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DeepDarkFantasy550.0A DSL for creating neural network. (dsl, library)2017-08-19MarisaVeryMoe
TransformeR (deprecated)50.0eDSL in R for Safe Variable Transformarion (bsd3, deprecated, dsl, library, program, security, statistics)2016-08-04remy
control-dsl251.75An alternative to monads in do-notation (bsd3, control, dsl, effect, general, io, language, library, mutable-state, polymorphism)2018-10-18yangbo
do-notation-dsl (deprecated in favor of control-dsl)70.0An alternative to monads (bsd3, control, deprecated, dsl, effect, general, io, language, library, mutable-state, polymorphism)2018-10-02yangbo
inferno-core90.0A statically-typed functional scripting language (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-29sidk
inferno-lsp110.0LSP for Inferno (dsl, ide, library, mit, program, scripting)2022-11-29sidk
inferno-types110.0Core types for Inferno (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-29sidk
inferno-vc110.0Version control server for Inferno (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-29sidk
lazyboy20.0An EDSL for programming the Game Boy. (bsd3, compiler, dsl, library)2019-06-04rose
portager90.0DSL for configuring Gentoo portage (bsd3, dsl, library)2017-05-22JiriMarsicek
sixty-five-oh-two40.0An eDSL for writing 65(C)02 bytecode. (dsl, library, mit)2018-05-31aearnus
souffle-dsl30.0Haskell EDSL for Souffle (dsl, library, logic-programming, mit)2021-04-11luc_tielen