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audiovisual10.0A battery-included audiovisual framework (bsd3, data, library, records)FumiakiKinoshita
bookkeeper120.0Anonymous records and overloaded labels (benchmark, bsd3, data-structures, library, program, records)jkarni, aminb
bookkeeper-permissions10.0Permissions for bookkeeper records (bsd3, data-structures, library, records)pkamenarsky
composite-aeson460.0JSON for Vinyl/Frames records (bsd3, library, records)dridus, asariley
composite-aeson-refined370.0composite-aeson support for Refined from the refined package (bsd3, library, records)dridus, asariley
composite-base480.0Shared utilities for composite-* packages. (bsd3, library, records)dridus, asariley
composite-ekg450.0EKG Metrics for Vinyl/Frames records (bsd3, library, records)dridus, asariley
composite-opaleye480.0Opaleye SQL for Frames records (bsd3, library, records)dridus, asariley
data-diverse390.0Extensible records and polymorphic variants. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, records)louispan
data-diverse-lens60.0Isos & Lens for Data.Diverse.Many and Prisms for Data.Diverse.Which (bsd3, data, library, records)louispan
extensible550.0Extensible, efficient, optics-friendly data types and effects (bsd3, data, library, monads, records)FumiakiKinoshita
generic-lens272.0Generic data-structure operations exposed as lenses. (bsd3, generics, lens, library, records)kcsongor
generic-records50.0Magic record operations using generics (bsd3, generics, library, records)kcsongor
microgroove130.0Array-backed extensible records (bsd3, library, records)
named-records130.0Flexible records with named fields. (data, library, mit, records)JulianFleischer
rawr20.0Anonymous extensible records (benchmark, bsd3, library, records)pkmx
record250.0Anonymous records (control, data-structures, library, mit, records)NikitaVolkov
record-aeson20.0Instances of "aeson" classes for the "record" types (data, json, library, mit, records)NikitaVolkov
record-preprocessor80.0Compiler preprocessor introducing a syntactic extension for anonymous records (benchmark, compiler, library, mit, preprocessor, program, records)NikitaVolkov
record-syntax40.0A library for parsing and processing the Haskell syntax sprinkled with anonymous records (benchmark, library, mit, parser, preprocessor, records, syntax)NikitaVolkov
records160.0A flexible record system (bsd3, data, library, records)WolfgangJeltsch
ruin20.0Pliable records (bsd3, data, library, records)NicolasFrisby
vinyl322.0Extensible Records (benchmark, library, mit, records)AnthonyCowley, JonSterling