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ban-instance80.0For when a type should never be an instance of a class (bsd3, haskell, library)2019-11-08qfpl, jack
c-storable80.0CStorable class (bsd3, development, haskell, library)2020-07-19EvanLaforge
code-conjure200.0synthesize Haskell functions out of partial definitions (bsd3, haskell, library)2021-09-20rudymatela
extensions400.0Parse Haskell Language Extensions (ghc, haskell, library, mpl, parsing, program)2020-05-10shersh, vrom911
fast-tags600.0Fast incremental vi and emacs tags. (bsd3, development, haskell, library, program)2022-01-01EvanLaforge
fix-imports550.0Program to manage the imports of a haskell module (bsd3, editor, haskell, ide, program)2020-07-27EvanLaforge
haskell-reflect120.0Reflect Haskell types. (haskell, library, mit)2013-06-17JulianFleischer
hs2ats212.0Create ATS types from Haskell types (ats, bsd3, haskell, language, library, program)2019-10-17vmchale
hyperloglogplus102.0Approximate cardinality estimation using constant space (bsd3, haskell, library)2016-07-05ezhulenev
module-management300.0Clean up module imports, split and merge modules (bsd3, development, editor, haskell, ide, library, program, refactoring)2016-05-01DavidFox
no-role-annots30.0Role annotations without -XRoleAnnotations (bsd3, haskell, library)2014-06-29RichardEisenberg
simple-src-utils70.0source code editing utilities (bsd3, development, haskell, program)2018-04-07EvanLaforge
test-karya50.0Testing framework. (bsd3, haskell, library, program, test)2018-10-01EvanLaforge
tree-sitter-haskell160.0Tree-sitter grammar/parser for Haskell (with GHC extensions) (bsd3, haskell, library, tree-sitter)2020-07-13patrick_thomson, tclem, robrix, dcreager, aymannadeem, joshvera, maxbrunsfeld, rewinfrey, beka