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haskell-pdf-presenter220.0Tool for presenting PDF-based presentations. (application, gpl, graphics, image-viewer, pdf, program)2014-01-20MichaelAdams
hpdft230.0A tool for looking through PDF file using Haskell (library, mit, pdf, program)2022-08-18keiichiroShikano
manatee-pdfviewer310.0PDF viewer extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, pdf, pdf-viewer, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
pdf-toolbox-content380.0A collection of tools for processing PDF files (bsd3, library, pdf)2021-04-28YurasShumovich
pdf-toolbox-core412.0A collection of tools for processing PDF files. (bsd3, library, pdf)2021-04-28YurasShumovich
pdf-toolbox-document330.0A collection of tools for processing PDF files. (bsd3, library, pdf)2021-04-30YurasShumovich
pdf-toolbox-viewer110.0Simple pdf viewer (bsd3, pdf, program)2015-10-16YurasShumovich
pdfname300.0Name a PDF file using information from the pdfinfo command (mit, pdf, program)2017-07-30AndresSicardRamirez
pdfsplit40.0split two-column PDFs, so there is one column per page (bsd3, pdf, program, utils)2011-04-01DanielWagner
pdftotext10.0Extracts text from PDF using poppler (bsd3, library, pdf, program, text)2020-12-01geyaeb