type representing digits 0-9 and other combinations (bsd3, data, library)2023-11-090.15TonyMorris, qfpl
digits390.08Converts integers to lists of digits and back. (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-080.3.1HenryBucklow
digraph300.00Directed Graphs (bsd3, data, library, mathematics)2023-02-030.3.0larsk, fosskers
direct-binary-files40.01Serialization and deserialization monads for streams and ByteStrings. (bsd3, data, library)2012-12-101.0IreneKnapp
direct-murmur-hash80.02An implementation of the MurmurHash3 algorithm (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-241.0.1IreneKnapp, dmbarbour
directory-tree952.2519A simple directory-like tree datatype, with useful IO functions (bsd3, data, library, system)2016-09-050.12.1BrandonSimmons
dirfiles160.01 (bsd3, data, library)2014-09-
discrete40.01replacement for enum (bsd3, data, library)2018-09-
discrete-intervals90.01Discrete Intervals (bsd3, data, library)2017-12-170.0.3chessai
discrete-space-map190.01A discrete space map. (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-130.0.5SjoerdVisscher
discrimination382.56Fast generic linear-time sorting, joins and container construction. (bsd3, data, library, sorting)2022-06-150.5AnthonyCowley, EdwardKmett, phadej, ryanglscott, GeorgeWilson
disjoint-set70.01Persistent disjoint-sets, a.k.a union-find. (bsd3, data, library)2012-10-150.2MaxwellSayles
disjoint-set-stateful60.01Monadic disjoint set (data, library, mit)2017-04-
diskhash272.01Disk-based hash table (data, library, mit)2019-11-
dlist2912.0228Difference lists (bsd3, data, library)2020-07-181.0DonaldStewart, SeanLeather
dlist-instances420.03Difference lists instances (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-, MichaelSnoyman, SeanLeather
dlist-nonempty170.02Non-empty difference lists (bsd3, data, library)2023-04-120.1.3phadej
do-list180.01Do notation for free (bsd3, data, library, list, syntax)2016-09-191.0.1TarasSerduke
dockerfile170.01A Haskell DSL for generating Dockerfiles (data, library, mit)2018-09-140.2.0ChristopherReichert
docrecords30.01Vinyl-based records with hierarchical field names, default values and documentation (cli, data, json, library, mit, options, parsing, records)2019-10-
doldol130.00Flag packer & handler for flaggable data (bsd3, data, library)2019-07-
dot200.02Datatypes and encoding for graphviz dot files (bsd3, data, graphics, graphs, library)2019-03-150.3andrewthad, chessai
dotnet-timespan110.01.NET TimeSpan (bsd3, data, library)2016-03-
double-metaphone90.02Haskell bindings to a C double-metaphone implementation. (data, library)2016-03-080.0.2ChristianMarie
doublezip70.01Some special functions to work with lists (with zip). (data, library, mit)2021-02-
dson120.01Haskell Doge Serialized Object Notation Parser (data, gpl, library)2019-05-
dson-parsec70.01DSON parser. (data, library, mit)2014-06-
dstring210.05Difference strings (bsd3, data, library)2012-09-
dtab180.01Harmonix (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) DTA/DTB metadata library (bsd3, data, library, program)2021-02-231.2mtolly
dtd-text140.02Parse and render XML DTDs (bsd3, data, library, parsing, text, xml)2014-01-, M15K
dtd-types170.03Basic types for representing XML DTDs (bsd3, data, library, text, xml)2018-11-, M15K
dual-tree1100.05Rose trees with cached and accumulating monoidal annotations (bsd3, data, library)2022-08-, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
dublincore-xml-conduit190.01XML streaming parser/renderer for the Dublin Core standard elements. (data, library, public-domain)2023-08-
dwarf120.03Parser for DWARF debug format. (bsd3, data, library)2010-03-210.23ErikCharlebois
dwarf-el140.02Parser for DWARF debug format. (bsd3, data, library)2018-03-180.3EyalLotem
dynamic-graphs70.00Dynamic graph algorithms (bsd3, data, library)2019-01-, JasperVanDerJeugt
dynamic-mvector150.01A wrapper around MVector that enables pushing, popping and extending. (bsd3, data, library)2017-03-
dynamic-object130.01Object-oriented programming with duck typing and singleton classes. (bsd3, data, library)2013-01-150.2.1TakayukiMuranushi
dynamic-pipeline270.00Library Type Safe implementation of Dynamic Pipeline Paradigm (DPP). (bsd3, data, data-flow, library, parallel, pipes, program, streaming, type-safe)2021-08-
dynamic-state530.03Optionally serializable dynamic state keyed by type (data, gpl, library, yi)2018-06-070.3.1DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk, fread2281, JaroReinders
edit120.01A monad for rewriting things. (bsd3, data, library)2018-09-
edit-distance-vector330.03Calculate edit distances and edit scripts between vectors. (algorithms, bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2016-05-
edit-lenses80.01Symmetric, stateful edit lenses (bsd3, data, library)2012-01-270.2DanielWagner
edit-lenses-demo80.01Programs demoing the use of symmetric, stateful edit lenses (bsd3, data, program)2016-07-240.1.1DanielWagner
editable80.01Interactive editors for Generics (bsd2, data, library)2014-10-
edits90.00show the differences between 2 pieces of Text using the Levenshtein distance (data, library, mit)2022-09-
eigen531.56Eigen C++ library (linear algebra: matrices, sparse matrices, vectors, numerical solvers). (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, data, library, math, numeric, statistics)2018-12-, chessai
either-both (deprecated)150.01Either or both (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-08-
either-list-functions242.02Functions involving lists of Either (apache, data, library)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
either-result300.01The simplest ‘MonadFail’ instance (apache, data, library)2020-08-
either-semigroup30.00Either with a stricter Semigroup instance (bsd2, data, library)2024-03-270.0.0melaniebrown
either-unwrap (deprecated in favor of either)100.022Functions for probing and unwrapping values inside of Either. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-11-301.1GregoryCrosswhite
elasticsearch-interchange50.00Serialization of Elasticsearch requests and responses (bsd3, data, library)2023-05-310.2.0.0andrewthad
elerea-sdl80.01Elerea FRP wrapper for SDL (data, library)2012-12-150.1.1StephenWeber
elf380.04An Elf parser (bsd3, data, library)2021-10-080.31ErikCharlebois, wangbj
elm-export-persistent120.01elm-export persistent entities (data, database, library, mit, web)2021-01-091.0.0WilliamCasarin
empty-monad60.01A container that always has no values. (bsd3, data, library)2017-02-
encode-string70.01Safe string conversion and encoding (data, library, mit, string, text)2017-03-
encoding-io40.01Encoding-aware file I/O. (bsd3, data, library)2016-08-050.0.1terrorjack
endo260.01Endomorphism utilities. (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-
engineering-units110.01A numeric type for managing and automating engineering units. (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-030.0.2TomHawkins
entropy2710.051A platform independent entropy source (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2022-08-
enum-subset-generate160.01Generate an ADT being a subset of another ADT, and the corresponding mappings. (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-
enum-types120.02small enum types (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-
enumerable100.03A typeclass for enumerating all values a type (bsd3, data, library)2009-08-160.0.3DanielPeebles
enumerate170.01enumerate all the values in a finite type (automatically) (data, library, mit, program)2017-05-020.2.2sboo
enumeration (deprecated in favor of cantor-pairing, finitary, smallcheck)150.01A practical API for building recursive enumeration procedures and enumerating datatypes. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, serialization, test, testing)2019-12-210.2.0emc2, Bodigrim
enumerator (deprecated)710.098Reliable, high-performance processing with left-fold enumerators (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)2013-10-130.4.20JohnMillikin
enumfun50.01Finitely represented /total/ EnumMaps (bsd3, data, library)2012-10-
enummapmap160.01Map of maps using Enum types as keys (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2014-02-010.7.0MatthewWest
enummapset-th180.012TH-generated EnumSet/EnumMap wrappers around IntSet/IntMap. (bsd3, data, library)2020-07-220.6.2FumiakiKinoshita, LiyangHu, MateuszKowalczyk, MitsutoshiAoe, haskell_github_trust
enumset330.011Sets of enumeration values represented by machine words (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2021-07-260.1HenningThielemann
envy-extensible90.00Provides FromEnv in envy instance for Record of extensible. (bsd3, data, library, record)2020-02-
equivalence1420.03Maintaining an equivalence relation implemented as union-find using STT. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library)2022-07-260.4.1AndreasAbel, PatrickBahr
error252.01The canonical error type (data, error-handling, library, mit)2022-10-
error-or210.03Composable, hierarchical errors. (bsd3, data, library)2022-06-160.3.0luntain
error-or-utils110.00Utilities using ErrorOr datatype (bsd3, data, library, testing)2021-07-170.2.0luntain
esqueleto-compat30.00Compatibility operators for Persistent and Esqueleto (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-
ess40.01The type-level S combinator in Haskell. (data, library, mit)2015-04-
eths-rlp80.01Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding (contracts, data, ethereum, finance, library, mit, network)2016-12-
euler-tour-tree120.01Euler tour trees (data, library, public-domain)2018-09-
event-handlers60.02Event handlers (control, data, library, public-domain)2008-12-
event-list530.024Event lists with relative or absolute time stamps (data, library)2024-02-260.1.3HenningThielemann
every-bit-counts50.01A functional pearl on encoding and decoding using question-and-answer strategies (bsd3, data, library)2010-09-270.1DonaldStewart
ex-pool200.02Another fork of resource-pool, with a MonadIO and MonadCatch constraint (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-070.2.1KimAltintop
exact-pi930.04Exact rational multiples of pi (and integer powers of pi) (data, library, mit)2022-04-, Bodigrim
exinst302.07Dependent pairs and their instances. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-010.9RenzoCarbonara
exinst-aeson200.01@exinst@ support for @aeson@ package. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-010.9RenzoCarbonara
exinst-base30.00@exinst@ support for @base@ package. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-010.9RenzoCarbonara
exinst-bytes240.01@exinst@ support for @bytes@ package. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-010.9RenzoCarbonara
exinst-cereal100.01@exinst@ support for @cereal@ package. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-010.9RenzoCarbonara
exinst-deepseq (deprecated in favor of exinst)70.01Derive instances for the `deepseq` library for your existential types. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-10-130.2RenzoCarbonara
exinst-hashable (deprecated in favor of exinst)100.01Derive instances for the `hashable` library for your existential types. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-10-130.2RenzoCarbonara
exinst-serialise110.01Dependent pairs and their instances. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-010.9RenzoCarbonara
existential70.01Existential types with lens-like accessors. (data, library, mit)2016-10-, bandali
explicit-constraint-lens50.01Fully-flexible polymorphic lenses, without any bizarre profunctors (data, gpl, library)2017-12-300.1.0.0leftaroundabout
express560.03Dynamically-typed expressions involving function application and variables. (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-031.0.16rudymatela
expressions351.51Expressions and Formulae a la carte (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)2019-04-300.5jakubdaniel
expressions-z3250.01Encode and Decode expressions from Z3 ASTs (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)2019-04-300.5jakubdaniel
extend-record-data-th70.00TH to define a new record data type that extends the existing record data type. (bsd3, data, library)2019-07-
extensible1660.017Extensible, efficient, optics-friendly data types and effects (bsd3, data, library, records)2022-05-260.9FumiakiKinoshita
extensible-data130.01Sums/products/lists/trees which can be extended in other modules (data, library, public-domain)2012-02-
extensible-sp52.01light-weight, extensible sums and products over types and kinds (data, library, mit)2017-04-
extra-data-yj70.02Additional data types (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-
extractable-singleton150.08A functor, where the "stored" value is isomorphic to Identity (bsd3, data, library)2017-05-100.0.1athanclark
f-algebra-gen80.00Generate a special f-algebra combinator from any data type. (data, library, mit)2019-07-
facts50.01Refined types (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-
fadno-braids230.02Braid representations in Haskell (algebra, bsd2, data, library, math)2024-01-200.2spopejoy
failable-list (deprecated in favor of enumerator)60.03A list-like type for lazy streams, which might terminate with an error. (bsd3, data, deprecated, error-handling, library)2009-12-070.2JohnMillikin
fair40.00Lists with fair choice (bsd3, data, library)2019-04-
fair-predicates90.01Fair Predicates (data, library, public-domain)2009-03-250.1.1SebastianFischer
fake180.01Randomly generated fake data (bsd3, data, library)2021-05-060.1.2DougBeardsley
fallible60.01 (bsd3, data, library)2020-02-130.1.0matsubara0507
familiar-reflection (deprecated)40.01Reifies arbitrary terms into types that can be reflected back into terms (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, reflection)2018-05-
family-tree360.01A family tree library for the Haskell programming language. (bsd3, data, genealogy, library)2015-04-160.5.1NathanVanDoorn
fast-builder640.08Fast ByteString Builder (data, library, public-domain)2021-08-
fast-digits240.02Integer-to-digits conversion. (data, gpl, library)2023-07-
fast-nats60.01Natural Numbers with no overhead (data, library, mit)2016-12-
fasta560.06A simple, mindless parser for fasta files. (data, gpl, library)2017-02-
fastsum260.02A fast open-union type suitable for 100+ contained alternatives (bsd3, data, library)2022-02-
fay-text250.06Fay Text type represented as JavaScript strings (data, fay, library, mit, text)2015-02-
fca40.01Algo for Formal Concept Analysis (agpl, data, library)2014-07-
fclabels1362.2550First class accessor labels implemented as lenses. (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2021-05-, ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
fclabels-monadlib130.01MonadLib monadic interface for the "fclabels" package. (bsd3, data, library)2012-04-030.2.1BardurArantsson
fields40.01First-class record field combinators with infix record field syntax. (bsd3, data, library)2010-08-110.1.0JussiKnuuttila
fieldwise40.01Provides Fieldwise typeclass for operations of fields of records treated as independent components. (bsd2, data, library)2014-07-
file-embed3672.5149Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly. (bsd2, data, library)2024-01-
file-embed-lzma712.06Use Template Haskell to embed (LZMA compressed) data. (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-030.1phadej
file-embed-poly (deprecated)40.02Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-08-020.1.0
filecache440.02A cache system associating values to files. (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-130.5.0SimonMarechal
filediff340.01Diffing and patching module (bsd3, data, library)2015-05-252.0.0bgwines
filestore1030.08Interface for versioning file stores. (bsd3, data, library)2020-08-280.6.5GwernBranwen, JohnMacFarlane
filesystem-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-combinators)270.04Use system-filepath data types with conduits. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit)2014-03-
filesystem-trees201.253Recursively manipulate and traverse filesystems as lazy rose trees. (bsd3, data, library, system)2015-05-
filters-basic100.01Allows to change the structure of the function output. (RealFrac, data, filters, library, mit)2023-01-310.2.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
filtrable1240.04Class of filtrable containers (bsd3, data, library)2020-08-300.1.6.0MatthewFarkasDyck
fin2392.014Nat and Fin: peano naturals and finite numbers (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library, math, singletons)2024-06-080.3.1phadej
fin-int90.04Finite sets of static size (apache, data, library)2023-03-
fingertree-tf40.01Generic finger-tree structure using type families. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2014-10-
finitary342.03A better, more type-safe Enum. (data, gpl, library)2024-05-, sheaf
finitary-derive150.00Flexible and easy deriving of type classes for finitary types. (data, gpl, library)2021-02-, sheaf
finitary-optics60.00Prisms and Isos between finitary types. (data, gpl, library)2020-06-, sheaf
finite-field230.04Finite Fields (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2021-01-020.10.0MasahiroSakai
finite-table100.00Types isomorphic to Fin, and Tables indexed by them. (apache, data, library)2021-09-
finite-typelits1392.019A type inhabited by finitely many values, indexed by type-level naturals (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-
first-and-last60.01First and Last generalized to return up to n values (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-
first-class-patterns262.251First class patterns and pattern matching, using type families (bsd3, data, library, pattern)2019-10-, ReinerPope, vrom911
fit140.01FIT file decoder (bsd3, data, fitness, library, parsing)2016-03-040.5.2mgiles
fitsio60.01A library for reading and writing data files in the FITS data format. (data, library, physics)2008-12-310.2EricSessoms
fixed-length320.07Lists with statically known length based on non-empty package. (bsd3, data, library)2022-09-
fixed-list80.05A fixed length list type (bsd3, data, library)2015-05-100.1.6JobVranish
fixed-point (deprecated)180.03Binary fixed-point arithmetic (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-point-vector (deprecated)60.01Unbox instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-point-vector-space (deprecated)50.01vector-space instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-vector1010.012Generic vectors with statically known size. (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-311.2.3.0AlexeyKhudyakov
fixed-vector-binary120.01Binary instances for fixed-vector (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-
fixed-vector-cborg90.01Binary instances for fixed-vector (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-
fixed-vector-cereal90.01Cereal instances for fixed-vector (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-
fixed-vector-hetero330.01Library for working with product types generically (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-
fixedprec300.02A fixed-precision real number type (bsd3, data, library, math)2018-11-
fixfile162.01File-backed recursive data structures. (data, lgpl, library)2017-01-
fixpoint90.02Data types as fixpoints (bsd3, data, library)2008-10-140.1.1RomanLeshchinskiy
fixtime140.01Some fixes to the time package (bsd2, data, library)2014-11-
flag60.01A simple flag type. (data, library, mit)2023-04-
flag-dhall-instance50.00FromDhall and ToDhall instances for flag. (data, dhall, library, mit)2023-04-
flat1302.255Principled and efficient bit-oriented binary serialization. (bsd3, data, library, parsing, serialization)2022-11-070.6PasqualinoAssini
flat-maybe40.01Strict Maybe without space and indirection overhead (bsd3, data, library)2015-11-
flatbuffers102.00Haskell implementation of the FlatBuffers protocol. (bsd3, data, library, network, serialization)2024-02-
flay190.01Generic programming for higher-kinded types. (bsd3, data, generics, library)2024-05-270.5RenzoCarbonara
flexible-time100.01simple extension of Data.UnixTime. (data, library, mit)2015-02-
flexiwrap70.02Flexible wrappers (bsd3, data, library)2011-09-230.1.0IainAlexander
flexiwrap-smallcheck50.01SmallCheck (Serial) instances for flexiwrap (bsd3, data, library)2011-09-230.0.1IainAlexander
flight-igc80.01A parser for IGC files. (data, library, mpl, parsing)2018-09-111.0.0philderbeast
flight-kml60.01Parsing of pilot tracklogs dumped as KML. (data, flight, geography, gps, kml, library, mpl, parsing, xml)2018-09-111.0.1philderbeast
float-binstring70.01C99 printf "%a" style formatting and parsing (bsd3, data, library, numerical)2014-07-230.2AntonNikishaev
floating-bits120.02Bitwise accurate floating point conversion, and Unit of Lease Precision calculation. (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-, Juri_
fmlist1550.05FoldMap lists (bsd3, data, library)2020-08-180.9.4SjoerdVisscher
focus1822.017A general abstraction for manipulating elements of container data structures (containers, data, library, mit)2023-10-
foldable-ix120.07Functions to find out the indices of the elements in the Foldable structures (data, library, mit)2023-01-
foldable1-classes-compat1480.010Compatibility package for the Foldable1 and Bifoldable1 type classes (bsd3, compatibility, data, library)2023-02-240.1ryanglscott
folds562.05Beautiful Folding (bsd3, comonads, data, enumerator, library)2022-05-180.7.8EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
folds-common80.01A playground of common folds for folds (data, library, mit)2014-12-300.2.0.0jozefg
forms-data-format100.01Parse and serialize FDF, the Forms Data Format (bsd3, data, library, text)2024-03-010.2.1MarioBlazevic
foscam-directory200.01Foscam File format (bsd3, data, file, library)2016-11-260.0.8TonyMorris
foscam-filename90.02Foscam File format (bsd3, data, file, library, parsing)2015-11-190.0.4TonyMorris
foscam-sort90.01Foscam File format (bsd3, data, file, library, parsing, program)2016-11-260.0.3TonyMorris
fraction200.04Fractions (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-
free-functors910.01Free functors, adjoint to functors that forget class constraints. (bsd3, category-theory, data, library, math)2020-10-051.2.1SjoerdVisscher
freq160.00Are you ready to get freaky? (data, library, mit, text)2019-04-290.1.1chessai
frontmatter260.04Parses frontmatter as used in Jekyll markdown files. (data, library, mit)2015-12-
fsmActions190.01Finite state machines and FSM actions (bsd3, data, library)2012-12-140.4.4AndyGimblett
fsnotify-conduit160.01Get filesystem notifications as a stream of events (conduit, data, library, mit)2018-06-
ftree90.01Depth-typed functor-based trees, both top-down and bottom-up (bsd3, data, library)2019-02-080.1.5ConalElliott
full-text-search250.01In-memory full text search engine (bsd3, data, library, search, text)2023-03-, DuncanCoutts, MikolajKonarski
functional-kmp80.01KMP implemented on haskell's built-in cons-cell-based lists. (bsd3, data, library)2015-11-
functor-classes-compat250.02Data.Functor.Classes instances for core packages (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-
functor-combinators450.01Tools for functor combinator-based program design (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-
functor-combo380.02Functor combinators with tries & zippers (bsd3, data, library)2015-05-040.3.6ConalElliott
functor-infix142.05Infix operators for mapping over compositions of functors. Lots of them. (data, library, mit)2017-04-230.0.5vi
functor-monadic160.02Monad-style combinators for functors. (apache, data, library)2015-05-, jtapolczai2
functor-products180.02General functor products for various Foldable instances (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
functor-utils120.02Collection of functor utilities, providing handy operators, like generalization of (.). (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.17.2danilo2, iamrecursion
fusion (deprecated in favor of streaming)100.01Effectful streaming library based on shortcut fusion techniques (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-08-120.2.0JohnWiegley
fuzzyset820.01Fuzzy set data structure for approximate string matching (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-080.3.2arbelos
fvars60.00Fast Mutable Vars (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-
game-tree60.01Searching game trees with alpha-beta pruning (data, library)2009-03-
garfield90.01TBA (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-
gather50.00An applicative for parsing unordered things, heterogenous sorting (bsd3, data, library, parsing, sorting)2020-05-
gc182.01Poor Richard's Memory Manager (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-130.1EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
gdiff130.02Generic diff and patch (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-271.1AndresLoeh, EelcoLempsink
general-prelude (deprecated)80.01Prelude replacement using generalized type classes where possible (bsd3, control, data, deprecated, library)2012-12-180.1.2JohnWiegley
generic-accessors340.03stringly-named getters for generic data (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-
generic-aeson670.07Derivation of Aeson instances using GHC generics. (bsd3, data, library)2022-06-, AlejandroSerrano, ErikHesselink
generic-binary60.01Generic Data.Binary derivation using GHC generics. (bsd3, data, generics, library)2011-11-121.0.1SebastiaanVisser
generic-data-asserts (deprecated in favor of generic-type-asserts)60.01Structural assertions on generic data representations. (data, deprecated, generics, library, mit, serialization)2024-04-050.2.0raehik
generic-data-functions260.01Familiar functions lifted to generic data types (data, generics, library, mit, serialization)2024-06-150.6.0raehik
generic-labels30.00Generically extract and replace collections of record fields (bsd3, data, generics, library, records)2021-02-
generic-lexicographic-order32.00Derive Bounded and Enum for sum types and Enum for product types (bsd3, data, library)2022-08-
generic-match210.00First class pattern matching (data, library, mit)2021-08-
generic-monoid920.05Derive monoid instances for product types. (bsd3, data, library)2020-06-
generic-storable40.01Generic implementation of Storable (bsd3, data, library)2012-05-
generic-trie242.04A map, where the keys may be complex structured data. (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-10-150.3.2EricMertens, dfeuer
generic-type-asserts70.00Structural assertions on generic type representations. (data, generics, library, mit, type)2024-04-100.3.0raehik
generic-type-functions70.00Familiar functions lifted to type-level functions on generic types (data, generics, library, mit, types)2024-04-100.1.0raehik
generic-xmlpickler180.03Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using GHC Generics (bsd3, data, library, xml)2019-11-, ErikHesselink
generics-sop-lens360.01Lenses for types in generics-sop (bsd3, data, generics, library)2024-07-040.2.1phadej
genericserialize30.01Serialization library using Data.Generics (bsd3, data, library)2008-03-160.1GwernBranwen
genvalidity-typed-uuid200.00Generators for Phantom-Typed version of UUID (data, library, mit)2021-11-
geo-uk220.01High precision conversion between GPS and UK Grid (bsd3, data, library)2016-11-
geohash140.01Geohash latitudes and longitudes. (bsd3, data, library)2009-10-241.0.1MariusEriksen
geojson760.04A thin GeoJSON Layer above the aeson library (bsd3, data, library)2023-05-314.1.1domdere, newmana
geojson-types110.01GeoJSON data types including JSON/BSON conversion. (bsd3, data, library)2016-05-160.1.3alios
ghc-compact170.08In memory storage of deeply evaluated data structure (bsd3, data, library)2017-07-, HerbertValerioRiedel, wz1000
ghc-symbol30.00Symbol on term level (bsd3, data, library)2022-09-040phadej
ghci-hexcalc152.01GHCi as a Hex Calculator interactive (bsd3, data, library)2019-07-
ghcjs-promise110.01Bidirectional bidings to javascript's promise. (bsd3, data, library)2016-11-
ghost-buster110.01Existential type utilites (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-
git-date120.01Bindings to the date parsing from Git. (data, gpl, library)2018-06-030.3.0StephenWeber
git-object (deprecated in favor of gitlib)80.01Git object and its parser (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-200.0.2KazuYamamoto
global100.01Library enabling unique top-level declarations (bsd3, data, language, library, system)2014-12-
global-variables110.02Namespaced, global, and top-level mutable variables without unsafePerformIO. (bsd3, data, library, reflection)2012-03-
globus150.00GLOBUS Data Transfer (bsd3, data, library, system)2024-07-020.1.2seanhess
gofer-prelude110.01The Gofer 2.30 standard prelude (bsd3, data, library)2011-05-092.30.3DonaldStewart
google-dictionary (deprecated)110.01Simple interface to the API (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-01-
google-mail-filters80.01Write GMail filters and output to importable XML (bsd3, data, library, web, xml)2016-03-310.0.1.2LiyangHu
googlepolyline92.01Google Polyline Encoder/Decoder (data, library, mit, text)2016-04-
gpcsets130.01Generalized Pitch Class Sets for Haskell. (bsd3, data, library)2009-05-
gps530.03For manipulating GPS coordinates and trails. (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-081.2ThomasDuBuisson
gps2htmlReport140.01GPS to HTML Summary Report (bsd3, data, library, program)2012-01-290.3.1RobStewart
gpx-conduit70.02Read GPX files using conduits (bsd3, data, library)2012-08-120.1.1RyanTrinkle, ThomasDuBuisson
grapefruit-records200.04A record system for Functional Reactive Programming (bsd3, data, frp, library, reactivity)2017-04-
graph80.01Class of graphs (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-
graph-core200.03Fast, memory efficient and persistent graph implementation (data, library, mit)2016-02-, DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
graph-utils140.01A simple wrapper & quasi quoter for fgl. (bsd3, data, data-structures, graphs, library)2010-06-290.3.7HiromiIshii
graphbuilder40.01A declarative, monadic graph construction language for small graphs (data, library, mit)2012-10-
graphene120.01A minimal Graph Theory library. (data, library, mit)2014-05-
graphql-utils30.00GraphQL Utils (bsd3, data, graphql, library, utils)2020-09-
graphql-w-persistent532.01GraphQL interface middleware for SQL databases. (data, database, development, graphs, language, library)2020-09-
greplicate60.01Generalised replicate functions (data, library)2016-02-030.0.2TonyMorris
greskell560.04Haskell binding for Gremlin graph query language (bsd3, data, library)2023-02-
greskell-core450.03Haskell binding for Gremlin graph query language - core data types and tools (bsd3, data, library)2022-11-
group-with130.01Classify objects by key-generating function, like SQL GROUP BY (apache, data, library)2015-08-
groupBy70.01Replacement definition of Data.List.GroupBy (data, library, mit)2018-01-300.1.0.0oisdk
grouped-list310.01Grouped lists. Equal consecutive elements are grouped. (bsd3, data, library)2022-03-
groupoid (deprecated)70.01A Groupoid class (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-09-270.1.0StephenTetley
groups1320.023Groups (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2021-05-140.5.3NathanVanDoorn
grow-vector240.00Mutable vector with efficient appends (data, library, mit)2022-05-
growable-vector80.00A contiguous growable array type. (data, library, mit)2023-08-150.1chessai
gstorable100.01Generic implementation of Storable (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-310.1.0.3
gtfs40.01The General Transit Feed Specification format (bsd3, data, library)2010-09-270.1KeeganMcAllister
gtfs-realtime60.00GTFS RealTime protobafs library (autogenerated from .proto file) (bsd3, data, library)2018-12-
hBDD90.03An abstraction layer for BDD libraries (data, library)2015-05-240.0.3PeterGammie
hBDD-CMUBDD60.01An FFI binding to CMU/Long's BDD library (data, library)2015-05-240.0.3PeterGammie
hBDD-CUDD60.01An FFI binding to the CUDD library (data, library)2015-05-240.0.3PeterGammie
hDFA70.01A simple library for representing and minimising DFAs. (bsd3, data, library)2012-06-150.0.2PeterGammie
hOpenPGP1870.01native Haskell implementation of OpenPGP (RFC4880) (codec, data, library, mit)2022-06-132.9.8ClintAdams
hadoop-formats90.01Read/write file formats commonly used by Hadoop. (apache, data, library)2014-10-
hadoop-rpc150.02Use the Hadoop RPC interface from Haskell. (apache, data, library)2016-02-, JacobStanley
hadoop-tools250.01Fast command line tools for working with Hadoop. (apache, data, program)2016-02-251.0.1ConradParker, JacobStanley
halfsplit150.02A library to provide special kind of two-column output for Phladiprelio. (PhLADiPreLiO, data, language, library, mit)2024-04-
halves60.01Split or combine data structures to and from halves, quarters, eighths (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
handa-data70.01This package is deprecated. It formerly contained Haskell utilities for data structures and data manipulation. (data, library, mit)2016-08-
handa-geodata100.01Geographic and Geometric Data (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, program)2014-04-
happy-arbitrary30.00Token list generator for arbitrary Happy grammars. (data, gpl, library)2024-01-150.0.1iphydf
har180.01HAR spec in Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2017-04-270.4.0HaishengWu
has230.02Entity based records (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-310.6.0.1YusakuHashimoto
has-th40.01Template Haskell function for Has records. (bsd3, data, library)2010-11-220.1ChrisDone
hash122.02Hashing tools (bsd3, data, hash, library)2013-03-, EricMertens, ryanglscott
hash-tree100.01Merkle Hash Tree (bsd3, data, library)2017-10-180.0.0KazuYamamoto
hashable11651.51068A class for types that can be converted to a hash value (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-, HerbertValerioRiedel, JohanTibell, MilanStraka, phadej
hashable-accelerate30.01A class for types which can be converted into a hash value (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
hashable-extras (deprecated in favor of hashable)210.05Higher-rank Hashable (bsd3, data, deprecated, hash, library)2016-01-170.2.3EdwardKmett
hashable-generics250.01Automatically generates Hashable instances with GHC.Generics. (bsd3, data, library)2016-05-251.1.10ClarkGaebel
hashable-orphans80.02Provides instances missing from Hashable. (bsd3, data, library)2022-09-090.1davean
hashable-time (deprecated in favor of time-compat)280.06Hashable instances for Data.Time (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2021-05-200.3phadej, alkar, davew
hashabler212.02Principled, portable & extensible hashing of data and types, including an implementation of the FNV-1a and SipHash algorithms. (bsd3, data, library)2016-11-202.0.0BrandonSimmons
hashes510.01Hash functions (data, library, mit)2024-07-120.3.0larsk
hashflare40.01A library for working with contracts and hashrates (bsd2, data, library)2017-01-
hashmap (deprecated in favor of unordered-containers)532.012Persistent containers Map and Set based on hashing. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-01-031.3.3MilanStraka, ryanglscott
hashmap-io50.02A Hashmap on io monad. (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-
hashring50.01Efficient consistent hashing. (bsd3, data, library)2012-02-080.0.0MichaelCraig
hashtables2372.582Mutable hash tables in the ST monad (bsd3, data, library)2022-10-021.3.1ErikDeCastroLopo, GregoryCollins, mgmeier
hashtables-plus (deprecated)70.01Extensions for a "hashtables" library (data, data-structures, deprecated, library, mit)2014-04-290.2.0NikitaVolkov
haskell-modbus150.01A cereal-based parser for the Modbus protocol (bsd3, data, library, network, parsing)2014-04-150.3.2JasonHickner
haskell-qrencode180.03Haskell bindings for libqrencode. (bsd3, data, library)2013-01-171.0.4JamesSanders
haskus-utils-data380.04Haskus data utility modules (bsd3, data, library)2021-03-031.4SylvainHenry
haxparse100.01Readable HaxBall replays (data, library, mit, program)2013-09-
hbcd40.01Packed binary-coded decimal (BCD) serialization (data, library, mit)2012-06-201.0AndrewKay
hblock80.02A mutable vector that provides indexation on the datatype fields it stores (bsd3, data, library)2015-03-
hdf5-lite80.01High-level bindings to the HDF5 "lite" interface (bsd3, data, library)2018-03-300.1.1.0ocramz
hebrew-time190.01Hebrew dates and prayer times. (data, library, mit)2019-02-170.1.2MichaelSnoyman
heckin80.00Oh heck, it's a heckin' case conversion library. (data, library, mit, text)2019-11-
hedgehog-generic50.00GHC Generics automatically derived hedgehog generators (bsd3, data, development, library, testing)2019-04-170.1chessai
hedn580.04EDN parsing and encoding (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-
hedn-functor80.00Base functor for EDN AST (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-
hegg192.01Fast equality saturation in Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-310.5.0.0romes
here690.018Here docs & interpolated strings via quasiquotation (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-031.2.14TaylorHedberg
hetero-dict80.02Fast heterogeneous data structures (data, library, mit)2016-06-
hetero-map120.01Pure heterogeneous maps. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2009-01-120.21LukePalmer
hetero-zip30.00Zip lists with Traversables (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-
heterogeneous-list-literals60.01Allows the use of tuples as literals for Heterogeneous collections (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-
heterolist40.01A heterogeneous list type (data, library, mit)2017-03-
hex260.012Convert strings into hexadecimal and back. (bsd3, data, library)2020-09-070.2.0TaruKarttunen
hexpat-pickle-generic (deprecated)160.01Picklers for de/serialising Generic data types to and from XML (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, xml)2013-10-280.1.7BrendanHay
hexquote40.01Hexadecimal ByteString literals, with placeholders that bind variables (bsd3, data, library)2011-09-140.1KeeganMcAllister
hexstring110.010Fast and safe representation of a hex string (data, library, mit)2015-04-210.11.1solatis
hgeos330.01Simple Haskell bindings to GEOS C API (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, text)2016-08-
hgraph100.00Tools for working on (di)graphs. (data, gpl, library)2024-06-
hgrib120.01Unofficial bindings for GRIB API (data, gpl, library)2015-11-
hierarchy290.01Predicated traversal of generated trees (bsd3, data, library)2018-05-111.0.2JohnWiegley, dnadales
higgledy512.01Partial types as a type constructor. (data, library, mit)2023-03-, i_am_tom
hinze-streams60.01Streams and Unique Fixed Points (bsd3, data, library)2009-05-031.0DonaldStewart
hips70.01an IPS patcher (bsd3, data, program)2011-03-290.1PatrickPalka
histogram-fill750.06Library for histograms creation. (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
histogram-fill-binary130.01Binary instances for histogram-fill package (bsd3, data, library)2017-02-
histogram-fill-cereal110.01Binary instances for histogram-fill package (bsd3, data, library)2017-02-
histogram-simple110.00Simple Data.Map-based histogram (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-061.2jonascarpay
hjcase (deprecated)70.01Jcase library for Haskell (data, deprecated, library, mit)2015-05-
hjsonpointer (deprecated)451.752JSON Pointer library (data, deprecated, library, mit)2018-09-301.5.0seagreen
hjsonschema (deprecated)1020.06JSON Schema library (data, deprecated, library, mit)2020-05-011.10.0seagreen
hkd-delta30.00Definition of "Delta structures" for higher kinded data. (bsd3, data, library)2019-06-060.0.1trevorcook
hkd-lens40.00Generic lens/prism/traversal-kinded data. (bsd3, data, library)2019-06-040.0.1trevorcook
hlist91.251Heterogeneous list (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
hmatrix-csv120.02CSV encoding and decoding for hmatrix. (bsd3, data, library)2015-04-
hmatrix-repa180.01Adaptors for interoperability between hmatrix and repa (bsd3, data, library, math)2016-09-
hmemdb380.01In-memory relational database (bsd3, data, database, library)2014-05-
hmpfr672.04Haskell binding to the MPFR library (bsd3, data, library, math)2022-12-010.4.5AlesBizjak, MichalKonecny
hnetcdf160.02Haskell NetCDF library (bsd3, data, library, program)2019-02-, IanRoss
hnix1032.259Haskell implementation of the Nix language (bsd3, data, library, nix, system)2023-11-200.17.0JohnWiegley, sjakobi, AntonLatukha
hocon170.00Small library for typesafe's configuration specification (bsd3, data, library)2020-12-
hodatime60.01A fully featured date/time library based on Nodatime (bsd3, data, library, time)2020-02-
hole61.251Higher kinded type removal (bsd3, data, library)2013-09-080.1.1ThomasEding
holmes142.00Tools and combinators for solving constraint problems. (data, library, mit)2021-01-
homotuple210.02Homotuple, all whose elements are the same type (apache, data, library)2023-08-
hoodle-types200.06Data types for programs for hoodle file format (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-250.4IanWooKim
hopenpgp-tools1750.01hOpenPGP-based command-line tools (agpl, codec, data, program)2023-09-210.23.8ClintAdams
horizon60.01Sunrise and sunset UTC approximations from latitude and longitude coordinates (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-260.1.1intractable
hpc-codecov480.00Generate reports from hpc data (bsd3, data, library, program, test)2024-07-
hreader-lens130.01Optics for hreader package (data, library, mit)2017-05-310.1.3.0dredozubov
hs-GeoIP140.02Haskell bindings to the MaxMind GeoIPCity database via the C library (bsd3, data, library)2013-03-150.3OzgunAtaman
hs-blake260.02A cryptohash-inspired library for blake2 (bsd3, data, library)2014-04-300.0.2tsuraan
hs-excelx120.01HS-Excelx provides basic read-only access to Excel 2007 and 2010 documents in XLSX format. (bsd3, data, library)2013-01-
hs-multiaddr82.01Multiaddr library (apache, data, library)2018-04-250.1.4CMCDragonkai
hs-openmoji-data110.00The OpenMoji emoji dataset (bsd3, data, library, program, text)2024-01-2615.0.0abrar
hs-php-session180.02PHP session and values serialization (bsd3, data, library)2014-10-
hs-pkg-config90.01Create pkg-config configuration files (bsd3, data, development, library)2014-12-
hs-swisstable-hashtables-class30.00Data.HashTable.Class instance definition for Data.HashTable.ST.Swiss (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-
hschema90.03Describe schemas for your Haskell data types. (data, lgpl, library, schema)2018-11-
hschema-aeson80.01Describe schemas for your Haskell data types. (data, json, lgpl, library, schema)2018-11-
hschema-prettyprinter80.01Describe schemas for your Haskell data types. (data, lgpl, library, schema, text)2018-11-
hschema-quickcheck70.01Describe schemas for your Haskell data types. (data, lgpl, library, schema, testing)2018-11-
hsec-core60.00Core package representing Haskell advisories (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-300.1.0.0frasertweedale
hsec-sync40.00Synchronize with the Haskell security advisory database (bsd3, data, library, program)2024-05-300.1.0.0frasertweedale
hsec-tools50.00Tools for working with the Haskell security advisory database (bsd3, data, library, program)2024-05-300.1.0.0frasertweedale
hset380.03Primitive list with elements of unique types. (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-292.2.0AlekseyUymanov
hsini432.03ini configuration files (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2023-09-
hsndfile380.06Haskell bindings for libsndfile (data, lgpl, library, sound)2015-09-180.8.0StefanKersten
hsndfile-storablevector100.01Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.StorableVector interface) (data, library, sound)2011-11-210.5.2StefanKersten
hsndfile-vector140.04Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.Vector interface) (data, library, sound)2011-11-210.5.2StefanKersten
htlset (deprecated in favor of htssets)60.01Heterogenous Set (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-01-
htoml260.07Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, json, language, library, parser, text)2016-11-
htoml-megaparsec750.04Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, language, library, text, toml)2023-10-
htoml-parse70.00Parse TOML values produced by htoml-megaparsec package. (apache, data, library, toml)2022-04-
htree00.00a library to build and work with heterogeneous, type level indexed rose trees (agpl, data, library)2024-07-
htssets50.00Heterogenous Sets (bsd3, data, library)2019-01-
http-exchange80.01Perform HTTP Requests (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
http-interchange140.02Types and serialization for HTTP (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
https-everywhere-rules80.01High-level access to HTTPS Everywhere rulesets. (data, library, mit)2014-08-240.1.0vi
https-everywhere-rules-raw60.02Low-level (i.e. XML) access to HTTPS Everywhere rulesets. (data, gpl, library)2014-08-244.0vi
httpspec60.02Specification of HTTP request/response generators and parsers (data, library, web)2010-10-, StefanWehr
huffman62.01Pure Haskell implementation of the Huffman encoding algorithm (bsd3, compression, data, library)2012-02-281.0.1MaximeHenrion
hunt-searchengine50.01A search and indexing engine. (data, library, mit, text)2015-03-
hunt-server90.01A search and indexing engine server. (data, mit, program, text)2015-03-
hvect410.012Simple strict heterogeneous lists (data, library, mit)2022-02-, BrandonSimmons
hw-aeson670.03Convenience functions for Aeson (bsd3, data, json, library)2023-12-, haskellworks
hw-all30.00Demo library (bsd3, conduit, data, library)2019-11-
hw-balancedparens710.010Balanced parentheses (bit, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures)2022-12-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-bits962.025Bit manipulation (bit, bsd3, data, library)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-conduit370.06Conduits for tokenizing streams. (conduit, data, library, mit)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-conduit-merges140.01Additional merges and joins for Conduit (bsd3, conduit, data, library)2020-04-
hw-dump90.01File Dump (bit, bsd3, data, library, program)2020-04-, haskellworks
hw-eliasfano190.02Elias-Fano (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-excess380.03Excess (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, succinct-data-structures)2020-04-, haskellworks
hw-int210.06Additional facilities for Integers (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-, haskellworks
hw-json832.05Memory efficient JSON parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2024-01-, haskellworks
hw-json-demo30.00Memory efficient JSON parser (bsd3, data, library)2022-03-
hw-json-lens120.02Lens for hw-json (bsd3, data, data-structures, json, library, succinct-data-structures)2020-04-, haskellworks
hw-json-simd290.03SIMD-based JSON semi-indexer (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-12-, haskellworks
hw-json-simple-cursor120.02Memory efficient JSON parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-json-standard-cursor290.03Memory efficient JSON parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-lazy30.00Combinators for lazy IO (bsd3, data, library)2022-06-, haskellworks
hw-mquery200.03Monadic query DSL (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-packed-vector240.02Packed Vector (bsd3, data, library, program, vector)2022-03-, haskellworks
hw-parser280.06Simple parser support (bsd3, data, library, parser)2020-04-, haskellworks
hw-playground-linear90.00Primitive functions and data types (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-
hw-prim2690.029Primitive functions and data types (bsd3, data, library)2022-10-300.6.3.2newhoggy, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-prim-bits (deprecated)160.00Primitive support for bit manipulation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2021-09-, haskellworks
hw-rankselect862.014Rank-select (bit, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-rankselect-base520.015Rank-select base (bit, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, succinct-data-structures)2020-06-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-simd430.04SIMD library (bit, bsd3, data, library, simd)2022-12-, haskellworks
hw-simd-cli30.00SIMD library (bit, bsd3, data, library, program, simd)2021-03-, haskellworks
hw-streams320.02Primitive functions and data types (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-, haskellworks
hw-string-parse210.06String parser (bit, bsd3, data, library)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-succinct330.02Succint datastructures (conduit, data, library, mit)2016-10-, haskellworks
hw-uri420.01Supports IO on URIs (bsd3, data, library, program)2020-03-, haskellworks
hw-vector (deprecated in favor of hw-prim)60.01Vector type with convenient typeclass instances (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-10-
hw-xml492.01XML parser based on succinct data structures. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures, xml)2024-01-, haskellworks
hwsl2290.03Hashing with SL2 (data, library, mit)2017-11-
hwsl2-bytevector40.01A hashed byte-vector based on algebraic hashes and finger trees (data, library, mit)2015-07-
hwsl2-reducers40.01Semigroup and Reducer instances for Data.Hash.SL2 (data, library, mit)2015-07-
hybrid-vectors390.06Hybrid vectors e.g. Mixed Boxed/Unboxed vectors (bsd3, data, library, vector)2023-08-060.2.4EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
hydra50.00Type-aware transformations for data and programs (apache, data, library)2022-12-040.1.1joshsh
idempotent80.01Idempotent monoids (data, library, mit)2014-08-180.1.2alynn
identifiers190.01Numeric identifiers for values. (bsd3, data, library)2017-05-
idna240.03Implements IDNA (RFC 3490). (bsd3, data, library, rfc, text)2014-01-060.3.0GeorgePollard
ieee754-parser (deprecated in favor of data-binary-ieee754)50.01 (data, deprecated, library)2009-04-110.1JohnMillikin
implicit-params90.01Named and unnamed implicit parameters with defaults. (bsd3, data, library)2013-12-230.2.1ShaneOBrien
impossible120.02Set of data and type definitions of impossible types. Impossible types are useful when declaring type classes / type families instances that should not be expanded by GHC until a specific type is provided in order to keep the types nice and readable. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.4danilo2, iamrecursion
incremental220.02incremental update library (bsd3, data, library)2020-09-190.3.1FumiakiKinoshita
incremental-computing60.01Incremental computing (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-
incremental-maps40.01Package for doing incremental computations on maps (bsd3, data, library)2016-05-
increments70.01type classes for incremental updates to data (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-
indexation700.01Tools for entity indexation (data, library, mit)2018-10-080.8NikitaVolkov, IrinaArtemeva, OShev
indexed-list-literals602.02Type safe indexed list literals (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-300.2.1.3DavidMD
indexed-profunctors2140.04Utilities for indexed profunctors (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics, profunctors)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
indexed-state120.00Indexed State (bsd3, data, library, test)2024-05-150.0.5TonyMorris
indexed-traversable4430.045FunctorWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex, TraversableWithIndex (bsd2, data, library)2024-05-160.1.4phadej
indexed-traversable-instances3840.06More instances of FunctorWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex, TraversableWithIndex (bsd2, data, library)2024-05-160.1.2phadej
indices130.01Multi-dimensional statically bounded indices. (data, library, mit)2014-12-301.7.1MikeLedger
infinite-list690.05Infinite lists (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-260.1.1Bodigrim
infinite-search110.01Exhaustively searchable infinite sets. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library, monads, search)2009-01-090.12LukePalmer
inflist50.01An infinite list type and operations thereon. (bsd3, data, library)2012-02-050.0.1JamesFisher
ini1350.012Configuration files in the INI format. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2022-07-250.4.2AndreasAbel, ChrisDone, chris_martin
ini-qq40.01Quasiquoter for INI (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-07-
initialize60.02Initialization and Deinitialization of 'Storable' values. (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
inj190.02A class for injective (one-to-one) functions (data, library)2018-07-061.0int_index
inj-base130.01'Inj' instances for 'base' (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-
injections60.00Canonical categorical conversions (injections and projections) (bsd3, data, library)2021-08-
instrument50.01Easy stats/metrics instrumentation for Haskell programs (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-
int-cast292.06Checked conversions between integral types (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-
int-interval-map30.01Interval map (data, library, mit)2022-06-
int-supply130.00A simple, efficient supply of integers using atomic fetch-and-add. (bsd3, data, library)2023-11-271.0.0mitchellwrosen
integer-conversion3030.05Conversion from strings to Integer (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-130.1.1phadej
intermediate-structures50.00Some simple functions to deal with transformations from structures to other ones, basically lists. (data, library, mit)2024-01-
intern682.018Efficient hash-consing for arbitrary data types (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2023-08-080.9.5EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
interpolate612.018String interpolation done right (data, library, mit, text)2020-06-050.2.1SimonHengel
interpolatedstring-perl6522.59QuasiQuoter for Perl6-style multi-line interpolated strings (data, library, public-domain)2019-10-151.0.2AudreyTang
interpolatedstring-qq80.02QuasiQuoter for Ruby-style multi-line interpolated strings. (bsd3, data, library)2010-07-180.2ErikCharlebois
interpolatedstring-qq-mwotton (deprecated in favor of interpolatedstring-qq)50.01DO NOT USE THIS. interpolatedstring-qq works now. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-07-180.1.1MarkWotton
interpolatedstring-qq280.00QuasiQuoter for multi-line interpolated strings (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-
interpolator180.00Runtime interpolation of environment variables in records using profunctors (data, library, mit)2020-07-, dfithian, MossPrescott
interval-functor50.00Intervals of functors. (bsd3, data, library)2020-07-
interval-tree-clock102.00Interval Tree Clocks (data, data-structures, distributed-computing, library, mit)2022-07-
intset140.02Pure, mergeable, succinct Int sets. (bsd3, data, library)2013-12-
invariant4770.018Haskell98 invariant functors (bsd2, control, data, library)2024-03-190.6.3NicolasFrisby, ryanglscott
invertible351.255bidirectional arrows, bijective functions, and invariant functors (bsd3, composition, control, data, library)2023-07-
invertible-hlist30.01invertible functions and instances for HList (bsd3, composition, control, data, library)2017-03-
involutive-semigroups60.00Semigroups with involution. (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2020-07-300.1.0.0nosewings
io-storage210.04A key-value store in the IO monad. (bsd3, data, database, library, system)2009-08-060.3WillDonnelly, frasertweedale
io-streams2232.5100Simple, composable, and easy-to-use stream I/O (bsd3, data, io-streams, library, network)2022-08-, GregoryCollins, cydparser
io-string-like150.01Classes to handle Prelude style IO functions for different datatypes (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
ioctl60.08Type-safe I/O control package (data, library, mit, system)2010-02-200.0.1MaciejPiechotka
ipld-cid30.01IPLD Content-IDentifiers <> (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-, jkarni
irc470.03A small library for parsing IRC messages. (bsd3, data, library, network)2023-12-
irc-fun-messages140.02Types and functions for working with the IRC protocol. (data, irc, library, network, public-domain)2016-09-050.4akrasner
irc-fun-types70.04Common types for IRC related packages (data, irc, library, network, public-domain)2016-09-050.2akrasner
ireal211.51Real numbers and intervals with relatively efficient exact arithmetic. (bsd3, data, library, math-)2015-10-310.2.3sydow
is160.01Generic pattern predicates (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-190.4.3vlopez
isbn241.50ISBN Validation and Manipulation (apache, data, library)2023-12-
isevaluated120.02Check whether a value has been evaluated (data, ghc, library, mit)2012-07-, SveinOveAas
iso3166-country-codes340.06A datatype for ISO 3166 country codes (data, library)2017-02-160.20140203.8JonFairbairn
iso639170.04ISO-639-1 language codes (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-
iso8583-bitmaps100.01Parse and merge ISO 8583-style bitmaps (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-
iso8601-duration70.02Types and parser for ISO8601 durations (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-, adrian
it-has50.00Automatically derivable Has instances. (bsd3, data, library)2020-05-
iterIO80.04Iteratee-based IO with pipe operators (bsd3, data, enumerator, library, system)2012-04-190.2.2AmitLevy, DavidMazieres, DanielBGiffin
iteratee1090.041Iteratee-based I/O (bsd3, data, library, system)2014-05-
iteratee-compress240.06Enumeratees for compressing and decompressing streams (bsd3, codec, data, library)2014-05-, MaciejPiechotka
iteratee-mtl (deprecated in favor of iteratee)100.01Iteratee-based I/O (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, system)2010-10-
iteratee-parsec130.01Package allowing parsec parser initeratee (data, library, mit, parsing)2010-11-280.0.6MaciejPiechotka
iteratee-stm60.01Concurrent iteratees using STM (bsd3, data, library)2012-04-100.1.2JohnLato
ix-shapable130.04Reshape multi-dimensional arrays. (bsd3, data, library)2009-05-180.1.0TracyWadleigh
ixset-typed-cassava100.00cassava encoding and decoding via ixset-typed (csv, data, library, mit)2021-08-
jacinda582.250Functional, expression-oriented data processing language (agpl, data, interpreters, language, library, program, text)2024-06-
javaclass40.01Java class files (data, library)2016-03-070.0.1TonyMorris
javelin150.01Labeled one-dimensional arrays (data, data-science, data-structures, library, mit, program)2024-03-
javelin-io70.00IO operations for the `javelin` package (data, data-science, data-structures, library, mit)2024-03-
jinquantities62.01Unit conversion and manipulation library. (bsd3, data, library, math, physics, program)2018-09-120.1.1Novadiscovery
joinlist (deprecated)80.01Join list - symmetric list type (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-02-140.3.0StephenTetley
joint250.01Trying to compose non-composable (bsd3, control, data, library)2021-01-010.1.9iokasimovmt
json-alt30.04Union 'alternative' or Either that has untagged JSON encoding. (bsd3, data, library, tools)2018-11-281.0.0MichalGajda
json-autotype1142.55Automatic type declaration for JSON input data (bsd3, data, library, program, tools, type-provider)2020-04-193.1.2MichalGajda, PeterSimons
json-extra90.01Utility functions to extend Aeson (bsd2, data, library)2016-11-
json-incremental-decoder80.01Incremental JSON parser with early termination and a declarative DSL (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2017-04-070.1.2NikitaVolkov
json-pointer160.03JSON Pointer parsing and interpretation utilities (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2019-01-
json-query160.01Kitchen sink for querying JSON (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-, l3c_amartin
json-schema510.07Types and type classes for defining JSON schemas. (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-, ErikHesselink, dcastro
json-state60.01Keep program state in JSON files. (data, database, library, public-domain)2016-01-
json-syntax370.02High-performance JSON parser and encoder (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
json-togo110.01Effectful parsing of JSON documents (data, library, mit)2015-06-
json-tokens50.00Tokenize JSON (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-300.1.0.1andrewthad
json2220.03Library provides support for JSON. (bsd3, data, json, library, text)2011-05-290.8.3YuriyIskra
json2-types80.03Defined JSON data types and function for renders JSON to string. (bsd3, data, json, library, text)2011-04-060.1YuriyIskra
jsons-to-schema50.00JSON to JSON Schema (data, json, library, mit, program, web)2017-07-300.1.0.0garetht
jsonschema-gen142.01JSON Schema generator from Algebraic data type (bsd3, data, json, library, text)2017-08-
judy310.01Fast, scalable, mutable dynamic arrays, maps and hashes (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-160.4.1DonaldStewart, MarkWotton
jump60.01Nothing to see here, move along (data, library, mit)2016-03-
kafka70.01TBA (bsd3, data, library)2018-08-300.0.0.0chessai
kafka-interchange40.00Serialization for kafka wire protocol (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-
kanji310.00Perform 漢字検定 (Japan Kanji Aptitude Test) level analysis on Japanese Kanji (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-083.5.0fosskers
karakuri70.01Good stateful automata (bsd3, data, library)2013-10-210.1.1FumiakiKinoshita
katip2570.035A structured logging framework. (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)2023-11-300.8.8.0MichaelXavier
katip-datadog80.00Datadog scribe for the Katip logging framework (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)2020-10-
katip-effectful30.00Katip integration for Effectful (bsd3, data, library, logging)2024-03-130.0.1eldritch_cookie
katip-elasticsearch470.01ElasticSearch scribe for the Katip logging framework. (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)2020-10-
katip-logzio90.00Logz.IO scribe for the Katip logging framework (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)2023-04-
katydid170.00A haskell implementation of Katydid (bsd3, data, library, program)2018-09-
kd-tree30.01A simple k-d tree implementation (bsd3, data, library)2014-07-250.1.0BenGamari
kdt290.01Fast and flexible k-d trees for various types of point queries. (data, library, mit)2024-06-180.2.6giogadi
keuringsdienst132.00 (data, gpl, library, unclassified, validation)2024-04-
kewar82.00CLI and library to generate QR codes. (data, library, mit, program, qr)2022-02-
keyed80.01Generic indexing for many data structures (bsd3, data, library)2015-08-
keyed-vals160.03An abstract Handle for accessing collections in stores like Redis (bsd3, data, library, redis)2024-02-
keyed-vals-hspec-tests170.00Validate a keyed-vals Handle (bsd3, data, hspec, library)2024-02-
keyed-vals-mem140.00Implements a keyed-vals Handle using in-process memory (bsd3, data, library, redis)2024-02-
keyed-vals-redis160.00Access Redis using a keyed-vals Handle (bsd3, data, library, redis)2024-02-
keyword-args180.01Extract data from a keyword-args config file format (data, library, mit, program)2015-04-, stackbuilders, sestrella
kicad-data152.01Parser and writer for KiCad files. (data, library, mit)2021-10-290.5.1kasbah
kickchan60.01Kick Channels: bounded channels with non-blocking writes (bsd3, concurrency, data, library)2014-02-
kill-bool30.00Boolean strong typing (data, library)2023-03-
kind-apply220.03Utilities to work with lists of types (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-
kind-generics330.06Generic programming in GHC style for arbitrary kinds and GADTs. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-
kind-generics-deriving30.00Generic programming in GHC style for arbitrary kinds and GADTs. (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-
kind-generics-th330.03Template Haskell support for generating `GenericK` instances (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-
kleene-list60.00A list type based on the Kleene star and plus. (data, library)2020-05-
kontra-config40.00JSON config file parsing based on unjson (bsd3, data, library)2016-09-210.1GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
lambda-sampler90.01Boltzmann sampler utilities for lambda calculus. (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-131.1mbendkowski
language-conf120.00Conf parsers and pretty-printers for the Haskell programming language. (data, library, mit)2016-08-
language-hcl60.01HCL parsers and pretty-printers for the Haskell programming language. (data, library, mit)2016-08-
laop270.00Matrix programming library (data, library, mit)2020-06-
largeword400.011Provides Word128, Word192 and Word256 and a way of producing other large words if required. (bsd3, data, library)2015-12-131.2.5DominicSteinitz
layered-state110.02Control structure similar to Control.Monad.State, allowing multiple nested states, distinguishable by provided phantom types. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.5danilo2, iamrecursion
layouting80.01General layouting library. Currently supports layouting 2D areas and can be used as a backend for text pretty printing or automatic windows layouting managers. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.4danilo2, iamrecursion
lazify30.00A simple utility for lazy record matching (bsd3, data, library)2021-09-
lazy-hash40.01Identifiers for not-yet-computed values (data, gpl, library)2017-07-
lazy-hash-cache40.01Storing computed values for re-use when the same program runs again. (data, gpl, library)2017-07-
lazy-priority-queue110.00Lazy-Spined Monadic Priority Queues (control, data, gpl, library, program)2021-02-180.1.1MarioBlazevic
lazyarray100.01Efficient implementation of lazy monolithic arrays (lazy in indexes). (bsd3, data, library)2008-02-190.1.3MilanStraka
lazyset40.01Set and Map from lazy/infinite lists. (data, library, mit)2016-12-
ldtk-types70.00Datatypes and Aeson instances for parsing LDtk (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-141.2.3isovector
lens8203.01418Lenses, Folds and Traversals (bsd2, data, generics, lenses, library)2024-05-125.3.2EdwardKmett, EricMertens, JohnWiegley, ryanglscott
lens-accelerate150.01Instances to mix lens with Accelerate (accelerate, bsd3, data, lenses, library)2020-08-
lens-action350.08Monadic Getters and Folds (bsd3, data, generics, lenses, library)2021-11-160.2.6EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
lens-aeson2402.75117Law-abiding lenses for aeson (data, json, lenses, library, mit)2023-06-271.2.3EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
lens-datetime182.01Lenses for Data.Time.* types (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2016-04-290.3GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
lens-family1141.7531Lens Families (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-03-192.1.3RussellOConnor
lens-family-core1510.022Haskell 2022 Lens Families (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-03-192.1.3RussellOConnor
lens-family-th560.08Generate lens-family style lenses (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-
lens-indexed-plated40.00Indexed version of Plated. (bsd2, data, generics, lenses, library)2023-07-080.1.0nicuveo
lens-labels (deprecated in favor of proto-lens)210.08Integration of lenses with OverloadedLabels. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-10-, gnezdo
lens-properties200.01QuickCheck properties for lens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2018-01-094.11.1EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
lens-th-rewrite60.00Rewrites Template Haskell splices using the API (bsd3, data, library, program)2020-04-
lens-time60.01lens for Data.Time (data, library, mit)2013-08-
lens-utils180.04Collection of missing lens utilities. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.4.6danilo2, iamrecursion
lens-witherable180.00lens-compatible tools for working with witherable (data, library, mit)2024-03-
lenses280.03Simple Functional Lenses (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-120.1.8JobVranish
lensref (deprecated)160.02References which can be joined and on which lenses can be applied (bsd3, control, data, deprecated, library)2014-05-180.2PeterDivianszky
lenz (deprecated)350.02Van Laarhoven lenses (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2020-01-
lenz-mtl (deprecated)60.00mtl operations with Van Laarhoven lenses (control, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2019-10-250.1
lenz-template (deprecated)150.01Van Laarhoven lens templates (data, deprecated, lenses, library, template-haskell)2017-11-
lhae (deprecated)60.01Simple spreadsheet program (data, deprecated, program)2010-09-280.0.3AlexanderBau
lhe220.01Parser and writer for Les-Houches event files (data, library, mit, physics)2012-02-130.5ScottLawrence
libBF920.05A binding to the libBF library. (data, library, mit)2024-06-050.6.8IavorDiatchki, RobertDockins, ryanglscott, galoisinc
libphonenumber210.00Parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers (data, library, mit)2023-12-, typeable, iko
librarian30.00Move/rename according a set of rules (data, library, program)2022-07-310.1.0.0gdifolco
librdkafka50.00TBA (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-
libroman312.01Use Roman Numerals as a Numeric Datatype (sort of) (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)2016-10-103.1.1ahakki
line-indexed-cursor40.00Line-indexed file reader. (data, development, library, mit)2023-07-
line-size70.01Display the number of bytes of each line (data, gpl, program)2017-03-
linear-maps (deprecated)80.01Finite maps for linear use (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2009-05-280.6.1PeterDivianszky, ZsoltDollenstein
lingo320.01File extension based programming language detection (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-03-, tclem, robrix, rewinfrey
link-relations100.01Use web link relation types (RFC 5988) in Haskell (data, library, public-domain, web)2016-01-
linkedhashmap200.01Persistent LinkedHashMap data structure (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-
list-fusion-probe230.01testing list fusion for success (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-
list-grouping (deprecated in favor of split)130.01Functions for grouping a list into sublists (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-02-130.1.1BrandonSimmons
list-shuffle100.00List shuffling and sampling (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
list-singleton232.00Easily and clearly create lists with only one element in them. (data, library, mit)2022-08-
list-tries480.010Tries and Patricia tries: finite sets and maps for list keys (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2020-05-120.6.7MattiNiemenmaa, arybczak
list-tuple170.02List-like operations for tuples (apache, data, library)2023-08-
list-zip-def100.01Provides zips with default values. (data, library, public-domain)2018-12-
list-zipper240.01A list zipper (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-300.0.11TonyMorris, qfpl
lists310.03Functions for dealing with lists (bsd3, data, library)2013-10-100.4.2ChrisDone
lists-flines130.07Additional data and structures to some 'String'-related lists. (data, library, mit)2023-01-
listsafe140.09Safe wrappers for partial list functions, supporting MonadThrow. (apache, data, library, list, safe)2015-05-, jtapolczai2
literals30.01Non-overloaded functions for concrete literals. (data, library, mit)2013-03-301.0JulianFleischer
llrbtree170.01Purely functional sets and heaps (bsd3, data, library)2012-01-310.1.1KazuYamamoto
llvm-base-types30.03The base types for a mostly pure Haskell LLVM analysis library (bsd3, data, library)2013-11-120.3.0TristanRavitch
llvm-data-interop50.02A low-level data interoperability binding for LLVM (bsd3, data, library)2013-11-120.3.0TristanRavitch
lockfree-queue510.03Michael and Scott lock-free queues. (bsd3, concurrent, data, library)2022-08-260.2.4RyanNewton, ryanglscott, peter_fogg
log-utils60.01Utils for working with logs (bsd3, data, program)2017-07-, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
logfloat690.013Log-domain floating point numbers (bsd3, data, library, math, natural-language-processing, statistics)2023-03-190.14.0WrenThornton, WrenRomano
logical-constraints60.02Simple logical constraints 'syntax-sugar' writing library. (data, library, mit)2023-01-
longboi40.01Dependently-typed linked list implementation (data, library, mit)2018-01-161.0.0chessai
lookup-tables80.01Statically generate lookup tables using Template Haskell. (data, library)2015-08-310.1.1.1JakeMcArthur
lrucache912.014a simple, pure LRU cache (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-
lrucaching-haxl80.00Combine lrucaching and haxl. (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, lrucache)2020-09-
lub340.03information operators: least upper bound (lub) and greatest lower bound (glb) (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, other)2021-08-310.1.8ConalElliott
luhn60.01An implementation of Luhn's check digit algorithm. (bsd3, data, library)2009-12-200.2HenryBucklow
lz4-bytes160.00Bindings to LZ4 (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
machines-attoparsec70.00Parse machines streams with attoparsec parsers. (bsd3, control, data, enumerator, library, parsing, text)2019-01-310davean
machines-encoding40.00Transcode encodings with machines. (bsd3, control, data, enumerator, library, text)2019-01-310davean
macho130.01Parser for Mach-O object format. (bsd3, data, library)2010-03-250.22ErikCharlebois
magma250.01magma is an algebraic structure. (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2023-04-
make-monofoldable-foldable40.01Make a MonoFoldable type into an ordinary Foldable type. (data, library, mit)2017-03-
markov80.01Simple interpreter for Markov's normal algorithms (bsd3, data, library)2010-06-140.1IlyaPortnov
markup530.01Abstraction for HTML-embedded content (bsd3, data, library, web)2018-04-114.2.0athanclark
mason300.01Fast and extensible bytestring builder (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-020.2.6FumiakiKinoshita
massiv1592.512Massiv (Массив) is an Array Library. (array, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, parallelism)2023-05-
massiv-io512.01Import/export of Image files into massiv Arrays (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2021-10-
massiv-test450.00Library that contains generators, properties and tests for Massiv Array Library. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, parallelism)2024-07-
math-interpolate30.00Class for interpolation of values (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-
math-metric30.00Typeclass for metric spaces (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-
matrices630.010native matrix based on vector (bsd3, data, library)2018-12-210.5.0kaizhang
maybe-justify70.01Simple higher order function for Maybe (data, library, public-domain)2015-06-
mbox192.02Read and write standard mailbox files. (bsd3, data, library, system, text)2017-08-160.3.4GershomBazerman
md570.00MD5 Hash (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
means80.01calculate varieties of mean/average using semigroup. (data, library, mit)2016-06-
mech41.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
mechs41.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
medea150.00A schema language for JSON. (data, library, mit)2020-08-051.2.0koz_ross
median-stream240.01Constant-time queries for the median of a stream of numeric data. (bsd3, data, library)2016-11-
meep140.01A silly container (bsd2, data, library)2018-08-, MatveyAksenov
megastore70.00Bulk image or strict bytestring storage (bsd3, data, data-structures, image, library, program)2023-02-
melf300.00An Elf parser (bsd3, data, library, program)2024-04-141.3.1amakarov
memis50.01Memis Efficient Manual Image Sorting (data, mit, program)2017-02-010.1.1johannesgerer
memoize540.010A memoization library (bsd3, data, library)2022-09-161.1.2JesseTov
memorable-bits70.00Generate human memorable strings from binary data. (bsd2, data, library)2019-03-
merge200.01A functor for consistent merging of information (data, library, mit)2021-09-
merkle-log170.00Merkle Tree Logs (bsd3, data, library)2023-06-090.2.0larsk
messagepack550.014Serialize instance for Message Pack Object (data, library, mit)2022-03-200.5.5rodrigosetti, saep
meta-misc60.01Utility library providing miscellaneous meta-programming utilities. (bsd3, data, generics, language, library, utility)2014-12-
metadata370.01metadata library for semantic web (bsd3, data, library, text, web)2016-03-
metar70.01Australian METAR (aviation, bsd3, data, library, program)2019-04-120.0.3TonyMorris, qfpl
metar-http80.00HTTP for METAR (aviation, bsd3, data, library, program)2019-02-070.0.3TonyMorris
metric60.02Metric spaces. (data, library, mit)2014-05-300.2.0vi, SimonAlling
metrics250.01High-performance application metric tracking (data, library, mit)2017-08-
mgeneric90.01Generics with multiple parameters (data, library, mit)2015-03-
microlens3292.75235A tiny lens library with no dependencies (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2022-12-, stevenfontanella
microlens-contra240.02True folds and getters for microlens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2022-12-, stevenfontanella
microlens-each (deprecated in favor of microlens)40.01'each' for microlens (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2015-04-
microlens-ghc2152.011microlens + array, bytestring, containers, transformers (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-04-, stevenfontanella
microlens-mtl2000.031microlens support for Reader/Writer/State from mtl (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2022-12-, stevenfontanella
microlens-platform1990.038microlens + all batteries included (best for apps) (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-01-, stevenfontanella
microlens-pro140.00Prisms and isomorphisms for microlens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-04-
microlens-th4050.081Automatic generation of record lenses for microlens (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-04-, stevenfontanella
minecraft60.00TBA (bsd3, data, library)2019-07-, goolord
mini520.00Minimal essentials (control, data, lenses, library, mit, parsing)2024-07-
mini-egison190.01Template Haskell Implementation of Egison Pattern Matching (data, library, mit, pattern, program)2020-03-041.0.0SatoshiEgi, momohatt
minilens162.01A minimalistic lens library, providing only the simplest, most basic lens functionality. (data, gpl, lens, library)2016-05-311.0.0.2RaminHonary
minlen120.01Express the minimum length of a container in its type (data, library, mit)2016-07-
minmax70.00Functions to find both minimum and maximum (or several of them simultaneously) in one pass. (data, development, library, mit)2024-01-
minst-idx (deprecated in favor of mnist-idx)132.01Read and write IDX data that is used in e.g. the MINST database. (data, deprecated, gpl, library)2015-05-300.1.2.2muzzle
mlist (deprecated in favor of List)70.02Monadic List alternative to lazy I/O (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-05-020.0.2EyalLotem
mmsyn2-array310.022A library that can be used for multiple Ord a => a -> b transformations. (binary-search, data, development, language, library, mit)2023-01-
mmsyn2-array-ukrainian-data50.01Data that is taken from the ukrainian-phonetics-basic-array for optimization. (data, language, library, math, mit)2023-01-310.2.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
mmsyn2-hashable40.00A library that can be used for multiple Hashable a => a -> b transformations. (data, development, language, library, mit)2021-10-310.1.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
mmsyn5510.011Various additional operations on lists (some with intermediate Monads) (data, library, lists, mit)2023-02-
mmzk-typeid631.51A TypeID and UUIDv7 implementation for Haskell (data, library, mit, typeid, uuid, uuidv7)2024-07-
mnist-idx382.01Read and write IDX data that is used in e.g. the MNIST database. (data, lgpl, library)2023-02-
mnist-idx-conduit162.01conduit utilities for MNIST IDX files (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-science, library, machine-learning)2021-05-
model310.01Derive a model of a data type using Generics (bsd3, data, generics, library, reflection)2019-05-290.5PasqualinoAssini
monad-branch50.01Monadic abstraction for computations that can be branched and run independently. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.0.4danilo2, iamrecursion
monad-primitive100.09Type class for monad transformers stack with pirimitive base monad. (bsd3, data, library)2013-03-010.1AlexeyKhudyakov
monad-state110.02Utility library for monads, particularly those involving state. (bsd3, control, data, library, monads)2014-12-
monad-statevar40.01Concise, overloaded accessors for IORef, STRef, TVar (bsd3, data, library)2013-02-110.1JoeyAdams
monad-supply240.03Stateful supply monad (control, data, library, monad)2020-09-140.9GeoffHulette
mono-foldable (deprecated in favor of mono-traversable)90.01Folds for monomorphic containers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2013-09-
mono-traversable4392.087Type classes for mapping, folding, and traversing monomorphic containers (data, library, mit)2024-02-, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
mono-traversable-instances370.02Extra typeclass instances for mono-traversable (data, library, mit)2020-07-
mono-traversable-keys140.01Type-classes for interacting with monomorphic containers with a key (bsd3, containers, data, data-structures, library)2023-05-050.3.0recursion_ninja
mono-traversable-wrapper120.01Wrapper providing Foldable instance for MonoFoldables. (data, library, mit)2017-02-
monoid80.03Monoid type classes, designed in modular way, distinguish Monoid from Mempty and Semigroup. This design allows mempty operation don't bring Semigroups related constraints until (<>) is used. (apache, data, library)2018-12-180.1.9danilo2, iamrecursion
monoid-extras2080.015Various extra monoid-related definitions and utilities (bsd3, data, library)2022-12-200.6.2BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
monoid-insertleft60.00Some extension to the Foldable and Monoid classes. (data, development, library, mit)2024-01-
monoid-map80.00A monoidal map with the right group instance (bsd3, data, library)2022-12-
monoid-record110.02Support for modifying record fields of monoidal type (bsd3, data, library)2009-04-200.1RobinGreen
monoid-subclasses3412.026Subclasses of Monoid (algebra, bsd3, data, library, text)2024-05-
monoid-transformer220.03Monoid counterparts to some ubiquitous monad transformers (bsd3, data, library)2018-02-160.0.4HenningThielemann
monoidal-containers2770.013Containers with monoidal accumulation (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-, OliverCharles, mpickering, abrar
monoidplus80.01Extra classes/functions about monoids (data, library, math, public-domain)2011-11-
monoids (deprecated in favor of reducers)530.02Deprecated: Use 'reducers' (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, numerical)2012-02-090.3.2DanielWagner, EdwardKmett
monomorphic (deprecated in favor of singletons)240.05Library to convert polymorphic datatypes to/from its monomorphic represetation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-05-
months200.00MonthName (bsd3, data, library, time)2024-07-030.2.1phadej
monus70.00a 'Monus' is a commutative monoid that allows a notion of substraction. (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
morphisms90.03It's all about functions (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-040.1.1iokasimovmt
morphisms-functors150.01Functors, theirs compositions and transformations (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-150.1.7iokasimovmt
morphisms-functors-inventory30.00Inventory is state and store (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-120.1.0iokasimovmt
morphisms-objects90.00Algebraic structures (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-080.1.3iokasimovmt
mrm40.01Modular Refiable Matching, first-class matches (bsd3, data, library)2016-03-
msgpack670.013A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-, HideyukiTanaka
msgpack-aeson50.01Aeson adapter for MessagePack (bsd3, data, library)2015-04-, HideyukiTanaka
msgpack-arbitrary100.01A Haskell implementation of MessagePack. (bsd3, data, library)2022-02-150.1.3iphydf
msgpack-binary90.02A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-02-140.0.16iphydf
msgpack-persist30.00A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-02-140.0.15iphydf
msgpack-rpc-conduit80.01A MessagePack-RPC Implementation (bsd3, data, library)2022-02-120.0.7iphydf
msgpack-testsuite80.00A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (bsd3, data, library)2022-02-150.1.0iphydf
msgpack-types210.05A Haskell implementation of MessagePack. (bsd3, data, library)2022-02-150.3.2iphydf
mt19937190.00Standard 32-bit Mersenne Twister PRNG, in pure Haskell (cryptography, data, library, mit, random)2024-07-140.1.1raehik
mtree90.01Tree with Meta and Content parameters (data, library, public-domain)2011-09-170.1RahulGopinath
multi-trie80.01Trie of sets, as a model for compound names having multiple values (data, library, mit)2016-11-070.1vadimvinnik
multibase70.03Self-identifying base encodings, implementation of <> (bsd3, data, library)2021-01-120.1.2KimAltintop, jkarni
multicurryable70.00Uncurry functions with multiple arguments. (bsd3, data, library)2023-05-
multihash102.02Multihash library and CLI executable (bsd3, data, library, program)2015-08-210.1.2LukeHoersten
multihash-cryptonite70.03Self-identifying hashes, implementation of <> (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-, jkarni
multihashmap80.01hashmap from keys to hashsets (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-
multipart-names70.01Handling of multipart names in various casing styles (bsd3, data, library)2015-04-020.0.1nedervold
multirec-binary40.01Generic Data.Binary instances using MultiRec. (bsd3, data, generics, library)2009-05-250.0.1SebastiaanVisser
multivector (deprecated)30.01Vectors of packed tuples (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-05-
murmur-hash1260.012MurmurHash2 implementation for Haskell. (bsd3, data, digest, library)2021-10-310.1.0.10AndreasAbel, ThomasSchilling
murmur3440.04Pure Haskell implementation of the MurmurHash3 x86 algorithm (data, hash, library, mit, murmur, public-domain)2021-09-281.0.5PhilippeLaprade, jprupp
murmurhash330.0132-bit non-cryptographic hashing (data, digest, library, public-domain)2011-06-221.0NisWegmann
mutable180.00Automatic piecewise-mutable references for your types (bsd3, data, library)2020-07-
mutable-containers830.06Abstactions and concrete implementations of mutable containers (data, library, mit)2022-09-
mutable-iter (deprecated)140.02iteratees based upon mutable buffers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-04-300.6.1JohnLato
mutable-lens150.00Interoperate mutable references with regular lens (apache, data, generics, lenses, library)2020-11-
mwc-random-accelerate120.01Generate Accelerate arrays filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers (accelerate, bsd3, data, library)2020-08-
mx-state-codes100.00ISO 3166-2:MX State Codes and Names (bsd3, data, library)2019-11-
n-ary-functor130.01An n-ary version of Functor (data, library, public-domain)2020-01-251.0gelisam
nagios-perfdata100.02Parse Nagios performance data. (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-250.2.2fractalcat
named-binary-tag60.00NBT (named binary tag) serialization and deserialization. (data, library, mit)2022-10-
named-records270.01Flexible records with named fields. (data, library, mit, records)2013-05-260.5JulianFleischer
named-sop90.00Dependently-typed sums and products, tagged by field name (data, library, mit)2020-02-
named-text172.00A parameterized named text type and associated functionality. (data, library)2023-10-
names200.02Type level names. (data, library, mit, type-system)2013-04-020.3.1JulianFleischer
namespace240.01A Generic Haskell library for managing namespaces (bsd3, data, library)2019-01-
nat110.01Lazy binary natural numbers (bsd3, data, library, math)2012-08-130.3JanChristiansen
natural-number50.02Natural numbers tagged with a type-level representation of the number. (bsd3, data, library, type-system)2010-10-141.0GregoryCrosswhite
natural-numbers360.04Natural numbers (bsd3, data, library, math)2012-07-
naturals70.01Constructors and related functions for natural numbers (bsd3, data, library)2011-08-, infrared
nbt180.02A parser/serializer for Minecraft's Named Binary Tag (NBT) data format. (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-220.7AdamFoltzer
ndjson-conduit200.01Conduit-based parsing and serialization for newline delimited JSON. (data, library, mit)2016-09-
neither (deprecated in favor of either, monad-control)210.07Provide versions of Either with good monad and applicative instances. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-05-
neither-data190.00The Neither datatype (data, library, mit)2022-03-
neononempty50.00NonEmpty lists that look [more, like, this] (bsd3, data, library)2023-11-261.1.0414owen
nested-sequence60.01List-like data structures with O(log(n)) random access (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2016-07-090.2BalazsKomuves
nestedmap80.01A library for nested maps (bsd3, data, library)2015-06-
network-address80.01IP data structures and textual representation (data, library, mit, network)2011-09-070.2.0SebastianNowicki
network-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)640.024Stream socket data using conduits. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library, network)2014-04-021.1.0MichaelSnoyman
network-data280.02Library for network data structures and their serialization. (bsd3, data, library, network)2015-05-180.5.3ThomasDuBuisson
network-enumerator (deprecated)160.06Enumerators for network sockets (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)2012-11-250.1.5JohnMillikin
network-msgpack-rpc (deprecated in favor of msgpack-rpc-conduit)170.02A MessagePack-RPC Implementation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-03-080.0.6iphydf
network-stream50.01ByteString and Text streams for networking (data, gpl, library)2011-11-080.1.0JaredHance
newbase6080.00Encodes and decodes numbers using Tantek Çelik's New Base 60 number system. (data, library, mpl)2021-04-
newtype-zoo160.00Newtype Wrapper Zoo (bsd3, data, library)2020-11-301.2.1.0SvenHeyll
nextstep-plist50.01NextStep style plist parser and printer (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2012-09-300.0.1JanChristiansen
nf170.02NF data type to statically enforce normal form (bsd3, data, library)2015-05-
ngrams-loader70.01Ngrams loader based on format (data, library, mit, program)2014-03-
niagra212.01High performance CSS EDSL (data, library, mit)2017-04-120.2.5natesymer
no-value90.00A type class for choosing sentinel-like values (bsd3, data, library)2019-07-
non-empty460.021List-like structures with static restrictions on the number of elements (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-070.3.5HenningThielemann
non-empty-sequence (deprecated in favor of nonempty-containers)150.02Non-empty sequence (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-11-
non-empty-text192.01Non empty Data.Text type (data, library, mit, nonempty, text)2023-12-170.2.1TrevisElser, onslaughtq, flipstone, qxjit
non-empty-zipper242.01The Zipper for NonEmpty (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-
nonempty-alternative150.01NonEmpty for Alternative types (bsd3, data, library)2016-03-160.4.0guaraqe
nonempty-lift30.00nonempty structure (bsd3, data, library)2019-08-130.1chessai
nonempty-vector1810.06Non-empty vectors (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-130.2.3topos
nonempty-wrapper50.03Create NonEmpty version of any container (data, library)2022-06-
nonempty-wrapper-aeson30.00aeson instances for 'NonEmpty' (data, library)2022-06-
nonempty-wrapper-quickcheck30.00QuickCheck instance for 'NonEmpty' (data, library)2022-06-
nonempty-wrapper-text30.00'NonEmpty' wrappers for text (data, library)2022-06-
nonempty-zipper210.01A non-empty comonadic list zipper (data, data-structures, library, mit)2022-03-311.0.0.4PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, chris_martin, FreckleEngineering
normalization-insensitive120.01Normalization insensitive string comparison (bsd3, data, library, text, unicode)2021-03-142.0.2harendra, ppelleti
notzero310.01A data type for representing numeric values, except zero. (bsd3, data, library, numeric)2018-05-310.1TonyMorris, qfpl
ntype80.01N-ary sum/product types (bsd3, data, library)2018-08-
num-non-negative70.00Non-negative numbers (data, library)2019-01-260.1int_index
number-length140.01Number of digits in a number in decimal and hexadecimal representation. (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-
numbered-semigroups40.02A sequence of semigroups, for composing stuff in multiple spatial directions. (data, lgpl, library)2017-10-
numbering100.01Combinators for creating bijections from some type to the natural numbers. (bsd3, data, library)2012-03-100.2.1DanielSchuessler
numbers662.08Various number types (bsd3, data, library, math)2018-05-143000.2.0.2CarterSchonwald, DanBurton, DanielWagner, JohnWiegley, LennartAugustsson, RichardSmith, RussellOConnor
objectid40.02Rather unique identifier for things that need to be stored (bsd3, data, library)2014-10-
observable-sharing252.01Simple observable sharing (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-150.2.5mararon
oi280.01Library for purely functional lazy interactions with the outer world. (bsd3, data, library, program)2016-03-
onama110.01HTML-parsing primitives for Parsec. (bsd3, data, library, text)2024-04-
once190.02memoization for IO actions and functions (data, gpl, library)2018-12-010.4DmitryBogatov, KAction
oneOfN110.02Anonymous coproduct type (data, library, public-domain)2011-08-
oneormore100.01A never-empty list type. (data, library, mit)2014-08-
onpartitions40.01partition lenses (bsd3, data, library)2017-07-
oo-prototypes160.08Support for OO-like prototypes (data, gpl, library)2014-08-, MateuszKowalczyk
open-adt30.01Open algebraic data types. (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-251.0Woehr
open-adt-tutorial40.00Open algebraic data type examples. (bsd3, data, library, program)2018-11-251.0Woehr
open-union230.04Extensible, type-safe unions. (data, library, mit, program)2018-04-
open-witness270.01open witnesses (bsd2, data, library)2022-05-100.6AshleyYakeley
opench-meteo180.01A Haskell implementation of the Swiss Meteo Net data API (bsd3, data, library)2019-04-
openexchangerates40.01Fetch exchange rates from (data, library)2013-09-
openpgp180.04Implementation of the OpenPGP message format (data, library)2013-08-100.6.1StephenWeber
openpgp-asciiarmor220.03OpenPGP (RFC4880) ASCII Armor codec (codec, data, library, mit)2019-06-300.1.2ClintAdams
optics792.512Optics as an abstract interface (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-core1842.552Optics as an abstract interface: core definitions (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-extra1502.09Extra utilities and instances for optics-core (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2022-05-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-operators80.00A tiny package containing operators missing from the official package. (data, lenses, library, mit, optics)2023-06-
optics-th1210.010Optics construction using TemplateHaskell (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2022-03-220.4.1AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-vl150.01Utilities for compatibility with van Laarhoven optics (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2020-04-150.2.1AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optimal-blocks60.01Optimal Block boundary determination for rsync-like behaviours (bsd3, data, library, program)2015-04-070.1.0tsuraan
option70.01A strict version of Maybe (data, library, mit)2016-01-
optional-args520.03Optional function arguments (bsd3, data, library)2018-02-141.0.2GabrielGonzalez
ord-adhoc100.01Creating Ord instances instantly (bsd3, data, library)2013-02-
order-maintenance160.03Algorithms for the order maintenance problem with a safe interface (bsd3, data, library)2017-01-
order-statistic-tree130.01Order statistic trees based on weight-balanced trees (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-
ordered-containers2490.015Set- and Map-like types that remember the order elements were inserted (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-190.2.4DanielWagner, ryanglscott
ordering-util180.00Utilities for Orderings (data, library, mit)2022-07-
orders120.02basic orders (bsd3, data, library)2013-08-
oref30.01Owned references in the Ownership Monad (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-130.0.3mcgirr
org-mode220.01Parser for Emacs org-mode files. (bsd3, data, library)2023-04-192.1.0fosskers
orgmode50.01Org Mode library for haskell (bsd3, data, library)2015-09-
orgmode-parse520.02A collection of Attoparsec combinators for parsing org-mode flavored documents. (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-310.3.0ParnellSpringmeyer
origami130.01An un-SYB framework for transforming heterogenous data through folds (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-240.0.6nedervold
osm-conduit50.01Parse and operate on OSM data in efficient way (bsd3, data, geography, library)2016-03-
osv100.00Open Source Vulnerability format (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-300.1.0.0frasertweedale
osx-ar60.01Parser for OS X static archive format. (bsd3, data, library)2010-03-250.11ErikCharlebois
overloaded-records162.01Overloaded Records based on current GHC proposal. (bsd3, data, library)2016-08-
pa-error-tree30.02Collect a tree of errors and pretty-print (bsd3, data, library, possehl-analytics)2023-05-
pa-field-parser120.01“Vertical” parsing of values (bsd3, data, library, possehl-analytics)2023-10-
pa-json130.00Our JSON parsers/encoders (bsd3, data, library, possehl-analytics)2023-10-
pa-label70.01Labels, and labelled tuples and enums (GHC >9.2) (bsd3, data, library, possehl-analytics)2024-03-
pa-prelude50.05The Possehl Analytics Prelude (bsd3, data, library, possehl-analytics)2023-10-
pa-pretty50.00Some pretty-printing helpers (bsd3, data, library, possehl-analytics)2023-06-
pa-run-command40.00Helper functions for spawning subprocesses (bsd3, data, library, possehl-analytics)2023-06-
pack40.01Bidirectional fast ByteString packer/unpacker (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-250.4.0capsjac
packed-dawg230.01Generation and traversal of highly compressed directed acyclic word graphs. (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-
packed-multikey-map40.01Efficient “spreadsheet table” like maps with multiple marginals (data, gpl, library)2017-09-
packer250.07Fast byte serializer and unserializer (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-130.1.9VincentHanquez
packer-messagepack70.01MessagePack Serialization an Deserialization for Packer (bsd3, data, library)2017-10-
packman150.02Serialization library for GHC (bsd3, data, ghc, library, serialization)2018-01-190.5.0JostBerthold
packstream100.00PackStream converter for Neo4j BOLT protocol (bsd3, data, library)2021-05-
pact-time560.00Time Library for Pact (bsd3, data, library, system)2024-07-
pager350.02Open up a pager, like 'less' or 'more' (bsd2, data, library, program, system, text)2015-05-
pagination180.01Framework-agnostic pagination boilerplate (bsd3, data, library)2021-03-060.2.2mrkkrp
palette600.010Utilities for choosing and creating color schemes. (bsd3, data, library)2023-07-, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
pandora1550.01A box of patterns and paradigms (control, data, library, mit)2022-05-290.5.6iokasimovmt
pandora-io140.00... (control, data, library, mit)2022-04-160.5.4iokasimovmt
parameterized-data180.03Parameterized data library implementing lightweight dependent types (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-080.1.6AlfonsoAcosta, HoseinAttarzadeh, ugeorge, ingo
parametric-functor50.00A known-parametric Functor typeclass (apache, data, library)2024-01-
parse-gcstats80.00Parse machine-readable GHC GC stats. (bsd3, data, library)2020-06-300.1.0.0MateuszKowalczyk
parsergen160.01TH parser generator for splitting bytestring into fixed-width fields (bsd3, data, library)2014-11-, JasperVanDerJeugt, JohnLato, MichaelBaikov
parsestar70.01NMR-STAR file format parser. (bsd3, data, library, program)2014-11-031.5MichalGajda
partial-order1100.03Provides typeclass suitable for types admitting a partial order (bsd3, data, library)2020-03-
partial-records120.00Template haskell utilities for constructing records with default values (bsd3, data, library)2019-10-
password552.252Hashing and checking of passwords (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-, nideco
password-instances292.00typeclass instances for password package (bsd3, data, library)2021-03-, nideco
password-types230.02Types for handling passwords (bsd3, data, library)2021-03-, nideco
patch-combinators160.03A library for patching functions and data structures (bsd3, data, library)2013-10-290.2.2EmilAxelsson
patches-vector320.01Patches (diffs) on vectors: composable, mergeable, and invertible. (bsd3, data, library)2016-11-
pattern-trie100.02Pattern tries (data, library, mpl)2020-05-240.1.1romanb
peano970.011Peano numbers (bsd3, data, library, math)2023-10-
peano-inf260.01Lazy Peano numbers including observable infinity value. (bsd3, data, library)2008-12-050.6.5PeterDivianszky
pecoff70.01Parser for PE/COFF format. (bsd3, data, library)2010-03-250.11ErikCharlebois
pedestrian-dag50.04A pedestrian implementation of directed acyclic graphs (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2018-09-190.2.0JakubWaszczuk
pem1610.036Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format reader and writer. (bsd3, data, library)2018-03-020.2.4VincentHanquez
peparser150.01A parser for PE object files. (bsd3, data, library)2011-09-290.21IanGraves
perfecthash50.01A perfect hashing library for mapping bytestrings to values. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2016-05-020.2.0MarkWotton
perhaps72.01Perhaps, a monad (bsd2, data, library)2018-04-240EdwardKmett
persist240.04Minimal serialization library with focus on performance (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2020-05-
persist-state100.00Serialization library with state and leb128 encoding (bsd3, data, library, parsing)2020-06-
persistent-equivalence110.01Persistent equivalence relations (aka union-find) (bsd3, data, library)2011-10-010.3ChrisSmith
persistent-refs140.01Haskell references backed by an IntMap for persistence and reversibility. (bsd3, data, library)2015-04-140.4AdamFoltzer
persistent-vector152.03A persistent sequence based on array mapped tries (bsd3, data, library)2020-10-290.2.0TristanRavitch
pez130.01A Pretty Extraordinary Zipper library (bsd3, data, library)2012-01-280.1.0BrandonSimmons
pgp-wordlist300.02Translate between binary data and a human-readable collection of words. (bsd3, data, library, serialization)2019-05-
phasechange40.01Freezing, thawing, and copy elision (bsd3, data, library)2012-06-300.1GaborLehel
phash210.01Haskell bindings to pHash, the open source perceptual hash library (data, gpl, library)2017-03-230.0.6MichaelXavier
phladiprelio-general-shared90.01A shared by different general implementations of the PhLADiPreLiO functionality. (data, language, library, math, mit)2024-01-300.1.2.0OleksandrZhabenko
phladiprelio-ukrainian-shared120.01A shared by different Ukrainian implementations of the PhLADiPreLiO functionality. (data, language, library, math, mit)2024-04-
phone-metadata (deprecated)150.01Phonenumber Metadata - NOTE: this is now deprecated! (data, deprecated, library)2016-06-, raghuugare
phone-numbers250.01Haskell bindings to the libphonenumber library (bsd3, data, library)2019-10-110.2.0ChristianMarie
phonetic-languages-filters-array190.02Allows to change the structure of the function output. (RealFrac, data, filters, library, mit)2023-01-310.6.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-rhythmicity610.09Allows to estimate the rhythmicity properties for the text (coherency, data, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, polyrhythmicity, rap)2023-03-
pipes-files100.01Fast traversal of directory trees using pipes (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-230.1.3JohnWiegley, dnadales
pipes-interleave220.02Interleave and merge streams of elements (bsd3, data, library)2018-08-051.1.3BenGamari
pkcs10260.01PKCS#10 library (apache, data, library)2016-11-
pktree120.01Implementation of the PKTree spatial index data structure (data, library)2012-04-100.2StephenWeber api integration library (bsd3, data, library, network, plaid, program, web)2020-03-
plailude222.01plaimi's prelude (data, gpl, library)2015-03-130.6.0alexander
planar-graph40.01A representation of planar graphs (bsd3, data, graphs, library, maths)2012-04-
plucky92.00A library and technique for handling errors via plucking constraints (bsd3, data, library)2020-01-
plur60.01Plurality monad: Zero, one, or at least two. (bsd3, data, library)2019-02-
point-octree40.01Point octree, with bounding boxes (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-
pointed1780.029Pointed and copointed data (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-075.0.4EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
pointedlist810.011A zipper-like comonad which works as a list, tracking a position. (bsd3, data, library)2014-04-260.6.1JeffWheeler, RussellOConnor, fread2281
poly-arity260.02Tools for working with functions of undetermined arity (bsd3, data, functions, library)2017-03-190.1.0athanclark
poly-control50.01This package provides abstraction for polymorphic controls, like PolyMonads or PolyApplicatives. (apache, data, library)2016-01-301.0.0danilo2, iamrecursion
poly-rec130.01Polykinded extensible records (data, gpl, library)2022-07-
polyToMonoid70.01Polyvariadic functions mapping to a given monoid (bsd3, data, library)2010-10-140.1KevinJardine
polydata90.01Wrap together data and it's constraints. (data, library, mit)2017-10-
polymap122.01Polygonal maps (data, library, public-domain)2015-09-
polysemy-managed30.00Primitive functions and data types (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-300.1.0.0haskellworks
polytypeable40.02Typeable for polymorphic types. (bsd3, data, library)2009-04-
polytypeable-utils40.01Utilities for polytypeable. (bsd3, data, library)2009-10-
polyvariadic152.02Creation and application of polyvariadic functions (bsd3, data, library)2020-02-
pool (deprecated in favor of resource-pool)260.05Thread-safe resource pools. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, database, deprecated, library, yesod)2012-01-
poolboy140.00Simple work queue for bounded concurrency (data, library)2023-11-
popkey110.00Static key-value storage backed by poppy (data, library, mit)2022-05-
porcupine-core52.02Express portable, composable and reusable data tasks and pipelines (arrows, combinators, control, data, json, library, mit, numerical, pipes, program, streaming)2019-10-
porcupine-http40.00A location accessor for porcupine to connect to HTTP sources/sinks (arrows, combinators, control, data, library, mit, program, web)2019-10-
porcupine-s330.00A location accessor for porcupine to connect to AWS S3 sources/sinks (arrows, aws, cloud, combinators, control, data, library, mit, program)2019-10-
portray-diff120.011Pretty structural diffs between two values (apache, data, library)2022-09-250.1.1AndrewPritchard
portray-diff-hunit40.00HUnit assertions based on portray-diff (apache, data, library)2021-09-
portray-diff-quickcheck80.00QuickCheck tests with portray-diff (apache, data, library)2021-09-
pos90.02positive numbers (bsd3, data, library, numeric)2022-04-
possible190.01Three valued Data.Maybe (bsd3, data, library)2019-02-
possibly150.05type Possibly a = Either String a (bsd3, data, library)2019-03-
postgresql-copy-escape130.01Format data to feed to a PostgreSQL COPY FROM statement (bsd3, data, library)2019-11-
prairie170.00A first class record field library (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-
pred-set90.02Simple cached predicates (bsd3, data, library)2016-04-260.0.1athanclark
pred-trie680.02Predicative tries (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-200.6.1athanclark
predicate-class40.04Helper class for passing context along a predicate value (data, library, mit)2018-03-
predicate-transformers262.00A library for writing predicates and transformations over predicates in Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2022-06-
predicate-typed500.00Predicates, Refinement types and Dsl (bsd3, data, library)2020-11-
predictive60.01Predict the future, backtrack on failure (bsd3, data, library)2016-08-220.1.0esz
prednote640.05Evaluate and display trees of predicates (bsd3, data, library)2015-09-
prednote-test (deprecated in favor of prednote)120.01Tests and QuickCheck generators to accompany prednote. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2015-01-
prefix-units190.03A basic library for SI/IEC prefix units (bsd3, data, library)2023-04-
prelude-plus140.01Prelude for rest of us (bsd3, control, data, system)2009-10-
pretty-hex480.09A library for hex dumps of ByteStrings (bsd3, data, library)2019-12-041.1EricMertens, IavorDiatchki, galoisinc
pretty-loc80.00Tracking and highlighting of locations in source files (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, data, diagnostics, library, pretty-printer, text)2019-06-
pretty-tree100.04Pretty-print trees (bsd3, data, library)2012-10-
prettyprinter-interp390.01Efficient interpolation for Prettyprinter (bsd2, data, library, text)2023-01-310.2.0.0PeterLebbing
preview40.01The method of previewing data (instead of wholly show-ing it) (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-
prim-instances60.02Prim typeclass instances (bsd3, data, library)2019-06-260.2chessai
prim-uniq330.04Opaque unique identifiers in primitive state monads (data, dependent-types, library, public-domain)2020-04-150.2BertramFelgenhauer, JamesCook, RyanTrinkle
primitive5902.5544Primitive memory-related operations (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-, Bodigrim, andrewthad, chessai, topos
primitive-addr900.07Addresses to unmanaged memory (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-, chessai, l3c_amartin
primitive-atomic70.00Wrappers for primops around atomic operations (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-
primitive-convenience40.00convenience class for PrimMonad m/PrimState m (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-260.1chessai
primitive-foreign50.00using the `Prim` interface for the FFI (bsd3, data, library)2019-11-150.1.1chessai
primitive-offset520.04Types for offsets into unboxed arrays (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-, l3c_amartin
primitive-simd42.01SIMD data types and functions (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-
primitive-slice30.01Slices of primitive arrays (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-
primitive-stablename30.00primitive operations on StableNames (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-160.1chessai
primitive-unaligned260.02Unaligned access to primitive arrays (bsd3, data, library)2022-09-, chessai
primitive-unlifted1810.020Primitive GHC types with unlifted types inside (bsd3, data, library)2023-06-, chessai
primus70.01nonempty and positive functions (bsd3, data, general, library)2022-04-
print-info110.02Can be used to coordinate the printing output. (data, library, mit)2020-09-
priority-queue150.02Simple implementation of a priority queue. (bsd3, data, library)2010-10-200.2.2JamesCook
procrastinating-structure (deprecated)70.01Pure structures that can be incrementally created in impure code (data, deprecated, library)2009-06-151.0.1JakeMcArthur
procrastinating-variable80.02Haskell values that cannot be evaluated immediately. (bsd3, data, library)2009-06-081.0.2GregoryCrosswhite
product-isomorphic220.05Weaken applicative functor on products (bsd3, data, library)2023-11-
profunctor-arrows130.01Profunctor arrows (bsd3, data, library, profunctors)2020-03-070.0.1cmk
profunctor-misc60.01Profunctor miscellany (bsd3, data, library, profunctors)2019-10-300.0.0.1cmk
profunctor-optics170.00A compact optics library compatible with the typeclasses in profunctors. (bsd3, data, lenses, library, profunctors, program)2020-03-090.0.2cmk
proj4-hs-bindings40.01Haskell bindings for the Proj4 C dynamic library. (data, library)2013-09-220.1PavelPenev
prolens82.00Profunctor-based lightweight implementation of optics (data, lenses, library, mpl, optics)2021-03-
propeller140.01A Propagator Library (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-
property-list320.03Apple property list parser (data, library, parsing, public-domain, xml)2015-06-
proquint30.00Proquints: Identifiers that are Readable, Spellable, and Pronounceable (data, library)2023-04-
proto-lens1322.044A lens-based implementation of protocol buffers in Haskell. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-, gnezdo, JinwooLee
proto-lens-arbitrary520.02Arbitrary instances for proto-lens. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-, gnezdo, JinwooLee
proto-lens-combinators (deprecated in favor of proto-lens)290.01Utilities functions to proto-lens. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-10-, gnezdo
proto-lens-descriptors (deprecated in favor of proto-lens)130.02Protocol buffers for describing the definitions of messages. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2017-07-310.2.2.0JudahJacobson, gnezdo
proto-lens-optparse420.01Adapting proto-lens to optparse-applicative ReadMs. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-, gnezdo, JinwooLee
proto-lens-protobuf-types690.07Basic protocol buffer message types. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-, gnezdo, JinwooLee
proto-lens-protoc1160.011Protocol buffer compiler for the proto-lens library. (bsd3, data, library, program)2024-04-, gnezdo, JinwooLee
protobuf490.07Google Protocol Buffers via GHC.Generics (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-20NathanHowell, YorickLaupa
protobuf-builder30.00Slow protobuf implementation (bsd3, data, library)2022-12-
protobuf-native60.01Protocol Buffers via C++ (bsd3, data, library, program)2014-10-
protobuf-simple270.01Simple Protocol Buffers library (proto2) (data, library, mit, program)2021-07-
proxied250.02Make functions consume Proxy instead of undefined (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-200.3.2ryanglscott
proxy90.01proxy helpers (data, library, mit)2018-05-
proxy-kindness40.02A library for kind-polymorphic manipulation and inspection of Proxy values (bsd3, data, library)2013-11-150.1BrandonSimmons
proxy-mapping60.01Mapping of Proxy Types (bsd3, data, library)2017-12-
pseudo-boolean310.01Reading/Writing OPB/WBO files used in pseudo boolean competition (bsd3, constraints, data, library, logic, optimisation, optimization)2024-03-
psql-utils90.00PostgreSQL Simple util tools. (bsd3, data, library, postgresql)2020-09-
ptr1020.07Experimental abstractions for operations on pointers (data, library, mit, ptr)2024-01-
ptr-poker520.01Pointer poking action construction and composition toolkit (data, library, memory, mit, ptr)2023-12-
publicsuffix1550.01The publicsuffix list exposed as proper Haskell types (data, library, mit)2020-05-260.20200526wereHamster
pure-priority-queue120.01A pure priority queue. (bsd3, data, library)2009-12-130.14BradLarsen
pure-priority-queue-tests40.01Tests for the pure-priority-queue package (bsd3, data, program)2009-10-120.12BradLarsen
pure-sum40.00Derive fromString/toString-like for pure sum types (data, library)2024-03-
pure-sum-aeson30.00Derive fromString/toString-like for pure sum types (aeson instances) (data, library)2024-03-
pureMD5950.073A Haskell-only implementation of the MD5 digest (hash) algorithm. (bsd3, codes, cryptography, data, library)2021-10-142.1.4ThomasDuBuisson, haskell_github_trust
purebred-email380.00types and parser for email messages (including MIME) (agpl, data, email, library)2023-10-, romanofski
pvar452.01Mutable variable with primitive values (bsd3, data, library)2020-10-
pvector82.00Fast persistent vectors (bsd3, data, library)2023-03-290.1.1BrianShu
qm-interpolated-string200.01Implementation of interpolated multiline strings (data, interpolated, library, public-domain)2022-07-
qr70.00Pure Haskell QR encoder library and command line tool (bsd3, data, library, program)2021-04-
qr-imager (deprecated in favor of qrcode-juicypixels, qrcode-core)530.01Library to generate images. (bsd3, data, deprecated, image, library, qr)2018-09-
qr-repa50.00Library to generate QR codes from bytestrings and objects and scale image files (bsd3, data, library, program)2016-12-
quadratic-irrational230.01An implementation of quadratic irrationals (algorithms, data, library, math, mit)2020-04-150.1.1ion, Bodigrim API library (api, bsd3, data, library, web)2015-05-
quantities110.01Unit conversion and manipulation library. (bsd3, data, library, math, physics, program)2015-11-070.4.0jdreaver
querystring-pickle220.01Picklers for de/serialising Generic data types to and from query strings (data, library, network, web)2014-06-230.2.0BrendanHay
queue (deprecated)120.03Abstraction typeclasses for queue-like things. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-10-180.1.2JamesCook
queues100.00Queue data structures. (bsd3, data, library)2024-03-031.0.0mitchellwrosen
quick-schema50.01Slimmed down json schema language and validator (data, json, library, mit)2015-11-
quickset40.01Very fast and memory-compact query-only set and map structures (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2012-11-140.1.0ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
raft150.01Miscellaneous Haskell utilities for data structures and data manipulation. (data, library, mit)2019-08-
rakhana140.01Stream based PDF library (bsd3, data, library)2014-09-
ral2250.04Random access lists (data, dependent-types, gpl, library, singletons)2024-06-080.2.2phadej
ral-lens190.00Length-indexed random access lists: lens utilities. (data, dependent-types, gpl, lens, library, singletons)2024-06-080.2.1phadej
ral-optics140.00Length-indexed random access lists: optics utilities. (data, dependent-types, gpl, library, optics, singletons)2024-06-080.2.1phadej
random-extras320.06Additional functions for random values. (bsd3, data, library, math)2012-07-100.19AristidBreitkreuz
random-string80.01Generate a random base 16, 58, or 64 string (bsd3, data, library)2018-03-, haskell_github_trust
range400.02An efficient and versatile range library. (data, library, mit)2019-10-, srijs
range-set-list680.02Memory efficient sets with ranges of elements. (data, library, mit)2024-07-030.1.4phadej
ranges (deprecated)220.05Ranges and various functions on them. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-09-010.2.4GeorgePollard
rangeset92.01Efficient sets for semi-contiguous data (bsd3, data, library)2023-04-
rank1dynamic390.08Like Data.Dynamic/Data.Typeable but with support for rank-1 polymorphic types (bsd3, data, library)2020-10-240.4.1EdskoDeVries, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson, LaurentRDC, davidsd, JoelMcCracken
rank2classes752.09standard type constructor class hierarchy, only with methods of rank 2 types (bsd3, control, data, generics, library)2024-05-
rcu350.00Read-Copy-Update for Haskell (bsd3, data, library, program)2023-08-090.2.7EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
rdf272.01Representation and Incremental Processing of RDF Data (data, library, mit)2023-12-
rds-data-codecs160.00Codecs for use with AWS rds-data (bsd3, data, library, program)2024-03-
real-dice150.00Random number generation based on physical media touched by humans (data, library, math, mit, program)2024-06-
rec-def140.00Recursively defined values (bsd2, data, library)2023-08-190.2.2JoachimBreitner
rec-smallarray40.01SmallArray-based extensible records for small-scale fast reads (bsd3, data, library, records)2022-02-
record-aeson70.01Instances of "aeson" classes for the "record" types (data, json, library, mit, records)2015-11-060.1.1NikitaVolkov
record-encode (deprecated in favor of heidi)160.01Generic encoding of records (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-science, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2019-01-230.2.3ocramz
records210.03A flexible record system (bsd3, data, library, records)2012-01-
records-th60.01Template Haskell declarations for the records package (data, library, mit)2012-08-
recursion-schemes-ix60.00Recursion schemes over indexed Functors (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-
recursive-zipper60.01Zippers over recursive data structures. (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-
red-black-record470.00Extensible records and variants indexed by a type-level Red-Black tree. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-
redis-resp210.02REdis Serialization Protocol (RESP) implementation. (data, library, mpl)2018-08-301.0.0ToralfWittner, romanb
reducers1720.011Semigroups, specialized containers and a general map/reduce framework (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical, semigroups)2021-11-013.12.4EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
reedsolomon220.01Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Haskell (data, library, mit)2017-01-
ref90.01Generic Mutable Ref Abstraction Layer (bsd3, data, library)2013-03-310.1.1.2CarterSchonwald
ref-extras90.00Extra stuff for mutable references (bsd3, data, library)2020-09-050.2.0ejconlon
refcount110.01Container with element counts (data, library, mit)2014-06-080.1.2BenFoppa
reference80.03A class for references in Haskell (control, data, library, mit)2010-09-060.1MaciejPiechotka
reference-counting60.00A reference counting library to alias linear resources (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-
refined942.518Refinement types with static and runtime checking (data, library, mit)2024-05-090.8.2NikitaVolkov, chessai
refined-containers70.00Type-checked proof that a key exists in a container and can be safely indexed. (data, library, mit)2023-12-, typeable
refined-http-api-data30.00http-api-data instances for refined types (data, library, mit)2019-11-
refined-with (deprecated in favor of strongweak)120.01Refinement types with an "refinement applied" switch. (data, deprecated, library, mit)2022-04-230.3.0raehik
refined1 (deprecated in favor of rerefined)40.02Refinement types with static and runtime checking (+ Refined1) (data, deprecated, library, mit)2023-05-100.9.0raehik
reflection4552.2593Reifies arbitrary terms into types that can be reflected back into terms (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library, reflection)2024-05-042.1.8EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
reflection-extras100.01Utilities for the reflection package (bsd3, data, library)2013-12-310.1.1.0EdwardKmett, JonathanFischoff
reflection-without-remorse180.01Efficient free and operational monads. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2014-12-300.9.5AtzeVanDerPloeg
regex-easy80.02sugar for regex-pcre (bsd3, data, library)2014-03-
regex-type50.01Type-level regular expressions (bsd3, data, library)2016-04-
regex-wrapper90.00Types that can only be constructed if they match a regular expression (bsd3, data, library)2019-11-
regexp-tries70.01Regular Expressions on Tries. (bsd3, data, library)2012-02-080.2AndreasBaldeau
registry-aeson220.00Aeson encoders / decoders (data, library, mit)2022-11-
registry-messagepack220.00MessagePack encoders / decoders (data, library, mit)2022-11-
registry-options70.00application options parsing (data, library, mit)2022-11-
regular-xmlpickler (deprecated in favor of generic-xmlpickler)110.04Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using Regular. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, xml)2014-04-040.2AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rei322.01Process lists easily (data, mit, program)2016-12-
reify80.01Serialize data (data, library, program)2009-01-190.1.1GwernBranwen
reinterpret-cast130.08Memory reinterpretation casts for Float/Double and Word32/Word64 (data, library, mit)2014-04-300.1.0NiklasHambuechen
relapse262.03Sensible RLP encoding (data, library, mit)2022-09-
relative-date70.01Durations and generalized time parsing (bsd3, data, library)2010-04-020.0.1SamAnklesaria
reord80.02Ad-hoc Ord instances (data, library, public-domain)2008-10-
reorderable70.01Define compound types that do not depend on member order. (data, library, type-system)2013-11-150.3.1AlexCole
repa-linear-algebra140.01HMatrix operations for Repa. (bsd3, data, library)2016-03-
rerefined230.01Refinement types, again (data, library, mit, types)2024-06-110.5.1raehik
resource-pool1782.25113A high-performance striped resource pooling implementation (bsd3, data, database, library, network)2023-01-, BryanOSullivan, phadej, arybczak, jonathanjouty
resource-pool-catchio100.07Fork of resource-pool, with a MonadCatchIO constraint (bsd3, data, database, library, network)2012-03-
resource-pool-fork-avanov50.01A high-performance striped resource pooling implementation (bsd3, data, database, library, network)2021-12-
resourcet4410.0494Deterministic allocation and freeing of scarce resources. (bsd3, conduit, data, library)2022-10-231.3.0MichaelSnoyman
resourcet-pool (deprecated in favor of unliftio-pool)90.01A small library to convert a Pool into an Acquire (bsd3, conduit, data, database, deprecated, library, network)2020-11-
resp80.00A fast, non-backtracking parser for the redis RESP3 protocol (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-262.0.0414owen
restricted-workers70.01Running worker processes under system resource restrictions (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, system)2013-08-260.1.1DaniilFrumin
result260.01Encode success or at least one error (data, library, mit)2016-10-
rev-scientific90.02A library to provide special kind of big numbers writing. (data, library, math, mit)2023-06-
reverse-arguments90.01Reverse the arguments of arbitrary functions. (bsd3, data, library)2016-03-
reverse-geocoding270.01Simple reverse geocoding using OpenStreeMap (bsd3, data, library)2017-02-
reverse-list110.00reversed lists/snoc lists (bsd3, data, library)2023-02-
rhythmic-sequences320.02Improved library to deal with rhythmicity of short sequences (data, library, math, mit)2024-04-
riff150.02RIFF parser for Haskell (data, library, mit, program)2015-04-
ring-buffer172.01A concurrent, mutable ring-buffer (bsd3, data, library)2017-10-070.4BenGamari
ring-buffers130.00mutable ring buffers with atomic updates in GHC Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2020-11-300.2chessai
ripple-federation90.01Utilities and types to work with the Ripple federation protocol (data, library)2014-12-290.3StephenWeber
rivers40.01Rivers are like Streams, but different. (bsd3, comonads, data, library, math)2011-12-040.1.0DrewDay
rng-utils160.01RNG within an IORef for convenient concurrent use (bsd3, data, library, random)2020-09-230.3.1DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
roc-cluster50.00ROC online clustering algorithm (bsd3, data, library)2017-05-
roles140.01Composable class-based roles (bsd3, data, library)2021-10-
rolling-queue70.02Bounded channel for STM that discards old entries when full (bsd3, data, library)2012-02-160.1JoeyAdams
rope-utf16-splay470.07Ropes optimised for updating using UTF-16 code units and row/column pairs. (bsd3, data, language, library, text)2022-01-, OlleFredriksson
rose60.00rose trees (bsd3, data, library)2021-01-040.1chessai
rose-trees260.02Various trie implementations in Haskell (bsd3, data, library, tree)2020-03-
rose-trie180.01Trees with polymorphic paths to nodes, combining properties of Rose Trees and Tries. (data, gpl, library)2017-03-
rosebud140.00Common rose tree/forest functions (bsd3, data, library)2020-11-
roundtrip-aeson110.02Un-/parse JSON with roundtrip invertible syntax definitions. (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-, ChristianMarie
route-planning100.01A library and utilities for creating a route (bsd3, data, library)2014-04-180.0.3TonyMorris
row-types1270.013Open Records and Variants (data, data-structures, library, mit)2021-09-
row-types-aeson110.00aeson instances for Open Records and Variants (data, data-structures, library, mit)2022-07-
row-types-barbies80.00barbies instances for Open Records and Variants (data, data-structures, library, mit)2021-09-
rowrecord70.02Build records from lists of strings, as from CSV files. (bsd3, data, library, text)2010-09-270.1KeeganMcAllister
rp-tree392.00Random projection trees (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-structures, library, machine-learning, program)2021-11-040.7.1ocramz
rset160.01Range set (data, library)2017-08-081.0.0lovasko
rstream50.01stream-fusion framework from vector (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2018-11-
rtorrent-state80.01Parsing and manipulation of rtorrent state file contents (data, gpl, library)2014-08-
ruby-marshal190.01Parse a subset of Ruby objects serialised with Marshal.dump. (data, library, mit)2022-05-210.2.1AlfredoDiNapoli, ChrisDornan, filib, jack
ruin70.01Pliable records (bsd3, data, library, records)2016-08-
run-haskell-module110.01Running newly generated Haskell source module. (bsd3, data, library, tools)2020-03-290.0.2MichalGajda
run-st650.016runST without boxing penalty (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
runmany100.01Run multiple commands, interleaving output and errors (bsd3, data, nix, program, system)2018-04-260.1.3JohnWiegley
runmemo120.01A simple memoization helper library (bsd3, data, library)2013-11-
s-cargot800.04A flexible, extensible s-expression library. (bsd3, data, library)2023-04-
s-cargot-letbind220.01Enables let-binding and let-expansion for s-cargot defined S-expressions. (data, library)2023-04-, galoisinc
safe-freeze100.01Support for safely freezing multiple arrays in the ST monad. (bsd3, data, library)2012-06-020.2.1ReinerPope
safe-globals80.01Safe top-level mutable variables which scope like ordinary values (bsd3, data, library)2011-12-210.1.1KeeganMcAllister
safe-length52.01Tired of accidentally calling length on tuples? Relief at last! (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-
safecopy1222.062Binary serialization with version control. (data, library, parsing, public-domain)2021-04-, DavidFox, DavidHimmelstrup, DavidJohnson, JeremyShaw
safecopy-migrate (deprecated)80.01Making SafeCopy migrations easier (data, deprecated, library, public-domain)2018-08-190.2.0Artyom
safecopy-store150.02Binary serialization with version control. (data, library, parsing, public-domain)2017-12-210.9.6NCrashed
safeint120.01overflow-checked Int type (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-290.6AndresLoeh
samsort180.00A stable adaptive mergesort implementation (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
sarif40.00SARIF implementation for Haskell (data, library, mit)2022-12-220.1mbg
sat-simple40.00A high-level wrapper over minisat (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-
scan-metadata (deprecated)50.00Metadata types for Albedo Scanners (data, deprecated, library, mit)2019-05-310.2.1.0arbornetworks
schedule-planner230.01Find the ideal lesson layout (convenience, data, lgpl, planning, program)2015-06-
schema80.01Encoding-independent schemas for Haskell data types. (data, gpl, library)2022-02-210.0.3iphydf, TokTokReleaser
schemas300.00schema guided serialization (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-, adamse
schematic441.751JSON-biased spec and validation tool (bsd3, data, library)2021-01-
scientific4692.25479Numbers represented using scientific notation (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-, BryanOSullivan, phadej
scientific-notation270.03Scientific notation intended for tokenization (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
scythe60.00Fast CSV lexing on ByteString (bsd3, data, library, program)2018-09-
sec50.01Semantic Editor Combinators. (bsd3, combinators, data, library)2010-03-300.0.1SteffenSiering
secret-sharing270.02Information-theoretic secure secret sharing (cryptography, data, lgpl, library)2020-05-
securemem690.018abstraction to an auto scrubbing and const time eq, memory chunk. (bsd3, data, library)2018-02-270.1.10VincentHanquez
semantic-source240.07Types and functionality for working with source code (data, library, mit)2024-03-, tclem, robrix, dcreager, aymannadeem, joshvera, maxbrunsfeld, rewinfrey
semi-iso180.05Weakened partial isomorphisms, reversible computations. (control, data, library, mit)2014-12-
semialign4370.030Align and Zip type-classes from the common Semialign ancestor. (bsd3, data, library, these)2024-05-161.3.1phadej
semialign-extras40.00Extra functions for working with Semialigns (bsd3, data, library)2019-11-, jack
semialign-indexed (deprecated in favor of semialign)170.02SemialignWithIndex, i.e. izipWith and ialignWith (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, these)2021-02-251.2phadej
semialign-optics (deprecated in favor of semialign)80.00SemialignWithIndex, i.e. izipWith and ialignWith (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, these)2021-02-251.2phadej
semibounded-lattices100.02A Haskell implementation of semibounded lattices (bsd3, data, library)2020-11-
semigroupoids-syntax40.01RebindableSyntax using the semigroupoids package (bsd3, data, library)2014-11-010.0.1TonyMorris
semigroups4012.75905Anything that associates (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2021-11-160.20EdwardKmett, EricMertens, HerbertValerioRiedel, ryanglscott
semigroups-actions50.01Semigroups actions (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2012-12-200.1PetrPudlak
semilattices220.02Semilattices (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2024-03-
semiring-num662.02Basic semiring class and instances (data, library, mit)2019-11-
semirings2402.018two monoids as one, in holy haskimony (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math, mathematics, maths)2024-05-210.7chessai
semver752.08Representation, manipulation, and de/serialisation of Semantic Versions. (data, library, mpl)2020-10-310.4.0.1BrendanHay
separated410.01A data type with elements separated by values (bsd3, data, library)2018-02-, qfpl, GeorgeWilson
seqid390.02Sequence ID production and consumption (bsd3, data, library)2023-07-070.6.3wraithm, LukeHoersten
sequence320.03A type class for sequences and various sequence data structures. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2021-08-, dfeuer
sequential-index140.02Sequential numbers that allow arbitrarily inserting numbers - for containers (bsd3, data, library)2013-01-
serdoc-binary30.00`binary` backend for `serdoc` (apache, data, library)2024-02-
serdoc-core140.01Generated documentation of serialization formats (apache, data, library)2024-02-
serialise-uuid100.00Encode and decode UUID values in CBOR using uuid-types, cborg and serialise. (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-210.1RenzoCarbonara
serialize-instances30.02Instances for Serialize of cereal (data, library, mit)2016-10-, bandali
set-extra210.06Functions that could be added to Data.Set. (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-181.4.2DavidFox
set-monad160.03Set monad (bsd3, data, library, monad)2018-10-
set-of90.01Sets of fixed size, with typelits (bsd3, data, library)2019-02-
setoid (deprecated in favor of skeletal-set)60.01A Haskell implementation of setoid (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2017-03-
setops150.01Uniform names (and Unicode operators) for set operations on data structures. (data, library, public-domain)2012-05-100.1.2eelis
sets400.04Ducktyped set interface for Haskell containers. (bsd3, data, library)2019-10-
setters60.02Small (TH) library to declare setters for typical `record' data type fields. (bsd3, data, library)2010-11-230.1IlyaPortnov
settings210.01Runtime-editable program settings. (data, library, public-domain, user-interfaces)2016-01-
sexpresso190.00A flexible library for parsing and printing S-expression (data, library)2023-08-, VincentArchambault
sext (deprecated in favor of static-text)210.01Lists, Texts, ByteStrings and Vectors with type-encoded length (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, text, type-system)2017-10-
sgf250.01SGF (Smart Game Format) parser (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-, tonicebrian, dbouamalay
sha-validation400.00Validation SHA Implementations (data, library, mit)2024-07-
sha1120.00SHA-1 Hash (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
shapely-data70.01Generics using @(,)@ and @Either@, with algebraic operations and typed conversions (bsd3, data, generics, library)2013-12-220.1BrandonSimmons
short-vec80.03Length-indexed vectors using SmallArray# (apache, data, library)2023-03-
short-vec-lens60.01Lenses and related functionality for the `short-vec` package. (apache, data, library)2021-09-
shortcircuit90.02Short-circuit values and expressions. (bsd3, control, data, library)2010-10-140.1AristidBreitkreuz
sieve80.01Sieve is an implementation of the Sieve abstract data type. (data, gpl, library)2013-01-
siggy-chardust90.02Rounding rationals to significant digits and decimal places. (data, library, math, mpl, numeric)2018-06-221.0.0philderbeast
sign230.02Arithmetic over signs and sets of signs (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2019-09-260.4.4MasahiroSakai
signable100.00Deterministic serialisation and signatures with proto-lens support (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2021-03-190.4coingaming
signable-haskell-protoc100.00Deterministic serialisation and signatures with proto-lens support (bsd3, cryptography, data, program)2020-09-240.2coingaming
simple-atom70.01Atom (or symbol) datatype for fast comparision and sorting. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, data, library, parsing)2011-04-060.2ThomasSchilling
simple-conduit220.01A simple streaming I/O library based on monadic folds (bsd3, conduit, data, library)2017-01-230.6.0JohnWiegley
simple-enumeration360.02Finite or countably infinite sequences of values. (bsd3, data, library)2020-06-250.2.1BrentYorgey
simple-index60.01Allows simple indexation on any data type (bsd3, data, library)2014-01-
simple-money100.01Simple library to handle and interexchange money (data, library, public-domain)2017-01-
simple-pipe620.06simple pipeline library like conduit (bsd3, data, library)2015-09-
simple-rope50.01Memory-efficient strings with concatenation and splitting. (bsd3, data, library)2011-06-240.1EugeneKirpichov
simplistic-generics60.00Generic programming without too many type classes (bsd3, data, library)2020-05-022.0.0AlejandroSerrano
simpoole152.01Simple pool (bsd3, data, library, resources)2022-01-050.4.0vapourismo
simtreelo260.01Load data organized in a tree. (data, gpl, library)2018-10-
single-tuple130.03a class for single tuple implementations (apache, data, library)2023-08-
singleraeh210.02raehik's singletons (data, library, mit, types)2024-06-010.4.0raehik
singlethongs60.02Like singletons, but much smaller. (bsd3, data, library)2020-04-190.1RenzoCarbonara
singleton-dict40.01Typelevel balanced search trees via a singletonized Data.Map (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library)2017-06-
singleton-nats470.02Unary natural numbers relying on the singletons infrastructure. (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library)2023-10-130.4.7AndrasKovacs, ryanglscott
singleton-typelits80.01Singletons and induction over GHC TypeLits (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-
sink (deprecated)60.01An alternative to lazy I/O that doesn't conflate execution with evaluation (control, data, deprecated, library, mit, system)2011-08-
sint90.06Nat singletons represented by Int (apache, data, library)2021-10-240.2.0AndrewPritchard
siphash (deprecated in favor of memory)210.06siphash: a fast short input PRF (bsd3, cryptography, data, deprecated, library)2012-12-141.0.3VincentHanquez
siren-json230.01Siren Tools for Haskell (data, library, mit)2019-02-
size-based1340.02Sized functors, for size-based enumerations (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-, JonasDuregard
sized472.03Sized sequence data-types (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-
sized-grid162.01Multidimensional grids with sized specified at compile time (data, library, mit)2019-09-
sized-vector (deprecated in favor of sized)480.02Size-parameterized vector types and functions. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-07-
sized-wrapper30.03Create a Sized version of any container (data, library)2022-08-
sized-wrapper-aeson50.00aeson instances for 'Sized' (data, library)2022-08-
sized-wrapper-quickcheck30.00QuickCheck instance for 'Sized' (data, library)2022-08-
sized-wrapper-text30.00'Sized' wrappers for text (data, library)2022-08-
skeletal-set40.01Skeletal set - a set with equivalence relation different from equality (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-
skew-list80.01Random access lists: skew binary (bsd3, data, library)2023-01-030.1phadej
skip-list120.01An implementation of pure skip lists (data, library, mit)2017-07-
sliceofpy32.00Python-ish slicing traversals for Haskell. (bsd3, data, lenses, library, program)2019-08-231.0.0lgastako
slotmap70.01Pure Haskell slotmap implementation over ST or IO. (bsd3, data, library)2018-09-
slugger162.00Clean URI slugs for Haskell (bsd3, data, library, program, text, web)2023-01-310.1.0.2robertwpearce
small-bytearray-builder220.03Serialize to bytes (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
smallarray180.02low-level unboxed arrays, with minimal features. (bsd3, data, library)2012-06-
smallstring190.01A Unicode text type, optimized for low memory overhead (bsd3, data, library)2012-06-150.3.3AntoineLatter
smaoin230.03Utilities for the Smaoin semantic information model. (data, library, public-domain)2015-06-
smash150.05Combinators for Maybe types (bsd3, data, library)2022-04-270.1.3topos
smash-aeson70.00Aeson support for the smash library (bsd3, data, library)2022-04-
smash-lens120.00Optics for the `smash` library (bsd3, data, library)2022-04-
smash-microlens90.00Optics for the `smash` library (bsd3, data, library)2022-04-
smash-optics100.00Optics for the `smash` library using `optics-core` (bsd3, data, library)2022-04-
smith60.00Parse arrays of tokens (bsd3, data, library)2020-01-, l3c_amartin
smoothie700.01Smooth curves via several interpolation modes (bsd3, data, library)2020-05-310.4.2.11DimitriSabadie
snowchecked210.00A checksummed variation on Twitter's Snowflake UID generation algorithm (apache, data, library)2022-11-300.0.2.0RobertFischer
snowflake190.01A loose port of Twitter Snowflake to Haskell. Generates arbitrary precision, unique, time-sortable identifiers. (apache, data, library)2015-03-
some3110.028Existential type: Some (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library)2023-10-241.0.6phadej
sop-core1792.037True Sums of Products (bsd3, data, library)2022-01-
sorted30.01Efficient, type-safe sorted sequences (data, library, mit)2013-11-150.0.1JosephAbrahamson
sorted-list2060.012Type-enforced sorted lists and related functions. (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-
sorting60.01Utils for sorting. (bsd3, data, library)2015-04-
spacepart60.01Space partition data structures. Currently only a QuadTree. (bsd3, data, library)2009-02-
sparse160.01A playground of sparse linear algebra primitives using Morton ordering (bsd3, data, library, vector)2015-07-030.9.2EdwardKmett, HansHoglund
sparse-tensor230.00typesafe tensor algebra library (algebra, data, library, math, mit)2021-02-, TobiReinhart
spdx710.03SPDX license expression language, Extras (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-
spdx-license100.01SPDX license templates (bsd3, data, library)2021-01-250.1.1Poscat
special-keys110.03Simple data types that help me here and there. (bsd3, data, library)2013-09-
splaytree140.01Provides an annotated splay tree (bsd3, data, library)2013-04-200.1.5JohnLato
split-morphism52.00Split Epimorphisms and Monomorphisms (bsd3, data, generics, lenses, library)2019-09-
spooky30.00Unified API for phantom typed newtypes and type aliases (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-
spreadsheet490.01Read and write spreadsheets from and to CSV files in a lazy way (bsd3, data, library, text)2023-12-
srcloc800.012Data types for managing source code locations. (bsd3, data, library)2022-03-
srec90.01Parsing and processing s-records. (bsd3, data, embedded, library)2011-08-270.1.0TomHawkins
srtree240.01A general framework to work with Symbolic Regression expression trees. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2023-06-
sstable40.01SSTables in Haskell (bsd3, data, library, program)2010-07-311.0MariusEriksen
st2102.01shared heap regions between local mutable state threads (bsd3, data, library)2022-02-120.1.1chessai
stable-memo250.01Memoization based on argument identity (data, library, mit)2023-08-140.4.0JakeMcArthur
stable-tree260.01Trees whose branches are resistant to change (bsd3, data, library, program)2015-03-140.7.0tsuraan
stack-prism180.03Stack prisms (bsd3, data, library)2018-06-160.1.7MartijnVanSteenbergen, SjoerdVisscher
stackage-types (deprecated in favor of stackage-curator)120.03Shared data types between various Stackage packages (data, deprecated, library, mit)2016-01-201.2.0MichaelSnoyman
star (deprecated in favor of semirings)160.01*-semirings (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2017-12-310.0.1.0chessai
state60.02Data.State (data, library)2009-10-190.1EvgenyJukov, MauricioAntunes
state-codes230.01ISO 3166-2:US state codes and i18n names (data, library, mit)2017-10-170.1.3acamino
state-record (deprecated in favor of lens)40.01Better records for State monad states (data, deprecated, library)2011-04-170.0.1KarlVoelker
stateref170.06Abstraction for things that work like IORef. (data, public-domain)2009-11-190.3JamesCook
static-bytes300.01A Haskell library providing types representing 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 bytes of data. (bsd3, data, library)2023-07-070.1.0MichaelSnoyman, fpcomplete, mpilgrem
static-tensor120.01Tensors of statically known size (bsd3, data, library)2017-12-
static-text252.01Lists, Texts, ByteStrings and Vectors of statically known length (bsd3, data, library, text, type-system)2021-07-
std60.00TBA (bsd3, data, library, prelude)2019-06-270chessai
stdata100.01Structure Data Library (bsd3, data, library)2011-06-220.0.4DavidDarais
stdf60.01Parse Structured Test Data Format (STDF) (data, gpl, library, program)2014-10-
stdio72.250A simple and high performance IO toolkit for Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-
stm-linkedlist60.01Mutable, doubly linked lists for STM (bsd3, data, library)2011-10-
stm-queue150.01An implementation of a real-time concurrent queue (data, library, mit)2023-01-
stm-sbchan80.01Bounded channel for STM where item sizes can vary (bsd3, data, library)2012-07-310.1JoeyAdams
stm-tlist90.02Mutable, singly-linked list in STM (bsd3, data, library)2012-02-220.1.1JoeyAdams
storable40.01Storable type class for variable-sized data (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2009-03-050.1TomasJanousek
storable-complex662.027Storable instance for Complex (bsd3, data, library)2018-11-, JedBrown
storable-endian290.08Storable instances with endianness (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-
storable-record1400.030Elegant definition of Storable instances for records (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2023-02-210.0.7HenningThielemann
storable-tuple1222.015Storable instance for pairs and triples (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2023-02-210.1HenningThielemann
storablevector800.016Fast, packed, strict storable arrays with a list interface like ByteString (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-
storablevector-carray70.01Conversion between storablevector and carray (bsd3, data, library)2012-07-230.0HenningThielemann
storablevector-streamfusion40.01Conversion between storablevector and stream-fusion lists with fusion (bsd3, data, library)2009-04-240.0HenningThielemann
store1740.027Fast binary serialization (data, library, mit, serialization)2023-10-060.7.18MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman, borsboom, fpcomplete, philipp
store-core810.06Fast and lightweight binary serialization (data, library, mit, serialization)2024-02-, MichaelSnoyman, borsboom, fpcomplete, philipp
store-streaming180.01Streaming interfaces for `store` (data, library, mit, serialization)2023-10-
stream50.01Initial project template from stack (data, library, mit)2016-04-
stream-fusion190.07Faster Haskell lists using stream fusion (bsd3, data, library)2013-01-, KidoTakahiro
streaming2382.575an elementary streaming prelude and general stream type. (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2023-07-, MichaelThompson, andrewthad, chessai
streaming-bracketed100.01A resource management decorator for "streaming". (data, library, mit, streaming)2020-06-
streaming-bytestring2442.2537Fast, effectful byte streams. (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2023-11-170.3.2IvanMiljenovic, fosskers, andrewthad
streaming-cassava220.05Cassava support for the streaming ecosystem (data, library, mit, streaming)2021-02-, OliverCharles
streaming-commons4092.062Common lower-level functions needed by various streaming data libraries (data, library, mit)2023-04-
streaming-concurrency190.01Concurrency support for the streaming ecosystem (data, library, mit, streaming)2019-05-, OliverCharles
streaming-conduit200.03Bidirectional support between the streaming and conduit libraries (data, library, mit, streaming)2023-05-, OliverCharles
streaming-fft70.01online streaming fft (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
streaming-process40.01Streaming support for running system process (data, library, mit, streaming)2018-05-
streaming-sort90.01Sorting streams (data, library, mit, streaming)2018-03-
streaming-utils620.09http, attoparsec, pipes and other utilities for the streaming libraries (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2023-08-, MichaelThompson, andrewthad, chessai
streaming-with200.08with/bracket-style idioms for use with streaming (data, library, mit, streaming)2021-08-, OliverCharles
strict3840.098Strict data types and String IO. (bsd3, data, library, system)2024-07-030.5.1DonaldStewart, RomanLeshchinskiy, phadej, infinity0
strict-base230.03Strict versions of base data types. (bsd3, data, library, system)2017-03-
strict-base-types (deprecated in favor of strict, aeson, quickcheck-instances, strict-lens)552.04Strict variants of the types provided in base. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2024-07-030.8.1BasVanDijk, SimonMeier, phadej
strict-containers222.02Strict containers. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2022-12-120.2ErikDeCastroLopo, infinity0
strict-containers-lens100.00Strict containers - Lens instances (bsd3, data, data-structures, lenses, library)2022-12-120.2infinity0
strict-containers-serialise90.00Strict containers - Serialise instances (bsd3, codec, data, data-structures, library)2022-12-120.2infinity0
strict-data100.03A collection of commonly used strict data structures (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-
strict-lens360.01Lenses for types in strict package (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2024-07-030.4.1phadej, infinity0
strict-list2970.02Strict linked list (data, library, mit)2024-05-
strict-optics240.00Optics for types in strict package (bsd3, data, library, optics)2024-07-030.4.1phadej
strict-tuple410.01Strict tuples (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-, topos
strict-tuple-lens80.00Optics for the `strict-tuple` library (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-270.2topos
strict-wrapper112.00Lightweight strict types (data, library, mit)2024-05-
string-class340.05String class library (bsd3, data, library, text)2024-06-, SergeyAlirzaev, k_bx
string-combinators290.03Polymorphic functions to build and combine stringlike values (bsd3, data, library)2014-06-
string-conv1171.7527Standardized conversion between string types (bsd3, data, library, string, text)2022-03-040.2.0DougBeardsley, MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
string-conv-tests (deprecated in favor of string-conv)50.00Tests for the string-conv library (bsd3, data, deprecated, string, text)2022-02-190.1.1DinoMorelli
string-conversions1652.596Simplifies dealing with different types for strings (bsd3, data, library)2016-12-300.4.0.1SoenkeHahn
string-interpolate1872.2542Haskell string/text/bytestring interpolation that just works (bsd3, data, library, text)2024-07-
string-qq1490.08QuasiQuoter for non-interpolated strings, texts and bytestrings. (data, library, public-domain)2024-02-020.0.6AudreyTang
string-quote30.01QuasiQuoter for non-interpolated strings, texts and bytestrings. (bsd3, data, library)2011-03-290.0.1AudreyTang
string-similarity110.03longest common substring (bsd3, data, library)2013-07-
string-typelits50.01Type-level Chars and Strings, with decidable equality. (bsd3, data, library)2016-01-
string-variants262.01Constrained text newtypes (data, library, mit)2024-03-, parsonsmatt, danielbrice, jade
stringable (deprecated)230.014A Stringable type class, in the spirit of Foldable and Traversable (bytestring, data, deprecated, library, mit, text)2014-05-020.1.3JohnWiegley, KetilMalde
stringprep380.04Implements the "StringPrep" algorithm (bsd3, data, library)2014-01-061.0.0GeorgePollard
stringtable-atom300.04Memoize Strings as Atoms for fast comparison and sorting, with maps and sets (bsd3, data, library, pugs)2014-05-170.0.7AudreyTang, JeffShaw
strongweak350.01Convert between strong and weak representations of types (data, library, mit)2024-06-110.8.0raehik
strptime480.05Efficient parsing of LocalTime using a binding to C's strptime, with some extra features (i.e. fractional seconds) (bsd3, data, library, parsing, system)2012-12-181.0.10EugeneKirpichov
structs310.01Strict GC'd imperative object-oriented programming with cheap pointers. (bsd3, data, library)2023-08-060.1.9EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
structured180.01Structure (hash) of your data types (bsd3, data, library)2021-10-090.1.1phadej
structures62.01"Advanced" Data Structures (bsd3, data, library, structures)2014-07-280.2EdwardKmett
subG340.015Some extension to the Foldable and Monoid classes. (data, development, library, mit)2023-01-
subG-instances90.04Additional instances for the InsertLeft class from subG package. (data, development, library, mit)2020-11-
subcategories250.01Subcategories induced by class constraints (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-
sublists200.01Allows to split lists into sublists with some patterns by quantity. (data, library, lists, mit)2023-05-
success (deprecated in favor of transformers, validation-selective, validation)282.06A version of Either specialised for encoding of success or failure (data, deprecated, failure, library, mit)2016-02-070.2.6NikitaVolkov
suffixarray140.01n log n implementation of suffix array. (data, gpl, library, program)2012-06-, VictorDenisov
suffixtree200.03Efficient, lazy suffix tree implementation (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2011-10-
suitable80.02Abstract over the constraints on the parameters to type constructors (bsd3, data, library)2011-03-150.1.1GaneshSittampalam
summer330.00An implementation of extensible products and sums (data, library, mit)2023-01-
swagger180.01Implementation of swagger data model (data, library)2016-09-180.3.0ToralfWittner
swiss-ephemeris370.00Haskell bindings for the Swiss Ephemeris C library (agpl, astrology, data, library)2021-12-
swisstable70.01SwissTable hash map (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-
syb-with-class560.015Scrap Your Boilerplate With Class (bsd3, data, library)2022-04-, DavidHimmelstrup, IanLynagh, JeremyShaw
syb-with-class-instances-text40.02Scrap Your Boilerplate With Class Text instance (bsd3, data, library)2010-04-020.0.1JeremyShaw
symbiote190.00Data serialization, communication, and operation verification implementation (bsd3, data, library, testing)2020-02-120.0.5athanclark
symbol520.011A 'Symbol' type for fast symbol comparison. (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-
symbol-parser (deprecated in favor of symparsec)110.00Type level string parser combinators (data, deprecated, library, mit, types)2024-04-200.3.0raehik
symbolize100.00Efficient global Symbol table, with Garbage Collection. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2023-11-
symparsec170.00Type level string parser combinators (data, library, mit, types)2024-06-151.1.1raehik
syntax150.04Reversible parsing and pretty-printing. (data, library, mit)2014-12-
syntax-attoparsec100.01Syntax instances for Attoparsec. (data, library, mit)2014-12-
syntax-example120.01Example application using syntax, a library for abstract syntax descriptions. (data, mit, program)2014-12-
syntax-example-json60.01Example JSON parser/pretty-printer. (data, mit, program)2014-12-
syntax-pretty (deprecated in favor of syntax-printer)110.01Syntax instance for pretty, the pretty printing library. (data, deprecated, library, mit)2014-11-
syntax-printer60.01Text and ByteString printers for 'syntax'. (data, library, mit)2014-12-
syslog40.00Decode RFC 3164 and RFC 5424 syslog message formats (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-
t-regex40.01Matchers and grammars using tree regular expressions (bsd3, data, library)2015-02-
tables (deprecated)162.02In-memory storage with multiple keys using lenses and traversals (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2015-01-, TimDixon
tagged3692.0361Haskell 98 phantom types to avoid unsafely passing dummy arguments (bsd3, data, library, phantom-types)2023-08-080.8.8EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
tagged-binary200.01Provides tools for serializing data tagged with type information. (data, library, mit, serialization-)2017-07-310.2.0.1jle
tagged-list60.01Lists tagged with a type-level natural number representing their length. (bsd3, data, library)2011-10-211.1GregoryCrosswhite
tagged-transformer460.04Monad transformer carrying an extra phantom type tag (bsd3, data, library, phantom-types)2022-05-080.8.2EdwardKmett, MatveyAksenov, ryanglscott
tagging60.01Library for tagging data (bsd3, data, library)2010-11-250.1JosephRe
tahoe-great-black-swamp-types30.00Types related to implementation of a Tahoe-LAFS Great Black Swamp server (apache, data, library)2023-12-, jcalderone
tai64100.01Tai64 Labels for Haskell (data, library, mpl)2016-06-210.2.0KimAltintop
taskwarrior650.00Types and aeson instances for taskwarrior tasks (agpl, data, library, taskwarrior)2023-07-310.6.0.6maralorn
tbox60.01Transactional variables and data structures with IO hooks (concurrency, data, library)2010-04-020.1.0PeterRobinson
telega440.00Telegram Bot API binding (control, data, library, mit)2020-01-300.3.0iokasimovmt
template-default80.01declaring Default instances just got even easier (bsd3, data, library)2016-06-030.1.2DanielWagner, GregoryCollins
template-haskell-optics120.00Optics for template-haskell types (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-11-160.3AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
ten90.02Functors et al. over arity-1 type constructors (apache, data, library)2021-09-
ten-lens60.00Lenses for the types in the ten package. (apache, data, library)2021-09-
ten-unordered-containers140.00Higher-kinded hash containers (apache, data, library)2021-11-
tensor130.01A completely type-safe library for linear algebra (data, gpl, library, math)2013-10-
tensort360.00Tunable sorting for responsive robustness and beyond! (data, library, math, mit, program)2024-06-
terminal-text60.01Text data type for styled terminal output, including all standard ANSI effects (bold, italic, blinking) and ANSI / 256 / truecolor colors support for Unix and Windows (whenever possible). (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.2danilo2, iamrecursion
text6962.755463An efficient packed Unicode text type. (bsd2, data, library, text)2024-02-162.1.1BryanOSullivan, HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim, lyxia, chessai, topos
text-ansi730.04Text styling for ANSI terminals. (bsd3, data, library)2023-10-
text-binary450.023Binary instances for text types (bsd2, data, library)2016-09-
text-containers40.00Memory-efficient string-indexed container types. (data, data-structures, gpl, library)2017-10-
text-conversions1482.527Safe conversions between textual types (data, library)2022-05-, lexi_lambda
text-icu1952.041Bindings to the ICU library (bsd3, data, library, text)2024-04-, VladimirShabanov, chessai, topos
text-icu-normalized130.02Dealing with Strict Text in NFC normalization. (data, gpl, library, text)2017-04-300.4.1misandrist
text-locale-encoding110.01Encode and decode Text to/from ByteString using TextEncoding (bsd3, codec, data, library, text)2013-09-
text-manipulate1320.010Case conversion, word boundary manipulation, and textual subjugation. (data, library, mpl, text)2022-03-
text-normal100.01Unicode-normalized text (data, library, mit)2014-04-
text-plus30.01Utils for text (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-
text-position50.03Handling positions in text and position-tagging it. (data, library, public-domain, text)2015-04-
text-regex-replace280.02Easy replacement when using text-icu regexes. (apache, data, library, text)2022-11-
text-short3332.2559Memory-efficient representation of Unicode text strings (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-120.1.6HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej
text-stream-decode (deprecated in favor of streaming-commons)160.04Streaming decoding functions for UTF encodings. (deprecated) (data, deprecated, library, mit, text)2014-03-
text-time190.02Library for Time parsing from Text into UTCTime (bsd3, data, library)2023-02-020.3.2klangner
text-trie40.01An efficient finite map from Text to values, based on bytestring-trie. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2019-04-
text-utf780.01UTF-7 encoding/decoding for Data.Text (bsd3, data, library)2014-12-
text-utf8 (deprecated in favor of text)40.03An efficient packed UTF-8 backed Unicode text type. (bsd2, data, deprecated, library, text)2018-05-, Bodigrim, topos
text1320.01Non-empty values of `Data.Text`. (bsd3, data, library)2021-07-, qfpl, GeorgeWilson
th-format100.01Template Haskell based support for format strings (bsd3, data, library)2019-11-
these4202.569An either-or-both data type. (bsd3, data, library, these)2024-05-161.2.1JohnWiegley, phadej, cmccann
these-lens390.03Lenses for These (bsd3, data, lens, library, these)2024-05-161.0.2phadej
these-optics200.00Optics for These (bsd3, data, library, optics, these)2024-05-161.0.2phadej
these-skinny402.04A fork of the 'these' package without the dependency bloat. (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-090.7.6chessai
thorn130.01Datatype Manipulation with Template Haskell (bsd3, data, generics, library)2013-11-230.2Kinokkory
through-text50.01Convert textual types through Text without needing O(n^2) instances. (bsd3, data, library)2015-05-
thyme672.017A faster time library (bsd3, data, library, system)2023-03-140.4FumiakiKinoshita, LiyangHu, MateuszKowalczyk, MitsutoshiAoe, haskell_github_trust
tickle210.02A port of @Data.Binary@ (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-030.0.9TonyMorris, qfpl, GeorgeWilson
tiempo80.01Specify time intervals in different units (secs, mins, hours, etc.) (data, library, mit, time)2015-09-
tight-apply60.01Tightly binding infix function application (data, library, public-domain)2015-09-
tile150.01Slippy map tile functionality. (bsd3, data, library)2017-10-
time-interval160.03Use a time unit class, but hold a concrete time type. (data, library, public-domain)2016-05-300.1.1akrasner
time-lens270.01Lens-based interface to Data.Time data structures (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
time-patterns330.01Patterns for recurring events (bsd3, data, library, time)2018-07-
time-series30.01Time series analysis. (data, gpl, library, program)2013-11-
time-series-lib (deprecated in favor of timeseries)40.01Library for Time Series processing (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-12-100.1.0klangner
time-units1030.024A basic library for defining units of time as types. (bsd3, data, library)2011-03-071.0.0AdamWick
time-units-types110.01Type-level representations of time durations. (data, library, mit)2022-03-300.2.0.1mbg
timelike150.02Type classes for types representing time (data, library, system)2016-04-070.2.2esz
timeparsers100.01Attoparsec parsers for various Date/Time formats. (bsd3, data, library)2012-11-070.3.2NathanHunter, PhilipWeaver
timer-wheel270.00A timer wheel (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-
timeseries130.01Library for Time Series processing (bsd3, data, library)2016-12-280.4.1klangner
timezone-detect140.00Haskell bindings for the zone-detect C library; plus tz-aware utils. (data, foreign, gpl, library, time)2021-03-
timezone-olson870.09A pure Haskell parser and renderer for binary Olson timezone files (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-260.2.1YitzGale
timezone-olson-th250.01Load TimeZoneSeries from an Olson file at compile time. (bsd3, data, library)2022-01-
timezone-series950.012Enhanced timezone handling for Data.Time (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-260.1.13YitzGale
tinyid52.00A secure URL-friendly string ID generator (data, library, mit)2024-02-
tiphys90.01Navigating and editing JSON data (bsd3, data, library)2016-01-
tmpl90.01simple executable for templating (data, gpl, program)2014-09-
tn210.01A simple daily journal program (data, library, program, text, utility)2016-05-
to-string-class (deprecated)80.05Converting string-like types to Strings. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-09-220.1.2BasVanDijk
to-string-instances (deprecated)60.01Instances for the ToString class. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-09-220.2BasVanDijk
tomato-rubato-openal120.01Easy to use library for audio programming. (bsd3, data, library)2015-10-
toml-reader-parse110.00Alternative parser for TOML values produced by the toml-reader package. (apache, data, library, toml)2023-01-
tomlcheck410.01Command-line tool to check syntax of TOML files (bsd3, data, program, toml)2019-04-
topograph630.01Directed acyclic graphs. (bsd3, data, graph, library)2024-06-081.0.1phadej
tostring220.09The ToString class (bsd3, data, library)2015-01-, ErikHesselink
total-map240.01Finitely represented total maps (bsd3, data, library)2019-11-230.1.3ConalElliott
total-maps120.01Dense and sparse total maps. (containers, data, data-structures, library, mit)2015-11-
transaction230.02Monadic representation of transactions. (data, library, mit)2023-06-
traverse-with-class400.04Generic applicative traversals (data, library, mit)2021-06-, RomanCheplyaka, SjoerdVisscher
tree-diff2662.256Diffing of (expression) trees. (data, gpl, library, testing)2024-06-020.3.1phadej
tree-render-text110.00Configurable text rendering of trees. (bsd3, data, library)2020-01-
tree-traversals80.01Functions and newtype wrappers for traversing Trees (data, library)2023-02-
tree-view360.07Render trees as foldable HTML and Unicode art (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-200.5.1EmilAxelsson
treefold130.01Provides folds which try to combine elements in a balanced way. (data, library, mit)2017-10-
trial880.04Trial Data Structure (data, data-structures, library, mpl)2020-06-, vrom911
trial-tomland810.01Trial helper functions for tomland (data, data-structures, library, mpl)2020-06-, vrom911
tries200.02Various trie implementations in Haskell (bsd3, data, library, tree)2020-03-
true-name360.01Template Haskell hack to violate module abstractions (bsd3, data, library, unsafe)2024-05-, haskell_github_trust, nuttycom
truthful150.01Typeclass for truthfulness of values (data, library, public-domain)2015-09-
truthy80.00Generalized booleans and truthy values. (data, library, mit)2022-07-
tskiplist170.01A Skip List Implementation in Software Transactional Memory (STM) (concurrency, data, library)2019-09-241.0.1PeterRobinson
ttask60.00This is task management tool for yourself, that inspired by scrum. (bsd3, data, library, program)2016-06-
ttc640.02Textual Type Classes (data, library, mit, text)2023-12-
ttl-hashtables300.00Extends hashtables so that entries added can be expired after a TTL (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-
tup-functor150.01Homogeneous tuples (bsd3, data, library, program)2014-10-310.3.0.0BalazsKomuves
tuple550.036Various functions on tuples (bsd3, data, library)2014-09-
tuple-gen80.02Enum instances for tuples where the digits increase with the same speed (bsd3, data, library)2012-03-112.0TillmannVogt
tuple-generic (deprecated)210.01Generic operations on tuples (data, deprecated, library, public-domain)2015-11-
tuple-hlist350.01Functions to convert between tuples and HLists. (data, library)2015-11-
tuple-morph40.02Morph between tuples, or convert them from and to HLists. (data, library, mit)2014-11-
tuple-ops160.02various operations on n-ary tuples via GHC.Generics (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-
tuple-sop230.01functions on n-ary tuples using generics-sop (data, gpl, library)2018-06-
tuple-th230.04Generate (non-recursive) utility functions for tuples of statically known size (bsd3, data, library, template-haskell)2015-06-280.2.5DanielSchuessler
tupleinstances40.01Functor, Applicative and Monad for n-ary tuples. (bsd3, data, library)2010-03-160.0.1DiegoEcheverri
tuples420.01Small monomorphic tuples (bsd3, data, library)2019-08-, chessai
tuples-homogenous-h98120.03Wrappers for n-ary tuples with Traversable and Applicative/Monad instances. (bsd3, data, library)2013-09-
txt (deprecated in favor of text-utf8)211.251Text (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, text)2019-03-
ty260.05Typed type representations and equality proofs (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-250.1.7ConalElliott
type60.01Dynamic casting library with support for arbitrary rank type kinds. (bsd3, data)2010-02-090.2.0TopiKarvonen
type-aligned330.06Various type-aligned sequence data structures. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2014-12-300.9.6AtzeVanDerPloeg, dfeuer
type-combinators310.07A collection of data types for type-level programming (bsd3, data, library)2016-06-
type-combinators-quote60.01Quasiquoters for the 'type-combinators' package. (bsd3, data, library)2016-01-
type-combinators-singletons80.01Interop between /type-combinators/ and /singletons/. (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
type-equality1710.014Data.Type.Equality compat package (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library)2024-05-121.0.1ErikHesselink, phadej, ryanglscott
type-equality-check140.02Type equality check (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-, WolfgangJeltsch
type-iso120.02Typeclasses for injective relations and isomorphisms between types. (apache, cast, data, library, types)2019-06-, jtapolczai2
type-level180.018Type-level programming library (bsd3, data, library)2016-07-080.3.0AlfonsoAcosta, HoseinAttarzadeh, LennartAugustsson, ugeorge, ingo
type-level-bytestrings90.02Tools for manipulating type-level bytes and bytestrings (bytestring, data, library, mit, types)2024-05-070.2.0raehik
type-level-integers110.01Provides integers lifted to the type level (bsd3, data, library)2017-04-060.0.1mtesseract
type-level-kv-list260.03Type level Key-Value list. (data, library, mit)2023-02-
type-level-kv-list-esqueleto50.00Make Esqueleto handy with type-level-kv-list (data, library, mit)2022-10-310.1.0.1arowM
type-level-kv-list-persistent90.00Make Persistent Raw SQL handy with type-level-kv-list (data, library, mit)2023-09-, qnoyxu
type-level-natural-number150.08Simple type level natural numbers (bsd3, data, library, type-system)2014-03-302.0GregoryCrosswhite
type-level-natural-number-induction70.03High-level combinators for performing inductive operations. (bsd3, data, library, type-system)2012-07-
type-level-natural-number-operations40.03Basic operations on type-level natural numbers. (bsd3, data, library, type-system)2010-10-141.0GregoryCrosswhite
type-level-show210.02Utilities for writing Show-like type families (data, library, mit, types)2024-06-010.3.0raehik
type-level-tf100.02Type-level programming library (type families) (bsd3, data, library)2011-10-290.2.1CoreyOConnor
type-list (deprecated)232.04Operations on type-level lists and tuples. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-06-
type-map270.01Type-indexed maps (data, library, mit)2022-01-
type-rig70.01Classes for the rig (sums and products) of types (bsd2, data, library)2022-09-120.1AshleyYakeley
type-safe-avl50.00Type safe BST and AVL trees (data, gpl, library)2022-05-311.0.0.1nico
type-set80.04Type set (bsd3, data, library)2023-12-
type-structure50.01Type structure analysis (data, library, mit)2014-04-040.1.1NikitaVolkov
type-unary710.05Type-level and typed unary natural numbers, inequality proofs, vectors (bsd3, data, library)2018-04-210.3.2ConalElliott
typeable-th200.01Automatic deriving of TypeableN instances with Template Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2014-10-210.1.5BennoFuenfstueck
typeably30.00DerivingVia Typeable counterpart to Generically (data, library, mit, types)2024-04-220.1.0raehik
typed-digits50.00Digits, indexed by their base at the type level (data, library, mit)2019-12-
typed-duration110.01Thread delay and timeout functions with typed arguments (bsd3, concurrency, data, library)2017-07-
typed-encoding400.01Type safe string transformations (bsd3, data, library, text)2023-10-
typed-encoding-encoding30.00Bridge between encoding and typed-encoding packages (bsd3, data, library, text)2020-06-
typed-streams70.01A stream based replacement for lists (data, library, mit)2017-03-
typed-uuid190.01Phantom-Typed version of UUID (data, library, mit)2021-11-
typelevel140.04Useful type level operations (type families and related operators). (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.2.3danilo2, iamrecursion
typelevel-tensor200.02Tensors whose ranks and dimensions type-inferred and type-checked. (bsd3, data, library)2013-02-100.2.1TakayukiMuranushi
typelits-witnesses522.257Existential witnesses, singletons, and classes for operations on GHC TypeLits (data, library, mit)2023-11-
typenums240.01Type level numbers using existing Nat functionality (bsd3, data, library)2021-03-230.1.4AdituV
typeparams220.01Lens-like interface for type level parameters; allows unboxed unboxed vectors and supercompilation (bsd3, configuration, data, dependent-types, library, optimization)2015-01-260.0.6MikeIzbicki
typerep-map482.55Efficient implementation of a dependent map with types as keys (data, data-structures, library, mpl, types)2022-11-
typesafe-endian80.03Enforce endianness with types (bsd3, data, library)2013-07-
typical70.02Type level numbers, vectors, list. This lib needs to be extended. (data, library)2009-02-260.0.1RickKaudewitz
tz822.2512Efficient time zone handling (apache, data, library)2022-01-, MihalyBarasz, janus
tzdata1262.252Time zone database (as files and as a module) (apache, data, library)2024-02-100.2.20240201.0MihalyBarasz, janus
ucd (deprecated)140.01Unicode Character Database — Predicates on characters specified by Unicode (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, text)2020-07-
ucl110.00Datatype and parser for the Universal Configuration Language (UCL) using libucl (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2022-03-
udcode140.01Does a set of code words form a uniquely decodable code? (bsd3, data, library)2009-01-
udp-conduit102.01Simple fire-and-forget conduit UDP wrappers (conduit, data, library)2016-10-
uglymemo430.06A simple (but internally ugly) memoization function. (data, library, public-domain)2011-10-
uid110.01Simple unique identifier datatype, serializable and encodable as base32 (data, library, mit)2013-08-
ulid212.00Implementation of ULID - Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier (bsd3, codec, data, database, library, program)2022-05-, adrian, haskell_github_trust
ulid-tight30.00Another ULID implementation with tight memory representation (data, library, mit)2023-10-190.1ijaketak
unamb500.07Unambiguous choice (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, other)2018-03-160.2.7ConalElliott
unamb-custom80.01Functional concurrency with unamb using a custom scheduler. (bsd3, concurrency, data, library)2008-12-240.13LukePalmer
unboxed40.00All the standard sum types but strict and unboxed as possible (bsd3, data, library)2019-01-
unboxed-containers160.01Self-optimizing unboxed sets using view patterns and data families (bsd3, data, library)2012-05-
unboxed-ref200.02Fast unboxed references for ST and IO monad (bsd3, data, library)2017-07-, terrorjack
unboxed-references30.00A library for reference cells backed by unboxed-vectors (bsd3, data, library, program)2019-12-160.1.0callanmcgill
unboxing-vector240.03A newtype-friendly variant of unboxed vectors (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2020-09-
unfix-binders50.01Unfixing and recursion schemes for data types with binders (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-110.1.0aspiwack
ungadtagger100.01Abstract GADTs from typelevel tags (bsd3, data, library)2012-09-301.0.0AndriyPolishchuk
unicode-data3052.256Access Unicode Character Database (UCD) (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.6.0Bodigrim, harendra, adithyaov, wismill
unicode-data-names370.00Unicode characters names and aliases (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.4.0wismill
unicode-data-parser140.00Parsers for Unicode Character Database (UCD) files (bsd3, data, library, text, unicode)2024-06-
unicode-data-scripts410.00Unicode characters scripts (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.4.0harendra, adithyaov, wismill
unicode-data-security360.00Unicode security mechanisms database (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.4.0harendra, adithyaov, wismill
unicode-transforms1780.011Unicode normalization (bsd3, data, library, text, unicode)2022-03-, harendra, adithyaov, wismill
uniform-http50.01uniform text based operations to call http (data, library, text, uniform)2023-03-
uniform-pair350.01Uniform pairs with class instances (bsd3, data, library)2018-09-110.1.15ConalElliott
uniform-webserver40.01uniform text based operations to call http (data, library, text, uniform)2023-03-
union192.03Extensible type-safe unions (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-130.1.2int_index
union-angle120.02Union type that include radian angle and degree angle (bsd3, data, library)2021-06-
union-color120.04Unify verious color formats (bsd3, data, graphics, library)2023-11-
union-find240.04Efficient union and equivalence testing of sets. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library)2012-06-230.2ThomasSchilling
union-find-array310.03union find data structure (algorithms, data, library, mit)2024-04-, MartinAvanzini
union-map (deprecated)90.01Heterogeneous map by open unions. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-02-240.1
unique340.05Fully concurrent unique identifiers (bsd3, concurrency, data, library)2021-01-040.0.1EdwardKmett, phadej, ryanglscott
uniqueid50.01Splittable Unique Identifier Supply (bsd3, data, library)2009-07-130.1.1SebastianFischer
uniqueness-periods-vector-filters120.00A library allows to change the structure of the 'RealFrac' function output. (data, game, language, library, math, mit, uniqueness-periods)2020-10-
uniqueness-periods-vector-stats230.03A very basic descriptive statistics. (data, library, math, mit)2023-01-
unit110.01Aliases for `()`. (bsd3, data, library)2018-01-
universal-binary60.01Parser for OS X Universal Binary format. (bsd3, data, library)2010-03-250.11ErikCharlebois
universe630.02A class for finite and recursively enumerable types. (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-161.2.3DanielWagner, phadej
universe-base2850.019A class for finite and recursively enumerable types. (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-161.1.4DanielWagner, phadej
universe-dependent-sum (deprecated in favor of universe-some)200.01Universe instances for types from dependent-sum (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2024-05-161.3.1phadej
universe-instances-base (deprecated in favor of universe-base)100.06Universe instances for types from the base package (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-04-151.1DanielWagner, phadej
universe-instances-extended340.02Universe instances for types from selected extra packages (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-161.1.4DanielWagner, phadej
universe-instances-trans (deprecated in favor of universe-base)120.02Universe instances for types from the transformers and mtl packages (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-04-151.1DanielWagner, phadej
universe-reverse-instances940.03Instances of standard classes that are made possible by enumerations (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-161.1.2DanielWagner, phadej
universe-some260.02Universe instances for Some from some (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-161.2.2phadej
unix-time6780.025Unix time parser/formatter and utilities (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-140.4.15KazuYamamoto
unjson390.01Bidirectional JSON parsing and generation. (bsd3, data, library)2022-03-160.15.4GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
unlifted440.01Unlifted and levity-polymorphic types (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
unlifted-list30.00GHC Haskell lists of non-thunks (things of kind TYPE 'UnliftedRep) (bsd3, data, library)2018-12-
unliftio-pool510.06Data.Pool generalized to MonadUnliftIO. (bsd3, control, data, database, library, network)2023-12-
unliftio-streams190.01Generalization of io-streams to MonadUnliftIO (apache, data, io-streams, library, network)2023-07-
unordered-containers5402.751583Efficient hashing-based container types (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-090.2.20JohanTibell, dfeuer, sjakobi
unordered-intmap80.01A specialization of `HashMap Int v` (bsd3, data, library)2018-07-010.1.1DmitryIvanov
unpacked-maybe-numeric160.01maybes of numeric values with fewer indirections (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, chessai, l3c_amartin
unpacked-maybe-text70.01optional text that unpacks well (bsd3, data, library)2024-01-310.1.0.1andrewthad, l3c_amartin
unsafely100.01Flexible access control for unsafe operations and instances (bsd3, data, library)2014-09-
unwrapped-functors80.01Unwrapping sums/products lifted to functors (data, library)2018-07-
url-bytes80.00Memory efficient url type and parser. (data, library, mit)2022-08-, goolord
urlpath1030.04Painfully simple URL deployment. (bsd3, data, library, web)2023-11-2211.0.2athanclark
urn30.01Universal Resource Names (bsd3, data, library)2014-05-
urn-random40.01A package for updatable discrete distributions (data, library, mit)2017-07-, AntalSpectorZabusky
userid760.04The UserId type and useful instances for web development (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-, JeremyShaw
users-persistent160.01A persistent backend for the users package (data, library, mit)2016-05-
utc150.01A pragmatic time and date library. (data, library, mit, parsing, time)2015-06-
utf8-conversions132.00A string conversion library that assumes utf8 (bsd3, codec, data, library)2020-05-
util-plus40.03A collection of commonly used utils (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-
utility-ht2962.0103Various small helper functions for Lists, Maybes, Tuples, Functions (bsd3, data, library, list)2024-07-
uuid3050.0268For creating, comparing, parsing and printing Universally Unique Identifiers (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-031.3.16AntoineLatter, HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej
uuid-aeson42.02Aeson types for UUID instances. (bsd3, data, library)2014-01-
uuid-bytes110.00UUID parsing using byteverse packages (data, library, mit)2022-08-
uuid-le150.01Universally Unique Identifiers with little-endian-ish encoding tools (data, library, mit)2014-09-290.2014.1StijnVanDrongelen
uuid-quasi130.01Supplemental package for 'uuid' allowing quasiquotation. (bsd3, data, library)2013-10-
uuid-types4130.056Type definitions for Universally Unique Identifiers (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-161.0.6AntoineLatter, HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej
uvector (deprecated in favor of vector)200.012Fast unboxed arrays with a flexible interface (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-02-, DonaldStewart
uvector-algorithms100.03Efficient algorithms for uvector unboxed arrays (bsd3, data, library)2009-09-080.2DanDoel
uxadt80.02Cross-language extensible representation for algebraic data type instances. (data, gpl, library)2014-07-
valida140.00Simple applicative validation for product types, batteries included! (data, library, mit, validation)2021-08-251.1.0TotallyNotChase
valida-base100.00Simple applicative validation for product types, batteries included! (data, library, mit, validation)2021-08-250.2.0TotallyNotChase
validated-literals210.01Compile-time checking for partial smart-constructors (bsd3, data, library)2021-12-020.3.1MerijnVerstraaten
validation1162.522A data-type like Either but with an accumulating Applicative (bsd3, data, library)2023-07-101.1.3TonyMorris, qfpl, GeorgeWilson, jack
validation-selective1562.59Lighweight pure data validation based on Applicative and Selective functors (data, library, mpl, selective, validation)2023-03-, vrom911, hecate
validators70.01Composable validations for your Haskell data types (data, library, mit)2019-10-230.0.1luc_tielen
value-supply140.05A library for generating values without having to thread state. (bsd3, data, library)2011-03-180.6IavorDiatchki
var70.01Mutable variables and tuples (bsd3, data, library)2013-06-
variadic-function120.01Create and transform functions with variable arity. (bsd3, data, functions, library)2021-07-
variation70.01nominal value with possible variations (bsd3, data, library)2017-06-
vary102.00Vary: Friendly and fast polymorphic variants (open unions/coproducts/extensible sums) (data, data-structures, error-handling, library, mit)2024-01-
vault2382.061a persistent store for values of arbitrary types (bsd3, data, library)2021-02-, sjakobi
vcd220.02Reading and writing VCD files. (bsd3, data, embedded, hardware, library)2012-12-190.2.2TomHawkins
vcs-revision100.01Facilities for accessing the version control revision of the current directory. (bsd3, data, library, parsing, system)2014-05-160.0.2EugeneKirpichov
vec490.05Vec: length-indexed (sized) list (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library)2024-06-080.5.1phadej
vec-lens110.00Vec: length-indexed (sized) list: lens support (bsd3, data, dependent-types, lens, library)2024-06-080.4.1phadej
vec-optics80.00Vec: length-indexed (sized) list: optics support (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library, optics)2024-06-080.4.1phadej
vector5722.752029Efficient Arrays (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2023-10-, lehins, Bodigrim, topos
vector-algorithms4212.071Efficient algorithms for vector arrays (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-, DanDoel, ErikDeCastroLopo
vector-binary90.07Binary instances for vector types (deprecated) (bsd3, data, library)2013-05-080.1.1JakubWaszczuk
vector-binary-instances1992.2532Instances of Data.Binary for vector (bsd3, data, library)2021-04-, BryanOSullivan, DonaldStewart
vector-buffer310.01A buffer compatible with Data.Vector.* (bsd3, data, library)2015-03-300.4.1VivianMcPhail
vector-bytes-instances140.01Serial (from the bytes package) for Vector (from the vector package) (bsd3, data, library)2018-05-220.1.1RenzoCarbonara
vector-bytestring80.01ByteStrings as type synonyms of Storable Vectors of Word8s (bsd3, data, library)2012-01-
vector-circular210.02circular vectors (data, library, mit)2022-01-240.1.4DavidHimmelstrup, chessai
vector-clock170.01Vector clocks for versioning message flows (data, data-structures, distributed-computing, gpl, library)2013-06-230.2.2AlexandruScvortov, hansonkd
vector-conduit170.01Conduit utilities for vectors (data, library, mit)2012-12-310.5.0.0JaredHance
vector-doublezip80.01Some special functions to work with Vector (with zip). (data, library, mit)2020-06-
vector-endian30.00Storable vectors with cpu-independent representation. (data, data-structures, library, mit)2019-04-
vector-functorlazy40.01vectors that perform the fmap operation in constant time (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2013-07-050.0.1MikeIzbicki
vector-hashtables1400.01Efficient vector-based mutable hashtables implementation. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-, ArtemPelenitsyn
vector-heterogenous150.02A type-safe library for vectors whose elements can be of any type, or any type satisfying some constraints (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2014-10-170.2.0MikeIzbicki
vector-instances1312.020Orphan Instances for 'Data.Vector' (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2023-04-173.4.2EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
vector-instances-collections60.01Instances of the Data.Collections classes for Data.Vector.* (bsd3, data, library)2012-03-
vector-mmap160.01Memory map immutable and mutable vectors (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2017-06-300.0.3DanielPeebles, fho
vector-random80.01Generate vectors filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers (bsd3, data, library)2010-02-210.2DonaldStewart
vector-read-instances (deprecated in favor of vector)110.03(deprecated) Read instances for 'Data.Vector' (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2011-08-
vector-rotcev140.00Vectors with O(1) reverse (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2023-01-
vector-sized1442.2526Size tagged vectors (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-071.6.1jle, jophish, koz_ross, expipiplus1
vector-split170.02Combinator library for splitting vectors. (data, data-structures, library, mit)2023-01-
vector-static (deprecated)160.01Statically checked sizes on Data.Vector (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2010-11-, JakeMcArthur
vector-stream2320.03Efficient Streams (bsd3, data, data-structures, library)2024-01-, lehins, Bodigrim
vector-text140.01Text implementation based on unboxed char vector. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.6danilo2, iamrecursion
vector-th-unbox1832.047Deriver for Data.Vector.Unboxed using Template Haskell (bsd3, data, library)2021-11-080.2.2FumiakiKinoshita, LiyangHu, MateuszKowalczyk, MitsutoshiAoe, phadej, haskell_github_trust
verbosity170.01Simple enum that encodes application verbosity. (bsd3, data, library)2020-02-
version-natural30.01A simple version type. (data, library, mit)2023-04-
version-natural-dhall-instance50.00FromDhall and ToDhall instances for version-natural. (data, dhall, library, mit)2023-04-
versioning150.01Type-safe data versioning. (apache, data, library)2022-01-300.3.2.0lortabac
versioning-servant70.01Servant combinators for the versioning library. (apache, data, library)2018-11-
versions2142.259Types and parsers for software version numbers. (bsd3, data, library)2024-06-026.0.7fosskers
vessel100.00Functor-parametric containers (bsd3, data, library)2022-12-, JohnEricson, abrar
vflow-types30.00types for ingesting vflow data with aeson (bsd3, data, library, parsing, text, utility)2019-05-210.1chessai
vinyl-generics70.00Convert plain records to vinyl (and vice versa), generically. (bsd3, data, generics, library)2019-02-
vinyl-named-sugar30.00Syntax sugar for vinyl records using overloaded labels. (data, library, mit)2019-02-
vocabulary-kadma70.01Smaoin vocabulary definitions of the base framework. (data, library, public-domain)2015-06-
vp-tree100.00Vantage Point Trees (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-structures, library, machine-learning)2021-04-300.1.0.1ocramz
vpq (deprecated)40.01Priority queue based on vector (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-05-
warc220.00A parser for the Web Archive (WARC) format (bsd3, data, library, program)2022-01-051.0.5BenGamari
wavesurfer140.01Parse WaveSurfer files (bsd3, data, library, sound, text)2009-03-230.0.6StefanKersten
wd40.00Run a command on a specified directory. (apache, data, program)2022-10-
weak-bag30.01Mutable bag backed by weak pointers to each item (bsd3, data, library)2018-10-
wide-word1150.022Data types for large but fixed width signed and unsigned integers (bsd2, data, library)2023-10-
wide-word-instances50.00Instances for wide-word (bsd3, data, instances, library, numeric)2021-04-210.1infinity0
winery640.03A compact, well-typed seralisation format for Haskell values (bsd3, codec, data, library, parsing, program, serialization)2022-05-311.4FumiakiKinoshita
wire-streams190.02Fast binary io-streams adapter. (bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)2016-09-
wiring290.01Wiring, promotion and demotion of types. (bsd3, data, library)2018-08-110.5.1seanparsons
witch2042.57Convert values from one type into another. (data, library, mit)2024-05-
with50.02Simple open product type (bsd3, control, data, library)2018-09-160.1.0iokasimovmt
with-index80.01A tiny library for composing indexed traversals (bsd3, data, lenses, library)2017-10-
with-location (deprecated in favor of call-stack)140.02Use ImplicitParams-based source locations in a backward compatible way (data, deprecated, library, mit)2016-03-160.1.0SimonHengel
witherable3432.536filterable traversable (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-170.5FumiakiKinoshita
witherable-class (deprecated in favor of witherable)100.04Witherable = Traversable + Filterable (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2021-01-120.0.1FumiakiKinoshita
witness260.03values that witness types (bsd2, data, library)2023-07-250.6.2AshleyYakeley
wizard100.01the fantastical wizard monoid (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-020.1.1chessai
wkt300.01Parsec parsers and types for geographic data in well-known text (WKT) format. (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-290.3.2BenGamari
wkt-geom282.02A parser of WKT, WKB and eWKB. (apache, data, library)2021-08-080.0.12newmana
woe100.00Convenient typeclass for defining arbitrary-index enums. (bsd3, data, library)2019-09-
woffex40.01Web Open Font Format (WOFF) unpacker. (bsd3, data, program)2011-05-010.1AndrewDrake
woot190.01Real time group editor without operational transform. (data, library, mit)2016-08-
word (deprecated)101.252Words of arbitrary size (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, numeric)2018-05-
word-array30.00treat integral types as arrays of smaller integral types (data, library, mit)2022-08-
word-compat460.09Compatibility shim for the Int/Word internal change in GHC 9.2 (bsd3, data, library)2022-09-280.0.6FumiakiKinoshita
word-trie310.03Implementation of a finite trie over words. (data, gpl, library)2015-05-100.3.0DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk
word12 (deprecated)50.01Word12 library. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-09-07
word24372.0724-bit word and int types for GHC (bsd3, data, library)2016-10-252.0.1JohnLato, winterland
word81770.061Word8 library (bsd3, data, library)2017-08-010.1.3KazuYamamoto
word8set90.01Word8 set (bsd3, data, library)2024-05-220.1.2phadej
wordn60.00arbitrary bit size Words (data, library, mit)2020-09-300.1.0.0goolord
world-peace340.03Open Union and Open Product Types (bsd3, data, library)2020-06-
wrap120.01Wrap a function's return value with another function (bsd3, data, functions, library)2015-02-060.0.0ChrisDone
wraparound120.01Convenient handling of points on a seamless 2-dimensional plane (bsd3, data, library)2012-11-280.0.2ChristopherHoward, infrared
wright40.01Colour space transformations and metrics. (data, library, mit)2014-05-
x5092320.047X509 reader and writer (bsd3, data, library)2022-05-311.7.7KazuYamamoto, VincentHanquez
x509-ocsp520.00Basic X509 OCSP implementation (bsd3, data, library)2024-07-
x509-store1860.037X.509 collection accessing and storing methods (bsd3, data, library)2022-01-181.6.9KazuYamamoto, VincentHanquez
x509-system1710.017Handle per-operating-system X.509 accessors and storage (bsd3, data, library)2022-01-171.6.7KazuYamamoto, VincentHanquez
x509-util370.01Utility for X509 certificate and chain (bsd3, data, program)2022-01-171.6.6KazuYamamoto, VincentHanquez
x509-validation1960.024X.509 Certificate and CRL validation (bsd3, data, library)2022-01-171.6.12KazuYamamoto, VincentHanquez
xcb-types570.02Parses XML files used by the XCB project (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-140.14.0AntoineLatter, TychoAndersen
xls130.00Parse Microsoft Excel xls files (BIFF/Excel 97-2004) (bsd3, codec, data, library, parser, program, spreadsheet)2020-05-300.1.3harendra, olf
xml-conduit-selectors110.00jQuery-style CSS selectors for xml-conduit (bsd3, data, library)2023-03-
xml-isogen160.01Generate XML-isomorphic types (data, library, mit)2018-04-190.3.0mniip, typeable
xml-query80.02A parser-agnostic declarative API for querying XML-documents (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2021-06-
xml-query-xml-conduit90.01A binding for the "xml-query" and "xml-conduit" libraries (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2016-04-040.3.1NikitaVolkov
xml-query-xml-types60.01An interpreter of "xml-query" queries for the "xml-types" documents (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2016-04-040.4.1NikitaVolkov
xml-syntax100.00Parse XML from bytes (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, l3c_amartin
xor350.01Efficient XOR masking (codec, data, gpl, library)2024-06-, HerbertValerioRiedel
xournal-types270.07Data types for programs for xournal file format (bsd3, data, library)2016-02-
xxhash92.251A Haskell implementation of the xxHash algorithm (bsd3, cryptography, data, library)2017-01-130.0.2christianmarie, ChristianMarie
yahoo-finance-conduit30.01Streaming aproach to the yahoo finance api (data, library, mit)2014-09-
yall160.02Lenses with a southern twang (bsd3, data, library)2012-09-210.2.1BrandonSimmons
yamemo260.01Simple memoisation function (bsd3, data, library)2014-01-200.6.0NobuoYamashita
yaml6592.25242Support for parsing and rendering YAML documents. (bsd3, data, library)2023-07-
yaml-light160.05A light-weight wrapper with utility functions around HsSyck (bsd3, data, library)2010-10-270.1.4MichaelIlseman
yaml-light-lens570.01Lens interface to yaml-light. (bsd3, data, library)2022-02-150.3.5AnthonyCowley
yaml-pretty-extras (deprecated)170.01Extra functionality for pretty printing Yaml documents. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-06-
yaml-streamly372.01Support for parsing and rendering YAML documents. (bsd3, data, library)2024-04-220.12.5maerwald
yaml-union120.00Read multiple yaml-files and override fields recursively (bsd3, data, library, program)2017-11-100.0.3michelk
yarl90.02Yet another records libraries (data, library)2022-09-
yarn-lock380.02Represent and parse yarn.lock files (data, library, mit)2021-06-260.6.5Profpatsch
z85130.00Implementation of the z85 binary codec (bsd3, data, library)2018-12-300.0.2athanclark
zalgo (deprecated in favor of functional-kmp)230.01Z-algorithm implemented on haskell's built-in cons-cell-based lists. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-09-
zcache110.01Zobrist keys for game state tracking (bsd3, data, library)2010-06-140.0.0SamAnklesaria
zero220.01Semigroups with absorption (bsd3, data, library)2019-05-160.1.5DimitriSabadie
zigzag470.03Zigzag encoding of integers into unsigned integers. (bsd3, data, library)2024-02-, edemko,