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ACME202.25Essential features (acme, bsd3, library)JamesCandy
acme-all-monad50.0A monad which is powerful enough to interpret any action (acme, library, public-domain)PhilFreeman
acme-box50.0A full featured empty project (acme, bsd3, library, program)twebb
acme-cadre70.0car, cdr and more (acme, library, public-domain)Jafet
acme-cofunctor132.0A Cofunctor is a structure from category theory dual to Functor (acme, bsd3, library)JasperVanDerJeugt
acme-colosson80.0Determines whether it is numberwang. (acme, bsd3, library)KeeganMcAllister
acme-cutegirl110.0Maybe gives you a cute girl (acme, gpl, library, program)MateuszKowalczyk
acme-default70.0A class for types with a distinguished aesthetically pleasing value (acme, apache, library)esz
acme-dont130.0A don't construct (acme, bsd3, library)GracjanPolak
acme-everything210.0Install everything. (acme, library, public-domain)quchen
acme-flipping-tables40.0Stop execution with rage. (acme, bsd3, library)JacobStanley
acme-functors70.0The best applicative functors. (acme, bsd3, library)chris_martin
acme-grawlix140.0More readable names for commonly used symbols (acme, bsd3, library)kadoban
acme-hq9plus70.0An embedded DSL for the HQ9+ programming language (acme, library, public-domain)JoeyAdams
acme-inator30.0Evil inventions in the Tri-State area (acme, library, program, public-domain)MarkLentczner
acme-io60.0The only true way to do IO in Haskell! (acme, library)benzrf
acme-lolcat80.0LOLSPEAK translator (acme, bsd3, library)AntonNikishaev
acme-lookofdisapproval60.0Express your disapproval (acme, bsd3, library)AntonNikishaev
acme-memorandom120.0Memoized random number generation (acme, library, mit)ion
acme-microwave100.0The eighth wonder of the world, kitchen math! (acme, bsd3, library)JoeQuinn
acme-miscorder40.0Miscellaneous newtypes for orderings of discutable use. (acme, library, public-domain)LoicArjanen
acme-missiles1290.0Cause serious international side effects. (acme, library, public-domain)JoeyAdams
acme-now80.0An interface to the philosophical and metaphysical "now" (acme, library, public-domain)SjurGjoesteinKarevoll
acme-numbersystem90.0Define the less than and add and subtract for nats (acme, bsd3, library)MaxwellSwadling
acme-omitted140.0A name for omitted definitions (acme, bsd3, library)JoachimFasting
acme-one70.0The identity element of package dependencies (acme, library, public-domain)ion
acme-php180.0The flexibility of Haskell and the safety of PHP (acme, bsd3, library)JoeQuinn
acme-pointful-numbers80.0Make more than one point in numeric literals (acme, bsd3, library)AntonNikishaev
acme-realworld100.0Primitives for manipulating the state of the universe (acme, bsd3, library)JoeyAdams
acme-safe51.25Safe versions of some infamous haskell functions such as fromJust (acme, library)fgaz
acme-schoenfinkel72.0Proper names for curry and uncurry (acme, bsd3, library)ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
acme-smuggler80.0Smuggle arbitrary values in () (acme, bsd3, library)benc
acme-strfry30.0A binding to the glibc strfry function. (acme, bsd3, library)ElliottHird
acme-stringly-typed60.0Stringly Typed Programming (acme, bsd3, library)SvenStruett
acme-strtok150.0A Haskell port of the C/PHP strtok function (acme, library, public-domain)eberlm
acme-timemachine110.0An easy way to perform and unperform IO and other stateful actions. (acme, bsd3, library)mniip
acme-year160.0Get the current year (acme, benchmark, library, public-domain)JoeyAdams
acme-zero80.0The absorbing element of package dependencies (acme, library, public-domain)ion
ascii-cows90.0A collection of ASCII cows. Moo. (acme, bsd3, library)passy
empty (deprecated)100.0Ceci n'est pas une package (acme, bsd3, deprecated, library)JohnMillikin
hero-club-five-tenets50.0Think back of the five tenets of hero club (acme, bsd3, library, program)i_amd3
monadacme30.0The Acme and AcmeT monads. (acme, bsd3, library)ThomasEding
plumbers50.0Pointless plumbing combinators (acme, bsd3, library)MichaelSloan
roller100.0Playing with applicatives and dice! (acme, gpl, library, program)ljsc, PiotrJustyna
typesafe-precure110.0Type-safe transformations and purifications of PreCures (Japanese Battle Heroine) (acme, bsd3, library)igrep
yes-precure5-command80.0Extended yes command to reproduce phrases in Yes! Precure 5. (acme, library, mit, program)igrep