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BerkeleyDB460.0Berkeley DB binding (bsd3, database, library)JohnMcCall, StephenBlackheath
BerkeleyDBXML380.0Berkeley DB XML binding (bsd3, database, library)StephenBlackheath
CouchDB210.0CouchDB interface (bsd3, database, library)GaneshSittampalam, SimonMichael
CurryDB30.0CurryDB: In-memory Key/Value Database (benchmark, bsd3, database, library, program)HideyukiTanaka
DBlimited50.0A command-line SQL interface for flat files (tdf,csv,etc.) (bsd3, database, program)JohnMayer
DSH500.0Database Supported Haskell (bsd3, database, library, program)GeorgeGiorgidze, JeroenWeijers, AlexUlrich, AlexUlrich2
FerryCore90.0Ferry Core Components (bsd3, database, library)JeroenWeijers
HDBC790.0Haskell Database Connectivity (bsd3, database, library)ErikHesselink, IsaacJones, JohnGoerzen, NicolasWu
HDBC-mysql550.0MySQL driver for HDBC (database, lgpl, library)BryanOSullivan, ChrisWaterson, ryantm
HDBC-odbc690.0ODBC driver for HDBC (bsd3, database, library)IsaacJones, JohnGoerzen, NicolasWu, anton_dessiatov
HDBC-postgresql450.0PostgreSQL driver for HDBC (bsd3, database, library)ErikHesselink, IsaacJones, JohnGoerzen, NicolasWu
HDBC-postgresql-hstore (deprecated)20.0Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns. (database, deprecated, library, mit)AlexanderBondarenko
HDBC-session130.0Bracketed connection for HDBC (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino
HDBC-sqlite3370.0Sqlite v3 driver for HDBC (bsd3, database, library)ErikHesselink, IsaacJones, JohnGoerzen
HGraphStorage50.0Graph database stored on disk (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)JeanPhilippeMoresmau
HandlerSocketClient90.0Haskell implementation of a HandlerSocket client (API). (bsd3, database, library)XingboWu
HaskRel30.0HaskRel, Haskell as a DBMS with support for the relational algebra (database, gpl, library)thormick
HongoDB30.0A Simple Key Value Store (bsd3, database, library)HideyukiTanaka
IPv6DB150.0A RESTful Web Service for IPv6-related data (bsd3, database, library, network, program)MichelBoucey
JunkDB30.0 (bsd3, database, library)seagull
JunkDB-driver-gdbm40.0 (bsd3, database, library)seagull
JunkDB-driver-hashtables20.0 (bsd3, database, library)seagull
KyotoCabinet30.0Kyoto Cabinet DB bindings (bsd3, database, library)WarrenHarris
LambdaDB42.0On-memory Database using Lambda Function environment. (bsd3, database, library, program)Ailrun
MetaHDBC60.0Statically checked database access (database, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
Neks40.0Simple networked key/value store (database, library, mit, program)wyager
OrchestrateDB40.0Unofficial Haskell Client Library for the API (bsd3, database, library)dwd31415
PCLT-DB (deprecated)40.0An addon to PCLT package: enchance PCLT catalog with PostgreSQL powers. (database, deprecated, lgpl, library)AndreySisoyev
Pathfinder210.0Relational optimiser and code generator (bsd3, database, ffi, library)GeorgeGiorgidze, JeroenWeijers, AlexUlrich
PostgreSQL40.0Thin wrapper over the C postgresql library (database, library)IanLynagh
RefSerialize310.0Write to and read from ByteStrings maintaining internal memory references (bsd3, data, database, library, parsing)AlbertoCorona
SQLDeps20.0Calculate db-data dependencies of functions (bsd3, database, library)AlexanderThiemann
Sysmon80.0Sybase 15 sysmon reports processor (bsd3, database, library)VitaliyRukavishnikov
TCache570.0A Transactional cache with user-defined persistence (bsd3, data, database, library)AlbertoCorona
TableAlgebra70.0Ferry Table Algebra (bsd3, database, library)JeroenWeijers
Tables60.0A client for Quill databases (bsd3, database, program)NatePisarski
Takusen212.0Database library with left-fold interface, for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, ODBC. (bsd3, database)AlistairBayley, DonaldStewart, JasonDagit
acid-state4292.5Add ACID guarantees to any serializable Haskell data structure. (benchmark, database, library, public-domain)DavidHimmelstrup, DavidJohnson, JeremyShaw
acid-state-dist20.0A replication backend for acid-state (benchmark, database, library, mit)maxvoit
acid-state-tls50.0Add TLS support for Data.Acid.Remote (database, library, public-domain)JeremyShaw
algebra-dag40.0Infrastructure for DAG-shaped relational algebra plans (bsd3, database, library)AlexUlrich2
algebra-sql40.0Relational Algebra and SQL Code Generation (bsd3, database, library, program)AlexUlrich2
anki-tools40.0Tools for interacting with Anki database (bsd3, database, library, program)zohl
anydbm80.0Interface for DBM-like database systems (database, gpl, library)JohnGoerzen
arena40.0A journaled data store (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)AlecHeller, davean
basex-client40.0A BaseX client for Haskell (database, library, mit)MatthijsSteen
bbdb110.0Ability to read, write, and examine BBDB files (database, gpl, library)HenryLaxen
beam32.0A type-safe SQL mapper for Haskell that doesn't use Template Haskell (database, library, mit)TravisAthougies
beam-th72.0Template Haskell utilities for beam (bsd3, database, library, template-haskell)hesiod
berkeleydb40.0Pretty BerkeleyDB v4 binding. (bsd3, database, library)DavidHimmelstrup
bindings-monetdb-mapi20.0Low-level bindings for the MonetDB API (mapi) (bsd3, database, library)muesli4
bindings-sophia50.0Low-level bindings to sophia library (bsd3, database, library)EyalLotem
blacktip50.0Decentralized, k-ordered unique ID generator. (apache, benchmark, database, library)bitemyapp
bloodhound551.75ElasticSearch client library for Haskell (bsd3, database, library, search)MichaelXavier, bitemyapp, ChrisAllen
bolt150.0Bolt driver for Neo4j (bsd3, database, library)bflyblue
cassandra-cql142.25Haskell client for Cassandra's CQL protocol (bsd3, database, library)StephenBlackheath, kayceesrk
cassandra-thrift300.0thrift bindings to the cassandra database (database, library)KirkPeterson, OzgunAtaman
cassy100.0A high level driver for the Cassandra datastore (bsd3, database, library)OzgunAtaman
cayley-client280.0A Haskell client for the Cayley graph database (bsd3, database, library)MichelBoucey
classy-influxdb-simple150.0Super simple InfluxDB package in Classy-MTL style (bsd3, database, library)schalmers
consumers220.0Concurrent PostgreSQL data consumers (bsd3, concurrency, database, library)MikhailGlushenkov, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive, trin_cz
couch-hs140.0A CouchDB view server for Haskell. (database, library, program, public-domain)PeterSagerson
couch-simple10.0A modern, lightweight, complete client for CouchDB (database, library, mit)mdorman
couchdb-conduit400.0Couch DB client library using http-conduit and aeson (bsd3, conduit, database, library)AlexanderDorofeev
couchdb-enumerator140.0Couch DB client library using http-enumerator and aeson (bsd3, database, library, web)JohnLenz
cql140.0Cassandra CQL binary protocol. (database, library)ToralfWittner
cql-io202.0Cassandra CQL client. (database, library, mpl)ToralfWittner
cypher80.0Haskell bindings for the neo4j "cypher" query language (bsd3, database, library)SamAnklesaria
data-basic90.0A database library with a focus on ease of use, type safety and useful error messages (database, library, mit)darwin226
database-migrate90.0Database versioning and migration (experimental) (bsd3, database, library)MarkHibberd
database-study30.0Demonstrate how a database can be implemented the functional way (bsd3, database, library, monads)HenningThielemann
datalog60.0An implementation of datalog in Haskell (bsd3, database, library, program)TristanRavitch
dawdle30.0Generates DDL suggestions based on a CSV file (database, library, mit, program)arnon
dbcleaner100.0Clean database tables automatically around hspec tests (database, library, mit)jsl, sestrella, goetzc
dbf70.0Read and write XBase ".dbf" files (database, library, public-domain)JamesCook
dbm100.0A *simple* database migration tool. (bsd3, database, program)RickyElrod
dbmigrations300.0An implementation of relational database "migrations" (bsd3, database, library, program)JonathanDaugherty
dbmigrations-mysql10.0The dbmigrations tool built for MySQL databases (bsd3, database, library, program)JonathanDaugherty
dbmigrations-postgresql30.0The dbmigrations tool built for PostgreSQL databases (bsd3, database, program)JonathanDaugherty
dbmigrations-sqlite30.0The dbmigrations tool built for SQLite databases (bsd3, database, program)JonathanDaugherty
direct-sqlite600.0Low-level binding to SQLite3. Includes UTF8 and BLOB support. (bsd3, database, library)IreneKnapp, JanneHellsten
doi40.0Automatic Bibtex and fulltext of scientific articles (database, library, mit, program)johannesgerer
drifter150.0Simple schema management for arbitrary databases. (database, library, mit)MichaelXavier, andrewrademacher
drifter-postgresql90.0PostgreSQL support for the drifter schema migration tool (database, library, mit)MichaelXavier
dsh-sql30.0SQL backend for Database Supported Haskell (DSH) (bsd3, database, library, program)AlexUlrich2
dynamodb-simple90.0Typesafe library for working with DynamoDB database (bsd3, database, library)ondrap
edis30.0Statically typechecked client for Redis (database, library, mit)TingYenLai
elm-export-persistent60.0elm-export persistent entities (data, database, library, mit, web)WilliamCasarin
erd90.0An entity-relationship diagram generator from a plain text description. (database, development, program, public-domain)burntsushi
esqueleto1372.0Type-safe EDSL for SQL queries on persistent backends. (bsd3, database, library)MichaelSnoyman, bitemyapp
eventful-core170.0Core module for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)jdreaver
eventful-dynamodb120.0Library for eventful DynamoDB event stores (aws, database, eventsourcing, library, mit)jdreaver
eventful-memory130.0In-memory implementations for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)jdreaver
eventful-postgresql150.0Postgres implementations for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit, postgresql)jdreaver
eventful-sql-common140.0Common library for SQL event stores (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)jdreaver
eventful-sqlite130.0SQLite implementations for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit, sqlite)jdreaver
eventful-test-helpers130.0Common module used for eventful tests (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)jdreaver
eventstore620.0EventStore TCP Client (bsd3, database, library)YorickLaupa
ez-couch (deprecated)130.0A high level static library for working with CouchDB (couchdb, database, deprecated, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
genders30.0Bindings to libgenders. (database, library, mit)MathieuBoespflug
geoip2240.0Pure haskell interface to MaxMind GeoIP database (bsd3, database, library)ondrap
gitson130.0A document store library for Git + JSON. (benchmark, database, git, json, library, public-domain)myfreeweb
grakn80.0A Haskell client for < Grakn> (apache, database, graphs, library)graknlabs
graql50.0Execute Graql queries on a Grakn graph (apache, database, graphs, library)aelred
gremlin-haskell40.0Graph database client for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server (bsd3, database, library, program)nakaji_dayo
gridfs30.0GridFS (MongoDB file storage) implementation (database, library)btubbs
groundhog380.0Type-safe datatype-database mapping library. (bsd3, database, library)BorisLykah
groundhog-converters20.0Extended Converter Library for groundhog embedded types (bsd3, database, groundhog, library)scottmurphy09
groundhog-inspector140.0Type-safe datatype-database mapping library. (bsd3, database, library, program)BorisLykah
groundhog-mysql190.0MySQL backend for the groundhog library. (bsd3, database, library)BorisLykah
groundhog-postgresql282.0PostgreSQL backend for the groundhog library. (bsd3, database, library)BorisLykah
groundhog-sqlite250.0Sqlite3 backend for the groundhog library (bsd3, database, library)BorisLykah
groundhog-th302.0Type-safe datatype-database mapping library. (bsd3, database, library)BorisLykah
hRESP20.0haskell implementation of RESP (REdis Serialization Protocol). (bsd3, database, library)YiHuang
hSimpleDB60.0Interface to Amazon's SimpleDB service. (bsd3, database, library, network, web)DavidHimmelstrup
hamsql82.0Interpreter for SQL-structure definitions in YAML (YamSql) (database, gpl, library, program)quabla
hasbolt550.0Haskell driver for Neo4j 3+ (BOLT protocol) (bsd3, database, library)zmactep
hascas80.0Cassandra driver for haskell (apache, database, library)eklavya
haskell-disque70.0Client library for the Disque datastore (bsd3, database, library)ArekCzarnik
haskell-neo4j-client410.0A Haskell neo4j client (database, library, mit)asilvestre
haskell-tyrant70.0Haskell implementation of the Tokyo Tyrant binary protocol (bsd3, database, library)PeterScott, TravisBrady
haskelldb190.0A library of combinators for generating and executing SQL statements. (bsd3, database, library)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-connect-hdbc (deprecated)10.0Bracketed HDBC session for HaskellDB (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-mtl (deprecated)10.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-mtl (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-tf (deprecated)10.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-transformers (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-transformers (deprecated)10.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-transformers (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)KeiHibino
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-lifted (deprecated)20.0Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using lifted-base (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)KeiHibino
haskelldb-dynamic30.0HaskellDB support for the dynamically loaded drivers. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-flat40.0An experimental HaskellDB back-end in pure Haskell (no SQL) (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hdbc170.0HaskellDB support for HDBC. (bsd3, database, library)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hdbc-mysql60.0HaskellDB support for the HDBC MySQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)AndrewMiller
haskelldb-hdbc-odbc130.0HaskellDB support for the HDBC ODBC driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql140.0HaskellDB support for the HDBC PostgreSQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3130.0HaskellDB support for the HDBC SQLite driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql40.0HaskellDB support for HSQL. (bsd3, database, library)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-mysql30.0HaskellDB support for the HSQL MySQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-odbc30.0HaskellDB support for the HSQL ODBC driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-oracle20.0HaskellDB support for the HSQL Oracle driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-postgresql30.0HaskellDB support for the HSQL PostgreSQL driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-sqlite30.0HaskellDB support for the HSQL SQLite driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-hsql-sqlite330.0HaskellDB support for the HSQL SQLite3 driver. (bsd3, database, library, program)BjornBringert, JustinBailey
haskelldb-th100.0Template Haskell utilities for HaskellDB. (bsd3, database, library)JustinBailey
haskelldb-wx20.0HaskellDB support for WXHaskell. (bsd3, database, library)JustinBailey
haskey260.0A transactional, ACID compliant, embeddable key-value store. (bsd3, database, library)hverr
haskey-btree210.0B+-tree implementation in Haskell. (bsd3, database, library)hverr
haskey-mtl270.0A monad transformer supporting Haskey transactions. (bsd3, database, library)hverr
hasparql-client30.0This package enables to write SPARQL queries to remote endpoints. (bsd3, database, library, semantic-web)LuizDamascena
hasql1180.0An efficient PostgreSQL driver and a flexible mapping API (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
hasql-backend (deprecated in favor of hasql)130.0API for backends of "hasql" (database, deprecated, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
hasql-class40.0Encodable and Decodable classes for hasql (bsd3, database, hasql, library, postgresql)jkarni
hasql-cursor-query60.0A declarative abstraction over PostgreSQL Cursor (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)NikitaVolkov
hasql-cursor-transaction70.0An abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)NikitaVolkov
hasql-migration80.0PostgreSQL Schema Migrations (bsd3, database, library)TvH
hasql-optparse-applicative90.0"optparse-applicative" parsers for "hasql" (database, hasql, library, mit, options, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
hasql-pool160.0A pool of connections for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
hasql-postgres (deprecated in favor of hasql)320.0A "PostgreSQL" backend for the "hasql" library (benchmark, database, deprecated, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
hasql-postgres-options (deprecated in favor of hasql-optparse-applicative)80.0An "optparse-applicative" parser for "hasql-postgres" (database, deprecated, library, mit, options)NikitaVolkov
hasql-th60.0Template Haskell utilities for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, template-haskell)NikitaVolkov
hasql-transaction320.0A composable abstraction over the retryable transactions for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
hdbc-aeson50.0Deserialize from HDBC rows to FromJSON instances (database, library, mit)DanielChoi
hdbc-postgresql-hstore (deprecated in favor of HDBC-postgresql-hstore)30.0Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns. (database, deprecated, library, mit)AlexanderBondarenko
hdbc-tuple40.0Type save tuples for HDBC (database, gpl, library)RickKaudewitz
hdbi50.0Haskell Database Independent interface (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
hdbi-conduit30.0Conduit glue for HDBI (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
hdbi-postgresql50.0PostgreSQL driver for hdbi (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
hdbi-sqlite40.0SQlite driver for HDBI (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
hedis882.25Client library for the Redis datastore: supports full command set, pipelining. (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)FalkoPeters, k_bx
hedis-config60.0Easy trivial configuration for Redis (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
hedis-monadic170.0A la MonadReader for Redis connection (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
hedis-pile160.0Caching mandatory data with Redis (bsd3, database, library)AlexanderDorofeev
hedis-simple10.0A simplified API for hedis (database, library, mit)IanDuncan
hedis-tags70.0Tags for hedis (bsd3, database, library)AlexanderDorofeev
hesql190.0Haskell's embedded SQL (database, gpl, program)ChristophBauer
higher-leveldb900.0A rich monadic API for working with leveldb databases. (bsd3, database, library)jeremyjh
hmemdb210.0In-memory relational database (bsd3, data, database, library)MiguelMitrofanov
hocilib60.0FFI binding to OCILIB (bsd3, database, ffi, library, ocilib, oracle)Thierry
hpqtypes210.0Haskell bindings to libpqtypes (bsd3, database, library)GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive
hpqtypes-extras110.0Extra utilities for hpqtypes library (bsd3, database, library)MikhailGlushenkov, jonathanjouty_scrive
hs-cdb40.0A library for reading CDB (Constant Database) files. (bsd3, database, library)AdamSmith
hsSqlite3150.0Sqlite3 bindings (database, lgpl, library)EvgenyJukov, MauricioAntunes
hscassandra60.0cassandra database interface (bsd3, database, library)KirkPeterson
hsparql350.0A SPARQL query generator and DSL, and a client to query a SPARQL server. (bsd3, database, library)JeffWheeler, RobStewart
hsql140.0Database access from Haskell. (bsd3, database, library)BjornBringert, NickRudnick
hsql-mysql (deprecated)100.0MySQL driver for HSQL. (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)BjornBringert, NickRudnick
hsql-odbc110.0A Haskell Interface to ODBC. (bsd3, database, library)BjornBringert, NickRudnick
hsql-postgresql180.0A Haskell Interface to PostgreSQL via the PQ library. (bsd3, database, library)BjornBringert, NickRudnick
hsql-sqlite3130.0SQLite3 driver for HSQL. (bsd3, database, library)BjornBringert, NickRudnick
hssqlppp370.0SQL parser and type checker (bsd3, database, language, library)JakeWheat
hssqlppp-th80.0hssqlppp extras which need template-haskell (bsd3, database, language, library)JakeWheat
hw-kafka-client262.0Kafka bindings for Haskell (database, library, mit)alexeyraga
hw-kafka-conduit212.0Conduit bindings for hw-kafka-client (database, library, mit)alexeyraga
hypher60.0A Haskell neo4j client (database, library, mit)jetaggart
hzk110.0Haskell client library for Apache Zookeeper (bsd3, database, library)DiegoSouza
influxdb520.0Haskell client library for InfluxDB (bsd3, database, library)MitsutoshiAoe
io-storage170.0A key-value store in the IO monad. (bsd3, data, database, library, system)WillDonnelly
json-state50.0Keep program state in JSON files. (data, database, library, public-domain)akrasner
json2-hdbc40.0Support JSON for SQL Database. (bsd3, database, json, library)YuriyIskra
keyvaluehash100.0Pure Haskell key/value store implementation (bsd3, database, library)EyalLotem
kyotocabinet80.0Mid level bindings to Kyoto Cabinet (bsd3, database, library)FrancescoMazzoli, YurasShumovich
language-sqlite50.0Full parser and generator for SQL as implemented by SQLite3 (bsd3, database, language, library)IreneKnapp
leveldb-haskell280.0Haskell bindings to LevelDB (bsd3, database, ffi, library)KimAltintop
leveldb-haskell-fork90.0Haskell bindings to LevelDB (bsd3, database, ffi, library)ifesdjeen
libinfluxdb80.0libinfluxdb (database, library, mit)wereHamster
libpq120.0libpq binding for Haskell (bsd3, database, library)GrantMonroe
lmdb160.0Lightning MDB bindings (bsd2, database, library)dmbarbour
lmdb-simple120.0Simple API for LMDB (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)RobLeslie
mallard1990.0Database migration and testing as a library. (database, library, mit, program)
mbtiles240.0Haskell MBTiles client. (bsd3, database, library)jmc41493
mealstrom22.0Manipulate FSMs and store them in PostgreSQL. (control, database, library, mit)amx
memcache100.0A memcached client library. (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)DavidTerei
memcached-binary60.0memcached client using binary protocol. (database, library, mit)HirotomoMoriwaki
memo-sqlite20.0memoize functions using SQLite3 database (bsd3, database, library)ClaudeHeilandAllen
monad-persist90.0An mtl-style typeclass and transformer for persistent. (database, library)lexi_lambda
monarch160.0Monadic interface for TokyoTyrant. (bsd3, database, library)NoriyukiOhkawa
monetdb-mapi20.0Mid-level bindings for the MonetDB API (mapi) (bsd3, database, library)muesli4
mongoDB1060.0Driver (client) for MongoDB, a free, scalable, fast, document DBMS (apache, benchmark, database, library)FedorGogolev, GregWeber, ScottParish, TonyHannan, VictorDenisov
mongodb-queue190.0message queue using MongoDB (database, library, mit)GregWeber
muesli40.0A simple document-oriented database (database, library, mit)CalinArdelean
mysql450.0A low-level MySQL client library. (bsd3, database, library)BryanOSullivan, paulrouse
mysql-effect30.0An extensible mysql effect using extensible-effects and mysql-simple (database, effect, library, mit)ibotty
mysql-haskell192.25pure haskell MySQL driver (bsd3, database, library)winterland
mysql-haskell-nem50.0Adds a interface like mysql-simple to mysql-haskell. (bsd3, database, library)lorenzo
mysql-haskell-openssl40.0TLS support for mysql-haskell package using openssl (bsd3, database, library)winterland
mysql-simple940.0A mid-level MySQL client library. (bsd3, database, library)BryanOSullivan, paulrouse
mysql-simple-quasi30.0Quasi-quoter for use with mysql-simple. (bsd3, database, library)NeilBrown
mysql-simple-typed60.0Typed extension to mysql simple (bsd3, database, library)tolysz
narc90.0Query SQL databases using Nested Relational Calculus embedded in Haskell. (bsd3, database, library)EzraCooper
opaleye302.5An SQL-generating DSL targeting PostgreSQL (bsd3, database, library)tomjaguarpaw
opaleye-classy70.0Opaleye wrapped up in classy MTL attire. (database, library, mit)BenKolera
opaleye-sqlite30.0An SQL-generating DSL targeting SQLite (bsd3, database, library)tomjaguarpaw
opaleye-trans280.0A monad transformer for Opaleye (bsd3, database, library, program)wraithm
orchestrate60.0An API client for (apache, database, library)EricRochester
perdure50.0Robust persistence for acyclic immutable data (database, library, program)PatrickPremont
peregrin70.0Database migration support for use in other libraries. (database, library, mit)BardurArantsson
persist2er40.0Transforms persist's quasi-quoted syntax into ER format (database, gpl, program)fgaray
persistable-record370.0Binding between SQL database values and haskell records. (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino
persistable-types-HDBC-pg80.0HDBC and Relational-Record instances of PostgreSQL extended types (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino
persistent3820.0Type-safe, multi-backend data serialization. (database, library, mit, yesod)FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
persistent-audit90.0Parses a Persist Model file and produces Audit Models (bsd3, database, library, persistent, program, yesod)mchaver
persistent-cereal20.0Helper functions for writing Persistent instances (database, library, public-domain)DaniilFrumin
persistent-database-url32.0Parse DATABASE_URL into configuration types for Persistent (database, library, mit)jferris, jsteiner
persistent-hssqlppp20.0Declare Persistent entities using SQL SELECT query syntax (bsd3, database, library)IlyaPortnov
persistent-instances-iproute30.0Persistent instances for types in iproute (bsd3, database, library)sickmind
persistent-iproute50.0Persistent instances for types in iproute (bsd3, database, library)sickmind
persistent-mongoDB850.0Backend for the persistent library using mongoDB. (database, library, mit)GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi
persistent-mysql550.0Backend for the persistent library using MySQL database server. (database, library, mit, yesod)FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MaxGabriel
persistent-mysql-haskell170.0A pure haskell backend for the persistent library using MySQL database server. (database, library, mit, program, yesod)naushadh
persistent-odbc70.0Backend for the persistent library using ODBC (database, library, mit, yesod)gbwey
persistent-parser40.0Parse persistent model files (bsd3, database, library, persistent, yesod)mchaver
persistent-postgresql1060.0Backend for the persistent library using postgresql. (database, library, mit, yesod)FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi
persistent-protobuf60.0Template-Haskell helpers for integrating protobufs with persistent. (bsd3, database, library)MichaelStone
persistent-ratelimit50.0A library for rate limiting activities with a persistent backend. (database, library, mit)jp_rider
persistent-redis180.0Backend for persistent library using Redis. (bsd3, database, library)PavelRyzhov
persistent-relational-record40.0relational-record on persisten backends. (bsd3, database, library)TakahiroHimura
persistent-sqlite1660.0Backend for the persistent library using sqlite3. (database, library, mit, yesod)GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi
persistent-template1950.0Type-safe, non-relational, multi-backend persistence. (database, library, mit, yesod)FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
persistent-zookeeper70.0Backend for persistent library using Zookeeper. (bsd3, database, library)ikehara, junjihashimoto
pg30.0Mid-level PostgreSQL client library (bsd3, database, library)charmander
pg-store152.0Simple storage interface to PostgreSQL (bsd3, database, library)vapourismo
pgsql-simple (deprecated in favor of postgresql-simple)20.0A mid-level PostgreSQL client library. (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)ChrisDone
pipes-mongodb30.0Stream results from MongoDB (database, library, mit)WilliamCasarin
pipes-postgresql-simple (deprecated in favor of streaming-postgresql-simple, streaming-utils)90.0Convert various postgresql-simple calls to work with pipes (database, deprecated, library, mit, pipes)OliverCharles
pipes-sqlite-simple20.0Functions that smash Pipes and sqlite-simple together (bsd3, database, library)NickPartridge
plist-buddy10.0Remote monad for editing plists (bsd3, database, library)AndyGill
pool (deprecated in favor of resource-pool)210.0Thread-safe resource pools. (deprecated) (bsd3, data, database, deprecated, library, yesod)MichaelSnoyman
pool-conduit (deprecated in favor of resource-pool)130.0Resource pool allocations via ResourceT. (deprecated) (conduit, database, deprecated, library, mit, yesod)MichaelSnoyman
positron140.0Experiment (apache, database, library)
postgresql-binary840.0Encoders and decoders for the PostgreSQL's binary format (benchmark, codecs, database, library, mit, parsing, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
postgresql-config42.0Types for easy adding postgresql configuration to your program (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
postgresql-cube20.0Cube support for postgresql-simple (database, library, mit)inaimathi
postgresql-error-codes50.0PostgreSQL error codes (database, error-handling, library, mit, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
postgresql-libpq1350.0low-level binding to libpq (bsd3, database, library)LeonSmith
postgresql-orm162.5An ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and migrations DSL for PostgreSQL. (database, gpl, library, program)AmitLevy, DavidMazieres
postgresql-query342.0Sql interpolating quasiquote plus some kind of primitive ORM using it (bsd3, database, library)AlekseyUymanov
postgresql-schema180.0PostgreSQL Schema Management (bsd3, database, library, program)markfine
postgresql-simple1352.75Mid-Level PostgreSQL client library (bsd3, database, library)LeonSmith
postgresql-simple-bind90.0FFI-like bindings for PostgreSQL stored functions (bsd3, database, library)zohl
postgresql-simple-migration190.0PostgreSQL Schema Migrations (bsd3, database, library, program)ameingast
postgresql-simple-opts280.0An optparse-applicative parser for postgresql-simple's connection options (bsd3, database, library)JonathanFischoff
postgresql-simple-typed40.0Typed extension for PostgreSQL simple (bsd3, database, library)tolysz
postgresql-syntax (deprecated)40.0PostgreSQL SQL syntax utilities (database, deprecated, library, mit, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
postgresql-transactional52.0a transactional monad on top of postgresql-simple (database, library, mit)patrick_thomson
postgresql-typed270.0PostgreSQL interface with compile-time SQL type checking, optional HDBC backend (bsd3, database, library)DylanSimon
postgresql-typed-lifted30.0postgresql-typed operations lifted to any instance of MonadBase or MonadBaseControl. (bsd3, database, library)misandrist
presto-hdbc40.0An HDBC connector for Presto (apache, database, library)thomasjm
pure-cdb90.0Another pure-haskell CDB (Constant Database) implementation (bsd3, database, library)BorisSukholitko
qudb30.0Quite Useless DB (database, lgpl, program)JanStepien
redis500.0A driver for Redis key-value database (database, library, mit)AlexanderBogdanov, GaneshSittampalam
redis-hs210.0A simple Redis library for Haskell (database, library, mit)WillLangstroth
redis-io130.0Yet another redis client. (benchmark, database, library, mpl)ToralfWittner
redis-simple60.0Simple redis bindings for Haskell (bsd3, database, library)JasperVanDerJeugt
refurb60.0Tools for maintaining a database (bsd3, database, library)dridus, asariley
relational-postgresql830.0PostgreSQL v8.x driver for haskell-relational-record (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino, yuga
relational-query1380.0Typeful, Modular, Relational, algebraic query engine (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino
relational-query-HDBC650.0HDBC instance of relational-query and typed query interface for HDBC (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino, yuga
relational-record250.0Meta package of Relational Record (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino
relational-record-examples230.0Examples of Haskell Relationa Record (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino, yuga
relational-schemas530.0RDBMSs' schema templates for relational-query (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino, yuga
resource-pool1742.0A high-performance striped resource pooling implementation (bsd3, data, database, library, network)BasVanDijk, BryanOSullivan
resource-pool-catchio40.0Fork of resource-pool, with a MonadCatchIO constraint (bsd3, data, database, library, network)JurrienStutterheim
rethinkdb350.0A driver for RethinkDB 2.2 (apache, benchmark, database, library)EtienneLaurin, codedmart
rethinkdb-client-driver340.0Client driver for RethinkDB (benchmark, database, library, mit)wereHamster
rethinkdb-model30.0Useful tools for modeling data with rethinkdb (database, library, mit)seanhess
rethinkdb-wereHamster (deprecated)20.0RethinkDB driver for Haskell (apache, database, deprecated, library)wereHamster
rivet-autoimporter40.0Database migration library; automatic importer. (bsd3, database, program)DanielPatterson
rivet-core50.0Database migration library; core functionality. (bsd3, database, library)DanielPatterson
rocksdb-haskell3560.0Haskell bindings to RocksDB (bsd3, database, ffi, library)AlexanderThiemann, Artyom, gromak
seakale202.0Pure SQL layer on top of other libraries (bsd3, database, library)thoferon
seakale-postgresql260.0PostgreSQL backend for Seakale (bsd3, database, library)thoferon
seakale-tests220.0Helpers to test code using Seakale (bsd3, database, library)thoferon
sednaDBXML50.0Sedna C API XML Binding (database, ffi, gpl, library)EricJones
selda600.0Type-safe, high-level EDSL for interacting with relational databases. (database, library, mit)AntonEkblad
selda-postgresql380.0PostgreSQL backend for the Selda database EDSL. (database, library, mit)AntonEkblad
selda-sqlite240.0SQLite backend for the Selda database EDSL. (database, library, mit)AntonEkblad
servant-db-postgresql50.0Derive a postgres client to database API specified by servant-db (bsd3, database, library)NCrashed
servant-postgresql (deprecated in favor of servant)30.0Useful functions and instances for using servant with a PostgreSQL context (bsd3, database, deprecated, library, web)AlpMestanogullari
shake-extras20.0Extra utilities for shake build systems (bsd3, database, library)AustinSeipp
shapefile40.0Parser and related tools for ESRI shapefile format (database, library, public-domain)JamesCook
simple-sql-parser120.0A parser for SQL queries (bsd3, database, language, library)JakeWheat
simplest-sqlite170.0Simplest SQLite3 binding (bsd3, database, library)YoshikuniJujo
sirkel20.0Sirkel, a Chord DHT (bsd3, concurrency, concurrent, data-structures, database, distributed-computing, library)MortenLysgaard
snaplet-riak40.0A Snaplet for the Riak database (database, library, mit)PaulWilson, lambda_foo
snaplet-sedna40.0Snaplet for Sedna Bindings. Essentailly a rip of snaplet-hdbc. (database, gpl, library)EricJones
sophia40.0Bindings to Sophia library (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)EyalLotem
sphinx460.0Haskell bindings to the Sphinx full-text searching daemon. (bsd3, database, library, search, text)ChrisEidhof, GregWeber, paulrouse
sphinx-cli30.0Sphinx CLI and demo of Haskell Sphinx library (bsd3, database, program, search, text)EelcoLempsink
sql-simple40.0common middle-level sql client. (database, library, mit)HirotomoMoriwaki
sql-simple-mysql30.0mysql backend for sql-simple (database, library, mit)HirotomoMoriwaki
sql-simple-pool10.0conection pool for sql-simple (database, library, mit)HirotomoMoriwaki
sql-simple-postgresql50.0postgresql backend for sql-simple (database, library, mit)HirotomoMoriwaki
sql-simple-sqlite60.0sqlite backend for sql-simple (database, library, mit)HirotomoMoriwaki
sql-words170.0SQL keywords data constructors into OverloadedString (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino
sqlcipher80.0Haskell binding to sqlcipher (bsd3, database, library)figo
sqlcli130.0Sql Call-Level Interface bindings for Haskell. (bsd3, database, library)mihaigiurgeanu
sqlcli-odbc230.0Specific ODBC definitions to be used by SQL CLI clients. (bsd3, database, library)mihaigiurgeanu
sqlite (deprecated in favor of sqlite-simple)200.0Haskell binding to sqlite3 (bsd3, database, deprecated, library)AdamWick, AudreyTang, DonaldStewart
sqlite-simple510.0Mid-Level SQLite client library (bsd3, database, library)JanneHellsten
sqlite-simple-errors110.0Wrapper around errors from sqlite-simple (bsd3, database, library)jmc41493
sqlite-simple-typed10.0Typed extension to sqlite simple (bsd3, database, library)tolysz
sqlvalue-list30.0Class and instances for conversion to list of SqlValue. (bsd3, database, library)YuriyIskra
squeal-postgresql440.0Squeal PostgreSQL Library (bsd3, database, library, program)echatav
streaming-postgresql-simple100.0Stream postgresql-query results using the streaming library (bsd3, database, library)OliverCharles
structured-mongoDB50.0Structured MongoDB interface (database, gpl, library)DeianStefan
ta20.0Transito Abierto: convenience library when using Takusen and Oracle. (bsd3, database, library)LeonelFonseca
tablestorage70.0Azure Table Storage REST API Wrapper (api, bsd3, database, library, web)PhilFreeman
takusen-oracle90.0Database library with left-fold interface for Oracle. (bsd3, database, library)PavelRyzhov
tcache-AWS30.0tcache using Amazon Web Services as default persistence mechanism (bsd3, database, library)AlbertoCorona
tccli30.0TokyoCabinet CLI interface (bsd3, database, program)JaroslavGridin
templatepg90.0A PostgreSQL access library with compile-time SQL type inference (database, library, mit)ChrisForno
tempodb150.0A small Haskell wrapper around the TempoDB api. (bsd3, database, library)ParnellSpringmeyer
text-postgresql90.0Parser and Printer of PostgreSQL extended types (bsd3, database, library)KeiHibino
tokyocabinet-haskell120.0Haskell binding of Tokyo Cabinet (bsd3, database, library)TomTsuruhara
tokyotyrant-haskell60.0FFI bindings to libtokyotyrant (bsd3, database, library)GregoryCollins
traildb190.0TrailDB bindings for Haskell (benchmark, database, library, mit)Adeon
tripLL20.0A very simple triple store (database, library, mit)apho
tx20.0Persistent transactions on top of STM. (database, library, mit)MichaelSchroeder
txt-sushi150.0The SQL link in your *NIX chain (bsd3, console, database, library, program)KeithSheppard
typedquery60.0Parser for SQL augmented with types (bsd3, database, library)tolysz
vcache120.0semi-transparent persistence for Haskell using LMDB, STM (bsd3, database, library)dmbarbour
vcache-trie110.0patricia tries modeled above VCache (bsd3, database, library)dmbarbour
wai-middleware-cache-redis130.0Redis backend for wai-middleware-cache (bsd3, database, library, web)AlexanderDorofeev
wheb-mongo30.0MongoDB plugin for Wheb (bsd3, database, library)hansonkd
yeshql580.0YesQL-style SQL database abstraction (database, library, mit)TobiasDammers
yesod-persistent720.0Some helpers for using Persistent from Yesod. (database, library, mit, web, yesod)MichaelSnoyman, psibi
yesod-session-redis30.0Redis-Powered Sessions for Haskell (bsd3, database, library)olihunt
yxdb-utils50.0Utilities for reading and writing Alteryx .yxdb files (database, gpl, library, program)MichaelBurge