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Files40.0File content extraction/rearrangement (io, library, mit, program)2016-10-19steven_yhw
binary-io122.0Read and write values of types that implement Binary (bsd3, data, io, library, parsing)2021-11-16vapourismo
conduit-vfs10.0Virtual file system for Conduit; disk, pure, and in-memory impls. (bsd3, conduit, filesystem, io, library)2019-06-12RobertFischer
conduit-vfs-zip00.0Zip archive interface for the Conduit Virtual File System. (bsd3, compression, conduit, filesystem, io, library, zip)2019-06-12RobertFischer
control-dsl241.75An alternative to monads in do-notation (bsd3, control, dsl, effect, general, io, language, library, mutable-state, polymorphism)2018-10-18yangbo
dialogue32.25I/O in Haskell Report 1.2 (bsd3, io, library, program)2022-02-13AliasQli
do-notation-dsl (deprecated in favor of control-dsl)100.0An alternative to monads (bsd3, control, deprecated, dsl, effect, general, io, language, library, mutable-state, polymorphism)2018-10-02yangbo
eio50.0IO with Exceptions tracked on the type-level (exceptions, io, library, mpl, program, qualifieddo)2021-03-20shersh, vrom911
pathological-bytestrings00.0Pathological ByteStrings for testing (bsd3, bytestring, io, library, testing)2020-01-31vmchale
safeio150.0Write output to disk atomically (io, library, mit)2018-01-18luispedro
with-utf8782.0Get your IO right on the first try (io, library, mpl, program)2021-11-13kirelagin, serokell