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TBit770.0Utilities for condensed matter physics tight binding calculations. (bsd3, library, science)2015-04-20danielsmw
arpack290.0Solve large scale eigenvalue problems (bsd3, library, science)2016-09-30ThomasTuegel
astro882.25Amateur astronomical computations (bsd3, library, science)2018-06-10aignatyev17
atmos800.01976 US Standard Atmosphere Model (library, public-domain, science)2016-08-27GregHorn
atmos-dimensional (deprecated in favor of atmos)560.0dimensional wrapper on atmos package (bsd3, deprecated, library, science)2014-08-16GregHorn
atmos-dimensional-tf (deprecated in favor of atmos)580.0dimensional-tf wrapper on atmos package (bsd3, deprecated, library, science)2014-08-16GregHorn
dynobud1470.0your dynamic optimization buddy (lgpl, library, science)2015-11-18GregHorn
fits-parse260.0Parse FITS files (bsd2, library, program, science)2019-04-19krakrjak
hfoil780.0Hess-Smith panel code for inviscid 2-d airfoil analysis (bsd3, library, numerical, science)2015-05-23GregHorn
igrf340.0International Geomagnetic Reference Field (bsd3, library, science)2014-08-24dmcclean
mwc-probability-transition1720.0A Markov stochastic transition operator with logging (bsd3, library, numeric, random, science, scientific-simulation, statistical-modeling, statistics)2018-05-23ocramz
physics230.0dimensions, quantities and constants (bsd3, library, science)2018-10-15knupfer
science-constants580.0Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (chemistry, library, math, physics, science)2014-09-13cbou
science-constants-dimensional530.0Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (bsd3, chemistry, library, math, physics, science)2015-10-29cbou