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WL500gPControl60.0A simple command line tools to control the Asus WL500gP router (bsd3, network, program, ui)2009-10-28VasylPasternak
butcher1020.0Chops a command or program invocation into digestable pieces. (bsd3, library, ui)2018-04-17lspitzner
fltkhs600.0FLTK bindings (graphics, gui, library, mit, program, ui, user-interfaces)2018-04-04deech
fltkhs-demos (deprecated)60.0FLTKHS demos. Please scroll to the bottom for more information. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-24deech
fltkhs-fluid-demos (deprecated)20.0Fltkhs Fluid Demos (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-24deech
fltkhs-fluid-examples (deprecated in favor of fltkhs-fluid-demos)40.0Fltkhs Fluid Examples (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-15deech
fltkhs-hello-world20.0Fltkhs template project (graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-15deech
frpnow-gtk320.0Program GUIs with GTK3 and frpnow! (bsd3, library, ui)2017-05-03gtsteel
load-font410.0A cross platform library for loading bundled fonts into your application (bsd3, font, graphics, gui, library, program, ui, user-interfaces)2018-04-15deech