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CV320.0OpenCV based machine vision library (ai, graphics, library, machine-vision)2013-01-17VilleTirronen
CarneadesDSL190.0An implementation and DSL for the Carneades argumentation model. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library)2014-05-01BasVanGijzel
CarneadesIntoDung170.0A translation from the Carneades argumentation model into Dung's AFs. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2014-05-03BasVanGijzel
Dung210.0An implementation of the Dung argumentation frameworks. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2015-03-30BasVanGijzel
Etage260.0A general data-flow framework (ai, control, lgpl, library)2014-05-10MitarMilutinovic
GA180.0Genetic algorithm library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation)2011-09-27KennethHoste
HOpenCV260.0A binding for the OpenCV computer vision library (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-08NoamLewis
HSGEP170.0Gene Expression Programming evolutionary algorithm in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library, program)2012-12-24MatthewSottile
HaVSA190.0An implementation of the Version Space Algebra learning framework. (ai, bsd3, library, program)2011-04-05RoganCreswick
HasGP150.0A Haskell library for inference using Gaussian processes (ai, classification, datamining, gpl, library, statistics)2011-10-26SeanHolden
HaskellNN170.0High Performance Neural Network in Haskell (ai, library)2012-01-29KietLam
SimpleEA160.0Simple evolutionary algorithm framework. (ai, bsd3, library)2012-06-15ErlendHamberg
SoccerFun290.0Football simulation framework for teaching functional programming (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-02JanRochel
SoccerFunGL170.0OpenGL UI for the SoccerFun framework (ai, bsd3, education, game, library, program)2015-12-02JanRochel
attoparsec-arff120.0An ARFF file parser using Attoparsec (ai, data, gpl, library, text)2012-02-09PaulWilson
bpann150.0backpropagation neuronal network (ai, bsd3, library)2011-10-01RobertSteuck
creatur1030.0Framework for artificial life experiments. (ai, bsd3, library)2018-08-26AmyDeBuitleir
csp282.0Discrete constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver. (ai, constraints, control, failure, library, monads)2018-03-14AndreiBarbu
cv-combinators200.0Functional Combinators for Computer Vision (ai, gpl, graphics, library, program)2015-08-12NoamLewis
genprog160.0Genetic programming library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation)2013-08-31JanSnajder
grenade110.0Practical Deep Learning in Haskell (ai, bsd2, library, machine-learning)2017-04-12huw
hVOIDP160.0Optimal variable selection in chain graphical model. (ai, library, program)2011-08-26QiQi
heukarya200.0A genetic programming based on tree structure. (ai, bsd3, library)2013-08-11HeChienTsai
hfann (deprecated)230.0Haskell binding to the FANN library (ai, bsd3, deprecated, library)2013-07-30DavidHimmelstrup, OlivierBoudry
hgalib140.0Haskell Genetic Algorithm Library (ai, library, public-domain)2008-10-02KevinEllis
hmep192.0HMEP Multi Expression Programming – a genetic programming variant (ai, bsd3, library, program)2017-10-13penkovsky
hnn140.0A reasonably fast and simple neural network library (ai, bsd3, library)2016-03-25AlpMestanogullari
hopfield130.0Hopfield Networks, Boltzmann Machines and Clusters (ai, library, machine-learning, mit, program)2014-04-09NiklasHambuechen
hpylos112.0AI of Pylos game with GLUT interface. (ai, game, program)2008-11-23BartoszWojcik
huff110.0A fast-foward-based planner (ai, bsd3, library, program)2016-09-09TrevorElliott
instinct100.0Fast artifical neural networks (ai, bsd3, library)2011-08-22ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
keera-posture220.0Get notifications when your sitting posture is inappropriate. (ai, program)2017-06-15IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
liblinear-enumerator140.0liblinear iteratee. (ai, bsd3, classification, library, statistics)2011-11-08NathanHowell
markov-processes90.0Hidden Markov processes. (ai, library, mit)2014-05-16vi
mines140.0Minesweeper simulation using neural networks (ai, game, program)2008-08-13AnttiSalonen
moo102.0Genetic algorithm library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation, optimization)2013-05-21SergeyAstanin
mxnet-dataiter130.0mxnet dataiters (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning)2018-05-03JiasenWu
mxnet-nn130.0Train a neural network with MXNet in Haskell. (ai, bsd3, library, machine-learning, program)2018-05-03JiasenWu
neet180.0A NEAT library for Haskell (ai, gpl, library)2016-02-12hijiri
neural-network-base100.0Yet Another High Performance and Extendable Neural Network in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library)2016-12-29JiasenWu
neural-network-blashs130.0Yet Another High Performance and Extendable Neural Network in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library)2016-12-29JiasenWu
neural-network-hmatrix120.0Yet Another High Performance and Extendable Neural Network in Haskell (ai, bsd3, library)2016-12-29JiasenWu
nn130.0A tiny neural network (ai, library, mit)2018-04-06deepinside
nondeterminism182.0A monad and monad transformer for nondeterministic computations. (ai, constraints, control, failure, library, monads)2015-10-19AndreiBarbu
opencv152.0Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x (ai, bsd3, graphics, library)2018-01-01BasVanDijk, OliverCharles, RoelVanDijk
opencv-extra192.0Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x extra modules (ai, bsd3, graphics, library)2018-01-01BasVanDijk, OliverCharles, RoelVanDijk
opencv-raw110.0Raw Haskell bindings to OpenCV >= 2.0 (ai, bsd3, library, machine-vision)2013-09-28acomar
sandlib140.0SAND data serialization and manipulation library (ai, bsd3, library)2012-03-28MahmutBulut
simple-genetic-algorithm210.0Simple parallel genetic algorithm implementation (ai, bsd3, library, program)2014-05-04eax
simple-genetic-algorithm-mr120.0Simple parallel genetic algorithm implementation (ai, bsd3, library, program)2015-08-02JeanPhilippeMoresmau
simple-neural-networks120.0Simple parallel neural networks implementation (ai, bsd3, library, program)2014-05-10eax
svm130.0A support vector machine written in Haskell (ai, gpl, library)2010-12-17AndrewDougherty
svm-simple170.0Medium level, simplified, bindings to libsvm (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, pattern-classification, support-vector-machine)2012-07-18VilleTirronen