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HUnit-Plus430.0A test framework building on HUnit. (bsd3, library, test, testing)emc2
arith-encode110.0A practical arithmetic encoding (aka Godel numbering) library. (bsd3, data, library, serialization, test, testing)emc2
chuchu460.0Behaviour Driven Development like Cucumber for Haskell (library, test)FelipeLessa, MarcoSilva
enumeration50.0A practical API for building recursive enumeration procedures and enumerating datatypes. (bsd3, data, library, serialization, test, testing)emc2
find-source-files70.0Initial project template from stack (library, mit, test)oisdk
fixie100.0Opininated testing framework for mtl style (spies, stubs, and mocks) (bsd3, library, test)jxv
hpc-tracer40.0Tracer with AJAX interface (bsd3, program, test, trace)AndyGill
hspec-structured-formatter60.0 (library, mit, test)flbulgarelli
http-test200.0Test framework for HTTP APIs (bsd3, library, program, test, web)glutamate
microspec30.0Tiny QuickCheck test library with minimal dependencies (bsd3, library, test, testing)TomMurphy
multivariant20.0Multivariant assignments generation language (bsd3, library, program, test)MZiatdinov
props50.0Reusable quickcheck properties (bsd3, library, test)AlecHeller
quickcheck-regex40.0Generate regex-constrained strings for QuickCheck (library, public-domain, quickcheck, regex, test)AudreyTang
quickcheck-relaxng40.0Generate RelaxNG-constrained XML documents for QuickCheck (hxt, library, public-domain, quickcheck, relaxng, test, xml)AudreyTang
quickcheck-string-random20.0Helper to build generators with Text.StringRandom (bsd3, library, test)hiratara
random-strings60.0Generate random strings with specific qualities (bsd3, library, program, test, text-)mikehat
serial-test-generators50.0Test your 'Aeson' 'Serialize' and 'Binary' instances for stability over time (library, mit, test)scottmurphy09
tasty-groundhog-converters20.0Tasty Tests for groundhog converters (bsd3, library, test)scottmurphy09
test-fixture220.0Test monadic side-effects (bsd3, library, test)jxv, lexi_lambda