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composite-lens-extra20.0Extra lens functions for composite. (composite, data, lens, library, mit)2022-09-04locallycompact
cornea192.0classy optical monadic state (lens, library)2022-02-05tek
generic-lens2632.75Generically derive traversals, lenses and prisms. (bsd3, generics, lens, library, records)2022-01-22mpickering, kcsongor
generic-lens-core2250.0Generically derive traversals, lenses and prisms. (bsd3, generics, lens, library, records)2022-01-22kcsongor
generic-lens-labels60.0GHC.OverloadedLabels.IsLabel instance for lenses from ghc-generics (bsd3, generics, lens, library, overloadelabels, records)2018-01-09duog
generic-lens-lite220.0Monomorphic field lens like with generic-lens (bsd3, generics, lens, library)2020-01-14phadej
generic-optics380.0Generically derive traversals, lenses and prisms. (bsd3, generics, lens, library, records)2022-01-22kcsongor
generic-optics-lite20.0Monomorphic field opics like with generic-lens (bsd3, generics, lens, library, optics)2020-01-14phadej
hedgehog-lens20.0Hedgehog properties for lens laws. (lens, library, mit, testing)2022-04-14solomon
hexml-lens170.0Lenses for the hexml package (bsd3, lens, library)2022-04-05PepeIborra
http-client-lens10.0Optics for http-client (bsd3, lens, library)2014-04-15ReinH, reactormonk
lens-named30.0Helper for use with lens (bsd3, lens, library)2018-02-01
minilens72.0A minimalistic lens library, providing only the simplest, most basic lens functionality. (data, gpl, lens, library)2016-05-31RaminHonary
persistent-template-classy40.0Generate classy lens field accessors for persistent models (bsd3, database, lens, library, yesod)2021-05-30k_bx
ral-lens30.0Length-indexed random access lists: lens utilities. (data, dependent-types, gpl, lens, library, singletons)2021-02-28phadej
text-lens60.0Lenses for operating over text (bsd3, lens, library)2017-01-29ChrisPenner
these-lens260.0Lenses for These (bsd3, data, lens, library, these)2021-02-25phadej
vec-lens30.0Vec: length-indexed (sized) list: lens support (bsd3, data, dependent-types, lens, library)2021-02-28phadej