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compressed212.0Compressed containers and reducers (bsd3, compression, data, library, mapreduce)EdwardKmett
huffman50.0Pure Haskell implementation of the Huffman encoding algorithm (bsd3, compression, data, library)MaximeHenrion
lz4-conduit30.0LZ4 compression for conduits (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library, program)scm
lzma80.0LZMA/XZ compression and decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
lzma-conduit290.0Conduit interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, conduit, library)NathanHowell
lzma-enumerator50.0Enumerator interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, enumerator, library)NathanHowell
lzma-streams30.0IO-Streams interface for lzma/xz compression (bsd3, codec, compression, io-streams, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
machines-zlib10.0Decompression support for machines (bsd3, compression, library, machines)RobinGreen
pipes-zlib210.0Zlib and GZip compression and decompression for Pipes streams (bsd3, compression, library, pipes)PaoloCapriotti, RenzoCarbonara
snappy100.0Bindings to the Google Snappy library for fast compression/decompression (bsd3, codec, compression, library)BryanOSullivan
snappy-framing60.0Snappy Framing Format in Haskell (codec, compression, library, mpl)KimAltintop
zlib-enum320.0Enumerator interface for zlib compression (codec, compression, enumerator, mit)MalteSommerkorn