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HSlippyMap642.0OpenStreetMap Slippy Map (bsd3, geography, library)2018-05-11apeyroux
flight-kml160.0Parsing of pilot tracklogs dumped as KML. (data, flight, geography, gps, kml, library, mpl, parsing, xml)2018-09-11philderbeast
geocode-google100.0Geocoding using the Google Web API (bsd3, geography, library)2015-10-08mdanish
geodetics1700.0Terrestrial coordinate systems and geodetic calculations. (bsd3, geography, library)2019-01-12PaulJohnson
handa-geodata110.0Geographic and Geometric Data (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, program)2014-04-27BrianBush
hcoord130.0Easily convert between latitude/longitude, UTM and OSGB. (bsd3, geography, library, program)2017-03-13dfrancesconi
hgeos530.0Simple Haskell bindings to GEOS C API (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, text)2016-08-10rcook
hills350.0Generate STL models from SRTM elevation data. (bsd3, geography, program)2017-07-23djf
jord390.0Geographical Position Calculations (bsd3, geography, library, program)2018-12-08CedricLiegeois
mapalgebra430.0Efficient, polymorphic Map Algebra. (bsd3, geography, library)2019-01-01fosskers
osm-conduit100.0Parse and operate on OSM data in efficient way (bsd3, data, geography, library)2016-03-05przembot
vectortiles1600.0GIS Vector Tiles, as defined by Mapbox. (bsd3, geography, library)2018-04-03fosskers