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Last U/L
AlignmentAlgorithms140.0Collection of alignment algorithms (algorithms, bioinformatics, data-structures, gpl, library, linguistics)2017-03-14ChristianHoener
BNFC630.0A compiler front-end generator. (development, gpl, library, program)2016-02-04AndreasAbel, GregoireDetrez, MarkusForsberg, ThomasHallgren
BNFC-meta690.0Deriving Parsers and Quasi-Quoters from BNF Grammars (development, gpl, library)2017-11-24JeanPhilippeBernardy, JonasDuregard
Baggins50.0Tools for self-assembly (gpl, library, math)2014-06-12pmeunier
BenchmarkHistory90.0Benchmark functions with history (benchmarking, gpl, library)2015-11-19ChristianHoener
BioHMM580.0Libary for Hidden Markov Models in HMMER3 format. (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2017-06-09FlorianEggenhofer
Biobase190.0Base library for bioinformatics (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2011-04-08ChristianHoener
BiobaseBlast130.0BLAST-related tools (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2017-09-28ChristianHoener
BiobaseDotP60.0Vienna / DotBracket / ExtSS parsers (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2011-08-22ChristianHoener
BiobaseFR3D150.0Importer for FR3D resources (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2012-02-16ChristianHoener
BiobaseFasta130.0conduit-based FASTA parser (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2013-12-06ChristianHoener
BiobaseInfernal480.0Infernal data structures and tools (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-03-14ChristianHoener
BiobaseMAF70.0Multiple Alignment Format (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2011-07-29ChristianHoener
BiobaseTrainingData160.0RNA folding training data (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2011-09-29ChristianHoener
BiobaseTurner360.0Import Turner RNA parameters (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2013-04-25ChristianHoener
BiobaseVienna370.0Import Vienna energy parameters (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2013-04-22ChristianHoener
BiobaseXNA900.0Efficient RNA/DNA/Protein Primary/Secondary Structure (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-11-23ChristianHoener
BlastHTTP280.0Libary to interface with the NCBI blast REST interface (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2018-03-12FlorianEggenhofer
BlogLiterately1470.0A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs (gpl, library, program, web)2018-01-31BrentYorgey, RobertGreayer
CMCompare130.0Infernal covariance model comparison (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2012-11-22ChristianHoener
ClustalParser410.0Libary for parsing Clustal tools output (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-03-12FlorianEggenhofer
ConcurrentUtils240.0Concurrent utilities (concurrency, gpl, library)2017-06-19JamesCandy
DAV1120.0RFC 4918 WebDAV support (gpl, library, program, web)2018-02-02ClintAdams
DMuCheck120.0Distributed Mutation Analysis framework for MuCheck (gpl, program, testing)2015-01-06RahulGopinath
Dao80.0Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind. (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2014-11-21RaminHonary
DiscussionSupportSystem70.0Discussion support system (gpl, library, system)2014-06-01minamiyama1994
DnaProteinAlignment40.0Frameshift-aware alignment of protein sequences with DNA sequences (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2013-12-18ChristianHoener
EntrezHTTP190.0Libary to interface with the NCBI Entrez REST service. (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2017-08-10FlorianEggenhofer
FComp110.0Compose music (gpl, library, music, program)2014-09-25JosePedroMagalhaes
FModExRaw (deprecated)150.0The Haskell FModEx raw API. (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)2013-12-29DimitriSabadie
FormalGrammars290.0(Context-free) grammars in formal language theory (bioinformatics, formal-languages, gpl, library, program)2017-08-31ChristianHoener
GLMatrix80.0Utilities for working with OpenGL matrices (gpl, graphics, library)2014-03-15fiendfan1
Gene-CluEDO110.0Hox gene clustering (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-09-11ChristianHoener
GenussFold70.0MCFGs for Genus-1 RNA Pseudoknots (bioinformatics, formal-languages, gpl, library, program)2015-07-16ChristianHoener
GoogleSuggest170.0Interface to Google Suggest API (browser, gpl, library)2010-10-01AndyStewart
GoogleTranslate140.0Interface to Google Translate API (gpl, language, library)2010-10-01AndyStewart
GrammarProducts230.0Grammar products and higher-dimensional grammars (bioinformatics, formal-languages, gpl, library)2017-03-14ChristianHoener
Graph500110.0Graph500 benchmark-related definitions and data set generator. (concurrency, gpl, library, program)2013-11-05AlexanderVershilov
GraphHammer50.0GraphHammer Haskell graph analyses framework inspired by STINGER. (concurrency, gpl, library)2013-11-05AlexanderVershilov
GraphHammer-examples70.0Test harness for TriangleCount analysis. (concurrency, gpl, library, program)2013-11-05AlexanderVershilov
HFrequencyQueue70.0A Queue with a random (weighted) pick function (data, gpl, library)2015-08-28Bellaz
HOpenCV380.0A binding for the OpenCV computer vision library (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-08NoamLewis
HaMinitel70.0An Haskell library to drive the french Minitel through a serial port (gpl, library, terminal)2014-07-12zigazou
Haggressive150.0Aggression analysis for Tweets on Twitter (gpl, library, web)2014-12-01Pold87
Hangman120.0The classic game of Hangman. (game, gpl, program)2015-08-18lf94
HarmTrace460.0Harmony Analysis and Retrieval of Music (gpl, music, program)2017-08-07BasDeHaas, JosePedroMagalhaes
HasCacBDD60.0Haskell bindings for CacBDD (data, gpl, library)2017-03-09m4lvin
HasGP50.0A Haskell library for inference using Gaussian processes (ai, classification, datamining, gpl, library, statistics)2011-10-26SeanHolden
HaskRel120.0HaskRel, Haskell as a DBMS with support for the relational algebra (database, gpl, library)2015-11-25thormick
Hungarian-Munkres190.0A Linear Sum Assignment Problem (LSAP) solver (algorithms, gpl, library)2014-10-08kaizhang
ImperativeHaskell382.0A library for writing Imperative style haskell. (control, development, embedded, gpl, language, library)2012-06-07MatthewMirman
Irc70.0DSL for IRC bots (gpl, library, network)2015-01-21yunxing
JackMiniMix (deprecated in favor of jackminimix)50.0control JackMiniMix (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)2010-08-22RenickBell
LazyVault70.0A simple sandboxing tool for Haskell packages. (development, gpl, program)2013-02-06KevinVanRooijen
Level050.0A Snake II clone written using SDL. (game, gpl, program)2012-04-29MikeLedger
MBot312.5Haskell interface for controlling the mBot educational robot (educational, gpl, library)2018-01-02cfscholl
MC-Fold-DP110.0Folding algorithm based on nucleotide cyclic motifs. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2012-11-12ChristianHoener
Modulo110.0Modular arithmetic via Numeric-Prelude (gpl, library, math)2013-08-08NikolayMurzin
MorseCode150.0Morse code (gpl, library, text)2010-10-14AndyStewart
MuCheck320.0Automated Mutation Testing (gpl, library, testing)2015-01-06RahulGopinath
MuCheck-HUnit150.0Automated Mutation Testing for HUnit tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-06RahulGopinath
MuCheck-Hspec160.0Automated Mutation Testing for Hspec tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-06RahulGopinath
MuCheck-QuickCheck120.0Automated Mutation Testing for QuickCheck tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-06RahulGopinath
MuCheck-SmallCheck110.0Automated Mutation Testing for SmallCheck tests (gpl, library, program, testing)2015-01-06RahulGopinath
MusicBrainz360.0interface to MusicBrainz XML2 and JSON web services (gpl, library, network)2018-03-14ClintAdams
MutationOrder110.0Most likely order of mutation events in RNA (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-10-24ChristianHoener
NameGenerator70.0A name generator written in Haskell (gpl, library, text)2016-10-03pommicket
NestedSampling110.0A port of John Skilling's nested sampling C code to Haskell. (gpl, library, statistics)2011-09-22IssacTrotts
NumberTheory110.0A library for number theoretic computations, written in Haskell. (gpl, library, math)2016-02-17cfredric
Nussinov78190.0Nussinov78 using the ADPfusion library. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2012-11-07ChristianHoener
PDBtools110.0A library for analysis of 3-D protein coordinates (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2012-06-03GrantRotskoff
Parry50.0A proven synchronization server for high performance computing. (gpl, library, parry)2014-04-01pmeunier
ParsecTools130.0Parsec combinators for more complex objects. (gpl, library, parsing)2010-09-22ChristianHoener
PastePipe270.0CLI for pasting to (gpl, library, program, utils)2015-04-25MateuszKowalczyk, RoganCreswick
Phsu130.0Personal Happstack Server Utils (gpl, program, web)2015-08-05utkarshl
Plural90.0Pluralize English words (gpl, language, library)2009-08-05AndyStewart
PortFusion260.0high-performance distributed reverse / forward proxy & tunneling for TCP (gpl, network, program, system)2012-08-19CetinSert
Pup-Events40.0A networked event handling framework for hooking into other programs. (gpl, library, networking, program, pup-events)2012-07-15DanielWilson
Pup-Events-Client140.0A networked event handling framework for hooking into other programs. (gpl, library, networking, pup-events)2012-08-16DanielWilson
Pup-Events-Demo130.0A networked event handling framework for hooking into other programs. (demo, gpl, networking, program, pup-events)2012-08-15DanielWilson
Pup-Events-PQueue60.0A networked event handling framework for hooking into other programs. (gpl, library, networking, pup-events)2012-07-15DanielWilson
Pup-Events-Server180.0A networked event handling framework for hooking into other programs. (gpl, library, networking, pup-events)2012-08-15DanielWilson
QuickCheckVariant290.0Generator of "valid" and "invalid" data in a type class (gpl, library, testing)2018-02-01sanjorgek
QuickPlot80.0Quick and easy data visualization with Haskell (gpl, graphics, library)2016-02-15tepf
RNAFold180.0RNA secondary structure prediction (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2013-12-06ChristianHoener
RNAFoldProgs100.0RNA secondary structure folding (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2010-09-23ChristianHoener
RNAdesign170.0Multi-target RNA sequence design (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2014-02-13ChristianHoener
RNAdraw90.0Draw RNA secondary structures (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2014-02-03ChristianHoener
RNAlien392.0Unsupervized construction of RNA family models (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-03-13FlorianEggenhofer
RNAwolf170.0RNA folding with non-canonical basepairs and base-triplets. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2011-09-29ChristianHoener
Referees70.0A utility for computing distributions of material to review among reviewers. (gpl, library, program, utils)2014-11-11PabloCouto
RollingDirectory50.0Limits the size of a directory's contents (file-manager, gpl, program, tools)2012-01-17FalcoHirschenberger
ScratchFs110.0Size limited temp filesystem based on fuse (gpl, program, system)2012-11-13FalcoHirschenberger
SelectSequencesFromMSA140.0Selects a representative subset of sequences from multiple sequence alignment. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-03-12FlorianEggenhofer
ShellCheck1332.0Shell script analysis tool (gpl, library, program, static-analysis)2017-12-09koala_man, vidarhol
SimpleTableGenerator50.0Simple table generator (gpl, library, text)2017-02-22klntsky
Sonnex140.0Sonnex is an alternative to Soundex for french language (gpl, library, natural-language-processing, text)2014-12-01zigazou
StatisticalMethods50.0Collection of useful statistical methods. (gpl, library, statistics)2011-08-22ChristianHoener
StockholmAlignment282.0Libary for Stockholm aligmnent format (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2018-01-15FlorianEggenhofer
Taxonomy140.0Libary for parsing, processing and vizualization of taxonomy data (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2017-08-10FlorianEggenhofer
TaxonomyTools90.0Tool for parsing, processing, comparing and visualizing taxonomy data (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2017-01-26FlorianEggenhofer
TeX-my-math100.0Render general Haskell math to LaTeX. Or: math typesetting with high signal-to-noise–ratio. (gpl, library, math)2017-11-02leftaroundabout
ThreadObjects70.0Mutable objects that reside in their own threads. (concurrency, gpl, library)2012-08-10TimothyHobbs
TigerHash60.0TigerHash with C implementation (cryptography, gpl, library)2010-04-16NikolayOrlyuk
Titim150.0Game for Lounge Marmelade (game, gpl, program)2015-03-25Jefffrey
TypingTester150.0Command Line Typing speed tester (game, gpl, program)2014-08-18AlanHawkins
ViennaRNAParser530.0Libary for parsing ViennaRNA package output (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2017-10-18FlorianEggenhofer
WordAlignment70.0Bigram word pair alignments. (gpl, library, linguistics, program)2017-03-14ChristianHoener
XMLParser192.0A library to parse xml (gpl, library, xml)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
acme-cutegirl92.0Maybe gives you a cute girl (acme, gpl, library, program)2014-01-27MateuszKowalczyk
adblock2privoxy560.0Convert adblock config files to privoxy format (gpl, program, web)2016-02-12zubr
ajhc312.0Haskell compiler that produce binary through C language (compiler, gpl, library, program)2013-12-18KiwamuOkabe
alga (deprecated)140.0Algorithmic automation for various DAWs (deprecated, gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-10mrkkrp
amqp-utils130.0Generic Haskell AMQP Consumer (gpl, network, program)2017-11-21woffs
anansi650.0Simple literate programming preprocessor (development, gpl, library, program)2015-06-05JohnMillikin
anansi-hscolour90.0Colorized looms for Anansi (development, gpl, library)2014-02-14JohnMillikin
anansi-pandoc100.0Looms which use Pandoc to parse and produce a variety of formats. (development, gpl, library)2014-03-18JohnMillikin
android80.0Android methods exposed to Haskell (gpl, library, system)2015-09-29IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
angle70.0A small, general-purpose programming language. (compilers-interpreters, gpl, library, program)2016-08-19GuiltyDolphin
animascii90.0text-file based ASCII animator (application, gpl, program)2018-03-16fffaaa
ansi-terminal-game150.0sdl-like functions for terminal applications, based on ansi-terminal (game, gpl, library)2018-03-18fffaaa
apelsin230.0Server and community browser for the game Tremulous (gpl, network, program)2013-06-26ChristofferOjeling
applicative-parsec50.0An applicative parser combinator library (gpl, language, library)2015-04-09KarlVoelker
arbtt970.0Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker (desktop, gpl, program)2018-03-30JoachimBreitner
arghwxhaskell60.0An interpreter for the Argh! programming language in wxHaskell. (gpl, language, program)2015-12-03HenkJanVanTuyl
arguedit90.0A computer assisted argumentation transcription and editing software. (argumentation, gpl, program)2014-07-12hrazel
array-forth120.0A simple interpreter for arrayForth, the language used on GreenArrays chips. (gpl, language, library, program)2015-01-17TikhonJelvis
ascii-vector-avc30.0Process Ascii Vectors for Advantest 93k (data, gpl, library, program)2014-10-15m
aterm80.0serialisation for Haskell values with sharing support (data, gpl, library, parsing)2011-08-04ChristianMaeder
attoparsec-arff50.0An ARFF file parser using Attoparsec (ai, data, gpl, library, text)2012-02-09PaulWilson
aur382.0Access metadata from the Arch Linux User Repository. (gpl, library, linux)2017-05-31fosskers
autom70.0Generates and displays patterns from next nearest neighbors cellular automata (gpl, graphics, library)2016-10-22infrared
avers332.0Server-side implementation of the Avers storage model (avers, gpl, library)2016-12-28wereHamster
awesome-prelude40.0A prelude which I can be happy with. Based on base-prelude. (gpl, library, prelude)2016-02-11kozross
azubi100.0A simple DevOps tool which will never "reach" enterprice level. (gpl, library, system)2017-10-14palo
base-io-access120.0The IO functions included in base delimited into small, composable classes (gpl, library, system)2015-02-11bheklilr
bbdb190.0Ability to read, write, and modify BBDB files (database, gpl, library)2017-12-14HenryLaxen
bein (deprecated)100.0Bein is a provenance and workflow management system for bioinformatics. (application, deprecated, gpl, program)2010-05-28FrederickRoss
benchmark-function50.0Test the time it takes to run a haskell function (gpl, library, testing)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
binary-derive70.0Automatic deriving of Binary using GHC.Generics (data, gpl, library)2011-11-05JaredHance
bindings-cctools50.0Bindings to the CCTools WorkQueue C library (ffi, gpl, library)2013-01-02BadiAbdulWahid
bindings-codec250.0Very low-level FFI bindings for Codec2 (bindings, codec, ffi, gpl, library, program)2014-10-31RickyElrod
bindings-nettle170.0bindings to nettle crypto library (bindings, gpl, library)2015-06-02ClintAdams
bindings-potrace40.0Low-level bindings to the potrace bitmap tracing library (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-10cchalmers
bindings-saga-cmd90.0Wrapping saga_cmd (gpl, library, math, program)2015-06-16michelk
bindynamic270.0A variation of Data.Dynamic.Dynamic with a Binary instance (data, gpl, library)2018-03-26lspitzner
black-jewel40.0The pirate bay client. (application, gpl, program)2013-05-21DmitryBogatov
blosum160.0BLOSUM generator (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2016-11-30GregorySchwartz
blubber50.0The blubber client; connects to the blubber server. (game, gpl, program)2015-06-30alexander
boolean-list90.0convert numbers to binary coded lists (data, gpl, library)2017-10-26AlanHawkins
boomange260.0A bookmarks manager with an HTML generator (gpl, program, web)2017-09-28mgmillani
bowntz60.0audio-visual pseudo-physical simulation of colliding circles (demo, gpl, program)2016-06-18ClaudeHeilandAllen
burst-detection70.0Burst detection algorithms (gpl, library, math)2013-11-08AlexanderVershilov
butterflies40.0butterfly tilings (gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-12-22ClaudeHeilandAllen
c2ats72.0Translate C code into ATS (gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-17KiwamuOkabe
c2hs1130.0C->Haskell FFI tool that gives some cross-language type safety (development, gpl, program)2017-11-25DuncanCoutts, IanRoss, deech
cabal-plan150.0Library and utiltity for processing cabal's plan.json file (development, gpl, library)2018-01-07HerbertValerioRiedel
cabal-rpm1322.0RPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal-based packages (distribution, gpl, program)2018-03-29BryanOSullivan, JensPetersen
cabal2spec360.0Convert Cabal files into rpm spec files (distribution, gpl, library, program)2018-04-18PeterSimons, YaakovNemoy
calculator482.0A calculator repl, with variables, functions & Mathematica like dynamic plots. (gpl, math, program)2016-10-10sumitsahrawat
caledon192.25a logic programming language based on the calculus of constructions (gpl, interpreter, language, program)2016-07-06MatthewMirman
carettah352.0A presentation tool written with Haskell. (gpl, graphics, program)2016-09-30KiwamuOkabe
carte42.0Carte: A commandline pastebin server. (gpl, network, program)2016-11-10cdetroye
cctools-workqueue40.0High-level interface to CCTools' WorkQueue library (distributed-computing, gpl, library)2013-01-02BadiAbdulWahid
cereal-derive40.0Automatic deriving of Serialize using GHC.Generics (data, gpl, library)2011-11-06JaredHance
cg40.0Parser for categorial grammars. (gpl, language, program)2015-05-29pepijnkokke
cgrep1240.0Command line tool (gpl, program, utils)2018-02-23awgn, NicolaBonelli
chain-codes80.0Library decoding chain codes from images (data, gpl, library)2014-03-16MateuszKowalczyk
citeproc-hs-pandoc-filter40.0A Pandoc filter for processing bibliographic references with citeproc-hs (gpl, program, text)2015-03-17AndreaRossato
clac70.0Simple CLI RPN calculator (gpl, math, program)2015-03-18alexander
classy-parallel30.0Fork of the monad-parallel package using monad-control (control, gpl, library)2012-07-31SamAnklesaria
clumpiness90.0Calculate the clumpiness of leaf properties in a tree (gpl, library, math)2016-02-09GregorySchwartz
cmv191.5Detailed visualization of CMs, HMMs and their comparisions (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-01-28FlorianEggenhofer
colour-space130.0Instances of the manifold-classes for colour types (data, gpl, graphics, library, maths)2017-10-30leftaroundabout
compilation80.0Haskell functionality for quickly assembling simple compilers. (compilers-interpreters, gpl, language, library)2013-08-20AndreiLapets
conductive-base100.0a library for live coding and real-time musical applications (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-27RenickBell
conductive-clock80.0a library for displaying musical time in a terminal-based clock (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-27RenickBell
conductive-hsc3140.0a library with examples of using Conductive with hsc3 (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-28RenickBell
conductive-song60.0a library of functions which are useful for composing music (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-27RenickBell
config-manager100.0Configuration management (configuration, data, gpl, library)2016-08-13guyonvarch
config-select60.0A small program for swapping out dot files. (gpl, program, system)2013-02-07TimothyHobbs
constrained-categories170.0Constrained clones of the category-theory type classes, using ConstraintKinds. (control, gpl, library)2018-02-20leftaroundabout
convert-annotation130.0Convert the annotation of a gene to another in a delimited file using a variety of different databases. (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-02-07GregorySchwartz
cpython220.0Bindings for libpython (foreign, gpl, library)2015-10-12JohnMillikin
cr60.0Code review tool (control, gpl, network, program, system)2012-12-03AlexandruScvortov
crocodile110.0An offline renderer supporting ray tracing and photon mapping (gpl, graphics, program)2011-09-29TomHammersley
ctpl70.0A programming language for text modification. (gpl, library, program, text)2016-04-05implementation
cv-combinators170.0Functional Combinators for Computer Vision (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-12NoamLewis
cyclotomic260.0A subfield of the complex numbers for exact calculation. (gpl, library, math)2017-12-13ScottWalck
daemonize-doublefork70.0Start background daemons by double-forking (gpl, library, web)2012-08-15AlexandruScvortov
daemons170.0Daemons in Haskell made fun and easy (control, gpl, library, network, program, system)2013-10-03AlexandruScvortov
dao30.0Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind. (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2014-11-21RaminHonary
darcs1570.0a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system (development, gpl, library)2018-04-04EricKow, FlorentBecker, GaneshSittampalam, GuillaumeHoffmann, JasonDagit, PetrRockai, ReinierLamers
darkplaces-demo60.0Utility and parser for DarkPlaces demo files (game, gpl, library, program)2015-02-12slava
darkplaces-rcon60.0Darkplaces rcon client library (game, gpl, library)2015-05-23slava
darkplaces-rcon-util40.0Darplaces rcon utility (game, gpl, library, program)2015-05-24slava
darkplaces-text100.0Parser for darkplaces colorful text (game, gpl, library)2015-05-23slava
data-list-sequences50.0Utilities for working with sequences within lists. (data, gpl, library)2011-08-13JonasKramer
dbus-client (deprecated in favor of dbus)180.0Monadic and object-oriented interfaces to DBus (deprecated, desktop, gpl, library, network)2012-06-23JohnMillikin
dbus-core (deprecated in favor of dbus)540.0Low-level D-Bus protocol implementation (deprecated, desktop, gpl, library, network)2012-06-23JohnMillikin
ddate30.0Discordian Date Types for Haskell (data, gpl, library)2016-06-30hellerve
decimal-literals50.0Preprocessing decimal literals more or less as they are (instead of via fractions) (gpl, library, math)2017-07-24leftaroundabout
derive-enumerable60.0Generic instances for enumerating complex data types (data, generics, gpl, library)2015-05-27mgoszcz2
descrilo120.0Loads a list of items with fields (configuration, data, gpl, library, parser)2017-09-28mgmillani
dice2tex40.0Convert a Diceware wordlist into a printer-ready LaTeX file. (gpl, program, text)2017-01-14mgmillani
dicom110.0A library for reading and writing DICOM files in the Explicit VR Little Endian transfer syntax. (data, gpl, library, medical)2015-12-11PhilFreeman, karchie
digestive-functors-aeson530.0Run digestive-functors forms against JSON (gpl, json, library, web)2018-03-22OliverCharles
dihaa60.0ASCII based Diagram drawing in Haskell (Idea based on ditaa) (gpl, graphics, program)2017-05-06wilde
diophantine110.0A quadratic diophantine equation solving library. (gpl, library, math)2014-11-24joejev
dist-upload70.0Generate/Upload cabal package to Hackage. (distribution, gpl, library, program)2010-11-24AndyStewart
diversity500.0Quantify the diversity of a population (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2017-09-01GregorySchwartz
doccheck40.0Checks Haddock comments for pitfalls and version changes. (documentation, gpl, program)2013-08-13MateuszKowalczyk
dozenal50.0A Haskell library for using Dozenal (Duodecimal - Base 12) numbers. (gpl, library, math)2015-04-11siddhanathan
dpkg80.0libdpkg bindings (debian, gpl, library)2012-07-05ClintAdams
drawille220.0A port of asciimoo's drawille to haskell (gpl, library, system)2016-11-22yamadapc
dson80.0Haskell DogeScript Object Notation Parser (data, gpl, library)2014-06-06lcycon
dumb-cas100.0A computer “algebra” system that knows nothing about algebra, at the core. (gpl, library, math)2017-12-12leftaroundabout
dvdread70.0A monadic interface to libdvdread (gpl, library, system)2011-09-30NicolaSquartini
dynamic-plot280.0Interactive diagram windows (gpl, graphics, library)2017-11-01leftaroundabout
dynamic-state390.0Optionally serializable dynamic state keyed by type (data, gpl, library, yi)2017-07-31DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk, fread2281, JaroReinders
easyrender270.0User-friendly creation of EPS, PostScript, and PDF files (gpl, graphics, library)2017-12-05PeterSelinger
edentv150.0A Tool to Visualize Parallel Functional Program Executions (development, eden, gpl, profiling, program, trace)2015-01-22MischaDieterle, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
edge400.0Top view space combat arcade game (game, gpl, program)2016-09-05ChristopherHoward, infrared
eibd-client-simple90.0EIBd Client (automation, gpl, library)2014-11-21vapourismo
electrum-mnemonic100.0easy to remember mnemonic for a high-entropy value (gpl, library, natural-language-processing)2016-11-22JoeyHess
email-validator90.0Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks on email addresses. (gpl, program, utils)2014-03-15MichaelOrlitzky
embroidery30.0support for embroidery formats in haskell (codec, gpl, library, program)2011-07-31JimSnavely
epanet-haskell70.0Haskell binding for EPANET (algorithms, gpl, hydraulics, library)2013-12-16psibi
ert80.0Easy Runtime Templates (gpl, library, program, text)2015-04-30kayo
exherbo-cabal170.0Exheres generator for cabal packages (distribution, gpl, library, program)2017-02-09NikolayOrlyuk
exp-pairs230.0Linear programming over exponent pairs (gpl, library, math)2018-03-12Bodigrim
explicit-constraint-lens50.0Fully-flexible polymorphic lenses, without any bizarre profunctors (data, gpl, library)2017-12-30leftaroundabout
explicit-determinant40.0explicit computation of determinant of small matrices (gpl, library, math)2014-07-03JohannesWaldmann
fast-digits110.0The fast library for integer-to-digits conversion. (data, gpl, library)2016-07-09Bodigrim
fasta460.0A simple, mindless parser for fasta files. (data, gpl, library)2017-02-13GregorySchwartz
fathead-util40.0Utilities for working with DuckDuckHack's FatHead Instant Answers (development, gpl, library)2016-08-17GuiltyDolphin
fedora-haskell-tools140.0Building and managing tools for Fedora Haskell (distribution, gpl, program)2018-02-20JensPetersen
fences50.0To be written (gpl, library, unclassified)2014-06-17HansHoglund
filepath-io-access50.0IO Access for filepath (development, gpl, library)2013-12-31bheklilr
find-clumpiness190.0Find the clumpiness of labels in a tree (gpl, library, math, program)2017-10-02GregorySchwartz
flaccuraterip280.0Verify FLAC files ripped form CD using AccurateRip™ (gpl, program, sound)2017-11-18NicolaSquartini
flat-tex50.0flatten a latex multi-file latex document (gpl, program, text)2015-10-11JohannesWaldmann
flowsim200.0Simulate 454 pyrosequencing (bioinformatics, gpl, program)2013-11-19KetilMalde
fluffy52.0A simple web application as a online practice website for XDU SE 2017 fall SPM. (gpl, program, web)2017-11-27qinka
fluffy-parser52.0The parser for fluffy to parsec the question bank in .docx type (gpl, library, text)2017-11-27qinka
folgerhs120.0Toolset for Folger Shakespeare Library's XML annotated plays (gpl, library, program, text)2018-01-25umazalakain
follower30.0Follow Tweets anonymously (application, console, gpl, program, web)2011-01-23EmreBasar
forth-hll (deprecated)30.0A simple eDSL for generating arrayForth code. (deprecated, gpl, language, library)2013-01-06TikhonJelvis
frp-arduino550.0Arduino programming without the hassle of C. (gpl, language, library)2018-03-26RickardLindberg, JeremyWright
frpnow-vty90.0Program terminal applications with vty and frpnow! (control, gpl, library, program)2018-03-19JaroReinders
funcmp230.0Functional MetaPost is a Haskell frontend to the MetaPost language (gpl, graphics, library)2018-01-29PeterSimons
futun70.0Simple IP-over-UDP tunnel using TUNTAP (gpl, network, program, system)2013-05-24JussiMaki
gdo120.0recursive atomic build system (distribution, gpl, program)2017-02-23seppeljordan
gearbox90.0zooming rotating fractal gears graphics demo (demo, gpl, program)2016-06-18ClaudeHeilandAllen
geni-util150.0Companion tools for use with the GenI surface realiser (gpl, library, natural-language-processing, program)2017-10-03EricKow
geom2d170.0package for geometry in euklidean 2d space (gpl, library, math)2015-11-01seppeljordan
ggtsTC80.0A type checker and runtime system of rCOS/g (impl. of ggts-FCS). (gpl, program, system)2014-01-29brianchon
gist30.0A reliable command-line client for (gpl, program, web)2012-04-22SimonMichael
git-annex4700.0manage files with git, without checking their contents into git (gpl, program, utility)2018-04-09JoeyHess
git-date90.0Bindings to the date parsing from Git. (data, gpl, library)2015-02-25StephenWeber
git-mediate122.0Remove trivial conflict markers in a git repository (development, gpl, program)2017-06-14EyalLotem
github-backup520.0backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository (gpl, program, utility)2017-11-26JoeyHess
glapp (deprecated)80.0An OpenGL micro framework. (deprecated, gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-01-08SchellScivally
glicko80.0Glicko-2 implementation in Haskell. (gpl, library, math)2017-04-25rprecenth
gloss-banana70.0An Interface for gloss in terms of a reactive-banana Behavior. (gpl, graphics, library)2014-10-30Twey
gmndl130.0Mandelbrot Set explorer using GTK (gpl, graphics, program)2017-08-04ClaudeHeilandAllen
gnome-keyring290.0Bindings for libgnome-keyring (desktop, gpl, library)2014-02-13JohnMillikin
gnuidn240.0Bindings for GNU IDN (codec, gpl, library, text)2015-10-25JohnMillikin
gnutls290.0Bindings for GNU libgnutls (gpl, library, network)2015-06-18JohnMillikin
gopher-proxy102.25proxy gopher over http (gpl, network, program)2017-01-06sternenseemann
gruff150.0fractal explorer GUI using the ruff library (gpl, graphics, library, program)2016-11-07ClaudeHeilandAllen
gruff-examples60.0Mandelbrot Set examples using ruff and gruff (gpl, graphics, program)2016-11-07ClaudeHeilandAllen
gsasl300.0Bindings for GNU libgsasl (gpl, library, network)2015-05-08JohnMillikin
gtk-jsinput30.0A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows inputing of JSON values (gpl, graphics, library)2012-11-29TimothyHobbs
gtk-simple-list-view40.0A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows single LOC creation/updating of list views. (gpl, graphics, library)2012-11-29TimothyHobbs
gtk-toggle-button-list50.0A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows single LOC creation/updating of toggle button lists. (gpl, graphics, library)2012-11-29TimothyHobbs
gtk2hs-buildtools1680.0Tools to build the Gtk2Hs suite of User Interface libraries. (development, gpl, library, program)2018-04-22AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gulcii70.0graphical untyped lambda calculus interactive interpreter (compilers-interpreters, gpl, program)2017-10-23ClaudeHeilandAllen
gutenberg-fibonaccis170.0The first 1001 Fibonacci numbers, retrieved from the Gutenberg Project. (algorithms, gpl, library, math, numeric, numerical)2012-09-09JustinHanekom
h-booru90.0Haskell library for retrieving data from various booru image sites (gpl, library, program, web)2014-11-18MateuszKowalczyk
hOff-display40.0The tool to transform the OFF to other image format. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2017-12-15qinka
hOff-parser50.0The parser to parser the OFF(Object File Format, Princeton ModelNet). (gpl, library, text)2017-12-15qinka
hadolint770.0Dockerfile Linter JavaScript API (development, gpl, library, program)2018-04-22lorenzo
hails-bin (deprecated in favor of hails)70.0Dynamic launcher of Hails applications (deprecated, gpl, program, web)2012-04-20DeianStefan
hakyll-shortcode50.0A shortcode extension module for Hakyll (gpl, library, web)2017-10-11nbloomf
haltavista90.0looks for functions given a set of example input/outputs (development, gpl, program)2010-09-19PaulBrauner
hamsql92.0Interpreter for SQL-structure definitions in YAML (YamSql) (database, gpl, library, program)2016-10-27quabla
harmony122.0A web service specification compiler that generates implementation and tests. (development, gpl, library, program)2015-08-19SantiMunin
hascar220.0Decompress SAPCAR archives (codec, gpl, library, program)2018-02-01hc
hashrename50.0Rename every file in a directory with his SHA1 hash. (gpl, program, utility)2018-01-30rnhmjoj
haskarrow60.0A dialect of haskell with order of execution based on dependency resolution (gpl, language, program)2012-08-04TimothyHobbs
haskelisp140.0Write Emacs module in Haskell, using Emacs 25's Dynamic Module feature (editor, emacs, gpl, library)2016-11-28shintak
haskell-coffee50.0Simple CoffeeScript API (gpl, language, library)2015-07-19KevinVanRooijen
haskell-compression130.0compress files (gpl, library, program, system)2017-10-26AlanHawkins
haskell-formatter60.0Haskell source code formatter (development, gpl, library, program)2015-02-13evolutics
haskell-lsp-client90.0A haskell package to build your own Language Server client. (development, gpl, language, library, program, protocol)2017-12-29JaroReinders
haskell-pdf-presenter80.0Tool for presenting PDF-based presentations. (application, gpl, graphics, image-viewer, pdf, program)2014-01-20MichaelAdams
haskell-rules50.0A DSL for expressing natural deduction rules in Haskell. (gpl, language, library)2015-01-16spacekitteh
haskell-typescript40.0Simple TypeScript API (gpl, language, library)2013-10-16DavidJohnson
haskellscrabble300.0A scrabble library capturing the core game logic of scrabble. (game, gpl, library)2016-03-26happy0
haste-perch180.0Create, navigate and modify the DOM tree with composable syntax, with the haste compiler (gpl, library, web)2015-04-09AlbertoCorona
hchesslib90.0Chess library (game, gpl, library)2014-03-16MiikaPetteriMatikainen
hcwiid160.0Library to interface with the wiimote (gpl, library, system)2017-04-27IvanPerez, KiwamuOkabe, keera_studios_ci
hdm80.0a small display manager. (gpl, program, system)2012-08-26TimothyHobbs
hdr-histogram60.0Haskell implementation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histograms (gpl, library, math, statistics)2016-01-03joshbohde
hellnet80.0Simple, distributed, anonymous data sharing network. (gpl, library, network, program)2010-03-03JaroslavGridin
herms242.0A command-line manager for delicious kitchen recipes (cli, command-line-tool, culinary, gpl, program)2018-04-02JackKiefer
hgrib90.0Unofficial bindings for GRIB API (data, gpl, library)2015-11-07mjakob
himg60.0Simple gtk2hs image viewer. Point it at an image and fire away. (gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-02-01MateuszKowalczyk
hjugement80.0Majority Judgment. (gpl, language, library)2017-08-08julm
hledger1252.5Command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool (console, finance, gpl, library, program)2018-03-31SimonMichael
hledger-api320.0Web API server for the hledger accounting tool (finance, gpl, program)2018-03-31SimonMichael
hledger-diff310.0Compares the transactions in two ledger files. (console, finance, gpl, program)2018-01-06gebner
hledger-lib1210.0Core data types, parsers and functionality for the hledger accounting tools (finance, gpl, library)2018-03-31SimonMichael
hledger-ui510.0Curses-style user interface for the hledger accounting tool (console, finance, gpl)2018-03-31SimonMichael
hledger-web1420.0Web interface for the hledger accounting tool (finance, gpl, library)2018-04-13SimonMichael
hmatrix-glpk1150.0Linear Programming based on GLPK (gpl, library, math)2018-04-22AlbertoRuiz, DominicSteinitz
hmatrix-gsl560.0Numerical computation (gpl, library, math)2018-04-22AlbertoRuiz, DominicSteinitz
hmatrix-special350.0Interface to GSL special functions (gpl, library, math)2018-04-22AlbertoRuiz, DominicSteinitz
hmatrix-syntax120.0MATLAB-like syntax for hmatrix vectors and matrices (gpl, library, math)2012-03-31ReinerPope
hob50.0A source code editor aiming for the convenience of use (gpl, ide, library, program)2014-12-27rakatan
hoodie30.0A small, toy roguelike (game, gpl, program)2013-11-06dvolk
hoodle350.0Executable for hoodle (application, gpl, library, program)2016-07-25IanWooKim
hoodle-extra40.0extra hoodle tools (application, gpl, program)2014-07-14IanWooKim
hoq70.0A language based on homotopy type theory with an interval type (dependent-types, gpl, program)2014-09-27valis
hosts-server70.0An dns server which is extremely easy to config. (gpl, network, program)2014-01-15YiHuang
hps-kmeans50.0A nice implementation of the k-Means algorithm. (algorithms, clustering, data-mining, gpl, library, math, pattern-recognition, statistics)2012-07-10RodrigoGadea
hsay90.0(ab)Use Google Translate as a speech synthesiser (accessibility, gpl, program)2014-12-17alexander
hsfacter (deprecated in favor of language-puppet)120.0A small and ugly library that emulates the output of the puppet facter program. (deprecated, gpl, library, system)2013-05-16SimonMarechal
hsluv-haskell70.0HSLuv conversion utility. (conversion, gpl, library)2018-02-01modalduality
hspecVariant170.0Spec for testing properties for variant types (gpl, library, testing)2018-02-02sanjorgek
hsprocess (deprecated in favor of haskell-awk)80.0The Haskell Stream Processor command line utility (console, deprecated, gpl, library, program)2013-08-04MarioPastorelli
hstorchat50.0Distributed instant messaging over Tor (gpl, library, network, program)2014-06-04creichert, ChristopherReichert
htirage110.0Equiprobable draw from publicly verifiable random data. (gpl, language, library)2017-08-07julm
htsn (deprecated)260.0Parse XML files from The Sports Network feed. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2014-09-23MichaelOrlitzky
htsn-common (deprecated)90.0Display/logging facilities used by both htsn and htsn-import. (deprecated, gpl, library, utils)2014-05-29MichaelOrlitzky
htsn-import (deprecated)470.0Import XML files from The Sports Network into an RDBMS. (deprecated, gpl, program, utils)2015-03-10MichaelOrlitzky
https-everywhere-rules-raw40.0Low-level (i.e. XML) access to HTTPS Everywhere rulesets. (data, gpl, library)2014-08-24vi
hwhile92.0An implementation of Neil D. Jones' While language (gpl, language, library, program)2018-01-17alexj136
hydrogen40.0An alternate Prelude (gpl, library, prelude)2015-04-05KarlVoelker
hzulip462.0A haskell wrapper for the Zulip API. (gpl, library, web)2016-01-27yamadapc
ib-api40.0An API for the Interactive Brokers Trading Workstation written in pure Haskell (gpl, library, network, program)2015-07-28rbermani
ige41.25An keyboard-driven interactive graph editor (editing, gpl, program)2017-09-11olynch
imparse70.0Multi-platform parser analyzer and generator. (gpl, library, program, text)2013-08-20AndreiLapets
inf-interval80.0Non-contiguous interval data types with potentially infinite ranges. (gpl, library, numeric)2016-05-31RaminHonary
infernu80.0Type inference and checker for JavaScript (experimental) (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2015-04-18NoamLewis
inject-function120.0Monadic functions with injected parameters. (control, gpl, library)2013-09-13DimitriSabadie
inquire40.0Console client for encyclopedias (gpl, program, web)2014-01-08orbifx
instrument-chord220.0Render Instrument Chords (gpl, library, music)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
interpol120.0GHC preprocessor and library to enable variable interpolation in strings (gpl, language, library, program, source-tools)2012-06-22AlexandruScvortov
interval50.0Intervals with adherences. (data-structures, gpl, library)2016-08-21julm
intricacy370.0A game of competitive puzzle-design (game, gpl)2018-01-14mbays
ipatch60.0interactive patch editor (development, gpl, program)2012-04-15JoachimBreitner
iron-mq60.0Iron.IO message queueing client library (gpl, library, network)2014-12-27arnoblalam
isotope110.0Isotopic masses and relative abundances. (chemistry, gpl, library)2017-04-29Michaelt293
iyql180.0CLI (command line interface) to YQL (gpl, network, program)2010-09-22DiegoSouza
jackminimix40.0control JackMiniMix (gpl, library, sound)2010-08-25RenickBell
jammittools300.0Export sheet music and audio from Windows/Mac app Jammit (gpl, library, program, sound)2018-04-08mtolly
jdi40.0Implementation of Java Debug Interface (debug, gpl, jvm, language, library, program)2012-10-28VictorDenisov
jsonrpc-conduit200.0JSON-RPC 2.0 server over a Conduit. (conduit, gpl, library)2015-12-13GabrieleSales
judge60.0Tableau-based theorem prover for justification logic. (gpl, library, logic, program)2018-03-14slakkenhuis
kdesrc-build-extra100.0Build profiles for kdesrc-build (development, gpl, program)2016-04-05ivan
lambda2js61.5Untyped Lambda calculus to JavaScript compiler (compiler, gpl, program)2015-09-27MatejKollar
language-docker752.0Dockerfile parser, pretty-printer and embedded DSL (development, gpl, library)2018-04-21lorenzo
language-dockerfile230.0Dockerfile linter, parser, pretty-printer and embedded DSL (development, gpl, library)2017-05-14yamadapc
language-oberon60.0Parser and pretty-printer for the Oberon programming language (gpl, language, library, program)2018-04-08MarioBlazevic
lat60.0Tool to track security alerts on LWN (gpl, program, utils)2011-05-13MagnusTherning
lazy-hash50.0Identifiers for not-yet-computed values (data, gpl, library)2017-07-24leftaroundabout
lazy-hash-cache40.0Storing computed values for re-use when the same program runs again. (data, gpl, library)2017-07-24leftaroundabout
leaf50.0A simple portfolio generator (gpl, program, web)2013-02-18DimitriSabadie
lentil982.0frugal issue tracker (development, gpl, program)2018-04-05fffaaa, lwm
lfst80.0L-Fuzzy Set Theory implementation in Haskell (gpl, library, math)2016-03-12claudiogreco
liblawless680.0Prelude based on protolude for GHC 8 and beyond. (gpl, library, prelude)2017-10-02misandrist
libmolude (deprecated in favor of liblawless)30.0Prelude based on protolude for GHC 8 and beyond. (deprecated, gpl, library, prelude)2016-11-26misandrist
liboath-hs60.0Bindings to liboath (gpl, library, program, security)2017-11-08parsonsmatt
libpafe50.0Wrapper for libpafe (ffi, gpl, library)2015-07-29haru2036
line-break60.0Convert newlines in text (gpl, program, text)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
line-size50.0Display the number of bytes of each line (data, gpl, program)2017-03-27AlanHawkins
linear-socket110.0Typed sockets (gpl, library, network, program)2017-12-03alleledev
linearmap-category130.0Native, complete, matrix-free linear algebra. (gpl, library, math)2017-10-30leftaroundabout
list-prompt70.0A simple list prompt UI for the terminal. (gpl, library, system)2015-12-20yamadapc
list-remote-forwards40.0List all remote forwards for mail accounts stored in a SQL database. (gpl, mail, program, utils)2014-11-28MichaelOrlitzky
localization80.0Library for localization (l10n) (data-structures, gpl, library)2018-02-27julm
lol170.0A library for lattice cryptography. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-19crockeea
lol-apps130.0Lattice-based cryptographic applications using < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library, program)2017-02-24crockeea
lol-benches130.0A library for benchmarking < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-26crockeea
lol-calculus40.0Calculus for LOL (λω language). (gpl, language)2016-08-23julm
lol-cpp100.0A fast C++ backend for < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-24crockeea
lol-repa50.0A repa backend for < lol>. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-24crockeea
lol-tests40.0A library for testing < Λ ∘ λ>. (crypto, gpl, library)2017-02-19crockeea
lol-typing30.0Type inferencer for LOL (λω language) (gpl, language, library)2016-08-23julm
loris70.0interface to Loris API (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-19JohnLato
luachunk30.0Library functions for reading and writing Lua chunks (gpl, library, scripting)2012-10-05AnupamJain
lxd-client170.0LXD client written in Haskell. (gpl, library, program, system)2018-02-13hverr
lxd-client-config110.0Read the configuration file of the standard LXD client. (gpl, library, system)2017-10-18hverr
machines-amazonka150.0Machine transducers for Amazonka calls. (gpl, library, network)2017-05-22misandrist
mailbox-count40.0Count mailboxes in a SQL database. (gpl, mail, program, utils)2014-05-31MichaelOrlitzky
manatee422.0The Haskell/Gtk+ Integrated Live Environment (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-all40.0Virtual package to install all Manatee packages. (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-anything180.0Multithread interactive input/search framework for Manatee (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system, program)2011-01-12AndyStewart
manatee-browser210.0Browser extension for Manatee. (browser, gpl, library, manatee, network, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-core240.0The core of Manatee. (desktop-environment, gpl, ide, library, manatee, operating-system)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-curl170.0Download Manager extension for Manatee. (download-manager, gpl, library, manatee, network, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-editor200.0Editor extension for Manatee. (editor, gpl, ide, library, manatee, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-filemanager190.0File manager extension for Manatee. (file-manager, gpl, library, manatee, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-imageviewer220.0Image viewer extension for Manatee. (gpl, image, image-viewer, library, manatee, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-ircclient170.0IRC client extension for Manatee. (gpl, irc, irc-client, library, manatee, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-mplayer280.0Mplayer client extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, multimedia, multimedia-player, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-pdfviewer200.0PDF viewer extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, pdf, pdf-viewer, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-processmanager190.0Process manager extension for Manatee. (gpl, library, manatee, process-manager, program, system)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-reader200.0Feed reader extension for Manatee. (atom, feed, gpl, library, manatee, program, rss, rss-atom-reader)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-template70.0Template code to create Manatee application. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, template)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-terminal90.0Terminal Emulator extension for Manatee. (download-manager, gpl, library, manatee, network, program)2011-05-14AndyStewart
manatee-welcome60.0Welcome module to help user play Manatee quickly. (gpl, ide, library, manatee, program, welcome)2011-05-14AndyStewart
mandulia110.0A zooming visualisation of the Mandelbrot Set as many Julia Sets. (gpl, graphics, program)2010-08-14ClaudeHeilandAllen
manifold-random120.0Sampling random points on general manifolds. (gpl, library, math)2018-03-12leftaroundabout
manifolds360.0Coordinate-free hypersurfaces (gpl, library, math)2018-03-12leftaroundabout
manifolds-core150.0The basic classes for the manifolds hierarchy. (gpl, library, math)2018-03-12leftaroundabout
markup-preview120.0A simple markup document preview (markdown, textile, reStructuredText) (gpl, program, text)2015-03-07MariusGhita
mars140.0Generates mountainous terrain using a random walk algorithm. (gpl, graphics, library)2016-08-24infrared
marxup150.0Markup language preprocessor for Haskell (gpl, library, program, text)2016-11-13JeanPhilippeBernardy
masakazu-bot80.0@minamiyama1994_bot on haskell (gpl, program, web)2014-08-20minamiyama1994
mathexpr160.0Parse and evaluate math expressions with variables and functions (gpl, library, math)2016-11-04mdibaiee
mathgenealogy170.0Discover your (academic) ancestors! (gpl, program, web)2015-11-22PeterRobinson
mcm72.0Manages the contents of files and directories (gpl, language, program, system, text)2017-01-19AnthonyDoggett
mcmc-synthesis170.0MCMC applied to probabilistic program synthesis (gpl, language, library)2014-04-13TikhonJelvis
med-module180.0Parse song module files from Amiga MED and OctaMED (gpl, library, sound)2017-08-02HenningThielemann
medium-sdk-haskell30.0Haskell SDK for communicating with the Medium API (gpl, library, web)2015-11-16timmy_tofu
mida (deprecated)140.0Language for algorithmic generation of MIDI files (deprecated, gpl, language, library, program)2016-09-10mrkkrp
midair80.0Hot-swappable FRP (concurrency, control, frp, gpl, interaction, library, music, reactive, reactivity, user-interfaces)2016-03-11TomMurphy
midi-utils60.0Utilities for working with MIDI data (gpl, library, sound)2016-08-15GuiltyDolphin
mikrokosmos230.0Lambda calculus interpreter (gpl, language, program)2017-08-15mroman42
miniball90.0Bindings to Miniball, a smallest enclosing ball library (gpl, library, math)2013-04-04GardSpreemann
minilens122.0A minimalistic lens library, providing only the simplest, most basic lens functionality. (data, gpl, lens, library)2016-05-31RaminHonary
minst-idx (deprecated in favor of mnist-idx)100.0Read and write IDX data that is used in e.g. the MINST database. (data, deprecated, gpl, library)2015-05-30muzzle
mios150.0A Minisat-based CDCL SAT solver in Haskell (artificial-intelligence, constraints, gpl, library, program)2017-12-20shnarazk
mirror-tweet40.0Tweet mirror (gpl, program, web)2014-08-17minamiyama1994
missing-py260.0Haskell interface to Python (foreign, gpl, library)2013-11-12domdere
modify-fasta300.0Modify fasta (and CLIP) files in several optional ways (bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)2018-04-02GregorySchwartz
modulo230.0Modular C code generator (ffi, gpl, language, library, program)2014-07-28HansHoglund
mp860.0Music player for linux. (gpl, program, sound)2018-04-16piotrborek
mpris50.0Interface for MPRIS (gpl, library, media)2015-12-15Fuco
mpvguihs40.0A minimalist mpv GUI written in I/O heavy Haskell. (gpl, multimedia, program)2013-11-14pse
mqtt-hs80.0A MQTT client library. (gpl, library, network)2017-01-18LukasBraun
musicbrainz-email (deprecated)40.0Send an email to all MusicBrainz editors (deprecated, gpl, library, musicbrainz, program)2013-04-18OliverCharles
mute-unmute60.0Watches your screensaver and (un)mutes music when you (un)lock the screen. (gpl, program, system)2010-08-27KrzysztofSkrzetnicki
myanimelist-export70.0Export from MyAnimeList (gpl, library, program, web)2017-12-02mat8913
namecoin-update90.0Tool to keep namecoin names updated and well (gpl, library, network, program)2018-01-11rnhmjoj
nanq (deprecated in favor of kanji)160.0Performs 漢字検定 (Japan Kanji Aptitude Test) level analysis on given Kanji. (deprecated, gpl, natural-language-processing, program)2016-04-13fosskers
naver-translate70.0Interface to Naver Translate (gpl, language, library)2015-10-15hongminhee
ncurses570.0Modernised bindings to GNU ncurses (foreign, gpl, library, user-interfaces)2016-08-29JohnMillikin
neet180.0A NEAT library for Haskell (ai, gpl, library)2016-02-12hijiri
nested-sets70.0Nested set model implementation (data-structures, gpl, library)2014-10-11rakatan
netclock150.0Netclock protocol (gpl, library, network)2013-07-12AlexMcLean
netrc50.0Parser for .netrc files (gpl, library, network)2015-04-04HerbertValerioRiedel
netstring-enumerator (deprecated)80.0Enumerator-based netstring parsing (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, library, network, parsing)2012-10-20JohnMillikin
network-house100.0data and parsers for Ethernet, TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, DHCP, TFTP (gpl, library, network)2015-09-03NiklasHambuechen
network-protocol-xmpp480.0Client library for the XMPP protocol. (gpl, library, network)2015-06-19JohnMillikin
network-stream40.0ByteString and Text streams for networking (data, gpl, library)2011-11-08JaredHance
newsynth250.0Exact and approximate synthesis of quantum circuits (gpl, library, program, quantum)2016-07-27PeterSelinger
nirum100.0IDL compiler and RPC/distributed object framework for microservices (gpl, language, library, program)2018-03-15hongminhee
nonlinear-optimization-ad90.0Wrapper of nonlinear-optimization package for using with AD package (algorithms, gpl, library, math, optimisation, optimization)2016-05-26MasahiroSakai
number-show50.0Flexible and accurate (for a given precision) numerical->string conversion (gpl, library, text)2017-02-17leftaroundabout
oauth10a40.0Fully Automatic Luxury OAuth 1.0a headers (gpl, library, web)2016-11-16gatlin
obd110.0Communicate to OBD interfaces over ELM327 (gpl, hardware, library, program)2016-10-23hverr
octopus70.0Lisp with more dynamism, more power, more simplicity. (gpl, language, library, program)2014-04-07ZankokuOkuno
once100.0memoization for IO actions and functions (data, gpl, library)2016-06-17KAction
oo-prototypes170.0Support for OO-like prototypes (data, gpl, library)2014-08-25DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk
open-haddock40.0Open haddock HTML documentation (development, gpl, program)2015-10-30jml
openexr-write140.0Library for writing images in OpenEXR HDR file format. (gpl, graphics, library)2017-07-04pavolzetor
org2anki40.0Basic org to anki exporter (gpl, language, program)2016-10-29mroman42
organize-imports100.0Organize scala imports (development, gpl, program)2016-05-05lcycon
orgstat180.0Statistics visualizer for org-mode (gpl, library, program, unclassified)2017-11-27volhovm
oscpacking70.0Implements an osculatory packing (kissing circles) algorithm and display. (gpl, graphics, library)2016-08-27infrared
oso2pdf50.0Better conversion of Oxford Scholarship Online material to PDF (gpl, program, text)2015-09-28spwhitton
packed-multikey-map50.0Efficient “spreadsheet table” like maps with multiple marginals (data, gpl, library)2017-09-29leftaroundabout
pandoc8632.75Conversion between markup formats (gpl, library, program, text)2018-03-19JohnMacFarlane
pandoc-citeproc-preamble110.0Insert a preamble before pandoc-citeproc's bibliography (gpl, program, text)2017-02-04spwhitton
pandoc-crossref1300.0Pandoc filter for cross-references (gpl, library, program, text)2018-03-29lierdakil
pandoc-japanese-filters70.0Japanese-specific markup filters for pandoc. (gpl, program, text)2016-01-20HiromiIshii
pang-a-lambda50.0A super-pang clone (game, gpl, program)2017-05-24keera_studios_ci
paphragen50.0A passphrase generator. (gpl, program, security)2016-12-30mgmillani
parsek130.0Parallel Parsing Processes (gpl, library, parsing)2015-05-25JeanPhilippeBernardy
passman-cli30.0Deterministic password generator command line interface (gpl, password, program)2017-12-16mat8913
passman-core60.0Deterministic password generator core (gpl, library, password)2017-12-16mat8913
patat530.0Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc (gpl, program, text)2018-01-28JasperVanDerJeugt
pdynload80.0pdynload is polymorphic dynamic linking library. (development, gpl, library, other)2010-07-30AndyStewart
peg90.0a lazy non-deterministic concatenative programming language (compilers-interpreters, gpl, program)2012-04-16DustinDeWeese
persist2er50.0Transforms persist's quasi-quoted syntax into ER format (database, gpl, program)2015-07-18fgaray
phash100.0Haskell bindings to pHash, the open source perceptual hash library (data, gpl, library)2017-03-23MichaelXavier
phizzle80.0Library for checking if a given link is in a phishtank json file (gpl, library, phishing)2015-10-24bmcg
phraskell110.0A fractal viewer. (gpl, graphics, program)2013-02-23DimitriSabadie
pi-calculus90.0Applied pi-calculus interpreter (gpl, program, web)2014-06-17renzyq19
pia-forward80.0Set up port forwarding with the Private Internet Access VPN service. (gpl, network, program)2016-07-31EchoNolan
picedit230.0simple image manipulation functions (gpl, image, library, matrix, picture, program)2017-02-04mdibaiee
pictikz110.0Converts a svg image to tikz code. (gpl, graphics, program)2017-04-09mgmillani
plailude192.0plaimi's prelude (data, gpl, library)2015-03-13alexander
plot-gtk-ui150.0A quick way to use Mathematica like Manipulation abilities (gpl, library, math)2016-10-10sumitsahrawat
plot-lab (deprecated in favor of plot-gtk-ui, calculator)80.0A plotting tool with Mathematica like Manipulation abilities (deprecated, gpl, math, program)2014-12-17sumitsahrawat
pomodoro60.0pomodoro timer (gpl, office, program)2016-06-05zohl
poppler250.0Binding to the Poppler. (gpl, graphics, library)2018-04-08AndyStewart, IanWooKim
potato-tool80.0Command line Dreamcast VMU filesystem toolset. (gpl, program, system)2015-07-17RossMeikleham
potrace30.0Trace bitmap images to paths using potrace (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-10cchalmers
potrace-diagrams30.0Potrace bindings for the diagrams library (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-10cchalmers
pragmatic-show110.0Alternative Show class that gives shorter view if possible. (gpl, library, text)2018-02-28leftaroundabout
proc190.0Parse process information for Linux (gpl, library, system)2011-05-07AndyStewart
puppetresources (deprecated in favor of language-puppet)170.0A program that displays the puppet resources associated to a node given .pp files. (deprecated, gpl, program, system)2013-05-16SimonMarechal
pwstore-cli110.0Command line interface for the pwstore library (console, cryptography, gpl, program)2012-11-12RobertHelgesson
quicklz270.0QuickLZ compression for ByteStrings (codec, gpl, library)2012-09-01AustinSeipp
quickterm92.0An interface for describing and executing terminal applications (development, gpl, library, program)2017-01-18sgschlesinger
quickwebapp90.0A quick webapp generator for any file processing tool (gpl, library, web)2015-09-04jtanguy
rando120.0Easy-to-use randomness for livecoding (gpl, library, random)2018-03-31TomMurphy
random-tree90.0Create random trees (data-structures, gpl, library)2016-02-09GregorySchwartz
rank-product170.0Find the rank product of a data set. (bioinformatics, gpl, library)2017-04-11GregorySchwartz
rasa220.0A modular text editor (executable, gpl, library, text-editor)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
rasa-example-config100.0Example user config for Rasa (config, gpl, program)2017-02-20ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-cmd80.0Rasa Ext for running commands (extension, gpl, library)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-cursors120.0Rasa Ext adding cursor(s) (extension, gpl, library)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-files130.0Rasa Ext for filesystem actions (extension, gpl, library)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-logger110.0Rasa Ext for logging state/actions (extension, gpl, library)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-slate130.0Rasa extension for rendering to terminal with vty (extension, gpl, library)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-status-bar70.0Rasa Ext for populating status-bar (extension, gpl, library)2017-01-29ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-style100.0Rasa Ext managing rendering styles (extension, gpl, library)2017-01-29ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-views110.0Rasa Ext managing rendering views (extension, gpl, library)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
rasa-ext-vim170.0Rasa Ext for vim bindings (extension, gpl, library)2017-03-16ChrisPenner
reactive-banana-sdl50.0Reactive Banana bindings for SDL (gpl, graphics, library)2014-01-31JeanPhilippeMoresmau
reexport-crypto-random50.0 (gpl, library, miscellaneous)2015-03-22JamesCandy
reformat60.0The parser and render to parsec and render the string. (gpl, library, text)2017-12-28qinka
resolv1140.0Domain Name Service (DNS) lookup via the libresolv standard library routines (gpl, library, network)2017-10-26HerbertValerioRiedel
resolve-trivial-conflicts (deprecated in favor of git-mediate)330.0Remove trivial conflict markers in a git repository (deprecated, development, gpl, program)2016-12-20EyalLotem
restless-git50.0Easy Git repository serialization (git, gpl, library, serialization)2017-09-14mbrock
rlwe-challenges70.0Ring-LWE/LWR challenges using Lol. (crypto, gpl, library, program)2017-02-24crockeea
robin40.0A build daemon for Haskell development (development, gpl, program)2015-09-10KarlVoelker
roller160.0Playing with applicatives and dice! (acme, gpl, library, program)2016-02-23ljsc, PiotrJustyna
rosa220.0Query the namecoin blockchain (gpl, program, utility)2017-05-17rnhmjoj
rose-trie130.0Trees with polymorphic paths to nodes, combining properties of Rose Trees and Tries. (data, gpl, library)2017-03-27RaminHonary
rtorrent-state50.0Parsing and manipulation of rtorrent state file contents (data, gpl, library)2014-08-17MateuszKowalczyk
rts-loader (deprecated)70.0Dynamically load Haskell libraries (deprecated, distribution, gpl, library, program)2016-06-23DanielG
rubberband70.0Binding to the C++ audio stretching library Rubber Band (gpl, library, sound)2015-07-13mtolly
runghc90.0runghc replacement for fast repeated runs (console, gpl, program)2014-09-09MikeZuser
scrape-changes140.0Scrape websites for changes (gpl, library, network)2017-02-172chilled
scroll332.0scroll(6), a roguelike game (game, gpl, program)2018-04-22JoeyHess
sdl2-compositor230.0image compositing with sdl2 - declarative style (gpl, graphics, library)2017-06-12seppeljordan
secret-santa40.0Secret Santa game assigner using QR-Codes (game, gpl, program)2013-04-11RodrigoSetti
sednaDBXML100.0Sedna C API XML Binding (database, ffi, gpl, library)2011-11-11EricJones
sessiontypes90.0Session types library (control, gpl, library, program)2018-01-13ferdinandvw
sessiontypes-distributed60.0Session types distributed (control, gpl, library)2018-01-13ferdinandvw
sexp100.0S-Expression parsing/printing made fun and easy (gpl, language, library, parsing, program)2013-02-26AlexandruScvortov
shake-persist40.0Shake build system on-disk caching (development, gpl, library, program)2016-01-05KAction
sibe140.0Machine Learning algorithms (data-science, gpl, library, machine-learning, program, web)2017-05-25mdibaiee
sieve60.0Sieve is an implementation of the Sieve abstract data type. (data, gpl, library)2013-01-15JohnSingleton
simple-eval60.0Evaluate a Text to an Integer: "1 + 1" -> 2 (gpl, language, library, program)2014-10-24m
simple-ui370.0UI library for terminal. (gpl, graphics, library)2018-04-15piotrborek
simplex170.0A simple markup language that translates to LaTeX (gpl, latex, program)2013-06-16JulianFleischer
simtreelo180.0Loader for data organized in a tree (data, gpl, library)2017-09-28mgmillani
skylighting2710.0syntax highlighting library (gpl, library, text)2018-03-15JohnMacFarlane
sleep70.0zZzzZz (gpl, library, program, system)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
slope-field50.0Visualize mathematical function's slope fields (gpl, library, program, web)2016-11-25mdibaiee
smcdel40.0Symbolic Model Checking for Dynamic Epistemic Logic (gpl, library, logic, program)2018-02-26m4lvin
smtlib2152.0A type-safe interface to communicate with an SMT solver. (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-05HenningGuenther
smtlib2-debug40.0Dump the communication with an SMT solver for debugging purposes. (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-05HenningGuenther
smtlib2-pipe50.0A type-safe interface to communicate with an SMT solver. (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-05HenningGuenther
smtlib2-quickcheck50.0Helper functions to create SMTLib expressions in QuickCheck (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-06HenningGuenther
smtlib2-timing40.0Get timing informations for SMT queries (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-07HenningGuenther
snaplet-coffee80.0CoffeeScript for Snap, auto-compilation and pre-compilation. (gpl, library, snap, web)2013-04-16KevinVanRooijen
snaplet-sedna40.0Snaplet for Sedna Bindings. Essentailly a rip of snaplet-hdbc. (database, gpl, library)2011-11-06EricJones
sneakyterm40.0Tiny, declarative wrapper around ncurses (gpl, library, user-interfaces)2015-08-10pimiddy
snm100.0The Simple Nice-Looking Manual Generator. (documentation, gpl, library, program)2010-07-27JohnnyMorrice
snorkels50.0Strategic board game of medium complexity (game, gpl, library, program)2016-09-13unaizalakain
snowglobe170.0randomized fractal snowflakes demo (demo, gpl, program)2016-06-18ClaudeHeilandAllen
sparql-protocol50.0An SPARQL 1.1 Protocol client library. (database, gpl, library)2018-01-26ardamose123
sparse-linear-algebra612.0Numerical computing in native Haskell (gpl, library, numeric)2018-04-05ocramz
spline350.0A parallel implementation of the Sorokina/Zeilfelder spline scheme. (gpl, math, program)2015-04-17MichaelOrlitzky
spoonutil60.0Spoon's utilities. Simple testing and nice looking error reporting. (gpl, library, program, testing)2010-07-27JohnnyMorrice
sscan40.0text UI for scanning with SANE (gpl, graphics, program)2017-03-13spwhitton
staticanalysis70.0Reusable static analysis interfaces and modules. (compilers-interpreters, gpl, language, library)2013-08-20AndreiLapets
stats70.0command line statistics (gpl, math, program)2013-12-05cheecheeo
stdf80.0Parse Structured Test Data Format (STDF) (data, gpl, library, program)2014-10-13m
stochastic80.0Monadic composition of probabilistic functions and sampling. (gpl, library, math)2016-08-27chokboy
subleq-toolchain70.0Toolchain of subleq computer. (gpl, language, library, program)2015-12-24na4zagin3
submark60.0Extract a part from CommonMark/Markdown docs (gpl, library, program, text)2017-09-24hongminhee
subzero210.0Helps when going "seed values" -> alternatives and optional -> answers (data-structures, gpl, library)2017-12-10codeshot
suffixarray130.0n log n implementation of suffix array. (data, gpl, library, program)2012-06-17DanielDeKok, VictorDenisov
svm90.0A support vector machine written in Haskell (ai, gpl, library)2010-12-17AndrewDougherty
symantic150.0Library for Typed Tagless-Final Higher-Order Composable DSL (gpl, language, library)2018-02-14julm
symantic-document90.0Document symantics. (gpl, library, text)2018-02-14julm
symantic-grammar140.0Library for symantic grammars. (gpl, language, library)2018-02-14julm
symantic-lib130.0Symantics for common types. (gpl, language, library)2018-02-14julm
symon40.0Minimal implementation(s) of the classic electronic memory game. (development, gpl, program)2016-08-31SimonMichael
telegram30.0Telegram API client (gpl, library, network)2015-07-21sgillis
tellbot470.0IRC tellbot (gpl, network, program)2016-05-25DimitriSabadie
template-toolkit41.5Template Toolkit implementation for Haskell (gpl, library, text)2017-10-19kobargh
templateify40.0Make template from website (gpl, program, web)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
tensor130.0A completely type-safe library for linear algebra (data, gpl, library, math)2013-10-19NicolaSquartini
termcolor110.0Composable terminal colors (gpl, library, program, web)2017-03-30mdibaiee
tersmu70.0A semantic parser for lojban (gpl, language, program)2015-10-24mbays
tex2txt50.0LaTeX to plain-text conversion (gpl, library, program, text)2015-03-24vdaudaravicius
texbuilder330.0View your latex output while editing (gpl, latex, program)2018-04-15xaverdh
text-containers60.0Memory-efficient string-indexed container types. (data, data-structures, gpl, library)2017-10-13HerbertValerioRiedel
text-icu-normalized110.0Dealing with Strict Text in NFC normalization. (data, gpl, library, text)2017-04-30misandrist
tictactoe3d120.03D Tic-Tac-Toe game (game, gpl, library)2015-08-12ryo0ka
tidal2702.5Pattern language for improvised music (gpl, library, sound)2018-04-14AlexMcLean, kindohm, lennart
tidal-midi870.0MIDI support for tidal (gpl, library, sound)2018-04-14AlexMcLean, kindohm, lennart
tidal-serial60.0Serial support for tidal (gpl, library, sound)2016-05-13AlexMcLean, kindohm, lennart
tidal-vis240.0Visual rendering for Tidal patterns (gpl, library, sound)2017-05-05AlexMcLean
time-io-access40.0IO Access for time (development, gpl, library)2013-12-31bheklilr
time-series50.0Time series analysis. (data, gpl, library, program)2013-11-08AtsuroHoshino
timeconsole120.0time each line of terminal output (gpl, program, testing)2017-01-15AlanHawkins
titan40.0Testing Infrastructure for Temporal AbstractioNs (gpl, program, testing)2017-05-24keera_studios_ci
tmpl50.0simple executable for templating (data, gpl, program)2014-09-25michelk
token-bucket190.0Rate limiter using lazy bucket algorithm (concurrency, gpl, library)2014-12-06HerbertValerioRiedel
tokenizer-monad50.0An efficient and easy-to-use tokenizer monad. (gpl, library, text)2018-02-16implementation
tpb100.0Applications for interacting with the Pushbullet API (gpl, program, web)2017-08-01tsani
transformations70.0Generic representation of tree transformations (gpl, language, library, program)2015-02-15JeroenBransen, JosePedroMagalhaes
tree-fun80.0Library for functions pertaining to tree exploration and manipulation (data-structure, gpl, library)2016-02-09GregorySchwartz
treemap80.0A tree of Data.Map. (data-structures, gpl, library)2018-02-14julm
treeseq60.0Library for a multi-way tree (rose tree), using Seq (finger tree) for forests (data-structures, gpl, library)2018-02-14julm
tremulous-query130.0Library for polling Tremulous servers (gpl, library, network)2013-03-08ChristofferOjeling
trivial-constraint90.0Constraints that any type, resp. no type fulfills (constraints, gpl, library)2016-01-23leftaroundabout
tubes290.0Write stream processing computations with side effects in a series of tubes. (control, gpl, library, streaming)2016-08-16gatlin
tuple-sop200.0functions on n-ary tuples using generics-sop (data, gpl, library)2018-04-24ferdinandvw
turingMachine120.0An implementation of Turing Machine and Automaton (gpl, library, math)2018-02-15sanjorgek
uhttpc60.0Minimal HTTP client library optimized for benchmarking (gpl, library, network, program)2015-07-13HerbertValerioRiedel
unmed2 (deprecated in favor of med-module)70.0Extract useful information from Amiga MED files (deprecated, gpl, program, sound)2017-07-01HenningThielemann
uxadt80.0Cross-language extensible representation for algebraic data type instances. (data, gpl, library)2014-07-22AndreiLapets
uzbl-with-source40.0Utility function for reading a source of loaded uzbl pages. (gpl, library, uzbl, web)2014-05-12MateuszKowalczyk
vampire90.0Analyze and visualize expression trees. (development, gpl, library, program)2014-06-29benzrf
vector-clock110.0Vector clocks for versioning message flows (data, data-structures, distributed-computing, gpl, library)2013-06-23AlexandruScvortov, hansonkd
vision110.0An XMMS2 client. (gpl, program, sound)2011-07-13OlegBelozeorov
vty-menu90.0A lib for displaying a menu and getting a selection using VTY (gpl, graphics, library, program)2016-10-11TimothyHobbs
wai-lite (deprecated in favor of simple)40.0DEPCRECATED (use package "simple" instead) A minimalist web framework for WAI web applications (deprecated, gpl, library, web)2012-10-30AmitLevy
wai-middleware-preprocessor50.0WAI middleware for preprocessing static files (gpl, library, web)2015-02-27taktoa
windns330.0Domain Name Service (DNS) lookup via the Windows dnsapi standard library (gpl, library, network)2017-10-24HerbertValerioRiedel
withdependencies180.0Run computations that depend on one or more elements in a stream. (control, gpl, library)2018-02-02SimonMarechal
word-trie160.0Implementation of a finite trie over words. (data, gpl, library)2015-05-10DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk
workflow-osx60.0a "Desktop Workflow" monad with Objective-C bindings (accessibility, apple, automation, bindings, desktop, ffi, gpl, library, program)2015-10-11sboo
wsdl80.0WSDL parsing in Haskell (gpl, library, xml)2016-01-25pikajude
wsedit50.0A small tool to list, add and remove webseeds from a torrent file (gpl, network, program)2012-05-22LinusLuessing
x-dsp (deprecated)50.0A embedded DSL for manipulating DSP languages in Haskell (deprecated, gpl, library, music, sound)2012-06-17JohnLato
xchat-plugin70.0XChat (gpl, irc-client, library, program)2012-04-15CedricAuger
xcp50.0Partial implementation of the XCP protocol with ethernet as transport layer. (gpl, library, network)2015-06-26ChristianGosch
xfconf30.0FFI bindings to xfconf (gpl, library, system, xfce)2011-04-15JohnObbele
xmonad-contrib-gpl60.0Third party extensions for xmonad (gpl, library, system)2014-05-30DmitryBogatov
yajl210.0Bindings for YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (codec, foreign, gpl, library)2014-02-15JohnMillikin
yajl-enumerator (deprecated)180.0Enumerator-based interface to YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, json, library, parsing, text)2012-10-28JohnMillikin
yampa-glfw50.0Connects GLFW-b (GLFW 3+) with the Yampa FRP library (gpl, graphics, library, program)2014-06-08_deepfire
yampa-glut50.0Connects Yampa and GLUT (frp, gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-25NikolayOrlyuk
yesod-markdown640.0Tools for using markdown in a yesod application (gpl, library, web, yesod)2018-03-07AlexanderDunlap, PatrickBrisbin
yi1532.0Yi editor (gpl, program, yi)2017-11-03CoreyOConnor, DmitryIvanov, JeanPhilippeBernardy, JeffWheeler, MateuszKowalczyk, JaroReinders
yi-contrib (deprecated in favor of yi-fuzzy-open, yi-snippet)230.0Add-ons to Yi, the Haskell-Scriptable Editor (deprecated, development, editor, gpl, library)2014-10-14CoreyOConnor, DmitryIvanov, JeffWheeler, MateuszKowalczyk
yi-core470.0Yi editor core library (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-dynamic-configuration150.0Dynamic configuration support for Yi (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-emacs-colours50.0Simple mapping from colour names used in emacs to Color (gpl, library, yi)2014-11-03MateuszKowalczyk
yi-frontend-pango360.0Pango frontend for Yi editor (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-frontend-vty400.0Vty frontend for Yi editor (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-fuzzy-open372.0Fuzzy open plugin for yi (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk, JaroReinders
yi-ireader370.0Yi editor incremental reader (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-keymap-cua330.0Cua keymap for Yi editor (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-keymap-emacs390.0Emacs keymap for Yi editor (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-keymap-vim382.0Vim keymap for Yi editor (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-language680.0Collection of language-related Yi libraries. (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaredHance, MateuszKowalczyk, JaroReinders
yi-misc-modes370.0Yi editor miscellaneous modes (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-mode-haskell420.0Yi editor haskell mode (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-mode-javascript390.0Yi editor javascript mode (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, JaroReinders
yi-rope582.25A rope data structure used by Yi (gpl, library, yi)2017-09-09DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk, JaroReinders
yi-snippet340.0Snippet support for yi (gpl, library, yi)2017-11-03DmitryIvanov, MateuszKowalczyk, JaroReinders
yu-auth90.0Auth module for Yu. (gpl, library, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-core80.0The core of Yu. (gpl, library, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-launch102.0The launcher for Yu. (gpl, program, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-tool70.0Tool for Yu (gpl, program, web)2018-02-24qinka
yu-utils80.0Utils for Yu (gpl, library, web)2018-02-24qinka
yxdb-utils40.0Utilities for reading and writing Alteryx .yxdb files (database, gpl, library, program)2015-05-10MichaelBurge
zim-parser160.0Read and parse ZIM files (codec, gpl, library)2016-10-27robbinch