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fay2140.0A compiler for Fay, a Haskell subset that compiles to JavaScript. (bsd3, development, fay, library, program, web)2021-01-10AdamBergmark, ChrisDone, swamp_agr
fay-base750.0The base package for Fay. (bsd3, development, fay, library)2021-01-10AdamBergmark, ChrisDone, swamp_agr
fay-dom150.0DOM FFI wrapper library for Fay (bsd3, fay, library, web)2015-02-11AdamBergmark, ChrisDone
fay-jquery240.0jQuery bindings for Fay. (bsd3, fay, library, web)2015-08-13AdamBergmark, ChrisDone
fay-ref30.0Like IORef but for Fay. (bsd3, fay, library)2013-02-14AndrewMiller
fay-simplejson80.0SimpleJSON library for Fay. (bsd3, fay, library, web)2016-10-30Lupino
fay-text210.0Fay Text type represented as JavaScript strings (data, fay, library, mit, text)2015-02-11AdamBergmark
fay-websockets60.0Websockets FFI library for Fay (bsd3, fay, library, web)2018-12-01swamp_agr
scotty-fay90.0Fay integration for Scotty. (development, fay, library, mit, web)2013-12-12hdgarrood
snaplet-fay (deprecated)270.0Fay integration for Snap with request- and pre-compilation. (bsd3, deprecated, fay, library, snap, web)2017-01-02AdamBergmark