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Advise-me40.00Assessment services for the Advise-Me project (apache, education, library, program)2019-10-300.1BastiaanHeeren
HasBigDecimal192.253A library for arbitrary precision decimal numbers. (apache, library, math, program)2022-09-
HaskellAnalysisProgram30.00Haskell source code analysis program (apache, program, source-code-analysis)2020-07-130.1.0BastiaanHeeren
MicroCabal50.00A Cabal replacement (apache, language, program)2024-03-
MicroHs562.250A compiler for Haskell (apache, language, program)2024-07-
ONC-RPC50.00ONC RPC (aka Sun RPC) and XDR library (apache, library, network, program)2022-11-110.2DylanSimon
Object40.01Object oriented programming for haskell using multiparameter typeclasses. (apache, control, data, library)2014-05-151.0yokto
Tic-Tac-Toe112.01Tic Tac Toe in your command line! (apache, game, program)2015-09-
Updater90.01Monadic FRP library based on stm (apache, frp, library)2015-09-170.3yokto
WEditor130.02Generic text-editor logic for use with fixed-width fonts. (apache, library, text)2020-04-
WEditorBrick70.00Text-editor widget with dynamic line-wrapping for use with Brick. (apache, graphics, library, program)2020-04-
WEditorHyphen140.00Language-specific hyphenation policies for WEditor. (apache, library, text)2020-04-
aasam82.00Convert distfix precedence grammars to unambiguous context-free grammars. (apache, library, parsing)2022-08-
aeson-decode60.01Easy functions for converting from Aeson.Value (apache, json, library)2023-03-, Monoid_Mary
algo-s30.00An implementation of Knuth's algorithm S. (apache, data, library, program)2016-08-
alpaca-netcode72.00Rollback/replay NetCode for realtime, deterministic, multiplayer games. (apache, game-engine, library, network)2021-04-
android-lint-summary40.00A pretty printer for Android Lint errors (apache, library, program, web)2015-06-300.2.1passy
arion-compose212.00Run docker-compose with help from Nix/NixOS (apache, cloud, distributed-computing, distribution, library, network, program)2023-07-
asap100.00Atlassian Service Authentication Protocol (apache, library, web)2019-03-260.0.4puffnfresh
ascii1442.012The ASCII character set and encoding (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-case310.05ASCII letter case (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-caseless120.03ASCII character without an upper/lower case distinction (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-char380.09A Char type representing an ASCII character (apache, data, library, text)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-group380.01ASCII character groups (apache, data, library, text)2023-12-311.0.0.17chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
ascii-numbers200.01ASCII representations of numbers (apache, data, library, numeric, text)2023-06-
ascii-predicates380.01Various categorizations of ASCII characters (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-superset710.04Representing ASCII with refined supersets (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
ascii-th500.01Template Haskell support for ASCII (apache, data, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
atlassian-connect-core520.01Atlassian Connect snaplet for the Snap Framework and helper code. (apache, library, snap, web)2023-08-, eero, AshleyValent
atlassian-connect-descriptor590.02Code that helps you create a valid Atlassian Connect Descriptor. (apache, data, library)2023-08-, eero, AshleyValent
atomic-counter210.01Mutable counters that can be modified with atomic operatinos (apache, concurrency, data, data-structures, library)2023-06-
atomic-modify120.01A typeclass for mutable references that have an atomic modify operation. (apache, concurrency, library)2022-01-
attenuation80.02Subtyping relations and variance roles (apache, constraints, library)2021-10-110.2.0AndrewPritchard
attenuation-profunctors30.00Attenuation support for Profunctors. (apache, constraints, library)2021-10-110.1.0AndrewPritchard
attoparsec-run110.01Conveniently run Attoparsec parsers (apache, library, parsing)2023-04-, Monoid_Mary
aws-configuration-tools60.00Configuration types, parsers & renderers for AWS services (apache, cloud, configuration, library)2015-05-
aws-dynamodb-streams40.01Haskell bindings for Amazon DynamoDB Streams (apache, library, network)2014-12-, puffnfresh
aws-kinesis150.04Bindings for Amazon Kinesis (apache, aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, network, web)2015-03-300.1.5larsk
aws-kinesis-client290.01A producer & consumer client library for AWS Kinesis (apache, cloud, library, program)2015-05-, larsk
aws-kinesis-reshard70.01Reshard AWS Kinesis streams in response to Cloud Watch metrics (apache, cloud, library, program)2015-01-
aws-lambda70.01Haskell bindings for AWS Lambda (apache, cloud, library, network)2015-01-
aws-lambda-haskell-runtime720.01Haskell runtime for AWS Lambda (apache, aws, library)2024-02-224.3.2NickSeagull, mikota95
aws-lambda-runtime80.00Haskell on AWS Lambda Runtime API (apache, aws, development, library, program)2020-01-
aws-mfa-credentials40.01Keep your AWS credentials file up to date with MFA-carrying credentials (apache, config, program)2017-05-
barbies-layered50.00Barbies with layered clothes. (apache, data-structures, library)2021-07-
batching80.00An Applicative Functor deferring actions to run in a batch later. (algorithms, apache, library)2021-09-
bazel-coverage-report-renderer40.00HTML Coverage Reports for Rules_Haskell (apache, build-tool, program)2019-05-230.1.0MathieuBoespflug, Profpatsch, SebastianKazenbrootGuppy
bazel-runfiles170.00Locate Bazel runfiles location (apache, build-tool, library, program)2020-04-250.12MathieuBoespflug, shmish111
bech322672.05Implementation of the Bech32 cryptocurrency address format (BIP 0173). (apache, library, program, web)2024-05-201.1.7ErikDeCastroLopo, JonathanKnowles, rvl, KtorZ, KingWilliamNoel
bech32-th830.00Template Haskell extensions to the Bech32 library. (apache, library, web)2024-05-201.1.7ErikDeCastroLopo, JonathanKnowles, rvl, KtorZ, KingWilliamNoel
betacode30.01A codec for beta code ( (apache, library, text)2014-11-
bindings-friso50.01Low level bindings for friso (apache, ffi, library)2014-07-310.1.0.0cosmo0920
bip3290.01BIP-0032: Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (apache, cryptography, library)2020-06-240.2RenzoCarbonara
bitcoin-address30.00Bitcoin address generation and rendering. Parsing coming soon. (apache, cryptography, library)2020-06-230.1RenzoCarbonara
bitcoin-hash70.02Bitcoin hash primitives (apache, cryptography, library)2020-06-190.1RenzoCarbonara
bitcoin-keys40.03Bitcoin keys (apache, cryptography, library)2020-06-210.1RenzoCarbonara
bits-show100.00Showing data as strings of 0 and 1 (apache, bit, library, text)2023-03-300.0.0.0chris_martin
blacktip110.01Decentralized, k-ordered unique ID generator. (apache, database, library)2014-08-300.1.0.1bitemyapp
blake3120.02BLAKE3 hashing algorithm (apache, cryptography, library)2023-02-040.3RenzoCarbonara
blockfrost-api510.03API definitions for (apache, cardano, library)2024-02-, blockfrost basic client (apache, cardano, library)2024-01-, blockfrost common client definitions / instances (apache, cardano, library)2024-01-, blockfrost pretty-printing utilities (apache, library, web)2021-09-, blockfrost
bottom60.00Encoding and decoding for the Bottom spec. (apache, codec, library, program)2021-04-
bricks (deprecated)90.01Bricks is a lazy functional language based on Nix. (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-
bricks-internal (deprecated)30.05... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-
bricks-internal-test (deprecated)50.01... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-
bricks-parsec (deprecated)30.01... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-
bricks-rendering (deprecated)40.01... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-
bricks-syntax (deprecated)30.03... (apache, deprecated, language, library)2018-02-
bson780.021BSON documents are JSON-like objects with a standard binary encoding. (apache, data, library)2020-03-, GregWeber, MaximMitroshin, TonyHannan, VictorDenisov
burnt-explorer100.01List OP_RETURN cryptocurrency transaction outputs. (apache, cryptocurrency, program)2018-07-022.0.0KrzysiekJ
cabal-helper952.03Give Haskell development tools access to Cabal project environment (apache, distribution, library)2020-05-
cached-io190.00A simple library to cache IO actions (apache, development, library, program)2024-03-, potomak, glasserc, mhova, jack, rickowens, Bellroy, HughDavidson, LukeWorth
cachix1310.00Command-line client for Nix binary cache hosting (apache, library, nix, program)2024-05-241.7.4domenkozar
cachix-api850.01Servant HTTP API specification for (apache, library, nix)2024-05-241.7.4domenkozar
camfort450.01CamFort - Cambridge Fortran infrastructure (analysis, apache, fortran, language, library, program)2022-10-121.2.0DominicOrchard, mdanish, madgen, raehik
canteven-config (deprecated)80.02A pattern for configuring programs. (apache, deprecated, library, unclassified)2015-06-, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-listen-http80.01data types to describe HTTP services (apache, development, library)2017-08-, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-log (deprecated)170.04A canteven way of setting up logging for your program. (apache, deprecated, development, library)2018-02-, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-parsedate30.01Date / time parsing utilities that try to guess the date / time format. (apache, library, unclassified)2016-08-
canteven-template70.01A few utilites and helpers for using Template Haskell in your projects. (apache, library, web)2015-12-, potomak, glasserc, mhova
cardano-coin-selection90.00Algorithms for coin selection and fee balancing. (apache, cardano, coin, library, utxo)2020-05-131.0.1JonathanKnowles, rvl, KtorZ
cardano-transactions30.00Library utilities for constructing and signing Cardano transactions. (apache, cardano, library, program)2020-04-211.0.0KtorZ
castle80.01A tool to manage shared cabal-install sandboxes. (apache, development, program)2015-04-
cereal-text320.018Data.Text instances for the cereal serialization library (apache, data, library)2016-06-
choose30.01Choose random elements from a stream. (apache, library, random)2016-10-
choose-exe30.01Command-line program to choose random element from a stream. (apache, application, library, program)2016-10-
cicero-api60.00API bindings to IOHK's Cicero job scheduler (apache, api, library, program)2022-10-
clang-pure250.01Pure C++ code analysis with libclang (apache, language, library)2020-01-310.2.0.6PatrickChilton
cld2110.01Haskell bindings to Google's Compact Language Detector 2 (apache, library, text)2018-03-, k_bx
codex960.01A ctags file generator for cabal project dependencies. (apache, development, library, program)2020-03-, aloiscochard, parsonsmatt
collate60.00An Applicative Functor for extracting parts of a stream of values (algorithms, apache, library)2021-09-
colour-text30.00Print and parse colors (apache, graphics, library, text)2023-05-
compendium-client160.01Client for the Compendium schema server (apache, library, network)2020-11-, FlavioCorpa
container270.03Containers abstraction and utilities. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.6danilo2, iamrecursion
contra-tracer290.02Arrow and contravariant tracers (apache, library, logging)2021-06-
convert160.04Safe and unsafe data conversion utilities with strong type-level operation. checking. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.5.1danilo2, iamrecursion
cookie-tray30.00For serving cookies (apache, library, web)2023-06-
cpio-conduit70.03Conduit-based CPIO (apache, data, library)2015-08-040.7.0DanAloni
craft30.01A UNIX configuration management library in Haskell (apache, library, unclassified)2016-09-
credential-store120.00Library to access secure credential storage providers (apache, desktop, library, program)2018-01-010.1.2blaze
data-base40.01Utilities for accessing and comparing types based on so called bases - representations with limited polymorphism. (apache, library, text)2016-01-301.1danilo2, iamrecursion
data-construction60.01Data construction abstractions including Constructor, Destructor, Maker, Destroyer, Producer and Consumer. (apache, library, text)2016-01-301.1danilo2, iamrecursion
data-forest320.01A simple multi-way tree data structure (apache, data-structures, library)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
data-layer130.03Data layering utilities. Layer is a data-type which wrapps other one, but keeping additional information. If you want to access content of simple newtype object, use Lens.Wrapper instead. (apache, library, text)2016-01-301.0.4danilo2, iamrecursion
data-repr30.02Alternative to Show data printing utility. (apache, library, text)2015-10-221.0danilo2, iamrecursion
data-result30.01Data types for returning results distinguishable by types. (apache, library, text)2016-01-301.0danilo2, iamrecursion
data-rtuple30.01Recursive tuple data structure. It is very usefull when implementing some lo-level operations, allowing to traverse different elements using Haskell's type classes. (apache, library, text)2015-10-211.0danilo2, iamrecursion
data-validation162.00A library for creating type safe validations. (apache, data, library)2021-02-, sambolias, DevinLyons
dbus2350.026A client library for the D-Bus IPC system. (apache, desktop, library, network)2024-06-251.3.6JohnMillikin, blaze
dependent-literals90.00Library for dependent-literals-plugin (apache, constraints, library)2021-11-050.2.0AndrewPritchard
dependent-literals-plugin100.00Dependent integer literals (apache, constraints, library)2021-11-
dependent-state60.01Control structure similar to Control.Monad.State, allowing multiple nested states, distinguishable by provided phantom types. (apache, data, library)2016-01-301.0.1danilo2, iamrecursion
deptrack-core30.02DepTrack Core types and model. (apache, graphs, library)2018-09-
deptrack-devops40.01DepTrack applied to DevOps. (apache, devops, library)2018-09-
deptrack-dot50.01Facilitate Graphviz representations of DepTrack dependencies. (apache, graphs, library)2018-09-
derive-lifted-instances230.01Derive class instances though various kinds of lifting (apache, data, development, generics, library)2020-10-030.2.2SjoerdVisscher
deriveJsonNoPrefix120.01Derive ToJSON/FromJSON instances in a more prefix-friendly manner. (apache, data, library)2018-07-
directory-ospath-streaming110.00Stream directory entries in constant memory in vanilla IO (apache, file, library, streaming)2024-02-
distribution122.02Finite discrete probability distributions. (apache, library, math)2017-06-
distribution-plot30.01Easily plot distributions from the distribution package.. (apache, library, math)2014-08-
e11y40.00An event-oriented observability library (apache, library, observability)2024-01-
e11y-otel40.00OpenTelemetry-based rendering for e11y (apache, library, observability)2024-01-
editor-open310.01Open the user's $VISUAL or $EDITOR for text input. (apache, library, program, text)2015-05-
either-list-functions242.02Functions involving lists of Either (apache, data, library)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
either-result300.01The simplest ‘MonadFail’ instance (apache, data, library)2020-08-
emacs-module180.01Utilities to write Emacs dynamic modules (apache, bsd3, foreign, foreign-binding, library)2024-05-
ethereum-analyzer380.02A Ethereum contract analyzer. (apache, ethereum, library, static-analysis)2017-12-253.3.4zchn
ethereum-analyzer-cli310.00A CLI frontend for ethereum-analyzer. (apache, cli, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis)2017-12-253.3.4zchn
ethereum-analyzer-deps330.03Stripped dependencies of ethereum-analyzer. (apache, ethereum, library, static-analysis)2017-12-253.3.4zchn
ethereum-analyzer-webui300.00A web frontend for ethereum-analyzer (apache, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis, web)2017-12-253.3.4zchn
ethereum-rlp80.03Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding (apache, data-structures, library)2017-08-310.1.0jamshid
eventuo11y310.04An event-oriented observability library (apache, library, observability)2023-03-
eventuo11y-batteries330.00Grab bag of eventuo11y-enriched functionality (apache, library, observability)2024-01-
eventuo11y-dsl50.01DSL for defining eventuo11y fields and selectors (apache, library, observability)2022-12-
eventuo11y-json140.01aeson-based rendering for eventuo11y (apache, library, observability)2024-01-
eventuo11y-otel80.00OpenTelemetry-based rendering for eventuo11y (apache, library, observability)2023-01-
eventuo11y-prometheus30.00Prometheus backend for eventuo11y (apache, library, observability)2023-02-
faceted60.01Faceted computation for dynamic information flow security (apache, library, security)2014-05-
fakefs190.00Extensible fake file system for testing. (apache, library, testing)2020-09-
fakepull100.00Monad to pull from fake stream-like objects. (apache, library, testing)2020-09-
fin-int90.04Finite sets of static size (apache, data, library)2023-03-
finite-table100.00Types isomorphic to Fin, and Tables indexed by them. (apache, data, library)2021-09-
fizzbuzz-as-a-service101.251FizzBuzz as a service (apache, network-apis, program)2018-09-
fluent-logger180.02A structured logger for Fluentd (Haskell) (apache, library, network)2015-06-
fnmatch30.00fnmatch C wrapper (apache, library, system)2024-01-
fortran-src630.03Parsers and analyses for Fortran standards 66, 77, 90, 95 and 2003 (partial). (apache, language, library, program)2023-06-220.15.1DominicOrchard, mdanish, madgen, raehik
fortran-src-extras180.01Common functions and utils for fortran-src. (apache, language, library, program)2023-05-040.5.0raehik
fortran-vars90.00Fortran memory model and other static analysis tools. (apache, language, library, program)2023-06-220.4.0raehik
functor-monadic160.02Monad-style combinators for functors. (apache, data, library)2015-05-, jtapolczai2
functor-utils120.02Collection of functor utilities, providing handy operators, like generalization of (.). (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.17.2danilo2, iamrecursion
fusion-plugin362.01GHC plugin to make stream fusion more predictable. (apache, development, library)2023-11-010.2.7harendra, pranaysashank, adithyaov, ranjeetra
g3p-hash80.00Global Password Prehash Protocol (apache, cryptography, library)2024-03-
general-allocate330.02Exception-safe resource management in more monads (apache, control, exceptions, library)2024-01-
gerrit200.00A gerrit client library (apache, development, library)2022-11-, fboucher
ghcide2830.039The core of an IDE (apache, development, library)2024-06-, NeilMitchell, PepeIborra, cocreature, aherrmann, berberman, jneira, hls_team
ghcide-bench240.00An LSP client for running performance experiments on HLS (apache, development, library, program)2024-05-
ghcide-test-utils90.01Test utils for ghcide (apache, development, library)2024-02-
git-sanity80.01A sanity checker for your git history. (apache, development, library, program)2014-12-
goldplate200.00A lightweight golden test runner (apache, language, program)2023-02-, JasperVanDerJeugt
grafdhall50.00Configure grafana dashboards from Dhall expression (apache, program, system)2022-05-
grakn70.01A Haskell client for Grakn (apache, database, graphs, library)2017-12-180.3.0graknlabs
graph-generators172.01Functions for generating structured or random FGL graphs (algorithms, apache, graphs, library, program)2018-06-
graql60.01Execute Graql queries on a Grakn graph (apache, database, graphs, library)2017-01-130.1.1aelred
groot40.00Command line utility to manage AWS ECS resources (apache, aws, cloud, library, program)2018-04-300.0.1.0alonsodomin
group-with130.01Classify objects by key-generating function, like SQL GROUP BY (apache, data, library)2015-08-
grpc-haskell90.00Haskell implementation of gRPC layered on shared C library. (apache, library, network)2021-04-190.1.0GabrielGonzalez, ParnellSpringmeyer, evanrelf, rizoid
grpc-haskell-core70.01Haskell implementation of gRPC layered on shared C library. (apache, library, network)2021-05-180.1.0GabrielGonzalez
h-raylib972.51Raylib bindings for Haskell (apache, graphics, library)2024-07-
hadoop-formats90.01Read/write file formats commonly used by Hadoop. (apache, data, library)2014-10-
hadoop-rpc150.02Use the Hadoop RPC interface from Haskell. (apache, data, library)2016-02-, JacobStanley
hadoop-tools240.01Fast command line tools for working with Hadoop. (apache, data, program)2016-02-251.0.1ConradParker, JacobStanley
hail150.01A service for pull-based continuous deployment based on hydra. (apache, program, system)2017-08-
hash-addressed140.02Hash-addressed file storage (apache, filesystem, hash, library)2023-02-, Monoid_Mary
hash-addressed-cli90.00Hash-addressed file storage app (apache, filesystem, hash, library, program)2023-02-, Monoid_Mary
hasherize30.00Hash digests for files and directories (apache, filesystem, hash, library, program)2023-07-
haskell-awk210.01Transform text from the command-line using Haskell expressions. (apache, console, library, program)2021-05-, MarioPastorelli, gelisam
haskell-language-server1912.50LSP server for GHC (apache, development, library, program)2024-06-, NeilMitchell, PepeIborra, mpickering, cocreature, Ailrun, luke_, berberman, jneira, hls_team
haverer90.00Implementation of the rules of Love Letter (apache, game, library, program)2015-06-
hedgehog-extras2700.00Supplemental library for hedgehog (apache, library, test)2024-05-, carbolymer, jimbo4350
hein150.01An extensible build helper for haskell, in the vein of leiningen. (apache, development, program)2015-06-
hercules-ci-agent910.01Runs Continuous Integration tasks on your machines (apache, ci, devops, library, nix, program, testing)2024-06-120.10.4RobertHensing
hercules-ci-api320.01Hercules CI API definition with Servant (apache, library, program, unclassified)2024-05-
hercules-ci-api-agent400.02API definition for Hercules CI Agent to talk to or Hercules CI Enterprise (apache, api, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2024-02-
hercules-ci-api-core280.04Types and convenience modules use across Hercules CI API packages (apache, api, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2024-05-
hercules-ci-cli440.00The hci command for working with Hercules CI (apache, library, program, unclassified)2024-02-120.3.7RobertHensing
hercules-ci-cnix-expr490.02Bindings for the Nix evaluator (apache, ci, devops, library, nix, testing)2024-06-
hercules-ci-cnix-store680.04Haskell bindings for Nix's libstore (apache, library, nix)2024-05-
hflags292.06Command line flag parser, very similar to Google's gflags (apache, console, library)2017-12-050.4.3GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
hie-compat1170.05HIE files for GHC 8.8 and other HIE file backports (apache, development, library)2023-11-, PepeIborra, wz1000, fendor, jneira, hls_team
hie-core (deprecated in favor of ghcide)30.00The core of an IDE (apache, deprecated, development, library, program)2019-09-070.0.1cocreature
hierarchical-exceptions50.01Template Haskell functions to easily create exception hierarchies (apache, language, library)2014-01-211.0.1BenjaminBarenblat
hls-alternate-number-format-plugin470.01Provide Alternate Number Formats plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-01-, jneira, Nicksuchecki, hls_team
hls-cabal-fmt-plugin270.01Integration with the cabal-fmt code formatter (apache, development, library)2024-01-
hls-call-hierarchy-plugin530.01Call hierarchy plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-01-, jneira, hls_team
hls-change-type-signature-plugin380.01Change a declarations type signature with a Code Action (apache, development, library)2024-01-
hls-class-plugin660.01Class/instance management plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2024-01-, PepeIborra, Ailrun, jneira, hls_team
hls-code-range-plugin320.01HLS Plugin to support smart selection range and Folding range (apache, development, library)2024-01-
hls-eval-plugin842.01Eval plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-01-, PepeIborra, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hls-exactprint-utils (deprecated in favor of ghcide)30.01Common utilities to interaction between ghc-exactprint and HLS plugins. (apache, deprecated, library, web)2021-01-, HiromiIshii, PepeIborra, Ailrun, isovector, wz1000, luke_, jneira
hls-explicit-fixity-plugin310.01Show fixity explicitly while hovering (apache, development, library)2024-01-
hls-explicit-imports-plugin690.02Explicit imports plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-01-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hls-floskell-plugin510.01Integration with the Floskell code formatter (apache, development)2024-01-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hls-fourmolu-plugin550.01Integration with the Fourmolu code formatter (apache, development, library)2024-01-, Ailrun, jneira, hls_team
hls-gadt-plugin350.01Convert to GADT syntax plugin (apache, development)2024-01-
hls-graph1960.016Haskell Language Server internal graph API (apache, development, library)2024-06-, PepeIborra, jneira, hls_team
hls-haddock-comments-plugin420.01Haddock comments plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2023-08-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hls-hlint-plugin600.01Hlint integration plugin with Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2024-01-, PepeIborra, jneira, hls_team
hls-module-name-plugin560.01Module name plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-01-, jneira, hls_team
hls-ormolu-plugin530.01Integration with the Ormolu code formatter (apache, development, library)2024-01-, jneira, hls_team
hls-plugin-api2110.037Haskell Language Server API for plugin communication (apache, development, library)2024-06-, PepeIborra, wz1000, luke_, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hls-pragmas-plugin510.01Pragmas plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-01-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hls-qualify-imported-names-plugin360.01A Haskell Language Server plugin that qualifies imported names (apache, development, library)2024-01-, jneira, eddiemundo, hls_team
hls-refactor-plugin340.07Exactprint refactorings for Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2024-01-
hls-refine-imports-plugin380.01Refine imports plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2023-06-, jneira, hls_team
hls-rename-plugin520.01Rename plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2024-01-, jneira, hls_team
hls-retrie-plugin700.02Retrie integration plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2024-01-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hls-selection-range-plugin50.00HLS Plugin to support smart selection range (apache, development, library)2022-01-, jneira, kokobd, hls_team
hls-semantic-tokens-plugin50.00Call hierarchy plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-01-
hls-splice-plugin630.01HLS Plugin to expand TemplateHaskell Splices and QuasiQuotes (apache, development)2024-01-, HiromiIshii, PepeIborra, Ailrun, wz1000, luke_, jneira, hls_team
hls-stan-plugin250.01Stan integration plugin with Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2024-01-
hls-stylish-haskell-plugin590.01Integration with the Stylish Haskell code formatter (apache, development)2024-01-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, michaelpj, hls_team
hls-tactics-plugin490.01Wingman plugin for Haskell Language Server (apache, development)2023-08-, PepeIborra, Ailrun, isovector, wz1000, jneira, hls_team
hls-test-utils930.00Utilities used in the tests of Haskell Language Server (apache, development, library)2024-06-, Ailrun, berberman, jneira, hls_team
hnix-store-core580.03Core effects for interacting with the Nix store. (apache, library, nix)2023-11-, shlevy, srk, AntonLatukha
hnix-store-remote380.01Remote hnix store (apache, library, nix)2022-06-, srk, AntonLatukha
hocker160.00Interact with the docker registry and generate nix build instructions (apache, library, program, utilities)2020-08-171.0.6ParnellSpringmeyer
homotuple210.02Homotuple, all whose elements are the same type (apache, data, library)2023-08-
honk120.01Cross-platform interface to the PC speaker. (apache, library, sound)2015-07-
hopfli190.01Bidings to Google's Zopfli compression library (apache, codec, library)2017-06-, contivero
hoppy-runtime350.02C++ FFI generator - Runtime support (apache, foreign, library)2024-06-020.9.0khumba
hoppy-std310.01C++ FFI generator - Standard library bindings (apache, foreign, library)2024-06-020.9.0khumba
hprox450.00a lightweight HTTP proxy server, and more (apache, library, program, proxy, web)2024-06-120.6.3BinJin
hs-multiaddr82.01Multiaddr library (apache, data, library)2018-04-250.1.4CMCDragonkai
hsaml280.01OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0 (apache, library, network, security, web)2022-02-030.1.2DylanSimon
hsnsq80.01Haskell NSQ client. (apache, library, network)2014-10-
hsoptions40.01Haskell library that supports command-line flag processing (apache, library, program, system)2014-04-
htoml-parse70.00Parse TOML values produced by htoml-megaparsec package. (apache, data, library, toml)2022-04-
http-grammar30.01Attoparsec-based parsers for the RFC-2616 HTTP grammar rules. (apache, library, web)2017-03-
http-mock60.00HTTP mocking and expectations library for Haskell (apache, library, testing)2019-09-
human-parse80.01A lawless typeclass for parsing text entered by humans. (apache, library, text)2018-02-
human-text100.01A lawless typeclass for converting values to human-friendly text. (apache, library, text)2018-02-
hw-polysemy1440.00Opinionated polysemy library (apache, development, library)2024-07-
hydra50.00Type-aware transformations for data and programs (apache, data, library)2022-12-040.1.1joshsh
i50.00Haskell interval types. Bounds checking. (apache, library, numbers)2023-03-220.1RenzoCarbonara
ideas290.03Feedback services for intelligent tutoring systems (apache, education, library)2019-09-131.8AlexGerdes, BastiaanHeeren, JohanJeuring
ideas-math-types50.01Common types for mathematical domain reasoners (apache, education, library)2019-10-301.1BastiaanHeeren
ideas-statistics40.00Interactive domain reasoner for statistics (apache, education, program)2020-04-031.0BastiaanHeeren
imgur40.00A function to post an image to imgur (apache, library, tools)2019-07-051.0DmitryIvanov
impossible120.02Set of data and type definitions of impossible types. Impossible types are useful when declaring type classes / type families instances that should not be expanded by GHC until a specific type is provided in order to keep the types nice and readable. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.4danilo2, iamrecursion
integer-types280.02Integer, Natural, and Positive (apache, library, numeric)2023-07-, Monoid_Mary
invert132.00Automatically generate a function’s inverse (apache, functions, library)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
io-classes2762.05Type classes for concurrency with STM, ST and timing (apache, control, library)2024-05-, IOHK
io-classes-mtl2712.00Experimental MTL instances for io-classes (apache, control, library)2024-05-, IOHK
io-sim2562.00A pure simulator for monadic concurrency with STM. (apache, library, testing)2024-05-, IOHK
ipfs480.00Access IPFS locally and remotely (apache, library, network)2023-04-051.4.1expede, dholms
isbn241.50ISBN Validation and Manipulation (apache, data, library)2023-12-
jml-web-service40.01Common utilities for running a web service (apache, library, web)2018-01-300.1.0jml
job50.00Job queue (apache, databases, library)2024-05-270.1.1RenzoCarbonara
jobs-ui90.00A library for creating a jobs management website running custom jobs. (apache, library, web)2019-12-
jose1901.7521JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) and JSON Web Token (JWT) library (apache, cryptography, library)2023-10-310.11frasertweedale
jsonrpc-tinyclient80.03Tiny JSON-RPC client for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2021-11-
karps60.01Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets (apache, big-data, library, web)2017-04-
katip-raven60.00Katip scribe for raven ( (apache, library, web)2024-01-
keelung70.00DSL for creating zero-knowledge proofs (apache, cryptography, library)2023-03-010.9.2btq_ag
krapsh100.01Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets (apache, big-data, library, web)2017-01-
kubernetes-client130.00Client library for Kubernetes (apache, library, web)2020-12-, guoshimin
kubernetes-client-core210.01Auto-generated kubernetes-client-core API Client (apache, library, web)2020-11-, guoshimin
laborantin-hs240.01an experiment management framework (apache, experiment, library, program)2014-04-
language-avro202.01Language definition and parser for AVRO files. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
language-ninja92.00A library for dealing with the Ninja build language. (apache, build, language, library, program)2017-08-020.2.0taktoa
language-protobuf110.02Language definition and parser for Protocol Buffers. (apache, library, network)2020-02-041.0.1AlejandroSerrano
launchdarkly-server-sdk870.01Server-side SDK for integrating with LaunchDarkly (apache, library, web)2024-03-184.1.0launchdarkly
launchdarkly-server-sdk-redis-hedis30.00LaunchDarkly Server-Side SDK - Redis Integration (apache, library, web)2023-02-221.0.0launchdarkly
lawful-classes-hedgehog110.00Hedgehog support for lawful-classes (apache, library, testing)2023-02-
lawful-classes-quickcheck110.00QuickCheck support for lawful-classes (apache, library, testing)2023-02-
lawful-classes-types80.02Types for lawful-classes (apache, library, testing)2023-02-
layered-state110.02Control structure similar to Control.Monad.State, allowing multiple nested states, distinguishable by provided phantom types. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.5danilo2, iamrecursion
layouting80.01General layouting library. Currently supports layouting 2D areas and can be used as a backend for text pretty printing or automatic windows layouting managers. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.4danilo2, iamrecursion
leb128-binary100.00Signed and unsigned LEB128 codec for binary library (apache, binary, library)2023-11-140.1.3RenzoCarbonara
legion (deprecated in favor of om-legion)392.252Distributed, stateful, homogeneous microservice framework. (apache, concurrency, deprecated, library, network)2017-04-
legion-discovery (deprecated)230.00A discovery service based on Legion. (apache, deprecated, library, program, value)2017-04-301.0.0.1rickowens
legion-discovery-client (deprecated)160.01Client library for communicating with legion-discovery. (apache, deprecated, library, web)2017-08-
legion-extra (deprecated)210.01Extra non-essential utilities for building legion applications. (apache, deprecated, library, value)2017-04-
lens-utils180.04Collection of missing lens utilities. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.4.6danilo2, iamrecursion
lifetimes70.01Flexible manual resource management (apache, library, unclassified)2023-02-
lightstep-haskell600.00LightStep OpenTracing client library (apache, library, program, tools)2020-10-090.10.4DmitryIvanov
linux-capabilities130.01Linux capabilities Haskell data type (apache, library, system)2022-07-
list-tuple170.02List-like operations for tuples (apache, data, library)2023-08-
listsafe140.09Safe wrappers for partial list functions, supporting MonadThrow. (apache, data, library, list, safe)2015-05-, jtapolczai2
load-balancing70.01Client-side load balancing utilities. (apache, library, unclassified)2018-01-
loc542.01Line and column positions and ranges in text files (apache, data-structures, library, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
loc-test350.01Hedgehog generators for loc (apache, library, testing)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
logger92.01Fast & extensible logging framework (apache, library, system)2015-11-, iamrecursion
lsp-client120.00Haskell library for Language Server Protocol clients (apache, library, system)2024-04-
lucid-aria100.00Provides ARIA attributes for Lucid templates (apache, library, web)2022-04-
machines-binary190.01Binary utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-
machines-directory270.02Directory (system) utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-, aloiscochard
machines-io290.05IO utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-, aloiscochard
machines-process260.03Process (system) utilities for the machines library (apache, library, system)2021-04-
main-tester302.01Capture stdout/stderr/exit code, and replace stdin of your main function. (apache, library, system, testing)2019-03-
matrix-client260.00A matrix client library (apache, library, network)2023-03-
memfd152.00Open temporary anonymous Linux file handles (apache, filesystem, library, linux)2023-03-, Monoid_Mary
memory-hexstring60.05Hex-string type for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
memzero30.00Securely erase memory contents by writing zeros to it. (apache, cryptography, library)2023-03-040.1RenzoCarbonara
merkle-patricia-db40.01A modified Merkle Patricia DB (apache, data-structures, library)2017-09-010.1.0jamshid
mezzolens32.01Pure Profunctor Functional Lenses (apache, lenses, library)2015-10-110.0.0RussellOConnor
minio-hs592.251A MinIO Haskell Library for Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage. (apache, aws, library, network, object-storage)2023-05-221.7.0AdityaManthramurthy, MinioDevTeam
minizinc-process180.00A set of helpers to call minizinc models. (apache, library, optimization)2024-04-
mixpanel-client110.01Mixpanel client (apache, library, unclassified)2020-12-140.3.0domenkozar
moesocks1020.01A functional firewall killer (apache, network, program)2018-12-
monad-branch50.01Monadic abstraction for computations that can be branched and run independently. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.0.4danilo2, iamrecursion
monad-throw-exit40.00Functions to exit the program anywhere in MonadThrow monads. (apache, library, system)2021-12-
mongoDB1702.516Driver (client) for MongoDB, a free, scalable, fast, document DBMS (apache, database, library)2024-02-, GregWeber, ScottParish, TonyHannan, VictorDenisov
monoid80.03Monoid type classes, designed in modular way, distinguish Monoid from Mempty and Semigroup. This design allows mempty operation don't bring Semigroups related constraints until (<>) is used. (apache, data, library)2018-12-180.1.9danilo2, iamrecursion
monoidmap580.00Monoidal map type (apache, data-structures, library, monoidal)2024-05-
moonshine90.01A web service framework for Haskell, similar in purpose to dropwizard. (apache, library, web)2015-06-, potomak, glasserc, mhova
moto140.01General purpose migrations library (apache, database, library)2020-05-090.0.4RenzoCarbonara
moto-postgresql70.01PostgreSQL-based migrations registry for moto. (apache, database, library)2020-05-090.0.2RenzoCarbonara
mpi-hs512.03MPI bindings for Haskell (apache, distributed-computing, library, program)2023-09-, phillipseeber
mpi-hs-binary100.00MPI bindings for Haskell (apache, distributed-computing, library, program)2020-04-
mpi-hs-cereal110.00MPI bindings for Haskell (apache, distributed-computing, library, program)2020-04-
mpi-hs-store70.00MPI bindings for Haskell (apache, distributed-computing, library, program)2020-04-
mu-avro240.02Avro serialization support for Mu microservices (apache, library, network, program)2021-02-, FlavioCorpa
mu-graphql180.00GraphQL support for Mu (apache, library, network, program)2023-01-, FlavioCorpa
mu-grpc-client140.00gRPC clients from Mu definitions (apache, library, network)2022-01-, FlavioCorpa
mu-grpc-common130.02gRPC for Mu, common modules for client and server (apache, library, network)2020-10-, FlavioCorpa
mu-grpc-server150.00gRPC servers for Mu definitions (apache, library, network, program)2021-01-, FlavioCorpa
mu-kafka60.00Utilities for interoperation between Mu and Kafka (apache, library, network)2020-04-, FlavioCorpa
mu-lens80.00Lenses for @mu-schema@ terms (apache, library, network)2020-10-, FlavioCorpa
mu-optics110.01Optics for @mu-schema@ terms (apache, library, network)2020-11-, FlavioCorpa
mu-persistent130.00Utilities for interoperation between Mu and Persistent (apache, library, network)2020-11-, FlavioCorpa
mu-prometheus100.00Metrics support for Mu using Prometheus (apache, library, network)2021-01-, FlavioCorpa
mu-protobuf230.03Protocol Buffers serialization and gRPC schema import for Mu microservices (apache, library, network, program)2021-01-, FlavioCorpa
mu-rpc280.010Protocol-independent declaration of services and servers. (apache, library, network)2022-05-, FlavioCorpa
mu-schema200.012Format-independent schemas for serialization (apache, library, network)2021-02-, FlavioCorpa
mu-servant-server90.00Servant servers for Mu definitions (apache, library, network, program)2021-01-, FlavioCorpa
mu-tracing30.00Tracing support for Mu (apache, library, network)2020-10-, FlavioCorpa
multi-instance130.01Typeclasses augmented with a phantom type parameter (algebra, apache, library)2022-03-
mutable-lens150.00Interoperate mutable references with regular lens (apache, data, generics, lenses, library)2020-11-
mvar-lock130.01A trivial lock based on MVar (apache, concurrency, library)2023-01-
nationstates252.01NationStates API client (apache, library, network, web)2015-10-
nc-indicators90.01CPU load and memory usage indicators for i3bar (apache, program, system)2014-07-250.3GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
neko-obfs130.01a TCP tunnel with packet length obfuscation (apache, network, program)2019-11-
newhope32.00Library implementing the NewHope cryptographic key-exchange protocol (apache, cryptography, library, program)2019-03-
nix-delegate70.00Convenient utility for distributed Nix builds (apache, library, program, unclassified)2018-11-061.0.1GabrielGonzalez
nix-deploy180.01Deploy Nix-built software to a NixOS machine (apache, program, system)2022-06-211.0.6GabrielGonzalez, ParnellSpringmeyer
nkeys70.00Nkeys ed25519 encoding for use with NATS (apache, cryptography, library, program)2024-04-
no-buffering-workaround70.01Workaround for GHC bug #2189. (apache, console, library)2015-10-310.1.0.0arotenberg
nothunks2172.02Examine values for unexpected thunks (apache, development, library)2024-02-, coot
numeric-kinds100.02Type-level numeric types and classes (apache, library, numeric)2021-11-050.2.0AndrewPritchard
numeric-logarithms70.00Integral and rational log2 algorithms (apache, library, numeric)2021-09-
numericpeano120.03Peano numbers with attendant bells and whistles. (apache, library, math)2014-12-, jtapolczai2
nvim-hs922.56Haskell plugin backend for neovim (apache, editor, library)2023-06-
nvim-hs-contrib240.01Haskell plugin backend for neovim (apache, editor, library)2023-06-
nvim-hs-ghcid230.01Neovim plugin that runs ghcid to update the quickfix list (apache, editor, library, program)2022-12-
nyx-game70.00A bullet-hell game made with SDL2. (apache, game, library, program)2019-11-
ocap-io80.00Object capability based IO (apache, library, unclassified)2020-09-
one-line-aeson-text162.01Pretty-printing short Aeson values as text (apache, json, library, text)2023-01-
op90.00Common operators encouraging large-scale easy reading (apache, combinators, control, functions, library, utility)2019-12-
opentelemetry1380.06 (apache, library, opentelemetry)2022-04-070.8.0DmitryIvanov, PepeIborra
opentelemetry-extra370.01 (apache, library, opentelemetry, program)2022-04-070.8.0DmitryIvanov, PepeIborra
opentelemetry-http-client30.00 (apache, library, opentelemetry)2020-03-070.2.0DmitryIvanov
opentelemetry-lightstep430.00 (apache, library, opentelemetry, program)2022-04-070.8.0DmitryIvanov, PepeIborra
opentelemetry-wai490.00 (apache, library, opentelemetry)2022-04-070.8.0DmitryIvanov, PepeIborra
opentracing170.06OpenTracing for Haskell (apache, library, unclassified)2023-09-280.3.0KimAltintop
opentracing-http-client130.00OpenTracing instrumentation of http-client (apache, library, unclassified)2023-09-280.3.0KimAltintop
opentracing-jaeger140.00Jaeger backend for OpenTracing (apache, library, unclassified)2023-09-280.3.0KimAltintop
opentracing-wai130.00Middleware adding OpenTracing tracing for WAI applications (apache, library, unclassified)2023-09-280.3.0KimAltintop
opentracing-zipkin-common130.02Zipkin OpenTracing Backend Commons (apache, library, unclassified)2023-09-280.3.0KimAltintop
opentracing-zipkin-v1110.00Zipkin V1 backend for OpenTracing (apache, library, unclassified)2023-09-280.3.0KimAltintop
opentracing-zipkin-v2170.00Zipkin V2 backend for OpenTracing (apache, library, unclassified)2023-09-280.3.0KimAltintop
orchestrate110.01An API client for (apache, database, library)2015-08-
ory-kratos400.00API bindings for Ory Kratos (apache, library, web)2022-06-
panfiguration50.00Merge environment variables and command line options generically (apache, library, unclassified)2022-09-060.0FumiakiKinoshita
par-dual30.00ParDual class for Parallel <-> Sequential (apache, library)2020-05-
parametric-functor50.00A known-parametric Functor typeclass (apache, data, library)2024-01-
parser-helper40.01Prints Haskell parse trees in JSON. (apache, development, program)2014-06-
partial-semigroup532.02A partial binary associative operator (algebra, apache, library)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
partial-semigroup-hedgehog392.01Property testing for partial semigroups using Hedgehog (algebra, apache, library, testing)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
partial-semigroup-test (deprecated in favor of partial-semigroup-hedgehog)250.01Testing utilities for the partial-semigroup package (algebra, apache, deprecated, library, testing)2018-09-
path-text-utf8322.51Read and write UTF-8 text files (apache, filesystem, library, text)2023-06-
pcgen80.01A fast, pseudorandom number generator. (apache, library, random)2017-07-052.0.1Lokathor
pcre2820.01Regular expressions via the PCRE2 C library (included) (apache, library, text)2022-05-262.2.1SShuck
perfect-hash-generator332.250Perfect minimal hashing implementation in native Haskell (apache, data-structures, embedded, library, program)2022-06-271.0.0kostmo
persistent-documentation142.00Documentation DSL for persistent entities (apache, database, library)2021-07-
phkdf40.00Toolkit for self-documenting password hash and key derivation functions. (apache, cryptography, library)2024-03-
ping-parser-attoparsec80.01Attoparsec parsers of ping utility (apache, attoparsec, library, parsers, program)2017-09-
ping-wrapper110.00Haskell Ping wrapper (apache, library, program, system)2017-09-
pipes-io40.01Stateful IO streams based on pipes (apache, control, library, pipes)2016-08-260.1yinguanhao
pipes-pulse-simple130.00Pipes for pulse-simple audio (apache, library, sound)2021-03-
pkcs10260.01PKCS#10 library (apache, data, library)2016-11-
podenv70.00A container wrapper (apache, development, library, program)2022-08-100.2.0TristanCacqueray
polar-shader170.01High-level shader compiler framework (apache, game-engine, library)2016-11-
poly-control40.01This package provides abstraction for polymorphic controls, like PolyMonads or PolyApplicatives. (apache, data, library)2016-01-301.0.0danilo2, iamrecursion
polysemy-blockfrost510.00Polysemy wrapper around the Blockfrost client (apache, development, library)2024-06-
portray150.010Rendering to pseudo-Haskell syntax (apache, library, text)2022-09-250.3.0AndrewPritchard
portray-diff120.011Pretty structural diffs between two values (apache, data, library)2022-09-250.1.1AndrewPritchard
portray-diff-hunit40.00HUnit assertions based on portray-diff (apache, data, library)2021-09-
portray-diff-quickcheck90.00QuickCheck tests with portray-diff (apache, data, library)2021-09-
portray-pretty150.02Portray backend for pretty (apache, library, text)2022-09-
portray-prettyprinter120.00Portray backend for prettyprinter (apache, library, text)2022-09-250.2.1AndrewPritchard
positron40.01Experiment (apache, database, library)2017-09-
postgresql-resilient30.00Automatic re-connection support for PostgreSQL (apache, database, library)2021-07-
presto-hdbc100.01An HDBC connector for Presto (apache, database, library)2015-05-
pretty-error80.01Pretty error messages for runtime invariants (apache, error-handling, library)2015-09-
prettyprinter-combinators180.03Some useful combinators for the prettyprinter package (apache, library, text, user-interfaces)2024-05-120.1.3SergeyVinokurov
prologue410.06Better, more general Prelude exporting common utilities. (apache, control, library)2018-12-183.2.6danilo2, iamrecursion
prometheus-client610.011Haskell client library for (apache, library, network)2023-08-011.1.1OliverCharles, fimad, jml
prometheus-metrics-ghc520.06Metrics exposing GHC runtime information for use with prometheus-client. (apache, library, network)2021-08-, fimad, jml
proto3-suite290.01A higher-level API to the proto3-wire library (apache, codec, library, program)2024-02-200.7.0GabrielGonzalez, ParnellSpringmeyer, evanrelf, rizoid, jcarr_awake
proto3-wire460.04A low-level implementation of the Protocol Buffers (version 3) wire format (apache, codec, library)2024-06-121.4.3GabrielGonzalez, ParnellSpringmeyer, evanrelf, rizoid, jcarr_awake
proton-haskell130.01Simple XML templating library (apache, library, web)2015-06-080.7jrbriggs
pure-shuffle110.01 (algorithms, apache, library)2018-11-
purescheme-wai-routing-core130.00Simple Routing functions for Wai Applications (apache, library, program, web)2020-11-
quaalude142.07Extremely minimal prelude (apache, library, prelude)2023-01-
quickcheck-dynamic580.01A library for stateful property-based testing (apache, library, testing)2024-03-223.4.1abaillyiohk
quickcheck-groups140.00Testing group class instances with QuickCheck (apache, library, testing)2024-05-
quickcheck-monoid-subclasses422.00Testing monoid subclass instances with QuickCheck (apache, library, testing)2024-05-
quickcheck-quid230.00Quasi-unique identifiers for QuickCheck (apache, library, testing)2024-05-
rawfilepath500.03Use RawFilePath instead of FilePath (apache, library, system)2024-07-211.1.1XT
raylib-imgui40.00Haskell bindings for rlImGui (apache, graphics, library)2022-12-
releaser190.00Automation of Haskell package release process (apache, development, library, program)2023-10-310.3.0.2RobertHensing, domenkozar
repl-toolkit270.02Toolkit for quickly whipping up config files and command-line interfaces. (apache, library, repl, system)2016-08-301.1.0.0jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
reprinter170.01Scrap Your Reprinter (apache, library, text)2021-04-, raehik
require450.01Scrap your qualified import clutter (apache, library, other, program)2021-07-260.4.11NickSeagull
rescue280.00More understandable exceptions (apache, error-handling, library)2021-03-
rle90.00A data type of run-length-encoded lists (apache, data-structures, library)2021-09-
rlglue60.01A Haskell codec for RL-Glue. (apache, codec, library, program)2015-07-
safe-numeric70.00Safe arithmetic operations. (apache, arithmetic, library, numeric, safe)2021-04-210.1infinity0
sarsi210.00A universal quickfix toolkit and his protocol. (apache, development, library, program)2021-04-
scale80.03SCALE v2.0 codec for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
scalp-webhooks90.00Test webhooks locally (apache, library, program, web)2015-09-
scalpel762.54A high level web scraping library for Haskell. (apache, library, web)2023-12-
scalpel-core470.04A high level web scraping library for Haskell. (apache, library, web)2023-12-
scotty-format90.01Response format helper for the Scotty web framework. (apache, library, program, web)2016-12-
scotty-resource132.02A Better way of modeling web resources. (apache, library, web)2018-04-
semigroupoids-do30.00Support for QualifiedDo with semigroupoids classes. (apache, library, semigroupoids)2021-09-261.0koz_ross
serdoc-binary30.00`binary` backend for `serdoc` (apache, data, library)2024-02-
serdoc-core140.01Generated documentation of serialization formats (apache, data, library)2024-02-
shake-bench210.00Build rules for historical benchmarking (apache, development, library)2022-12-, jneira, hls_team
shake-cabal-build50.01Utility for building Shake build systems using Cabal sandboxes (apache, development, program)2014-10-170.1.0StefanKersten
shake-language-c430.01Utilities for cross-compiling with Shake (apache, development, library)2018-03-140.12.0StefanKersten
shelduck100.00Test webhooks locally (apache, library, program, web)2015-11-
shellify190.00A tool for generating shell.nix files (apache, library, packaging, program)2023-12-
short-vec80.03Length-indexed vectors using SmallArray# (apache, data, library)2023-03-
short-vec-lens50.01Lenses and related functionality for the `short-vec` package. (apache, data, library)2021-09-
si-timers2712.02timers using SI units (seconds) (apache, library, time)2024-05-, IOHK
single-tuple130.03a class for single tuple implementations (apache, data, library)2023-08-
sint90.06Nat singletons represented by Int (apache, data, library)2021-10-240.2.0AndrewPritchard
slip32100.00SLIP-0032: Extended serialization format for BIP-32 wallets (apache, cryptography, library)2020-06-250.2.1RenzoCarbonara
snowchecked210.00A checksummed variation on Twitter's Snowflake UID generation algorithm (apache, data, library)2022-11-300.0.2.0RobertFischer
snowflake190.01A loose port of Twitter Snowflake to Haskell. Generates arbitrary precision, unique, time-sortable identifiers. (apache, data, library)2015-03-
snumber110.01Integer singletons with flexible representation (apache, constraints, library)2021-11-050.3.0AndrewPritchard
sockets-and-pipes122.00Support for the Sockets and Pipes book (apache, http, library, network, streaming, text)2023-05-
sorting-network70.00Sort small lists with sorting network. (apache, library, sorting)2023-03-
space70.01Experimental library (apache, library, web)2017-06-190.1.0XT
spectacle30.00Embedded specification language & model checker in Haskell. (apache, concurrency, library, testing)2022-02-031.0.0ParnellSpringmeyer, rizoid
spiros90.02Spiros Boosalis's Custom Prelude (apache, library, prelude)2019-04-110.4.2sboo
sq50.00High-level SQLite client. (apache, databases, library)2024-05-040.0.2RenzoCarbonara
srv40.00A simple web server for local usage. (apache, program, web)2022-12-
stamina140.00Retries for humans (apache, control, library, program)2024-01-
stm-queue-extras100.02Extra queue utilities for STM (apache, concurrency, library)2015-04-
streaming-histogram60.01 (apache, library, unclassified)2015-03-
streamly-examples132.00Examples for Streamly (apache, concurrency, filesystem, network, program, reactivity, streaming, streamly, text)2023-12-150.2.0harendra, adithyaov, ranjeetra
streamly-lz480.00Streamly combinators for LZ4 compression (apache, codec, compression, library, streamly)2022-03-070.1.2harendra, adithyaov
streamly-process212.01Use OS processes as stream transformation functions (apache, library, streaming, streamly, system)2023-12-210.3.1harendra, adithyaov
streamly-statistics40.00Statistical measures for finite or infinite data streams. (apache, library, statistics, streamly)2023-04-180.1.0harendra
strict-mvar2412.00Strict MVars for IO and IOSim (apache, concurrency, library)2024-05-, IOHK
strict-stm2752.01Strict STM interface polymorphic over stm implementation. (apache, concurrency, library)2024-05-, IOHK
strip-ansi-escape300.01Strip ANSI escape code from string. (apache, library, text)2019-07-
substring-parser140.01Match / replace substrings with a parser combinators. (apache, library, parsing, text)2018-07-
supernova70.00Apache Pulsar client for Haskell (apache, library, network)2020-09-150.0.3gvolpe
supply-chain110.01Composable request-response pipelines (apache, library, monads, streaming)2023-03-, Monoid_Mary
supply-chain-core70.01Composable request-response pipelines (apache, library, monads, streaming)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
supply-next100.00Supply-chain interface for basic streaming (apache, library, streaming)2023-02-
tahoe-great-black-swamp-testing30.00An HSpec for Great Black Swamp storage backends (apache, library, testing)2023-12-, jcalderone
tahoe-great-black-swamp-types30.00Types related to implementation of a Tahoe-LAFS Great Black Swamp server (apache, data, library)2023-12-, jcalderone
ten90.02Functors et al. over arity-1 type constructors (apache, data, library)2021-09-
ten-lens70.00Lenses for the types in the ten package. (apache, data, library)2021-09-
ten-unordered-containers140.00Higher-kinded hash containers (apache, data, library)2021-11-
terminal-text60.01Text data type for styled terminal output, including all standard ANSI effects (bold, italic, blinking) and ANSI / 256 / truecolor colors support for Unix and Windows (whenever possible). (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.2danilo2, iamrecursion
text-ascii92.250ASCII string and character processing. (apache, library, text)2024-01-211.2.1koz_ross
text-offset30.00Library for converting between line/column and byte offset. (apache, library, text)2020-01-
text-regex-replace280.02Easy replacement when using text-icu regexes. (apache, data, library, text)2022-11-
text-replace332.00Simple text replacements from a list of search/replace pairs (apache, application, library, program, text)2023-01-
text-rope-zipper40.002D text zipper based on text-rope (apache, library, text)2024-02-
textocat-api40.01Unofficial Haskell SDK for Textocat API -- (apache, api, library, natural-language-processing, network)2015-05-
th-strict-compat120.02Compatibility shim for Bang and Strict in Template Haskell. (apache, language, library)2017-09-
time-locale-vietnamese130.01Vietnamese locale for date and time format (apache, library, text)2017-11-
tintin402.00A softer alternative to Haddock (apache, documentation, library, program)2020-01-231.10.1NickSeagull
toml-reader-parse110.00Alternative parser for TOML values produced by the toml-reader package. (apache, data, library, toml)2023-01-
tuplehash-utils30.00Left Encode and friends from SHA-3's TupleHash (apache, cryptography, library)2024-03-
type-cache30.01Utilities for caching type families results. Sometimes complex type families take long time to compile, so it is proficient to cache them and use the final result without the need of re-computation. (apache, library, text)2016-01-301.0danilo2, iamrecursion
type-compare50.03Type-level Ord compatibility layer (apache, library, type)2021-11-050.1.1AndrewPritchard
type-iso120.02Typeclasses for injective relations and isomorphisms between types. (apache, cast, data, library, types)2019-06-, jtapolczai2
typelevel140.04Useful type level operations (type families and related operators). (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.2.3danilo2, iamrecursion
tz812.2512Efficient time zone handling (apache, data, library)2022-01-, MihalyBarasz, janus
tzdata1252.252Time zone database (as files and as a module) (apache, data, library)2024-02-100.2.20240201.0MihalyBarasz, janus
unfork72.01Make any action thread safe (apache, concurrency, library)2022-12-311.0.0.1chris_martin, Monoid_Mary
unicode-data3062.256Access Unicode Character Database (UCD) (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.6.0Bodigrim, harendra, adithyaov, wismill
unicode-data-names370.00Unicode characters names and aliases (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.4.0wismill
unicode-data-scripts410.00Unicode characters scripts (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.4.0harendra, adithyaov, wismill
unicode-data-security360.00Unicode security mechanisms database (apache, data, library, text, unicode)2024-07-030.4.0harendra, adithyaov, wismill
unliftio-streams180.01Generalization of io-streams to MonadUnliftIO (apache, data, io-streams, library, network)2023-07-
update-repos80.00Update all your git repositories with just one command. (apache, command-line-tool, library, program)2017-02-120.0.1pedrovgs
utxorpc400.02Generated code for a gRPC interface for UTxO Blockchains (apache, blockchain, cardano, grpc, library, network)2024-07-, txpipe
utxorpc-client80.00An SDK for clients of the UTxO RPC specification. (apache, blockchain, cardano, library, network, program)2024-04-, txpipe
utxorpc-server120.00An SDK for UTxO RPC services. (apache, blockchain, cardano, library, network, program)2024-06-, txpipe
var-monad150.01The VarMonad typeclass, generalizing types of references. (apache, control, library)2022-12-
vector-quicksort30.00Fast and flexible quicksort implementation for mutable vectors (algorithms, apache, library)2023-04-150.1SergeyVinokurov
vector-text140.01Text implementation based on unboxed char vector. (apache, data, library)2018-12-181.1.6danilo2, iamrecursion
verifiable-expressions180.01An intermediate language for Hoare logic style verification. (apache, language, library)2021-06-160.6.2DominicOrchard, mdanish, madgen, raehik
versioning150.01Type-safe data versioning. (apache, data, library)2022-01-300.3.2.0lortabac
versioning-servant70.01Servant combinators for the versioning library. (apache, data, library)2018-11-
wai-cryptocookie50.00Encrypted cookies for WAI (apache, library, web)2024-05-070.1RenzoCarbonara
wai-middleware-prometheus670.08WAI middlware for exposing metrics. (apache, library, network)2024-07-, fimad, jml
wai-rate-limit-postgres162.00See README for more info (apache, library, network, security, web)2022-06-
wai-token-bucket-ratelimiter52.00A request rate limiting middleware using token buckets (apache, library, web)2023-06-
wd40.00Run a command on a specified directory. (apache, data, program)2022-10-
web3640.02Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
web3-bignum80.01Fixed size big integers for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
web3-crypto60.03Cryptograhical primitives for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
web3-ethereum70.01Ethereum support for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
web3-ipfs30.00IPFS support for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
web3-polkadot60.01Polkadot support for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
web3-provider60.01Node connection provider for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
web3-solidity60.01Solidity language for Haskell Web3 library. (apache, library, network)2022-01-
webauthn682.00Relying party (server) implementation of the WebAuthn 2 specification (apache, authentication, library, web)2024-04-, infinisil, ErinvanderVeen
webby450.00A super-simple web server framework (apache, library, web)2023-04-241.1.1AdityaManthramurthy
wholepixels70.00 (apache, library, unclassified)2019-06-261.1DmitryIvanov
wkt-geom282.02A parser of WKT, WKB and eWKB. (apache, data, library)2021-08-080.0.12newmana
wordlist142.00Command-line tool to get random words (apache, application, library, program, text)2023-03-
wrapped90.08Newtypes to carry DerivingVia instances (apache, generics, library)2021-09-
wrapped-generic-default60.00A Generic instance of Default (apache, generics, library)2021-09-
xmlbf390.07XML back and forth! Parser, renderer, ToXml, FromXml, fixpoints. (apache, library, text, xml)2022-12-080.7RenzoCarbonara
xmlbf-xeno320.02xeno backend support for the xmlbf library. (apache, library, text, xml)2022-12-080.2.2RenzoCarbonara
xmlbf-xmlhtml150.01xmlhtml backend support for the xmlbf library. (apache, html, library, text, xml)2022-12-080.2.2RenzoCarbonara
yet-another-logger430.01Yet Another Logger (apache, library, logging, program, system)2023-06-230.4.2larsk, fosskers
yhseq120.00Calculation of YH sequence system (apache, library, math, program)2020-08-
zeolite-lang1480.00Zeolite is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language. (apache, compiler, program)2024-01-
zuul110.00A zuul client library (apache, development, library, program)2022-03-310.1.1.0TristanCacqueray