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AutoForms70.0GUI library based upon generic programming (SYB3) (gui, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
DataTreeView40.0A GTK widget for displaying arbitrary Data.Data.Data instances (bsd3, debug, development, gui, library)DanielSchuessler
Gtk2hsGenerics30.0Convenience functions to extend Gtk2hs. (gpl, gui, library)MichaelDever
HGamer3D-CEGUI-Binding (deprecated in favor of HGamer3D)410.0A Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - CEGUI Bindings (deprecated, game-engine, gui, library)PeterAlthainz
SybWidget100.0Library which aids constructing generic (SYB3-based) widgets (gui, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
UISF120.0Library for Arrowized Graphical User Interfaces. (bsd3, gui, library)dwincort
WXDiffCtrl20.0WXDiffCtrl (bsd3, gui, library, user-interfaces)JeremyODonoghue
WxGeneric130.0Generic (SYB3) construction of wxHaskell widgets (gui, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
alsa-gui50.0Some simple interactive programs for sending MIDI control messages via ALSA (bsd3, gui, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
barrie70.0Declarative Gtk GUI library (gpl, gui, library)FraserWilson
binding-core70.0Data Binding (bsd3, gui, library, user-interfaces)GideonSireling
binding-gtk40.0Data Binding in Gtk2Hs (bsd3, gui, library, user-interfaces)GideonSireling
binding-wx50.0Data Binding in WxHaskell (bsd3, gui, library, user-interfaces)GideonSireling
clutterhs20.0Bindings to the Clutter animation library (gui, lgpl, library)MatthewArsenault
fltkhs1630.0FLTK bindings (graphics, gui, library, mit, program, ui, user-interfaces)deech
gladexml-accessor20.0Automagically declares getters for widget handles in specified interface file. (bsd3, gui, library)YakovZaytsev
glazier310.0Composable widgets framework with enhanced with transformers and lens. (bsd3, frp, gui, library)louispan
glazier-react170.0ReactJS binding using Glazier and Pipes.Fluid (bsd3, gui, library, web)louispan
glazier-react-examples60.0Examples of using glazier-react (bsd3, gui, program, web)louispan
glazier-react-widget170.0Generic widget library using glazier-react (bsd3, gui, library, web)louispan
grapefruit-examples180.0Examples using the Grapefruit library (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-ui180.0Declarative user interface programming (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-ui-gtk150.0GTK+-based backend for declarative user interface programming (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
gtk-toy30.0Convenient Gtk canvas with mouse and keyboard input. (bsd3, graphics, gui, library)MichaelSloan
gtk2hs-cast-glade50.0A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: glade package (gui, library)MarcoSilva
gtk2hs-cast-glib50.0A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: glib package (gui, library)MarcoSilva
gtk2hs-cast-gnomevfs60.0A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gnomevfs package (gui, library)MarcoSilva
gtk2hs-cast-gtk80.0A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gtk package (gui, library)MarcoSilva
gtk2hs-cast-gtkglext80.0A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gtkglext package (gui, library)MarcoSilva
gtk2hs-cast-gtksourceview270.0A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gtksourceview2 package (gui, library)MarcoSilva
gtk2hs-cast-th30.0A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: TH package (gui, library)MarcoSilva
gtk2hs-rpn100.0Adds a module to gtk2hs allowing layouts to be defined using reverse polish notation. (gui, lgpl, library)MauricioAntunes
gulcii30.0graphical untyped lambda calculus interactive interpreter (gpl, gui, music, program, sound)ClaudeHeilandAllen
happindicator340.0Binding to the appindicator library. (gui, lgpl, library)mlacorte
himerge60.0Haskell Graphical User Interface for Emerge (gpl, gui, program)LuisAraujo
hois20.0OIS bindings (bsd3, gui, library, program)DavidEichmann
hsqml1182.5Haskell binding for Qt Quick (bsd3, graphics, gui, library)RobinKay
hsqml-demo-samples60.0HsQML sample programs (bsd3, graphics, gui, program)RobinKay
lgtk220.0Lens GUI Toolkit (bsd3, gui, library, program)PeterDivianszky
live-sequencer140.0Live coding of MIDI music (gpl, gui, library, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
ltk462.0Leksah tool kit (gpl, gui, library)HamishMackenzie, JuergenNicklischFranken
midimory40.0A Memory-like (Concentration, Pairs, ...) game for tones (bsd3, game, gui, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
pianola (deprecated)30.0Remotely controlling Java Swing applications (deprecated, gui, jvm, library, mit)DanielDiazCarrete
reactive-banana-threepenny (deprecated in favor of threepenny-gui)10.0Examples for the reactive-banana library, using threepenny-gui. (bsd3, deprecated, frp, gui, library)HeinrichApfelmus
reactive-banana-wx400.0Examples for the reactive-banana library, using wxHaskell. (bsd3, frp, gui, library)HeinrichApfelmus
reflex-dom62.5Functional Reactive Web Apps with Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, html, javascript, library, reactive, reactivity, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)RyanTrinkle, abrar, sidraval
reflex-jsx12.0Use jsx-like syntax in Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, jsx, language, library, web)dackerman
sindre40.0A programming language for simple GUIs (bsd3, gui, library, program)TroelsHenriksen
slim40.0Functional reactive user interface programming (gui, library, mit)jvdp
sneathlane-haste20.0A compositional web UI library, which draws to a Canvas element (bsd2, gui, library)JasonPriestley
threepenny-gui852.25GUI framework that uses the web browser as a display. (bsd3, gui, library, web)HeinrichApfelmus, sjakobi
treersec10.0Structure Editing Combinators (bsd2, gui, library)JasonPriestley
typed-spreadsheet50.0Typed and composable spreadsheets (bsd3, gui, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
uni-graphs50.0Graphs (gui, lgpl, library)ChristianMaeder
uni-htk90.0Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs (gui, lgpl, library)ChristianMaeder
uni-uDrawGraph80.0Graphs binding (gui, lgpl, library)ChristianMaeder
wx642.0wxHaskell (gui, library, user-interfaces)AtzeDijkstra, DanielFischer, EricKow, HenkJanVanTuyl, JeremyODonoghue, KidoTakahiro
wxFruit90.0An implementation of Fruit using wxHaskell. (bsd3, frp, gui, library, program, reactivity)HenkJanVanTuyl, KidoTakahiro
wxc430.0wxHaskell C++ wrapper (gui, library, user-interfaces)AtzeDijkstra, HenkJanVanTuyl, JeremyODonoghue
wxcore960.0wxHaskell core (gui, library, user-interfaces)AtzeDijkstra, DanielFischer, EricKow, HenkJanVanTuyl, JeremyODonoghue, KidoTakahiro
wxdirect580.0helper tool for building wxHaskell (bsd3, gui, library, program, user-interfaces)AtzeDijkstra, DanielFischer, EricKow, HenkJanVanTuyl, JeremyODonoghue, KidoTakahiro
xtc40.0eXtended & Typed Controls for wxHaskell. (bsd3, gui, library, user-interfaces)AlanZimmerman, EricKow