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Last U/L
HSFFIG80.0Generate FFI import declarations from C include files (bsd3, ffi-tools, library, program)2010-07-15DmitryGolubovsky
fficxx250.0Automatic C++ binding generation (bsd3, ffi-tools, library)2022-05-01IanWooKim
fficxx-runtime120.0Runtime for fficxx-generated library (bsd3, ffi-tools, library)2022-05-01IanWooKim
futhask22.0Generate Haskell wrappers for Futhark libraries (bsd3, ffi-tools, library, program)2022-09-23GustenIsfeldt
hacanon-light30.0Template Haskell framework for automatic FFI code generation. (bsd3, ffi-tools, library)2008-10-28DavidHimmelstrup
hasktorch-codegen50.0Code generation tools for Hasktorch (ai, bsd3, code-generation, ffi-tools, library, machine-learning, program, tensors)2018-11-01stites
j2hs50.0j2hs (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit, program)2013-06-24JulianFleischer
java-bridge110.0Bindings to the JNI and a high level interface generator. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit)2013-06-08JulianFleischer
java-bridge-extras50.0Utilities for working with the java-bridge package. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)2013-06-24JulianFleischer
java-reflect50.0Tools for reflecting on Java classes. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)2013-06-24JulianFleischer