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binary-streams60.0data serialization/deserialization io-streams library (bsd3, data, io-streams, library)GregoryCollins, petterb
cassava-streams170.0io-streams interface for the cassava CSV library. (bsd3, csv, data, io-streams, library, text)PeterJones
cereal-io-streams40.0io-streams support for the cereal binary serialization library (benchmark, bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)MichaelXavier
cereal-streams (deprecated in favor of wire-streams)50.0Use cereal to encode/decode io-streams. (benchmark, bsd3, data, deprecated, io-streams, library, parsing)winterland
http-client-streams80.0http-client for io-streams supporting openssl (bsd3, io-streams, library, web)DavidJohnson
http-streams662.0An HTTP client using io-streams (bsd3, io-streams, library, web)AndrewCowie
io-streams6772.5Simple, composable, and easy-to-use stream I/O (bsd3, data, io-streams, library, network)DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
io-streams-haproxy5500.0HAProxy protocol 1.5 support for io-streams (bsd3, io-streams, library, network)DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
io-streams-http100.0http-client for io-streams (bsd3, io-streams, library, web)DavidJohnson
lzma-streams30.0IO-Streams interface for lzma/xz compression (bsd3, codec, compression, io-streams, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
openssl-streams570.0OpenSSL network support for io-streams. (bsd3, io-streams, library, network)GregoryCollins
seqid-streams270.0Sequence ID IO-Streams (bsd3, io-streams, library)LukeHoersten
sha-streams40.0SHA hashes for io-streams. (bsd3, io-streams, library, program, system)VoMinhThu
snap-core7682.25Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (core interfaces and types) (bsd3, io-streams, library, snap, web)DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
snap-server7862.5A web server for the Snap Framework (benchmark, bsd3, io-streams, library, snap, web)DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
unagi-streams210.0Unagi Chan IO-Streams (bsd3, concurrency, io-streams, library)LukeHoersten
wire-streams80.0Fast binary io-streams adapter. (benchmark, bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)winterland