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RandomDotOrg (deprecated)70.0Interface to (deprecated, library, other, public-domain)AustinSeipp
acme-kitchen-sink50.0A place for dumping that does-not-feel-right code while you improve it (bsd3, library, other)marcosdumay
chevalier-common20.0Query interface for Chevalier (bsd3, library, other)fractalcat
cj-token80.0A new Haskeleton package. (library, other, program)marnold
external-sort50.0Sort large arrays on your hard drive. Kind of like the unix util sort. (bsd3, library, other)ThomasHartman
flippers30.0Variations on flip for multiple arguments (bsd3, library, other)ChristianMarie
genesis20.0Opinionated bootstrapping for Haskell web services. (library, other)lexi_lambda
genesis-test30.0Opinionated bootstrapping for Haskell web services. (library, other)lexi_lambda
hsgtd50.0Console-based gettings-things-done application (gpl, other, program)MichaelLesniak
htodo60.0A todo application. (bsd3, other, program)YoichiHirai
locators50.0Human exchangable identifiers and locators (bsd3, library, other)AndrewCowie
lub310.0information operators: least upper bound (lub) and greatest lower bound (glb) (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, other)ConalElliott
marquise10.0Client library for Vaultaire (bsd3, library, other, program)fractalcat
pdynload70.0pdynload is polymorphic dynamic linking library. (development, gpl, library, other)AndyStewart
ramus110.0Elm signal system for Haskell (benchmark, library, mit, other)NickSeagull
unamb440.0Unambiguous choice (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, other)ConalElliott
vaultaire-common20.0Common types and instances for Vaultaire (bsd3, library, other)fractalcat
verify (deprecated)40.0A new Haskeleton package. (deprecated, library, other, program)marnold