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HasBigDecimal230.0A library for arbitrary precision decimal numbers. (apache, library, math)2018-05-20thma
ONC-RPC130.0ONC RPC (aka Sun RPC) and XDR library (apache, library, network, program)2018-04-05DylanSimon
Object230.0Object oriented programming for haskell using multiparameter typeclasses. (apache, control, data, library)2014-05-15yokto
Tic-Tac-Toe342.0Tic Tac Toe in your command line! (apache, game, program)2015-09-192016rshah
Updater340.0Monadic FRP library based on stm (apache, frp, library)2015-09-17yokto
aeson-decode210.0Easy functions for converting from Aeson.Value (apache, json, library)2018-05-11chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
algo-s150.0An implementation of Knuth's algorithm S. (apache, data, library, program)2016-08-16EricRochester
android-lint-summary150.0A pretty printer for Android Lint errors (apache, library, program, web)2015-06-30passy
asap1150.0Atlassian Service Authentication Protocol (apache, library, web)2019-03-26puffnfresh
atlassian-connect-core2530.0Atlassian Connect snaplet for the Snap Framework and helper code. (apache, library, snap, web)2017-05-16RobertMassaioli, eero, AshleyValent
atlassian-connect-descriptor3700.0Code that helps you create a valid Atlassian Connect Descriptor. (apache, data, library)2019-04-03RobertMassaioli, eero, AshleyValent
atomic-modify620.0A typeclass for mutable references that have an atomic modify operation. (apache, concurrency, library)2018-09-11chris_martin
aws-configuration-tools150.0Configuration types, parsers & renderers for AWS services (apache, cloud, configuration, library)2015-05-07JonSterling
aws-dynamodb-streams140.0Haskell bindings for Amazon DynamoDB Streams (apache, library, network)2014-12-08JonSterling, puffnfresh
aws-kinesis660.0Bindings for Amazon Kinesis (apache, aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, web)2015-03-30larsk
aws-kinesis-client1100.0A producer & consumer client library for AWS Kinesis (apache, cloud, library, program)2015-05-07JonSterling, larsk
aws-kinesis-reshard250.0Reshard AWS Kinesis streams in response to Cloud Watch metrics (apache, cloud, library, program)2015-01-22JonSterling
aws-lambda220.0Haskell bindings for AWS Lambda (apache, cloud, library, network)2015-01-07JonSterling
aws-lambda-haskell-runtime940.0Haskell runtime for AWS Lambda (apache, aws, library, program)2019-03-26NickSeagull
aws-lambda-runtime120.0Haskell on AWS Lambda Runtime API (apache, aws, development, library, program)2018-12-04phadej
aws-mfa-credentials250.0Keep your AWS credentials file up to date with MFA-carrying credentials (apache, config, program)2017-05-19shlevy
bazel-runfiles570.0Locate Bazel runfiles location (apache, build-tool, library, program)2018-11-02MathieuBoespflug, shmish111
betacode150.0A codec for beta code ( (apache, library, text)2014-11-20EricRochester
bindings-friso150.0Low level bindings for friso (apache, ffi, library)2014-07-31cosmo0920
blacktip210.0Decentralized, k-ordered unique ID generator. (apache, database, library)2014-08-30bitemyapp
bricks340.0Bricks is a lazy functional language based on Nix. (apache, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-internal130.0... (apache, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-internal-test150.0... (apache, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-parsec140.0... (apache, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-rendering150.0... (apache, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-syntax120.0... (apache, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bson2870.0BSON documents are JSON-like objects with a standard binary encoding. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18FedorGogolev, GregWeber, MaximMitroshin, TonyHannan, VictorDenisov
burnt-explorer690.0List OP_RETURN cryptocurrency transaction outputs. (apache, cryptocurrency, program)2018-07-02KrzysiekJ
cached-io600.0A simple library to cache a single IO action with timeout (apache, development, library, program)2017-01-23pjrt, taphu, potomak, glasserc, mhova
cachix1120.0Command line client for Nix binary cache hosting (apache, library, program, unclassified)2019-03-05domenkozar
cachix-api810.0Servant HTTP API specification for (apache, library, program, unclassified)2019-03-05domenkozar
camfort2260.0CamFort - Cambridge Fortran infrastructure (apache, language, library, program)2018-05-18DominicOrchard, mdanish, madgen
canteven-config (deprecated)260.0A pattern for configuring programs. (apache, deprecated, library, unclassified)2015-06-22pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-listen-http570.0data types to describe HTTP services (apache, development, library)2017-08-29pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-log (deprecated)680.0A canteven way of setting up logging for your program. (apache, deprecated, development, library)2018-02-02pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-parsedate150.0Date / time parsing utilities that try to guess the date / time format. (apache, library, unclassified)2016-08-18mhova
canteven-template160.0A few utilites and helpers for using Template Haskell in your projects. (apache, library, web)2015-12-15pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
castle200.0A tool to manage shared cabal-install sandboxes. (apache, development, program)2015-04-20EricRochester
cereal-text1160.0Data.Text instances for the cereal serialization library (apache, data, library)2016-06-01ulikoehler
choose190.0Choose random elements from a stream. (apache, library, random)2016-10-16chris_martin
choose-exe130.0Command-line program to choose random element from a stream. (apache, application, library, program)2016-10-16chris_martin
clang-pure1760.0Pure C++ code analysis with libclang (apache, language, library)2019-03-25PatrickChilton
cld2270.0Haskell bindings to Google's Compact Language Detector 2 (apache, library, text)2018-03-21dfranke, k_bx
codex3940.0A ctags file generator for cabal project dependencies. (apache, development, library, program)2018-12-18bitemyapp, aloiscochard, parsonsmatt
container1030.0Containers abstraction and utilities. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
convert660.0Safe and unsafe data conversion utilities with strong type-level operation. checking. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
cpio-conduit240.0Conduit-based CPIO (apache, data, library)2015-08-04DanAloni
craft170.0A UNIX configuration management library in Haskell (apache, library, unclassified)2016-09-17joehillen
credential-store630.0Library to access secure credential storage providers (apache, desktop, library, program)2018-01-01blaze
data-base100.0Utilities for accessing and comparing types based on so called bases - representations with limited polymorphism. (apache, library, text)2016-01-30danilo2, iamrecursion
data-construction250.0Data construction abstractions including Constructor, Destructor, Maker, Destroyer, Producer and Consumer. (apache, library, text)2016-01-30danilo2, iamrecursion
data-forest1540.0A simple multi-way tree data structure. (apache, data-structures, library)2018-09-11chris_martin
data-layer430.0Data layering utilities. Layer is a data-type which wrapps other one, but keeping additional information. If you want to access content of simple newtype object, use Lens.Wrapper instead. (apache, library, text)2016-01-30danilo2, iamrecursion
data-repr170.0Alternative to Show data printing utility. (apache, library, text)2015-10-22danilo2, iamrecursion
data-result150.0Data types for returning results distinguishable by types. (apache, library, text)2016-01-30danilo2, iamrecursion
data-rtuple160.0Recursive tuple data structure. It is very usefull when implementing some lo-level operations, allowing to traverse different elements using Haskell's type classes. (apache, library, text)2015-10-21danilo2, iamrecursion
dbus8410.0A client library for the D-Bus IPC system. (apache, desktop, library, network)2019-04-13JohnMillikin, blaze
dependent-state230.0Control structure similar to Control.Monad.State, allowing multiple nested states, distinguishable by provided phantom types. (apache, data, library)2016-01-30danilo2, iamrecursion
deptrack-core220.0DepTrack Core types and model. (apache, graphs, library)2018-09-15LucasDiCioccio
deptrack-devops230.0DepTrack applied to DevOps. (apache, devops, library)2018-09-15LucasDiCioccio
deptrack-dot240.0Facilitate Graphviz representations of DepTrack dependencies. (apache, graphs, library)2018-09-16LucasDiCioccio
deriveJsonNoPrefix410.0Derive ToJSON/FromJSON instances in a more prefix-friendly manner. (apache, data, library)2018-07-17igrep
distribution872.0Finite discrete probability distributions. (apache, library, math)2017-06-29RomainEdelmann
distribution-plot160.0Easily plot distributions from the distribution package.. (apache, library, math)2014-08-04RomainEdelmann
editor-open1910.0Open the user's $VISUAL or $EDITOR for text input. (apache, library, program, text)2015-05-19pharpend
either-list-functions590.0Functions involving lists of Either (apache, data, library)2018-09-11chris_martin
ethereum-analyzer2830.0A Ethereum contract analyzer. (apache, ethereum, library, static-analysis)2017-12-25zchn
ethereum-analyzer-cli2370.0A CLI frontend for ethereum-analyzer. (apache, cli, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis)2017-12-25zchn
ethereum-analyzer-deps2370.0Stripped dependencies of ethereum-analyzer. (apache, ethereum, library, static-analysis)2017-12-25zchn
ethereum-analyzer-webui2500.0A web frontend for ethereum-analyzer (apache, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis, web)2017-12-25zchn
ethereum-rlp410.0Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding (apache, data-structures, library)2017-08-31jamshid
faceted250.0Faceted computation for dynamic information flow security (apache, library, security)2014-05-12KennKnowles
fakefs400.0Extensible fake file system for testing. (apache, library, testing)2019-03-30igrep
fizzbuzz-as-a-service801.25FizzBuzz as a service (apache, network-apis, program)2018-09-11chris_martin
fluent-logger840.0A structured logger for Fluentd (Haskell) (apache, library, network)2015-06-27NoriyukiOhkawa
fortran-src1610.0Parser and anlyses for Fortran standards 66, 77, 90 and 95. (apache, language, library, program)2018-05-18DominicOrchard, mdanish, madgen
functor-monadic520.0Monad-style combinators for functors. (apache, data, library)2015-05-17jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
functor-utils440.0Collection of functor utilities, providing handy operators, like generalization of (.). (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
git-sanity370.0A sanity checker for your git history. (apache, development, library, program)2014-12-23aloiscochard
grakn470.0A Haskell client for Grakn (apache, database, graphs, library)2017-12-18graknlabs
graph-generators1012.0Functions for generating structured or random FGL graphs (algorithms, apache, graphs, library, program)2018-06-08ulikoehler
graql450.0Execute Graql queries on a Grakn graph (apache, database, graphs, library)2017-01-13aelred
groot160.0Command line utility to manage AWS ECS resources (apache, aws, cloud, library, program)2018-04-30alonsodomin
group-with990.0Classify objects by key-generating function, like SQL GROUP BY (apache, data, library)2015-08-17ulikoehler
hadoop-formats460.0Read/write file formats commonly used by Hadoop. (apache, data, library)2014-10-16JacobStanley
hadoop-rpc640.0Use the Hadoop RPC interface from Haskell. (apache, data, library)2016-02-25ConradParker, JacobStanley
hadoop-tools1070.0Fast command line tools for working with Hadoop. (apache, data, program)2016-02-25ConradParker, JacobStanley
hail930.0A service for pull-based continuous deployment based on hydra. (apache, program, system)2017-08-23shlevy
haskell-awk800.0Transform text from the command-line using Haskell expressions. (apache, console, library, program)2015-07-06MarioPastorelli, gelisam
haverer350.0Implementation of the rules of Love Letter (apache, game, library, program)2015-06-08jml
hein650.0An extensible build helper for haskell, in the vein of leiningen. (apache, development, program)2015-06-06khanage
hex-text152.0ByteString-Text hexidecimal conversions (apache, library, text)2018-02-25chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
hflags1992.0Command line flag parser, very similar to Google's gflags (apache, console, library)2017-12-05GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
hierarchical-exceptions250.0Template Haskell functions to easily create exception hierarchies (apache, language, library)2014-01-21BenjaminBarenblat
hnix-store-core260.0Core effects for interacting with the Nix store. (apache, library, system)2019-03-18shlevy
hnix-store-remote140.0Remote hnix store (apache, library, program, system)2019-03-18shlevy
hocker660.0Interact with the docker registry and generate nix build instructions (apache, library, program, utilities)2018-02-12ParnellSpringmeyer
honk450.0Cross-platform interface to the PC speaker. (apache, library, sound)2015-07-12ChrisWong
hopfli1030.0Bidings to Google's Zopfli compression library (apache, codec, library)2017-06-17ananthakumaran, contivero
hoppy-runtime1810.0C++ FFI generator - Runtime support (apache, foreign, library)2018-08-26khumba
hoppy-std1290.0C++ FFI generator - Standard library bindings (apache, foreign, library)2018-06-06khumba
hs-multiaddr352.0Multiaddr library (apache, data, library)2018-04-25CMCDragonkai
hsaml2160.0OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0 (apache, library, network, security, web)2018-04-06DylanSimon
hsnsq360.0Haskell NSQ client. (apache, library, network)2014-10-20PaulBerens
hsoptions160.0Haskell library that supports command-line flag processing (apache, library, program, system)2014-04-28josercruz01
http-grammar110.0Attoparsec-based parsers for the RFC-2616 HTTP grammar rules. (apache, library, web)2017-03-01taphu
human-parse300.0A lawless typeclass for parsing text entered by humans. (apache, library, text)2018-02-10chris_martin
human-text370.0A lawless typeclass for converting values to human-friendly text. (apache, library, text)2018-02-10chris_martin
ideas2110.0Feedback services for intelligent tutoring systems (apache, education, library)2018-05-25AlexGerdes, BastiaanHeeren, JohanJeuring
impossible450.0Set of data and type definitions of impossible types. Impossible types are useful when declaring type classes / type families instances that should not be expanded by GHC until a specific type is provided in order to keep the types nice and readable. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
jml-web-service170.0Common utilities for running a web service (apache, library, web)2018-01-30jml
jose2770.0Javascript Object Signing and Encryption and JSON Web Token library (apache, cryptography, library, program)2018-12-18frasertweedale
karps220.0Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets (apache, big-data, library, web)2017-04-11krapsh
krapsh740.0Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets (apache, big-data, library, web)2017-01-16krapsh
laborantin-hs850.0an experiment management framework (apache, experiment, library, program)2014-04-18LucasDiCioccio
language-ninja362.0A library for dealing with the Ninja build language. (apache, build, language, library, program)2017-08-02taktoa
layered-state260.0Control structure similar to Control.Monad.State, allowing multiple nested states, distinguishable by provided phantom types. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
layouting240.0General layouting library. Currently supports layouting 2D areas and can be used as a backend for text pretty printing or automatic windows layouting managers. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
legion1222.25Distributed, stateful, homogeneous microservice framework. (apache, concurrency, library, network)2017-04-17taphu
legion-discovery1590.0A discovery service based on Legion. (apache, library, program, value)2017-04-30taphu
legion-discovery-client1150.0Client library for communicating with legion-discovery. (apache, library, web)2017-08-13taphu
legion-extra1610.0Extra non-essential utilities for building legion applications. (apache, library, value)2017-04-23taphu
lens-utils510.0Collection of missing lens utilities. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
listsafe320.0Safe wrappers for partial list functions, supporting MonadThrow. (apache, data, library, list, safe)2015-05-13jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
load-balancing400.0Client-side load balancing utilities. (apache, library, unclassified)2018-01-28taphu
loc2082.0Types representing line and column positions and ranges in text files. (apache, data-structures, library)2018-11-22chris_martin
loc-test1480.0Test-related utilities related to the /loc/ package. (apache, library, testing)2018-11-22chris_martin
logger262.0Fast & extensible logging framework (apache, library, system)2015-11-23danilo2, iamrecursion
machines-binary750.0Binary utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2016-09-19aloiscochard
machines-directory870.0Directory (system) utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2017-03-08bitemyapp, aloiscochard
machines-io1750.0IO utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2016-09-11bitemyapp, aloiscochard
machines-process1240.0Process (system) utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2016-09-19aloiscochard
main-tester610.0Capture stdout/stderr/exit code, and replace stdin of your main function. (apache, library, system, testing)2019-03-19igrep
merkle-patricia-db190.0A modified Merkle Patricia DB (apache, data-structures, library)2017-09-01jamshid
mezzolens132.0Pure Profunctor Functional Lenses (apache, lenses, library)2015-10-11RussellOConnor
minio-hs1872.25A Minio Haskell Library for Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage. (apache, aws, library, network, object-storage)2018-07-06AdityaManthramurthy, MinioDevTeam
mixpanel-client260.0Mixpanel client (apache, library, unclassified)2019-03-13domenkozar
moesocks7820.0A functional firewall killer (apache, network, program)2018-12-27JinjingWang
monad-branch170.0Monadic abstraction for computations that can be branched and run independently. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
mongoDB10042.0Driver (client) for MongoDB, a free, scalable, fast, document DBMS (apache, database, library)2019-03-04FedorGogolev, GregWeber, ScottParish, TonyHannan, VictorDenisov
monoid190.0Monoid type classes, designed in modular way, distinguish Monoid from Mempty and Semigroup. This design allows mempty operation don't bring Semigroups related constraints until (<>) is used. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
moonshine190.0A web service framework for Haskell, similar in purpose to dropwizard. (apache, library, web)2015-06-22pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
moto290.0General purpose migrations library (apache, database, library)2018-10-02RenzoCarbonara
moto-postgresql110.0PostgreSQL-based migrations registry for moto. (apache, database, library)2018-10-02RenzoCarbonara
mpi-hs1100.0MPI bindings for Haskell (apache, distributed-computing, library, program)2019-02-14eschnett
multi-instance690.0Typeclasses augmented with a phantom type parameter (algebra, apache, library)2019-02-14chris_martin
mvar-lock500.0A trivial lock based on MVar. (apache, concurrency, library)2018-09-11chris_martin
nationstates2002.0NationStates API client (apache, library, network, web)2015-10-29ChrisWong
nc-indicators260.0CPU load and memory usage indicators for i3bar (apache, program, system)2014-07-25GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
neko-obfs260.0a TCP tunnel with packet length obfuscation (apache, network, program)2017-08-07JinjingWang
newhope162.0Library implementing the NewHope cryptographic key-exchange protocol (apache, cryptography, library, program)2019-03-23jeremy
nix-delegate360.0Convenient utility for distributed Nix builds (apache, library, program, unclassified)2018-11-06GabrielGonzalez
nix-deploy670.0Deploy Nix-built software to a NixOS machine (apache, program, system)2018-10-27ParnellSpringmeyer
no-buffering-workaround120.0Workaround for GHC bug #2189. (apache, console, library)2015-10-31arotenberg
numericpeano200.0Peano numbers with attendant bells and whistles. (apache, library, math)2014-12-29jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
nvim-hs3332.5Haskell plugin backend for neovim (apache, editor, library)2019-04-18saep
nvim-hs-contrib440.0Haskell plugin backend for neovim (apache, editor, library)2019-03-10saep
nvim-hs-ghcid250.0Neovim plugin that runs ghcid to update the quickfix list (apache, editor, library)2018-03-25saep
one-line-aeson-text112.0Pretty-printing short Aeson values as text. (apache, json, library, text)2018-03-09chris_martin
orchestrate340.0An API client for (apache, database, library)2015-08-17EricRochester
parser-helper130.0Prints Haskell parse trees in JSON. (apache, development, program)2014-06-04carymrobbins
partial-semigroup2112.0A partial binary associative operator (algebra, apache, library)2019-02-14chris_martin
partial-semigroup-hedgehog1012.0Property testing for partial semigroups using Hedgehog (algebra, apache, library, testing)2019-02-13chris_martin
partial-semigroup-test (deprecated in favor of partial-semigroup-hedgehog)1350.0Testing utilities for the partial-semigroup package (algebra, apache, deprecated, library, testing)2018-09-28chris_martin
path-text-utf8952.5Read and write UTF-8 text files (apache, filesystem, library, text)2018-11-22chris_martin
pcgen540.0A fast, pseudorandom number generator. (apache, library, random)2017-07-05Lokathor
perfect-hash-generator1002.0Perfect minimal hashing implementation in native Haskell (apache, data-structures, embedded, library, program)2018-02-18kostmo
ping-parser-attoparsec230.0Attoparsec parsers of ping utility (apache, attoparsec, library, parsers, program)2017-09-04frincon
ping-wrapper400.0Haskell Ping wrapper (apache, library, program, system)2017-09-06frincon
pipes-io220.0Stateful IO streams based on pipes (apache, control, library, pipes)2016-08-26yinguanhao
pkcs101480.0PKCS#10 library (apache, data, library)2016-11-02ktimothy
polar-shader1230.0High-level shader compiler framework (apache, game-engine, library)2016-11-21Shockk
poly-control120.0This package provides abstraction for polymorphic controls, like PolyMonads or PolyApplicatives. (apache, data, library)2016-01-30danilo2, iamrecursion
positron200.0Experiment (apache, database, library)2017-09-16xt
presto-hdbc330.0An HDBC connector for Presto (apache, database, library)2015-05-18thomasjm
pretty-error130.0Pretty error messages for runtime invariants (apache, error-handling, library)2015-09-05jml
prologue1470.0Better, more general Prelude exporting common utilities. (apache, control, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
prometheus-client1330.0Haskell client library for (apache, library, network)2018-08-10OliverCharles, fimad, jml
prometheus-metrics-ghc1200.0Metrics exposing GHC runtime information for use with prometheus-client. (apache, library, network)2018-08-10OliverCharles, fimad, jml
proton-haskell520.0Simple XML templating library (apache, library, web)2015-06-08jrbriggs
pure-shuffle530.0 (algorithms, apache, library)2018-11-16igrep
rawfilepath1290.0Use RawFilePath instead of FilePath (apache, library, system)2017-05-11XT
repl-toolkit900.0Toolkit for quickly whipping up config files and command-line interfaces. (apache, library, repl, system)2016-08-30jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
reprinter380.0Scrap Your Reprinter (apache, library, text)2017-12-05DominicOrchard
require1370.0Scrap your qualified import clutter (apache, library, other, program)2019-01-21NickSeagull
rlglue100.0A Haskell codec for RL-Glue. (apache, codec, library, program)2015-07-01rofer
sarsi1120.0A universal quickfix toolkit and his protocol. (apache, development, library, program)2017-04-24aloiscochard
scalp-webhooks230.0Test webhooks locally (apache, library, program, web)2015-09-15boblong
scalpel2772.25A high level web scraping library for Haskell. (apache, library, web)2019-02-18fimad
scalpel-core710.0A high level web scraping library for Haskell. (apache, library, web)2019-02-18fimad
scotty-format670.0Response format helper for the Scotty web framework. (apache, library, program, web)2016-12-27potomak
scotty-resource342.0A Better way of modeling web resources. (apache, library, web)2018-04-29taphu
shake-cabal-build110.0Utility for building Shake build systems using Cabal sandboxes (apache, development, program)2014-10-17StefanKersten
shake-language-c1440.0Utilities for cross-compiling with Shake (apache, development, library)2018-03-14StefanKersten
shelduck300.0Test webhooks locally (apache, library, program, web)2015-11-14boblong
snowflake520.0A loose port of Twitter Snowflake to Haskell. Generates arbitrary precision, unique, time-sortable identifiers. (apache, data, library)2015-03-17edofic
space120.0Experimental library (apache, library, web)2017-06-19XT
spiros660.0Spiros Boosalis's Custom Prelude (apache, bsd3, library, prelude, todo)2019-04-11sboo
stm-queue-extras200.0Extra queue utilities for STM (apache, concurrency, library)2015-04-15JonSterling
streaming-histogram200.0 (apache, library, unclassified)2015-03-16teh
substring-parser770.0Match / replace substrings with a parser combinators. (apache, library, parsing, text)2018-07-22igrep
terminal-text130.0Text data type for styled terminal output, including all standard ANSI effects (bold, italic, blinking) and ANSI / 256 / truecolor colors support for Unix and Windows (whenever possible). (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
text-regex-replace880.0Easy replacement when using text-icu regexes. (apache, data, library, text)2018-05-25EricRochester
text-replace692.0Simple text replacements from a list of search/replace pairs (apache, application, library, program, text)2018-10-04chris_martin
textocat-api100.0Unofficial Haskell SDK for Textocat API -- (apache, api, library, natural-language-processing, network)2015-05-22MZiatdinov
th-strict-compat340.0Compatibility shim for Bang and Strict in Template Haskell. (apache, language, library)2017-09-24igrep
time-locale-vietnamese330.0Vietnamese locale for date and time format (apache, library, text)2017-11-28tungd
tintin2030.0A softer alternative to Haddock (apache, documentation, library, program)2019-01-21NickSeagull
type-cache90.0Utilities for caching type families results. Sometimes complex type families take long time to compile, so it is proficient to cache them and use the final result without the need of re-computation. (apache, library, text)2016-01-30danilo2, iamrecursion
type-iso130.0Typeclasses for injective relations and isomorphisms between types. (apache, cast, data, library, types)2018-02-05jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
typelevel290.0Useful type level operations (type families and related operators). (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
tz2912.0Efficient time zone handling (apache, data, library)2018-11-19GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
tzdata2382.0Time zone database (as files and as a module) (apache, data, library)2019-04-08MihalyBarasz
unliftio-streams440.0Generalization of io-streams to MonadUnliftIO (apache, data, io-streams, library, network)2019-04-13BardurArantsson
update-repos170.0Update all your git repositories with just one command. (apache, command-line-tool, library, program)2017-02-12pedrovgs
var-monad540.0The VarMonad typeclass, generalizing types of references. (apache, control, library)2017-08-29chris_martin
vector-text170.0Text implementation based on unboxed char vector. (apache, data, library)2018-12-18danilo2, iamrecursion
verifiable-expressions250.0An intermediate language for Hoare logic style verification. (apache, language, library)2018-05-18madgen
versioning250.0Type-safe data versioning. (apache, data, library)2019-01-08lortabac
versioning-servant320.0Servant combinators for the versioning library. (apache, data, library)2018-11-08lortabac
wai-middleware-prometheus770.0WAI middlware for exposing metrics. (apache, library, network)2018-08-10OliverCharles, fimad, jml
webby780.0A super-simple web server framework (apache, library, web)2019-04-02AdityaManthramurthy
wkt-geom970.0A parser of WKT, WKB and eWKB. (apache, data, library)2019-02-19newmana
wordlist292.0Command-line tool to get random words (apache, application, library, program, text)2019-02-14chris_martin
xmlbf940.0XML back and forth! Parser, renderer, ToXml, FromXml, fixpoints. (apache, library, text)2019-03-26RenzoCarbonara
xmlbf-xeno350.0xeno backend support for the xmlbf library. (apache, library, text)2019-03-26RenzoCarbonara
xmlbf-xmlhtml340.0xmlhtml backend support for the xmlbf library. (apache, library, text)2019-03-26RenzoCarbonara
yet-another-logger1340.0Yet Another Logger (apache, library, logging, program, system)2018-10-05larsk