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BinderAnn40.00Source-to-source plugin for enhancing EDSLs with static annotations (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library)2020-03-
apply-unordered50.00Apply a function to an argument specified by a type level Nat (acme, bsd3, compiler-plugin, functions, library)2021-03-261.0MichaelSloan
const-math-ghc-plugin120.01Compiler plugin for constant math elimination (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library)2012-10-
cse-ghc-plugin40.01Compiler plugin for common subexpression elimination (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library)2012-08-080.1.1AustinSeipp
ecta-plugin152.00Hole-Fit Synthesis using ECTAs (compiler-plugin, library, mit)2022-09-
ghc-clippy-plugin42.01Override GHC error messages to the user's liking (bsd3, compiler-plugin, development, library)2020-06-
ghc-plugin-non-empty40.00GHC Plugin for non-empty lists (compiler-plugin, ghc, library, mpl)2022-07-
ghc-plugs-out50.00Type checker plugins without the type checking. (compiler-plugin, library, mpl)2022-06-
ghc-proofs70.01GHC plugin to prove program equations by simplification (compiler-plugin, formal-methods, library, mit)2017-09-050.1.1JoachimBreitner
haskell-stack-trace-plugin150.00haskell-stack-trace-plugin (compiler-plugin, debug, development, library, mit, program)2021-05-
inspection-testing1872.53GHC plugin to do inspection testing (compiler-plugin, library, mit, testing)2023-12-
magic-tyfams100.01Write plugins for magic type families with ease (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library)2019-08-
om-plugin-imports200.00Plugin-based import warnings (compiler-plugin, library, mit)2024-04-
seqaid240.01Dynamic strictness control, including space leak repair (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library, program)2015-02-
smuggler2250.00GHC Source Plugin that helps to minimise imports and generate explicit exports (compiler-plugin, development, library, mpl, refactoring)2021-01-
strict-ghc-plugin50.01Compiler plugin for making Haskell strict (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library)2012-08-080.1.1AustinSeipp
typecheck-plugin-nat-simple350.01Simple type check plugin which calculate addition, subtraction and less-or-equal-than (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library)2022-12-
unroll-ghc-plugin70.01Compiler plugin for loop unrolling (bsd3, compiler-plugin, library)2012-08-080.1.1AustinSeipp