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Gifcurry472.0GIF creation utility. (application, bsd3, graphics, library, program)lettier
Hmpf40.0An MPD client designed for a Home Theatre PC (application, gpl, program)TomBevan
LambdaINet90.0Graphical Interaction Net Evaluator for Optimal Evaluation (application, bsd3, program)PaulLiu
ar-timestamp-wiper40.0Wipes time stamps from .a files (like ar -D) (application, library, mit, program)NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
bein (deprecated)130.0Bein is a provenance and workflow management system for bioinformatics. (application, deprecated, gpl, program)FrederickRoss
black-jewel30.0The pirate bay client. (application, gpl, program)DmitryBogatov
cantor40.0Application for analysis of java source code (application, bsd3, program, source-code-analysis)klangner
choose-exe30.0Command-line program to choose random element from a stream. (apache, application, library, program)chris_martin
coin70.0Simple account manager (application, gpl, program)piotrborek
cursedcsv52.0Terminal tool for viewing tabular data (application, bsd3, program)GershomBazerman
download-media-content20.0Simple tool to download images from RSS feeds (e.g. Flickr, Picasa) (application, bsd3, program)JasperVanDerJeugt
epub-tools270.0Command line utilities for working with epub files (application, bsd3, console, program)DinoMorelli
epubname (deprecated in favor of epub-tools)80.0Rename epub ebook files based on meta information (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program)DinoMorelli
follower30.0Follow Tweets anonymously (application, console, gpl, program, web)EmreBasar
ghclive40.0Interactive Haskell interpreter in a browser. (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program, web)ShaeErisson
gotta-go-fast170.0A command line utility for practicing typing (application, bsd3, program)callum_oakley
graph-rewriting-cl (deprecated in favor of graph-rewriting-trs)20.0Interactive graph rewriting system implementing various well-known combinators (application, bsd3, deprecated, graphs, program)JanRochel
graph-rewriting-lambdascope360.0Lambdascope, an optimal evaluator of the lambda calculus, as an interactive graph-rewriting system (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)JanRochel
graph-rewriting-ski340.0Two evalutors of the SKI combinator calculus as interactive graph rewrite systems (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)JanRochel
graph-rewriting-trs180.0Evaluate first-order applicative term rewrite systems interactively using graph reduction (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)JanRochel
graph-rewriting-ww140.0Evaluator of the lambda-calculus in an interactive graph rewriting system with explicit sharing (application, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, program)JanRochel
haskell-pdf-presenter50.0Tool for presenting PDF-based presentations. (application, gpl, graphics, image-viewer, pdf, program)MichaelAdams
hoodle200.0Executable for hoodle (application, gpl, library, program)IanWooKim
hoodle-core260.0Core library for hoodle (application, bsd3, library)IanWooKim
hoodle-extra20.0extra hoodle tools (application, gpl, program)IanWooKim
hoodle-publish110.0publish hoodle files as a static web site (application, bsd3, library, program)IanWooKim
hscrtmpl90.0Haskell shell script template (application, console, program, scripting)DinoMorelli
hxournal240.0A pen notetaking program written in haskell (application, bsd3, library, program)IanWooKim
iptadmin140.0web-interface for iptables (application, bsd3, program, system, tools, web)EvgenyTarasov
lsystem10.0Paint an L-System Grammar (application, bsd3, program)CarlosGomez
opn50.0Open files or URLs using associated programs. (application, bsd3, console, program)AndersClaesson
pb20.0pastebin command line application (application, bsd3, console, network, program, utils)DominikPicheta
photoname170.0Rename photo image files based on EXIF shoot date (application, bsd3, console, program)DinoMorelli
squeeze1220.0A file-packing application. (application, gpl, library, program, utils)AlistairWard
sshtun30.0Wrapper daemon to manage an ssh tunnel (application, bsd3, network, program)DinoMorelli
themplate60.0Project templating tool (application, bsd3, console, development, program, template)BennoFuenfstueck
thimk (deprecated in favor of spelling-suggest)50.0Command-line spelling word suggestion tool (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program, text)BartonMassey
traypoweroff40.0Tray Icon application to PowerOff / Reboot computer (application, bsd3, program)LuisCabellos
xkcd40.0Downloads the most recent xkcd comic. (application, bsd3, program)RobertSelvek
xournal-convert60.0convert utility for xoj files (application, bsd3, library, program)IanWooKim