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hasql2950.0An efficient PostgreSQL driver and a flexible mapping API (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2018-06-16NikitaVolkov
hasql-class150.0Encodable and Decodable classes for hasql (bsd3, database, hasql, library, postgresql)2018-02-09jkarni
hasql-cursor-query450.0A declarative abstraction over PostgreSQL Cursor (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2018-05-23NikitaVolkov
hasql-cursor-transaction220.0An abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2017-11-01NikitaVolkov
hasql-optparse-applicative800.0"optparse-applicative" parsers for "hasql" (database, hasql, library, mit, options, postgresql)2018-05-24NikitaVolkov
hasql-pool990.0A pool of connections for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2018-05-24NikitaVolkov
hasql-th130.0Template Haskell utilities for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, template-haskell)2016-04-04NikitaVolkov
hasql-transaction1250.0A composable abstraction over the retryable transactions for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2018-05-23NikitaVolkov
json-pointer-hasql80.0JSON Pointer extensions for Hasql (hasql, json, library, mit)2016-04-04NikitaVolkov