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HGamer3D-Bullet-Binding (deprecated)80.0Windows Game Engine for the Haskell Programmer - Bullet Bindings (deprecated, game-engine, library, physics)PeterAlthainz
HODE60.0Binding to libODE (bsd3, game, library, physics)DavidHimmelstrup
Hipmunk (deprecated)1300.0A Haskell binding for Chipmunk. (deprecated, game, library, physics)FelipeLessa, SoenkeHahn
Hipmunk-Utils300.0Useful functions for Hipmunk (bsd3, game, library, physics)suzumiya
HipmunkPlayground700.0A playground for testing Hipmunk. (game, physics, program)FelipeLessa
bullet230.0A wrapper for the Bullet physics engine. (bsd3, library, physics)CsabaHruska
dimensional1092.5Statically checked physical dimensions, using Type Families and Data Kinds. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, physics)BjornBuckwalter, dmcclean
dimensional-codata30.0CODATA Recommended Physical Constants with Dimensional Types (bsd3, library, physics)dmcclean
dimensional-tf (deprecated in favor of dimensional)340.0Statically checked physical dimensions, implemented using type families. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, physics)BjornBuckwalter
dsmc70.0DSMC library for rarefied gas dynamics (bsd3, library, physics)DmitryDzhus
dsmc-tools70.0DSMC toolkit for rarefied gas dynamics (bsd3, physics, program)DmitryDzhus
fitsio110.0A library for reading and writing data files in the FITS data format. (data, gpl, library, physics)EricSessoms
force-layout910.0Simple force-directed layout (bsd3, library, physics)BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
hamilton160.0Physics on generalized coordinate systems using Hamiltonian Mechanics and AD (bsd3, library, physics, program)jle
hepevt210.0HEPEVT parser (library, mit, physics)ScottLawrence
lambdacube-bullet (deprecated)40.0Example for combining LambdaCube and Bullet (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library, physics)CsabaHruska
learn-physics180.0Haskell code for learning physics (bsd3, library, physics, program)ScottWalck
learn-physics-examples60.0examples for learn-physics (bsd3, physics, program)ScottWalck
lha30.0Data structures for the Les Houches Accord (library, mit, physics)ScottLawrence
lhe130.0Parser and writer for Les-Houches event files (data, library, mit, physics)ScottLawrence
quantities60.0Unit conversion and manipulation library. (bsd3, data, library, math, physics, program)jdreaver
science-constants50.0Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (chemistry, library, math, physics, science)cbou
science-constants-dimensional50.0Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (bsd3, chemistry, library, math, physics, science)cbou
units-attoparsec10.0Attoparsec parsers for the units package (bsd3, library, physics)jcristovao
units-defs90.0Definitions for use with the units package (bsd3, library, physics)RichardEisenberg
unittyped10.0An extendable library for type-safe computations including units. (lgpl, library, math, physics)ThijsAlkemade