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Frames-beam10.01A library for accessing Postgres tables as in-memory data structures. (bsd3, data, data-science, database, library)2018-09-
analyze20.01making data science easy and safe with data frames (bsd3, data-science, library)2017-01-, ocramz, NickSeagull, ejconlon, stites
hasklepias (deprecated)40.00embedded DSL for defining epidemiologic cohorts (bsd3, data-science, deprecated, library, program)2021-09-080.20.0bradleysaul
heidi22.00Tidy data in Haskell (data-mining, data-science, generics, library, mit, program)2021-06-170.3.0ocramz
javelin00.00Labeled one-dimensional arrays (data, data-science, data-structures, library, mit, program)2023-11-
mnist-idx-conduit92.01conduit utilities for MNIST IDX files (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-science, library, machine-learning)2021-05-
record-encode (deprecated in favor of heidi)20.01Generic encoding of records (bsd3, data, data-mining, data-science, deprecated, library, machine-learning)2019-01-230.2.3ocramz
rigel-viz20.00A mid-level wrapper for vega-lite (bsd3, data-science, graphics, library, visualization)2019-02-
sibe30.00Machine Learning algorithms (data-science, gpl, library, machine-learning, program, web)2017-05-