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Elm (deprecated in favor of elm-compiler)650.0The Elm language module. (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)EvanCzaplicki
KiCS220.0A compiler from Curry to Haskell (compiler, library, program)BerndBrassel, BjoernPeemoeller
ajhc132.0Haskell compiler that produce binary through C language (compiler, gpl, library, program)KiwamuOkabe
alpha350.0A compiler for the Alpha language (bsd3, compiler, program)MarcCoiffier
annah10.0Medium-level language that desugars to Morte (bsd3, compiler, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
bond230.0Bond schema compiler and code generator (code-generation, compiler, language, library, mit, program)sapek, chwarr
cao50.0CAO Compiler (compiler, cryptography, gpl, language, program)paufil, tfaoliveira, mbbarbosa
circ70.0A Compiler IR Compiler. (bsd3, compiler, language, library)TomHawkins
core-compiler80.0compile your own mini functional language with Core (compiler, language, library, mit, program)aneksteind
dataflow210.0Generate Graphviz documents from a Haskell representation. (bsd3, code-generation, compiler, graphs, library, program)owickstrom
dhall440.0A configuration language guaranteed to terminate (bsd3, compiler, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
dhall-bash240.0Compile Dhall to Bash (bsd3, compiler, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
dhall-json470.0Compile Dhall to JSON or YAML (bsd3, compiler, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
dhall-nix390.0Dhall to Nix compiler (bsd3, compiler, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
dhall-text150.0Template text using Dhall (bsd3, compiler, program)GabrielGonzalez
elm-bridge122.0Derive Elm types and Json code from Haskell types (bsd3, compiler, language, library, web)AlexanderThiemann, SimonMarechal
elm-build-lib (deprecated)30.0Compile Elm code to JS within Haskell (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library)jeremondi
elm-compiler (deprecated)60.0Values to help with elm-package, elm-make, and (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, library, program)EvanCzaplicki
elm-core-sources40.0Source files for the Elm runtime and standard libraries (bsd3, compiler, language, library)jeremondi
elm-reactor (deprecated)80.0Interactive development tool for Elm programs (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)EvanCzaplicki
elm-server (deprecated in favor of elm-reactor)200.0Server for developing Elm projects (bsd3, compiler, deprecated, language, program)EvanCzaplicki
feldspar-compiler200.0Compiler for the Feldspar language (benchmark, bsd3, compiler, library)AndersPersson, EmilAxelsson
flite70.0f-lite compiler, interpreter and libraries (bsd3, compiler, library)JasonReich
formal20.0A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)AndrewStein
forml50.0A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)AndrewStein
gf530.0Grammatical Framework (compiler, library, natural-language-processing, program)KrasimirAngelov, ThomasHallgren
hackager90.0Hackage testing tool (bsd3, compiler, ghc, program, testing)DavidTerei
haskelm60.0Elm to Haskell translation (bsd3, compiler, language, library, program)jeremondi
haste-compiler760.0Haskell To ECMAScript compiler (bsd3, compiler, javascript, program, web)AntonEkblad
hcc30.0A toy C compiler. (bsd3, compiler, program)TomHawkins
helium40.0The Helium Compiler. (compiler, gpl, library, program)JurriaanHage
hgom100.0An haskell port of the java version of gom (compiler, gpl, program)PaulBrauner
hs2bf70.0Haskell to Brainfuck compiler (bsd3, compiler, program)DaikiHanda
lambda2js31.5Untyped Lambda calculus to JavaScript compiler (compiler, gpl, program)MatejKollar
lambdacube-compiler60.0LambdaCube 3D is a DSL to program GPUs (bsd3, compiler, graphics, library)CsabaHruska
lhc240.0LHC Haskell Compiler (compiler, public-domain)AustinSeipp, DavidHimmelstrup
maxsharing60.0Maximal sharing of terms in the lambda calculus with letrec (bsd3, compiler, graphs, program)JanRochel
morte412.25A bare-bones calculus of constructions (benchmark, bsd3, compiler, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
ntha50.0A tiny statically typed functional programming language. (bsd3, compiler, language, library, program)zjhsdtc
optimusprime70.0A supercompiler for f-lite (bsd3, compiler, language, program, program-transformation)JasonReich
pcf30.0A one file compiler for PCF (compiler, library, mit)jozefg
platinum-parsing30.0General Framework for compiler development. (bsd3, cli, compilation, compiler, framework, lalr, lexer, library, parser, program)chlablak
record-preprocessor80.0Compiler preprocessor introducing a syntactic extension for anonymous records (benchmark, compiler, library, mit, preprocessor, program, records)NikitaVolkov
sjsp30.0Simple JavaScript Profiler (compiler, mit, program)itchyny
statechart50.0Compiles Rhapsody statecharts to C. (bsd3, compiler, program)TomHawkins
sunroof-compiler30.0Monadic Javascript Compiler (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, library, web)JanBracker
sunroof-examples40.0Tests for Sunroof (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, program, web)JanBracker
supero20.0A Supercompiler (bsd3, compiler, program)NeilMitchell
tiger70.0Tiger Compiler of Universiteit Utrecht (bsd3, compiler, program)ArieMiddelkoop