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LambdaHack is a game engine library for roguelike games of arbitrary theme, size and complexity, packaged together with a small example dungeon crawler.

When completed, the engine will let you specify content to be procedurally generated, define the AI behaviour on top of the generic content-independent rules and compile a ready-to-play game binary, using either the supplied or a custom-made main loop. Several frontends are available (GTK is the default) and many other generic engine components are easily overridden, but the fundamental source of flexibility lies in the strict and type-safe separation of code from the content and of clients (human and AI-controlled) from the server. Please see the changelog file for recent improvements and the issue tracker for short-term plans. Long term vision revolves around procedural content generation and includes in-game content creation, auto-balancing and persistent content modification based on player behaviour.

Games known to use the LambdaHack library:

Note: All modules in this library are kept visible, to let games override and reuse them. OTOH, to reflect that some modules are implementation details relative to others, the source code adheres to the following convention. If a module has the same name as a directory, the module is the exclusive interface to the directory. No references to the modules in the directory are allowed except from the interface module. This policy is only binding when developing the library --- library users are free to access any modules, since the library authors are in no position to guess their particular needs.


Versions0.1.20080412, 0.1.20080413, 0.1.20090606, 0.1.20110117, 0.1.20110918, 0.2.0, 0.2.1, 0.2.6,, 0.2.8, 0.2.10,,, 0.2.12, 0.2.14,,,,,
Dependenciesarray (>= && <1), assert-failure (>=0.1 && <1), async (==2.*), base (==4.*), binary (>=0.7 && <1), bytestring (>=0.9.2 && <1), containers (>= && <1), data-default, deepseq (>=1.3 && <2), directory (>= && <2), enummapset-th (>= && <1), filepath (>= && <2), ghc-prim (>=0.2), gtk (>=0.12.1 && <0.14), hashable (>= && <2), hscurses (>=1.4.1 && <2), hsini (>=0.2 && <2), keys (==3.*), LambdaHack, miniutter (>=0.4.4 && <2), mtl (>=2.0.1 && <3), old-time (>= && <2), pretty-show (>=1.6 && <2), random (>=1.1 && <2), stm (>=2.4 && <3), template-haskell (>=2.6 && <3), text (>= && <2), transformers (>=0.3 && <1), unordered-containers (>=0.2.3 && <1), vector (>=0.10 && <1), vector-binary-instances (>=0.2 && <1), vty (==5.*), zlib (>= && <1)
AuthorAndres Loeh, Mikolaj Konarski
MaintainerMikolaj Konarski <>
CategoryGame Engine, Game
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vtyswitch to the vty frontendDisabled
cursesswitch to the curses frontend (not fully supported)Disabled
expose_internalexpose internal functions and types, but don't switch on any other release mode optionsDisabled
with_expensive_assertionsturn on expensive assertions of well-tested codeDisabled
releaseprepare for a release (expose, optimize, etc.)Enabled

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