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Last U/L
2captcha (deprecated in favor of captcha-2captcha)51.5Haskell package for easy integration with the 2captcha API. (deprecated, library, mit, network)2021-09-09qwbarch
AERN-Basics (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)60.0foundational type classes for approximating exact real numbers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, program)2011-05-11MichalKonecny
AERN-Net (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)60.0Compositional lazy dataflow networks for exact real number computation (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, math)2009-07-29MichalKonecny
AERN-Real (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)210.0arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2011-05-11MichalKonecny
AERN-Real-Double (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)80.0arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, program)2011-05-11MichalKonecny
AERN-Real-Interval (deprecated in favor of aern2-mp, aern2-real)60.0arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2011-05-11MichalKonecny
AERN-RnToRm (deprecated)170.0polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) approximating exact real functions (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2009-07-29MichalKonecny
AERN-RnToRm-Plot (deprecated)90.0GL plotting of polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math)2009-08-01MichalKonecny
AVar (deprecated)140.0Mutable variables with Exception handling and concurrency support. (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library)2009-12-08AlexMason
Agata (deprecated in favor of testing-feat)160.0Generator-generator for QuickCheck (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2012-08-01JonasDuregard
Agda-executable (deprecated in favor of Agda)140.0Command-line program for type-checking and compiling Agda programs (dependent-types, deprecated, program)2012-03-12NilsAndersDanielsson, UlfNorell
AttoJson (deprecated in favor of aeson)240.0Simple lightweight JSON parser, generator & manipulator based on ByteString (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2011-02-03HiromiIshii
Bitly (deprecated)220.0A library to access URL shortener. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-02-02SergeyAstanin
BluePrintCSS (deprecated)30.0Html document layout library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, web)2010-08-03SergeyMironov
Cabal-ide-backend (deprecated in favor of Cabal)100.0A framework for packaging Haskell software (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library)2015-03-30MichaelSnoyman
Cassava (deprecated in favor of cassava)31.75A CSV parsing and encoding library (bsd3, csv, deprecated, library, text, web)2017-09-30fozworth
Chart-simple (deprecated)120.0A wrapper for the chart library to assist with basic plots (Deprecated - use the Easy module instead) (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2015-01-17TimDocker
CirruParser (deprecated in favor of cirru-parser)60.0Cirru Parser in Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, text)2015-05-10jiyinyiyong
Clash-Royale-Hack-Cheats (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
Clean (deprecated in favor of definitive-base)90.0A light, clean and powerful utility library (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2013-06-10MarcCoiffier
Coadjute (deprecated)80.0A generic build tool (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2011-03-17MattiNiemenmaa
Command (deprecated in favor of system-command)190.0A replacement for System.Exit and System.Process (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-07-28TonyMorris
Compactable (deprecated in favor of compactable)100.0A generalization for containers that can be stripped of Nothing (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2017-03-06fresheyeball
Control-Engine (deprecated)120.0A parallel producer/consumer engine (thread pool) (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2009-08-18ThomasDuBuisson
Data-Rope (deprecated in favor of data-rope)120.0Ropes, an alternative to (Byte)Strings. (data, deprecated, library)2010-05-29PierreEtienneMeunier
Digit (deprecated in favor of digit)50.0A data-type representing digits 0-9 (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-09-06TonyMorris
DocTest (deprecated in favor of doctest)270.0Test interactive Haskell examples (deprecated, mit, program, testing)2015-04-03
DrIFT-cabalized (deprecated in favor of DrIFT)130.0Program to derive type class instances (bsd3, data-structures, deprecated, program)2013-09-03GwernBranwen, KiwamuOkabe
Eight-Ball-Pool-Hack-Cheats (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
EitherT (deprecated in favor of either)110.0EitherT monad transformer (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2012-04-22EyalLotem
Elm (deprecated in favor of elm-compiler)550.0The Elm language module. (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)2014-09-22EvanCzaplicki
EntrezHTTP (deprecated in favor of BiobaseHTTP)150.0Libary to interface with the NCBI Entrez REST service. (bioinformatics, deprecated, gpl, library)2017-08-10FlorianEggenhofer
Enum (deprecated)80.0Non-crashing `Enum` operations (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-12-11
Eq (deprecated)210.0Render math formula in ASCII, and perform some simplifications (bsd3, deprecated, language, math, program)2013-05-28VincentBerthoux
Extra (deprecated in favor of sr-extra, extra)240.0A grab bag of modules. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-11-04DavidFox, JeremyShaw
FModExRaw (deprecated)70.0The Haskell FModEx raw API. (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)2013-12-29DimitriSabadie
Facebook-Password-Hacker-Online-Latest-Version (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
FailureT (deprecated in favor of transformers)60.0Failure Monad Transformer (control, deprecated, failure, library, public-domain)2013-03-14
FastxPipe (deprecated in favor of pipes-fastx)50.0Fasta and Fastq streaming (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2015-04-23rcallahan
FileManip (deprecated in favor of filemanip)240.0Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-10-10BryanOSullivan
FilePather (deprecated in favor of filepather)280.0Functions on System.FilePath (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-04-10TonyMorris
Fin (deprecated)420.0Finite totally-ordered sets (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-02-01
FiniteMap (deprecated in favor of containers)60.0A finite map implementation, derived from the paper: Efficient sets: a balancing act, S. Adams, Journal of functional programming 3(4) Oct 1993, pp553-562 (bsd4, data, deprecated, library)2007-03-06PepeIborra
ForSyDe (deprecated in favor of forsyde-shallow, forsyde-deep)100.0ForSyDe's Haskell-embedded Domain Specific Language. (bsd3, deprecated, hardware, language, library)2010-06-25AlfonsoAcosta, HoseinAttarzadeh, ugeorge, ingo
Fortnite-Hack-Cheats-Free-V-Bucks-Generator (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
FreeTypeGL (deprecated in favor of FTGL)110.0Loadable texture fonts for OpenGL. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2013-01-28EyalLotem
Geodetic (deprecated in favor of geodetic)110.0Geodetic calculations (bsd3, deprecated, library, utils)2011-11-21TonyMorris
HARM (deprecated)70.0A simple ARM emulator in haskell (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, program)2008-12-06AlexMason
HAppS-Data (deprecated in favor of happstack-data)90.0HAppS data manipulation libraries (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-IxSet (deprecated in favor of happstack-ixset)80.0 (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-Server (deprecated in favor of happstack-server)100.0Web related tools and services. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-State (deprecated in favor of happstack-state)120.0Event-based distributed state. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppS-Util (deprecated in favor of happstack-util)80.0Web framework (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2008-11-09DavidHimmelstrup
HAppSHelpers (deprecated in favor of happstack-helpers)340.0OBSOLETE. Please use happstack-helpers (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-05-09ThomasHartman
HDBC-postgresql-hstore (deprecated in favor of postgresql-simple)50.0Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns. (database, deprecated, library, mit)2012-07-06AlexanderBondarenko
HGamer3D-API (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)120.0Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - API (deprecated, game, library)2012-07-22PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Audio (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)50.0Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Audio Functionality (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Bullet-Binding (deprecated)50.0Windows Game Engine for the Haskell Programmer - Bullet Bindings (deprecated, game-engine, library, physics)2013-03-18PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-CAudio-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-SFML-Binding)40.0Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - cAudio Bindings (deprecated, game, library)2012-04-15PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-CEGUI-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)120.0A Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - CEGUI Bindings (deprecated, game-engine, gui, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Common (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)40.0Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Game Engine and Utilities (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Data (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)200.0Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Data Definitions (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Enet-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)80.0Enet Binding for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library, network)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-GUI (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-Graphics3D)80.0GUI Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2014-08-11PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Graphics3D (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)70.0Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - 3D Graphics Functionality (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-InputSystem (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)60.0Joystick, Mouse and Keyboard Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Network (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)90.0Networking Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-OIS-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-SFML-Binding)110.0Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - OIS Bindings (deprecated, game, library)2012-04-15PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Ogre-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)210.0Ogre Binding for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, graphics, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-SDL2-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)110.0SDL2 Binding for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-SFML-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)250.0SFML Binding for HGamer3D (audio, deprecated, game-engine, graphics, library)2015-01-03PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-WinEvent (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D-Graphics3D)70.0Windowing and Event Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2014-08-11PeterAlthainz
HGamer3D-Wire (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)80.0Wire Functionality for HGamer3D (deprecated, game-engine, library)2014-04-01PeterAlthainz
HLearn-algebra (deprecated in favor of subhask)270.0Algebraic foundation for homomorphic learning (bsd3, data-mining, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2014-05-30MikeIzbicki
HLearn-approximation (deprecated)90.0 (bsd3, data-mining, data-structures, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2013-07-30MikeIzbicki
HLearn-classification (deprecated)90.0 (bsd3, data-mining, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2014-06-04MikeIzbicki
HLearn-datastructures (deprecated)90.0 (bsd3, data-mining, data-structures, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2013-07-27MikeIzbicki
HLearn-distributions (deprecated)320.0Distributions for use with the HLearn library (bsd3, data-mining, deprecated, library, machine-learning, statistics)2014-03-27MikeIzbicki
HLogger (deprecated in favor of hlogger)30.0Simple, concurrent and easy-to-use logging library (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, logging, program)2011-03-02JonKristensen
HPhone (deprecated)100.0Phone number parser and validator - This is now DEPRECATED! (deprecated, library, text)2016-06-23vijayanant, raghuugare
HSoundFile (deprecated in favor of sndfile-enumerators)40.0Audio file reading/writing (bsd3, codecs, deprecated, library, sound)2008-05-04JohnLato
HTTP-Simple (deprecated in favor of HTTP)60.0DEPRECATED Enable simple wrappers to Network.HTTP (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2009-04-12BradClawsie
HUnit-Diff (deprecated)30.0Assertions for HUnit with difference reporting (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2012-01-22DagOdenhall
HXMPP (deprecated in favor of pontarius-xmpp)60.0A (prototyped) easy to use XMPP library (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2011-03-02JonKristensen
HaTeX-meta (deprecated)140.0This package is deprecated. From version 3, HaTeX does not need this anymore. (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)2013-04-04DanielDiaz
HandlerSocketClient (deprecated)190.0Haskell implementation of a HandlerSocket client (API). (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2012-02-20XingboWu
Haschoo (deprecated)70.0Minimalist R5RS Scheme interpreter (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, program)2012-05-23MattiNiemenmaa
Hermes (deprecated)120.0Message-based middleware layer (bsd3, deprecated, library, middleware, network)2010-05-18SveinOveAas
HiggsSet (deprecated)50.0A multi-index set with advanced query capabilites (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-02-04LarsPetersen
Hipmunk (deprecated)300.0A Haskell binding for Chipmunk. (deprecated, game, library, physics)2015-07-23FelipeLessa, SoenkeHahn
IORefCAS (deprecated in favor of atomic-primops)130.0Atomic compare and swap for IORefs and STRefs. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2013-05-07RyanNewton
IndentParser (deprecated)80.0Combinators for parsing indentation based syntatic structures (deprecated, library, parsing)2007-10-19PiyushKurur
JSON-Combinator (deprecated in favor of lens)320.0A combinator library on top of a generalised JSON type (bsd3, combinators, deprecated, json, library)2011-04-03TonyMorris
JSON-Combinator-Examples (deprecated in favor of lens)40.0Example uses of the JSON-Combinator library. (bsd3, combinators, deprecated, library)2010-12-20TonyMorris
JackMiniMix (deprecated in favor of jackminimix)70.0control JackMiniMix (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)2010-08-22RenickBell
Javasf (deprecated in favor of javasf)40.0A utility to print the SourceFile attribute of one or more Java class files. (bsd3, deprecated, language, program)2010-12-12TonyMorris
Javav (deprecated in favor of javav)130.0A utility to print the target version of Java class files. (bsd3, deprecated, language, program)2012-03-06TonyMorris
Kalman (deprecated in favor of kalman)90.0A slightly extended Kalman filter (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2015-04-05DominicSteinitz
LRU (deprecated)50.0Implements an LRU data structure (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2007-11-05AdamLangley
Lastik (deprecated)210.0A library for compiling programs in a variety of languages (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2010-11-16TonyMorris
ListT (deprecated)150.0List transformer (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2017-12-14
Map (deprecated)130.0Class of key-value maps (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-09-05
MaybeT-monads-tf (deprecated in favor of monads-tf)100.0MaybeT monad transformer compatible with monads-tf (deprecated) (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2011-06-22BenMillwood
Mobile-Legends-Hack-Cheats (deprecated)00.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
MonadCatchIO-mtl (deprecated in favor of exceptions)180.0Monad-transformer version of the Control.Exception module (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2014-01-04DanielGorin
MonadCatchIO-mtl-foreign (deprecated)30.0Polymorphic combinators for working with foreign functions (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2010-05-29AntoineLatter
MonadCatchIO-transformers (deprecated in favor of exceptions)310.0Monad-transformer compatible version of the Control.Exception module (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2014-12-23AriePeterson
MonadCatchIO-transformers-foreign (deprecated)30.0Polymorphic combinators for working with foreign functions (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2010-05-29AntoineLatter
NaturalSort (deprecated)70.0Natural sorting for strings (bsd3, deprecated, text)2010-04-05JoachimFasting
Nomyx (deprecated in favor of nomyx-server)350.0A Nomic game in haskell (bsd3, deprecated, game, program)2015-03-26CorentinDupont
Nomyx-Core (deprecated in favor of nomyx-core)140.0A Nomic game in haskell (bsd3, deprecated, game, library)2015-03-26CorentinDupont
Nomyx-Language (deprecated in favor of nomyx-language)230.0Language to express rules for Nomic (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2015-03-26CorentinDupont
Nomyx-Rules (deprecated in favor of Nomyx-Language)90.0Language to express rules for Nomic (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2013-02-25CorentinDupont
Nomyx-Web (deprecated in favor of nomyx-web)170.0Web gui for Nomyx (bsd3, deprecated, game, library)2015-03-26CorentinDupont
NonEmptyList (deprecated in favor of semigroups)190.0A list with a length of at least one. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-08-28TonyMorris
NumLazyByteString (deprecated)30.0Num, Enum, Eq, Integral, Ord, Real, and Show instances for Lazy ByteStrings (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-04-06ThomasDuBuisson
OpenGLRaw21 (deprecated)110.0The intersection of OpenGL 2.1 and OpenGL 3.1 Core (deprecated, graphics, library)2015-02-14JakeMcArthur
Oslo-Vectize (deprecated)70.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-16
PBKDF2 (deprecated in favor of pbkdf, scrypt, bcrypt)130.0Make password-based security schemes more secure. (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2014-10-02AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink, JeremyShaw, ThomasHartman
PCLT (deprecated)30.0Extension to Show: templating, catalogizing, languages, parameters, etc. (deprecated, library, text)2009-12-12AndreySisoyev
PCLT-DB (deprecated)40.0An addon to PCLT package: enchance PCLT catalog with PostgreSQL powers. (database, deprecated, library)2009-12-12AndreySisoyev
ParserFunction (deprecated in favor of attoparsec)180.0Parse and evaluate mathematical expressions. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, parsing)2014-05-14EnzoHaussecker
PerfectHash (deprecated in favor of perfecthash)90.0A perfect hashing library for mapping bytestrings to values. (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2016-04-29MarkWotton
Pipe (deprecated)120.0Process piping library (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2009-07-02MattiNiemenmaa
Quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)70.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2015-07-12ssadler
RFC1751 (deprecated in favor of rfc1751)80.0RFC-1751 library for Haskell (data, deprecated, library, public-domain)2018-08-13jprupp
RandomDotOrg (deprecated)80.0Interface to (deprecated, library, other, public-domain)2008-07-29AustinSeipp
Rlang-QQ (deprecated in favor of inline-r)250.0quasiquoter for inline-R code (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2015-05-06AdamVogt
SCalendar (deprecated in favor of scalendar)101.25This is a library for handling calendars and resource availability based on the "top-nodes algorithm" and set operations. (deprecated, library, mit, time)2017-09-11sebasHack
SConfig (deprecated)62.0A simple config library (configuration, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-14fgaz
SDL2-ttf (deprecated in favor of sdl2-ttf)70.0Binding to libSDL-ttf (deprecated, foreign-binding, library, mit)2013-12-22OmerAgacan
SFont (deprecated)30.0SFont SDL Bitmap Fonts (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2010-01-11LiamOConnorDavis
Safe (deprecated in favor of safe)50.0Library for safe (pattern match free) functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2007-01-12
SeqAlign (deprecated in favor of seqalign)40.0Sequence Alignment (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2015-04-23rcallahan
Shpadoinkle-debug (deprecated in favor of Shpadoinkle-console)10.0Debugging tools for Shpadoinkle applications. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2020-06-21fresheyeball
SimpleGL (deprecated in favor of definitive-graphics)40.0A Simple Graphics Library from the SimpleH framework. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2013-09-17MarcCoiffier
SimpleH (deprecated in favor of definitive-base)110.0A light, clean and powerful Haskell utility library (deprecated, library, prelude)2013-11-28MarcCoiffier
Snusmumrik (deprecated)60.0E-library directory based on FUSE virtual file system. (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)2010-03-20SergeyAstanin
Spock-auth (deprecated)60.0Provides authentification helpers for Spock (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-13AlexanderThiemann
Sprig (deprecated)40.0Binding to Sprig (bsd3, deprecated, foreign-binding, library)2010-01-11LiamOConnorDavis
SyntaxMacros (deprecated in favor of murder)90.0Syntax Macros in the form of an EDSL (deprecated, development-, library)2012-05-31MarcosViera
TeaHS (deprecated)70.0TeaHS Game Creation Library (bsd3, deprecated, game, library)2010-06-05LiamOConnorDavis
Thingie (deprecated in favor of Hieroglyph)70.0Purely functional 2D drawing (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2008-12-18JeffersonHeard
TransformeR (deprecated)60.0eDSL in R for Safe Variable Transformarion (bsd3, deprecated, dsl, library, program, security, statistics)2016-08-04remy
URLT (deprecated in favor of web-routes)30.0Library for maintaining correctness of URLs within an application. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2010-03-16JeremyShaw
Validation (deprecated in favor of validation)80.0A data-type like Either but with an accumulating Applicative (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-08-14TonyMorris
WURFL (deprecated)20.0Convert the WURFL file into a Parsec parser (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2007-09-30alpheccar
WebBits (deprecated in favor of language-ecmascript)170.0JavaScript analysis tools (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2012-05-10AndreyChudnov, ArjunGuha
XAttr (deprecated in favor of linux-xattr)30.0Read, set, and list extended attributes (deprecated, library, system)2013-03-15NicolaSquartini
Yocto (deprecated in favor of yocto)50.0A Minimal JSON Parser & Printer for Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, text)2014-01-27ajg
ZEBEDDE (deprecated)30.0Polymer growth simulation method (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2015-07-29hackrilege
accelerate-cuda (deprecated in favor of accelerate-llvm-ptx)190.0Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, deprecated, library, parallelism)2017-03-31ManuelChakravarty, TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-random (deprecated in favor of mwc-random-accelerate)20.0Generate Accelerate arrays filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-10-16TrevorMcDonell
acme-mutable-package (deprecated)32.5A mutable package. (acme, deprecated, library, mit)2018-01-01fozworth, Hackage
aeson-compat (deprecated in favor of aeson)460.0Compatibility layer for aeson (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2021-10-09phadej
aeson-native (deprecated in favor of aeson)60.0Fast JSON parsing and encoding (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
aeson-options (deprecated)90.0Options to derive FromJSON/ToJSON instances (data, deprecated, json, library, mit)2018-10-01serokell
affine-invariant-ensemble-mcmc (deprecated in favor of flat-mcmc)40.0General-purpose sampling (bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning, numerical, statistics)2012-09-26JaredTobin
agda-snippets (deprecated in favor of Agda)140.0Render just the Agda snippets of a literate Agda file to HTML (bsd3, dependent-types, deprecated, library, program)2017-06-04LiamOConnorDavis
agda-snippets-hakyll (deprecated in favor of Agda)80.0Literate Agda support using agda-snippets, for Hakyll pages. (bsd3, dependent-types, deprecated, library)2017-06-04LiamOConnorDavis
alg (deprecated)350.0Algebraic structures (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2019-12-24
alga (deprecated)130.0Algorithmic automation for various DAWs (deprecated, gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-10mrkkrp
alpino-tools (deprecated)70.0Alpino data manipulation tools (data, deprecated, library, natural-language-processing, program)2012-04-07DanielDeKok
alsa (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq, alsa-pcm, alsa-core)80.0Binding to the ALSA Library API. (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)2009-12-29HenningThielemann
alsa-midi (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)110.0Bindings for the ALSA sequencer API (MIDI stuff) (deprecated, library, music, program, sound)2010-09-20HenningThielemann
alsa-pcm-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-pcm)60.0Tests for the ALSA audio signal library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2010-04-08HenningThielemann
alsa-seq-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)20.0Tests for the ALSA sequencer library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2009-04-27HenningThielemann
alternative-io (deprecated in favor of io-choice)50.0IO as Alternative instance (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-04-23KazuYamamoto
amazon-emailer (deprecated in favor of hworker-ses)110.0A queue daemon for Amazon's SES with a PostgreSQL table as a queue. (bsd3, deprecated, network, program)2014-08-17DanielPatterson
amazon-emailer-client-snap (deprecated in favor of hworker-ses)50.0Client library for amazon-emailer daemon (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2014-07-20DanielPatterson
animascii (deprecated)80.0text-file based ASCII animator (application, deprecated, gpl, program)2018-03-16fffaaa
annihilator (deprecated in favor of boolean-like)30.0Semigroups with annihilators and utility functions (bsd3, control-, deprecated, library)2016-04-05Shou
ansi-wl-pprint (deprecated in favor of prettyprinter)2352.5The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces)2019-05-12EdwardKmett, MaxBolingbroke, phadej, quchen
apecs-physics-gloss (deprecated in favor of apecs-gloss)20.0Gloss rendering for apecs-physics (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-10-17jonascarpay
approx-rand-test (deprecated)120.0Approximate randomization test (deprecated, library, program, statistics)2013-12-17DanielDeKok
archlinux (deprecated)280.0Support for working with Arch Linux packages. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library)2011-06-27DonaldStewart, MagnusTherning, PeterSimons
arith-encode (deprecated in favor of cantor-pairing, finitary, smallcheck)190.0A practical arithmetic encoding (aka Godel numbering) library. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, serialization, test, testing)2020-02-09emc2, Bodigrim
array-utils (deprecated)50.0Primitive functions for updating many elements in mutable arrays at once (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2011-01-29AlexMason
artifact (deprecated)40.0Basic types and instances for Valve's Artifact Card-set API (agpl, deprecated, game, library)2018-11-15
asn1-codec (deprecated in favor of language-asn, snmp)70.0Encode and decode ASN.1 (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-05-18andrewthad, chessai
asn1-data (deprecated in favor of asn1-encoding)510.0ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-09-07VincentHanquez
assert4hs (deprecated in favor of assert4hs-core)42.0A set of assertion for writing more readable tests cases (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2021-03-25paweln1986
astar-monad (deprecated in favor of monad-dijkstra)30.0 (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-09-12ChrisPenner
astview (deprecated)70.0A GTK-based abstract syntax tree viewer for custom languages and parsers (bsd4, deprecated, language, program)2009-11-19SebastianMenge
astview-utils (deprecated)20.0Interfacing between hint and astview (bsd4, deprecated, language, library)2009-11-18SebastianMenge
async-combinators (deprecated)40.0Async combinators (concurrency, deprecated, library, mpl)2018-07-23serokell
async-dejafu (deprecated in favor of concurrency)80.0Run MonadConc operations asynchronously and wait for their results. (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library)2016-09-10barrucadu
asynchronous-exceptions (deprecated)80.0Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous exceptions (control, deprecated, library, mit)2014-02-05RomanCheplyaka
atl (deprecated)150.0Arrow Transformer Library (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2016-09-28
atmos-dimensional (deprecated in favor of atmos)80.0dimensional wrapper on atmos package (bsd3, deprecated, library, science)2014-08-16GregHorn
atmos-dimensional-tf (deprecated in favor of atmos)70.0dimensional-tf wrapper on atmos package (bsd3, deprecated, library, science)2014-08-16GregHorn
attempt (deprecated in favor of exceptions)270.0Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure, library)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
attoparsec-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)440.0Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit, parsing)2014-04-02MichaelSnoyman
attoparsec-enumerator (deprecated)420.0Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)2015-05-16JohnMillikin
attoparsec-ip (deprecated in favor of ip)130.0Parse IP data types with attoparsec (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-11-14athanclark
attoparsec-text (deprecated in favor of attoparsec)120.0(deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2012-01-30BryanOSullivan, FelipeLessa
automitive-cse (deprecated in favor of automotive-cse)50.0Automotive CSE emulation (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2016-04-09KeiHibino
automotive-cse (deprecated)240.0Automotive CSE emulation (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2016-05-18KeiHibino
autonix-deps (deprecated)80.0Library for Nix expression dependency generation (bsd3, deprecated, library, nix)2015-06-25ThomasTuegel
autonix-deps-kf5 (deprecated)80.0Generate dependencies for KDE 5 Nix expressions (bsd3, deprecated, library, nix, program)2015-06-25ThomasTuegel
bag (deprecated in favor of dlist)30.0A simple stable bag. (data-structures, deprecated, library, mit)2011-07-22DanielWaterworth
banwords (deprecated)50.0Generalized word blacklister (deprecated, heuristics, library, mit)2015-07-14fanjam
barecheck (deprecated)70.0QuickCheck implementations for common types (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2015-03-20OmariNorman
base64-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-combinators)90.0Base64-encode and decode streams of bytes. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
bdelta (deprecated in favor of bytestring-delta)70.0Simple, fast binary diff/patch (data, deprecated, library, mit)2012-02-22JoeyAdams
beam (deprecated in favor of beam-core)102.5A type-safe SQL mapper for Haskell that doesn't use Template Haskell (database, deprecated, library, mit)2016-01-26TravisAthougies
bein (deprecated)90.0Bein is a provenance and workflow management system for bioinformatics. (application, deprecated, gpl, program)2010-05-28FrederickRoss
bench-graph (deprecated in favor of bench-show)120.0Plot and compare benchmarks (benchmarking, bsd3, deprecated, library, performance)2018-09-22harendra
bento (deprecated)32.0🍱 Manage stateful components. (deprecated, library, mit, utility)2016-04-16fozworth
bgzf (deprecated in favor of pipes-bgzf)60.0Blocked GZip (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2015-04-23rcallahan
bifunctor (deprecated)70.0Bifunctors (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-12-27
binary-literal-qq (deprecated)80.0Extends Haskell with binary literals. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2012-09-24MathieuBoespflug
binary-store (deprecated)20.0Format to store data using the binary transform. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-01-14DanielDiaz
binary-typed (deprecated)170.0Type-safe binary serialization (bsd2, data, deprecated, library, serialization)2015-12-19quchen
bindings (deprecated)50.0Deprecated package. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, library)2009-09-25MauricioAntunes
bindings-common (deprecated in favor of bindings-DSL)310.0This package is obsolete. Look for bindings-DSL instead. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, library)2009-11-11BasVanDijk, MauricioAntunes
bindings-mmap (deprecated in favor of bindings-posix)30.0(deprecated) see bindings-posix instead (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2013-02-18ClaudeHeilandAllen
bindings-mpdecimal (deprecated in favor of deka)80.0bindings to mpdecimal library (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2014-01-20OmariNorman
bio-sequence (deprecated)50.0Initial project template from stack (bio, bsd3, deprecated, library)2017-08-03ozzzzz
bit-stream (deprecated in favor of chimera)110.0Lazy, infinite, compact stream of Bool with O(1) indexing. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2017-08-08Bodigrim
bitly-cli (deprecated)80.0A command line tool to access URL shortener. (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils, web)2011-12-08SergeyAstanin
bla (deprecated)40.0a stupid cron (bsd3, deprecated, program, system)2009-10-20JinjingWang
blakesum (deprecated)90.0The BLAKE SHA-3 candidate hashes, in Haskell (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2011-07-25KevinCantu
blakesum-demo (deprecated)20.0The BLAKE SHA-3 candidate hashes, in Haskell (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, program)2011-07-25KevinCantu
blas (deprecated in favor of hblas)130.0Bindings to the BLAS library (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2009-01-14CarterSchonwald
blaze (deprecated)60.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
blaze-builder-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)250.0Convert streams of builders to streams of bytestrings. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)2014-04-02MichaelSnoyman
blaze-textual-native (deprecated in favor of blaze-textual)40.0Fast rendering of common datatypes (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
blogination (deprecated)100.0Very simple static blog software (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2009-02-26ChrisDone
bludigon (deprecated in favor of blucontrol)10.0Configurable blue light filter (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, system)2020-08-10jumper149
bluetileutils (deprecated in favor of bluetile)40.0Utilities for Bluetile (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils)2009-09-03JanVornberger
blunk-hask-tests (deprecated)60.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-16
blunt (deprecated)281.5Convert between pointfree and pointful expressions. (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-04-14fozworth
bools (deprecated)70.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
boots-cloud (deprecated)40.0Factory for quickly building a microservice (application, consul, deprecated, library, microservice, mit, servant, swagger, web)2019-08-28leptonyu
boots-web (deprecated)50.0Factory for quickly building a web application (application, deprecated, library, mit, servant, swagger, web)2019-09-03leptonyu
bounded-tchan (deprecated in favor of stm-chans)120.0Bounded Transactional channels (queues) (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library)2011-11-06ThomasDuBuisson
bricks (deprecated)90.0Bricks is a lazy functional language based on Nix. (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-internal (deprecated)60.0... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-internal-test (deprecated)40.0... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-parsec (deprecated)50.0... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-rendering (deprecated)50.0... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bricks-syntax (deprecated)20.0... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
bson-generics (deprecated in favor of bson-generic)30.0Generics functionality for BSON (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-26PetrPilar
bugsnag-haskell (deprecated in favor of bugsnag, bugsnag-wai, bugsnag-yesod)330.0Bugsnag error reporter for Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, web)2022-02-24PatrickBrisbin
bytestring-class (deprecated)90.0Classes for automatic conversion to and from strict and lazy bytestrings. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
bytestring-from (deprecated in favor of bytestring-conversion)130.0A type-class to convert values from ByteString. (data, deprecated, library)2014-05-23ToralfWittner
bytestring-time (deprecated in favor of text-time)30.0Library for Time parsing from ByteString (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-12-13klangner
cabal (deprecated in favor of Cabal)380.0placeholder for Cabal package, you want the upper case Cabal (bsd2, deprecated, development, library)2016-08-11CarterSchonwald, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel
cabal-dev (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)180.0Manage sandboxed Haskell build environments (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2013-02-28JonathanDaugherty, JoshHoyt, RoganCreswick
cabal-doctest (deprecated)2252.0A Setup.hs helper for running doctests (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library)2021-11-07AndreasAbel, phadej, ryanglscott
cabal-ghci (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)90.0Set up ghci with options taken from a .cabal file (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)2013-08-09EtienneLaurin
cabal-nirvana (deprecated)100.0Avoid Cabal dependency hell by constraining to known good versions. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2014-03-20MichaelSnoyman
cabal-src (deprecated in favor of stack)250.0Alternative install procedure to avoid the diamond dependency issue. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2016-10-10MichaelSnoyman
cabal-test-compat (deprecated)70.0Compatibility interface of cabal test-suite. (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2015-01-02KeiHibino
cabal2arch (deprecated)520.0Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2011-05-09DonaldStewart, MagnusTherning, PeterSimons
caching (deprecated)20.0Cache combinators. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-09-05davean
canteven-config (deprecated)70.0A pattern for configuring programs. (apache, deprecated, library, unclassified)2015-06-22pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-log (deprecated)110.0A canteven way of setting up logging for your program. (apache, deprecated, development, library)2018-02-02pjrt, potomak, glasserc, mhova
capped-list (deprecated in favor of enumerator)80.0A list-like type for lazy sequences, with a user-defined termination value. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-01-09JohnMillikin
cartel (deprecated in favor of hpack)460.0Specify Cabal files in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library, program)2016-06-30OmariNorman
casadi-bindings-control (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)20.0low level bindings to casadi-control (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)2014-08-21GregHorn
casadi-bindings-ipopt-interface (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)50.0low level bindings to casadi-ipopt_interface (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)2014-05-27GregHorn
casadi-bindings-snopt-interface (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)80.0low level bindings to casadi-snopt_interface (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)2014-05-27GregHorn
cascading (deprecated in favor of clay)30.0DSL for HTML CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2013-06-20ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
category (deprecated)201.25Categorical types and classes (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, math)2019-12-24
category-traced (deprecated in favor of category)41.25Traced monoidal categories (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2016-02-24
cayene-lpp (deprecated in favor of cayenne-lpp)50.0Cayenne Low Power Payload (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-07-31srk
ccast (deprecated)20.0typesafe c-style casts; useful for FFI (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-05-29chessai
celtchar (deprecated)90.0A tool to build a novel (deprecated, library, mit, program, text)2018-03-03lethom
cerberus (deprecated)20.0Protect and control API access with cerberus (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)2015-12-17yogsototh
cereal-ieee754 (deprecated in favor of cereal)20.0Floating point support for the 'cereal' serialization library (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, parsing)2011-08-31JacobStanley
cereal-plus (deprecated)120.0An extended serialization library on top of "cereal" (deprecated, library, mit, serialization)2016-09-03NikitaVolkov
cereal-streams (deprecated in favor of wire-streams)30.0Use cereal to encode/decode io-streams. (bsd3, data, deprecated, io-streams, library, parsing)2016-07-09winterland
certificate (deprecated in favor of x509)690.0Certificates and Key Reader/Writer (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2013-10-07VincentHanquez
cfopu (deprecated in favor of cfipu)40.0cfopu processor (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, program)2010-07-12ByronJohnson
chart-histogram (deprecated in favor of Chart)100.0Easily render histograms with Chart (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2016-04-13BenGamari
chart-unit (deprecated in favor of chart-svg)320.0Native haskell charts. (bsd3, charts, deprecated, library)2018-06-07tonyday567
chronologique (deprecated in favor of core-data)202.0Time to manipulate time (deprecated, library, mit, text)2020-07-23AndrewCowie
chunky (deprecated)30.0Human-readable storage of text/binary objects. (codec, deprecated, lgpl, library, program)2014-12-03PhilippHausmann
church-list (deprecated)40.0Removed; please see fmlist. (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-05-03JohnWiegley
cio (deprecated)20.0A monad for concurrent IO on a thread pool (concurrency, deprecated, library, mit)2014-02-07NikitaVolkov
cipher-aes (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)1190.0Fast AES cipher implementation with advanced mode of operations (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2015-06-21VincentHanquez
cipher-blowfish (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)200.0Blowfish cipher (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2013-10-08VincentHanquez
cipher-rc4 (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)350.0Fast RC4 cipher implementation (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2013-10-08VincentHanquez
clash (deprecated in favor of clash-ghc)290.0CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware (CLaSH) (bsd3, deprecated, hardware, language, library)2011-12-02ChristiaanBaaij
clean-unions (deprecated in favor of extensible)110.0Open unions without need for Typeable (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-10-13FumiakiKinoshita
clist (deprecated in favor of Fin)90.0Counted list (data, deprecated, library)2020-02-11
codec-libevent (deprecated)70.0Cross-platform structure serialisation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, parsing, program)2008-01-27AdamLangley
coerce-util (deprecated in favor of coercible-utils)30.0utils for Data.Coerce (data, deprecated, library, mit)2018-04-20chessai
cofunctor (deprecated in favor of contravariant)40.0DEPRECATED: use the "contravariant" package (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-09-20BrandonSimmons
combinatorics (deprecated in favor of exact-combinatorics)100.0Efficient computation of common combinatoric functions. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, statistics)2012-01-29WrenThornton
command (deprecated in favor of shake)660.0Conveniently run shell commands (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-09-02NiklasHambuechen
comonad-random (deprecated)50.0Comonadic interface for random values (control, deprecated, library)2009-07-21JakeMcArthur
comonad-transformers (deprecated in favor of comonad)1050.0This package has been merged into comonad 4.0 (bsd3, comonads, control, deprecated, library)2013-10-13EdwardKmett
comonads-fd (deprecated in favor of comonad)810.0This package has been merged into comonad 4.0 (bsd3, comonads, control, deprecated, library)2013-10-13EdwardKmett
compact-string (deprecated in favor of text)50.0Fast, packed and strict strings with Unicode support, based on bytestrings. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2008-11-27TwanVanLaarhoven
compositional-data (deprecated)31.25Compositional Data Types (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-12-27
concurrentoutput (deprecated in favor of concurrent-output)60.0Ungarble output from several threads (bsd3, deprecated, library, user-interfaces)2011-06-08JoachimBreitner
condor (deprecated)30.0Information retrieval library (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, search, text)2014-01-20klangner
conduit-tokenize-attoparsec (deprecated)50.0Conduits for tokenizing streams. (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library, program)2016-01-31newhoggy, haskellworks
conferer-provider-dhall (deprecated in favor of conferer-source-dhall)30.0Configuration for reading dhall files (bsd3, configuration, deprecated, library)2020-03-11ludat
conferer-provider-json (deprecated in favor of conferer-source-json)30.0conferer's provider for reading json files (bsd3, configuration, deprecated, library)2020-03-11ludat
conferer-provider-yaml (deprecated in favor of conferer-source-yaml)20.0Configuration for reading yaml files (bsd3, configuration, deprecated, library)2020-03-11ludat
conferer-source-dhall (deprecated in favor of conferer-dhall)30.0Configuration for reading dhall files (configuration, deprecated, library, mpl)2020-06-20ludat
conferer-source-json (deprecated in favor of conferer-aeson)40.0conferer's source for reading json files (configuration, deprecated, library, mpl)2020-06-20ludat
conferer-source-yaml (deprecated in favor of conferer-yaml)10.0Configuration for reading yaml files (configuration, deprecated, library, mpl)2020-06-20ludat
console-prompt (deprecated in favor of HCL)30.0console user prompts (deprecated, lgpl, library, system)2017-06-07jlamothe
console-style (deprecated in favor of colorful-monoids)250.0Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences. (deprecated, library, mit, monad, text, user-interfaces)2016-12-03minad
constraint (deprecated)140.0Reified constraints (bsd3, constraint, deprecated, library)2019-11-18
constraint-reflection (deprecated)30.0Constraint reflection (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-05-08
container-classes (deprecated)40.0Generic classes for interacting with different container types (bsd3, data-structures, deprecated, library)2010-07-18IvanMiljenovic
containers-deepseq (deprecated in favor of containers)80.0Provide orphan NFData instances for containers as needed. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
control (deprecated)180.0Class of monad transformers which control operations can be lifted thru (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2018-08-19
control-monad-attempt (deprecated)110.0Monad transformer for attempt. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure, library)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman, NicolasPouillard
control-monad-failure (deprecated)220.0A class for monads which can fail with an error. (deprecated) (control, deprecated, failure, library, monads, public-domain)2012-01-18MichaelSnoyman, PepeIborra
control-monad-failure-mtl (deprecated)140.0A class for monads which can fail with an error for mtl 1 (deprecated) (control, deprecated, failure, library, monads, public-domain)2011-11-30MichaelSnoyman, PepeIborra
control-timeout (deprecated)140.0Timeout handling (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2008-02-01AdamLangley
contstuff (deprecated)410.0Fast, easy to use CPS-based monad transformers (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)2011-05-19ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
contstuff-monads-tf (deprecated)60.0ContStuff instances for monads-tf transformers (deprecated) (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)2010-11-24ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
contstuff-transformers (deprecated)50.0Deprecated interface between contstuff 0.7.0 and the transformers package (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)2010-12-27ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
convertible-text (deprecated)350.0Typeclasses and instances for converting between types (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, failure)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
coroutine-enumerator (deprecated)40.0Bridge between the monad-coroutine and enumerator packages. (concurrency, deprecated, enumerator, library)2011-12-31MarioBlazevic
coroutine-iteratee (deprecated)60.0Bridge between the monad-coroutine and iteratee packages. (concurrency, data, deprecated, library)2011-12-31MarioBlazevic
cprng-aes (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)1090.0Crypto Pseudo Random Number Generator using AES in counter mode. (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2014-11-13VincentHanquez
cron-compat (deprecated in favor of cron)30.0Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (deprecated, library, mit, parsing, system, text)2015-06-09andrewthad
cronus (deprecated)10.0Another bloated standard library (deprecated, library, mit, prelude)2020-07-05sgschlesinger
cruncher-types (deprecated)140.0Request and Response types for's API (bsd3, deprecated,, library)2014-04-10RickyElrod
crypto-pubkey (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)470.0Public Key cryptography (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2015-01-16VincentHanquez
crypto-random (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)820.0Simple cryptographic random related types (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2015-03-18VincentHanquez
crypto-random-api (deprecated in favor of crypto-random)160.0Simple random generators API for cryptography related code (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2013-01-03VincentHanquez
cryptsy-api (deprecated)80.0Bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency exchange API. (agpl, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-11
css (deprecated)40.0Minimal monadic CSS DSL. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2014-12-08
ctemplate (deprecated)70.0Binding to the Google ctemplate library (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2008-02-15AdamLangley
darcs-beta (deprecated in favor of darcs)440.0a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system (deprecated, development)2012-04-07FlorentBecker, GaneshSittampalam, GuillaumeHoffmann, PetrRockai, ReinierLamers
darcs-cabalized (deprecated in favor of darcs)90.0David's Advanced Version Control System (deprecated, development, program)2008-07-02GwernBranwen
darcs2dot (deprecated in favor of darcs)80.0Outputs dependencies of darcs patches in dot format. (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2013-04-07SoenkeHahn
data-ascii (deprecated in favor of ascii)160.0Type-safe, bytestring-based ASCII values (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2021-02-10chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
data-binary-ieee754 (deprecated in favor of binary, cereal)1230.0Parser/Serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values (data, deprecated, library, mit)2013-07-07JohnMillikin
data-check (deprecated)40.0Library for checking and normalization of data (e.g. from web forms) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, web)2017-05-21mrkkrp
data-extra (deprecated)230.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
data-json-token (deprecated)30.0Json Token datatype (bsd3, data, deprecated, json, library, program)2016-02-02newhoggy, haskellworks
data-lens-ixset (deprecated in favor of data-store, tables, lens)140.0A Lens for IxSet (bsd3, comonads, control, data-structures, deprecated, library)2012-01-15DagOdenhall
data-msgpack (deprecated in favor of msgpack-binary)332.0A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2020-02-29iphydf
data-msgpack-types (deprecated in favor of msgpack-types)260.0A Haskell implementation of MessagePack. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-02-29iphydf
data-object (deprecated in favor of aeson)210.0Represent hierachichal structures, called objects in JSON. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-18MichaelSnoyman
data-object-json (deprecated in favor of aeson)190.0Serialize JSON data to/from Haskell using the data-object library. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2012-01-18MichaelSnoyman
data-object-yaml (deprecated in favor of yaml)280.0Serialize data to and from Yaml files (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-31MichaelSnoyman
data-spacepart (deprecated in favor of spacepart)70.0Deprecated. Now called "spacepart". Space partitioning data structures. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-02-16CoreyOConnor
dataenc (deprecated in favor of sandi)710.0Data encoding library (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2014-04-22GracjanPolak, MagnusTherning
dbus-client (deprecated in favor of dbus)180.0Monadic and object-oriented interfaces to DBus (deprecated, desktop, gpl, library, network)2012-06-23JohnMillikin
dbus-core (deprecated in favor of dbus)640.0Low-level D-Bus protocol implementation (deprecated, desktop, gpl, library, network)2012-06-23JohnMillikin
dclabel (deprecated in favor of lio)110.0This packge is deprecated. See the the "LIO.DCLabel" in the "lio" package. (bsd3, deprecated, library, security)2012-08-17DeianStefan
dclabel-eci11 (deprecated in favor of lio)60.0The Disjunction Category Label Format. (bsd3, deprecated, library, security)2011-07-23AlejandroRusso
ddc-base (deprecated in favor of ddc-core)150.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler common utilities. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-04-30BenLippmeier
ddc-build (deprecated)130.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler build framework. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier, amosrobinson
ddc-code (deprecated)90.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler base libraries. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-core (deprecated)240.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler core language and type checker. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-core-babel (deprecated)50.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler PHP code generator. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-core-eval (deprecated)140.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler semantic evaluator for the core language. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-31BenLippmeier
ddc-core-flow (deprecated)130.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler data flow compiler. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-core-llvm (deprecated)120.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler LLVM code generator. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-core-salt (deprecated)140.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler C code generator. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-core-simpl (deprecated)140.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler code transformations. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-core-tetra (deprecated)100.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler intermediate language. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-driver (deprecated)140.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler top-level driver. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-interface (deprecated)70.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler user interface support. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-31BenLippmeier
ddc-source-tetra (deprecated)80.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler source language. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-tools (deprecated)180.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler command line tools. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2016-09-06BenLippmeier
ddc-war (deprecated)50.0Disciplined Disciple Compiler test driver and buildbot. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2014-10-31BenLippmeier
ddci-core (deprecated)90.0Disciple Core language interactive interpreter. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2012-10-24BenLippmeier
debian-binary (deprecated)50.0Utilities to work with debian binary packages (deprecated, library, program, system)2008-09-11MarcoSilva
deepseq-th (deprecated in favor of deepseq-generics)120.0Template Haskell based deriver for optimised NFData instances (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2012-10-13HerbertValerioRiedel
delude (deprecated)80.0Generalized the Prelude more functionally. (deprecated, distribution, library, mit)2016-06-01sgschlesinger
demarcate (deprecated in favor of free)20.0Demarcating transformed monad. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2013-09-23NickolayKudasov
depends (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)30.0A simple configuration management tool for Haskell (deprecated, distribution, mit, program)2013-09-28SimonHengel
dhall-text (deprecated in favor of dhall)250.0Template text using Dhall (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, program)2019-06-07GabrielGonzalez
diff (deprecated)70.0Diff and patch (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-05-12
diffmap (deprecated in favor of patience)20.0diff on maps (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-06-18chessai
digamma (deprecated in favor of math-functions)30.0A (deprecated) implementation of the digamma function (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2016-04-13BenGamari
dimensional-tf (deprecated in favor of dimensional)130.0Statically checked physical dimensions, implemented using type families. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, physics)2016-12-07BjornBuckwalter
display-haskell-do (deprecated)40.0A display API for HaskellDO (deprecated, ide, library)2017-02-21kitfreddura
disposable (deprecated in favor of glazier-react)140.0Allows storing different resource-releasing actions together. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2018-07-02louispan
distributed-fork (deprecated)100.0Like 'forkIO', but uses remote machines instead of local threads. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2018-06-15utdemir
distributed-fork-aws-lambda (deprecated)120.0AWS Lambda backend for distributed-fork. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2018-06-15utdemir
distributed-process-platform (deprecated in favor of distributed-process-extras, distributed-process-async, distributed-process-client-server, distributed-process-registry, distributed-process-supervisor, distributed-process-task, distributed-process-execution)20.0The Cloud Haskell Application Platform (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2014-06-13FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
do-notation-dsl (deprecated in favor of control-dsl)70.0An alternative to monads (bsd3, control, deprecated, dsl, effect, general, io, language, library, mutable-state, polymorphism)2018-10-02yangbo
dobutok (deprecated in favor of dobutokO)70.0Creates the time intervals for CLI changing messages on the screen. (cli, deprecated, library, mit)2020-02-15OleksandrZhabenko
doctest-discover-configurator (deprecated)30.0Easy way to run doctests via cabal (no aeson dependency, uses configurator instead) (deprecated, library, program, public-domain, testing)2014-12-12RickyElrod
doctest-prop (deprecated in favor of doctest)91.75Allow QuickCheck-style property testing within doctest. (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2015-05-05TakayukiMuranushi
dpor (deprecated in favor of dejafu)110.0A generic implementation of dynamic partial-order reduction (DPOR) for testing arbitrary models of concurrency. (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2016-06-06barrucadu
dropsolve (deprecated in favor of confsolve)120.0A command line tool for resolving dropbox conflicts. Deprecated! Please use confsolve. (bsd3, deprecated, program, utils)2011-12-05DanielTrstenjak
dtd (deprecated)240.0Parse and render DTD files (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
dual (deprecated)290.0Dual category (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2020-01-20
duplo (deprecated)260.0Frontend development build tool (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-02-24kenhkan
dvda (deprecated in favor of dynobud)230.0Efficient automatic differentiation and code generation (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, numerical)2014-04-05GregHorn
eager-sockets (deprecated)70.0Socket operations with timeouts (deprecated, library, network)2014-05-11ToralfWittner
either-both (deprecated)180.0Either or both (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-08-12
either-unwrap (deprecated in favor of either)230.0Functions for probing and unwrapping values inside of Either. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-11-30GregoryCrosswhite
eithers (deprecated in favor of either)80.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
ekg-elastic (deprecated in favor of ekg-elasticsearch)40.0Push metrics to elastic (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2017-04-10boothead
elm-build-lib (deprecated)90.0Compile Elm code to JS within Haskell (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library)2014-12-13jeremondi
elm-compiler (deprecated)122.0Values to help with elm-package, elm-make, and (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)2015-04-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-get (deprecated in favor of elm-package)170.0Tool for sharing and using Elm libraries (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2014-09-22EvanCzaplicki
elm-make (deprecated)120.0A build tool for Elm projects (bsd3, build-tool, deprecated, program)2015-04-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-package (deprecated)130.0Package manager for Elm libraries (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2015-04-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-reactor (deprecated)130.0Interactive development tool for Elm programs (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)2015-04-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-repl (deprecated)270.0a REPL for Elm (bsd3, deprecated, program, tool)2015-04-20EvanCzaplicki
elm-server (deprecated in favor of elm-reactor)350.0Server for developing Elm projects (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)2014-05-20EvanCzaplicki
email (deprecated)110.0Sending eMail in Haskell made easy (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2011-10-25JohannesWeiss
email-postmark (deprecated in favor of postmark)80.0A simple wrapper to send emails via the api of the service postmark ( (bsd3, deprecated, email, library)2012-03-31DanielPatterson
empty (deprecated)50.0Ceci n'est pas une package (acme, bsd3, deprecated, library)2010-01-09JohnMillikin
enumeration (deprecated in favor of cantor-pairing, finitary, smallcheck)140.0A practical API for building recursive enumeration procedures and enumerating datatypes. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, serialization, test, testing)2019-12-21emc2, Bodigrim
enumerator (deprecated)780.0Reliable, high-performance processing with left-fold enumerators (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)2013-10-13JohnMillikin
epub (deprecated in favor of epub-metadata)100.0EPUB E-Book construction support library (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)2012-06-23RadoslavDorcik
epubname (deprecated in favor of epub-tools)130.0Rename epub ebook files based on meta information (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program)2011-02-22DinoMorelli
error-location (deprecated in favor of file-location)220.0error functions that show file location information (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2011-08-02GregWeber
errorcall-eq-instance (deprecated in favor of base-orphans)230.0An orphan Eq instance for ErrorCall (control, deprecated, library, mit)2015-04-22SimonHengel
essence-of-live-coding-gloss-example (deprecated)120.0General purpose live coding framework - Gloss example (bsd3, deprecated, frp, live-coding, program)2021-04-08turion
essence-of-live-coding-pulse-example (deprecated)60.0General purpose live coding framework - pulse backend example (bsd3, deprecated, frp, live-coding, program)2020-09-11turion
ether (deprecated)382.25Monad transformers and classes (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2017-06-03int_index
ethereum-merkle-patricia-db (deprecated in favor of merkle-patricia-db)30.0A modified Merkle Patricia DB (bsd3, data-structures, deprecated, library)2015-01-02jamshid
event-transformer (deprecated)50.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, program)2016-10-10SchellScivally
exception-monads-fd (deprecated in favor of exception-mtl)70.0Exception monad transformer instances for monads-fd classes. (bsd3, control, deprecated, error-handling, failure, library, monad)2010-10-06GeoffreyMainland
exinst-deepseq (deprecated in favor of exinst)90.0Derive instances for the `deepseq` library for your existential types. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-10-13RenzoCarbonara
exinst-hashable (deprecated in favor of exinst)100.0Derive instances for the `hashable` library for your existential types. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-10-13RenzoCarbonara
expat-enumerator (deprecated)100.0Enumerator-based API for Expat (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2010-12-05JohnMillikin
ez-couch (deprecated)260.0A high level static library for working with CouchDB (couchdb, database, deprecated, library, mit)2014-04-17NikitaVolkov
ez3 (deprecated)50.0Z3 bonds with pure interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-05-11
f-ree-hack-cheats-free-v-bucks-generator (deprecated)80.0Spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-17
failable-list (deprecated in favor of enumerator)70.0A list-like type for lazy streams, which might terminate with an error. (bsd3, data, deprecated, error-handling, library)2009-12-07JohnMillikin
failure (deprecated in favor of exceptions)350.0A simple type class for success/failure computations. (deprecated) (bsd3, control, deprecated, failure, library, monads)2014-06-08MichaelSnoyman, Michael_Smith
familiar-reflection (deprecated)30.0Reifies arbitrary terms into types that can be reflected back into terms (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, reflection)2018-05-08
fastirc (deprecated in favor of irc)90.0Fast Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2010-04-01ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
fastparser (deprecated)132.0A fast, but bare bones, bytestring parser combinators library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2020-08-21SimonMarechal
fay-builder (deprecated)160.0Compile Fay code on cabal install, and ad-hoc recompile during development (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-08AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
fedora-img-dl (deprecated in favor of dl-fedora)60.0Fedora image download tool (deprecated, gpl, program, utility)2019-06-03JensPetersen
feed2lj (deprecated)70.0(unsupported) (bsd3, deprecated, program, unclassified)2011-02-21SergeyAstanin
fei-dataiter (deprecated in favor of fei-nn)20.0mxnet dataiters (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning, program)2019-09-17JiasenWu
file-embed-poly (deprecated)20.0Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-08-02
fileneglect (deprecated in favor of follow-file)50.0Block thread until a file stops being modified (bsd3, deprecated, filesystem, library)2016-10-01athanclark
filepath-bytestring (deprecated in favor of filepath)970.0Library for manipulating RawFilePaths in a cross platform way. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2022-10-22JoeyHess
filesystem-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-combinators)270.0Use system-filepath data types with conduits. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit)2014-03-20MichaelSnoyman
filesystem-enumerator (deprecated)110.0Enumerator-based API for manipulating the filesystem. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, system)2012-04-09JohnMillikin
find-conduit (deprecated in favor of pipes-files, conduit-find)260.0A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals. (deprecated, library, mit, program, system)2015-07-11JohnWiegley
fix-parser-simple (deprecated)170.0Simple fix-expression parser (deprecated, library, parser)2011-12-12
fixed-point (deprecated)170.0Binary fixed-point arithmetic (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-27JakeMcArthur
fixed-point-vector (deprecated)110.0Unbox instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-27JakeMcArthur
fixed-point-vector-space (deprecated)50.0vector-space instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-27JakeMcArthur
fixed-width (deprecated)60.0Fixed width subsets of an Int64/Word64. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2016-12-13
fltkhs-demos (deprecated)110.0FLTKHS demos. Please scroll to the bottom for more information. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-24deech
fltkhs-fluid-demos (deprecated)60.0Fltkhs Fluid Demos (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-24deech
fltkhs-fluid-examples (deprecated in favor of fltkhs-fluid-demos)80.0Fltkhs Fluid Examples (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-15deech
foldable1 (deprecated)80.0Foldable types with at least 1 element (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-08-14
foobar (deprecated)70.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2016-06-29parsonsmatt
foreign-var (deprecated in favor of StateVar)110.0Encapsulating mutatable state in external libraries (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, library, mutable-state)2015-03-08EdwardKmett
forger (deprecated)30.0Library for generating fake placeholder data (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)2015-04-22StefanFischer
formlets (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors)510.0Formlets implemented in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)2010-12-22ChrisEidhof, DougBeardsley
formlets-hsp (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors-hsp)110.0HSP support for Formlets (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)2010-10-18JeremyShaw
forth-hll (deprecated)30.0A simple eDSL for generating arrayForth code. (deprecated, gpl, language, library)2013-01-06TikhonJelvis
free-v-bucks-generator-no-survey (deprecated)00.0Spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-17
free-v-bucks-generator-ps4-no-survey (deprecated)40.0Spam (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2018-09-17
fsharp (deprecated)120.0some F# operators, high priority pipes (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2014-02-18Heather
functor (deprecated in favor of category)70.0Functors (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, math)2017-11-16
functor-apply (deprecated in favor of semigroupoids)450.0This package has been subsumed by semigroupoids (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2011-01-30EdwardKmett
fusion (deprecated in favor of streaming)90.0Effectful streaming library based on shortcut fusion techniques (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-08-12JohnWiegley
fwgl (deprecated in favor of ombra)232.25Game engine (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, javascript, library)2015-09-06ZioCrocifisso
fwgl-glfw (deprecated in favor of ombra)150.0FWGL GLFW backend (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, library)2015-09-06ZioCrocifisso
fwgl-javascript (deprecated in favor of ombra)150.0FWGL GHCJS backend (bsd3, deprecated, game, game-engine, javascript, library)2015-09-06ZioCrocifisso
general-prelude (deprecated)70.0Prelude replacement using generalized type classes where possible (bsd3, control, data, deprecated, library)2012-12-18JohnWiegley
generators (deprecated)80.0Actually useful monadic random value generators. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2010-06-25LiamOConnorDavis
generic-lucid-scaffold (deprecated in favor of webpage)70.0General-purpose web page scaffold for Lucid. (deprecated, library, mit, unclassified)2014-12-09athanclark
generic-tree (deprecated in favor of hs-functors)120.0Generic Tree data type (data-structures, deprecated, library)2011-12-21
getopt-simple (deprecated in favor of optparse-simple)70.0A "System.Console.GetOpt" wrapper to make simple use case easy. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-09-21AlexanderBondarenko
ghc-mod (deprecated)2252.75Happy Haskell Hacking (agpl, deprecated, development, ghc, library, program)2017-06-11KazuYamamoto, DanielG
ghc-time-alloc-prof (deprecated in favor of ghc-prof)70.0Library for parsing GHC time and allocation profiling reports (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2016-08-20MitsutoshiAoe
ghci-diagrams (deprecated in favor of activehs)60.0Display simple diagrams from ghci (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2011-03-01PeterDivianszky
ghcjs-websockets (deprecated)220.0Deprecated: use ghcjs-base's native websockets (deprecated, library, mit, web)2015-08-08jle
ginsu (deprecated)170.0Ginsu Gale Client (console, deprecated, mit, network, program)2016-08-12DylanSimon
git-embed (deprecated in favor of githash)72.0Use TH to embed Git repo information. (bsd2, deprecated, git, library)2014-12-15borsboom
git-object (deprecated in favor of gitlib)60.0Git object and its parser (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-01-20KazuYamamoto
gitHUD (deprecated in favor of githud)140.0More efficient replacement to the great git-radar (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)2017-03-31gbataille
github-data (deprecated)30.0Access to the GitHub API, v3. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2018-01-21
gitlab-api (deprecated in favor of gitlab-haskell)41.25Gitlab Web API (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-06-21locallycompact
gitlib-cross (deprecated)220.0Run tests between repositories (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2014-06-19JohnWiegley
gitlib-sample (deprecated)210.0Sample backend for gitlib showing the basic structure for any backend. (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2014-06-19JohnWiegley
gitlib-utils (deprecated in favor of gitlib)70.0Generic utility functions for working with Git repositories (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2013-07-04JohnWiegley
gitson (deprecated)170.0A document store library for Git + JSON. (apache, database, deprecated, git, json, library, public-domain)2016-07-21valpackett
glapp (deprecated)90.0An OpenGL micro framework. (deprecated, gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-01-08SchellScivally
glazier-pipes (deprecated)100.0A threaded rendering framework using glaizer and pipes (bsd3, deprecated, frp, library)2017-03-06louispan
glazier-react-examples (deprecated)40.0Examples of using glazier-react (bsd3, deprecated, gui, program, web)2017-04-07louispan
glue (deprecated in favor of glue-common, glue-core, glue-ekg, glue-example)90.0Make better services. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2015-08-24seanparsons
gmpint (deprecated in favor of hgmp)260.0GMP integer conversions (bsd3, c, deprecated, ffi, foreign, library)2018-08-07
google-dictionary (deprecated)90.0Simple interface to the API (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-01-23mitchellwrosen
graph-rewriting-cl (deprecated in favor of graph-rewriting-trs)20.0Interactive graph rewriting system implementing various well-known combinators (application, bsd3, deprecated, graphs, program)2011-02-07JanRochel
graphula-core (deprecated in favor of graphula)10.0A declarative library for describing dependencies between data (deprecated, library, mit, network)2020-11-18PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, cdparks, cbeav, halogenandtoast
groupoid (deprecated)30.0A Groupoid class (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-09-27StephenTetley
groupoids (deprecated in favor of semigroupoids)322.0This package has been absorbed into semigroupoids 4.0 (bsd3, categories, control, deprecated, library)2013-10-13EdwardKmett
hF2 (deprecated in favor of eccrypto)40.0F(2^e) math for cryptography (bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)2013-03-09MarcelFourne
hack (deprecated in favor of hack2)280.0a Haskell Webserver Interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-02-06AlbertoCorona, JinjingWang
hack-contrib (deprecated)430.0Hack contrib (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-09-29JinjingWang
hack-frontend-happstack (deprecated)100.0hack-frontend-happstack (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2009-06-24JinjingWang
hack-frontend-monadcgi (deprecated in favor of wai-frontend-monadcgi)110.0Allows programs written against MonadCGI to run with any hack handler. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-handler-cgi (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)200.0Hack handler using CGI protocol. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-handler-fastcgi (deprecated in favor of wai-handler-fastcgi)140.0Hack handler direct to fastcgi (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-handler-happstack (deprecated)120.0Hack Happstack server handler (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2009-12-20JinjingWang
hack-handler-hyena (deprecated)140.0Hyena hack handler (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-03-15JinjingWang
hack-handler-kibro (deprecated)130.0Hack Kibro handler (deprecated, library, web)2009-05-26JinjingWang
hack-handler-simpleserver (deprecated in favor of warp)140.0A simplistic HTTP server handler for Hack. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-02-06AlbertoCorona, MichaelSnoyman, UweSchmidt
hack-middleware-cleanpath (deprecated)80.0Applies some basic redirect rules to get cleaner paths. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-middleware-clientsession (deprecated)120.0Middleware for easily keeping session data in client cookies. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-middleware-gzip (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)60.0Automatic gzip compression of responses. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hack-middleware-jsonp (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)90.0Automatic wrapping of JSON responses to convert into JSONP. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
hackage-proxy (deprecated)110.0Provide a proxy for Hackage which modifies responses in some way. (deprecated) (deprecated, development, mit, program)2014-03-20MichaelSnoyman
haddock-leksah (deprecated in favor of haddock)40.0A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2010-03-07JuergenNicklischFranken
haddock-test (deprecated)40.0Test utilities for Haddock (bsd3, deprecated, documentation, library)2016-06-06Helkafen
hails-bin (deprecated in favor of hails)120.0Dynamic launcher of Hails applications (deprecated, gpl, program, web)2012-04-20DeianStefan
hairy (deprecated)100.0A JSON REST API (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2014-10-16taylorfausak, fozworth
hakyll-R (deprecated in favor of R-pandoc)90.0A package allowing to write Hakyll blog posts in Rmd (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-07-12CorentinDupont
hakyll-blaze-templates (deprecated)40.0Blaze templates for Hakyll (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2013-05-08SimonasKazlauskas
hakyll-ogmarkup (deprecated)120.0Integrate ogmarkup document with Hakyll (deprecated, library, mit, web)2017-12-25lethom
halipeto (deprecated)80.0Haskell Static Web Page Generator (deprecated, library, text)2013-04-05PeterSimons
hamlet (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)2440.0Haml-like template files that are compile-time checked (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
happstack (deprecated in favor of happstack-server)390.0The haskell application server stack + code generation (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2014-06-26JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-data (deprecated in favor of safecopy)200.0Happstack data manipulation libraries (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2012-02-08JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-facebook (deprecated in favor of fb)110.0A package for building Facebook applications using Happstack (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2011-02-06JeremyShaw
happstack-ixset (deprecated in favor of ixset)230.0Efficient relational queries on Haskell sets. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2011-04-25JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-state (deprecated in favor of acid-state)270.0Event-based distributed state. (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2012-02-16JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-util (deprecated)320.0Web framework (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library, web)2012-02-01JeremyShaw, MatthewElder
happstack-yui (deprecated)240.0Utilities for using YUI3 with Happstack. (bsd3, deprecated, happstack, library, web)2012-10-20DagOdenhall
hashable-extras (deprecated in favor of hashable)140.0Higher-rank Hashable (bsd3, data, deprecated, hash, library)2016-01-17EdwardKmett
hashable-time (deprecated in favor of time-compat)440.0Hashable instances for Data.Time (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2021-05-20phadej, alkar, davew
hashmap (deprecated in favor of unordered-containers)652.0Persistent containers Map and Set based on hashing. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-01-03MilanStraka, ryanglscott
hashtables-plus (deprecated)70.0Extensions for a "hashtables" library (data, data-structures, deprecated, library, mit)2014-04-29NikitaVolkov
haskell-formatter (deprecated in favor of hindent)220.0Haskell source code formatter (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)2020-11-07evolutics
haskell-lsp (deprecated in favor of lsp)1032.25Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol (deprecated, development, library, mit)2021-01-13AlanZimmerman, lorenzo, wz1000, luke_
haskell-lsp-types (deprecated in favor of lsp-types)882.0Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol, data types (deprecated, development, library, mit)2021-01-13AlanZimmerman, lorenzo, wz1000, luke_
haskell-menu (deprecated in favor of HCL)50.0A simple menu system for Haskell programs (deprecated, lgpl, library, system)2016-12-06jlamothe
haskell-read-editor (deprecated in favor of read-editor)60.0Opens a temporary file on the system's EDITOR and returns the resulting edits (deprecated, library, mit, system)2015-10-27yamadapc
haskell-src-meta-mwotton (deprecated in favor of haskell-src-meta)20.0Parse source to template-haskell abstract syntax. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2010-07-18MarkWotton
haskelldb-connect-hdbc (deprecated)50.0Bracketed HDBC session for HaskellDB (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2012-11-18KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-mtl (deprecated)100.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-mtl (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2012-11-18KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-tf (deprecated)20.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-transformers (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2012-11-20KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-transformers (deprecated)30.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-transformers (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2012-11-18KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-lifted (deprecated)170.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using lifted-base (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2012-11-18KeiHibino
haskgame (deprecated in favor of sdl2)110.0Haskell game library. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2009-08-06EyalLotem
hasklepias (deprecated)600.0embedded DSL for defining epidemiologic cohorts (bsd3, data-science, deprecated, library, program)2021-09-08bradleysaul, brendanrbrown
haskoin (deprecated in favor of haskoin-core)170.0Implementation of the Bitcoin protocol. (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2014-08-18PhilippeLaprade
haskoin-crypto (deprecated in favor of haskoin)80.0Implementation of Bitcoin cryptographic primitives. (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-15PhilippeLaprade
haskoin-protocol (deprecated in favor of haskoin)70.0Implementation of the Bitcoin network protocol messages (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-18PhilippeLaprade
haskoin-script (deprecated in favor of haskoin)20.0Implementation of Bitcoin script parsing and evaluation (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-18PhilippeLaprade
haskoin-util (deprecated in favor of haskoin)70.0Utility functions for the Network.Haskoin project (bitcoin, deprecated, finance, library, network, public-domain)2013-12-14PhilippeLaprade
haskyapi (deprecated)90.0HTTP server (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2018-02-09okue
hasql-backend (deprecated in favor of hasql)250.0API for backends of "hasql" (database, deprecated, library, mit)2016-10-19NikitaVolkov
hasql-postgres (deprecated in favor of hasql)870.0A "PostgreSQL" backend for the "hasql" library (database, deprecated, library, mit)2015-09-21NikitaVolkov
hasql-postgres-options (deprecated in favor of hasql-optparse-applicative)200.0An "optparse-applicative" parser for "hasql-postgres" (database, deprecated, library, mit, options)2016-10-19NikitaVolkov
hastache (deprecated in favor of mustache)630.0Haskell implementation of Mustache templates (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)2014-12-23DaniilFrumin, SergeyLymar
hayland (deprecated)60.0Haskell bindings for the C Wayland library. (deprecated, graphics, library, mit, program)2014-09-16AukeBooij
hcg-minus (deprecated)390.0haskell cg (minus) (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2017-11-22RohanDrape
hcg-minus-cairo (deprecated)80.0haskell cg (minus) (cairo rendering) (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2017-11-22RohanDrape
hcheat (deprecated)110.0A collection of code cheatsheet (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-01-26JinjingWang
hdbc-postgresql-hstore (deprecated in favor of HDBC-postgresql-hstore, postgresql-simple)20.0Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns. (database, deprecated, library, mit)2012-07-06AlexanderBondarenko
hdf (deprecated)80.0HDF: Uniform Rate Audio Signal Processing in Haskell (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-12RohanDrape
heart-app (deprecated)10.0An opinionated app prelude and framework in the UnliftIO style (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2020-01-10ejconlon
heart-core (deprecated)30.0An opinionated library prelude in the UnliftIO style (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2020-02-21ejconlon
hecc (deprecated in favor of eccrypto)250.0Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Haskell (bsd3, codec, cryptography, deprecated, library)2015-02-17MarcelFourne
hermes (deprecated)00.0 (deprecated, library, web)2015-10-14AlfredoDiNapoli
hexif (deprecated in favor of hsexif)30.0Reading Exif data form a JPEG file with Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2014-06-09RolandSenn
hexpat-pickle-generic (deprecated)140.0Picklers for de/serialising Generic data types to and from XML (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, xml)2013-10-28BrendanHay
hfann (deprecated)120.0Haskell binding to the FANN library (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library)2013-07-30DavidHimmelstrup, OlivierBoudry
hie-core (deprecated in favor of ghcide)20.0The core of an IDE (apache, deprecated, development, library, program)2019-09-07cocreature
highWaterMark (deprecated)50.0Memory usage statistics (deprecated, development, program)2008-03-17GwernBranwen
higherorder (deprecated)60.0Some higher order functions for Bool and [] (bsd3, composition, deprecated, library)2009-02-09
highlight-versions (deprecated)160.0Highlight package versions which differ from the latest version on Hackage (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)2018-07-27BrentYorgey
highlighting-kate (deprecated in favor of skylighting)1060.0Syntax highlighting (deprecated, library, text)2017-01-31JohnMacFarlane
hinter (deprecated)20.0Runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper) (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, language, library)2018-05-06
hipe (deprecated in favor of hgeometry-ipe)80.0Support for reading and writing ipe7 files ( (bsd3, deprecated, geometry, library)2013-01-23FrankStaals
hjcase (deprecated)30.0Jcase library for Haskell (data, deprecated, library, mit)2015-05-09seagreen
hjsonpointer (deprecated)321.75JSON Pointer library (data, deprecated, library, mit)2018-09-30seagreen
hjsonschema (deprecated)590.0JSON Schema library (data, deprecated, library, mit)2020-05-01seagreen
hkd-default (deprecated in favor of aeson-default)140.0Apply default value for optional field of HKD (bsd3, default, deprecated, hkd, json, library)2020-01-28gqk007
hledger-api (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)150.0Web API server for the hledger accounting tool (deprecated, finance, gpl, program)2019-03-02SimonMichael
hledger-chart (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)90.0A pie chart image generator for the hledger accounting tool. (deprecated, finance, program)2011-10-05SimonMichael
hledger-irr (deprecated in favor of hledger)210.0computes the internal rate of return of an investment (bsd3, deprecated, finance, program)2019-10-06JoachimBreitner
hledger-makeitso (deprecated in favor of hledger-flow)20.0An hledger workflow focusing on automated statement import and classification. (console, deprecated, finance, gpl, library, program)2019-04-06apauley
hledger-vty (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)130.0A curses-style console interface for the hledger accounting tool. (deprecated, finance, program)2011-10-05SimonMichael
hlogger (deprecated)40.0Simple, concurrent, extendable and easy-to-use logging library (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, logging)2011-04-12JonKristensen
hls (deprecated)530.0Haskell Lindenmayer Systems (deprecated, graphics, library)2014-11-16RohanDrape
hls-exactprint-utils (deprecated in favor of ghcide)20.0Common utilities to interaction between ghc-exactprint and HLS plugins. (apache, deprecated, library, web)2021-01-10AlanZimmerman, HiromiIshii, PepeIborra, Ailrun, isovector, wz1000, luke_, jneira
hly (deprecated)70.0Haskell LilyPond (deprecated, library, music)2017-11-22RohanDrape
hmatrix-banded (deprecated in favor of lapack)60.0HMatrix interface to LAPACK functions for banded matrices (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2019-03-19HenningThielemann
hmeap (deprecated)110.0Haskell Meapsoft Parser (deprecated, library, sound)2014-12-05RohanDrape
hmeap-utils (deprecated)50.0Haskell Meapsoft Parser Utilities (deprecated, program, sound)2013-04-27RohanDrape
hmm-hmatrix (deprecated in favor of hmm-lapack)100.0Hidden Markov Models using HMatrix primitives (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2018-11-13HenningThielemann
hmt-diagrams (deprecated)50.0Haskell Music Theory Diagrams (deprecated, library, music)2014-10-16RohanDrape
holey-format (deprecated in favor of formatting)110.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
hosc-json (deprecated)70.0Haskell Open Sound Control JSON Serialisation (deprecated, library, sound)2017-11-22RohanDrape
hosc-utils (deprecated)40.0Haskell Open Sound Control Utilities (deprecated, program, sound)2014-10-13RohanDrape
hps (deprecated)380.0Haskell Postscript (deprecated, graphics, library)2017-11-22RohanDrape
hps-cairo (deprecated)40.0Cairo rendering for the haskell postscript library (deprecated, graphics, library, program)2011-11-22RohanDrape
hq (deprecated in favor of HQu)132.0Quantitative Library (bsd3, deprecated, finance, library)2021-07-08ghais
hs-functors (deprecated)130.0Functors from products of Haskell and its dual to Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2020-08-04
hs-gen-iface (deprecated)30.0Utility to generate haskell-names interface files (deprecated, language, mit, program)2014-11-26AdamBergmark, RomanCheplyaka, PhilippSchuster
hs-ix (deprecated)50.0Indexed applicative functors and monads (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2020-08-04
hs-profunctors (deprecated in favor of hs-functors)20.0Profunctors from Haskell to Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-04-01
hs-zstd (deprecated in favor of zstd)10.0Haskell bindings to the Zstandard compression algorithm (bsd3, codec, deprecated, library)2019-05-18luispedro
hs2048 (deprecated)70.0A 2048 clone in Haskell. (deprecated, game, library, mit, program)2014-04-02taylorfausak, fozworth
hsXenCtrl (deprecated)110.0FFI bindings to the Xen Control library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-12-03ThomasDuBuisson
hsc3-auditor (deprecated)70.0Haskell SuperCollider Auditor (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-16RohanDrape
hsc3-cairo (deprecated)30.0haskell supercollider cairo drawing (deprecated, library, sound)2013-04-27RohanDrape
hsc3-data (deprecated)30.0haskell supercollider data (deprecated, library, sound)2014-11-30RohanDrape
hsc3-db (deprecated)90.0Haskell SuperCollider Unit Generator Database (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-11RohanDrape
hsc3-dot (deprecated)170.0haskell supercollider graph drawing (deprecated, library, sound)2017-11-22RohanDrape
hsc3-forth (deprecated)30.0FORTH SUPERCOLLIDER (deprecated, program, sound)2014-10-11RohanDrape
hsc3-graphs (deprecated)110.0Haskell SuperCollider Graphs (deprecated, library, program, sound)2014-10-13RohanDrape
hsc3-lang (deprecated)170.0Haskell SuperCollider Language (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-11RohanDrape
hsc3-lisp (deprecated)20.0LISP SUPERCOLLIDER (deprecated, program, sound)2014-10-11RohanDrape
hsc3-plot (deprecated)50.0Haskell SuperCollider Plotting (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-31RohanDrape
hsc3-rec (deprecated)160.0Haskell SuperCollider Record Variants (deprecated, library, sound)2013-04-27RohanDrape
hsc3-rw (deprecated)40.0hsc3 re-writing (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-22RohanDrape
hsc3-sf (deprecated)80.0Haskell SuperCollider SoundFile (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-14RohanDrape
hsc3-sf-hsndfile (deprecated)60.0Haskell SuperCollider SoundFile (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-14RohanDrape
hsc3-unsafe (deprecated)120.0Unsafe Haskell SuperCollider (deprecated, library, sound)2013-04-27RohanDrape
hsc3-utils (deprecated)40.0Haskell SuperCollider Utilities (deprecated, library, program, sound)2014-10-23RohanDrape
hsdif (deprecated)40.0Haskell SDIF (deprecated, library, sound)2013-04-27RohanDrape
hsdns-cache (deprecated in favor of concurrent-dns-cache)100.0Caching asynchronous DNS resolver. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2013-05-30VladimirShabanov
hsfacter (deprecated in favor of language-puppet)70.0A small and ugly library that emulates the output of the puppet facter program. (deprecated, gpl, library, system)2013-05-16SimonMarechal
hsgnutls-yj (deprecated)60.0Library wrapping the GnuTLS API. (deprecated, library, network)2014-05-28YoshikuniJujo
hsharc (deprecated)60.0Haskell SHARC bindings (deprecated, library, sound)2013-04-27RohanDrape
hslogger4j (deprecated in favor of hslogger)60.0DEPRECATED hslogger handlers for log4j's XMLLayout (deprecated, interfaces, library)2008-11-26BjornBuckwalter
hsmisc (deprecated)40.0A collection of miscellaneous modules (bsd3, deprecated, library, logging, monads, parsing)2015-06-29DinoMorelli
hspear (deprecated)30.0Haskell Spear Parser (deprecated, library, sound)2013-04-27RohanDrape
hspec-expectations-pretty (deprecated in favor of hspec-expectations-pretty-diff)41.25hspec-expectations with pretty printing on failure (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2013-09-02GregWeber
hspec-shouldbe (deprecated in favor of hspec)80.0Convenience wrapper and utilities for hspec (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2015-04-04
hspec2 (deprecated in favor of hspec)440.0Alpha version of Hspec 2.0 (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2014-11-12
hsprocess (deprecated in favor of haskell-awk)80.0The Haskell Stream Processor command line utility (console, deprecated, gpl, library, program)2013-08-04MarioPastorelli
hsql-mysql (deprecated)110.0MySQL driver for HSQL. (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2013-10-28BjornBringert, NickRudnick
hsqml-morris (deprecated in favor of hsqml-demo-morris)50.0HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris (bsd3, deprecated, game, graphics, program)2013-10-08RobinKay
hstox (deprecated in favor of toxcore)40.0A Tox protocol implementation in Haskell (deprecated, gpl, library, network)2018-10-17iphydf
hsx (deprecated in favor of hsx2hs)280.0HSX (Haskell Source with XML) allows literal XML syntax in Haskell source code. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2013-09-05NiklasBroberg
htirage (deprecated in favor of reloto)40.0Equiprobable draw from publicly verifiable random data. (deprecated, gpl, library, politic)2018-08-30julm
htlset (deprecated in favor of htssets)30.0Heterogenous Set (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-01-02kelemzol
html-minimalist (deprecated)110.0Minimalist haskell html library (deprecated, library, text)2014-10-16RohanDrape
hts (deprecated)70.0Haskell Music Typesetting (deprecated, library, music)2014-10-15RohanDrape
htsn (deprecated)150.0Parse XML files from The Sports Network feed. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2014-09-23MichaelOrlitzky
htsn-common (deprecated)70.0Display/logging facilities used by both htsn and htsn-import. (deprecated, gpl, library, utils)2014-05-29MichaelOrlitzky
htsn-import (deprecated)200.0Import XML files from The Sports Network into an RDBMS. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2015-03-10MichaelOrlitzky
http-client-conduit (deprecated in favor of http-conduit)80.0Frontend support for using http-client with conduit (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, network)2014-04-02MichaelSnoyman, janus
http-client-multipart (deprecated in favor of http-client)30.0Generate multipart uploads for http-client. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, network)2014-04-02MichaelSnoyman
http-enumerator (deprecated in favor of http-conduit)820.0HTTP client package with enumerator interface and HTTPS support. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, web)2012-04-22MichaelSnoyman
http-listen (deprecated in favor of warp)50.0Listen to HTTP requests and handle them in arbitrary ways. (deprecated, library, network, public-domain, web)2015-08-05akrasner
http-shed (deprecated in favor of httpd-shed)20.0A simple websever with an interact style API (bsd3, deprecated, library, network-)2008-10-09AndyGill
http-wget (deprecated in favor of http-conduit)190.0Provide a simple HTTP client interface by wrapping the wget command line tool. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2012-01-18MichaelSnoyman
hutton (deprecated)50.0A program for the button on Reddit. (deprecated, mit, program, utility)2015-04-19fozworth
hw-prim-bits (deprecated)90.0Primitive support for bit manipulation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2021-09-18newhoggy, haskellworks
hw-vector (deprecated in favor of hw-prim)50.0Vector type with convenient typeclass instances (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-10-28haskellworks
hydrogen-util (deprecated in favor of hydrogen-parsing, hydrogen-prelude)70.0Hydrogen Tools (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2014-12-16JulianFleischer
hyphenate (deprecated)50.0Text hyphenation algorithm (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2009-02-10RohanDrape
hz3 (deprecated)20.0Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover (bit-vectors, bsd3, deprecated, formal-methods, library, math, smt, theorem-provers)2019-10-01
iException (deprecated)50.0Version of Control.Exception using InterleavableIO. (deprecated, library, monads)2008-07-23MarcoSilva
ical (deprecated in favor of iCalendar)42.0iCalendar format parser and org-mode converter. (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2015-11-24ChrisDone
ide-backend-rts (deprecated in favor of ide-backend-server)70.0RTS for the IDE backend (deprecated, development, library, mit)2015-03-30MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
idna2008 (deprecated)52.0Converts Unicode hostnames into ASCII (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2011-07-06JonKristensen
ieee (deprecated in favor of ieee754)120.0Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2010-09-20PatrickPerry
ieee754-parser (deprecated in favor of data-binary-ieee754)20.0 (data, deprecated, library)2009-04-11JohnMillikin
ige-mac-integration (deprecated in favor of gtk3-mac-integration)70.0Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library. (deprecated, graphics, lgpl, library)2011-04-22HamishMackenzie
ihaskell-display (deprecated in favor of ihaskell)40.0IHaskell display instances for basic types (deprecated, development, library, mit)2014-01-10gibiansky, VaibhavSagar
ihttp (deprecated)70.0Incremental HTTP iteratee (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2011-06-15ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
imperative-edsl-vhdl (deprecated in favor of hardware-edsl)60.0Deep embedding of VHDL programs with code generation. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2015-12-14mararon
imprint (deprecated in favor of distributed-closure)70.0Serialization of arbitrary Haskell expressions (bsd3, deprecated, library, serialization)2018-01-08mrkkrp
inline-java (deprecated)240.0Java interop via inline Java code in Haskell modules. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-30AlpMestanogullari, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
interchangeable (deprecated)80.0A type class for interchangeable data. (control, deprecated, library, mit)2015-01-18arowM
interpolatedstring-qq-mwotton (deprecated in favor of interpolatedstring-qq)60.0DO NOT USE THIS. interpolatedstring-qq works now. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-07-18MarkWotton
io-capture (deprecated)120.0Capture IO actions' stdout and stderr (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2016-04-18YusakuHashimoto, mitchellwrosen
ipc (deprecated)60.0High level inter-process communication library (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-10-20ThomasDuBuisson
ircbouncer (deprecated)50.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
ismtp (deprecated)160.0Advanced ESMTP library (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2012-01-03ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
iteratee-mtl (deprecated in favor of iteratee)60.0Iteratee-based I/O (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, system)2010-10-27JohnLato
ival (deprecated)70.0Intervals (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-09-22
ivor (deprecated in favor of idris)110.0Theorem proving library based on dependent type theory (bsd3, dependent-types, deprecated, library, theorem-provers)2011-06-16EdwinBrady, GwernBranwen
ivory-bitdata (deprecated in favor of ivory)30.0Ivory bit-data support. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, program)2014-03-26EricMertens, LeePike
ixmonad (deprecated in favor of effect-monad, type-level-sets)150.0Embeds effect systems into Haskell using parameteric effect monads (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)2014-05-15DominicOrchard
jack-bindings (deprecated)70.0DEPRECATED Bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit (deprecated, library, mit, sound)2012-10-07PhilippBalzarek
jenga (deprecated)62.0Generate a cabal freeze file from a stack.yaml (bsd2, deprecated, development, library, program)2017-05-13ErikDeCastroLopo
jni (deprecated)180.0Complete JNI raw bindings. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-30FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
joinlist (deprecated)40.0Join list - symmetric list type (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-02-14StephenTetley
jot (deprecated in favor of shakebook)90.0Tiny markdown notebook (cli, deprecated, program)2018-04-05locallycompact
jsc (deprecated in favor of jsaddle)30.0High level interface for webkit-javascriptcore (deprecated, javascript, library, mit, web)2014-03-02HamishMackenzie
json-bytes-builder (deprecated in favor of jsonifier)130.0Direct-to-bytes JSON Builder (codecs, deprecated, json, library, mit)2020-09-16NikitaVolkov
json-encoder (deprecated in favor of json-bytes-builder)80.0A direct-to-bytes single-pass JSON encoder with a declarative DSL (codec, deprecated, json, library, mit)2016-06-02NikitaVolkov
json-enumerator (deprecated in favor of aeson)50.0Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with JSON with the enumerator package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, json, library)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
json2yaml (deprecated in favor of yaml)160.0Utility to convert a file from JSON to YAML format. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, program, web)2014-04-03MichaelSnoyman
jvm (deprecated)180.0Call JVM methods from Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-30FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
jvm-batching (deprecated)120.0Provides batched marshalling of values between Java and Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-30FacundoDominguez
jvm-streaming (deprecated)190.0Expose Java iterators as streams from the streaming package. (bsd3, deprecated, ffi, java, jvm, library)2020-11-30FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
kafka-client (deprecated)60.0Low-level Haskell client library for Apache Kafka 0.7. (deprecated, library, mit, network)2015-06-02abhinav
kdesrc-build-extra (deprecated in favor of kdesrc-build-profiles)80.0Build profiles for kdesrc-build (deprecated, development, gpl, program)2016-04-05ivan
key (deprecated)50.0Type-safe unconstrained dynamic typing (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-09-13
key-vault (deprecated)20.0Store of values of arbitrary types (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-11-07
kibro (deprecated)100.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
koji-install (deprecated in favor of koji-tool)60.0CLI tool for installing rpms directly from Fedora Koji (bsd3, deprecated, program, utility)2021-12-28JensPetersen
lambdabot-utils (deprecated in favor of lambdabot)80.0Utility libraries for the advanced IRC bot, Lambdabot (deprecated, development, library, web)2013-02-16GwernBranwen, JanStolarek
lambdacube-bullet (deprecated)50.0Example for combining LambdaCube and Bullet (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library, physics)2011-06-23CsabaHruska
lambdacube-core (deprecated in favor of lambdacube-compiler, lambdacube-ir)40.0LambdaCube 3D IR (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2014-12-09CsabaHruska
lambdacube-engine (deprecated in favor of lambdacube-core)100.03D rendering engine written entirely in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2012-07-01CsabaHruska, GergelyPatai
lambdacube-examples (deprecated in favor of lambdacube-samples)90.0Examples for LambdaCube (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, program)2011-10-29CsabaHruska
language-fortran (deprecated in favor of fortran-src)60.0Fortran lexer and parser, language support, and extensions. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2016-03-17DominicOrchard
language-lua2 (deprecated)70.0Lua parser and pretty printer (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2015-10-14mitchellwrosen
language-sh (deprecated)70.0A package for parsing shell scripts (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2009-01-17
layout-bootstrap (deprecated)80.0Template and widgets for Bootstrap2 to use with Text.Blaze.Html5 (deprecated, library, mit, text)2012-03-07AlexanderBondarenko
lean (deprecated)10.0Bonds to Lean theorem prover (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2019-05-15
learn-physics-examples (deprecated in favor of learn-physics)90.0examples for learn-physics (bsd3, deprecated, physics, program)2014-06-03ScottWalck
legion (deprecated in favor of om-legion)202.25Distributed, stateful, homogeneous microservice framework. (apache, concurrency, deprecated, library, network)2017-04-17rickowens
legion-discovery (deprecated)130.0A discovery service based on Legion. (apache, deprecated, library, program, value)2017-04-30rickowens
legion-discovery-client (deprecated)90.0Client library for communicating with legion-discovery. (apache, deprecated, library, web)2017-08-13rickowens
legion-extra (deprecated)190.0Extra non-essential utilities for building legion applications. (apache, deprecated, library, value)2017-04-23rickowens
lens-core (deprecated in favor of lens)21.5A placeholder for a future lens core package. (deprecated, lenses, library)2020-09-24EdwardKmett
lens-labels (deprecated in favor of proto-lens)130.0Integration of lenses with OverloadedLabels. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-10-12JudahJacobson, gnezdo
lenz (deprecated)190.0Van Laarhoven lenses (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2020-01-16
lenz-mtl (deprecated)10.0mtl operations with Van Laarhoven lenses (control, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2019-10-25
lenz-template (deprecated)40.0Van Laarhoven lens templates (data, deprecated, lenses, library, template-haskell)2017-11-15
lex-applicative (deprecated)10.0See README for more info (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2019-12-25
lhae (deprecated)40.0Simple spreadsheet program (data, deprecated, program)2010-09-28AlexanderBau
libGenI (deprecated in favor of GenI)60.0A natural language generator (specifically, an FB-LTAG surface realiser) (deprecated, library, natural-language-processing)2008-02-19EricKow
libmolude (deprecated in favor of liblawless)30.0Prelude based on protolude for GHC 8 and beyond. (deprecated, gpl, library, prelude)2016-11-26misandrist
libraft (deprecated)70.0Raft consensus algorithm (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-systems, library, program)2019-03-20sdiehl
libxml-enumerator (deprecated)150.0Enumerator-based API for libXML's SAX interface (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2011-04-06JohnMillikin
lift-read-show (deprecated)70.0Helper methods to define `Read1`, `Read2`, `Show1`, `Show2` instances (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-05-06
lifted-base-tf (deprecated)30.0lifted IO operations from the base library (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2018-08-19
linux-evdev (deprecated in favor of evdev)100.0Bindings to Linux evdev input device interface. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2016-04-13BenGamari
lio-eci11 (deprecated in favor of lio)30.0Labeled IO library (deprecated, library, security)2011-07-23AlejandroRusso
list-grouping (deprecated in favor of split)70.0Functions for grouping a list into sublists (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-02-13BrandonSimmons
listlike-instances (deprecated in favor of ListLike)140.0Extra instances of the ListLike class (bsd3, data-structures, deprecated, generics, library)2012-11-13JohnLato
llvm (deprecated in favor of llvm-hs, llvm-general, llvm-tf)601.5Bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit. (bsd3, code-generation, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library)2013-05-28BenjaminSaunders, BryanOSullivan, CarterSchonwald, LennartAugustsson
llvm-base (deprecated in favor of llvm-general)150.0FFI bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit. (bsd3, code-generation, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library)2013-05-28BenjaminSaunders, BryanOSullivan, CarterSchonwald
llvm-ht (deprecated in favor of llvm-tf, llvm-ffi)20.0Bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit with some custom extensions. (bsd3, code-generation, compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library)2010-09-21HenningThielemann
located-monad-logger (deprecated in favor of monad-logger)30.0Location-aware logging without Template Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, logging)2017-06-08pavelkogan
log (deprecated in favor of log-base, log-postgres, log-elasticsearch)302.0Structured logging solution with multiple backends (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2017-06-20GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, phadej, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
log-postgres (deprecated)150.0Structured logging solution (PostgreSQL back end) (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2022-09-21GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, phadej, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz, jsynacek
loli (deprecated in favor of miku)120.0A minimum web dev DSL in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-06-24JinjingWang
lss (deprecated)20.0Lexical Style Sheets - a language for writing styles that is focused around lexical (ie, static) scoping and re-use of large components. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2014-09-04DanielPatterson
lucienne (deprecated)40.0Server side feed aggregator/reader (deprecated, program, web)2012-06-09AlexanderBau
markdown (deprecated in favor of cmark, cmark-gfm)500.0Convert Markdown to HTML, with XSS protection (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2021-09-29MichaelSnoyman
markdown-kate (deprecated in favor of markdown)30.0Convert Markdown to HTML, with XSS protection (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2013-05-29JoelTaylor
markdown2svg (deprecated)310.0markdown to svg converter (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)2014-02-14YoshikuniJujo
massiv-scheduler (deprecated in favor of scheduler)12.0Work stealing scheduler for Massiv (Массив) and other parallel applications. (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, parallelism)2019-03-27lehins
mathista (deprecated)20.0A small programming language for numerical computing (deprecated, language, library, program, public-domain)2015-10-11seiya
menshen (deprecated)60.0Data Validation (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-04-01leptonyu
metaplug (deprecated in favor of hint)40.0a tiny ghc api wrapper (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2007-10-11AustinSeipp
miconix-test (deprecated)60.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, program, spam)2018-09-16
microformats2-types (deprecated in favor of microformats2-parser, aeson)120.0Microformats 2 types (with Aeson instances) (apache, deprecated, library, public-domain, web)2015-07-30valpackett
microlens-each (deprecated in favor of microlens)30.0'each' for microlens (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2015-04-19Artyom
mida (deprecated)80.0Language for algorithmic generation of MIDI files (deprecated, gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-10mrkkrp
minioperational (deprecated in favor of monad-skeleton)190.0fast and simple operational monad (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2015-01-26FumiakiKinoshita
minst-idx (deprecated in favor of mnist-idx)72.0Read and write IDX data that is used in e.g. the MINST database. (data, deprecated, gpl, library)2015-05-30muzzle
mlist (deprecated in favor of List)70.0Monadic List alternative to lazy I/O (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-05-02EyalLotem
mm2 (deprecated in favor of mmsyn2)30.0The library that can be used for optimization of multiple (Ord a) => a -> b transformations (binary-search, deprecated, development, library, mit)2019-09-21OleksandrZhabenko
mmsyn4 (deprecated in favor of gvti)81.25The "glue" between electronic tables and GraphViz (GraphViz, deprecated, graphics, library, mit, program)2022-08-13OleksandrZhabenko
mmtl-base (deprecated)20.0MonadBase type-class for mmtl (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2011-12-13
modular-prelude (deprecated)80.0A new Prelude featuring first class modules (control, deprecated, library, mit)2012-08-18DanBurton
modular-prelude-classy (deprecated)20.0Reifying ClassyPrelude a la ModularPrelude (control, deprecated, library, mit)2012-08-18DanBurton
monad-bool (deprecated)40.0This package has been removed. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2013-01-28JohnWiegley
monad-classes (deprecated)122.0more flexible mtl (control, deprecated, library, mit)2018-05-07
monad-exception (deprecated in favor of layers)40.0Exstensible monadic exceptions (control, deprecated, library, public-domain)2012-03-01ShaneOBrien
monad-fork (deprecated in favor of layers)20.0Type class for monads which support a fork operation. (control, deprecated, library, public-domain)2012-02-21ShaneOBrien
monad-lrs (deprecated)50.0a monad to calculate linear recursive sequence (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2012-03-04BinJin
monad-param (deprecated in favor of indexed)60.0Parameterized monads (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2011-01-15DominiqueDevriese, EdwardKmett
monad-unlift (deprecated in favor of unliftio-core, unliftio, rio)260.0Typeclasses for representing monad transformer unlifting (control, deprecated, library, mit)2016-05-03MichaelSnoyman
monadbi (deprecated)20.0Extract underlying monads from monad transformers (control, deprecated, library)2011-09-22AnupamJain
monadfibre (deprecated)50.0Monadic functions which provide Choice and Parallelism. (control, deprecated, library)2011-09-22AnupamJain
monads-fd (deprecated in favor of mtl)150.0Monad classes, using functional dependencies (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2010-11-07RossPaterson
mondo (deprecated in favor of monzo)60.0Haskell bindings for the Mondo API (deprecated, library, mit, web)2016-04-05mbg
mono-foldable (deprecated in favor of mono-traversable)40.0Folds for monomorphic containers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2013-09-11JohnLato
monoid-owns (deprecated in favor of air)70.0a practical monoid implementation (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2010-05-29JinjingWang
monoids (deprecated in favor of reducers)320.0Deprecated: Use 'reducers' (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, numerical)2012-02-09DanielWagner, EdwardKmett
monomorphic (deprecated in favor of singletons)110.0Library to convert polymorphic datatypes to/from its monomorphic represetation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-05-19HiromiIshii
mosquitto-hs (deprecated)20.0Mosquitto client library bindings (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, web)2017-03-04anishray
mount (deprecated in favor of linux-mount)40.0Mounts and umounts filesystems (deprecated, library, system)2013-04-05NicolaSquartini
mps (deprecated in favor of air)550.0simply oo (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2010-11-28JinjingWang
msh (deprecated in favor of hoop)90.0Object-Oriented Programming in Haskell (deprecated, language, library, mit)2015-10-21mbg
mtl-evil-instances (deprecated in favor of layers)30.0Instances for the mtl classes for all monad transformers. (control, deprecated, library, public-domain)2012-02-29ShaneOBrien
mtl-extras (deprecated in favor of transformers-lift)20.0Higher order versions of MTL classes (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2016-08-12int_index
mtp (deprecated)30.0Bindings to libmtp (deprecated, library, sound)2010-03-13JoachimFasting
multivector (deprecated)40.0Vectors of packed tuples (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-05-05
musicbrainz-email (deprecated)30.0Send an email to all MusicBrainz editors (deprecated, gpl, library, musicbrainz, program)2013-04-18OliverCharles
mutable-iter (deprecated)80.0iteratees based upon mutable buffers (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-04-30JohnLato
mxnet-dataiter (deprecated in favor of fei-dataiter)30.0mxnet dataiters (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2018-05-03JiasenWu
mxnet-nn (deprecated in favor of fei-nn)140.0Train a neural network with MXNet in Haskell. (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library, machine-learning, program)2018-05-03JiasenWu
mxnet-nnvm (deprecated in favor of mxnet)50.0NNVM interface in Haskell. (deprecated, library, machine-learning, mit)2017-02-10sighingnow
my-package-testing (deprecated)40.0spam (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-22
my-test-docs (deprecated)00.0spam (authentication, bsd3, deprecated, library, servant, web)2018-02-22
myTestlll (deprecated)30.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2015-01-11MarkSantolucito
n-m (deprecated)20.0Utility to call iwconfig. (deprecated, library, network, program)2008-09-11MarcoSilva
nanq (deprecated in favor of kanji)80.0Performs 漢字検定 (Japan Kanji Aptitude Test) level analysis on given Kanji. (deprecated, gpl, natural-language-processing, program)2016-04-13fosskers
natural-induction (deprecated)160.0Induction over natural numbers (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2017-12-14
neither (deprecated in favor of either, monad-control)110.0Provide versions of Either with good monad and applicative instances. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2012-05-14MichaelSnoyman
netlines (deprecated)80.0Enumerator tools for text-based network protocols (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2011-06-15ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
netstring-enumerator (deprecated)40.0Enumerator-based netstring parsing (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, library, network, parsing)2012-10-20JohnMillikin
nettle-openflow (deprecated in favor of openflow)60.0OpenFlow protocol messages, binary formats, and servers. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2011-12-19AndreasVoellmy
network-bytestring (deprecated in favor of network)350.0Fast, memory-efficient, low-level networking (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2011-01-31JohanTibell
network-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)330.0Stream socket data using conduits. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library, network)2014-04-02MichaelSnoyman
network-connection (deprecated)30.0A wrapper around a generic stream-like connection (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2008-03-20AdamLangley
network-enumerator (deprecated)90.0Enumerators for network sockets (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)2012-11-25JohnMillikin
network-minihttp (deprecated)40.0A ByteString based library for writing HTTP(S) servers and clients. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2008-03-20AdamLangley
network-msgpack-rpc (deprecated in favor of msgpack-rpc-conduit)100.0A MessagePack-RPC Implementation (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-03-08iphydf
network-rpca (deprecated)40.0A cross-platform RPC library (bsd3, deprecated, library, networking)2008-01-27AdamLangley
network-transport-zeromq (deprecated)70.0ZeroMQ backend for network-transport (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2015-10-18
nixdu (deprecated in favor of nix-tree)10.0Interactively browse a Nix store paths dependencies (bsd3, deprecated, language.nix, program)2020-07-02utdemir
nixos-types (deprecated in favor of language-nix)120.0this package is obsolete; see cabal2nix instead (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library)2012-02-16PeterSimons
nofib-analyze (deprecated in favor of nofib-analyse)30.0Parse and compare nofib runs (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2015-05-15JoachimBreitner
non-empty-sequence (deprecated in favor of nonempty-containers)130.0Non-empty sequence (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-11-13OmariNorman
ntrip-client (deprecated)100.0NTRIP client. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2017-02-17markfine
numerals-base (deprecated in favor of numerals)40.0Convert numbers to number words (bsd3, deprecated, library, natural-language-processing, numerical, text)2011-09-15RoelVanDijk
numhask-hedgehog (deprecated in favor of numhask)10.0Laws and tests for numhask (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2020-05-20tonyday567
numhask-histogram (deprecated in favor of numhask-space)80.0See (bsd3, deprecated, library, project)2019-11-08tonyday567
numhask-prelude (deprecated in favor of numhask)120.0A numeric prelude (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2020-05-20tonyday567
numhask-range (deprecated in favor of numhask-space)150.0Numbers that are range representations (bsd3, deprecated, library, project)2018-06-17tonyday567
numhask-test (deprecated in favor of numhask-hedgehog)30.0Laws and tests for numhask (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2018-06-17tonyday567
nums (deprecated)60.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
octane (deprecated in favor of rattletrap)750.0Parse Rocket League replays. (deprecated, game, library, mit, program)2017-10-24fozworth
oculus (deprecated)40.0Oculus Rift ffi providing head tracking data (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2014-01-17cdurham
ogmarkup (deprecated)161.5A lightweight markup language for story writers (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-02-28lethom
om-actor (deprecated in favor of om-fork)50.0Actor pattern utilities. (concurrency, deprecated, library, mit)2020-03-20rickowens
om-kubernetes (deprecated in favor of kubernetes-client, haskell-kubernetes)10.0om-kubernetes (deprecated, library, mit, unclassified)2022-10-11rickowens
open-pandoc (deprecated in favor of pandoc)70.0Conversion between markup formats (deprecated, text)2010-04-14PeterSimons
opentheory-char (deprecated in favor of opentheory-unicode)80.0Unicode characters (deprecated, library, mit, program, text)2012-11-10JoeHurd
overture (deprecated in favor of flow)60.0An alternative to some of the Prelude. (deprecated, library, mit, prelude)2015-03-31fozworth
package-o-tron (deprecated)60.0Utilities for working with cabal packages and your package database (bsd3, deprecated, development, library, program)2012-10-05JakeWheat
packedstring (deprecated in favor of bytestring)80.0(Deprecated) Packed Strings. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2008-11-16IanLynagh
pagarme (deprecated)30.0Pagarme API wrapper (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-03-17diogob
pagure-hook-receiver (deprecated)30.0Receive hooks from pagure and do things with them (bsd2, deprecated, library, web)2015-06-12RickyElrod
panda (deprecated in favor of bamboo)430.0A simple static blog engine (deprecated, library, web)2009-03-31JinjingWang
pandoc-citeproc (deprecated in favor of citeproc)1402.0Supports using pandoc with citeproc (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, text)2020-08-02JohnMacFarlane
pandoc-highlighting-extensions (deprecated)10.0Syntax highlighting customization for Pandoc (deprecated, library, mit, text)2019-02-08chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
pandoc-pyplot (deprecated in favor of pandoc-plot)222.0A Pandoc filter to include figures generated from Python code blocks (deprecated, documentation, gpl, library, program)2019-12-02LaurentRDC
pandoc-unlit (deprecated in favor of markdown-unlit)20.0Literate Haskell support for GitHub's Markdown flavor (deprecated, development, mit, program)2012-07-15SimonHengel
pantry-tmp (deprecated in favor of pantry)10.0Content addressable Haskell package management (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2019-06-13MichaelSnoyman, borsboom, fpcomplete
papa-export (deprecated in favor of papa)50.0Reasonable default import (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2017-01-17TonyMorris
papa-implement (deprecated in favor of papa)60.0Reasonable default import (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2017-01-18TonyMorris
papa-include (deprecated in favor of papa)40.0Third party libraries (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2016-09-09TonyMorris
papa-prelude (deprecated in favor of papa)80.0Prelude with only useful functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2016-09-09TonyMorris
papa-prelude-core (deprecated in favor of papa)20.0Prelude with only useful functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2016-09-01TonyMorris
papa-prelude-lens (deprecated in favor of papa)30.0Prelude with only useful functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2016-09-01TonyMorris
papa-prelude-semigroupoids (deprecated in favor of papa)60.0Prelude with only useful functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2016-09-08TonyMorris
papa-prelude-semigroups (deprecated in favor of papa)30.0Prelude with only useful functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2016-09-08TonyMorris
parco (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)20.0Generalised parser combinators (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2013-11-27TroelsHenriksen
parco-attoparsec (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)20.0Generalised parser combinators - Attoparsec interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2013-11-27TroelsHenriksen
parco-parsec (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)20.0Generalised parser combinators - Parsec interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2013-11-27TroelsHenriksen
parsec-parsers (deprecated in favor of parsers)60.0Parsing instances for Parsec (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2013-11-05DagOdenhall, EdwardKmett
parsimony (deprecated)60.0Monadic parser combinators derived from Parsec (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2012-02-06IavorDiatchki
partial-lens (deprecated in favor of data-lens)40.0Haskell 98 Partial Lenses (comonads, control, deprecated, library, mit)2011-12-21RussellOConnor
partial-semigroup-test (deprecated in favor of partial-semigroup-hedgehog)170.0Testing utilities for the partial-semigroup package (algebra, apache, deprecated, library, testing)2018-09-28chris_martin
pasta (deprecated)70.0PostgreSQL Abstract Syntax Tree Assember (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2017-09-28diogob
paypal-adaptive-hoops (deprecated)330.0Client for a limited part of PayPal's Adaptive Payments API (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-12-11fanjam
pb-next (deprecated)60.0Utility CLI for working with protobuf files (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2017-03-20bgwines
pbc4hs (deprecated)100.0pbc for HsLua (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-02-24DavidFeng
pcap-enumerator (deprecated)70.0Convert a pcap into an enumerator. (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, network)2014-09-08KatsutoshiItoh
pcre-less (deprecated)120.0Nicer interface to regex-pcre. (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2010-10-11
peano (deprecated)380.0Peano numbers (data, deprecated, library, math)2015-03-27
pedersen-commitment (deprecated in favor of elliptic-curve)140.0An implementation of Pedersen commitment schemes (cryptography, deprecated, library, mit)2018-04-24sdiehl
penny-bin (deprecated in favor of penny)170.0Deprecated - use penny package instead (bsd3, console, deprecated, finance)2013-08-25OmariNorman
penny-lib (deprecated in favor of penny)140.0Deprecated - use penny package instead (bsd3, console, deprecated, finance)2013-08-25OmariNorman
perf-analysis (deprecated in favor of perf)120.0analysis example using perf (bsd3, deprecated, library, performance, program)2020-05-21tonyday567
permutations (deprecated in favor of Fin)30.0Permutations of finite sets (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2018-05-14
permute (deprecated in favor of parser-combinators)40.0Generalised permutation parser combinator (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing)2011-09-22TroelsHenriksen
persistent-instances-iproute (deprecated in favor of persistent-iproute)40.0Persistent instances for types in iproute (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2015-07-23sickmind
persistent-map (deprecated in favor of tbox)120.0A thread-safe (STM) persistency interface for finite map types. (concurrency, deprecated, library, middleware)2009-08-06PeterRobinson
pgsql-simple (deprecated in favor of postgresql-simple)90.0A mid-level PostgreSQL client library. (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2013-03-05ChrisDone
pgstream (deprecated)30.0Streaming Postgres bindings (bsd3, deprecated, finance, library)2015-05-14sdiehl
phoityne (deprecated in favor of phoityne-vscode)130.0Deprecated - ghci debug viewer with simple editor. (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2017-02-04phoityne_hs
phone-metadata (deprecated)130.0Phonenumber Metadata - NOTE: this is now deprecated! (data, deprecated, library)2016-06-23vijayanant, raghuugare
phonetic-languages-constaints (deprecated in favor of phonetic-languages-constraints)10.0Constraints to filter the needed permutations (deprecated, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-11-12OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-lists (deprecated in favor of phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-lists-double)90.0A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-properties package. (Ukrainian, deprecated, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages)2021-02-02OleksandrZhabenko
pianola (deprecated)70.0Remotely controlling Java Swing applications (deprecated, gui, jvm, library, mit)2013-09-16DanielDiazCarrete
pipes-attoparsec-streaming (deprecated)20.0Streaming parsing in the pipes-core framework with Attoparsec. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, program)2012-06-20MartinGrabmueller
pipes-cereal-plus (deprecated)90.0A streaming serialization library on top of "pipes" and "cereal-plus" (deprecated, library, mit, pipes, serialization)2014-10-19NikitaVolkov
pipes-cliff (deprecated)190.0Streaming to and from subprocesses using Pipes (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, pipes)2016-07-16OmariNorman
pipes-core (deprecated in favor of pipes)30.0Compositional pipelines (bsd3, control, deprecated, enumerator, library)2012-04-09PaoloCapriotti
pipes-lines (deprecated in favor of pipes-break)80.0Pipes for grouping by lines with carriage returns. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, pipes)2017-03-16mindreader
pipes-p2p-examples (deprecated in favor of pipes-p2p)50.0Examples using pipes-p2p (bsd3, deprecated, network, pipes, program)2014-03-06jdnavarro
pipes-postgresql-simple (deprecated in favor of streaming-postgresql-simple, streaming-utils)130.0Convert various postgresql-simple calls to work with pipes (database, deprecated, library, mit, pipes)2017-02-07OliverCharles
plan-b (deprecated)50.0Failure-tolerant file and directory editing (bsd3, deprecated, filesystem, library, system)2017-05-23mrkkrp
planet-mitchell (deprecated)60.0Planet Mitchell (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude)2018-10-21mitchellwrosen
planet-mitchell-test (deprecated)50.0Planet Mitchell (bsd3, deprecated, library, prelude, test)2018-10-21mitchellwrosen
plot-lab (deprecated in favor of plot-gtk-ui, calculator)80.0A plotting tool with Mathematica like Manipulation abilities (deprecated, gpl, math, program)2014-12-17sumitsahrawat
poke (deprecated in favor of discord-register)30.0Discord verification bot (deprecated, library, mpl, program, web)2020-11-05HughSipiere
pokitdok (deprecated)70.0PokitDok Platform API Client for Haskell (api, deprecated, library, mit)2015-03-20Decryptic
polynom (deprecated)20.0Polynomial types and operations (deprecated, library, math)2016-01-21
polyseq (deprecated in favor of free-theorems-seq)40.0Taming Selective Strictness (deprecated, language, library, program, public-domain)2010-10-06DanielSeidel, JanisVoigtlaender
pontarius-mediaserver (deprecated)30.0Extended Personal Media Network (XPMN) media server (deprecated, media, program)2011-04-13JonKristensen
pontarius-xpmn (deprecated)30.0Extended Personal Media Network (XPMN) library (deprecated, library, media)2011-04-13JonKristensen
pool (deprecated in favor of resource-pool)130.0Thread-safe resource pools. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, database, deprecated, library, yesod)2012-01-25MichaelSnoyman
pool-conduit (deprecated in favor of resource-pool)170.0Resource pool allocations via ResourceT. (deprecated) (conduit, database, deprecated, library, mit, yesod)2014-04-03MichaelSnoyman
postgrest-ws (deprecated in favor of postgres-websockets)180.0PostgREST extension to map LISTEN/NOTIFY messages to Websockets (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2017-11-07diogob
pqueue-mtl (deprecated in favor of queuelike)160.0Fully encapsulated monad transformers with queuelike functionality. (algorithms, bsd3, deprecated, library, monads)2009-03-13LouisWasserman
prednote-test (deprecated in favor of prednote)70.0Tests and QuickCheck generators to accompany prednote. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, program)2015-01-02OmariNorman
prelude-extras (deprecated in favor of base, transformers-compat)420.0Higher order versions of Prelude classes (bsd3, combinators, deprecated, library, polymorphism)2016-01-17EdwardKmett, EricMertens
prelude-prime (deprecated)50.0A slightly better (but conservative) Prelude (deprecated, library, mit, prelude)2013-05-23RomanCheplyaka
pretty-class (deprecated in favor of prettyclass, pretty)160.0Pretty printing class similar to Show. (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2014-09-14DavidFox
process-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)270.0Conduits for processes (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, deprecated, library, system)2014-07-17HideyukiTanaka, MichaelSnoyman
process-listlike (deprecated in favor of process-extras)160.0Process extras (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-12-04DavidFox
process-progress (deprecated in favor of process-extras)60.0Run a process and do reportsing on its progress. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-09-02DavidFox
procrastinating-structure (deprecated)70.0Pure structures that can be incrementally created in impure code (data, deprecated, library)2009-06-15JakeMcArthur
product (deprecated)20.0Product category (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2017-11-28
progressbar (deprecated)30.0Progressbar API (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2009-01-21AustinSeipp
prometheus-effect (deprecated in favor of prometheus-client, wai-middleware-prometheus, prometheus-metrics-ghc)72.0Instrument applications with metrics and publish/push to Prometheus (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, unclassified)2017-11-08OliverCharles
property (deprecated)50.0common properties (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, testing)2019-10-30cmk
proto-lens-combinators (deprecated in favor of proto-lens)170.0Utilities functions to proto-lens. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-10-12JudahJacobson, gnezdo
proto-lens-descriptors (deprecated in favor of proto-lens)120.0Protocol buffers for describing the definitions of messages. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2017-07-31JudahJacobson, gnezdo
psc-ide (deprecated in favor of purescript)142.0Language support for the PureScript programming language (deprecated, development, library, mit, program, purescript)2016-02-02kritzcreek
puppetresources (deprecated in favor of language-puppet)110.0A program that displays the puppet resources associated to a node given .pp files. (deprecated, gpl, program, system)2013-05-16SimonMarechal
pursuit-client (deprecated)30.0A cli client for pursuit (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2016-04-30gilmi
puzzle-draw-cmdline (deprecated in favor of puzzle-draw)80.0Creating graphics for pencil puzzles, command line tools. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program)2014-04-19vollmert
qr-imager (deprecated in favor of qrcode-juicypixels, qrcode-core)340.0Library to generate images. (bsd3, data, deprecated, image, library, qr)2018-09-25vmchale
queue (deprecated)60.0Abstraction typeclasses for queue-like things. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2010-10-18JamesCook
quickpull (deprecated in favor of tasty-th)60.0Generate Main module with QuickCheck tests (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, testing)2015-03-20OmariNorman
quickson (deprecated in favor of aeson-quick)30.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (bsd3, deprecated, json, library, text, web)2017-01-09ssadler
quipper-core (deprecated in favor of quipper-language)60.0An embedded, scalable functional programming language for quantum computing. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2017-01-06PeterSelinger
quipper-rendering (deprecated in favor of easyrender)40.0An embedded, scalable functional programming language for quantum computing. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2017-01-06PeterSelinger
rad (deprecated in favor of ad)140.0Reverse Automatic Differentiation. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2012-05-08EdwardKmett
radium-formula-parser (deprecated in favor of radium)60.0Chemistry (bsd3, chemistry, deprecated, library)2014-09-27klangner
rainbow-tests (deprecated)120.0Tests and QuickCheck generators to accompany rainbow. (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2014-11-24OmariNorman
random-class (deprecated)110.0Class of random value generation (bsd3, deprecated, library, random)2017-12-09
random-source (deprecated)280.0Generic basis for random number generators (deprecated, library, math, public-domain)2020-08-06BertramFelgenhauer, DominicSteinitz, JamesCook
ranges (deprecated)200.0Ranges and various functions on them. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2011-09-01GeorgePollard
reactive-banana-threepenny (deprecated in favor of threepenny-gui)20.0Examples for the reactive-banana library, using threepenny-gui. (bsd3, deprecated, frp, gui, library)2013-08-02HeinrichApfelmus
reactive-haskell (deprecated)30.0minimal fork of io-reactive (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, reactivity)2014-09-23Heather
reactive-io (deprecated)50.0IO-oriented FRP library (control, deprecated, library, mit)2013-07-06RomanCheplyaka
reactor (deprecated)20.0Reactor - task parallel reactive programming (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library)2011-05-09EdwardKmett
record-encode (deprecated in favor of heidi)50.0Generic encoding of records (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-science, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2019-01-23ocramz
refined-with (deprecated in favor of strongweak)60.0Refinement types with an "refinement applied" switch. (data, deprecated, library, mit)2022-04-23raehik
reflex-basic-host (deprecated in favor of reflex)40.0A basic Reflex host for backend work (bsd3, deprecated, frp, library, program)2019-10-29qfpl, jack
reflex-orphans (deprecated in favor of reflex)42.0Useful missing instances for Reflex (bsd3, deprecated, frp, library)2016-03-08davean
reg-alloc (deprecated)20.0Register allocation API (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-10-28
reg-alloc-graph-color (deprecated)22.0Register allocation by graph colorization (deprecated, library, mpl, unclassified)2019-12-27
reg-alloc-types (deprecated)20.0Types used in register allocation API (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-10-31
regex-tdfa-rc (deprecated in favor of regex-tdfa)80.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2014-07-05RomanCheplyaka
regex-tdfa-text (deprecated in favor of regex-tdfa)220.0Text interface for regex-tdfa (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2015-08-24KidoTakahiro
regex-tdfa-unittest (deprecated in favor of regex-tdfa)30.0Unit tests for the regex-tdfa (bsd3, deprecated, program, text)2010-10-17ChrisKuklewicz
regions-monadsfd (deprecated in favor of regions-mtl)150.0Monads-fd instances for the RegionT monad transformer (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monadic-regions)2010-09-01BasVanDijk
regular-xmlpickler (deprecated in favor of generic-xmlpickler)50.0Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using Regular. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, xml)2014-04-04AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rehoo (deprecated in favor of hoogle)160.0Rebuild default.hoo from many .hoo files in the current directory (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2014-04-12JohnWiegley
remote (deprecated in favor of distributed-process)30.0Cloud Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, library)2011-12-16JeffEpstein
remotion (deprecated)50.0A library for client-server applications based on custom protocols (deprecated, library, mit, network, protocol, service)2014-10-19NikitaVolkov
repa-devil (deprecated in favor of friday)330.0Support for image reading and writing of Repa arrays using in-place FFI calls (bsd3, data-structures, deprecated, library)2015-04-13DonaldStewart, RaphaelJavaux, ThomasDuBuisson
representable-functors (deprecated in favor of adjunctions)860.0Representable functors (bsd3, data-structures, deprecated, functors, library, monads)2013-10-13EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott, AaronVargo
representable-profunctors (deprecated in favor of profunctors)310.0This package has been absorbed into profunctor-extras. (bsd3, categories, control, deprecated, library)2013-01-07EdwardKmett
resolve-trivial-conflicts (deprecated in favor of git-mediate)220.0Remove trivial conflict markers in a git repository (deprecated, development, gpl, program)2016-12-20EyalLotem
resourcet-pool (deprecated in favor of unliftio-pool)20.0A small library to convert a Pool into an Acquire (bsd3, conduit, data, database, deprecated, library, network)2020-11-23brandonchinn178
rethinkdb-wereHamster (deprecated)40.0RethinkDB driver for Haskell (database, deprecated, library)2014-06-25wereHamster
rezoom (deprecated)80.0Github resume generator (deprecated, program, utils)2012-02-13JoelTaylor
ribosome-root (deprecated in favor of ribosome)40.0api extensions for nvim-hs (deprecated, neovim)2019-06-01tek
rivet (deprecated)30.0A project management tool for Haskell applications. (bsd3, deprecated, program, unclassified)2015-05-17DanielPatterson
rounding (deprecated)50.0Explicit floating point rounding mode wrappers (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2010-06-13EdwardKmett
row (deprecated)30.0Row types (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-08-31
rts-loader (deprecated)90.0Dynamically load Haskell libraries (deprecated, distribution, gpl, library, program)2016-06-23DanielG
safe-exceptions-checked (deprecated)202.0Safe, checked exceptions (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2017-01-28mitchellwrosen
safe-failure (deprecated)80.0Library for safe functions (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, failure, library)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman, PepeIborra
safecopy-migrate (deprecated)40.0Making SafeCopy migrations easier (data, deprecated, library, public-domain)2018-08-19Artyom
salak-toml (deprecated)70.0Configuration Loader for toml (configuration, deprecated, library, mit)2019-08-30leptonyu
sbp2udp (deprecated)20.0SBP to UDP (bsd3, deprecated, network, program)2016-06-02markfine
sc3-rdu (deprecated)30.0Haskell bindings to sc3-rdu (sc3 rd ugens) (deprecated, library, sound)2014-10-16RohanDrape
scan-metadata (deprecated)10.0Metadata types for Albedo Scanners (data, deprecated, library, mit)2019-05-31arbornetworks
scgi (deprecated in favor of wai)100.0A Haskell library for writing SCGI programs. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2010-11-02ChrisForno, EricSessoms, StephenBlackheath
scotty-blaze (deprecated)20.0blaze-html integration for Scotty (deprecated, library, mit, web)2013-09-04WilliamCasarin
scotty-session (deprecated in favor of Spock)80.0Adding session functionality to scotty (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-24AlexanderThiemann
secp256k1 (deprecated in favor of secp256k1-haskell)340.0Bindings for secp256k1 library from Bitcoin Core (crypto, deprecated, library, public-domain)2018-09-02jprupp
semialign-indexed (deprecated in favor of semialign)200.0SemialignWithIndex, i.e. izipWith and ialignWith (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, these)2021-02-25phadej
semialign-optics (deprecated in favor of semialign)150.0SemialignWithIndex, i.e. izipWith and ialignWith (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, these)2021-02-25phadej
senza (deprecated in favor of lucid)40.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
serokell-util (deprecated)682.5General-purpose functions by Serokell (deprecated, library, mit, utils)2018-08-08serokell
serpentine (deprecated in favor of trasa)30.0Simple project template from stack (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, web)2016-05-17andrewthad
servant-generic (deprecated in favor of servant)90.0Specify Servant APIs with records. (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-07-06PatrickChilton
servant-jquery (deprecated in favor of servant-js)212.0Automatically derive (jquery) javascript functions to query servant webservices (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2016-03-17AlpMestanogullari, SoenkeHahn, ChristianMarie, jkarni
servant-pool (deprecated)30.0Utility functions for creating servant 'Context's with "context/connection pooling" support (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-25AlpMestanogullari
servant-postgresql (deprecated in favor of servant)20.0Useful functions and instances for using servant with a PostgreSQL context (bsd3, database, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-25AlpMestanogullari
servant-response (deprecated in favor of servant)30.0Machinery to express how servant should turn results of database operations into proper JSON-encodable response types (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-07-25AlpMestanogullari
servant-scotty (deprecated in favor of servant)40.0Generate a web service for servant 'Resource's using scotty and JSON (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-08-27AlpMestanogullari
serviette (deprecated)100.0JSON to Sql (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2017-06-24
ses-html-snaplet (deprecated in favor of snaplet-ses-html)50.0Snaplet for the ses-html package (aws, bsd3, deprecated, email, library, network, snap, web)2014-09-25DavidJohnson
set-with (deprecated in favor of sets)40.0Set of elements sorted by a different data type. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2015-07-24athanclark
setoid (deprecated in favor of skeletal-set)30.0A Haskell implementation of setoid (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2017-03-12PavloKerestey
sexp-show (deprecated)50.0Produce a s-expression representation of Show values. (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2012-07-04
sext (deprecated in favor of static-text)70.0Lists, Texts, ByteStrings and Vectors with type-encoded length (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, text, type-system)2017-10-29DmitryDzhus
shakespeare-babel (deprecated)70.0compile es2015 (deprecated, library, public-domain, web-yesod)2016-02-02ncaq
shakespeare-css (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)760.0Stick your haskell variables into css at compile time. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shakespeare-i18n (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)270.0A type-based approach to internationalization. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shakespeare-js (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)690.0Stick your haskell variables into javascript/coffeescript at compile time. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shakespeare-text (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)530.0Interpolation with quasi-quotation: put variables strings (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-30GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
shell-pipe (deprecated in favor of process)60.0Pipe streams through external shell commands (deprecated, library, program, system)2007-09-25HenningThielemann
shortbytestring (deprecated in favor of bytestring)72.0Additional ShortByteString API (deprecated, library, mit, system)2021-12-08maerwald
sifflet-lib (deprecated in favor of sifflet)230.0Library of modules shared by sifflet and its tests and its exporters. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, visual-programming)2014-11-02GregoryWeber
simplemesh (deprecated)60.0Generators for primitive meshes (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2017-12-07jonascarpay
simplesmtpclient (deprecated)40.0Very simple SMTP Client (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2009-02-13
simplex-basic (deprecated)20.0Very basic simplex implementation. (algebra, bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2015-06-13athanclark
sink (deprecated)30.0An alternative to lazy I/O that doesn't conflate execution with evaluation (control, data, deprecated, library, mit, system)2011-08-27JakeMcArthur
siphash (deprecated in favor of memory)120.0siphash: a fast short input PRF (bsd3, cryptography, data, deprecated, library)2012-12-14VincentHanquez
sized-vector (deprecated in favor of sized)200.0Size-parameterized vector types and functions. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-07-27HiromiIshii
skylark-client (deprecated)110.0Skylark client. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network, program)2017-04-06markfine
skylighting-extensions (deprecated)30.0Customized Skylighting syntax highlighters (deprecated, library, mit, text)2019-02-08chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
skylighting-modding (deprecated)10.0Utilities for modifying Skylighting syntaxes (deprecated, library, mit, text)2019-02-08chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
slug (deprecated)100.0Type-safe slugs for Yesod ecosystem (bsd3, deprecated, library, web, yesod)2017-07-22mrkkrp
smallcheck-kind-generics (deprecated)20.0See README for more info (bsd3, deprecated, generics, library, testing)2020-01-27
snap-app (deprecated)200.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
snap-cors (deprecated in favor of snap-core)250.0Add CORS headers to Snap applications (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-02-06OliverCharles
snap-testing (deprecated in favor of hspec-snap)100.0A library for BDD-style testing with the Snap Web Framework (bsd3, deprecated, library, snap, web)2014-07-08DanielPatterson
snaplet-fay (deprecated)270.0Fay integration for Snap with request- and pre-compilation. (bsd3, deprecated, fay, library, snap, web)2017-01-02AdamBergmark
snaplet-lss (deprecated)30.0Lexical Style Sheets - Snap Web Framework adaptor. (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2014-09-04DanielPatterson
source-code-server (deprecated)30.0The server backend for the source code iPhone app (bsd3, deprecated, program, web)2010-08-31JinjingWang
sparkle (deprecated)240.0Distributed Apache Spark applications in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, distributed-computing, ffi, java, jvm, library, program)2018-02-28AlpMestanogullari, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
special-functors (deprecated in favor of base)40.0Control.Applicative, Data.Foldable, Data.Traversable (compatibility package) (bsd3, deprecated, generics, library)2010-11-29HenningThielemann
sproxy (deprecated in favor of sproxy2)150.0HTTP proxy for authenticating users via OAuth2 (deprecated, mit, program, web)2016-11-20ip1981
spy (deprecated)200.0A compact file system watcher for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows (bsd3, deprecated, development, program)2016-09-17
sqlite (deprecated in favor of sqlite-simple)290.0Haskell binding to sqlite3 (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)2016-08-05AdamWick, AudreyTang, DonaldStewart
stackage-build-plan (deprecated in favor of stackage-curator)70.0Calculate and print (in different formats) Stackage build plans (deprecated, distribution, library, mit, program)2015-05-10MichaelSnoyman
stackage-cabal (deprecated in favor of stack)30.0A CLI executable for cabal-based stackage commands (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)2015-05-06DanBurton
stackage-cli (deprecated in favor of stack)150.0A CLI library for stackage commands (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)2015-05-06ChrisDone, DanBurton, MichaelSnoyman
stackage-metadata (deprecated)70.0DEPRECATED Grab current metadata for all packages (deprecated, distribution, library, mit, program)2015-05-14MichaelSnoyman
stackage-sandbox (deprecated in favor of stack)80.0Work with shared stackage sandboxes (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)2015-09-01ChrisDone, DanBurton, MichaelSnoyman, borsboom
stackage-setup (deprecated in favor of stack)60.0An executable for downloading a Haskell setup (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)2015-05-14DanBurton
stackage-types (deprecated in favor of stackage-curator)60.0Shared data types between various Stackage packages (data, deprecated, library, mit)2016-01-20MichaelSnoyman
stackage-upload (deprecated in favor of stack)130.0A more secure version of cabal upload which uses HTTPS (deprecated, distribution, library, mit, program)2016-09-06MichaelSnoyman, lehins
star (deprecated in favor of semirings)40.0*-semirings (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2017-12-31chessai
state-record (deprecated in favor of lens)20.0Better records for State monad states (data, deprecated, library)2011-04-17KarlVoelker
static-resources (deprecated)100.0JavaScript and Css files concat for http optimization. Now with LESS support. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2014-01-28MariuszRak
statistics-fusion (deprecated in favor of statistics)50.0An implementation of high performance, minimal statistics functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2010-02-20DonaldStewart
statsd (deprecated in favor of ekg-statsd)40.0StatsD API. (deprecated, lgpl, library, network)2014-12-03mitchellwrosen
stemmer (deprecated in favor of snowball)80.0Haskell bindings to the Snowball stemming library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, natural-language-processing, text)2016-04-13BenGamari, EelcoLempsink
stern-brocot (deprecated)10.0Positive rational numbers represented as paths in the Stern-Brocot tree (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, numeric)2019-03-28
streamed (deprecated in favor of reactive-balsa)30.0Programmatically edit MIDI event streams via ALSA (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)2012-03-03HenningThielemann
strelka (deprecated)220.0A simple, flexible and composable web-router (deprecated, library, mit, web)2019-04-24NikitaVolkov
strict-base-types (deprecated in favor of strict, aeson, quickcheck-instances, strict-lens)242.0Strict variants of the types provided in base. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2020-08-07BasVanDijk, SimonMeier, phadej
strict-writer (deprecated in favor of writer-cps-mtl)70.0A stricter writer, which uses StateT in order to avoid space leaks. (control, deprecated, library, mit)2017-02-10oisdk
string (deprecated in favor of text)170.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08chessai
string-conv-tests (deprecated in favor of string-conv)30.0Tests for the string-conv library (bsd3, data, deprecated, string, text)2022-02-19DinoMorelli
stringable (deprecated)160.0A Stringable type class, in the spirit of Foldable and Traversable (bytestring, data, deprecated, library, mit, text)2014-05-02JohnWiegley, KetilMalde
stripe-http-streams (deprecated in favor of stripe-http-client)270.0Stripe API for Haskell - http-streams backend (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-11-14DavidJohnson
success (deprecated in favor of transformers, validation-selective, validation)172.0A version of Either specialised for encoding of success or failure (data, deprecated, failure, library, mit)2016-02-07NikitaVolkov
swagger-petstore (deprecated in favor of openapi-petstore)220.0Auto-generated openapi-petstore API Client (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-05-16jonschoning
syntax-pretty (deprecated in favor of syntax-printer)40.0Syntax instance for pretty, the pretty printing library. (data, deprecated, library, mit)2014-11-23pawel834
synthesizer (deprecated in favor of synthesizer-core, synthesizer-dimensional, synthesizer-inference)60.0Audio signal processing coded in Haskell (deprecated, library, sound)2009-06-08HenningThielemann
system-fileio (deprecated in favor of directory)1330.0Consistent filesystem interaction across GHC versions (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, system)2018-09-05JohnMillikin, MichaelSnoyman
system-filepath (deprecated in favor of filepath)1860.0High-level, byte-based file and directory path manipulations (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, system)2018-01-18JohnMillikin, MichaelSnoyman
system-inotify (deprecated)50.0Binding to Linux's inotify interface (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2008-03-21AdamLangley
tables (deprecated)122.0In-memory storage with multiple keys using lenses and traversals (bsd3, data, deprecated, lenses, library)2015-01-12EdwardKmett, TimDixon
tagsoup-ht (deprecated in favor of tagchup)40.0alternative parser for the tagsoup package (deprecated, library, program, xml)2009-03-04HenningThielemann
tamarin-prover (deprecated)210.0The Tamarin prover for security protocol analysis. (deprecated, program, theorem-provers)2015-09-07BenediktSchmidt, SimonMeier
tamarin-prover-term (deprecated)170.0Term manipulation library for the tamarin prover. (deprecated, library, theorem-provers)2014-02-07BenediktSchmidt, SimonMeier
tamarin-prover-theory (deprecated)120.0Term manipulation library for the tamarin prover. (deprecated, library, theorem-provers)2014-02-16BenediktSchmidt, SimonMeier
tamarin-prover-utils (deprecated)150.0Utility library for the tamarin prover. (deprecated, library, theorem-provers)2014-02-07BenediktSchmidt, SimonMeier
taskpool (deprecated in favor of async-pool)80.0Manage pools of possibly interdependent tasks using STM and async (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-08-19JohnWiegley
tasty-auto (deprecated in favor of tasty-discover)130.0Auto discovery for Tasty with support for ingredients and test tree generation (deprecated, library, mit, program, testing)2017-03-04minad
tasty-hedgehog-coverage (deprecated in favor of hedgehog)40.0Coverage tracking for Hedgehog Property-Based Testing via Tasty. (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2018-06-29schalmers, qfpl
templatepg (deprecated in favor of postgresql-typed)80.0A PostgreSQL access library with compile-time SQL type inference (database, deprecated, library, mit)2015-12-21ChrisForno
temporary-rc (deprecated in favor of temporary)120.0Portable temporary file and directory support for Windows and Unix, based on code from Cabal (bsd3, deprecated, library, system, utils)2014-05-09AndrewFarmer, RomanCheplyaka
test-framework-doctest (deprecated in favor of doctest)150.0Test.Framework wrapper for DocTest (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2012-06-09SakariJokinen
test-framework-golden (deprecated in favor of tasty-golden)190.0Golden tests support for test-framework (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2015-04-28OliverCharles, RomanCheplyaka
test-framework-quickcheck (deprecated in favor of test-framework-quickcheck2)310.0QuickCheck support for the test-framework package. (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2012-12-04BryanOSullivan, EricMertens, MaxBolingbroke
test-framework-smallcheck (deprecated in favor of tasty-smallcheck)280.0Support for SmallCheck tests in test-framework (bsd3, deprecated, library, testing)2013-02-19OliverCharles, RomanCheplyaka
test-shouldbe (deprecated in favor of hspec-expectations)120.0Catchy combinators for HUnit (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2015-04-04
testCom (deprecated in favor of doctest)60.0Write your tests in comments (deprecated, library, test)2017-10-31nobrakal
testpack (deprecated)280.0Test Utililty Pack for HUnit and QuickCheck (unmaintained) (deprecated, library, testing)2014-10-27JohnGoerzen, PeterSimons
text-all (deprecated)182.0Everything Data.Text related in one package (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2018-03-10Artyom
text-stream-decode (deprecated in favor of streaming-commons)100.0Streaming decoding functions for UTF encodings. (deprecated) (data, deprecated, library, mit, text)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
text-utf8 (deprecated in favor of text)50.0An efficient packed UTF-8 backed Unicode text type. (bsd2, data, deprecated, library, text)2018-05-14HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim, topos
texts (deprecated in favor of formatting)100.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
textual (deprecated in favor of string-conversions, string-convert)30.0Textual type class for data that represent text (deprecated, library, mit, text)2016-01-31marcosdumay
th-kinds-fork (deprecated in favor of th-kinds)70.0Automated kind inference in Template Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, library, template-haskell)2015-11-11DavidFox
th-typegraph (deprecated)210.0Graph of the subtype relation (bsd3, deprecated, library, template-haskell)2018-02-02DavidFox
thimk (deprecated in favor of spelling-suggest)40.0Command-line spelling word suggestion tool (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program, text)2010-09-13BartonMassey
throttle (deprecated)70.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
throttled (deprecated in favor of scheduler)30.0Concurrent processing of a Foldable, throttled by CPU count. (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library)2018-08-17fosskers
tidal-midi (deprecated)180.0Please ignore this package. (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)2018-04-14AlexMcLean, kindohm, lennart
time-series-lib (deprecated in favor of timeseries)30.0Library for Time Series processing (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-12-10klangner
timeless (deprecated)280.0An Arrow based Functional Reactive Programming library (bsd3, deprecated, development, library)2016-12-09carldong
tls-extra (deprecated in favor of tls)540.0TLS extra default values and helpers (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2013-10-07MikhailKuddah, VincentHanquez
to-string-class (deprecated)50.0Converting string-like types to Strings. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-09-22BasVanDijk
to-string-instances (deprecated)50.0Instances for the ToString class. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2009-09-22BasVanDijk
tower (deprecated in favor of numhask)20.0A numeric tower (bsd3, deprecated, library, mathematics)2017-02-21tonyday567
tracker (deprecated)50.0Client library for Tracker metadata database, indexer and search tool (deprecated, desktop, library)2008-02-01WillThompson
transformers-free (deprecated in favor of free)70.0Free monad transformers (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2012-11-01GabrielGonzalez
treemap-html (deprecated)50.0Generates HTML for Data.Tree as TreeMap (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2010-03-05RadoslavDorcik
treemap-html-tools (deprecated)70.0Treemap related commands for producing foldable TreeMap HTML. (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library, program)2010-03-06RadoslavDorcik
trhsx (deprecated in favor of hsx)30.0Deprecated (bsd3, deprecated, language, library)2008-05-17GwernBranwen, NiklasBroberg
trivia (deprecated)20.0The trivial monad and comonad (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2014-03-02FumiakiKinoshita
tslib (deprecated)20.0- (, deprecated, library)2016-02-29alex_bates
tuple-generic (deprecated)120.0Generic operations on tuples (data, deprecated, library, public-domain)2015-11-25Artyom
twentefp-eventloop-graphics (deprecated in favor of eventloop)110.0Used as Lab Assignments Environment at the University of Twente (bsd3, deprecated, education, graphics, library)2014-10-14sebaslafleur
twentefp-graphs (deprecated)80.0Lab Assignments Environment at Univeriteit Twente (bsd3, deprecated, education, library)2015-04-12sebaslafleur
twentefp-rosetree (deprecated in favor of twentefp-trees)60.0RoseTree type and show functions for lab assignment of University of Twente. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-09-09sebaslafleur
twentefp-trees (deprecated in favor of twentefp-eventloop-trees)60.0Tree type and show functions for lab assignment of University of Twente. Contains RoseTree and ParseTree (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-09-22sebaslafleur
twentefp-websockets (deprecated)30.0A fork of the popular websockets package. It is used for the practical assignments of the University of Twente. A sensible and clean way to write WebSocket-capable servers in Haskell. (bsd3, deprecated, library, network)2014-09-16sebaslafleur
twitter-enumerator (deprecated in favor of twitter-conduit)110.0Twitter API package with enumerator interface and Streaming API support. (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, web)2012-03-17TakahiroHimura
txt (deprecated in favor of text-utf8)81.25Text (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, text)2019-03-15
type-interpreter (deprecated)102.0Interpreter for Template Haskell types (bsd3, deprecated, library, template-haskell)2018-04-23vapourismo
type-list (deprecated)212.0Operations on type-level lists and tuples. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2016-06-20mjmrotek
ucd (deprecated)20.0Unicode Character Database — Predicates on characters specified by Unicode (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, text)2020-07-15
unconstrained (deprecated)150.0Null constraint (bsd3, constraints, deprecated, library)2018-01-25
unicode-prelude (deprecated in favor of base-unicode-symbols)40.0Unicode notation for some definitions in Prelude (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2008-10-12PeterDivianszky
unicode-symbols (deprecated in favor of base-unicode-symbols)90.0Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2009-12-22RoelVanDijk
union-map (deprecated)30.0Heterogeneous map by open unions. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-02-24
universal (deprecated)40.0Universal (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2020-02-11
universe-dependent-sum (deprecated in favor of universe-some)120.0Universe instances for types from dependent-sum (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2021-01-09phadej
universe-instances-base (deprecated in favor of universe-base)110.0Universe instances for types from the base package (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-04-15DanielWagner, phadej
universe-instances-trans (deprecated in favor of universe-base)70.0Universe instances for types from the transformers and mtl packages (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2019-04-15DanielWagner, phadej
unix-process-conduit (deprecated in favor of keter)190.0Run processes on Unix systems, with a conduit interface (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-03-20MichaelSnoyman
unmed2 (deprecated in favor of med-module)20.0Extract useful information from Amiga MED files (deprecated, gpl, program, sound)2017-07-01HenningThielemann
upskirt (deprecated in favor of sundown)60.0Binding to upskirt (deprecated, foreign-binding, library, public-domain, text)2011-07-24FrancescoMazzoli
uri-conduit (deprecated)230.0Read and write URIs (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
uri-enumerator (deprecated in favor of uri-conduit)80.0Read and write URIs (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2012-01-02MichaelSnoyman
uri-enumerator-file (deprecated in favor of uri-conduit)70.0uri-enumerator backend for the file scheme (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
utf (deprecated)70.0UTF-8 (bsd3, deprecated, library, parsing, text)2019-12-15
utf8-prelude (deprecated)190.0Variants of Prelude and System.IO with UTF8 text I/O operations (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, system)2008-11-11PeterDivianszky
util (deprecated)491.25Utilities (bsd3, deprecated, library, util)2020-02-04
util-exception (deprecated)30.0Exceptional utilities (bsd3, deprecated, exception, library, util)2018-08-19
util-logict (deprecated)10.0See README for more info (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)2020-02-09
util-primitive (deprecated)30.0Primitive memory-related utilities (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-08-20
util-universe (deprecated)70.0Utilities for universal types (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2018-08-27
valid (deprecated)30.0Type isomorphic to `Either` with `Applicative` instance which combines errors (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2019-08-22
validate (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors)130.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
variable-precision (deprecated in favor of rounded)110.0variable-precision floating point (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2013-02-18ClaudeHeilandAllen
vect-floating (deprecated in favor of linear)80.0A low-dimensional linear algebra library, operating on the Floating typeclass (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2014-09-25cdurham
vect-floating-accelerate (deprecated in favor of linear-accelerate)80.0Accelerate instances for vect-floating types (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2014-09-25cdurham
vector-read-instances (deprecated in favor of vector)80.0(deprecated) Read instances for 'Data.Vector' (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2011-08-29ChristianHoener
vector-space-points (deprecated in favor of linear)140.0A type for points, as distinct from vectors. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2016-05-21BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
vector-static (deprecated)140.0Statically checked sizes on Data.Vector (bsd3, data, data-structures, deprecated, library)2010-11-11DanielPeebles, JakeMcArthur
verify (deprecated)60.0A new Haskeleton package. (deprecated, library, other, program)2017-05-02marnold
views (deprecated in favor of definitive-base)20.0Views allow you to run a State monad on part of a state. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monad)2013-03-15MarcCoiffier
vpq (deprecated)50.0Priority queue based on vector (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-05-03
vty-ui (deprecated in favor of brick)320.0An interactive terminal user interface library for Vty (bsd3, deprecated, library, user-interfaces)2015-04-11JonathanDaugherty
wai-eventsource (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)310.0WAI support for server-sent events (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web)2014-06-09FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman
wai-graceful (deprecated in favor of warp)40.0Graceful shutdown for WAI applications. (deprecated, library, mit, network)2013-11-27AlexanderBondarenko
wai-handler-devel (deprecated in favor of yesod-bin)370.0WAI server that automatically reloads code after modification. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
wai-handler-scgi (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)200.0Wai handler to SCGI (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
wai-handler-snap (deprecated)90.0Web Application Interface handler using snap-server. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-11-30MichaelSnoyman
wai-lite (deprecated in favor of simple)90.0DEPCRECATED (use package "simple" instead) A minimalist web framework for WAI web applications (deprecated, gpl, library, web)2012-10-30AmitLevy
wai-middleware-static-caching (deprecated in favor of wai-middleware-static)40.0WAI middleware that serves requests to static files. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-02-25AlexanderThiemann
wai-test (deprecated in favor of wai-extra)670.0Unit test framework (built on HUnit) for WAI applications. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, testing, web, yesod)2014-06-09GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
warp-static (deprecated in favor of wai-app-static)280.0Static file server based on Warp and wai-app-static (deprecated) (deprecated, mit, program, web)2014-03-21MichaelSnoyman
wavefront-obj (deprecated)90.0Wavefront .obj file loader (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2016-10-18
web-encodings (deprecated)360.0Encapsulate multiple web encoding in a single package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2012-01-18MichaelSnoyman
web-mongrel2 (deprecated)90.0Bindings for the Mongrel2 web server. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-05-06ClintMoore
web-routes-mtl (deprecated in favor of web-routes)70.0Extends web-routes with mtl-based MonadIO / MonadTrans RouteT instances (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2011-03-15JeremyShaw
web-routes-transformers (deprecated in favor of web-routes)40.0Extends web-routes with some transformers instances for RouteT (bsd3, deprecated, language, library, web)2010-11-04JeremyShaw
webdriver-snoy (deprecated in favor of webdriver)50.0a Haskell client for the Selenium WebDriver protocol (deprecated) (browser, bsd3, deprecated, library, testing, web)2014-10-03MichaelSnoyman
webwire (deprecated)40.0Functional reactive web framework (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2011-09-16ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
with-location (deprecated in favor of call-stack)190.0Use ImplicitParams-based source locations in a backward compatible way (data, deprecated, library, mit)2016-03-16SimonHengel
witherable-class (deprecated in favor of witherable)280.0Witherable = Traversable + Filterable (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2021-01-12FumiakiKinoshita
word (deprecated)71.25Words of arbitrary size (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, numeric)2018-05-14
word12 (deprecated)10.0Word12 library. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2014-09-07
wordcloud (deprecated)60.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)2014-12-08
wreq-sb (deprecated in favor of wreq)30.0An easy-to-use HTTP client library. (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-24sestrella
x-dsp (deprecated)40.0A embedded DSL for manipulating DSP languages in Haskell (deprecated, gpl, library, music, sound)2012-06-17JohnLato
xhaskell-library (deprecated in favor of regex-pderiv)90.0Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2010-04-20KennyLu
xml-catalog (deprecated)180.0Parse XML catalog files (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, library, text)2014-03-26MichaelSnoyman
xml-enumerator (deprecated in favor of xml-conduit)400.0Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with XML with the enumerator package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, xml)2012-01-02MichaelSnoyman
xmonad-bluetilebranch (deprecated in favor of bluetile)70.0A tiling window manager (bsd3, deprecated, program, system)2010-03-19JanVornberger
xmonad-contrib-bluetilebranch (deprecated)100.0Third party extensions for xmonad (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2010-03-19JanVornberger
yajl-enumerator (deprecated)100.0Enumerator-based interface to YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, json, library, parsing, text)2012-10-28JohnMillikin
yam (deprecated in favor of boots-app)160.0A wrapper of servant (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-07-24leptonyu
yam-app (deprecated)160.0Yam App (bsd3, deprecated, library, project)2018-05-19leptonyu
yam-config (deprecated)50.0Yam Configuation (deprecated, library, mit, project)2018-05-28leptonyu
yam-datasource (deprecated in favor of boots-app)140.0Yam DataSource Middleware (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-07-24leptonyu
yam-job (deprecated)180.0 (bsd3, deprecated, library, project)2018-05-19leptonyu
yam-logger (deprecated)40.0Yam Logger (deprecated, library, mit, project)2018-05-27leptonyu
yam-redis (deprecated in favor of boots-app)60.0Yam Redis Middleware (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2019-07-24leptonyu
yam-servant (deprecated)210.0 (bsd3, deprecated, library, web)2018-05-19leptonyu
yam-transaction (deprecated)50.0Yam transaction (deprecated, library, mit, project)2018-05-28leptonyu
yam-transaction-odbc (deprecated)130.0 (bsd3, deprecated, library, project)2018-01-15leptonyu
yam-transaction-postgresql (deprecated)180.0 (bsd3, deprecated, library, project)2018-05-19leptonyu
yam-web (deprecated)60.0Yam Web (deprecated, library, mit, program, project)2018-05-28leptonyu
yaml-pretty-extras (deprecated)170.0Extra functionality for pretty printing Yaml documents. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2018-06-28locallycompact
yaop (deprecated in favor of optparse-applicative, cmdtheline, argparser, cmdargs)60.0Yet another option parser (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2012-09-09EugeneSmolanka
yesod-examples (deprecated)360.0Example programs using the Yesod Web Framework. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, program, web, yesod)2012-01-19MichaelSnoyman
yesod-routes (deprecated in favor of yesod-core)220.0Efficient routing for Yesod. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-07-26MichaelSnoyman
yesod-s3 (deprecated)30.0Simple Helper Library for using Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) with Yesod (deprecated, library, mit, yesod)2014-05-12TvH
yesod-table (deprecated in favor of colonnade, yesod-colonnade)170.0HTML tables for Yesod (deprecated, library, mit, web)2016-03-28andrewthad
yesod-tableview (deprecated)40.0Table view for Yesod applications (bsd3, deprecated, library, yesod)2011-02-14ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
yi-contrib (deprecated in favor of yi-fuzzy-open, yi-snippet)170.0Add-ons to Yi, the Haskell-Scriptable Editor (deprecated, development, editor, gpl, library)2014-10-14CoreyOConnor, DmitryIvanov, JeffWheeler, MateuszKowalczyk
yi-gtk (deprecated in favor of yi)40.0The Haskell-Scriptable Editor, helper package (deprecated, editor, library)2008-10-06GwernBranwen, JeanPhilippeBernardy
yi-vty (deprecated in favor of yi)40.0The Haskell-Scriptable Editor, helper package (deprecated, editor, library)2008-10-06GwernBranwen, JeanPhilippeBernardy
youtube (deprecated)140.0Upload video to YouTube via YouTube API (bsd3, deprecated, program, web)2017-07-28HenningThielemann
zalgo (deprecated in favor of functional-kmp)130.0Z-algorithm implemented on haskell's built-in cons-cell-based lists. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library)2015-09-01mniip
zeromq4-clone-pattern (deprecated in favor of zeromq4-patterns)60.0Haskell implementation of the ZeroMQ clone pattern. (bsd3, deprecated, library, program, system)2018-04-28hverr
zifter (deprecated)140.0zifter (deprecated, library, mit, zift)2018-05-09Norfair
zifter-cabal (deprecated)70.0zifter-cabal (deprecated, library, mit, zift)2017-12-20Norfair
zifter-git (deprecated)30.0zifter-git (deprecated, library, mit, zift)2017-12-20Norfair
zifter-google-java-format (deprecated)30.0zifter-google-java-format (deprecated, library, mit, zift)2017-12-20Norfair
zifter-hindent (deprecated)50.0zifter-hindent (deprecated, library, mit, zift)2017-12-20Norfair
zifter-hlint (deprecated)40.0zifter-hlint (deprecated, library, mit, zift)2017-12-20Norfair
zifter-stack (deprecated)110.0zifter-stack (deprecated, library, mit, zift)2018-01-11Norfair
zlib-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)220.0Streaming compression/decompression via conduits. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)2014-04-02MichaelSnoyman