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boolector20.01Haskell bindings for the Boolector SMT solver (bit-vectors, formal-methods, library, math, mit, smt, theorem-provers)2020-08-
grisette70.01Symbolic evaluation as a library (bsd3, formal-methods, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2023-09-
grisette-monad-coroutine10.00Support for monad-coroutine package with Grisette (bsd3, formal-methods, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2023-02-
hz3 (deprecated)30.00Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover (bit-vectors, bsd3, deprecated, formal-methods, library, math, smt, theorem-provers)2019-10-0196.0.0.0
linearEqSolver20.01Use SMT solvers to solve linear systems over integers and rationals (bsd3, library, math, smt)2020-05-132.3LeventErkok
sbv2062.7512SMT Based Verification: Symbolic Haskell theorem prover using SMT solving. (bit-vectors, bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, program, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2023-06-0910.2LeventErkok
sbv-program30.00Component-based program synthesis using SBV (bit-vectors, bsd3, formal-methods, library, smt, symbolic-computation)2023-01-
sbvPlugin60.01Formally prove properties of Haskell programs using SBV/SMT (bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2023-04-149.6.1LeventErkok
smt2-parser300.01A Haskell parser for SMT-LIB version 2.6 (bsd3, formal-languages, language, library, smt)2022-10-, haskell_github_trust
smtLib150.03A library for working with the SMTLIB format. (bsd3, library, smt)2019-01-101.1IavorDiatchki
smtlib-backends292.04Low-level functions for SMT-LIB-based interaction with SMT solvers. (library, mit, smt)2023-02-060.3FacundoDominguez
smtlib-backends-process302.01An SMT-LIB backend running solvers as external processes. (library, mit, smt)2023-02-060.3FacundoDominguez
smtlib-backends-tests52.00Testing SMT-LIB backends. (library, mit, smt, testing)2023-02-060.3FacundoDominguez, qaristote
smtlib-backends-z3122.01An SMT-LIB backend implemented using Z3's C API. (library, mit, smt)2023-02-060.3FacundoDominguez
smtlib212.06A type-safe interface to communicate with an SMT solver. (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-051.0HenningGuenther
smtlib2-debug00.01Dump the communication with an SMT solver for debugging purposes. (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-051.0HenningGuenther
smtlib2-pipe10.01A type-safe interface to communicate with an SMT solver. (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-051.0HenningGuenther
smtlib2-quickcheck10.01Helper functions to create SMTLib expressions in QuickCheck (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-061.0HenningGuenther
smtlib2-timing30.01Get timing informations for SMT queries (formal-methods, gpl, library, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2017-01-071.0HenningGuenther
toysolver100.04Assorted decision procedures for SAT, SMT, Max-SAT, PB, MIP, etc (algorithms, bsd3, constraints, formal-methods, library, logic, optimisation, optimization, program, smt, theorem-provers)2022-09-170.8.1MasahiroSakai
what4682.252Solver-agnostic symbolic values support for issuing queries (bsd3, formal-methods, library, program, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)2023-10-131.5.1RobertDockins, ryanglscott, galoisinc
z3242.256Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover (bit-vectors, bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, smt, theorem-provers)2020-08-29408.2IagoAbal