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ascii85-conduit30.0Conduit for encoding ByteString into Ascii85 (bsd3, conduit, data, library)KazuoKoga
atom-conduit600.0Streaming parser/renderer for the Atom 1.0 standard (RFC 4287). (conduit, library, public-domain, xml)koral
attoparsec-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)900.0Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit, parsing)MichaelSnoyman
base64-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-combinators)70.0Base64-encode and decode streams of bytes. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)MichaelSnoyman
binary-conduit980.0data serialization/deserialization conduit library (conduit, library, mit)AlexanderVershilov, MathieuBoespflug
bits-conduit30.0Bitstream support for Conduit (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library)HideyukiTanaka
blaze-builder-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)470.0Convert streams of builders to streams of bytestrings. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)MichaelSnoyman
cereal-conduit520.0Turn Data.Serialize Gets and Puts into Sources, Sinks, and Conduits (bsd3, conduit, library)MichaelSnoyman, MylesMaxfield
conduit93062.5Streaming data processing library. (conduit, data, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
conduit-algorithms790.0Conduit-based algorithms (conduit, library, mit)luispedro
conduit-combinators3420.0Commonly used conduit functions, for both chunked and unchunked data (conduit, data, library, mit)MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
conduit-connection140.0Conduit source and sink for Network.Connection. (bsd3, conduit, library, network)slomo
conduit-extra46210.0Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries. (conduit, data, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
conduit-iconv200.0Conduit for character encoding conversion. (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, library, text)slomo
conduit-merge130.0Merge multiple sorted conduits (bsd3, conduit, library)cblp
conduit-parse210.0Parsing framework based on conduit. (conduit, library, public-domain, text)koral
conduit-resumablesink40.0Allows conduit to resume sinks to feed multiple sources into it. (bsd3, conduit, data, library)AndrewMiller
conduit-tokenize-attoparsec100.0Conduits for tokenizing streams. (bsd3, conduit, data, library, program)newhoggy, haskellworks
couchdb-conduit450.0Couch DB client library using http-conduit and aeson (bsd3, conduit, database, library)AlexanderDorofeev
crypto-conduit560.0Conduit interface for cryptographic operations (from crypto-api). (bsd3, conduit, cryptography, library)FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman
cryptohash-conduit880.0cryptohash conduit (bsd3, conduit, cryptography, library)VincentHanquez
cryptonite-conduit2490.0cryptonite conduit (bsd3, conduit, cryptography, library)MichaelSnoyman, VincentHanquez
csv-conduit1910.0A flexible, fast, conduit-based CSV parser library for Haskell. (bsd3, conduit, csv, data, library, text)MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
decoder-conduit20.0Conduit for decoding ByteStrings using Data.Binary.Get (bsd3, conduit, library)hansonkd
filesystem-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-combinators)200.0Use system-filepath data types with conduits. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
fluent-logger-conduit60.0Conduit interface for fluent-logger (conduit, library, network)NoriyukiOhkawa
fold-debounce-conduit180.0Regulate input traffic from conduit Source with Control.FoldDebounce (bsd3, conduit, library)debugito
fsnotify-conduit40.0Get filesystem notifications as a stream of events (conduit, data, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
ftp-conduit50.0FTP client package with conduit interface based off http-conduit (bsd3, conduit, library, network)MylesMaxfield
html-conduit1310.0Parse HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes. (conduit, library, mit, text, web)MichaelSnoyman
http-conduit41912.0HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support. (bsd3, conduit, library, web)MichaelSnoyman
http-conduit-browser370.0Browser interface to the http-conduit package (bsd3, conduit, library, web)MikhailKuddah, MylesMaxfield
hw-conduit270.0Conduits for tokenizing streams. (benchmark, conduit, data, library, mit)haskellworks
hw-eliasfano90.0Elias-Fano (bsd3, conduit, data, library)haskellworks
hw-excess180.0Excess (bsd3, conduit, data, library)haskellworks
hw-json312.0Memory efficient JSON parser (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library, program)haskellworks
hw-mquery160.0Conduits for tokenizing streams. (conduit, data, library, mit, program)haskellworks
hw-rankselect542.0Rank-select (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library, program)haskellworks
hw-succinct250.0Succint datastructures (conduit, data, library, mit)newhoggy, haskellworks
imagesize-conduit260.0Determine the size of some common image formats. (bsd3, conduit, graphics, library)AdamBergmark, FelipeLessa, MichaelSnoyman, lostbean, mbrock
jsonrpc-conduit140.0JSON-RPC 2.0 server over a Conduit. (conduit, gpl, library)GabrieleSales
lz4-conduit60.0LZ4 compression for conduits (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library, program)scm
lzma-conduit440.0Conduit interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library)NathanHowell
network-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)520.0Stream socket data using conduits. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library, network)MichaelSnoyman
opml-conduit270.0Streaming parser/renderer for the OPML 2.0 format. (conduit, library, public-domain, text, xml)koral
pool-conduit (deprecated in favor of resource-pool)150.0Resource pool allocations via ResourceT. (deprecated) (conduit, database, deprecated, library, mit, yesod)MichaelSnoyman
process-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)280.0Conduits for processes (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, deprecated, library, system)HideyukiTanaka, MichaelSnoyman
req-conduit140.0Conduit helpers for the req HTTP client library (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, library, network, web)mrkkrp
resourcet87440.0Deterministic allocation and freeing of scarce resources. (bsd3, conduit, data, library)MichaelSnoyman
rss-conduit630.0Streaming parser/renderer for the RSS standard. (conduit, library, public-domain, xml)koral
sandi4630.0Data encoding library (benchmark, bsd3, codec, conduit, library)MagnusTherning
shell-conduit710.0Write shell scripts with Conduit (bsd3, conduit, library, scripting)ChrisDone, psibi
simple-conduit190.0A simple streaming I/O library based on monadic folds (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library)JohnWiegley
stm-conduit670.0Introduces conduits to channels, and promotes using conduits concurrently. (bsd3, concurrency, conduit, library)AlexanderVershilov, ClarkGaebel
stomp-conduit60.0Stompl Conduit Client (client, conduit, lgpl, library, message-oriented-middleware, network, stomp)TobiasSchoofs
tagstream-conduit940.0streamlined html tag parser (bsd3, conduit, library, web)MichaelSnoyman, YiHuang
twitter-conduit530.0Twitter API package with conduit interface and Streaming API support. (bsd3, conduit, library, web)TakahiroHimura
udp-conduit92.0Simple fire-and-forget conduit UDP wrappers (conduit, data, library)kqr
wai-conduit620.0conduit wrappers for WAI (conduit, library, mit, web)MichaelSnoyman
xinput-conduit60.0Conduit of keys pressed by xinput (bsd3, conduit, library)ChrisDone
xml-conduit34302.0Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with XML with the conduit package. (conduit, library, mit, xml)MichaelSnoyman, koral
xml-conduit-parse220.0Streaming XML parser based on conduits. (conduit, library, text, xml)koral
zip-conduit80.0Working with zip archives via conduits. (benchmark, bsd3, codec, conduit, library)TimCherganov
zip-stream130.0ZIP archive streaming using conduits (bsd3, codec, conduit, library, program)DylanSimon
zlib-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)520.0Streaming compression/decompression via conduits. (deprecated) (bsd3, conduit, data, deprecated, library)MichaelSnoyman