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GOST34112012-Hash70.00Bindings to the GOST R 34.11-2012 hashing implementation (bsd2, codec, cryptography, library)2024-04-
HSvm260.01Haskell Bindings for libsvm (bsd2, bsd3, classification, datamining, library)2024-01-, PavelRyzhov
Mecha41.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
Mechs51.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
MonadStack70.01Generalizing lift to monad stacks (bsd2, control, library)2015-07-
OGDF50.00Haskell binding to OGDF (bsd2, graphs, library)2023-07-
SecureHash-SHA392.00simple static linked SHA3 using private symbols and the ref impl (bsd2, library, system)2019-01-
abnf170.01Parse ABNF and generate parsers for the specified document (bsd2, library, text)2016-06-
addy50.00A full-featured library for parsing, validating, and rendering email addresses (bsd2, library, text)2020-10-
aeson-match-qq400.00Declarative JSON matchers. (bsd2, library, web)2023-07-191.7.0MatveyAksenov
apis50.01A Template Haskell library for generating type safe API calls (bsd2, library, web)2014-12-220.0.1FabianBergmark
assumpta31.250An SMTP client library (bsd2, library, network)2020-01-
assumpta-core120.01Core functionality for an SMTP client (bsd2, library, network)2020-01-
atomic-modify-general32.00Generalizations of atomicModifyIORef (bsd2, concurrency, library)2023-03-
attomail70.01Minimal mail delivery agent (MDA) for local mail with maildir support (bsd2, email---, network, program)2017-12-
binary-typed (deprecated)200.01Type-safe binary serialization (bsd2, data, deprecated, library, serialization)2015-12-191.0quchen
bindings-libg1560.01Bindings to libg15 (bsd2, library, web)2017-08-
bogocopy30.01Copy a directory tree, making zero-size sparse copies of big files. (bsd2, file-manager, program, system-tools, tools)2017-01-
buffon70.01An implementation of Buffon machines. (bsd2, library, math)2018-03-
byline350.01Library for creating command-line interfaces (colors, menus, etc.) (bsd2, library, system, user-interfaces)2023-01-201.1.2PeterJones
cabal (deprecated in favor of Cabal)140.01placeholder for Cabal package, you want the upper case Cabal (bsd2, deprecated, development, library)2016-08-, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel
cabal-plan-bounds160.00Derives cabal bounds from build plans (bsd2, distribution, program)2024-04-
citeproc3660.03Generates citations and bibliography from CSL styles. (bsd2, library, text)2024-06-
clash-ghc2222.255Clash: a functional hardware description language - GHC frontend (bsd2, hardware, library, program)2023-11-111.8.1ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
clash-lib2270.010Clash: a functional hardware description language - As a library (bsd2, hardware, library, program)2023-11-111.8.1ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
clash-lib-hedgehog200.00Hedgehog Generators for clash-lib (bsd2, hardware, library)2023-11-111.8.1QBayLogic
clash-prelude1812.516Clash: a functional hardware description language - Prelude library (bsd2, hardware, library)2023-11-111.8.1ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
clash-prelude-hedgehog420.00Hedgehog Generators for clash-prelude (bsd2, hardware, library)2023-11-111.8.1QBayLogic
clash-systemverilog (deprecated in favor of clash-lib)530.02CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - SystemVerilog backend (bsd2, deprecated, hardware, library)2017-04-250.7.2ChristiaanBaaij
clash-verilog (deprecated in favor of clash-lib)440.02CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - Verilog backend (bsd2, deprecated, hardware, library)2017-04-250.7.2ChristiaanBaaij
clash-vhdl (deprecated in favor of clash-lib)720.02CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - VHDL backend (bsd2, deprecated, hardware, library)2017-04-250.7.2ChristiaanBaaij
command-qq160.03Quasiquoters for external commands (bsd2, library, system)2020-01-
compiler-warnings100.01Parser for common compiler warning formats (bsd2, development, library)2016-10-160.1.0DmitryIvanov
concurrent-output4642.57Ungarble output from several threads or commands (bsd2, concurrency, library, user-interfaces)2024-04-291.10.21JoeyHess
constrained70.01Generalization of standard Functor, Foldable, and Traversable classes (bsd2, data, library)2019-10-270.1SergeyVinokurov
constrained-platform-instances60.00Instances of standard platform types for 'constrained' package. (bsd2, data, library)2019-10-270.1SergeyVinokurov
constraints5182.0157Constraint manipulation (bsd2, constraints, library)2024-05-120.14.2CaleGibbard, EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
control-block60.00Higher-order functions with their function arguments at the end, for channeling the full power of BlockArguments and LambdaCase . (bsd2, control, library)2024-03-220.0.1melaniebrown
data-filter70.01Utilities for filtering (bsd2, data, library)2018-05-
dense-linear-algebra1270.02Simple and incomplete pure haskell implementation of linear algebra (bsd2, library, math, numeric, statistics)2018-10-
digest3560.023CRC32 and Adler32 hashes for bytestrings (bsd2, cryptography, library)2024-02-, teo
double-conversion4060.033Fast conversion between single and double precision floating point and text (bsd2, bsd3, library, text)2024-02-, Haskell_Mouse
ecma26230.03A ECMA-262 interpreter library (bsd2, language, library, program)2014-12-120.0.0FabianBergmark
edf60.00EDF parsing library (bsd2, codec, library)2019-12-301.0.0.0cbou
editable70.01Interactive editors for Generics (bsd2, data, library)2014-10-
either-semigroup30.00Either with a stricter Semigroup instance (bsd2, data, library)2024-03-270.0.0melaniebrown
elision180.00Arrows with holes. (bsd2, control, library, program)2016-02-
exceptional330.01Essentially the Maybe type with error messages. (bsd2, control, library)2015-07-
exigo-schema90.00database schema for exigo marking/assessment tools (bsd2, database, library)2020-06-
fadno-braids220.02Braid representations in Haskell (algebra, bsd2, data, library, math)2024-01-200.2spopejoy
fadno-xml180.02XML/XSD combinators/schemas/codegen (bsd2, library, music, xml)2024-01-201.2.1spopejoy
fficxx430.012Automatic C++ binding generation (bsd2, ffi-tools, library)2023-07-
fficxx-runtime270.013Runtime for fficxx-generated library (bsd2, ffi-tools, library)2023-07-
fieldwise30.01Provides Fieldwise typeclass for operations of fields of records treated as independent components. (bsd2, data, library)2014-07-
file-embed3822.5149Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly. (bsd2, data, library)2024-01-
fits-parse190.00Parse FITS files (bsd2, library, program, science)2023-10-170.3.6krakrjak
fixtime130.01Some fixes to the time package (bsd2, data, library)2014-11-
ghc-tcplugins-extra1270.016Utilities for writing GHC type-checker plugins (bsd2, library, type-system)2024-05-220.4.6ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
ghc-typelits-extra1020.09Additional type-level operations on GHC.TypeLits.Nat (bsd2, library, type-system)2024-05-220.4.7ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
ghc-typelits-knownnat1410.031Derive KnownNat constraints from other KnownNat constraints (bsd2, library, type-system)2024-05-220.7.12ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
ghc-typelits-natnormalise1732.532GHC typechecker plugin for types of kind GHC.TypeLits.Nat (bsd2, library, type-system)2024-05-220.7.10ChristiaanBaaij, QBayLogic
ghcflags150.05Dump the ghc flags during compilation (bsd2, building, library)2023-05-221.0.4tseenshe
git-embed (deprecated in favor of githash)112.01Use TH to embed Git repo information. (bsd2, deprecated, git, library)2014-12-150.1.0borsboom
gotyno-hs120.00A type definition compiler supporting multiple output languages. (bsd2, compiler, library, program)2021-08-051.1.0gonz
grenade42.01Practical Deep Learning in Haskell (ai, bsd2, library, machine-learning)2017-04-120.1.0ErikDeCastroLopo, huw
haddock-api840.06A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries (bsd2, documentation, library)2023-09-222.29.1BenGamari, HerbertValerioRiedel, MateuszKowalczyk, alexbiehl, Helkafen, harpocrates, wz1000, hecate
haddock-library2630.011Library exposing some functionality of Haddock. (bsd2, documentation, library)2022-08-181.11.0BenGamari, HerbertValerioRiedel, MateuszKowalczyk, SimonHengel, alexbiehl, Helkafen, harpocrates, wz1000, hecate
halive300.00A live recompiler (bsd2, development, library, program)2021-03-260.1.8lukexi
happy3441.251Happy is a parser generator for Haskell (bsd2, development, program)2021-10-20AndreasAbel, IavorDiatchki, JohnEricson, SimonMarlow, int_index
hashflare30.01A library for working with contracts and hashrates (bsd2, data, library)2017-01-
hlwm70.01Bindings to the herbstluftwm window manager (bsd2, library, system)2016-05-310.1.0.2hpdeifel
hspec-expectations-lens180.01Hspec expectations for the lens stuff (bsd2, library, testing)2015-01-020.4.0MatveyAksenov
hup112.00Upload packages and/or documentation to a hackage server (bsd2, distribution, documentation, library, program, web)2022-01-
huttons-razor80.01Quick implemention of Hutton's Razor (bsd2, example, program)2015-05-
hyphenation1482.06Configurable Knuth-Liang hyphenation (bsd2, library, text)2021-06-280.8.2EdwardKmett, EricMertens, VladimirShabanov, ryanglscott
indexed-traversable4600.045FunctorWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex, TraversableWithIndex (bsd2, data, library)2024-05-160.1.4phadej
indexed-traversable-instances3920.06More instances of FunctorWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex, TraversableWithIndex (bsd2, data, library)2024-05-160.1.2phadej
invariant4840.018Haskell98 invariant functors (bsd2, control, data, library)2024-03-190.6.3NicolasFrisby, ryanglscott
jenga (deprecated)52.00Generate a cabal freeze file from a stack.yaml (bsd2, deprecated, development, library, program)2017-05-
joy-rewrite50.00Transform Joy code using conditional rewrite rules (bsd2, language, library)2022-06-290.2.0rieckenj
json-extra90.01Utility functions to extend Aeson (bsd2, data, library)2016-11-
justified-containers212.251Keyed container types with type-checked proofs of key presence. (bsd2, data-structures, library)2018-02-
ldap-client401.753Pure Haskell LDAP Client Library (bsd2, library, network)2024-06-210.4.3MatveyAksenov, bcj, sambolias
ldap-client-og60.00Pure Haskell LDAP Client Library (bsd2, library, network)2023-04-250.3.0MatveyAksenov
lens8253.01418Lenses, Folds and Traversals (bsd2, data, generics, lenses, library)2024-05-125.3.2EdwardKmett, EricMertens, JohnWiegley, ryanglscott
lens-indexed-plated40.00Indexed version of Plated. (bsd2, data, generics, lenses, library)2023-07-080.1.0nicuveo
libjenkins340.01Jenkins API interface (bsd2, library, network)2023-04-250.9.0MatveyAksenov
libmodbus150.00Haskell bindings to the C modbus library (bsd2, library, system)2023-09-181.1.3JoeyHess
libretls50.00libtls bindings (bsd2, library, network)2019-01-
lmdb240.04Lightning MDB bindings (bsd2, database, library)2015-01-230.2.5dmbarbour
lowgl250.01Basic gl wrapper and reference (bsd2, graphics, library)2016-11-
markov-chain-usage-model180.01Computations for Markov chain usage models (bsd2, library, testing)2019-05-140.0.0stevana
math-functions3562.2540Collection of tools for numeric computations (bsd2, library, math, numeric)2024-03-300.3.4.4AlexeyKhudyakov, BryanOSullivan
matrix-market-attoparsec372.03Parsing and serialization functions for the NIST Matrix Market format (bsd2, library, parsers)2020-01-
mdapi40.01Haskell interface to Fedora's mdapi (bsd2, fedora, library)2015-11-281RickyElrod
mech31.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
mechs31.251mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)2016-08-
meep140.01A silly container (bsd2, data, library)2018-08-, MatveyAksenov
megaparsec6162.75267Monadic parser combinators (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-11-039.6.1HerbertValerioRiedel, TikhonJelvis, mrkkrp
megaparsec-tests380.00Test utilities and the test suite of Megaparsec (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-11-039.6.1mrkkrp
memorable-bits60.00Generate human memorable strings from binary data. (bsd2, data, library)2019-03-
mock-httpd110.00A HTTP server for testing HTTP clients (bsd2, network, program)2020-10-291.0.0PeterJones
monad-lgbt50.01Monad transformers for combining local and global state. (bsd2, control, library)2016-07-230.0.2MichalGajda
monad-ste92.254ST monad with efficient explicit errors (bsd2, control, library)2016-05-
monadology120.00The best ideas in monad-related classes and types. (bsd2, library, monads)2023-08-250.3AshleyYakeley
mortred60.00Library for setting up and running scrapers with webdriver. (bsd2, library, program, selenium, web-scraping)2021-10-240.0.2gonz
ms80.01metric spaces (bsd2, library, math)2015-07-210.2.1RickyElrod
mwc-random3072.0123Fast, high quality pseudo random number generation (bsd2, bsd3, library, math, statistics)2024-07-, BryanOSullivan
neko-lib40.01Neko VM code generation and disassembly library (bsd2, build, library)2017-10-
nullary40.01A package for working with nullary type classes. (bsd2, library, type-system)2015-11-
numerical50.00core package for Numerical Haskell project (bsd2, library, math)2019-01-
open-witness260.01open witnesses (bsd2, data, library)2022-05-100.6AshleyYakeley
opendatatable30.03A library for working with Open Data Tables (bsd2, library, web)2014-12-120.0.0FabianBergmark
openid-connect120.00An OpenID Connect library that does all the heavy lifting for you (bsd2, library, network)2023-02-170.2.0PeterJones
pager340.02Open up a pager, like 'less' or 'more' (bsd2, data, library, program, system, text)2015-05-
pagure-hook-receiver (deprecated)40.01Receive hooks from pagure and do things with them (bsd2, deprecated, library, web)2015-06-
parsec3762.75930Monadic parser combinators (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-10-, HerbertValerioRiedel, phadej
perhaps62.01Perhaps, a monad (bsd2, data, library)2018-04-240EdwardKmett
pg-harness-client (deprecated in favor of tempgres-client)170.01Client library for pg-harness-server (bsd2, database-testing-web, deprecated, library)2019-02-150.6.0BardurArantsson
pipeclip60.01Open your editor, pipe the output to the system clipboard (bsd2, program, system, text)2015-05-
polysemy-optics70.00Optics for Polysemy. (bsd2, lenses, library, optics)2022-07-
polysemy-readline52.00Readline effect for polysemy. (bsd2, effect, library, program, user-interfaces)2021-07-
prettyprinter2382.5169A modern, easy to use, well-documented, extensible pretty-printer. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)2021-09-111.7.1quchen, sjakobi
prettyprinter-ansi-terminal2071.7544ANSI terminal backend for the »prettyprinter« package. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)2021-09-111.1.3quchen, sjakobi
prettyprinter-compat-annotated-wl-pprint130.01Drop-in compatibility package to migrate from »annotated-wl-pprint« to »prettyprinter«. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)2020-12-271.1quchen, sjakobi
prettyprinter-compat-ansi-wl-pprint1330.04Drop-in compatibility package to migrate from »ansi-wl-pprint« to »prettyprinter«. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)2021-09-111.0.2quchen, sjakobi
prettyprinter-compat-wl-pprint140.01Drop-in compatibility package to migrate from »wl-pprint« to »prettyprinter«. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)2021-09-111.0.1quchen, sjakobi
prettyprinter-convert-ansi-wl-pprint160.00Converter from »ansi-wl-pprint« documents to »prettyprinter«-based ones. (bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)2021-09-111.1.2quchen, sjakobi
prettyprinter-interp380.01Efficient interpolation for Prettyprinter (bsd2, data, library, text)2023-01-310.2.0.0PeterLebbing
primitive-serial60.00Serialisation of primitive types (bsd2, library, serialization)2023-07-190.1AshleyYakeley
propellor2832.01property-based host configuration management in haskell (bsd2, library, program, utility)2023-06-105.17JoeyHess
q4c12-twofinger130.01Efficient alternating finger trees (bsd2, data-structures, library)2018-01-170.2quasicomputational
quarantimer70.00Coronavirus quarantine timer web app for your things (bsd2, health, program)2020-04-221.20200422JoeyHess
quickcheck-state-machine-distributed60.01Test monadic programs using state machine based models (bsd2, library, testing)2018-05-030.0.1stevana
quickcheck-unicode510.01Generator and shrink functions for testing Unicode-related software. (bsd2, library, testing, text)2017-05-
readline-in-other-words70.00Readline effect for in-other-words. (bsd2, command-line, effect, haskeline, in-other-words, library, program, user-interfaces)2021-11-
rec-def140.00Recursively defined values (bsd2, data, library)2023-08-190.2.2JoachimBreitner
recursion-schemes3832.7556Representing common recursion patterns as higher-order functions (bsd2, control, library, recursion)2024-06-125.2.3EdwardKmett, EricMertens, gelisam, ryanglscott, luc_tielen
reddit210.01Library for interfacing with Reddit's API (bsd2, library, network)2022-07-
reddit-scrape90.00Library for getting links from a sub-reddit (bsd2, library, web-scraping)2021-10-170.0.1gonz
replace-attoparsec420.00Find, replace, split string patterns with Attoparsec parsers (instead of regex) (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-05-301.5.0.0JamesBrock, haskell_github_trust
replace-megaparsec570.03Find, replace, split string patterns with Megaparsec parsers (instead of regex) (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-05-301.5.0.1JamesBrock, haskell_github_trust
resin170.01High performance variable binders (bsd2, language, library)2019-01-
rio-process-pool60.00A library for process pools coupled with asynchronous message queues (bsd2, concurrency, library, program)2021-06-221.0.1SvenHeyll
rsi-break30.00Let your mind know that your hands need a rest! (bsd2, graphics, library, program)2023-10-
sdnv80.01Self-delimiting numeric values encoding library (bsd2, library, numeric)2017-06-070.1.1sickmind
semigroupoids5962.5206Semigroupoids: Category sans id (bsd2, comonads, control, library)2024-05-046.0.1EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
simpleirc-lens62.01Lenses for simpleirc types (bsd2, library, network)2015-12-
slab230.00A programmable markup language to generate HTML (bsd2, library, program, text)2024-06-
smtpbz60.00Unofficial API client for (bsd2, library, web)2022-09-231.0.1MatveyAksenov
sneathlane-haste50.01A compositional web UI library, which draws to a Canvas element (bsd2, gui, library)2015-11-132JasonPriestley
spritz40.01An implementation of the Spritz RC4-like stream cipher in Haskell (bsd2, crypto, library)2014-11-
statistics3662.2564A library of statistical types, data, and functions (bsd2, library, math, statistics)2023-09-, BryanOSullivan
statistics-skinny60.00A library of statistical types, data, and functions (bsd2, library, math, statistics)2021-01-
stdcxx70.09Binding to Standard Template Library C++ (bsd2, ffi, library)2023-07-
tak50.00A library encoding the rules of Tak, and a client. (bsd2, game, library)2016-06-
tak-ai80.01AI(s) for playing Tak on (bsd2, game, program)2016-06-
tempgres-client90.00Client library for Tempgres. (bsd2, database-testing-web, library)2023-10-271.0.0BardurArantsson
text7172.755463An efficient packed Unicode text type. (bsd2, data, library, text)2024-02-162.1.1BryanOSullivan, HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim, lyxia, chessai, topos
text-binary470.023Binary instances for text types (bsd2, data, library)2016-09-
text-utf8 (deprecated in favor of text)40.03An efficient packed UTF-8 backed Unicode text type. (bsd2, data, deprecated, library, text)2018-05-, Bodigrim, topos
time4782.252253A time library (bsd2, library, time)2024-03-101.14AshleyYakeley, DonaldStewart, IanLynagh
tinyMesh40.01TinyMesh - communicating with auto-meshing sensor network (bsd2, library, network)2014-11-300.1.0.0MichalGajda
token-limiter160.00Fast rate limiting using the token bucket algorithm (BSD) (bsd2, concurrency, library, program)2019-11-
treersec40.01Structure Editing Combinators (bsd2, gui, library)2015-11-131JasonPriestley
type-rig80.01Classes for the rig (sums and products) of types (bsd2, data, library)2022-09-120.1AshleyYakeley
unicode-collation4030.04Haskell implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm (bsd2, library, text)2023-12-
unlift-stm90.00(un)lifted classes and functions for the STM monad (bsd2, concurrency, library)2021-03-
unliftio-messagebox100.01Fast and robust message queues for concurrent processes (bsd2, concurrency, library, program)2021-02-162.0.0SvenHeyll
unpacked-containers62.00Unpacked containers via backpack (bsd2, language, library, program)2018-04-060EdwardKmett
uu-tc-error-error90.01utilities for parse errors (bsd2, library, parsing)2023-12-
vimeta320.00Frontend for video metadata tagging tools (bsd2, library, program, video)2021-06-020.3.1PeterJones
vocoder40.03Phase vocoder (bsd2, library, sound)2021-02-
vocoder-audio40.00Phase vocoder for conduit-audio (bsd2, library, sound)2021-02-
vocoder-conduit60.01Phase vocoder for Conduit (bsd2, library, sound)2021-02-
vocoder-dunai40.00Phase vocoder for Dunai and Rhine (bsd2, library, sound)2021-02-
webcloud40.00Turn an optparse-applicative program into a CGI program! (bsd2, library, program, web)2016-05-
wherefrom-compat750.01A compatibility layer for GHC's 'wherefrom' function (bsd2, compatibility, library)2024-05-
wide-word1380.022Data types for large but fixed width signed and unsigned integers (bsd2, data, library)2023-10-
witness340.03values that witness types (bsd2, data, library)2023-07-250.6.2AshleyYakeley
wybor70.01Console line fuzzy search (bsd2, library, text)2014-08-170.1.0MatveyAksenov
xhb-atom-cache100.02Atom cache for XHB (bsd2, graphics, library)2015-02-
xhb-ewmh170.01EWMH utilities for XHB (bsd2, graphics, library)2015-03-
xss-sanitize1560.016sanitize untrusted HTML to prevent XSS attacks (bsd2, library, web)2023-04-, MichaelSnoyman
yql60.02A YQL engine to execute Open Data Tables (bsd2, library, program, web)2014-12-120.0.0FabianBergmark