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antigate1320.0Interface for captcha recognition API (captcha, library, mit, network-apis, text-recognition)2017-06-12MikhailKuddah
dropbox-sdk320.0A library to access the Dropbox HTTP API. (library, mit, network-apis)2012-07-30KannanGoundan
fizzbuzz-as-a-service471.25FizzBuzz as a service. (apache, network-apis, program)2018-02-10chris_martin
hsreadability60.0Access to the Readability API. (library, mit, network-apis, web)2015-04-19rasendubi
liblastfm1640.0Lastfm API interface (library, mit, network-apis)2016-01-02DmitryMalikov, MatveyAksenov
librandomorg110.0Wrapper to API (library, mit, network-apis)2012-06-10MatveyAksenov
network-api-support1050.0Toolkit for building http client libraries over Network.Http.Conduit (bsd3, library, network-apis)2017-08-29MarkHibberd, novemberkilo
phone-push200.0Push notifications for Android and iOS (bsd3, library, network-apis)2013-05-22DavidFendrich
pinboard2890.0Access to the Pinboard API (library, mit, network-apis)2018-01-16jonschoning
postcodes80.0A library that gets postcode information from the (bsd3, library, network-apis)2013-10-02MatthewHall
postmark810.0Library for HTTP Api (bsd3, library, network-apis)2018-01-14MarkHibberd, novemberkilo
simplenote80.0Haskell interface for the simplenote API. (bsd3, library, network-apis)2009-09-23MariusEriksen
trajectory100.0Tools and a library for working with Trajectory. (bsd3, library, network-apis, program)2011-12-28MikeBurns
twilio580.0Twilio REST API library for Haskell (bsd3, library, network-apis, web)2018-01-30andrus