blas-0.7.6: Bindings to the BLAS library

MaintainerPatrick Perry <>




Mutable banded matrices in the IO monad.


The IOBanded data type

data IOBanded np e Source

Banded matrix in the IO monad. The type arguments are as follows:

  • np: a phantom type for the shape of the matrix. Most functions will demand that this be specified as a pair. When writing a function signature, you should always prefer IOBanded (n,p) e to IOBanded np e.
  • e: the element type of the matrix. Only certain element types are supported.

withIOBanded :: IOBanded (n, p) e -> (Ptr e -> IO a) -> IO aSource

Execute an IO action with a pointer to the first element in the banded matrix.

Overloaded mutable banded matrix interface