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Last Version
compdoc-dhall-decoder120.00Allows you to write FromDhall instances for Compdoc (bsd3, composite, dhall, library, pandoc)2021-07-
composite-dhall250.00Dhall instances for composite records. (composite, data, dhall, library, mit)2022-09-
cpkg1100.00Build tool for C (bsd3, c, dhall, library, package-management, packaging, program)2023-11-
dhall-fly220.00Translate concourse config from Dhall to YAML (bsd3, concourse, dhall, json, library, program, yaml)2020-03-020.3.0axeman
dhall-lex130.01Lexer for the Dhall language (bsd3, dhall, language, lexers, library)2018-03-
dhall-recursive-adt110.00Convert recursive ADTs from and to Dhall (dhall, library)2021-06-
flag-dhall-instance60.00FromDhall and ToDhall instances for flag. (data, dhall, library, mit)2023-04-
servant-dhall130.01Servant Dhall content-type (bsd3, dhall, library, servant, web)2020-01-240.3AlpMestanogullari, DavidJohnson, phadej, MatthiasFischmann, maksbotan, hecate, arianvp
shake-dhall160.00Dhall dependencies (bsd3, dhall, language, library)2020-08-
version-natural-dhall-instance60.00FromDhall and ToDhall instances for version-natural. (data, dhall, library, mit)2023-04-